Rescuing Scotland from Johnson and Farage’s UK

Nigel Farage is still tired from all that walking he didn’t do earlier this year on his much touted march on London. Only as far as Nigel was concerned it turned out not to be a long hard slog all the way from the north of England, and more of a short stroll to the first pub en route. This however is probably not the reason why he has decided that he’s not after all going to put up candidates for his Vanity Party – sorry Brexit Party – in every constituency. Although even Nigel would struggle to visit 650 pubs across the entire UK over the next four weeks or so.

The reason has rather more to do with the same reason that the millionaire stockbroker enemy of the elite has decided not to stand for election himself. It’s because he knows that he’s going to get gubbed. Gone are the big words and even bigger demands of just a few days ago, when he called on Boris Johnson to abandon any deal with the EU and go for a no-deal disaster capitalist wet dream of a Brexit. Nigel fancied himself as the great king-maker of Brexit, but instead he discovered that his polling ratings were in a right royal mess.

So he’s climbed down and has attempted to rescue what influence he can, and secure himself publicity and future invites to Question Time in the process, by announcing that he’s only going to stand Brexit Party candidates in seats which don’t have a Tory MP. This is, he proudly announced, the great leaver alliance. He told a press conference that he’d reflected on the chances of allowing Lib Dem MPs in constituencies in the South West of England, and reflected on Boris Johnson’s commitment to keep his word on leaving the EU, and then decided to believe Boris Johnson – entirely coincidentally guaranteeing his place on the honours list in the not too distant future. Arise Lord Farage of Arse Covering. The real question here is will those mugs who gave Nigel £100 each in order to stand as Brexit party candidates get their money back.

What this development tells us is that the Conservative Party has now completed its transformation into Ukip. They’re the party of choice of Donald Trump, and it’s reasonable to wonder whether this move by Farage is because of any pressure that he’s come under from the American President. It’s now going to be harder for the opposition parties to dislodge sitting Conservative MPs, particularly for the Lib Dems in the south of England.

Meanwhile the Labour Party has completed its transformation into Unelectablity. Labour’s chances, slim as they are, are not being helped by Jo Swinson, who goes about saying that her party is the only party of remain (conveniently ignoring the SNP) but seems to spend more of her time and energy attacking the Labour party than attacking the Tories. It’s all very well claiming to be the party of remain, but the Lib Dems are giving a very good impression of preferring to be a bunch of self-righteous I-told-you-soers in a Tory Brexit Britain than allowing even the slightest chance of letting the Labour party or the SNP get within a sniffing distance of victory.

Naturally Boris Johnson is delighted. This move gives him everything he wanted and costs him nothing. The chances of a Conservative majority government in the UK have increased. A nakedly populist right English nationalist party is set to dominate UK politics. British politics have realigned, and in a way that makes the UK unsustainable. This is not a UK that has any place at all for Scotland’s distinctive political traditions. This is a UK which is going to crush the devolution settlement.

The UK that we now live in is not merely not the UK that Scotland was promised in 2014, it’s Scotland’s worst nightmare. It’s a UK ruled by Boris Johnson propped up by Nigel Farage. It’s a UK which is determined to destroy those tattered remnants of the post-war settlement that the Conservatives haven’t yet ripped up. It’s a UK which is not just headed out of the EU, but a UK which is headed for the hardest most right wing kind of Brexit imaginable. It’s a UK which apes the policies and politics of Donald Trump. It’s a UK whose governing party is funded by Russian money. It’s the UK which independence supporters warned about in 2014, but their warnings only caused them to be decried as crazed zoomers. And yet, here we are.

Everything that yes supporters warned would happen if Scotland voted no has happened, and worse. England will vote for an English nationalist Conservative party dragged ever further to the right by the Brexit Party. That’s your future in the UK Scotland, suck it up.

Yet there is hope. The ever rightward march of the Conservatives into full blown English nationalism in a Brexit Britain can only strengthen the demand within Scotland for independence. It is now more important than ever that Scotland seizes the chance on 12 December to return as many pro-independence MPs as possible. We must demonstrate that Scotland rejects the Tories and that Scotland demands the right to decide its own future.

Of course if there is a majority Conservative government led by Boris Johnson, he’s going to refuse another independence referendum. However that refusal combined with his government’s pursuit of hard right politics will only reinforce the demand within Scotland for independence. We’re not there yet, and many things can happen during the course of this nasty election campaign, but even a majority Johnson government cannot withstand the demand for Scottish self-determination forever. His government will be a government in his image, chaotic, shambolic, and characterised by overweening entitlement and contempt. This will not be a government which is going to go down well in Scotland. Support for independence will rise significantly, and with it the chances of success and public support for alternative strategies in the face of the refusal to agree to a Section 30 order.

The road ahead is not an easy one. But it’s a road that leads only in one direction, towards a Scotland that decides its own future, decides to embrace a future as an independent European nation. Your vote in this coming General Election will be crucial in ensuring that Scotland stays headed in the right direction, the only direction that can rescue Scotland from the dysfunctional mess that the British state has become, rescuing Scotland from Johnson and Farage’s Britain.

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33 thoughts on “Rescuing Scotland from Johnson and Farage’s UK

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  2. As you say , Paul , Farage has been told by his paymasters to jump and he has dutifully asked , ” How high ? ”
    His leash has been reined in and he has gone back into his kennel with the promise of a nice little earner from his boss , Aaron Banks , plus an ‘honour’ from her Maj ( no , not Jo Swinson , the other one ! ) .

    As for Boris Johnson , the hardest part of his electioneering campaign has been successfully accomplished : – sneaking into Scotland , avoiding contact with any voters and sneaking out again .
    The media duly reported this as ”PM visits Scotland on a successful campaign trip .” Aye , right !

  3. England is becoming so right wing that Thatcherism is starting to look like the central ground for a lot of English voters. It won’t end well.

  4. What a farce all this is.

    I have had enough of politics for now. I will re-engage when the formal indyref campaign starts. I hope it is next year but I can think of a few scenarios which may delay it.

    Been active since 2013 and need a break.

    • Andy, I think that the vast majority of people in the country have had enough of politics for now. (Maybe that is the intention of many politicians, especially the Tories).
      My father (80) says that he’s fair scunnered and that “this country (GB) is finished”.
      He was born in 1939.
      On this Remembrance Day I sit here in Canada and think of great uncle Sandy who I never met, but who flew Lancasters in the WW2 and dropped bombs on the Germans.
      I think of my Granddad who didn’t fight in either war, because he had polio as a kid, and was too young, or too old or medically unfit to “serve King/Queen and country”.
      And all the young lads sent as cannon-fodder.
      War is the shits, whichever way you look at it, imho.
      If Boris or Nigel asked me to toodle off and do my bit for Queen and country and drop some bombs on someone?
      Jeezuz, i don’t know what it’s going to take for all of us to make a better world for the future.
      But it’s not the thinking and actions of right wing governments.
      All the best, and see you down the road in the Scottish Spring, where hopefully decency, honesty, compassion, cooperation, and goodwill shall prevail.
      There are some lines of Burns somewhere, or even of John Lennon that i could possibly attach, but i’m hoping that Jack Collatin will be along soon with some pithy inspiration.
      (And while i’m here, thank you Paul and the WGD blog for all the work and words.)

      • You know me so well, asty.

        This, from Chomsky:-

        ” For those who stubbornly seek freedom, there can be no more urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the system of ‘brainwashing under freedom’ to which we are subjected and which all too often we serve as willing or unwitting instruments.”

        Our own Scottish Hacks and Broadcasters have airbrushed pro Independence candidates, especially the SNP out of the ‘national’ picture; ‘national’, meaning England of course.
        Our collaborating MSM exercise the ‘mechanisms and practices of indoctrination’ on their fellow Scots, to serve the needs of their English masters.
        This UK GE is about English NHS English Schools, English HS” English Police; nothing to see here , Jock.
        And you can forget all that independence nonsense. Haven’t you been reading the Herald Scotsman Record and Journal? We forbid it.

        We are being ‘brainwashed under freedom’, and there can be no denying that our Dead Tree Scrolls and our broadcasters are fully committed to consider the Independence Movement as an enemy of the British People; again, by ‘British’, I mean English, who pay their wages.

        There is no balance, no debate. Our Press and Broadcasters serve as ‘willing instruments’ of the British /English State.

        More, from Auld Noam:-

        “We should not forget Adam Smith’s perspicuous observation that the “masters of mankind”—in his day, the merchants and manufacturers of England—never cease to pursue their “vile maxim”: “All for ourselves, and nothing for other people.”
        At the Blue Tory Beano Johnson declared that he was not ashamed to promote Capitalism and the Free Market.

        ‘All for ourselves, and nothing for other people’.
        Especially those pesky Jocks.

        This month we are commanded to ‘support our troops’, and deemed traitors if we don’t buy and wear a poppy.

        We are not really being asked to support the lads and lasses in the armed Forces. We are commanded to support the Right Wing racist fascist xenophobic imperial policies and philosophies of Blair Cameron and now Johnson, which I steadfastly refuse to endorse in any shape or form.
        Our boys and girls are the cannon fodder of Big Oil and the US military and industrial complex.
        The WM Government, of any hue, and their Backers in the Iron Heel Oligarchy, are heartless neo fascists, and imperial terrorists.

        Similarly, we are urged to dig deep on Red Nose Day or Children in Need Day.
        In our 21st century Scotland, the young, weak, elderly and impoverished must rely on charity for basics like a wheel chair, a play area, or a geyser to make tea in an Old Folks’ Day Centre?

        Apparently It makes people feel good to give charity, and does no harm to TV ‘personalities” careers.

        I read of the first Baby Bank opening in Glasgow..What the fuck is going on here?

        While billionaire Fairy Tale writers get a 5% tax break, we have bairns relying on charity for nappies and baby food?

        We ‘stubbornly seek freedom’, in Scotland, and by the wounds of Christ we will be demanding it.

        • “I read of the first Baby Bank opening in Glasgow..What the fuck is going on here?”

          I’m sure you know, Jack, but let’s get the message out there. There are *dozens* of “Baby Banks” all over this Disunited Kingdumb – more than one in the Glasgow area, even.

          In the same way that my good friend, Sandra Douglas, is helping with School Uniform Banks and others with Food banks, it really makes you wonder, what more can it take for the apathetic to rise up against the Really-Smuggs, the Faragos, the Duncan Smiths and the Johnsons of this disreputable island and say, “Basta!” “Enough!” … and for your compatriots and mine to seek a better future for themselves and the next generations in an independent country?

          As Humza Yousaf said on QT last Thursday, “Surely, we can do so much better than the omnishambles that is Westminster?”

          • Indeed, WS.
            The Dead Tree Scrolls are full of the usual diverting nonsense about the BAD SNP and the Independence ‘nobody wants’.
            Paul Sweeney, whose tenure as powder puff Red Tory MP in Glasgow has only days to run, is given column inches and online pixels declaring that the UK GE is not about Independence; that the Independence question should be debated in the run up to the 2021 SGE, which given a fair wind and Indyref 2 in 2020, may never happen.
            Nowhere do they obliging hacks point out to their readers that the Scottish Government already has a mandate for Indyref 2 from the last SGE.
            Sweeney, who declared that Govan would build 13 Type 26 frigates if we voted No, is merely one of a bunch of brain Dead Brit Nats who will surely be kicked out in 5 weeks time.
            You guessed it. The 13 ships became 8, the, 3, and then… Empty broken promises and threats.

            The Herald and Scotsman run with a Jackson Carlaw Unionist and Conservative Pro Brexit Pro Johnson Pro Farage Rob The Poor Reward The Rich We Forbid Indyref2 Party exclusive about the Bad SNP destroying hand written notes.
            Yes, Scotland is on the brink of disaster at the hands of the English, and this bunch of Hangers On are moaning about wee scribbled notes.
            It is like witnessing the Fall of Rome.

            Jackson and Professor Two Jobs WATP are acrively campaigning to turn Scotland into a Dickensian nightmare, where the Many get fuck all, and the Few Lairds, Bankers and Brit Nat politicians get anything they can get their grubby looting little hands on.
            I’ve had enough of ‘nice’. Time to fight back.

        • If you mean English
          Just say English
          So many people are unable to do it
          They say “ the british state “
          Then follow it up with
          “ by british state I mean English “

          Why ?

          Just say it
          It’s okay to do so

          England ,yes the people of England , the voters , just want to do what they think is best for England even if it means
          Scotland being ignored
          Scotland getting no say

          It’s ok to answer back to England

          Yes yes yes I know it’s not everyone in England
          But it’s not everyone in Scotland that wants independence

          The fact is those in England who are prepared to ignore Scotland and are ok with Scotland not having a say have a majority of parliamentary seats in England
          And those in Scotland who want Scottish independence hold a majority of seats in Scotland

          • Untwist your knickers, Terence.
            You are perfectly aware that when Brit Nats ProudScotsButters refer to ‘the country’, or ‘the nation’, they mean the ‘UK’ or ‘Britain’, in denial that as residents of Scotland, one nation in a Union of nations, that Scotland itself is a ‘country’, a ‘nation’.
            The UK is not a country, a nation, there is no such thing as a ‘British’ nationality.

            Therefore when we quite rightly assert that we are a militarily occupied colony of England, which whether they like it or not, is the case, as recent events and declarations by English politicians and their Scottish lap dogs have demonstrated yet again, the Scots Sell-Outs accuse us of being ‘anti-English’.

            But you are correct.

            Although there are roughly 400,000 English born who have had the great good sense to come and settle in our wonderful country, we need no longer make the distinction between them and ‘the English’, residents of England, some of whom are native born Scots, when we discuss matters political, social, financial, or whatever in relation to Independence, the EU, and the oppression of Scotland by ‘the English’.
            Our New Scots citizens are as Scottish as you or I.

            However Brit Nat Scots deny Scotland exists; they are like DUP Irish citizens who consider themselves ‘British’, which ‘nation’ of course doesn’t exist.

            Jackson Prof Two Jobs and Neil Findlay yearn to be ‘English’, they are ‘English Orientated Gentlemen’, ‘EOGs’.

            Our army barracks, naval bases and airfields are staffed by predominantly English troops, airmen and women, and sailors, on ‘tours of duty’ Up Here in the Northern Territory.

            We are de facto an invaded country.
            From now on in, I shall call a spade a shovel.
            We are up against ‘the English’ in a battle for our Freedom.
            Food for thought, Willie Rennie?

  5. Check out indy car Gordon Ross he has said that Mike Russell has now today stated that if doris continues to refuse a sect 30 agreement he will be SUED in the Scottish courts either by him or the SNP SG for blocking Scotland’s peoples right to determine their own future


  6. Farage thought he could pish into Boris’s tent: a wee tap on his shoulders from a couple of quite men and he realised how POWER actually works. He is now in the Boris tent, pishing out on the rest of us!

    If I was Boris, seeing the popularity and inevitability of Scottish independence, then I would take the locus for us Scots away. I would dissolve Holyrood, utilising the authority vested in the Withdrawal Act and the election of his “One Nation” Anglo-Fascist party to justify it.
    Who, besides most Scots, would raise a fuss? The media, Labour, Lib Dumbs et al? Boris would correctly think it a one day wonder in the Metroland news cycle..

    Vox in Spain want to do this very thing. Ban all pro-independence parties. Imprison those who agitate for it. Don’t be fooled by Boris the cuddly chump–he is motivated by the same Bullingdon thuggery that he espoused as a boy growing into the man he now is.

    If this comes to pass and you make plans—tell no one you don’t trust absolutely.

  7. A pretty grim outlook UK(wise) whichever way you cut it. Most especially for those folk who don’t hold with the ‘greed is good’ and ‘fibs are fine’ doctrine of the current government and the wider UK political class. It’s the normalisation of deceit. It’s the acceptance of the soundbite, the glib lie and the venal policy gonk on a nations wide scale. Here’s the thing though. It’s not normal and it’s not acceptable.

    These… people… are our employees. It’s not acceptable in any way, shape or form that they lie, smear, steal from, mislead, manipulate and otherwise abuse the populations in their care. It’s not chummy or blokey. It’s not the glib ‘rough and tumble’, ‘all part of the game’ excuse either.

    Scotland is your country. It’s your home.

    How do you want to be treated in your own house?

  8. “…but even a majority Johnson government cannot withstand the demand for Scottish self-determination forever.”

    Yes it can, Paul. What would prevent it from doing so?

    Sturgeon has already declared any other route taken by our Parliament to independence would be ultra vires and a criminal act. Bojo & his successors can keep saying NO forever.

    • A court challenge on whether a referendum without a section 30 order is lawful. A plebescite election. Massive popular discontent. Political pressure from those countries with whom the UK seeks trade deals post-Brexit.

      There’s a list of things. The situation is not as hopeless as you think.

    • There’s also the consideration that both Labour and the Conservatives are weak and divided within themselves. That weakness will continue even in the event that one or other of the parties manages to form a majority government.

      The Tories want you to believe that Scotland is powerless and impotent in the face of its refusal. We’re not. I became politicised in the gay rights campaign in the 1980s. The whole of society was against us. But we didn’t give up because we were told no.

      We just got angry.

    • Sorry but I am not aware that Sturgeon has declared “any other route……….and a criminal act” as you state. I am aware that Sturgeon has said she wants a legal referendum. The two are not the same. I suggest that your statement is your personal interpretation of her words and not actually what she said.

      If you are quoting her accurately and I am wrong would you like to provide the reference?

  9. Interesting.

    ”It’s a very simple question: what will happen if, as seems highly likely, one of the “candidates” (sic) in your “Prime Ministerial Debates” (sic) uses the platform you have given them to make an attack on Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for a second independence referendum? Because of the rigged nature of the debates, Ms Sturgeon will have no right of reply within the programme…

    ..”This is a question well worth asking, because many years ago ITV were successfully challenged in the Scottish courts after they broadcast an “Ask The Prime Minister” programme featuring Tony Blair in the midst of a Scottish parliamentary by-election…

  10. …”Unfortunately, though, this U-turn is going to be disproportionately harmful to the SNP, because by relative historic standards the Tories did particularly well in Scotland in 2017, meaning there are more seats here where the Tories will be getting a free pass from the Brexit Party than there otherwise would be…”

    ..”If you’re looking for other silver linings, here are a few…

  11. “We must demonstrate that Scotland rejects the Tories and that Scotland demands the right to decide its own future.” Why should Scotland demand what it already has? To demand is to accede to the English doctrine of the unlimited sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament over Scotland. We must deny that sovereignty and ASSERT the sovereignty of the people of Scotland in Scotland. Scotland must ASSERT it’s right, a right it already possesses, to decide its own future.

    • Ben, see my response to Terence, above.
      England is the dominant nation on these isles by sheer force of numbers.
      That there are Irish Welsh and Scots citizens who would prefer to be ‘ruled’ by a foreign country, and have absolutely no say in their own futures defies belief in the 21st century.
      Yet our MSM particularly the broadcasters working out of our nations continue to act against the express will of the people as agents of a foreign power?

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