When democracy becomes a sham

Today The National reports that Nicola Sturgeon is calling on the UK media to challenge the refusal of the anti-independence parties to concede to the will of the Scottish people and agree to another independence referendum. Over the past few months we’ve seen numerous media reports about how the Conservatives or the Labour party or the duplicitous Lib Dems plan to maintain their refusal of a Section 30 order, even if the SNP wins a landslide in the General Election next month after standing to ask the voters of Scotland to give them an explicit mandate for another independence referendum. Our colonial governor general Alister Jack last week went so far as to explicitly deny that the SNP would have a mandate for another independence referendum even if they did win a landslide in December after asking the people of Scotland to back them in the demand for a Section 30 order.

What this refusal represents is the final destruction of the traditional unionist understanding of Scotland’s place within the UK. Those who call themselves Scottish Unionists always prided themselves on the fact that Scotland is not a colony, not a possession, but rather a kingdom which has freely chosen to unite with the crown of England to form the United Kingdom. But if Scotland is not free to end that union should it be the will of the people of Scotland, we’re not in a union at all. Scotland is a possession. Scotland’s position becomes indistinguishable from that of a crown colony. This refusal spells the death of traditional Scottish Unionism, and its replacement with an aggressive Greater England nationalism. When those who call themselves unionists have to resort to keeping Scotland within the UK by ignoring and denying the democratic will of the voters of Scotland, there is no union any more. A union implies democratic consent. A union implies choice. Remove those two factors and what you’re left with is a colony.

The refusal of the anti-independence parties to agree to a Section 30 order represents the undermining of the very principles of democracy itself. Democracy only exists when the parties of power can be held to account by the people. That’s how democracy works. When the people cannot hold power to account, democracy dies. In any healthy democracy the media plays a crucial role in holding power to account, in demanding that the powerful explain and account for their actions. Except for viewers in Scotland.

The opinion polls tell us that, the hopeful prognostications of certain pro-Tory columnists in the Herald notwithstanding, the SNP is on course to make substantial and significant gains in next month’s General Election. That’s not nailed on of course, there is a lot of work to do and a mountain to climb in the form of the UK media’s drowning out of Scottish messages in favour of the political priorities of other parts of the UK. However it is a reasonable expectation that the SNP will win more seats than it currently holds and increase its vote share compared to its performance in 2017. And it will do so after standing on a platform explicitly asking the people of Scotland to give the party a mandate for a Section 30 order and another independence referendum.

On 13 December, the people of Scotland will have sent a clear and unequivocal message to Westminster. Irrespective of who wins the election in the rest of the UK, the SNP will have won it in Scotland. Scotland will have said clearly and plainly that it wants to choose its own future, that the people of Scotland have the absolute right to decide their own future – and that choice is not to be subject to the political whims and calculations of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn.

It falls upon the media in the UK to hold the powers that be in Westminster to account should they continue to deny the democratic rights of the people of Scotland. But the signs are not good. So far the UK media has been perfectly content to continue to parrot the attack lines of the anti-independence parties – never mind challenging them, they have sought to amplify them and to present them as established facts instead of the political opinions that they are. So for example we see a continued description of any referendum without a Section 30 order as “illegal” or “unlawful”, when the only legal fact about such a referendum is that its legal status has never been tested.

What the media is spectacularly failing to do is to challenge the anti-independence parties on their failure to respect the will of the people of Scotland and their failure to respect the mandate for another referendum that the Scottish Government already holds. In an interview in Sky News at the weekend, Boris Johnson and Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey were pressed on whether they would refuse to allow another independence referendum. The default position taken by the interviewer was that a refusal was normal and expected, it was the direct opposite of challenging a politician on why they believed that they had the right to defy the democratic will of the people of Scotland.

The message from the parties of British nationalism and the British media is loud and clear. It’s not just that they don’t care how Scotland votes. It’s not just that they’re going to ignore how Scotland votes. It’s that they think it’s right and proper to dismiss what Scotland wants and to ignore how Scotland votes. And this is what they keep telling us is the most successful union of nations that the world has ever seen. Most successful for whom? Because from this end of the British state’s treatment of Scotland it sure as hell isn’t Scotland.

The people of Scotland are being failed by a British government which is hell bent on pursuing a hard Brexit which is damaging to Scotland’s interests and which is using that Brexit as an excuse to unilaterally undermine the devolution settlement. They are also being failed by a UK media which has repeatedly proven itself to be incapable of representing Scotland’s point of view.  The UK media sees its role as helping Westminster to crush the thistle. When the media sees its role as reinforcing power instead of challenging it, democracy becomes a sham.

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46 thoughts on “When democracy becomes a sham

  1. It would be easy to conclude that Westminster uses DSMA notices to suppress news that might support the case for Scottish independence and to promote news that undermines it. There is, after all, no greater threat to the very existence of the UNITED Kingdom than Scottish independence.

  2. Unfortunately, a number of people on pro-independence sites appear to be accepting the “Westminster can say ‘no’ ” line and are not asking, “Why not?”.

    • Oh! for heaven’s sake. The BBC has £390 MILLION reasons PER ANNUM to denigrate and defile Scotland. That is the ONLY fact you need regarding the BBC and Scottish independence. Please just keep rrepeating(r’s rolled in error) this fact.

  3. The tories must be really worried.
    I’ve just received a second letter from them asking for their candidate, masterton, to be supported to keep the SNP from winning the seat.
    It says” we’ve told ‘Sturgeon’ time and again that we don’t want another referendum, we need to tell her again. A vote for masterton will end years of division and keep Scotland in the UK.
    No mention of the constituency being a ‘Remain’ vote.
    They are defending a 4000 vote majority, so they MUST be worried , that’s the THIRD letter in TWO weeks and includes the untruthful’s.

    • He’s my MP…
      Well he turns up at Westminster whatever that’s worth.
      He lacks a presence and recognition that, god help me, Jim Murphy and even Alan Stewart had. The constituents in East Renfrewshire aren’t mugs and Masterton brings nothing to the table … and you know he’s onto plumbs when Ian Mconnel does a hatchet piece on him in the Herald ( last week )

    • Me too Dave but the second one has a pre paid envelope with it. And as far as I know there is no law that says you need to return it with anything inside…

      • Have you read the questions on the reverse?
        4 questions posed with very careful positioning of the content.
        Question 5,
        If there was one thing you could do to improve life in EastRen, What would it be?
        Easy answer there, lose a tory who doesn’t represent the constituency view on brexit.
        The declared result was 75% voted to remain on a 75% turn out or near enough.

        • I quick read the questions but since I’ve no intention of completing their form that was it. Returning an empty envelope and costing them money however…

          So WGD has at least three East Ren readers!

          • Heck, I just threw mine straight in the bin. Shall get it out again! Cheers E R pals.
            btw, Plook the plonker’s patch (atm) is churning them out in Auchterarder too…

  4. I think some have been encouraged to move toward the Spanish attitude toward people seeking self determination. Can only see fascists moving in one direction and it’s not reasonable, justifiable or democratic.
    Watch this space.

  5. “The UK media sees its role as helping Westminster to crush the thistle. When the media sees its role as reinforcing power instead of challenging it, democracy becomes a sham.”

    I’d drill it down further, Paul.

    That the Scottish Media sees its role to crush their fellow Scots is an even greater menace.

    Yesterday’s Sunday Politics Scotland was a farce and a tawdry waste of airtime.

    Kezia Dugdale was on, CEO of the John Smith Stink Tank, and asked her views on The Colony’s Labour strategy at the upcoming election by Brewer, who seems these days to be going through the motions.
    He looks tired bored and, well ‘puffy’.

    And here was me joking that Supermom Davidson would be taking over from Brewer as anchor following her £50k brown envelope disintegrating before her very eyes.
    Kezia’s back trousering appearance money from my TV Licence. It’s as though she has never gone away.

    Just To Be Clear Brewer should have faxed in an A4 Declaration that the SNP is Sh!te and the editor displayed it on the screen for half an hour.

    It would have made this 30 pointless minutes of pro Union dross marginally more exciting.

    To Inform educate and entertain?

    Toodle Oo The Noo Brian Taylor’s ‘chum’ Sevvie Carrell was on praising Mundell and predicting a low turn out and that the Blue Tories would perhaps lose two or three seats..aye, right.

    Hang On A Minute Brewer’s face turned vermillion when Ruth Wishart brought up the alleged sex scandal which has prompted Ross You Need Hands to stand down.

    The voces pop of well off plumby voiced English students whose parents can afford them to attend Edinburgh Uni was a sick joke.

    Not one Scots voice among them; just a bunch of dim but nice SE English 18 year olds who hadn’t a clue about the GE or Indyref 2 or even what planet the Many inhabit . Even Brewer cringed.

    We can expect full on Ministry of Truth lies threats and bullying from now on in.

    Paul. we rely on you, and the brave band of pro Independence chroniclers to rebut the Brewers and Campbells, the ‘Sevvies’ and the Hutcheons of the Fourth Estate Fifth Column, who remarkably, are doing their damnest to keep the country of their birth as a vanquished militarily occupied possession of England.

    No one can stop us leaving their precious Union, if we so choose.

    Carlaw Tomkins Rennie Cole Hamilton Leonard and Findlay are beyond redemption.

    We go in 2020 despite Tom Gordon and Ruth Davidson declaring that a serial womaniser in England has the power to forbid us.

    Oh, how up I am for this.

    • You say you’ll change the constitution
      Well, you know
      We all want to change your head
      You tell me it’s the institution
      Well, you know
      You better free you mind instead

      Seems somehow quite apt 🤣

      • Oh, how they would like to incite a ‘Revolution’, ‘Bon’ Lamont.
        Johnson has already inspected the gun boats on the Clyde when he travelled to the Northern Territory upon ascending the throne.

        Our AUOB ‘pen’ is mightier than any claymore.

        From the genius that was Lennon.:-

        ‘Nothing’s gonna change my mind’.

        “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup they slither while they pass they slip away across the universe.”

        The endless drip drip of the Brit Nat words flowing like ‘endless rain’.

        I’m sure the Dead Tree Scrollers and Broadcast Winston Smiths are proud of themselves.

        Off to listen to ‘Revolver’.

  6. Ok, so the thistle is just a hook for this story – but also, quite obviously, your national flower. I reprise this from before Indy Ref 1.

    Hope you enjoy.

    46. (of 60.)

    The flowers in Jon Bull’s garden

    Jon Bull had a garden and it was his pride and joy. In this garden, he did not grow any vegetables. He much preferred cultivating flowers that gave off sweet fragrances on the air. The main type of flower that Jon Bull was interested in were roses, and these were by far the most prolific flowers in his garden and he tended them with care. Jon Bull always ensured that they had sufficient water from his red, white and blue watering can. He gave them the best plant food. He nurtured his roses so well, that very soon they became the best-looking flowers in the whole garden.

    The roses’ roots were deeply secured and this enabled them also to seize the best nutrients from the ground – often at the expense of the other flowers in the garden. If they had feelings, they would surely have felt very happy, if not indeed a little smug about their position in Jon Bull’s garden. They were the centre of attention in that garden and that was that. Every other flower was to be looked down upon through the roses’ petals.


    Now next to the roses, a smaller group of daffodils grew in Jon Bull’s garden. These were a strange sort of flower. For although they grew in Jon Bull’s garden, they had not been fully domesticated by him – they still tended to grow wild, and slightly apart, although, believe me, Jon Bull had attempted to turn them into more ‘garden’ than ‘wild’ flowers. As a form of spite perhaps, Jon Bull had therefore not thought it appropriate (perhaps ‘worthwhile’ would be a better word) to spend too much time and attention in cultivating the daffodils. In any case, as previously mentioned, the roses took up most of his time and attention, and some semi-savage, undomesticated daffodils were not really important enough to be treated in the same way as they were. The daffodils only bloomed for a short time anyway and it was not worth the effort to cultivate them as prodigiously as the roses – at least, that’s how Jon Bull thought. It would also, he thought, lead to him neglecting his prized roses – something he could not and would not ever contemplate.

    So the daffodils would bloom at the appropriate time, with, if we are to continue the feeling metaphor, a certain amount of sadness. Not for them the care given to the roses, and they would soon wither away. True, Jon Bull occasionally gave them some water from his red, white and blue watering can, but the amount was not really that significant. Yet, somehow or other, year in year out, the daffodils would still be there. And in early March, their resplendent trumpets were almost a match for the all-powerful roses.


    Now adjoining the flowers in Jon Bull’s garden were the thistles. By rights, Jon Bull thought of these plants as weeds, and an annoyance and menace to him, and indeed to his whole garden. In that capacity, they proved even more of a distraction and a more dangerous one in fact, to his roses. Jon Bull had often tried to remove the thistles from his garden but had never succeeded. He first thought that removing the thistles by hand would be an easy enough task. But he soon found himself covered in painful prickles. As a result, he had to go home again pretty quickly and to think on another idea of removing the thistles.

    On other occasions, eschewing the use of his hands, Jon Bull had taken up his best patent Westmonsta™ spade in order to dig up the thistles by the root. But it was hard, strenuous work – the thistles’ roots were deeply embedded – and it was often the case that Jon Bull had to give the task up, with sweat pouring from his red, fleshy face and his large stomach wobbling.
    The thistles then would have resisted for another day. Indeed, they were able to proliferate further, as when their flowers had disappeared, their light, feathery seeds could be taken up by the wind and be dispersed all over. When these seeds came to land, they would germinate, and new, sturdy thistle plants would start growing – causing further consternation and anxiety to Jon Bull.

    Another solution presented itself to Jon Bull in an effort to subdue the thistles – weed killer. He convinced himself that a good dose of Cullodenine™ would destroy the thistles once and for all. All his attention in dealing with them had been distracting him from attending to his beloved roses. Cullodenine™ would see an end to those troublesome thistles. However, although a lot of the thistles were killed as a result of the application of the Cullodenine™, in the long run, the weed killer actually proved quite ineffective. Enough of the thistle seeds had managed to escape the carnage, and had been seized by the wind to begin new journeys in the air oceans before falling to earth and germinating a new generation of thistles.

    In due course, these new thistles established sturdy roots and stems which became resilient against anything Jon Bull could throw at them; be they his Westmonsta™ spade or a new, seemingly stronger weed killer, such Beeteeyuk™ which its salesman, Darling, had mistakenly convinced Jon Bull would be the most effective weed killer yet against those troublesome thistles.

    As for the thistles themselves, they had started to cluster together, knowing that their own common unity of purpose would repel both Jon Bull and any efforts to get rid of them. They also grew stronger prickles in mutual self-defence. Although they were constantly menaced by Jon Bull and his cohorts, the thistles also knew that when they were not under attack from them, they were at one and the same time being neglected in favour of the roses.

    The thistles were then agreed as one: in order to survive as a group and to avoid both the neglect and the dangers posed by Jon Bull, they had to arrange for their seeds to be dispersed as far away as possible from him and his garden. It was common sense really, and the thistles knew it. All it needed was to persuade enough of their fellow thistles of the logicality of this position, and the thistle population would be safe and secure from the depredations of Jon Bull, his cohorts, his weed killers and his Westmonsta™ spade. Will a sufficient number of thistles take on board this simple and effective advice, and see for themselves the free and safe future that lies ahead of them, once their seeds start germinating in places beyond the power of Jon Bull and the control he currently holds over the flowers in his garden?

    Watch this space …

    Parables for the New Politics

  7. Aye Paul

    Their BAW & their GAME ” ignore the Jocks and they will go away ” , it’s so bloody obvious it must even embarrass the clowns who are responsible for this farce .

    Over the next few weeks right up to the vote a whole team will be employed by the British State to limit the coverage the SNP have ,

    As usual it will be odds of 3 – 1 against the SNP and if Nigels mob field candidates it will be 4-1 at no point will the SNP get a fair shake unless the scream blue bloody murder and point out whats happening .

    I have lost count of the comments on various websites urging the SNP to get more assertive they have the support and have been in Government for about 11 years they need to start acting like it

    • If only it were as straightforward as that.

      The odds are more like 50-1 on ‘Debates’ nights.

      I am discounting the unbelievable inept and bitterly disappointing Greens from the equation.

      You may recall the Brewer chaired ‘debate’ during Indyref 1 where he, and Murphy, Rennie, and Supermom Davidson shouted over, talked over, and cut short Nicola Sturgeon.

      You may also remember the post debates ‘Media Room’ feedback from the gathered Brit Nat Scrollers and broadcasters.

      They were all there to summarise the contests, the Gleggs, the Hutcheons, and Sevvie, and the Daisleys, with Toodle Oo The Noo and Jackie putting them through their SNP Bad paces.

      And of course Professor Sir John Curtice giving us his pearls of Uber Brit Nat wisdom and polls.

      The Pro Independence parties are on a hiding to nothing in these put up jobs. Orange nuts and professionals from Jordanhill or Morningside set up to attack the SNP delegate.

      The irony is that this will be a single issue manifesto for the Jock Blue, Red and Beige Tories.

      Crush the SNP and our fellow Scots.

      It happens every week at Holyrood

      I’d send along a haggis.
      Passive resistance.

  8. Great to have you back, Paul. Hope you had a good holiday.

    The Ministry of Truth (as Jack Collatin rightfully dubs them) has been unrelenting in it’s output since they realised 2014’s result hadn’t hammered the Scots into total submission.

    The monstering our NHS gets from the BBC in Scotland is a prime example. Again and again we are told it is failing with blame laid at the SNP’s door. Yet still it achieves performance and satisfaction ratings the Tories would gleefully chop someone else’s arm off for.

    Boris Johnson’s threat, in reply to one of his pet Scottish Tories, that our democratically elected Scottish government will, “forfeit” the right to run it reveals the level of desperation reached by a London establishment anxious to open us up to American markets at whatever cost.

    Thankfully, Scots don’t live in the media bubble of their soapy flatulence and can quite clearly see, through the same BBC, the grim reality of England’s democratic choices.

    Jeremy Hunt complained to Colin MacKay, during the Tory leadership contest, that Holyrood is a problem as Scots annoyingly persist in putting the SNP in charge of it.

    Democracy. What a bugger it is when the people don’t toe your line.

    The propaganda isn’t working any more. They know it, but have nothing else to offer.

    To quote Jack again, “Oh, how up I am for this”.

  9. Today, my 2nd National Party, launched its General Election campaign.

    Misreporting, on cue, who else but the BBC?

    They feature Johnson, Corbyn, Swinson and Nicola on a photo of ‘political leaders’. Why? Nicola is not standing for Westminster. (Where’s the picture of Ian Blackford, instead?). No mention at all of Liz Saville Roberts – Plaid Cymru Leader at Westminster.

    I call ‘Foul!’

  10. Just heard on Sky that Swinson Johnson and Corbin are having a debate on Sky on the 28th November. So much for the 3rd largest party getting invited to their debate. Its getting terrible that the SNP is getting completely ignored.

    • They were at it tonight on Distorting Scotland.
      Douglas Fraser on the NHS, lumps Scotland’s NHS in with England’s.

      Of course WM candidates standing in Scotland have no powers over Scotland’s Health service, so the Ministry of Truth has to twist and contort their SNP Bad angle.

      Douglas Fraser standing at his powerpoint presentation declares that only 14% believe enough is being spent on Health, and 50% feel the NHS is getting worse instead of better. That’s the English NHS he eventually utters almost sotto voce.
      So it had absolutely no relevance to viewers in Scotland.

      Here are some of the facts about the Scottish NHS in patient surveys over time.

      Positive responses to In Patient treatment:

      2014 2016 2018
      82% 83% 86%

      Stunningly positive survey results for Scotland, but buried by Douglas Fraser tonight.

      In England there are 100,000 vacancies in their NHS and they are short of 40,000 nurses and are currently undertaking Efficiency ‘Savings’ (cuts) over the next 4 years of £20 billion.

      And yet Richard Leonard is allowed to lie on camera that spending on NHS in Scotland and our remarkable Health professionals performance is as bad as Blue Tory England, or for that matter, his own Red Tory Party’s woeful performance in Wales.
      What an evil man.

      And Jackson Carlaw is allowed to declare that there will be record sums spent on NHS England with increased consequentials to the Scottish Health vote, which, he lied, the SNP have not used to fund NHS Scotland from the last spending round.

      He boomed ruddy faced that the NHS will not be privatised btw; so says the man who has absolutely no influence or say on anything the Blue Tories choose to impose on Scotland.

      So there we have it,

      It has begun..

      Distortion by the Ministry of Truth’s Business Editor, and three Brit Nats Carlaw, Leonard, and Rennie, (god help us all!) who are MSPs and therefore have no authority, or frankly intellect in my view, are given air time at Plantation Quay to ‘campaign’ in an election in which they are not candidates.
      And lie through their teeth with impunity.

      Great start, Big Brother.

  11. Excellent comments to an excellent piece of writing….I watched Gordon Brewer to double check the BBC’s strategy in covering this election…..must admit my jaw did fall somewhat at Keiza’s righteous outpourings…none of it had any understandable meaning as ever….She is so something else.

    I thought The BBC were laughing at Scotland with her appearance ….a sick joke Gordie…He looked worn out trying to keep up appearances. Wonder if a darkened room and very cool cloth is prepared for him post the totally disgraceful show he fronts.

    Calm the horses , steady the wagons , quieten the proles , appears to be the continuing strategy with knobs on!

    Had to switch off as I was laughing and watching my blood pressure all at the same time.

    • The past participle of the verb ‘to fax’; as in, the Brit Nat MPs in Scotland will be well and truly faxed at 10.00 p.m., on the 12th December.
      Scotland will tell them to ‘fax’ off, big time.

      This message is sent by courier pigeon.

  12. The fact is that Scottish identity was only ever tolerated in the British state so long as it didn’t threaten the reality that the British state was being run as the old English state rebranded UK.
    Scottish political representatives were only tolerated so long as they were members of English based political parties.
    The SNP have forced Scots to realise that unless we cowtow to English demands,we are ignored within the UK state and we will never be allowed a say in what happens within our country.
    However,none so blind……

  13. Instead of Nicola or any other Scot asking the Unionists for a Section 30 , what we should say is :

    ”What in your opinion is the criterion that you would accept from the Scottish People for another independence referendum ? ”
    You can imagine some of the responses .

    So , let us put the onus on them to display their complete and utter undemocratic mind-set !

    • We (Independence First) asked them that back in 2006 when they were refusing a referendum back then. Their reply, in writing, was that there was no proposed mechanism whereby Scotland might exercise its right to self determination.

      That document formed part of a dossier of evidence sent to the UN to bring a case against the UK Government that they were in breach of legally binding articles in the UN Charter and the ICCPR.

      The unexpected minority government win for the SNP and the concomitant new potential avenue for getting an indyref which that opened up, rather nullified our case since then, not all potential local remedies had been exhausted after all.

      But that was a long time ago, so you are right, it is a renewed matter of importance that all local remedies are exhausted once more and shown to be so. Then the case may be made in the UN and ICJ once more.

  14. “This wee dug surrounds [hate|fear|prejudice|lies|all of the above] and forces it to surrender.”

    I’m sure the late great Pete Seeger would forgive me for the appropriation, for such a noble cause and a worthy recipient.

    On and on…

  15. The view from Australia the birth place of the biggest media liar in the world aka one Rupert Murdoch. If you think the BBC are biased just wait to see what the Murdoch empire worldwide will throw up in the face of the demand for indyref2. Many of you at home in Scotland may remember how project fear in 14 was rolled out and how international leaders including Barack Obama and Australia’s then Tory Prime Minister Tony Abbott broke all international norms by interfering in the domestic affairs of a sovereign people by joining the fear campaign. They didn’t just volunteer their opinions they were asked to jump in on the debate by Cameron and you guessed it Murdoch. Cameron even asked the Queen to “raise an eyebrow” back then. There are powerful dark forces yet to be unleashed in this new battle for independence. The fact that the BBC have already begun the assault is just the beginning. My advice to all in Scotland is be prepared for project fear on steroids they are getting ready to mount a very big and powerful assault on us.

    Malky McBlain


  16. They’re feart.
    Meaning they have never been more dangerous.
    For an historical group of deviant self entitled privileged inbred chinless xenophobic bawbags that will take some doing. That is what we can expect.
    Not to mention the house jocks willing to cause fear an loathing on the streets of Scotland.
    Were that it could be won by positive persuasion but imagine being in their position.
    The abuser about to be stopped. Not even held to account just told No More.

    Vast majority of Unionist folk have simply believed leadership that should have been trusted. Perfidious behaviour affects all that endures it.


  17. Since almost 40% of voters in the UK are over 55, but since they have the highest voter turnout level, that pushes the over 55 age group to almost 50% of all voters. I expect that Scotland will have a similar ratio. The over 55’s age group were the ones that most strongly voted No in 2014 and therefore they are likely to hold the key to the next Indyref. Since a high proportion of them are also likely to get most of their ‘views’ via the MSM, the bias of the media is clearly a major obstacle to winning the next referendum. It’s not hard to see why the unionist BBC and the MSM papers constantly propogate such a false picture of pretty much anything to do with Scotland, either by factual lying or by factual invisibility. The MSM know their target audiences are the over 55’s.


    The supposed negative effects on Scotland if it became independent have been done to death in the UK & ‘Scottish’ media. Much less common is a view on how the rest of the UK would fare without Scotland. Although the article below is from 2014 and somewhat dated and focused on oil, it still highlghts a view that is rarely reported on – that without Scotland, the ‘UK’ would face real economic problems. That it’s not from a UK msm outlet isn’t a surprise. That what it said may happen has started to happen, albeit due to Brexit, also isn’t a surprise.


    I expect that a court may need to resolve the matter of holding a referendum, but winning it will need a focus on the over 55’s. With the Pound, NHS and pensions being highlighted as the key decision factors for the No voters in 2014, it’s no surprise that the MSM rarely (or at all) mention these now in any context that may cast doubts about the UK vs Scotland. Those supposed strengths for a united kingdom are now weaknesses.


    I’m not sure what the main factors for No voters would be now. The position of Scotland in so many ways is clearly positive, particularly for it’s economy and international trade balance, whilst that of the UK clearly isn’t. Whist the economy isn’t the be all and end all, it does place constraints on what can and can’t be done, so a healthy economy is vital to building a progressive future. The trick is to get awareness of this situation to all age groups and especially to those objective enough to consider switching to Yes. The msm as usual will be doing the opposite, with their noses getting longer by the day.



  18. A natural progression. The demographics are changing just as expected. Scotland will be Independent. People in Scotland just need to keep voting for it. Vote out all the Tory/unionists. That is happening. An S30 will be achieved. There will be no one to stop it.

    The electoral system at Holyrood should be changed. First preference votes go in the bin to let 3rd rate losers in. They cannot be voted out. The list system.

    Devolution has changed Scotland for the better. Independence in the EU will be even better. Scotland would be more equal, cohesive and happy. Instead of being outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster. Non democratic. If Scotland gets better off so does the rest of the UK.

    Scotland has had conscription and taxes imposed for Westminster illegal wars for centuries. It’s revenues and resources drained to fund London S/E, now totally congested. The North/South divide. Now time for a readjustment.

    Just vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. The demographics changing as the young people come on board. It is inevitable.

  19. Does anyone know if the independence movement has or who is advising on indyref 2 campaign after section 30. If anyone out there is interested follow this link to one of the most successful political campaign ads of all time. The “it’s time” theme was used to great effect and the Australian Labour Party got many popular tv and and musicians writers and like minded artists together to film the video. Could this be adapted to a Scottish context for the 2020 referendum?


    • Perhaps the Proclaimers, or Runrig, or Gerry Cinnamon , or Hue and Cry, could dash off a Song of Freedom?

      ‘Now Is The Time’, seems an obvious title?

      Or we could ‘crowd compose’ on here?

      ‘We have been patient for far too long, dear neighbour,
      Now is the time to part’.

      Come on duggers, we surely all have a couple of lines of verse in us.

      Now is the time.

  20. Scotland

    “Scarcely exists in coverage of this election”,
    says ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ in newspaper’s article…
    & the phrase: “illegal referendum” expression;
    is purely a ‘UK’ political-style type declaration!

    Living in another country… not Scotlandshire;
    so-called UK has right to legitimise Scotland…
    cannot allow “Jockistan” to leave – and aspire?
    presently, have a Pretentious Minister to hand!

    A stranger to an honourable frame of mind,
    this is truly evident and internationally seen;
    however, the world is aware: his time will end
    before much longer, will become a has-been!

    © Ewen A. Morrison



    It’s time for George square in Glasgow to be renamed FREEDOM SQUARE.

    If the Labour Party had the courage to change St George’s place to Nelson Mandela place in the eighties (when Thatcher was stating Mandela was a terrorist) then come on SNP do the right thing send the right signal. It’s time.

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