Dugcast – 8 November 2019

In this week’s edition of the dugcast, The National’s Stewart Ward and I chat about the independence rally in Glasgow last Saturday which was organised by The National. We talk about the general election, and how it’s been the most shambolic start to any general election in memory for Labour and the Tories. We also discuss last night’s edition of Question Time from Glasgow, and have the BBC actually been listening to complaints about the audience composition? And I make an offer to Tory MP but not for much longer Kristene Hair. One which I am quite sure that she’s going to ignore.

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24 thoughts on “Dugcast – 8 November 2019

  1. As always ,I enjoyed your Dugcast particularly the comment at the end re Kristene Hair. Keep them coming Paul and Stewart.

  2. Kristine Hair had the look of a woman whose ‘lights are on but she’s oot’ last night.
    She parroted the usual guff, and the Tory Businessman churned out the usual old mantra; what currency would we use ? And so on.

    Of course nobody wanted to discuss the 20,000 polis for England, the £4000 pupil premium for English students, the HS 2 Powerhouse rail link from Manchester to Hull, or the record spending on the English Health Service.
    They were in Glasgow and apart from the large man in royal blue jersey and bright orange shirt who applauded fiercely all things Brit Nat Brexit, the audience was a remarkably tepid bunch.
    In other words, there is nothing in the Brit Nat manifestos for Scotland, so last night’s QT was a bit of a non event.
    It would have been exceedingly awkward if Heathrow’s third runway, and Northern Ireland’s Tayto Crisp Deal was broached, staying in the EU, Free Trade, Freedom of Movement,wouldn’t it?
    Like Johnson sneaking into Moray, BBC QT visited Glasgow, and crept back out an hour later relatively unscathed.
    Nick Robertson on the Daily Politics farce accused Ian Blackford of stealing Labour’s manifesto today.
    This evil little ex Tory candidate had to be put right about tuition fees, free care for the elderly and so on.
    Old Nick is either as thick as pig doo doos, or he has conveniently forgotten the Scottish Government’s ‘Scotland in Europe’ Positional Paper December 2016, which proposed a Norway deal for Scotland, and rUK if they wanted it, which was binned by David Davis (remember him?) who in 18 months ‘negotiating’ with the EU managed three one hour meetings in total with his counterparts in Brussels.

    It is going to get very dirty indeed, especially on 21st of this month when the Salmond case comes to court.

    Jackson Carlaw was filmed ‘campaigning’ somewhere in the Borders by the ever obliging BBC Ministry of Truth ( with three Blue Tory men in a deserted street entering a non descript building) twittering on about EU Trade Deals with the US.
    No sign of an actual Blue Tory candidate yet..

    Is there a major Brit Nat Jock scandal about to explode in their bloated faces? Only asking.

    • Jackson Carlaw was talking about the TTIP deal that was being negotiated between the EU and the USA. He really should have stayed away from that one.

      It was the EU who pulled the plug and, if I remember correctly it was an Irish Commissioner who led the charge against it.

      It came in for severe criticism from a wide variety of people and organisations and rightly so.

      One of the main objections to it here was that the NHS was in play as part of the deal and the USA would have had access to the NHS. David Cameron refused to take it off the table which he could have done under EU rules. Other EU members had protected their ‘crown jewels’ but the Tories refused to protect the NHS.

      As I said, JC should have kept away from that one because he has just reminded people that the Tories were, and probably are, not prepared to protect the NHS

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  4. I noticed that Boris Johnson has caught the BBC bug of not knowing what SNP stands for : in his address to the people yesterday from his secret hideaway in Moray where he was NOT meeting any one who resembled a Scottish voter , he called the SNP the Scottish NATIONALIST Party .

    A slip of the tongue , not knowing his brief or just a blatant untruth ? With Johnson one never knows !

    • I’m convinced it’s a deliberate tactic, despite years of NOT getting it wrong, suddenly SKY, Beeb, Johnson, etc. accidentally get it wrong?
      Perhaps if we start referring to the Conservationalists Party, Labourists Party, etc. on every such occurrence the manipulators will get the message their game is up… 😉

    • Millsy, Johnson and the other Tories use the term ‘Scottish Nationalist Party’ at all times in the House of Commons – I haven’t particularly noticed them ever getting called out on it, so it’s definitely not a slip of the tongue and definitely not by accident – but they use it so often it must be so ingrained by now they probably don’t notice they’re doing it. I’m guessing the SNP are fed up calling them out on it,,, but they shouldn’t give up on this one however pedantic it might seem. It would be much quicker to say ‘snp’, so why go to the effort of drawing out the wrong name? Very deliberate, and done to put them down I’d have thought.

  5. I’m confused. Who is the leader of the Ruth Davidson party in Scotland now? Is it Jackson? or Carlaw? Are there two leaders now?

  6. Paul as usual a great dug cast and a brilliant speech at the Glasgow rally. Once I’ve finished writing this then I’m going to buy your book and make a donation to the blog. Hopefully more of the International Scots diaspora will get on board as well……do you have many international followers? Down to some very sensitive business. I’m a Scot born in EK and transported to Botany Bay as a youth by Ma Maw n Da. I’ve been back to Scotland many times over the last 40 years and lived in Glasgow for 3 years from 1982. I think the relocation to Australia concentrated my passion for my homeland which in turn made me a independencer I know that’s not a word but hey it sounds better than Nationalist which has some very negative connotations with the rise of English Nationalism and in the case of Scotland, British Nationalism. Which is a nice segway into the sensitive issue I wanted to raise. I salute the independence movement for being a secular broad movement welcoming all. However the type of Scots Brit Nat that tried in vain to crash the rally seem to be, and I do hope I’m wrong in this assumption, closely aligned to the Loyalist and Orange tradition. My concern is that for independence to be as inclusive as possible when the day comes then we need to endeavour to bring everyone with us we need to win hearts and minds and continue to be open and secular or we will be at risk of a rise in sectarianism and division. Scotland has been slow in international terms to advance to being a secular country and that journey is not complete but we are getting there. We certainly don’t want to risk going backwards in this area. Why did I raise this?? Well I just don’t think we will win any hearts and minds if we don’t consider that our fellow Scots with a strong loyalist tradition will see that the waving of Irish flags…I saw 1 or 2 on the livestream as well as more than a few Celtic shirts. I salute the Rangers fans for independence as I double salute the Celtic and Rangers fans for independence these groups are essential to the movement however we need to make sure that we don’t inadvertently falling into the trap of giving the Brit Nats an excuse to point a nasty sectarian finger at us. PS I’m a blue nose for independence and I know plenty more who are dedicated to the cause.



  7. Excellent as always, a welcome haven of sanity on the real politics of Scotland, while the the rest of the UQ flounders with the Three Stooges.
    Having heard praises for Glasgow’s QT, sat down to watch, not impressed aside the audience not being the usual rent-an-anti-SNP-mob bussed in. At least wasn’t infuriated.
    The same lame “once in a lifetime” red-herring got aired, the nonsense currency question fizzled and died, emotional attachment to Union got trotted out, only Haggerty came across as credible. Humza uncharacteristically did not come over well (Beeb editing?), but Hair stuck to Tory GE script and looked equally robotic, an irritation who will not be missed.

  8. All the unionists electorally false promises start. Scotland already has what they are offering. SNP good management. The SNP Gov had to mitigate all the cuts. Westminster unionists cut essential services £13Billion a year from 2015 to 2020.

    The Brexit mess still on going. Watch the promises be broken later.

    ConDems elected to protect education and NHS cut both. Welfare cuts £18Billion. Increasing poverty. Tax breaks for the wealthiest.

    Devolution has changed Scotland for the better. Independence will be even better. Scotland would be more equal, cohesive and happy. Like most prosperous small countries.

    Make the world a better place. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well.

  9. From now on in, I shall refer to the Blue Tory Northern Territory phalanx as ‘The Jackson Carlaw Conservative and Unionist Pro Brexit Pro Rob The Poor Reward the Rich’ Party.
    No sign of Mundell’s Replacement as Grand Panjandrum, that huntin’ and shootin’ millionaire farmer, Alister (B-Lister) ‘Union’ Jack at the hustings yet.

    As for the Red Tories Up Here.
    Corbyn is promising all that ‘free stuff’ which the SNP have provided as ‘populist bribes’ as Johann Lamont the former leader of the ‘Branch Office’ (her words) described Scotland’s civic social policies all those years ago.
    No sign of Iain Murray resigning from the Red Tories and joining Swansong’s ‘Liberals’/ New Tory Party?
    It would be his natural home, I’d suggest.

    There are 24 Brit Nats (sorry, make that 23) fighting for their lives, yet they are strangely absent, prodding their Parish Council MSP’s to the fore, to grin and pose for the camera crews.

    There is absolutely nothing in any Brit Nat Party manifesto for Scotland.

    As for Corbyn’s Marxists?
    Tuition fees, scrap UCS, save the NHS.
    We’ve got a song for that, haven’t we ,Johnny?
    It’s called the Independence Shuffle.

    The ‘debates’ have no relevance to the Scottish Electorate. No point in broadcasting them in the Northern Colony really.

    I would crawl over broken glass to record my vote in this one.
    I urge all to do the same.
    Get the vote in and drive these 3 ‘foreign’ political parties from our shores once and for all.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Murray gets elected under the Labour banner and then after a reasonable period of time shuffles over to join the Britnat Lib Dems.

      I will be setting my alarm very early on the 12th Dec to make sure I get my vote registered early and remove any risk of anything turning up that day to prevent me voting later on. Hopefully I will help Masterton to be part of the Tory exodus out of Westminster.

      • As an Irish wag once quipped, ‘vote early and vote often’.
        Will Davidson be counting the Postal votes again?

        Oh, we are sooo ready this time.

        I see Krirstine Hair has taken to twitter lying through her teeth about a poor Arbroath Nurse who has seen her wage rise swallowed up by SNP tax increases.
        Perhaps we should produce a bar chart showing the disparity in wage rates between Scottish nurses and their poorly paid English colleagues?
        o Swansong could do a presentation with Douglas Fraser on Distorting Scotland. The Lib Dems are experts at explaining bar charts,; oh, wait.
        The Brit Nat Hopefuls are all lying through their teeth. Trump has provided the template. Claim anything, lie with impunity. Nobody is going to stop you.

        We must stay on top of this nonsense from now until 10.00 pm 12th December.
        Still when Hair gets kicked out on her expensive butt she can always get a job Tattie Howking on her family farm, now that Johnny Furriner has been driven from the land. Those tturnips are not going to top and tail themselves.

        • Spot on Jack…
          After a generation, aka 5 years, Scots have had their eyes opened to the enormity of lies and deceptions to which they have been and continue to be subjected. It is not only Scotland which has become sceptical of Tory intent, but Scots have a particular axe to grind as the Vow is quietly retired and age old bribes magnify, you get nought for free…
          Can’t imagine Hair topping and tailing, it’s hard graft and she no longer has the skills nor the ambition as a child to master it… Johnny Foreigner has already exacted revenge, rotten crops and barren fields, but the FTSE is doing well, allegedly, and her illustrious leader is making a coo’s erse o it…

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