Outclassing Paul Sweeney

Labour’s candidate for Glasgow North East Paul Sweeney, fresh from telling the world that he’s a superior individual who outclasses the other candidates, has decided to tell the rest of us what this general election is all about. Paul knows these things because he’s a superior individual who outclasses everyone else. Contrary to what you or your independence supporting maw might believe, Paul has averred that this election isn’t about Scottish independence. Keep your parochial Scottish issues for your parochial Scottish elections. So that’s us telt. This election is to be what Paul wants it to be about, which means that it is mostly about how he’s such a classy individual who isn’t remotely egoistic at all. Oh no.

Speaking in Glasgow after the Remembrance Day ceremony in George Square, Paul said that the issue of independence was one that should be left to Scottish Parliament elections, and not to elections to that Parliament on the banks of the Thames which actually has the legal authority to make constitutional changes. I am not entirely sure why all of a sudden it’s only elections to Holyrood which count when it comes to demonstrating a mandate from the people of Scotland for another independence referendum. You might think, and you’d be logical and superior, and indeed classy, in your thinking, that an election to the parliament which has the ability to alter the constitution might provide a stronger mandate for constitutional change than an election to a parliament which doesn’t have such a power.

In much the same way, if you wish to provide a party with a mandate for, say, increasing the minimum wage, you do so by voting in an election to a body which has the power to increase the minimum wage, and not by voting for a Strictly contestant who has said that they’d like to see people get a fair return for their dancing. But then if you thought that way then you wouldn’t be demonstrating Paul Sweeney superior thinking, and so it doesn’t really count.

Possibly, and I am just speculating wildly here, this new found enthusiasm for an independence mandate in Holyrood may not be unconnected to the likelihood that the Labour party and the Tories in Scotland are going to get their electoral arses severely kicked by the people of Scotland in this coming General Election. So it’s not really that they’re keen to leave constitutional matters to Holyrood, and more that they’re desperately scrabbling around for excuses to avoid another independence referendum.  They know that when that referendum does happen, they’re going to lose it.  Westminster hasn’t exactly been treating Scotland in a classy way since 2014, or indeed before that.

However Paul did say that if there was a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, no UK government would be able to deny another referendum. You know, like the pro-independence majority that Holyrood currently has. Oh wait. No. Not like that majority at all. Apparently a mandate from the people of Scotland is only a mandate from the people of Scotland when Labour and the Tories decide that it is and they think that it has been printed in the SNP manifesto in a sufficiently large font so that Mr Magoo can read it without his glasses from a distance which is approximately the same as the radius of Paul Sweeney’s ego.  So about the distance between here and the nearest gas giant, who is also, not coincidentally, the Labour candidate for Glasgow North East.

Of course what this is really about is kicking the can down the road. It’s about the anti-independence parties desperately looking for reasons to avoid having to deal with demands for another independence referendum in the hope that if they can avoid it long enough some other factors will intervene to take the steam out of the independence movement. Something. Anything. Alex Salmond trial! A hospital with a leaky roof! Sturgeon ripping up post it notes! We’ve seen this sort of behaviour from the Labour party before, which is why we still have an unelected House of Lords despite the Labour party promising for over 100 years to abolish it.

But they’re wrong. They’re wrong because the desire for independence isn’t driven by the SNP. It’s not driven by the “forces of nationalism”. It’s driven by the behaviour of the anti-independence parties and the contempt and disdain with which they treat Scotland, and the way in which they constantly go back on the promises and commitments that they make to the people of Scotland. It’s not events which have to change in order to take the steam out of the independence movement. It’s the anti-independence parties which need to change, and they show not the slightest bit of awareness that they have to.

So they tell us that denying another referendum is totes OK right now, and it will still be OK after the people of Scotland ensure that the SNP is the victor in the general election to come and elect them on a mandate for another independence referendum. Because reasons. Paul Sweeney reasons, which are reasons which outclass any other reasons. This election isn’t going to be about what you want it to be about, what your maw wants it to be about. It’s going to be about what Paul Sweeney wants it to be about. That’s democracy, allegedly.

It’s not for any politician to tell the electorate what the electorate’s priorities are. We are the voters, and it’s for us to decide what issues are important to us, not Paul Sweeney. For hundreds of thousands, millions even, of us in Scotland this is an election which is defined by two big issues, neither of which are the Labour party’s proposals for introducing free prescriptions or university education in England. It would be great if people in England got access to free prescriptions and free university education, but here in Scotland we already have those things, thanks to the SNP.

Here in Scotland this is an election about Brexit, and about the best way of getting out of the Brexit mess that has been created by the dysfunction of a Westminster parliament and political system that is unfit for the 21st century.  It’s about how Scotland can ensure that it gets governments that respond to Scotland’s needs and which listen to what the Scottish electorate tells them.  For Scotland, the escape route is independence.

It’s not for Paul Sweeney or anyone else to tell you what Scotland’s priorities ought to be, or what your vote represents. That’s a decision that you get to make. For many of us, this election is about demonstrating that we outclass Paul Sweeney and the British political parties which treat Scotland with contempt.  The best way to do that is to vote for the SNP’s Anne McLaughlin in Glasgow North East.

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19 thoughts on “Outclassing Paul Sweeney

  1. For your information. This is the response I received from the BBC regarding their election coverage.

    ‘Thank you for contacting us with your concerns about how the General Election will be covered.
    A number of people initially shared concerns following press coverage of objections from the Liberal Democrats leader, Jo Swinson.This in fact related to ITV’s plans for a televised leadership debate, not our own. We reported on that issue at the time:
    General election 2019: Lib Dems lodge complaint over ITV leaders’ debate

    Our own BBC plans for televised debates have now been announced:
    This will include
    – Nov 22: Question Time Leaders’ Special (including the 4 largest parties at Westminster, based on 2017 results)
    – Further special editions to include senior figures from the Green Party and Brexit Party
    – Nov 29: a seven-way podium debate between leaders or senior figures from the seven major GB political parties.
    – Dec 9: Question Time Under 30, including leading figures from each of the main parties
    – Additional special programmes in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
    BBC News is covering each party’s campaign launch and will provide in-depth analysis of the key events, policies and seats across our wide range of platforms:

    Other people have commented on how other parties like the SNP, Lib Dems and Green Party should feature generally across news items and special debate programmes. Our editorial guidelines for covering elections explains our approach in detail, at: https://www.bbc.com/editorialguidelines/draft_election_guidelines_051119.pdf

    Generally speaking, editors are required to follow the BBC’s editorial guidelines and the Ofcom Code to ensure that political parties receive an appropriate level of coverage during an election campaign. This means we are required to assess “past and current electoral support” in making a judgment about the relative weight of coverage for each party. This includes the general elections of 2015 and 2017, as well as other elections, including those for local government. Like Ofcom, the BBC gives more weight to actual votes than to opinion polls in assessing current support. We take our obligation to provide fair and impartial coverage very seriously and take great steps to ensure our reporting is balanced, proportionate and in line with the relevant guidelines.

    Our aim is to cover political parties fairly and proportionately during the election campaign. We believe this is fair and proportionate.’

    BBC Complaints Team

    • “This is the bee bee see”.
      Stuff a pencil up each nostril, and say the above phrase is the most ridiculous accent that you can muster until you feel better.
      Alternatively, just switch off the telly and go for a walk. Be nice and kind to your neighbour, and vote SNP on polling day.

    • Aye Pish – Pish & more Pish , as a seasoned contributor to the empires dont bother us dept its surprising the length of the reply you recieved , they must have added to their supply of stock answers , the more you get you start to see the pattern , in short we are right so bugger off
      A warning to anyone who is tempted to contact their complaints dept yer in for a long slow annoying frustrating experience so prepare yourself . The usual wait is about 2 weeks by that time you probably have forgotten what you were complaining about thats just one of their little ploys .

    • That is exactly word for word the reply I got from my complaint. Not only is the BBC not fit for purpose but it’s complaint procedure is not fit for purpose. A standard reply – pathetic BBC.

      It is also a disgrace that the well known biased presenter Nick Robinson is chairing the leaders debates.

      The BBC the state controlled broadcaster pumping out propaganda with a fake complaints process.

      • I found that out many moons ago. Complaining to the EBC about the EBC is like complaining to the police about the police.

    • William, I would tend to agree with your statement. However—
      Maggie Thatcher stated an elected majority of pro-independence Scottish MP’s would be enough.
      A “cast iron” road map for referenda, which does not depend on the whims and fancies of an ego maniac in London.

  2. I’ve just read Sweeney’s self penned Wiki entry.
    He has more fingers in more pies than Greggs.
    It is small wonder he hasn’t had time to do the MP bit for his constituents.
    Classic Labour clone career path.
    He even had time to look after his granny when he was a wee boy. Bless.
    Yes, he has actually included that wee gem in his CV.
    He is also apparently our cheapest MP.

    Too young to be a Lord. What next for this Labour stalwart.
    Bag man to Murray, their Great Scotch Hope?
    ‘Visiting professorship’ at Red Tory Glasgow Uni?

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  4. Elsewhere …

    Plaid Cymru to launch commission looking at the economic case for independence

    Dear Sion

    Something is happening in Wales. Over the past year, thousands of us marched together in independence demonstrations in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr. Polls show around 30 per cent consistently support independence. Independence has moved from the margins into the mainstream.

    Plaid Cymru’s mission is to convince the people of Wales that independence is not just desirable but vitally necessary to tackle our problems and improve our standard of living.

    That’s why I’m proud to announce that Plaid Cymru have set up a landmark commission, chaired by Jocelyn Davies, to look at how Wales can become independent in the next decade.

    The arms-length commission will make the economic case for independence and answer other detailed questions on independence to turn Wales from an ‘indy-curious’ country to an ‘indy-confident’ one.

    Wales, it’s us.

    Adam Price, Leader of Plaid Cymru


  5. So Mr Sweeney reckons this election isn’t about independence does he? Bless. 😀

    Seems somebody should have told his gaffer, mibbies the PM and probably the entirety of the meeja. They seem to believe it’s about every constitutional issue under the sun.

    Regardless, and as Paul noted ATL, Mr Sweeney doesn’t get to set anyone’s agenda but his own. The Conservatives, Labour and wossinames little helpers dumped everyone into a constitutional mincer. Society and the economy are currently doin’ a swirly roond the lav. International agreements, national agreements, pledges and assurances are being dumped on from a great height and yer ackchul populations on these islands have been given the humpty dumpty treatment big time. That is to say that ALL the king’s horses and ALL the king’s men haven’t a snowball’s chance in …etc. You get the drift.

    Conservative government, Labour government, Lib dem helping hands. Their practice of politics. Their system of politics. Between them, they created the UK you’re staring at today. NO ONE else need apply.

    In December folk are lucky enough to show them exactly what they think about that.

    Form an orderly queue at ballot. 😎

      • I’d say they suffer from a case of ‘my tribe right or wrong’ Donald. It’s not that they don’t see the fibbery and ineptitude of their chosen tribe. It’s that they either don’t want to, or they don’t care. They’ll accept any lie, any act of demonisation, any act of intimidation, just so long as their opposition suffers kinda thing. The acceptance and normalisation of deceit as a cultural tool.

        We’re looking at that culture right now. The most dishonest and openly hostile UK GE in living memory.

        The policy gonks in the howf on the Thames must be so proud of their achievement. 🙄

  6. Only in Scotland is the GE election about Scottish independence
    It’s certainly not about brexit , we already made that decision

    But in E W and NI it’s about brexit so the BBC ITV SKY and the rest of the media say it’s about brexit
    Once again Scotland ignored
    Politicians working for the political parties of E W NI say it’s about brexit too and that includes Mr Sweeney who works for England’s Labour Party , in Scotland

    As we have said before they are working for England , in Scotland , trying to hoodwink the Scottish people.

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