True colours

The Tories are in a mess. Admittedly that’s not news, but when they’ve finally got the general election that they’ve been begging for and are seeking to pose as the party of competent government, it’s not a good look.

It started on Sunday when Ross Thomson was forced to stand down as the Tory candidate for Aberdeen South after the local party chairman refused to sign his nomination papers. The refusal came following newspaper reports that the Labour MP for Glasgow North East Paul Sweeney had alleged that Ross had groped him in a Commons bar, an allegation which Ross Thomson denies. This was a separate incident from the previous allegation that Ross had groped some men in a Commons bar, an incident which he also denies, apparently claiming that he’d merely slipped and had attempted to grab something to stop himself from falling.

The local Tory party was hurriedly forced to find another candidate, although the speed with which they managed to publish election leaflets bearing the new candidate’s name – local councillor Douglas Lumsden – has led some to speculate that the local Conservative association had been planning a coup for some time. All is not well within the Aberdeen Tories. Not the least of which the fact that they have candidates who back Brexit in a city which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

The resignation/sacking delete as appropriate came as another Conservative candidate found themselves under attack after it came to light that she had said that people on benefits ought to be put down. Francesca O’Brien, who is the Tory candidate in the key Welsh marginal seat of Gower made the comment on Facebook in 2014. Writing about the Channel 4 poverty porn show Benefits Street, she commented, “Benefit Street .. anyone else watching this?? Wow, these people are unreal!!!” Then added, “My blood is boiling, these people need putting down.” So that’s nice. Tory, nuff said really. The malign spirit of Thatcher is alive and well. Unlike anything that passes for compassion or empathy in the Conservative party. Vote Tory, and you’re voting for institutionalised cruelty.

Then on Tuesday Jacob Rees Mogg said that if those who died in the Grenfell tragedy had shown more common sense and had left the building despite being told to stay by the authorities, more people would have survived. Because that’s what he’d have done. Like Francesca he was forced to make an abject apology for his insensitivity. Although if every Tory had to apologise every time one of them said or did something insensitive then we’d never hear anything else from them. Which would be nice. However what they’re apologising for isn’t being offensive, insensitive, and cruel. They’re apologising for having been caught out and in a damage limitation exercise in the hope that it won’t hurt their election prospects.

It’s pretty rich of Jacob Rees Mogg to say that other people should display common sense, since Jacob only knows what common sense is when his nanny tells him. Whenever I look for common sense, my first port of call is to turn for advice to a man who thought it was a good idea to call his son Sixtus. However if those poor people had attempted to leave the building and died in the attempt, Jacob would have been one of the first to condemn them for not obeying the orders of the authorities. Working class people should do what they’re told after all. It’s the Tory way.

Still, Jacob has been defended by the patron saint of gammon, fellow Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, whose sole claim to fame is that he is slightly taller than Mark Francois – but that doesn’t prevent him from being even lower. Andrew claimed that Jacob would have survived the fire due to his superior intellect and that’s why he ought to be running the country. After all he can quote Latin and discourse on the finer points of theology. It’s just a pity that he has less emotional intelligence than a small damp patch of mould on an abandoned mattress. Although if Jacob really was that clever you’d think that he’d pay a tailor to make suits for him that actually fit.

Then there are the peculiar circumstances surrounding the collapse of a rape trial in Wales. The Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns has denied that he knew anything about the role of a former aide in collapsing a trial for rape of a friend. The aide, Ross England – what is it with Tories called Ross? – had been strongly criticised by the judge in the trial after bringing up the subject of the victim’s sexual history despite having been ordered by the court not to. The trial collapsed as a result, and there had to be a retrial, during which the defendant was found guilty.

Cairns denied that he knew anything about this before it became public knowledge just a few days ago. However the BBC in Wales, who seem to believe in holding Conservatives to account (Pacific Quay, take note), published an email sent to Alun Cairns by another advisor over a year ago in which the advisor told the Welsh Secretary that Ross England was confident that the court would take no action against him for his behaviour. On Wednesday, Alun Cairn’s position became untenable and he resigned as Welsh Secretary although he’s still standing as a Tory candidate. However we’re in the middle of a General Election now, so it’s not like Alun’s resignation has any real meaning. But it looks good for the press and that’s all that matters. It’s a safe bet that if he gets reelected and the Tories win he’ll be back in government again. I refer the court of public opinion to the case of Gavin Williamson.

The Tory aptitude for venal incompetence just keeps giving this week. The Chancellor Sajid Javid has also come under criticism for spending taxpayers’ money in a nakedly political move. The Chancellor had instructed civil servants to assess nine of Labour’s policies and intended to publish the report. He was slapped down by the UK’s highest ranking civil servant Mark Sedwill, who told the Chancellor that such a move during an election campaign would be improper. The Tories have to have the fundamentals of democratic propriety explained to them. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone in Scotland who wants another independence referendum.

Yesterday the Tories found themselves being criticised again after a campaign video that they released online backfired. The video contained a heavily doctored version of an interview on Good Morning Britain in which Piers spit spit boo hiss Morgan asked Labour’s Keir Starmer about the party’s Brexit policy. Keir immediately gave a detailed and full response to the question, which you may or may not agree with, however the Tories then released a video showing Keir sit in dumbfounded silence for a few seconds after being asked the question by the slimy one, giving the entirely incorrect impression that he had no answer.

The Tory party chairman James Cleverly, who is living proof that nominative determinism is not a thing, then went on the BBC to defend the video. Essentially his argument was that it was “light hearted” and just a bit of banter. So that makes it OK then. Tory MP Johnny Mercer later said that the video had “inexplicably been doctored”. There was no inexplicable about it at all Johnny. Even Piers Morgan said that the way that the Conservatives had treated the interview was “misleading and unfair”, and he knows a lot about that sort of thing.

However the Conservatives haven’t merely failed to officially apologise, they’ve doubled down on attempts to spread the video on social media. In response to Piers Morgan’s criticisms, the Tory party tweeted a new version of video saying: “Fair point @piersmorgan. Is this version better?” The new version is almost identical to the first one. The only difference is that instead of showing Starmer blinking and licking his lips inMorgan’s question, it freezes the frame on his face and zooms in. What larks. Even being caught out in a blatant lies doesn’t stop them. They’re clearly taking their cue from the very top.

Today the master prat faller of the Tory party took to a podium in Downing Street to mark the official launch of the Conservative General Election campaign. As to be expected, he fnaugh fnaughed his way through a series of lies, not the least of which was the claim that the SNP and the Labour party have struck a deal to bring about another independence referendum next year. It’s a sign of things to come. This coming election is going to be the dirtiest, the most untruthful, and the nastiest in living memory. We have those Tories who keep going on about the divisions of the independence referendum while dog whistling to sectarian bigots to thank for it. The true colours of the Tory party are not red white and blue, they’re a nasty dark stain on public life.

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34 thoughts on “True colours

  1. Excellent roundup, the Tories do appear to have monopolised arrogance and lying, although Swinson is trying her best to compete, badly…
    Re Ross Thomson, there is no doubt his departure was anticipated if not propelled.
    Re the Ross England fiasco, he wasn’t merely “strongly criticised by the judge” but told “You have managed single-handed, and I have no doubt it was deliberate on your part, to sabotage this trial… get out of my court”, and narrowly evaded prosecution thereafter.
    The Tories’ doctored video of Keir Starmer was instant reminder of Nick Robinson’s fake Alex Salmond’s response, but all the Tories are achieving is what the Beeb already accomplished, viewed with absolute distrust even if it’s a weather forecast..
    Superb title though…

  2. The Tories – a dirty dark stain on humanity. Thankfully they are not as smart or competent as they like to make out but they are truly nasty.

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  4. This is all good news.

    Re Rees Mogg personally I feel he was correct. If I was in a building on fire I would not be hanging about no matter what advice I was given. That is why in a hotel fire they want you out. That is why during office and factory fire drills they want you out. All he said was if it was me I would be out, in nice words naturally.

    • It is my personal opinion that Ress Mogg may have been being deceptive here and attempting to diffuse and spread the blame for the deaths from the inappropriate maintenance of the building and the cladding, which if I am not mistaken falls right on the lap of the tory run council, to the fire brigade that advised the people to remain in situ in line with protocol. He was purposely focusing on what happened after the fire, not on what caused the fire in the first place, which is what should really be looked into. It is interesting what he said in the interview

      “And I think if either of us were in a fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we would leave the burning building”

      See how this snake oil salesman is already transferring the blame directly to the fire brigade and not to the authorities who set up the “Stay put” protocol in the first place. The fire brigade was simply following protocol.

      Never trust a tory – they are just monumental cowards who will hide behind anything or anyone to escape scrutiny. In this instance, it is clear Mogg was attempting to use the fire brigade as the scapegoat. They are saying something but meaning something else. With the tories, like with the libdems, as judging by Swinson’s new propaganda leaflets, you always have to read the very small print.

      • “See how this snake oil salesman is already transferring the blame directly to the fire brigade and not to the authorities who set up the “Stay put” protocol in the first place. The fire brigade was simply following protocol”

        Sorry, I forgot the obvious in that sentence: not only was Mogg attempting to transfer the blame from the tory run council to the fire brigade, but also, and callously, to the victims themselves.

      • The design of these multi story buildings follow the idea of containing any fire to the floor it starts in.
        Fire doors are installed in the common access areas, stairwells and corridors, they are rated at 30 minute or 60 minute retarding.
        This was to allow the Fire Brigade time to deal with the outbreak, remember their equipment wasn’t designed to reach much more than 6 floors.
        The installation of Flammable Cladding breached the design criteria and they cladding wasn’t approved for high rise buildings.
        Have a look at the video, IF you can bear it, and see that the fire travelled up the gap between the cladding and the original building, the windows then fell out on the next floor and set fire to the next flat up.
        The mogg input is I’m sure a diversionary tactic and well thought out. It diverts our attention from the number of Firepeople employed and their equipment.

    • You are correct Maria, the Fire Brigade predicted the phasing of the report which first part was recently published would be critical of FB. Mogg is trying to further distance Government, the old boys network, and the current PM from their undoubted culpability.
      Dave correctly referred to compartmentalisation, standard procedure for the FB in apartment blocks, but a fire spreading up and across the outside of a building is not normal.
      I read several harrowing accounts from firemen involved in that disaster, lessons for sure were learned, but to blatantly criticise Brigade protocols is a coverup of Tory negligence and incompetence, which the next phases should examine.
      The fact that Scottish Building Regulations were/are much more stringent and no such cladding would be permitted, Fire Brigades enforce regulations and have not been decimated by an incumbent Mayor, building owners or management are given no waivers or favours by the “old boys club”, that tells you all you need know.
      None of these shysters will do jail time, much though they richly deserve it…
      Rees-Mogg attempted to be clever, Bridgen attempted to arse cover, both are despicable.

  5. Sorry Paul, wee typo, last sentence. Between dark and stain I think you meant to type brown. I could live with yellow but would prefer brown.

  6. I love this blog so much. It never fails to accord with my own views! Just one point about the BBC criticising the Tories in Wales. I live in Wales, and it’s a well understood fact, that the BBC will NEVER criticise Welsh Labour. And the Labour party in Wales needs criticism and the Assembly Government needs holding to account on many things…

    • Agreed, compatriot. But I have to give credit to Vaughan Roderick for his blog and his insights into the politics of our country. He is, I believe scrupulously fair, and will call out any indib=vidual and Party for misdemeanours.

      Far more than toodle-oo-the-noo in Scotland, that’s for sure!

  7. Kicking off the Tories election strategy today , the PM started as they mean to go on – telling lie after lie .
    He claimed that he didn’t want an election – yet called for one 4 times , eventually having to bring a one line Bill to Parliament to get his way .
    He claimed to be building 20 NEW hospitals – there are plans only for 6 with some ‘seed’ money to help PLAN the others .
    He claimed that they will enlist 20,000 new police officers – but there are not enough new recruits to fill the 7000 officers who retire each year never mind filling 20000 new posts .
    Incidentally the need for 20,000 officers is because the TORIES reduced the numbers to save money !

    • Police numbers in England and Wales had fallen by almost 22,500 since the Tories came to power in 2010. Therefore the 20,000 ‘new’, as in extra, do not even take the numbers back up to the pre-Tory Gov levels.

      I realise you may feel a bit pedantic but I have already heard my local, Tory, MP describe them as 20,000 EXTRA officers and as a result Scotland will get 2000 additional policemen courtesy of the Tories!!

      No, I can’t understand the logic/reasoning that gets him to that conclusion but that is how the Tories are spinning this so useful to know the details and call them out on the claims of ‘extra’s.

    • They’re spoilt for choice, Jason – Blue, Red or Yellow Tory.

      Seem all the same to me … and hopefully to a majority of your compatriots, too.

      However, there *is* another choice …

      5. (of 60.)

      Jock’s birthday party

      Jock was having a birthday. His Mummy and his Daddy wanted to ensure that he had the best birthday ever, so they made sure that they invited all of Jock’s friends to the party.

      After playing a few games, the children were escorted to the table to eat. And goodness! There was so much to eat, and so much variety! Then it came to the desserts.

      The children started on the big red jelly. But although they had been used to the big red jelly before at other birthday parties, this one didn’t taste very nice. Maybe it was too big and had gone off – past its sell-by date, whispered some of the children. Or maybe, as some other children thought, it had no taste at all – it was just a wobbly, bland, red mixture.

      So the children decided to try the blue jelly. Oh no! That jelly was far too bitter to the taste! The children liked sweet things, and it was obvious that the blue jelly didn’t fit the bill. All the children mentally made a solemn vow never to eat the blue jelly ever again.

      The children decided to taste the yellow jelly. Now the yellow jelly was much smaller than the other jellies. But yuk! This jelly promised much but in fact had such a cloying taste that the children could not stand it – some were even sick after they had tasted it.

      Some of the children thought that if they mixed the extremely sweet yellow jelly with the extremely bitter blue jelly, they would have a nicer dessert. But yuk and double yuk! This was actually the worst of all worlds – sometimes you could taste the bitterness of the blue jelly, and sometimes you could taste the excessive sweetness of the yellow jelly (although admittedly it was the bitterness of the blue jelly that tended to predominate). The children at Jock’s birthday party hurriedly disposed of the new blue-yellow jelly in the rubbish bin.

      And then they saw standing alone on the table, an impressive and resplendent golden ice cream.

      The children took up their spoons, and tentatively, knowing how they had been bitterly disappointed by the previous desserts, they started to sample the golden ice cream, topped off with dark, delicious chocolate.

      “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” cried Jock.

      “Yummy!” enthused Morag.

      “Absolutely delicious!” added Hamish.

      “I’m going to have some more of that!” said Catriona, scooping up a big spoonful of that lovely, creamy, golden ice cream with the dark chocolate sauce.

      And all the children agreed. The golden ice cream and dark chocolate sauce was the best dessert they had ever had and Jock’s party was the best they had ever attended too. They were sure to dance, play games and enjoy themselves more than ever before.

      It was going to be the best party, ever!

      Parables for the New Politics

      • Maybe a different take to your narration above Welsh Sion..but the biased broadcasting is giving the disunited uk as much cac as it can deliver, tonight…The horrors portrayed by the STV/ITV (tv thurs eve) of prince charles and the shite he had to endure from the ‘Welsh Nationalists’ in his youth.
        It’s just like, wide eyed and gormless…

  8. The scary part of SNP gain standing downs. Is that just like Tory Blair and Cameron leaving, all the crap goes with them and the new hopeful gets to reset the clock cos they didn’t do any of it did they. With SNP gain it does look like that was the plan. Frightening when you see how callous they are to their own.

  9. Another example is Kathleen Leslie, who was condemned from all quarters during indyref1 for calling Nicola Sturgeon a ‘drooling hag’ (among other things) on social media and was allegedly removed from the teaching register because of it. She is the new Tory candidate for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

    OTOH she did subsequently apologize so perhaps she should be given a second chance.

  10. Sorry Chicmac but my view differs from your some what.
    I cannot say how long ago I decided that the torys had used up any potential 2nd chances. But I was still willing to listen to anyone who put forward an argument for a 2nd chance, but no longer.
    For the past several months possible more than a year I have watched their public persona’s and boiled it down to “the demanding child bully”. They say and do anything no matter how nasty or objectionable, then they apologise, but like the “demanding child” they got your attention. And when they are caught lying, with no way to squirm out of it, like the bullying child their response is “I was just joking”.
    It’s sad but I have returned to my parents and grandparents system “children such as these should be seen and not heard” cos they’re well worth the watching.

  11. The Tory unionists scraping the bottom of the barrel. They cannot get anyone to stand. No activists to help them. The Davidson Anti Independence Party coming to an end. The Tories leaving the sinking ship like never before. The complete and utter shambles.

    The Tories will have to have an election they can lose because they cannot Brexit, The contribution made does not even over the cost of the migrant crisis and illegal wars inflicted by US/UK and France, on Europe. The Tory/unionists are just a bunch of chancers always have been.

    The mess the Tories are making along with Labour in Aberdeen City is an absolute disgrace. They have ruined the City. £1.2Billion in debt. It is just an absolute mess of empty shops and offices. £200million lose. They have cut essential services. A two job Tory keeping the administration in office. Thomson now away. Lumsden is the candidate. Ruin Aberdeen City. Then try to ruin Scotland with Westminster unionist policies.

    Hopefully the election will get rid of the unionists in Scotland. A better way is Independence. The State of the UK is just impossible. Brexit what a total mess. A complete and utter shambles. Austerity a catastrophe. At least the SNP is standing up for Scotland. Mitigating the Westminster policies and caring about people.

  12. In other parts of this Disunited Kingdumb …

    From the Party.

    Dear Sion

    Tonight we can confirm that we in Plaid Cymru, together with the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, have reached an historic agreement in this December’s general election.

    Our discussions with the other parties have been ongoing for some months, and a lot of hard work has gone into securing an arrangement that offers Wales the opportunity to elect a large number of MPs from pro-Remain parties.

    This is the right thing to do in the national interest. In the face of Brexit, we – as Wales’ lead Remain party – must show sensible and mature leadership which puts Wales first. That’s what this arrangement represents.

    This election is different to others, and the stakes have never been higher for the future of Wales.

    By reaching this agreement, we are maximising the possibility of electing more pro-Remain MPs from Wales to keep up the fight against Brexit, and to keep Wales in the EU.

    This election also offers us the best opportunity we’ve ever had to elect the largest number of Plaid Cymru MPs in our party’s history to stand up to Westminster establishment – and put Wales first.

    Because that’s what Plaid Cymru always does. Our country, our communities, and the best interests of our nation are always our first and foremost priority.

    This a huge opportunity. Let’s seize it.

  13. Perhaps Winston Smiths of the Ministry of Truth at the English BBC stockade huddling together in the Great Redoubt on the hostile banks of the Clyde have not yet grasped the concept of covering a UK General Election.

    Willie Rennie has featured on the BBC Scottish News all week, ridiculously filmed by the obliging BBC camera crew skipping down the pavement hand in hand with Alex Cole Hamilton grinning like giddy school girls the other day.

    This morning, the 93 seconds of News Where We Are tacked on to 3 1/2 hours of English News, featured a spit screen montage, on the UK GE item, featuring Richard Leonard, whose new hair do makes him look like the ancient Egyptian Ram of Mendes, (oh, look it up) at the top left hand corner, Willie Rennie in the top right hand corner, Boris Johnson in the bottom left hand corner, and, for balance of course, our very own First Minister, Leader of the Scottish National Party, and the 35 SNP MP’s in WM, Nicola Sturgeon, tucked away in the bottom right hand corner, as an after thought?

    May I inform Toodle Oo The Noo, Glenn Campbell, Gordon Brewer, and Donalda Mac, that Leonard, Carlaw, and Rennie are not the ‘leaders’ of the UK Blue Red and Beige Tories, they are Branch Office Managers, who, because of Call Me Dave’s EVEL announcement at 07.00 hrs 19th September 2014, the morning after the Jocks were put back in the box, have absolutely no authority, or indeed lack the intellectual capacity, or political experience, to ‘campaign’ for their Puppet Masters’ Parties on Police, Education, Law, the English NHS, HS2 extended from the Northern Powerhouses of Manchester and Liverpool across the Pennines to Leeds and Up North to Newcastle, a Third Runway, Trident, the rail franchises in England, or nuclear power stations,

    The other morn on the good old BBC propaganda machine, Willie Rennie blurts out gapped tooth nonsense about more money for nursery schools and early learning to solve the problems of child poverty, and all week the BBC in Scotland have duly obliged by broadcasting this parochial pusillanimous nonsense; reduce the UK GE Debate to No Second Referendum and bellow about SNP BAD on erm, education, hospitals, and erm, what about them ferries getting cancelled all the time?

    In fact, because of EVEL, the 24 Brit Nat ‘Scottish’ MP placemats who have contributed nothing Down There since 2017 should be on the campaign trail right now, promoting Brexit, or in Jo Swinson’s case, Remain, Up Here. But they are nowhere to be seen; for good reason.

    Lesley Laird, who has an unfortunate look of a woman in sheer terror every time she appears on TV, Alister Jack, the huntin’ and shootin’ gentleman farming millionaire, and Jo Swinson (the next PM, who would have to leave the EVEL room when policies on English health, policing, and education were being formulated by her Cabinet. Titter ye may, missus, but be afraid.) should be all over the media, touting all this exciting stuff promised for our English neighbours’ schools, hospitals, railways, and police forces.

    Perhaps Donalda MacKinnon and her team realise that Swinson Laird and Jack would just come across as blithering idiots in any interview or debate, selling EVEL policies to the Scottish electorate, and have opted instead for an extended version of Toodle Oo The Noo’s Brit Nat FMQ for the next five weeks.

    Otherwise, they’d have to admit that we are far down the road to inevitable Full Blown Independence, and that there is no turning back.

    Tonight’s QT from ‘Glasgow’ should be fun.

    Will they debate 20,000 extra English Police, ‘record investment’ in the English NHS, or a £4000 premium for every English school pupil, or the English High Speed Choo Choo across the Pennines, or Clean Break Brexit?

    Or will it be the usual put up job, hammering the Bad SNP and its woeful record Up Here?
    Is Jullia Hartley, no, it escapes me, her name begins with a ‘B’, be on?

    Ruth Davidson? Kezia the Stink Tank?

    Look out for the Orange Jumper, and the West End Brit Nat Plants.

    BBC Scotland; Rennie, Leonard and Carlaw are not standing for the English Parliament.
    Their opinions matter not one jot.

    But they will be on Brewer’s Droop on Sunday forbidding a Second Indyref.

    Madness lurks in the dark corridors at Pacific Quay.

    Turn the lights off when you leave in September 2020, Donalda.

    BTW, Dr Who’s on Netflix.

    • 🤣🤣 “Bon”…
      The problem is Jack that they are increasingly talking to the ether as they are either blanked or switched off by the majority, so any messaging left is subliminal…
      Every now and again it has been amusing to watch Carlaw, Rennie and Leonard read from their scripts at FMQs with much theatrical flourish, only to be flattened by the wee-yin on the hoof, no script… They are not only minions but not yet completed indentureship…

      What surprised me this morning was a Beeb clip of the Tory Rachael Hamilton claiming ‘We’d have Greek-style austerity if we had independence’ on Debate Night, 19 billion pound deficit, etc., even the audience were laughing as she floundered as understudy for Johnson, Liar in Chief. (John Crace wrote a cracker on that yesterday).
      The Beeb don’t have a record of Tory-BAD so not quite sure whether the intent was to give this some credibility, but the woman must have been sampling Gove’s medication to come out with that nonsense, but that appears to be the MO for the Tories and Lib-Dems now.

      • I briefly heard Carpark Lynnard at FMQ on my jalopy car radio. Carboot on % attaining level 5 targets and Lumpyard on ’12 year old Erin’ having to lose a days’ schooling to attend Edinburgh hospital as St Johns in Livinston not opened full time despite Oct. 2019 promise. What is the first minister going to do about it?
        This is the level at which the Brit Nat Branches want to keep the level of debate in Edinburgh. The ‘parish council’.
        Carlaw the failed businessman and Leonard the Shop Steward who got the gig on the back of the ‘Union’ vote, the ‘Union’ being the little clutch of Commies running the show, not the members.

        I wonder how many WM MPs will appear on QT tonight?
        It is nailed on that there will be a Brexit Brit Nat journalist on to shout down the Nat.

  14. >>However if those poor people had attempted to leave the building and died in the attempt, Jacob would have been one of the first to condemn them for not obeying the orders of the authorities.

    Some poor people *did* die as they attempted to leave the building.

    Most of the idiot statements politicians make wash over me, but Rees-Mogg’s sneering dismissal of the Grenfell victims went too far.

    • Indeed there were victims in the stairwell who finally gave up and attempted escape and died, others in turn tripped over the dead and hoses, adding further chaos as the FB tried to clear the stairwell in full BA.
      These firemen deserve a medal not criticism, the critical question to come is why the Tories permitted a building to be “clad in firelighters” as someone already observed, not how the FB or residents responded to being murdered due to the incompetence of others.

      Watched a C4? piece this morning interviewing survivors and all were sickened by the remarks of Mogg and Bridgen. One even explained how a fireman came to their door and advised him to sit tight, until finally escaping when it all became too much.
      Not even HE blamed the FB,….

      • Bob, in my previous existence, I’ve worked in the area, on Kensington High Street, some of the richest real estate on the planet.
        The Grenfall Tower was the ‘servants’ quarters in the sky’, poorly constructed, and as we now know badly factored.

        Yet these evil men and women will escape manslaughter charges.

        Rees Mogg’s Pile was built at the beginning of the 17th century, and is millions of light years distant to life in zero contract serf status of the poor residents of this Towering Inferno.
        The Posh Boys are heartless eugenic bastards, who don’t give a damn about a few lamplighters and kitchen maids perishing needlessly.
        Benefits claimants should be ‘put down’ after all.
        How any human being with any sense of justice and decency continues to vote Blue Tory escapes my comprehension.

      • Be under no doubt manslaughter charges will follow, but posthumously…
        It’s a strange day when you realise that all that is left of the Tories are the malevolent having ejected or forced out the less indecent ones. Hard to believe but I feel sympathy for some despite loyalty to a party which has wreaked such havoc, must be senility creeping in….
        You must wonder whether the mask is being slipped deliberately to throw the election so someone else can clean up their mess, rather than a series of unfortunate events…. The only certainty in all this is the imperative of escaping these lunatics as an independent nation.
        They’ve poked the bear of English Nationalism to protect their stash, and with Farage breathing beery dollars over it all to finally gain the political power he has long craved, things could turn very nasty indeed over the next decade…
        Johnson, Farage and Swinson make the Krays look like boy scouts…

        • Farage as Lee Marvin in the Dirty Dozen.

          He’ll need to empty the prisons to get 600 Right Wing Nut Jobs to put up as candidates; and he has five weeks to do so.

          He is the Murdo Fraser of English politics. Tried and failed, and failed and failed and failed and failed and failed and failed again.
          He is not even bothering standing this time.
          Are you taking the hint, Murdo?

  15. With Johnson’s choice of GE (which he didn’t want allegedly😜) as 12th December, was it he or Dominic Cummings decided it was appropriate to have the results on Friday the 13th? 👀

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