The death of One Nation Conservatism

Most of us in Scotland who support independence have no sympathies with the Tories. Getting away from them and building a politics in which they’re permanently a minority party instead of the usual party of government is in fact the prime reason why so many of us support independence in the first place. We’ve had our fill of their austerity, their greed and selfishness, their lack of compassion and humanity. We’ve had enough of the way in which they blame the poor for the sins of the rich. We’ve reached the end of our tether with they way in which they have normalised foodbanks and the demonisation of migrants. Having sympathy with the political travails of a Conservative is too much like empathising with the mosquito which is killed by the malaria fluke it passes on to a child.

The sorrows of Conservatives still makes those of us with a functioning ability to feel compassion go “Hell slap it intae ye.” However something has changed within the Conservatives of late which, while it might not make us feel any sympathy for anyone who sought a political career in the Tories, ought to make us worry about our own futures as long as Scotland remains subjugated to this binfire of a UK. Former One Nation Tories are leaving the party in their droves. These are the people considered moderate by Conservative standards, the ones who’d give a child on crutches a modest head start before attempting to run them over. The One Nation Tories were the last vestige of upper class Conservative patronage, the Victorian belief that those who had wealth and privilege ought to provide a modicum for the poor, even if it were only to offer their children employment as chimney cleaners.

In the past few weeks and months we’ve seen the resignation of the media construct that was Ruth Davidson, a woman whose fantasy future as the next first minister is behind her. She has been followed out of politics by Ken Clarke, Rory Stewart, David Lidington, Philip Hammond, Oliver Letwin, Amber Rudd, Nicky Morgan, and some two dozen more. Others have fled the Conservatives for the Lib Dems or Change UK. Their places will be taken by hard faced closed minded right wing Brexiteers who will strengthen the ranks of the European Research Group and push the Tories even further to the right.

Those who have left Conservative politics are not cuddly liberals. These are not left wing social democrats that we are talking about here. These are politicians who were quite comfortable with the spread of food banks, tax cuts for the rich, blaming the poor for the sins of the bankers who caused the financial crash. They were quite content to preside over the destruction of financial security for the disabled, the bedroom tax, the rape clause, and the privatisation of anything that wasn’t nailed down. But they’re leaving politics or have joined other parties because the Conservative party has now become the preserve of right wing ideologues, chancers, opportunists, and British nationalist extremists, people who are beyond the pale even for them. They’ve gone because even they, with their barely functioning capacity for compassion, fear what’s coming down the line and don’t want to taint themselves with it. They’ve gone because even though the harsh and cruel policies that they were responsible for were acceptable to them, what’s approaching is an order of magnitude worse. If they’re afraid, we should be terrified. It’s one thing to hear a warning about the devil from a saint, it’s quite another to hear it from a demon.

The Tories are now the party of English nationalism, supported by their useful idiots in Scotland who still think they’re in a union. They’re the party of Brexit, of opportunistic hard right wing populism. They’re a party which, and I don’t use this term lightly, are heading for fascism. They’re a party which is hell bent on destroying the post-war British consensus which gave us the NHS, state pensions, and a comprehensive social security system. They’re ultras in pinstripes. If you voted No in 2014 because you wanted to protect those social gains, now the only way you can do so is by supporting independence. They’re already tattered and battered, they won’t last much longer in Tory Ukania.

There is no place left in the Conservatives for compromise, for negotiation. All there is is the philosophy of winner takes all and to Hell with everyone else. The party which considers itself the natural party of British government now considers that reaching out is a weakness and empathy a mental illness. This is the new nature of things, a harsh faced cruelty, the sneer of Daily Mail editorials as British national policy. But they’ll stick a few union flags on things and if we object we’ll be unpatriotic traitors.

The Tories tell us that they don’t want another independence referedum because it would be divisive. But they’re creating the greatest social divisions of all as they take a crowbar to the gap between rich and poor and lever it ever wider. They’re no longer even pretending that they’re doing it for the good of the country. Now they’re going to places where even Thatcher didn’t dare to tread.

Expect the ever creeping privatisation of the NHS. Expect the cost of drugs to rise. Expect more tax cuts for the rich while the government preaches the need for austerity. Expect to see disability payments slashed. Expect to see even more homeless people begging on the streets. Expect an erosion of maternity leave and workers’ rights. Expect even more low paying gig economy jobs offering no security. Expect the loss of what is left of social housing. Expect to see more Tory MPs grinning for a photo op as a new food bank opens in their constituency. Expect despair. Expect weeping. Expect desperation. Expect the flickering flame of hope to be extinguished as more and more people flee into the harmful and destructive self-medication of drugs and alcohol. That’s the British future that we’re being promised. The future isn’t bright, it’s red eyed with tears.

Scotland needs to use this election as a rung on the escape ladder out of the UK. Labour can’t save us. We can only save ourselves. The death of One Nation Conservatism is the death of the UK.

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37 thoughts on “The death of One Nation Conservatism

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  2. Yes Paul.
    This is really scary stuff.

    The current U.K. regime is not Conservative in any sense that would be recognised by the past -even by Thatcher. Even she had some form of twisted code.

    This is now well down the road to Fascism.

    Either we get out NOW or we will be assimilated into this dystopia.

  3. To the question: “In the event of a hung Parliament with an increased SNP vote, should England withdraw from the United Kingdom to complete Brexit?

    Here is a small sample poll from 250 eligible voters in west Lancashire from 15/10 to 31/10

    Nationality and Brexit Voters Total.

    English Remain ER: 88
    English Leave EL: 117
    Scottish Leave SL: 12
    Scottish Remain SR: 33

    Yes: 53 112 4 2
    No: 35 5 8 31

    That’s 165 out of 205 English voters who’s be happy to ditch the UK to complete Brexit compared to 6 from 45 of ex-pat Scots. Go figure..

  4. It would be scary but Scotland can get rid of them. Scotland is a different place. The difference from Devolution. A more caring, kinder Gov. A more prosperous place to be. Keep on voting SNP. Vote for Independence. Get rid of the Tory unionists. Everything to look forward.

    Keep right on to the end of the road. Keep right on the road to Independence. A better place to be.

  5. Fasism will prevail if voters in England wish it to happen.
    Ignorance is no excuse and when the Brexit chickens come home to roost,they will have no one else to blame.
    “I didnae ken” or whatever the English equivalent is,won’t cut it.
    They have been warned.

  6. “Now they’re going to places where even Thatcher didn’t dare to tread.” Although it was always her wet dream.

    In 1980, John Cooper Clarke released Snap, Crackle and Bop. On said album was the track Beasley Street. On said track was the unforgettable line; “Keith Joseph smiles and a baby dies in a box on Beasley Street.” And that, of course, referred to the level of poverty in Salford. In 1980. Keith Joseph; remember that piece of shit?

    None of what we are seeing is new.

    My Dad lived in a single end (one room, for those who are not acquainted) with his Mum, Dad and 4 brothers and sisters in the 1920’s and 30’s.

    In the 1970’s, we had one carpet in a 5 apartment (there were 10 of us). Two light bulbs in the whole house. Our immerser packed up around 1975, so we boiled pots for baths. I kid you not. Poverty and appalling Tory policy are not new. In Scotland. In the 1970’s.

    There’s lots more to this story, but too much to go into here.

    The Tory party have always been vermin, bent on the destruction of the working class. We will rise and defeat them.

  7. ..That’s the British future that we’re being promised. The future isn’t bright, it’s red eyed with tears.”

    And I for one am fed up greetin about the plight of the poverty stricken in Scotland, who can’t take much more. So let’s get out of this before it’s too late for them, and us, folks.


    Things are moving on.

    @SP_FinCon has published its stage one report on the Referendums (Scotland) Bill, otherwise known as the indyref2 framework bill. They’ve unanimously backed it……on the condition it’s amended on several key points.–Scotland–Bill/FCC052019R7.pdf

    And this:-

    • I question the ‘ weight of evidence ‘ gambit. We had something similar with the OBFA which was entirely false. The SG should thank them for their contribution but tell them to take a hike( polite version ), there are other words that can be used.

  8. The Westminster unionists seem to have people the South brainwashed, again. London S/E voted Remain. They have to accept there will be higher migrate numbers because the Westminster unionists blew the Middle East to bits, Displacing Millions. Some of whom migrate to Europe. The (UK) EU contribution does not even cover the cost to the EU countries. Germany has a higher number of migrants and a successful economy, They can also have a certain control within EU rules.

    Thatcher had unemployment in NI 20% (Troubles), Scotland 15%. The only place it was less than 10% was London S/E. Revenues and resources from Scotland illegally and secretly taken. To support London S/E.

    The Thatcher years were violent with major civil unrest. The Poll tax, the miners strike. High unemployment. The Tories got rid of Thatcher, Geoffrey Howe, They wanted closer ties with Europe. It was only closer ties with the EU that improved the British economy. Deja Vu. Why would people want to go back to that.

    Interest rates were 17%. Banking deregulated. Leading on to the banking crash. Gordon Brown’s input. The illegal wars,banking fraud and tax evasion.

    Scotland’s economy is doing much better now because of Devolution 2000, it would do even better Independent. Just like the Scandi and other prosperous, more equal countries. More equal countries are more cohesive and happy. More equality equals more happiness.

    People go to Denmark etc direct flights. They say why can’t Scotland be more like that, It could without Westminster negative interference.

  9. Difficult to get on IndyRef2/space. Meanwhile there is an awful lot of carry on about a leaflet. Much ado about nothing, as usual. Some posters are a laugh. On the dark side.

  10. The Waspi women could get their OAP on their husbands stamp contribution. Joint pension. If their husbands are retired. They even can get contribution credits if they are divorced. If they have another works pension they could claim it. Until they get their OA pension in their own right. Can they claim unemployment/sickness benefit? Until they retire.

    If the Scottish Gov could help out with it. It would be a great boost. Show people what could be done. If they had the powers. Scotland pays it’s own (UK) Gov pensions and benefits out of funds/revenues raised in Scotland. Approx £15Billion. Tax revenues raised. £63Billion.

    The Scottish Gov mitigated the bedroom tax, prescriptions and social care. They all save money. Let people stay in their own home. The cost of pensions administration is as much as payout plus the benefit system. Putting up Gov OA pension would save money. Some pensioners pay tax.

    • Ken
      Open your eyes on the Waspi women.
      If you look you will see lots of women in their 60s working in shops which I think is due to them being single for some reason and the idea of them getting a pension based on their ‘Husband’s’ contributions is a bit out of it’s time frame.
      The Waspi women now find that their standard of living has been severely reduced through the rapid change to the retirement age access to their pension.
      This is a consequence of equalisation of retirement age between male and female which Raised the female target date upwards to match the Male, in preference to reducing the male target.
      We have the lowest pension rate in the EU, or very close to, and our SG should be saying that they will move the retirement age to an age that allows the youngsters to get into full time pensionable employment and allows the pensioners a comfortable base, they’ll just spend the money in the community and create a more useful economic system.
      The treatment of the Waspi women is a disgrace and just an actuarial construct as is the further raising of the retirement age. Too many pensioners to be paid out from reducing contributions as the age demographic falls and those in work move to low hours contracts.
      The doris machine will try to keep on track with the parliament versus the people message of brexit, we need to move to sorting out the independence message and a brighter future for all in a prosperous Scotland that supports all in our Nation.

  11. The £10 child benefit going to poorer children in Scotland 2020 will help eliminate poverty in Scotland. Another SNP Gov benefit to add to the list.

    The Tories targeted women and children in their coarse benefit cuts. To give tax breaks for the wealthier. The Tories gave tax cuts. They cut NHS £4Billion a year, Education £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. Increased student loans and liability. £3Billion a year they will not get back. Just more administration charges.

    The ConDems cut Welfare £18Billion over six years. £3Billion a year.

    Total £13Billion a year overall.

    They are spending £Billions on HS2, Hinkley Point and Trident. Over £13Billion? A total waste of money with far better, cheap alternatives.

    Even ‘Oil’, fuel companies are now investing in renewables because they are far cheaper, especially in Scotland. One of the best geographical place in the world for renewables. 25% in surplus that could be sold. Raising £Billions.

    Scotland pays 10% more for energy because it is colder. Despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Scotland should be 10% cheaper per unit for parity.

    US fracked Gas is being used in Britain.

  12. I am sorry if I am missing something here, Ken If a woman has worked and paid NI contributions she is entitled to her own pension. The tories had no right to snatch it away with inadequate warning. What about the women who have never married?
    ALL pensioners pay tax – e.g.Council Tax, VAT and the taxes on individual commodities such as tobacco, alcohol, fuel, if they buy these items. (I get annoyed at youngsters who tell me they are supporting me with their taxes etc.)

  13. Like you, Paul, I’ve been away for a while; in Ireland, to celebrate my Mom in Law’s 90th.
    Her sons (3) and daughters (4) had gathered for the great day (week) in Belfast, and I could not help but marvel at the variety of countries where my in laws (and I) have plied our trade.
    Ireland Scotland Wales, England, IOM, Australia, Canada, KL, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain,, USA and more which I’ve forgotten again.

    During the Blue Tory years and Blair New Labour Old Tory PFI Iraq years many of us took off to find work where we could.
    We had to.

    Ireland is doing ok, and I passed unhindered between the North and South of that Island several times.

    I have no doubt that the mass of citizens in the North have had enough of the Tories and Arlene’s Old Testament version of fascism, the DUP.
    She is a figure of ridicule now among the young.
    An encouraging sign.

    Your break has invigorated you, Paul,
    A wonderful measured take on the corruption and evil that seeps through the Tory Party.

    Is Jackson Carpark still endorsing Johnson and dragging Scotland out of the EU despite the ‘democratic will of the Scottish People’ to Remain?
    Has Ruth Davidson taken over as anchor of Politics Scotland from Hang on a minute Brewer yet?
    Has Rickshaw Lynnard resigned yet to spend more time with his Union Compen Claims?
    Has Jaw Swansong rented a house in Bearsden?
    Has Willie Rennie come back from sick leave yet.
    And is Neil Findlay still Obesity and Mesh Champion?

    An Election on the 12th of December?
    And nothing was stirring all through the House for yet another 6 weeks.

    We cannot wait any longer. Declare Indyref 2 as part of the Manifesto, or suffer at the hands of the Fourth Reich from 13th December onwards.
    Otherwise find an Irish Granny or seek political asylum in France, or Italy, or Malta, or….

    The Guinness btw was sublime. Thanks for asking.

  14. Vote SNP and then vote YES for independence.

    The alternative is more hell for Scotland like Thatchers 80’s and the financial crash of 2008.

  15. Elegantly put indeed…
    England’s love affair with Conservatism survived the transition from Harold Macmillan to Margaret Thatcher, but the recent lurch to the right, now fronted by charlatan-in-chief Johnson, appears to have dented little of this perverse fascination.
    The ties it severs applies equally to large parts of England, but even were a Labour/? maority to succeed, the rot at the heart of Westminster is beyond treatment or repair, and elective surgery will continue to be put off until it is too late.
    Government no longer functions for the common good, it has become a mechanism bent on chicanery and blatant lies to deliver advantages for the few, aided and abetted by a willing media. Whipping up the mob can have unpredictable outcomes, it may have accomplished Brexit, but where does the mob turn next?
    As the hard right in London light their Trumpian bonfire of principles and democracy, Scotland’s only escape is independence, watching such a conflagration at distance is infinitely safer..

  16. Very well said Paul.

    One or two things people really should take note of by this point.

    There is no ‘union’ as defined by Westminster’s political class or the media. It was always a construct of narrative and political expedience. The only union that matters a damn is the social union between people/s and that has completely hee haw in common with the political union.

    Scotland IS a country and its population have inalienable human rights.

    Your average Conservative (as noted ATL) was a pretty ruthless … (cough) creation… to start with. The new breed? Well. You know that dark place I may have mentioned a time or two before now? They’re the chief inhabitants of that place and you really, REALLY, don’t want to be a part of their world. If you thought the last incarnation were empathy free sharks in suits…? Fill in the rest as you think fit on the current crop.

  17. I think you have this right. Many people in England are undergoing spasms of nationalist xenophobia. Much of this is down to poverty and a sense of powerlessness over their own destinies. The demise of trade unions, the failure of the Labour government to change the Thatcher hegemony (it accepted it) and to redistribute power and wealth on a substantial scale, the disempowerment of local government and the persistent baleful message from the media over decades, have all contributed to this state of affairs.

    As a socialist and internationalist, I feel a lot of sympathy for their plight, but have complete opposition to what many are espousing. I do not think enough of them are listening to other voices and looking at the constitutional issue in its widest sense (Another Labour failure). I think they have to sort it out amongst themselves and this could well be painful.

    Mr Corbyn struck the right tone – FOR ENGLAND – in his address and rally in London on 31, October, by trying to widen the debate beyond Brexit to the serious issues of poverty, housing, wage rates, etc.

    However, for us in SCOTLAND, I think we have to vote in huge numbers for the SNP (I am not a member) so that we can demonstrate support for independence. I support following the legal track towards a second independence referendum and we must establish a mass basis of moral support for it, in the face of last ditch unionist pig headedness.

    The LibDem position of revoke Article 50, having rejected their support for another EU referendum, which steadfastly opposing any second Scottish referendum is incoherent and undemocratic.

    Supporters of Labour in Scotland and those who are one nation Tories have to look across the border and consider, that we can do things differently here.

    Alba gu brath!

  18. Totally agree about the Waspi women. The suggestion was only trying to find a solution for some. Ie trying to help, not hinder. Trying to find a way around the system. It is an utter disgrace for many people not to get their pensions. At such a late age for many. Expected to work to seventy etc. Agree pensioners pay tax.

    The suggestion was to raise Gov pensions to cut out admin costs which can be as much as the pay out. According to the UK Gov accounts.

    It would be great if the Scottish Gov could do something for the Waspi women. If they had the power. It would reassure other retired people about their pension. It seems to be a sticking point for some re Independence. They do not know it is paid by revenues raised in Scotland. They could get more by Independence. Scotland would pay for what it needs. Not wasted by Westminster poor decisions.

    • Agreed Ken but the bigger problem lies with nuances in language, and the fact that we not only allowed these asset-strippers to get away with it, we continue to do so. Can you imagine the riots that would have resulted were such a declaration over pensions to be made 10 years after the national pension was introduced, or contracting out part of the NHS ?
      In my youth, a benefit was something which topped up the norm, now it comes to mean whatever payment is made from the public purse by way of social support including pensions.
      We have allowed these perceptions to prevail over a very long time. A National Pension was established as a Right, not a Benefit, and no pension company would be allowed to vary the terms and conditions of a mutually binding contract as HMG has done. As almost everything the Tories have floated, it is argued with regard to value for money or balancing the books. it is a nonsense and always has been, HMG could print as much as they liked. This is about extending the gap between rich an poor, and guess who funds the Tories…
      HS2 is a calamitous waste of money, but as Fintan O’Toole astutely observed, bigger children, bigger trains sets, but consider the bigger picture. Subsidised bus services have been decimated despite being the sole public transport medium for the vast majority of the country, in smaller population groupings such as Scotland this equates to isolation once outside the urban conurbations. Yet NONE have the authority to call these people to account other than at GEs when the majority are convinced of the “business” argument.
      We need to reset the clock on democracy, London has not been working in the public interest for a long time, time we tried our own version….
      THEN we have the choice, Eton boys need not apply…

  19. Just wait and see what will happen if England wins the RU World Cup this weekend. The whole Anglo superiority nonsense will go into overdrive. Brace yersels. 🙂

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