Saying Scotland matters

Ugh. British politics is a disgusting sewer. It’s just one sleazy accusation after another. It has only just begun, and already this is the most shambolic and the dirtiest election in living memory. We’ve got another five weeks of this, and it’s only going to get worse. These are the high standards of British democracy which opponents of independence tell us that Scotland can only hope to achieve because we’ve got Westminster to tell us what to do. A troop of monkeys throwing their shit at one another could do better. At least the monkeys don’t lie about one another.

Yesterday Boris Johnson visited the scene of the disastrous flooding in Yorkshire and Derby which has caused the death of a woman and inundated hundreds of homes and businesses. Johnson was criticised after saying that the flooding wasn’t a national emergency, but to be fair he ought to know. After all, he is a national emergency.

The day before he had graced the Caledonians with his presence. Or at least he’d had a carefully choreographed visit to a distillery in Moray where he was kept well away from any of the natives who hadn’t been pre-approved. Asked by a journalist from The Guardian why he wasn’t meeting any Scottish voters, he claimed that he was. After all, he pointed out, the Guardian journalist was a Scottish voter. This is the childish literalism that passes for wit and repartee with the Tories.

The Tories are however highly selective with their literalism. They insist that there cannot be another Scottish independence referendum because they choose to elevate the “once in a generation opportunity” rhetoric of some SNP leaders in 2014 into a cast iron manifesto commitment. So I have a deal to make with any Tory who wants to preach about the once in a generation thing. I’ll let you preach about it to me just as soon as Boris Johnson dies in that ditch. I seem to recall that was a firm and definite promise that he made. And if it’s a Labour supporter, then tell me why Jeremy Corbyn is going about the UK telling one and all that this general election is a once in a generation opportunity. If Labour doesn’t mean that it’s not going to contest another election for 20 years, then you too can lecture supporters of independence about “once in a generation”. It’s only fair. But then it seems that it’s only some bits of rhetoric that are supposed to be taken seriously, and that would be those that suit apologists for British nationalism.

What’s really happening with the once in a generation claim is that British nationalists are blaming the people of Scotland for believing them. If the supporters of Better Together had indeed come through with all the promises and commitments that they made in order to secure their victory in 2014, then they would indeed be quite justified in maintaining that this was a once in a generation decision. But they didn’t come through, did they. They told us that we could only remain a part of the EU by voting No. We’re being taken out of the EU. They told us that the powers of the Scottish parliament would be made permanent and no Westminster government could ever alter them without the express consent of Holyrood, yet they’re using the Brexit that Scotland never wanted as an excuse to unilaterally make fundamental changes to the devolution settlement that Scotland did want.

Now they’re telling the people of Scotland that all this is just tough, and we have no redress and no come back for their lies and deceit. The UK that we are living in is not the UK that was sold to Scotland in 2014, and there’s no chance of it coming close to being that UK for over a generation. The hypocrisy of the British nationalists, and the Conservatives in particular, is off the scale. Even their name, the Conservative and Unionist party, is a lie.

The most important development during the beginning of this election campaign is the abandonment of any pretence from the Conservatives that they are a democratic party. Boris Johnson and Jackson Carlaw have insisted that if the Conservatives form the British government after this election, it will not under any circumstances allow Scotland to hold another independence referendum. It doesn’t matter that the Scottish government already possesses a mandate for one. It doesn’t matter if Scotland returns a crushing majority of SNP MPs at this general election. It doesn’t matter if Scotland votes for a majority of pro-independence MSPs after the next Holyrood elections in 2021. It doesn’t matter what Scotland votes for, Scotland will get what the Conservatives tell it.

This is a profoundly anti-democratic position for a political party in a democracy to take. It is a position which rips up the understanding which has formed the basis of Scottish Unionism for generations. Unionism in Scotland always preached that Scotland was a willing and voluntary part of the UK, a constituent nation forming the UK, and that Scotland remained a part of the UK because that was the free democratic will of the Scottish people. Scotland, they told us, was not a colony. That was a position held by generations of British political leaders. Yet now the mask has slipped, and we see the true ugly face of British imperialism that was always just under the surface. Unionism as Scotland always understood it is dead. Scotland can no longer comfort itself with the myth of union.

If it doesn’t matter how Scotland votes, then Scotland is not in a union. If it doesn’t matter how Scotland votes, then the democratic deficit becomes a yawning chasm. If it doesn’t matter how Scotland votes, then Scotland is no longer a nation it’s merely a glorified county of Greater Englandshire.

Jeremy Corbyn is right about one thing. This general election really is a once in a generation opportunity. This is a vital opportunity for the people of Scotland to tell Westminster that we will not be treated with contempt, that we will not be taken for granted, not by the Tories, not by the Labour party. If Scotland doesn’t take full advantage of this general election to return a landslide for pro-independence MPs, the future for this country is bleak indeed. We will see our devolution settlement gutted out. We will be out of the EU, alone on an island with a right wing English nationalism in the ascendancy. We will see the reduction and abasement of Scotland to little more than a pretty tartan bauble which serves only to allow British nationalists to pretend that their nationalism is better than other nationalisms by virtue of not being nationalist at all. We will be sidelined and marginalised as the Tories rip up the post war settlement and destroy our employment and consumer rights. We will see the NHS destroyed. We will see the tattered remnants of a once comprehensive social security system binned – along with all those who depend on it. This election may be our last chance to shout loud and clear that Scotland does matter. This may be our last chance to say that there is a better way.

Get out and vote. Get out and say that Scotland matters.

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38 thoughts on “Saying Scotland matters

  1. Well said.

    It would indeed appear that a Tory Government would act to remove powers from the Scottish Parliament. Buried in the Withdrawal Agreement is a clause allowing them to do just that without putting the matter to Parliament.

    The Lords have just published a clause-by-clause report on Johnston’s WA and they uncovered a clause allowing this power grab to happen.

    Thanks to Nana for the link
    “”The Lords’ Constitution Committee rushed out a report on the last day of Parliament to provide the only clause-by-clause scrutiny of the Prime Minister’s EU withdrawal legislation. “”

  2. Every time they say Boris Johnston PM, it is unreal. When they say PM people expect it to be someone else. It can’t be that person. It can’t last long. The Tories are leaving the sinking ship in droves, especially in Scotland. No wonder. Just vote SNP/SNP and vote for Independence.

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  4. “Get out and vote. Get out and say that Scotland matters.”

    Absolutely CRITICAL now to get out and vote. Get out and vote for the SNP.

    Check out Macart’s and Legerwood’s links on here.

  5. Well said.

    If Scotland has no voice in the union then it isn’t a union. Its just Greater England. If its just a region and not a nation, then there isn’t a union, its just a part of Greater England.

    But whats worse is that it means “Unionist” politics was a sham. A hateful shitty little lie. Pretendy politics by worthless little shills. There are no Conservatives. There is no Labour. There are no Lib dems. There is only the the UK continuity party. Pretending to be three separate parties. Throwing the Scots a bone. Let them think they have agency, when in truth they have none. A 300 year old work of fiction. Sold down a river for English gold, such a parcel of rogues in a one proud nation.

    The above isn’t true. But the actions of spineless unionist politicians on Scotland it may as well be true.

    When they barely saved their union, it was conditional. It was up to them to prove to us that the union was worth a pennies purchase. It was up to them, to prove it was worth a shit. That we were “better together”. Instead they stood back, and watched the tories, labour and the lib dems, take a massive shit on Scotland and then wipe their arse with the no vote.

    Scotland is a nation and country in a political and economic union with England. It was their job to represent Scotland in this union. Not defend England’s right to take a piss on Scotland whenever it felt like it. They have through their inaction and cowardice, lost the right to represent Scotland. And they have forgotten who they work for.

    They don’t answer to their parties. They don’t answer to Westminster. They don’t even answer to the Queen. They answer to the people of Scotland. Regardless if you are pro-union or not. And they have proven themselves to worthless little shits. They need sacking. They need to reminded that they do not get to tell us what we can and cannot vote for. And I for one, don’t want or need some worthless shill for Westminster speaking for me.

    So, like the Dug said. Get out and vote.

  6. Hi Paul,

    You’re two final sentences talk of the last chance. You are spot on. Really, if not now, then when? 50 mps, hopefully, Referendum Act in Holyrood, Arseholes everywhere else.

    Indy2 next year. If it’s a No ( really, really?) we’re gone. So am I. Enough.

  7. What dismays me more than the actions of the usual London elite , who think that the Scots should know their place and stay in their box , is the complete compliance of so many Scottish unionists who seem willing to accept any and all humiliations handed out from their masters down south .
    In 2014 it was understandable that many unionists who voted No would accept the plethora of assurances handed out so freely by the Conservative/Labour parties in good faith .
    What I cannot fathom is their continued undying belief in a Union that has betrayed almost every promise made to Scotland , its Parliament and its people since 2014 !

    The politicians I can understand – the Davidsons , the Swinsons , the Murrays etc…who have invested their careers in doing what they are told by London , but what of the ordinary voter who have been pissed on by Better Together but then told that is is raining ?
    They are not stupid ! So why do they still believe that the Union is a benefit to Scotland ?

    I fervently hope that the unionist voters who believed the promises of 2014 realise that they are not being best served by this disfunctional Union and , whether they are Labour , Tory Libdem or whatever then come Independence they will still be voting for those parties but within a system that prioritises Scottish interests first and last !

    • The scales I have would crush my eyes but each to their own…
      There can be little doubt that unless exceedingly intoxicated no Scot would aspire to be an equal of England, free to challenge yes, but equal, no. That is why our Rugby, Football, Basketball, Squash, Bowling, etc. teams go out of their way to facilitate defeat, the Scots are merely trying in their small way to stop endless repeats of the B&W 1966 World Cup. 😉
      From the political side the Scots are still old fashioned. Honour and honesty carry, that has vanished from English politics, even with a lapsed Tory from Dumbarton with irritable vowel syndrome… 🙂

  8. Interesting contribution from Blair McDougall on 08.11.19 (Twitter)

    “Who could have foreseen that positioning ourselves on the wrong side of both brexit and independence would result in this?”

    You Gov: Westminster voting intention in Scotland 23-25Oct:

    SNP 42% (+5 from GE 2017 result)
    Con. 22% (-7)
    Lib Dem 13% (+6)
    Lab 12% (-15)
    Brexit Party 6% (+6 on UKIP GE 2017)
    Green 4% (+4)

    More important than ever that anyone that wants to do something about it – if not aleady registered, – registers to vote in the next few weeks and turns out to vote.

    A simple cross in a box is all it takes to change things forever and for the better. – and determine what kind of country you want to live in, – hardly an unreasonable expectation for any country.

  9. The unionists parties get their votes from the most (pro rata) populated, congested areas. Starting at London S/E (8 million +). More than Scotland. Then work up. So the resources and funding are concentrated in these areas. To win votes?

    Thatcher illegally and secretly took revenues and resources from Scotland. The centralist economic policies of Westminster. The North/South divide. The SNP Gov now standing up for Scotland with better devolved policies. Scotland is doing better. A more balanced economy.

    Westminster unionists know they do not need votes in Scotland to get a majority in Westminster. Scotland out voted 10 to 1. The lack of democracy. The reason for (limited) Devolution. The eastern bloc countries (USSR) are becoming self governance and self determination. They had more democratic rights than Scotland. Recognised by the EU/UN authorities,

    People in Scotland did not vote for Independence in 2014. Demographics are still changing. The young ones are coming on board. The elderly commitment changing. Another vote is needed.

    It would be good if something could be done for the Waspi women. If the Scottish Gov had the power or could get around the Westminster policies. It would show especially to the elderly women their pension right would be protected.

    Scottish revenues pays the (UK) Gov OA pensions and other welfare benefits. Pensions £6Billion. Pensions could be higher in Scotland. Cutting administration costs. Almost as much as the pension pay out. According to UK Gov accounts,

    Scotland would be so much better not paying for the illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Paying loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident.
    All a total waste of monies with better alternatives.

    Scotland leads the world, investing in renewables. The best place geographically. Oil (fuel) companies are investing to renewables. Electric car pit stops. The world change over to cheaper fuel and energy.

    Monies would better spent on the rail services in the north and Scotland.. Cutting rail times. To rival flight times. Instead of HS2. No business case or enough passengers. It will always be subsidised.

    Edinburgh the wealthiest city has subsidised public transport. The tram service does not charge enough. Bus passes can be used on the service to the airport. A higher cost. Not on the trams by pensioners from other cities. The Trams were financed from general taxation contributed by the nation. Now undersubscribed.

    Scotland has has taxes and conscription imposed for Westminster wars for centuries, Edward 1. 1707, WW1. Imperialist. Iraq War.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    Some academics give (lost?) Empire as a cause for Brexit. Imperialism sets the southern middle class apart as exemplary. A false history. Imagined specialness? Land of lost hope and glory. Belying the myth the working classes voted for Brexit with the narrow margin. The southern middle class majority in the shires gave it credibility.

    London S/E voted Remain. Migrants tend to settle there. Melting pot metropolis, like most major cities. Centres of commerce and business. Glasgow & Edinburgh are in Scotland. Most of the population is centred in the central belt.

    The refugees, the UK accepted, were relocated in the North.Westminster refused 30,000 orphaned child refugees. They should be accepted. Westminster caused the Middle East catastrophe. The displacement of millions of people.

    The UK/France carved up the Middle East. US commercial oil interests. They refused the people the vote. Then took all the resources (Oil). Churchill took all the Persia (Iran) Oil in the 1950’s. Overturned democracy, The first time of CIA and M15 interference. Undermined the elected administration.These agencies caused unrest and deposed the PM. False rumours and imprisonments. The documentary historical records in Washington.

    The (US) illegal wars worldwide. The Middle East, Asia Korea, Vietnam and South America. Western interference world wide. The British Empire in Africa and India. China Opium wars. They are emerging more successfully. Prosperous World powers.

    Why do they not just pay for needed resources. It would be cheaper than constant conflict. Many smaller countries and the most prosperous. The more equal countries are the most cohesive, happy and successful.

    Westminster failure. The violence, unrest and conflict of Thatcher. High unemployment, high bank rates and the deregulation. It led to the banking crash. Selling off of utilities. The winter of discontent. Three day week and no energy, The illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. It was only closer ties with Europe that improved the UK economy. Deja Vu. Thatcher had to go. The UK one of the most unequal countries in the world.

    Johnston’s grandfather, a journalist was killed by Turkish nationalists. Every UK politician that did not support it is gone. Cameron, Clegg, Brown and the empty Vow. May.

    The Brexit mess. How can a medic from Asia be better than medical staff from Europe and visa versus. Or other professions. Just more expensive bureaucracy. Medics and scientists travel the world for innovation. More medical staff will be trained in Scotland. Nurses and doctors. Many GP’s are retiring.

    Demographics. There are more retired people, pro rata. Lower birthrate. Pensioners pay tax.There is less crime. It is happening in all European counties. The world population will peak and fall. More countries will develop better health care and free contraception. People in better social provision choose to have less children. Or have none.Too late for the human race.

    Scotland leads the world in innovation and development. A world class education system. TV, radio, telecommunication. Led on to the internet.

    Scotland the land of the Enlightenment. Liberty, equality and fraternity. The land of discovery and invention. Led the way in the world. One the first countries to have tertiary education. The most universities per population in the world. Colleges and apprenticeships.

    The Declaration at Arbroath. Some US founding fathers were from Scotland. The right to freedom and self determination. The four equal estates. The king, the nobles the church and the people. It influenced French and US Independence. The separation of the Church from the State. Republican. France and the US. Other countries followed.

    Scotland has a 40million diasporia. Many people had to emigrate. The Scottish population stayed the same from 1900. 5Million. Until Devolution 2000 5.2million. Brexit will decline again into recession. Westminster poor policies.

    Scotland often does not benefit enough from innovation because of lack of Westminster investment. CCS projects abandoned. Promises not supported. The EU countries are going ahead in the North Sea. A gas pipe line in the Baltic, from Russia to Germany. The EU is a source of investment for projects.

    The US wants to flog fracked Gas to Europe/world, The decline in Oil to cheaper fuel and energy. If Scotland has to import it. It is better still to produce it. Until the decline. The change over to renewables and other sources.

    Scotland has a major technology and development sector. Decommissioning is now underway, A major project in Dundee. A wide harbour estuary. There are plans afoot for international trade hub development from east to west. A hub for EU trade and commerce. Prestonpans development. Also in Orkney and the North. The Clyde without Trident restrictions. Shipbuilding, liners, ferries, supply and fishing boats, Faslane a naval base.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote Independence for a better world,

  10. The UQ was the sick man of Europe when it joined the EU, for those who favour remission, vote for any but the SNP in the upcoming GE, particularly Swayneseong who wants a second crack at austerity, so vote Illeberal..
    From Beeching to Universal Credit, Scotland has been the plaything of rich London bound charlatans for most of my life, but to see one become PM is chastening. When blatant lies are the standard we find acceptable for politicians, we deserve our “doesn’t matter” fate from not voting, but if you favour charlatans by all means vote, that is democracy.
    SNP’s stated objectives may not appeal to some, and if BBC’s HYS commentators are any guide that is about 90% of the electorate, yet SNP not only survive but get re-elected ?
    Don’t get mad at the propaganda, get even, tell them nothing but vote as you wish… If Scotland’s body politic can maintain honour and honesty while the cesspit down south bubbles, we can at least disown the stench whatever befalls, or perhaps offer a match.

    Non landowners and women fought decades to get the vote, now the fight is on to grant that right to 16 year olds… It’s time to test this democracy lark and VOTE, we only have ourselves to blame if we can but don’t…

  11. Pity you use the “once in a generation “ nonsense especially knowing how it was used against Scotland last time someone said it.

    Even if Scotland voted SNP into every seat at Westminster England would still say Scotland s not getting a Scottish independence referendum.
    Sure we should go down that road , get the seats but be prepared for intransigence , we will eventually have to take to the streets even with a majority of SNP MP,s representing Scotland in Westminster even with a majority of SNP MPs representing us in Holyrood , even with a majority of voters voting in favour of Scottish independence there is no union there is no consultation .
    Westminster only allows you a day if it is a say that they agree with and if you show dissent they will shut Holyrood and put soldiers on the street.

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  14. Oooh well…

    Just hang in there..

    Just the way the cookie 🍪 crumbles..

    Political affairs is all the same everywhere..
    and not much we the people can do but tolerate and ignore until it’s blown over…

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