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And in today’s instalment of “What the actual @*!& is wrong with the UK?”, we learn that it’s perfectly OK not to have the largest party in Scotland represented in a General Election debate to be broadcast in Scotland. Because union of equals. Because the most successful partners of nations in the history of the multiverse. Because Scotland needs us to look after it. Because we say so Jockos. Look, we let you vote in OUR elections – what more do you want?

Raise a glass to your imperial masters, Scotland, and salute their decisions about you. It’s just not on to allow anyone on the tellybox who’s going to put the case for Scotland having its own say on its own future. It’s for your own good. Far better to restrict the debate to those who think it’s perfectly fine to ignore a democratic mandate from Scotland. It’s cleaner. It’s simpler. It’s more British. That way no one is going to challenge Boris or Jeremy when they say that they’re not going to permit another independence referendum. It avoids all those nasty complications. When there’s an SNPbadfest, it only spoils the fun to allow those vile nats a right to reply. That’s how proper British democracy works isn’t it?

It’s not just the SNP. The Lib Dems aren’t being allowed to participate either. This is also a good thing. It would only confuse the voters to allow people who don’t think Brexit is a good thing to speak. You can’t have people voting in an election that everyone keeps saying is all about Brexit and then allow them to hear from parties that want to stop Brexit. Can’t be done. It would be wrong. Will of the people and all that.

This is a general election. It’s supposed to be at time when all sides in current debates get the opportunity to air their views, freely and fairly. We’re supposed to live in a parliamentary democracy. We don’t have a presidential system. But we have broadcasters who look at their American colleagues with the presidential debates and who long to have some of that. That’s the curse of the UK, doomed to forever look at America as the only possible model because few can be arsed to learn the languages of our nearest neighbours. You can have Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Labour. Anything else just isn’t to be taken seriously.

There’s only certain things that are considered fit for public discourse in the UK. It’s fine to allow right wing provocateurs on the telly, but not their left wing counterparts. It’s fine to glorify the military, but we must never, ever cast a critical eye on the actions of the British army. It’s fine to offer mild criticisms of individual members of the royal family, but never the queen, and never the system. Scottish independence likewise belongs to that category of things that are unBritish, and when discussed must only ever be examined like something unpleasant on the sole of a gentleman’s oxford brogue.

So what is going to happen is that the two largest parties, the Conservatives and Labour, will be given an unfair advantage in an election in Scotland in which the two of them combined have less support than a party whose presence has been rejected. This isn’t a UK election debate, it’s an English one. Because from the perspective of the Home Counties English and British are the exact same thing. That’s why the likes of Boris Johnson can declaim that the UK is the most successful union in the history of forever. For him and his like it’s successful because it puts no demands on him, it puts no demands on the ruling classes. It’s very successful for them if Scotland has been subsumed, silenced, and locked in the shortbread tin. You can have your democracy Scotland, just as long as you don’t place any demands on your betters.

We have a Prime Minister who lies every time he opens his mouth. And we have a public broadcaster that the public are forced to pay for which allows him to get away with it. According to the Conservative commentor Peter Oborne writing in the Guardian, he spoke with senior BBC executives who told him that they thought it would be wrong to expose Boris Johnson’s many lies as it would undermine trust in politics if the public were to discover that their rulers were liars. That’s the same defence used by the Vatican when it was confronted by accusations of abuse. Far better to maintain the great lie.

Johnson lies and lies again, and again and again the broadcasters indulge him. Just last week he was filmed sipping a whisky when he graced Scotland with his presence, safely tucked away from any of the public who might heckle him. Then the next day he claimed that he’d given up alcohol for the duration of the election. He lies on the big things too. He lies when he said there is an agreement between the SNP and Labour. He lies when he says that he’s going to get Brexit over and done with, when all that’s going to happen is that Brexit will drag out for years and years to come. Even after the UK leaves the EU, the topic of the UK’s relationship with the EU will dominate British politics for a generation. Brexit’s long and malign shadow can’t be wished away by Boris Johnson’s lies.

It’s not the job of a proper reporter to tell us that Boris Johnson says that it’s bright and sunny, but critics say that it’s snowing outside. The job of the reporter is to look out of the damn window. Yet time and time again, the broadcast media allows Boris Johnson to tell us that all is sunny when really the snow is falling.

The UK is being failed by its political leaders. It’s being failed by its media. It’s a corrupt dance of the self-serving, liars and enablers, locked in a fatal embrace. It’s a state of disgrace. This is not a state that can be fixed. There’s no federalism fairy about to wave a magic wand. This is only a state that can be abandoned. Scotland needs to escape. It’s time. Look out of the window, and vote.

I’m publishing today’s article a bit early as on Tuesday the dug and I are off to spend the afternoon with Philippa Whitford’s canvassing team in Prestwick.  We’re determined to do our wee bit to help get as many pro-indy MPs as possible.  So if you’re going to be helping Philippa’s campaign tomorrow, we’re looking forward to seeing you.  Philippa’s fundraiser has already reached its target, so here are some other worthy campaigns that need a bit of assistance.

Robert Leslie – Orkney and Shetland

Robert is the SNP candidate in Orkney and Shetland.  He’s got a mountain to climb to dislodge Alistair Carmichael, but Robert’s got his crampons and climbing rope at the ready.  Give his campaign a wee lift by donating to his crowdfunder


Patrick Grady – Glasgow North

Patrick has represented the north of the city of Glasgow since 2015.  Help him to get reelected and ensure that the city has a clean slate of SNP MPs.


Amy Callaghan – Dunbarton East

Amy is standing against Jo Swinson, so naturally the Lib Dems are throwing everything into the seat.  She’s got a battle on her hands, but she’s young, she’s determined, and she can overturn the Lib Dem vote and give us a historic victory by unseating the Lib Dem’s national leader.


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39 thoughts on “Look out of the window

  1. Lying is now endemic in the British Nationalist parties. Jackson Carlaw on the Nine being interviewed says “The SNP signed a document The Edinburgh Agreement saying that they would abide by that result and it was a once in a generation result.”
    There was nothing in the Edinburgh Agreement about it being a once in a generation result. Their lie has gone from being a verbal promise to a signed agreement.

    It was not challenged by the Nine interviewers. I won’t be watching the Nine again – same old – same old Propaganda Quay letting Carcrash get away with his lies.

    I wonder why the famed BBC fact checkers never check the facts around this once in a generation crap continually spouted by the British Nationalist parties. No I don’t really wonder why you never see them checking this fact – it’s because lies that help the British Nationalists are fine in the BBC.

    • There is no doubt BBCS, as with all scottish media, has journalists with integrity gritting teeth over the editorial agenda, what is broadcast or printed is beyond their paygrade and alternative jobs are few. It is that environment which allows SMSM to maintain a monopoly of viewpoint, a propaganda branch of the London media cartel.
      The “once in a generation” soundbite/slogan from 2014 has been inflated far beyond it’s importance, so hardly surprised Carcrash should add a further layer of lie to the myth, and editors turn a blind eye as policy.
      Thatcher’s “Should they determine on independence, no English party or politician would stand in their way, however much we might regret their departure” should be the stock response, one slogan v one statement. Her’s was a democratic view few British Nationalist pay the slightest heed, because democracy is NOT their game, it’s money and power.

      Brexit should be fair warning how far these people are prepared to go, sacrificing 66 million people via lies to protect perhaps 20,000 is the Empire mentality which refuses to die and roll over.

    • Cubby, take comfort from the fact that Donalda MacKinnon has ensured that BBC Jockland, their farcical knee jerk reaction to the totally unacceptable demand from uppity Scots viewers to have a Scottish Six rather than the drip drip Brit Nat hegemony of London and Salford English news flooding our screens, has been the cheapskate disaster it was intended to be.
      You were probably one in an audience numbering in the scores or low hundreds tuning in to this dross.
      £30 million of our sunscriptions well spent to muffle the Scots, no?
      It must be time to rerun ‘Tutti Fruiti’?

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  3. Paul have a good trip to Prestwick drive carefully we need you. Noo get te yer kip. It’s just after 1.00 on Tuesday afternoon and it’s a balmy 35 degrees C here in Sydney. I just noticed you must be burning the after midnight oil. We need you fresh your a critical component of the movement.

  4. The BBC is controlled by Westminster. The Head is appointed by Westminster unionists. It is just a Westminster unionist mouthpiece. The Head goes to Downing Street every week for the instructions. It spends £5Billion. Takes in some revenues.

    It must be really annoying for them because the SNP keep winning. People now get their information on the internet. The lies can be disputed.

    The Westminster Press Office controls the Press. The MSM is owned by tax evading non Doms. Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy.

    The Guardian is the only paper with any independence of editorial. Clegg and Cameron put the police in to smash up the mail room and threaten the editor for publishing the truth. Greenwald and Snowden revelations. The editor was side stepped and replaced. A new editor appointed.

    Thatcher illegally gave the Press over to the right wing. Murdoch for support. He got away with criminal behaviour and £30Billion. He should have been jailed for bribing public officials. The Leveson recommendations were not implemented.

    No one watches the BBC news anymore. MSM accounts are falling. Readership declining. No wonder. Most are in total debt and reconstruction. The nonsense they print. It is rebuked on the internet.

    In politics the two party system is declining, especially in Scotland. Support for the SNP and Independence rising, demographically. Soon Scotland will be Independent. If people vote for it.

    • I think that people will vote for Scottish independence.
      But, it will be a dirty, dishonest, fight by the Establishment.
      Alex Salmond will get smeared like there’s no tomorrow.
      But the green grass roots shall prevail, I hope.
      Onwards to the Scottish Spring and the Great Awakening.

  5. The behaviour of the current PM, as a pathological liar, isn’t going unnoticed or unreported by everyone in the media. There’s at least one other trying to out him. Let’s hope that the ordinary Scots can see right through him too. It’ll also be interesting to see what his lying mate Davidson has to say about him tonight.


    • “It’ll also be interesting to see what his lying mate Davidson has to say about him tonight.”

      Maybe we’ll find out from the Telegraph. Ruth Thingmy, or whatever her name was, seems to be doing a nice wee moonlight with them. (18 November – “An unholy alliance of Corbyn and Sturgeon would bring the country to its knees”.)

      Hope she still has time to attend to the affairs of her constituents.

      • Hope she still has time to attend to the affairs of her constituents.


        – Hope she still has time to change her baby’s nappies …

        (After all, did she not quit “to spend more time with him”?)

        • 🤣 to the first one…
          To the second, we all know she quit to spend LESS time near the other him and his merry band of nasties…

  6. Fantastic again Paul, With Boris saying he will never “grant” another Indyref and not debate with Nicola, that’s another nail in the Union.The British state is dying and Boris dug the ditch to bury it. There will no no tear shed for the passing of the British state.

  7. The televised debate between the two individuals,one of whom will be elected to lead England’s next government,should not be broadcast in Scotland.
    Fine in England but it gives the branch offices of their respective parties a leg up in Scotland over the SNP in particular.
    Yet another reason why broadcasting is not under the control of the Scottish government.
    You might think that the attitude of the British establishment and it’s press pack towards Scotland is “Who cares,they don’t count”.
    We don’t within the British state.

  8. Ditto for Wales and our National Party, too – although smaller than our Scottish cousins, bigger by representation (Europe, Westminster, National Assembly, Councils and Councillors) than the Lib Dems.

    Not a peep about them in this Disunited Kingdumb shamocracy.


    And in the Guardian, we also have a new Broontervention.

    Look it up yourselves, I can’t be bovvered to attach the link.

    “We are becoming a United Kingdom in name only. Politicians must heal the divide”

  9. The BBC does make an occasional glance out the window – usually when they have run out of excuses. Not a problem:

    Boris says: “It’s sunny outside!”

    Window says: “Heavy snow shower!”

    BBC shouts: “SQUIRREL !!!!!!!!”

  10. The biggest trick the propaganda unit of the UK government, aka the BBC, ever got away with was when it convinced the public it was a fair, balanced and impartial organisation. Absolutely.

  11. With the suppression and distortion of news by the britnat media in Scotland maybe it’s about time to revive in all Scottish towns and cities the ancient profession of town cryer.

  12. On Sunday evening I listened to a R4 programme called “Feedback”.
    The EBC’s political editor, Johnathan Munro,explaining why only the 2 leaders on TV debate. Basically he said that the EBC committee had looked at the actual votes cast and the voting intentions by Polls and have decided only one of the 2 parties CAN WIN.
    So Why waste broadcast time?
    He then used the reverse of the argument to justify why the Greens and UKIP were entitled to a place on the 7 party were getting onto the broadcast.
    A cake and eat it exceptionalist who was NOT picked up by the presenter.
    Both just following orders from the broadcast committee,our jobs are not worth losing.
    Followed by the news.
    First item,airmiles andy.
    Next was, Live ammunition being used in Hong Kong.
    This is the famous BALANCE on the EBC, closely followed by all the others including Global Classic FM who appear just to copy.
    This is the media in RuK.
    I Received a free copy of the herald, friday’s addition, on Sunday,every house in the area got one,easy way to get rid of them but easier still not to print them.

  13. Something you won’t find on mainstream media:

    Rhos Ward, Neath Port Talbot Council.

    Plaid Cymru: 54% (+ 23%)
    Conservatives: 24 % (+ 1%)
    Labour: 22% (- 24%)

    Plaid Cymru GAIN
    Swing (Lab > PC): 23.5%

    Congratulations to new Councillor Marcia SPOONER,

    • OOF, bravo…
      Quite a dramatic and clear switch even if the minor Tory gain will probably be roundly proclaimed as the great winner in the contest by MSM, that’s how they roll.
      Wonder if someone in Labour Central is getting that shrinking sphincter feeling of dejavu after the Scottish experience, goodness knows the parallels are startling..

  14. What is happening in the USA with Trump is what the UK has to look forward to if Johnson is elected with a working majority. Crooks and liars running the show.

    It’s time to end the UK. It’s time to bury the UK in Johnson’s ditch.

  15. Ah not to worry. The Scottish legal system will soon rally to Scotlands cause and thwart those dastardly English decisions that sees Scotland as an unequal partner in this union of equals. ha f\n ha. Not much point in having an separate legal system in Scotland if it never acts for us or on our behalf but just sits on its arse and allows a foreign court to rule over us.
    Is this something else we need rid of once independent.

    • You seem to have forgotten the recent Court of Session judgement when Johnson tried to prorogue Parliament. As well as Court of Session judgements that supported the SG’s Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol for example.

  16. No I have not forgotten those decisions, made in Scotland by Scottish judiciary. The decision not to allow airtime to the SNP was made as far as I am aware by a court in another country. The Scottish legal system appears quite happy to allow others to overrule them and leave us Scots at the mercy of foreign powers. NOT BLOODY GOOD ENOUGH. Stand for us or get out of the way.

      • Thats the problem. Scotland gets sidelined because the result was made in a foreign court. But the effect for Scotland in this general election will be exactly what the unionists want. The SNP starved of the oxygen of publicity. It is always one sided England makes the rules/ laws. Its about time the Scottish legal system did the same for Scotland they are far to subservient to English rule.

  17. I hate to piss on everyone’s parade ,

    Unless the management at the SNP get the finger out of their collective arses they can forget about the much publicised walkover in this General Election,
    Why is it not going to happen , because they are bloody invisible and what are they doing about it ? Sweet F/All that’s what ,

    Apparently most of the marginal constituencies are here in Scotland , this 24 : 7 promotion of Unionist Party’s must be having some effect,

    Half of the electorate don’t know what’s going on , most people on Independence supporting websites can see what is going on and unless the rest of the population are informed it simply won’t register ,
    A plea to the SNP movers and shakers before its to late ,

    F/sake get a grip make some noise

  18. If I were the First Minister watching this debate on ITV, I’d make a declaration in the interview following, that if Scotland returned a majority of independent supporting MPs in December, then it would seek an immediate dissolution of Union. Forget Section 30 – it isn’t happening – and from the tenor of the comments from both creatures and the interviewer, it should be really obvious how Scotland and the SNP are views. The relationship is well and truly over. Get a divorce asap.

  19. This is probably the most openly dishonest UKGE in modern times. (and that’s saying sumthin’)

    Most folk are aware of the naked fibbery and manipulation favoured by both Conservative and Labour parliamentarians by this point. They’re also aware of wossinames little helpers and the part they’ve played in screwing up everyone’s lives. Fair to say a lot of folk won’t be happy about the prospect of voting for either of the gruesome twosome. That won’t prevent people from voting for them right enough. A mixture of helplessness, hopelessness and ‘my tribe, right or wrong’. Then? Then they all get to wash their hands and have a gripe when the usual suspects predictably drop them into a mincer for the umpteenth time.

    Some folk might be thinking at this point ‘Ah but, Essenpee … I don’t agree with policy X, Y, or Z. So I’ll pass on voting for them. Mibbies even Essenpee EEEEEVILLL!

    The former is an opinion (which everyone is entitled to). The latter is bollox by anyone’s measure.

    Scotland’s party of government haven’t trashed an economy. They haven’t condemned major demographics of their own population to years of penury and misery. They haven’t invaded anyone that I’m aware of and I’m fairly sure that their idea of overseas adventures probably consists of a wild ceilidh on the booze cruise to Mull.

    There is of course… not voting for anyone. Y’know. They’re all the same they political bastirts kinda thing. Understandable as a rule t’be fair. Mind you, that means you don’t get to complain about whatever anyone does to you from the big howf on the Thames.

    Scotland’s population… (as a population)… has a choice. We always have had. It’s just that a lot of folk made it their mission to convince us otherwise. How’s that working out for everyone?

    You don’t have to luurrve Scotland’s party of government. You don’t have to like them either for that matter. But if you value Scotland’s parliament, our freedoms, our right to choose? Then I’d mibbies think it’d be worth your time to have a REALLY good look at tonight’s leaders debate. Well. I say leaders debate, but how many were actually present?

    This is either a democracy with political plurality or it’s not. It’s either a ‘union’ of nationalities, or it’s not. This is either a representative democracy, or it’s not.

    Choice is still yours I’d guess. But for how long these days?

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