Choosing the future

It’s time. It’s time to stand up. It’s time to say enough is enough. It’s time to seize control of the political agenda from the British press and say loudly and clearly that Scotland will be the mistress of her own destiny. It’s time to say that Boris Johnson and Alister Jack don’t get to be the arbiters of what Scotland can or cannot do. It’s time.

It’s time for Scotland to make a choice, a choice between assertion or submission, between confidence or fear. It’s time that this cold damp country of ours learned to see what the rest of the world sees, a place of beauty, of talent, of incredible potential, of natural wealth, of friendly people who are open and welcoming. It’s time that we realised that this land is not defined by narrow lipped closed minded British nationalism, fearful and resentful, projecting all its own shortcomings onto Scotland.

There’s an election coming. In the rest of the UK this will be an election of liars and chancers, of opportunists and deceivers. It’s an election that will be dominated and deformed by the vile lies of Brexit, by a Nigel Farage pulling the Tories ever further to the right, ever further away from the values that Scotland holds dear. Ever further from those values that moderate opponents of independence have always insisted were British values. Only in Scotland do we have the opportunity to choose a different path, a path that takes us away from the Nigels and the Borises, a path that leads to a better, kinder, gentler country, a path that leads to shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, dignity for the poor. That’s the path that leads to independence.

This is an election where Scotland will vote but risks seeing its vote ignored and traduced by those British politicians who insist that they and they alone get to decide what the democratic will really is. Scotland is too stupid to know its own will. Alister Jack has had the utter audacity to declare that even if the SNP win a resounding majority in this coming election, with a manifesto commitment to demand another independence referendum, that he believes they still won’t have a mandate for one. Because in the eyes of our Westminster rulers, who are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from colonial masters, they and they alone have the right to decide what the people of Scotland want. Voting doesn’t matter. They want us to learn that elections don’t matter. The people of Scotland don’t matter. That’s what this so-called union has come to.

They tell us that we’re a valued and much loved partner in a family of nations, but only if we remain silent and cowed. This farce that they tell us is a union is the angry twisted face of the wee gaggle of scared fascists at the back of George Square, screaming no. It’s the hatred of Scottish political distinctiveness. It’s the terror of loss of privilege. It’s the contempt of Westminster for Scotland’s choices. It’s the destruction of the devolution settlement. It’s the very real threat of privatisation of the NHS.

But the Tories still want you to vote for them. Because poppies. Or something. The truth is that they have nothing to offer, nothing to give us, so they demand our silence and order our compliance. Of course Westminster is going to refuse. Of course they’re going to say no to Scotland’s rightful demands. They say that because they seek to discourage us, to make us downhearted and cause us to lose ourselves in hopelessness. They’re afraid of us. They’re afraid of what Scotland will say when that referendum does come, as it surely will. So they desperately thrash around seeking reasons to prevent it happening. But you can’t dam a river in spate, you can’t hold back a people in motion, you can’t prevent the tide from rising. There comes a time when the clamour can no longer be ignored. That time is coming soon. We can make it come sooner by ensuring that there’s a landslide of pro-independence MPs after this election in December.

Our voices do matter. Our opinions do count. And we shall shout and sing them loudly and insistently until the chorus deafens and we can no longer be ignored. Scotland doesn’t want a Tory Brexit. Scotland doesn’t want Boris Johnson. Scotland doesn’t want austerity, tax cuts for the rich, a bonfire of the regulations and rules that keep us safe and allow us to work with dignity. We have to say that loudly on 12 December, we have to say that today, and tomorrow, and on the election day, and on every day afterwards. We have to keep saying it even after we achieve Scottish independence. But we cannot forget that we won’t get our independence by asking for it once. We have to keep demanding, keep asking. An independence campaign is not a sprint, it’s a long hard slog. And we’re winning.

Scotland demands fairness. We are the children of the Highlands and the Lowlands, of those who stepped off a plane from Pakistan, a boat from Belfast, a coach from Krakow, we are Jock Tamson’s bairns. We insist upon equality of opportunity, of respect for migrants, for tolerance and openness. We assert our right as the people of the rainy hills and the windswept lochs, the people of the sandstone and the granite, the people of the muddy bogs and the bustling streets, to determine our own future, to choose our own path, to decide our own priorities. And we choose a Scotland that is open to the world, that makes friendships and alliances with other nations as an equal. We choose a Scotland that speaks for peace, not a land that’s merely a quiescent subordinate of a Westminster that treats us as a possession, a bonny bauble to prettify the British crown, a convenient parking place for the nuclear viagra of an impotent empire. This is our Scotland, not Boris Johnson’s.

The truth is that the issues in this election are very simple. Everything can be boiled down to one simple proposition. There’s only one thing you need to remember when you cast your vote on 12 December, and that is if Scotland doesn’t choose its own future, Boris Johnson will choose it for us.

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52 thoughts on “Choosing the future

  1. There’s only one thing you need to remember when you cast your vote on 12 December, and that is if Scotland doesn’t choose its own future, Boris Johnson will choose it for us.

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  3. My sisters and I were at the George Square rally on Saturday….we felt strongly that the crowd were very aware that it’s a now or never moment for Scotland …’s the right time to push forward our hopes and dreams of an Independent Scotland.

    We had a great fun day ..met some smashing folk and had tea in a lovely wee cafe in Glassford St.

    Many thanks for your excellent article … it reflected the spirit of the rally. This election is going to be a belter!

  4. great post, as ever, paul
    we truly are at the crossroads
    i’d hate to predict any outcome tho
    312 years of subliminal conditioning
    nae fight in most folks

  5. Good to see that the Total Tory Bampot Ross Thomson has done the decent thing and is not standing for re- election. He has obviously been told to go as he had no chance of winning.

    The next question is will he turn up in the John Smith organisation for ethics in politics alongside Kez Dugdale and big mooth Ruth Davidson and be interviewed on the BBC, like Dugdale, giving his views on how politics should be more ethical and have better standards of behaviour.

    • Big effort by Thomson to try and make himself the victim in this self-inflicted career implosion. Much wiser to jump before being pushed, so this was presumably not his decision.

    • Agreed on good riddance, Thomson was an embarrassment not only for Aberdeen South. Irrespective of any straws clutched at for his demise, his parliamentary days were numbered, and he is now too toxic for any media organisation to engage. Brexit Party ?

  6. No ‘foreigner’ will dictate Scotland’s future.
    I am at a loss to imagine why any sane person would vote for Johnson’s Farage’s and Swinson’s quite frankly, evil, parties.
    A simply wonderful essay, Paul.
    The sheer arrogance of Johnson on the telly forbidding Scotland to undertake anything we so choose says it all.
    Their precious Union is finished.
    I cannot get inside the head of the Carmichaels, Carlaws and Lamonts of this world actively campaigning for their country of birth to continue as a militarily occupied conquered colony of England.
    There is no hyperbole in my last sentence, as Johnson’s pig-headedness, and our compliant Dead Tree Scrolls and Broadcasters demonstrate on a daily basis.
    That’s the big message across the telly radio and Rags today. ‘We are being forbidden to dissolve their Union ‘ by an Englishman voted into power by 96,000 elderly rich Tories in the ‘Home Counties’.
    I’ll personally drive a car full of ‘refugees’ to the border come Independence, if they are that desperate to live in Merrie Olde England.

    I’ve had it up to here with this lot of sinister brooding Me-ists.

    Our future by any measure is a return to the status of an Independent country, and if we choose, remain as members of the EU or EFTA.

    I’ve had my fill of Lords, Lord Lieutenants and the Filthy Rich treating my country as a combination of a Cash Cow and killing fields for rich psychos getting their rocks off slaughtering our wild life for their sadistic pleasure.
    There is no way back for their terrible UK.

    The time is now, Mrs May.

    • Aw come on, May at least had scruples, even if she kept them in a jar in the fridge.
      Nevertheless seconded, it is not Ms Johnson or Mrs May representatives which are the problem, it is the Tory dogma, which of late has gone rightmost off the scale abetted by a compliant media….
      Hell mend them, their playgrounds are shrinking, and not before time 😉

      • JEEZ Jack, a Beatles buff…. NONE worse…
        Well maybe Doris,… He claimed back in 2013 that were in not for the City of London the Beatles may never have gained fame, just as well the Livers got annoyed by the mayor of London rather than the Charlatan in Chief eh?
        The Blue Meanies remain omnipresent, it is dog’s will…

          • I’m clinging on desperately to the Beatles theme, Max.

            John Lennon’s 60’s take on Edward Lear’s (Of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ fame)’Book of Nonsense’: ‘A Spaniard in the Works’.

            This, from Lear:-

            “I am almost thanking God that I was never educated, for it seems to me that 999 of those who are so, expensively and laboriously, have lost all before they arrive at my age-& remain like Swift’s Stulbruggs-cut and dry for life, making no use of their earlier-gained treasures:-whereas, I seem to be on the threshold of knowledge.”

            Lear may have been thinking of the Bullingdon Boys?

            I am, as Bob points out, a Beatles anorak.

            A quote from Lennon’s nonsense:-

            “A man travelling on a train – like you or I – to
            Scotland, had two or two bad eggs in his pocket –
            and you know – no one would sit by him.”

            Perhaps someone stuffed bad eggs in Ross Thomson’s pocket?
            I suspect that in Tory Circles, he is no longer considered a ‘good egg’.
            I’m suffering from Brexit lag….

            I have now strayed into Ogden Nash’s ‘Golden Trashery of Ogden Nashery’

            This site, whit is it like?.

    • I too am at a loss as to why folk are not queuing up to demand our absolute right of self determination.

      I often hear otherwise clever people stating nonsense and when you challenge that nonsense they are unable to defend it because often they are regurgitating front page rubbish from the likes of the Express.

      Some fellow Scots are simply anti Scottish and I cant understand why.

      When you explain that independence will greatly benefit them and their children they state nonsense like I don’t like Nicola Sturgeon or some similar crap.

      The Regime has done well with it’s media campaigns and TV bias successfully planting nonsense into the heads of many unenlightened people.

      On the plus side, we only have to convince one person each to the truth and we will have done our duty to our Country, Scotland.

  7. The “wee gaggle of scared fascists at the back of George Square, screaming no” aside, flawlessly expounded. Fascism is an ever present danger, but those who promote it are more southerly located and exploit all it’s facets for financial gain, let’s hope the infection can be contained.
    That the token Union Flag waving assembly had to resort to a horn to establish their displeasure at a gathering of Independence supporters said it all, just as the “there is no appetite for independence” is amplified by SMSM, it is running out of numbers, steam, and credibility. The greeting to them from the stage and the crowd was priceless, bravo..
    Yes the tide is turning, but it took the most right wing political agenda in recent history to push the point that favouring the few tipped the balance between ambition for and necessity of independence. The fewer of their electoral representatives who survive this next GE the better, in particular that “irritable “vowel syndrome” from East Dunbartonshire and the remaining Tory wannabees. THAT is the message Scotland needs and it will be heard…
    Yet for all that we now look forward to a brighter future for Scotland, let us not forget the millions trapped in this travesty of democracy south of the border in the mother-F of Parliaments. When the waken from their MSM imposed stupor, where can they turn?
    Scotland can and should light the way……….

      • The problem for England is no obvious equivalent of SNP arguing against the iniquities of London led politics on which to latch.
        Even Liberals, once a centrist party arguing reform, have painted themselves blue under Swinson, the next GE will have 3 shades of blue and one red to select from, and a press working overtime to destroy credibility of the leftmost.

  8. Brilliant Paul. You lift my spirits with everything you write. I was at George Square yesterday and left knowing we are winning. The desperation of the union jack waving crew was obvious. They know their toxic union is on its last legs. That’s why they are resorting to air raid sirens and other garbage. With every march, gathering and, hopefully, SNP landslide they can see the end is coming. Saor Alba!

  9. We got rid of Kezia , then Ruthie now we need to do the same with Jo Swinsom-Losesum !
    She is more Tory than the Tories – look at her voting record ( of which she makes NO apologies ! )
    Keep pushing her record at Westminster in her face – time after time she supported the worst excesses of the Austerity programme , and more …

    • Mabawsa Ritchie.

      Here’s your starter for 10:

      How Jo Swinson voted on Welfare and Benefits #

      Almost always voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)
      Show votes
      11 votes for, 1 vote against, 6 absences, between 2012–2018

      Consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices
      Show votes
      0 votes for, 5 votes against, in 2013

      Consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability
      Show votes
      0 votes for, 7 votes against, between 2011–2012

      Consistently voted for making local councils responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax and reducing the amount spent on such support
      Show votes
      4 votes for, 0 votes against, in 2012

      Almost always voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
      Show votes
      26 votes for, 0 votes against, 5 absences, between 2012–2015

      Almost always voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed
      Show votes
      0 votes for, 8 votes against, 1 absence, between 2011–2014


  10. Thank you Paul, what a wonderful piece. That last paragraph says it all. I have great fear of the tories winning a majority at Westminster, but you have fairly raised my spirits. More power to your elbow.

        • I can’t share the details, but I’m hearing that the canvassing in certain Conservative seats where the sitting Tory MP has a much larger majority than Thomson indicates that the SNP is going to win. The Tories are gubbed in Aberdeen South, no matter who stands for them.

      • After getting a letter from untruthful in the highlands of Giffnock thanking me for my support I thought that she’d stand in East Renfewshire, a safe seat.

        • It’s not that safe Dave the SNP won it in 2015 and Murphy the saviour of the Union also held it for a long time. My MP Tory Paul Masterton could be on his way out.

          • Aye hope so as all I’ve heard is he is concerned about the closing of the Post Office and he and his mentor, carless jackass, objected to the building of a new community centre on green belt at the shopping strip.
            Otherwise he’s voted for brexit from a constituency that voted remain.
            The local free paper is now gone so he’s not getting the media push, they had a full 4 page outer wrapper on the full local delivery at the 2017 election for the vote ruthie party.
            Still seem to have plenty of dark money to spend, a worry for me.

  11. “But you can’t dam a river in spate, you can’t hold back a people in motion, you can’t prevent the tide from rising.”


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