Dugcast – 15 November 2019

Welcome to the 15 November edition of the dugcast. This week I am joined by The National’s Stewart Ward and we discuss the developments this week in the General Election campaign. We chat about the SNP’s court case, Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Scotland, Boris Johnson’s disastrous visit to the flood victims in South Yorkshire, the allegations from the Brexit party about Tory dirty tricks, and much more besides.

There won’t be any updates to the blog until Monday as I am off to Wick in Caithness first thing tomorrow to speak at an event for Yes Caithness. It’s a long drive from Glasgow, and will entail an overnight stay. If you’re in the far north of Scotland, please come along – the dug and I would love to see you. The event is at the Nethercliffe Hotel, Louisburgh St, Wick KW1 4NS and kicks off at 7.30 pm on Saturday evening. I’ll be doing a talk, and there will be a buffet afterwards. Admission is free. More details here – http://whatson.caithness.org/event.php?id=34234

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23 thoughts on “Dugcast – 15 November 2019

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  2. Covered a lot of ground, well done both. Enjoy your Caithness gig, you’ll get a warm welcome, and you and the Dug probably won’t feel like eating much for the following week.
    Was particularly struck by your reminder of the end of Callaghan’s reign as distinct from Corbyn’s re-write of it, not even Callaghan was that dishonest. Effectively all 3 London based parties and one wannabee all knowingly are lying through their teeth, what a wonderful advert for “the Union”. Aside a wonderful repost to Corbyn’s tweet from Ciaran on C4, the media went notably schtum…
    Your observations on the London/English bubble was spot on, we used to call it “Watford Gap syndrome”, a complete disinterest to anywhere outside, and a sense of history limited to the tourist information guide for London. I caught the same video of Londoners interviewed, and was equally appalled at not just the ignorance but the fact it was wilful ignorance. As to the fish lady FM, Mrs Trout’s PR team have their work cut out, or perhaps just divorce is simpler…

  3. Loving the Brexit party complaining about the practices of the Tory party..lolz now they know how Scots feel about the duplicity ,lies and arrogance of Westminster parties against us. I would love to see them reversed there unilateral decision,
    Not to stand in Tory seats…but I think they may be too late to to that…gotta love the Tories propensity for devious behaviour..they are like evil characters from dc comics.

  4. Paul, Many thanks for taking the time and effort to head up to Wick. I’m sure you’ll get a warm and appreciative welcome.

    You’re now an honorary Dirdy Wicker!

  5. Never forget this
    If I ever meet this guy I will shake his hand and buy him a drink
    I wonder who he is and if he is still involved

    I was there that day right behind him with other Scottish independence supporters
    Came across this by accident just happened to be there
    I and others put myself between his bike and those Labour hangers on who kept approaching him standing in his way to try and stop him proceeding , the Star Wars theme tune was FAB
    And very fitting of the time


  6. Watching the Scotland v Cyprus in South Africa and we are subjected to another biased English commentator. I dont know where they get them. Hopefully you guys in Scotland will have your own commentators. His comments are definately anti Scottish and you can tell by his commentary who he is supporting. Please Scotland get Independence. Just bypass the referendum if we get a majority of MP’s at the election.

  7. Terry Callachan, thanks a lot for that. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The best part was the looks on their faces – a mix of “don’t what to do” and sheepish embarrassment at knowing that the guy was telling the truth.

  8. In a week when British Steel morphed into Chinese Steel I missed Wee Willie squealing like a stuffed pig over Beijing’s Human rights record. I must have nipped upstairs to the smallest room in casa mia to see a friend off to Loch Katrine when Willie was raging at FMQ.

    Still it must have restored Prince Andrew’s peace of mind following his ‘colloquium horrendi’ with Emily Maitlis that Jeremy Corbyn will scrap His Royal Capdoffness’ dental charges on his next visit for a scale and polish and check-up.

    Free Dental Treatment for the ‘All’, not just the poor.

    Dominic Raab on Marr confirmed what we all knew; that the Blue Brexit Tories will throw Scots fishermen under the same UK Customs aquabus which will patrol the Irish Sea after England ‘takes back control’.

    On the same programme Corbyn declared that he would not allow Indyref2 until after he had nationalised bottle recycling plants, and maybe not even then; it must have come as news to his fellow CND Board, he will keep Trident and rely on the Neverending Nuclear Non Proliferation Pact to get rid of WMD, because those nasty Arabs might develop their own illegal Death Stars.

    Ruth Davidson, our very own National Treasure who won the hearts of all Scottish mothers when she sacrificed her career and hope of Greatness to stand down as Branch Office Manager and, sort of, took a professional back seat by doing nothing for 18 months as an EmmEssPee on £1200 a week plus exes, because she wanted to spend more time with her Baabee, and not only that, who reluctantly gave up the nice little £50k earner for 28 days work as a lobbyist on top of her bumwarmer Holyrood dosh, has been hoovered up by ITV at an obscene fee to act as political pundit during the Election Campaign.

    That poor wean of hers must have been feeling smothered with Lurv and Attention right enough.

    Apparently ITV beat Donalda MacKinnon over at BBC Ministry of Truth to the punch.

    That‘s what I get for joking that Davidson would take over from Brewer.

    Still Dugdale is doing precious nothing in a Nothing Job fronting Smith’s Stink Tank. She had a wee ‘audition’ last week on Jo Coburn’s Daily Westminster bubble.

    She will be the First Refusal option for BBC Pathetic Quay’s Election Team.

    The corruption and graft in Scotland’s Establishment trundles along uninterrupted by barriers like decency, morals, and standards.

    Still from 12th December onwards, we can begin the process of driving these little moneygrubbers out of business.

    Ian Blackford was on Marr. Don’t lift the phone Jeremy unless it is to discuss Indyref2 in 2020 and announce that Trident will be steaming out of Faslane for the last voyage.

    Unbelievably Corbyn petulantly declared on Marr that if the EssEnnPee didn’t back Corbyn’s Commies, they’d be responsible for letting Boris back in, just like 1979.

    This wizened old man is the Socialists’ Great Red Hope?

    We are to have a ‘leaders’ ‘ Debate on BBC Jockland. Sturgeon, who is the actual leader of a Party, with 35 MPS at WM, and the three Branch Managers, Leonard, Rennie, and the Blue Tory temporary Janitor and failed businessman Carlaw in the spotlight.

    MY advice to Sturgeon? Don’t attend.

    These three Better Together Numbnuts have no authority to speak of, or have any actual inside knowledge of the details and policies of their English Masters to debate anything.

    It will be the usual SNP BAD Hecklefest, with a hand picked Brit Nat audience.

    Send a haggis instead.

    One message of Independence will be drowned out by 3 Brit Nats heckling, and a hand picked orange jacketed audience booing on cue, with a BBC Scotland propagandist chairing.

    They might even have a Press Room so that Sevvie and Paul and Tom and Alex and David can summarise how well the Brit Nats will have done destroying the ESSENNPEE and their mad notion of ending slavery and colonisation Up Here.

    Don’t touch it with a barge pole, Nicola.

    In fact refuse any TV appearance which does not include WM Brit Nat MPS or Candidates.
    Gosh I do go on a bit, don’t I?

  9. As an aside, I note that Newsquest are ‘downsizing’ the staff at The Herald and Sunday Herald.
    They’re looking for ‘Voluntary Redundancies’, but if they don’t get enough takers, their will be some compulsory ‘rightsizing’, i.e., sackings.

    I note that Clegg has already moved to the Barren North of Dundee and Hutcheon has joined the Daily Police Gazette.

    Musical chairs of the Titanic.

    I also note that Macwhirter is now ‘political editor’ of the Herald, which would explain his about turn on Indy next year in his latest column.

    In his new role, he must of course toe the US owned Newsquest party line, and echo Corbyn, Johnson, Farage, Swinson, Leonard, Rennie and Carlaw in endorsing the undemocratic will of the English, that they have the power to ‘forbid’ Scots citizens deciding their own path.

    Nonsense of course. We are waiting for no one’s ‘permission’, Mr Mac.

    It was nice to have you on board, Iain.
    Food on the table comes first even in our subjugated conquered English Colony?

    Time you updated your Twitter a/c. You are still described as a ‘columnist’, or should that be ‘colonist’?

    Now I KNOW that you read this wee blog.

    Any comment?

      • I know that I ‘go on a bit’, Cubby but our very way of life is being threatened by a ‘foreign’ government for which we did not even remotely vote.

        I see Gary Robertson is tweeting that he starts his series of UKGE 19 ‘leaders’ interviews’ by announcing that Willie Rennie will be in the studio from 08.10 and that there will be a phone in from 09.00 onwards.

        My point is that Willie Rennie is not a Lib Dem candidate, has no authority, or I would venture knowledge, of the English Lib Dem manifesto, which includes reserved issues like, defence, tax, foreign policy, the 84% of welfare and sickness benefits foisted on Scotland by England, Trident, Brexit, or a whole raft of government business meted out from WM.

        Indeed, he has never held office Up Here, and has contributed Nothing to serving the People of Scotland other than ‘whinge from the side lines’ and shriek No Indy and SNP Bad ever since he stopped driving a bus for a living.

        Yet Gary Robertson will inflict this sham of a man on Scotland’s listeners and allow him to burble out the usual Scotland Shite, NHS, Mental Health, Education, pigeon droppings,
        £15 billion deficit, what currency will you use, nonsense for an hour or so.

        Are Carmichael or Swanson not available or too cowardly and ashamed to face their electorate?

        The Brit Nats will use Carlaw, Leonard and Rennie as baying attack dogs while their WM candidates get an easy run from the Dead Tree Scrolls and the ever obliging Ruth Davidson sponsoring TV outlets.

        Boycott this piece of BBC Propaganda tosh.

        Rennie is a Nobody in UK politics, yet, here we are, being subjected to his SNP Baddery first thing on a Monday Morning.

        Come out come out, wherever you are, Swinson, and face the Scots.
        Listeners would be bettered served phoning the Speaking Clock.

        Robertson, this is a disgrace and insult in equal measure.
        Presumably Leonard and Carlaw will be on this week repeating the SNP BAD message to your prompting?

        • Not entirely surprising though Jack, every time the Westminster crew come north to pontificate, SNP gain and the big 3 lose support, they are desperate to stem the losses.

          Southward this GE has Johnson, Corbyn and Swinson with Farage’s ToryMk2PLC trying to avert a Tory rout, none have much appeal to the majority of Scots, but it borders on loathing for Johnson and Farage.
          On the national stage they seek to sideline SNP as irrelevant, and Scots media have previous on mixing the Holyrood version with Westminster to further the disconnect, eg – Davidson influenced more as an MSP in both previous GEs than the party leaders, now they are stuck with Carlaw, Leonard and Rennie, with Davidson orchestrating behind the lines.
          Scots should never have accepted this in the first place…
          Whereas Sturgeon was SNP Leader she was an MSP not an MP, Davidson was also an MSP but NOT the Tory Leader and Carlaw is in the same boat as brach office manager. This is a NOT a Holyrood Election, it is a General Election, and it’s high time Scotland rejected debate being shunted into the sidelines because it’s convenient for the main parties.

          Although their PR advisers would doubtless advise against, I wish SNP would broadcast the hypocrisy of this media stitchup, and reject participation in what is a Scottish media scam played on the Scottish electorate.
          I suspect such a boycott would garner massive public support and publicity, leaving the media and political opponents red-faced and on the back-foot…

    • On Sunday morning I got a free copy of the Herald pushed through my letterbox.
      This is a new way of getting rid of the rubbish,It was Thursdays edition,on a Sunday.
      This is equivalent to a lorry load of rubbish getting taken for a run round the motorway and arriving empty.
      This instantaneous media coverage is so good,I wrapped the cats litter in it and put it in the recycling bin. The whole area got them, 4 day old news,just a delay in the dump.
      Al it was good for.

  10. Exactly Jack we’re now going to be subjected to SNPBaad on steroids. The three to one as usual all focusing on devolved issues. I actually wonder how many Scots are even aware of the basics, such as these three so-called political parties, Tory, Libdem and Labour, are actually working against us on behalf of a foreign government?

    And loved your latest posts which not only hit the nail on the head but gave me a right laugh.

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