Toxic and useless

There’s been a bit of time now to digest the debate last night between Corbyn and Johnson. It’s only becoming more and more of an outrage that Scotland’s largest political party was excluded from a debate during which the future of Scotland was such a key topic. There was no one there who was willing to challenge either of the two party leaders when they stated that Scotland wouldn’t be “allowed” to decide its own future in the UK until such time as it suited them. Poll after poll has shown that Tory party members would be happy to sacrifice Scotland in order to secure Brexit. They’d be only too happy to trash Scotland in order to keep it within the UK. These are not people who have our interests at heart, and there was no one from Scotland there to point that out. We only had Jeremy Corbyn telling us that Scotland doesn’t deserve another referendum until it suits him.

The debate had only just started when Nicola Sturgeon was mentioned by name and SNP policies were attacked. Yet there was no right to reply except in a separate programme one hour after the end of the debate. Social media was full of British nationalists in Scotland crowing about the exclusion of the SNP. Yet it’s their own right to have their voices heard that they’re celebrating. It’s their own nation’s impotence that they’re extoling. Imagine having such a low opinion of your own country that you believe that denying it the right to democratic self-determination, denying it even the right to debate its own future on its own terms, is something to be proud of. Imagine having such a low estimation of yourself.

We can be certain now, as if there was any doubt beforehand, that there is no place in the UK’s political system for Scotland’s distinct political voice. The highlight so far of the UK General Election is two London politicians telling Scotland what’s good for it, having first made sure that there would be no one from Scotland there to tell them otherwise. The UK’s political priorities are England’s political priorities, anything else is unimportant, regional, parochial. Keep that sort of thing for your pretendy wee elections to your pretendy wee parliament. The big boys and girls in Westminster will make all the important decisions, and don’t you dare imagine that they’ll listen to Scotland’s voice in Westminster elections.

The debate itself only confirmed that neither Johnson nor Corbyn are fit for leadership. Johnson lied, dissembled, and distracted his way through the hour, talking over everyone else, in love with the sound of his own fnaugh-fnaughing. Corbyn missed open goal after open goal. There’s only one question that needs to be asked of Boris Johnson when the subject of his trustworthiness arises, and that is “How many children do you have?” It’s not a question that Corbyn is ever going to ask, even though it’s the easiest question in the world to answer for the vast majority of people, and the hardest one of all for Boris Johnson.

The Tories even proved their untrustworthiness during the debate. The Conservative Press Office took to rebranding itself as “FactCheckUK” for the duration of the debate, masquerading as a neutral fact checking organisation like Full Fact. It was a classic and blatant example of fake news, of Conservative lies, of deliberately misleading the public during an election campaign. Yet when challenged about it on the BBC Breakfast show the following day, the foreign secretary Dominic Raab claimed, “No one gives a toss about the social media cut and thrust.” Lie often. Lie blatantly. Lie confidently. And when anyone pulls you up for it, shrug your shoulders and say you don’t care. That’s the Conservative way.

We know the Tories don’t give a toss. They don’t give a toss about being found out to be liars. They don’t give a toss about the poor. They don’t give a toss about those whose futures and livelihoods are threatened by Johnson’s Brexit. They don’t give a toss about Scotland. The only thing that they give a toss about is raking in dark money donations from big corporations, offshore trusts, and Russian oligarchs.

In the wee interview section an hour after the debate had ended, during which other party leaders were given a few minutes in an arse covering exercise by ITV, we got the usual ignorance about Scotland masquerading as sharp political questioning by an ITV reporter who would struggle to find Scotland on a map. There was no awareness from the interviewer that Scotland might have a democratic right to determine its own future, that this UK General Election is an election for Scotland as much as for the rest of the UK, and that Scotland’s priorities have every bit as much right to a respectful hearing as England’s.

Jo Swinson got a noticeably easier ride than Nicola Sturgeon. Funny that. She was allowed to go on about the damage Tory policies do, without having to explain why she was so enthusiastic to support those policies just a few short years ago. The exchance was notable solely for yet another illustration, if we needed another illustration, of What Is Wrong With the UK, evidence exhibit number 802193. Swinson was asked whether she’d be prepared to use nuclear weapons. “Yes,” was the immediate reply.

Yes, the Lib Dem leader is quite happy to state that she’d evaporate hundreds of thousands of people in her pursuit of power. Yes, Jo Swinson has no questions about the utility of the UK nuclear so-called deterrent. Yes, the Lib Dems don’t question whether the UK is right to spend billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction and keep them just a few miles away from Jo Swinson’s own constituency, the one that she doesn’t live in herself. The interviewer thanked her for her “brilliant short answer”. ITV doesn’t have any of those questions either. Trident is a weapon of mass destruction, a political device that exists purely in order to allow the UK to pretend to itself that it’s still a global power. But we’re not allowed to question anything about it, we are only invited to castigate those who point out that it’s morally bankrupt, financially ruinous, toxic, and useless. A bit like the UK, come to think of it.

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50 thoughts on “Toxic and useless

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  2. “”The exchance was notable solely for yet another illustration, if we…””


    See, I was paying attention.

    Spot on as usual. This is the English GE. Let’s give them a surprise – Scottish style.

  3. Yet another huge health scandal in England, just the latest of many. It got a mention on the BBC news, and a couple of minutes of expressed sadness., though no interview or mention of Miniterial responsibility.

    In Scotland, every much smaller( though dreadful for the families concerned) health event leads to BBC Scotland giving exaggerated, relentless and poisonous coverage with the apparent aim of “bagging” a government Minister.
    No context or perspective for this broadcaster. It would give Pravda a run for its State sponsorship.

  4. They truly have no self awareness and their arrogance was beyond farcical. Two politicians representing constituencies in another country discussing the votes, choices and fates of the population of a supposed partner. They did so without any representation from that partner present in the venue. They did so without any deference or respect to that population, or their mandated choice of representation.

    Soooo. Not much of a partnership then.

  5. “Imagine having such a low opinion of your own country that you believe that denying it the right to democratic self-determination, denying it even the right to debate its own future on its own terms, is something to be proud of”

    The thing is that Scotland isn’t their country. The UK is, Scotland is just the wee bit of their country they live in, much on a par with Lincolnshire. Some are “proud” of Scotland in the way they would be proud of Shropshire if that had been where they were born instead. Others have a serious dose of the Cringe and think that they are inferior to English people and ever so grateful we are allowed to be second class in the same country as them.

    Who was it that said that Scotland’s enemy wasn’t the English but a certain kind of Scot within? (paraphrased)

  6. The untermenschen in the north, that’s how we are viewed by the English politicians. What next in store for us. I think the enemy within should when we are independent, be charged with crimes against the people. There is no shortage of evidence, the lies, deceit and omissions. Truth and reconciliation commision na f$%^ that.

  7. Just in case any proud Scot happens to be reading Paul’s Blog , a question well questions actually,
    Are you happy with this United Kingdom ? .
    A United Kingdom where you wake in the morning turn on the TV News any channel they are all similar ,you hear the English presenter speaking about England & English News , if there is time you might catch a mention of the country you live in , if its the BBC in no particular order it will be either the ,
    Each clip will contain the following words – Dire – Catastrophic – Failing – Unacceptable – Missed Targets etc , if for some reason a particular service is doing well it will either be completely ignored or the BBCs most used word will be added this is BUT – BUT is used when the BBC can’t bring themselves to acknowledge any good or excellent service.
    Proud Scots this is your place in this Union if you are still happy please feel free to get off your f/kn knees and start looking for your spine you cringing bloody cowards

    Rant ends night all .

  8. ”It’s only becoming more and more of an outrage that Scotland’s largest political party was excluded from a debate during which the future of Scotland was such a key topic.”

    And this has gone on basically all day. The Constitutional crisis, Indyref2, has become THE hot topic, putting Brexit on the back burner, with one Unionist after another having their say on it. The usual, ”would the EU actually want them, they’d have to adopt the Euro, they have the worst deficit of all EU countries, there will be a hard border”, etc etc.

    In conjunction with that they are hammering away about devolved issues such as our SNHS and education. SNPbaad on stilts. For some reason they have left Police Scotland alone. Where’s wee Willie Winkie? This’ll go on full throttle until the GE and no doubt up until the day that we get our Independence. Then they’ll try to screw us out of our assets and try to b*gger up us getting on our feet.

    Swinson says that neither Johnston nor Corbyn are fit to be PM. Deluded as she is, the wannabe Tory …. ignoramus, reckons that she is. Forget about Nicola Sturgeon, politicians like Mhairi Black could rip her apart if she got half a chance.

    One of the best down to earth videos ever on Trident, imo. Note the Commons is bereft of Unionists who ain’t interested as long as their nukes are housed in Scotland. Maybe they’ll change their tune when they’re relocated south of the border and / or returned to sender. I wonder how their trade deals with Trump will pan out for them, then?

  9. The SNP don’t speak for Scotland say unionists.

    Who does then?

    If votes for the SNP don’t count and can be ignored, then whose votes do count? Who speaks for Scotland. Because all I hear from unionist parties are exhortations to obey the queen. To forget independence. Forget wanting to stay in the EU. Forget the NHS. Forget everything that matters and vote. Vote for English parties in Scotland..

    Think of England and vote labour, and labour might be nice to you
    Think of England and vote tory and the tories will fuck you over for sure
    Think of England and vote lib dem and watch them do a deal with Johnson
    Think of England and vote UKIP because you’re mental
    Think of England and vote Brexit because you’re more mental than ukip

    Seems to me that the only Scottish votes that count are for England. Because they sure as fuck don’t count otherwise.

    I’m kind of sick of having my vote held hostage.

  10. There used to be a BBC Radio 4 programme produced and presented by people with disabilities for people with disabilities entitled ‘Does He Take Sugar’?

    The incredible programme derived its name from an anecdote, I believe, where a customer in a wheel chair accompanied by an able bodied companion was ignored by a waiter and their companion asked ‘does he take sugar?’

    The waiter was making the assumption that physically disabled people were also mentally disabled.

    From Paul’s precis, this seems to have been the attitude last night.

    They can talk about us, and decide how much sugar we should get, without consulting us.

    We do not matter. We are not genetically programmed to make big political decisions. A Big Fat Tory Boy decides for us.

    I missed the Bunfight; and the post-match highlights’ show.

    By Paul’s excellent account, I missed nothing.

    In this ideocracy in which we now live, any TV Debate between an obese womanising xenophobic racist Posh Boy, and a dithering septuagenarian Allotment tending Commie from Islington would attract the same production values as Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talented Dogs, or I’m Kezia Dugdale, Get Me Out Of A Financial Hole.

    Cheap tawdry TV for an English audience.

    I gather that they were laughed at in turn.

    Like a terribly untalented hopeful auditioning to get on to a Bread and Circus Talent Show, it makes for great TV, laughing at unfortunates.

    Across the media, the Blahs, the TV channels, and BBC Radio Shortbread, it was always going to be a Brit Nat Bad SNP day, in the lead up to this Johnson Corbyn tour de force.

    From 6.00 a.m., BBC Radio Shortbread was in Dumfries and Galloway, and Alister ‘Union’ Jack assured an uncritical lady presenter that only if the SNP got an overall majority in 2021 would he consider ‘allowing’ a Second Indyref.

    She could have explained the notion of democracy to him, the fact that the Scottish Government already had a mandate for Indyref 2 from 2016, that a ‘majority’ for Independnece can and indeed was a coalition of SNP and Greens, and reminded him of Lib Lab, LIB Tory. Tory DUP collaborations.

    But no, unless it was an SNP Majority, Next Time, no Indyref 2 for you Scots Scruff.

    It was apparently the fault of the SNP that the A75 and A77 were in such a poor state, and Brexit would provide challenges and opportunities for Stranraer, Cairn Ryan lah de dah de dah.

    This message was repeated 3 or 4 times over three morning hours. (I scrolled through on iPlayer.)

    BBC Reporting Scotland, to be renamed Factcheck Scotland any day soon now, was shroud waving from the get go.

    Cancer waiting times, people dying, The QE Hospital deaths…

    It turns out that the poor soul who died in a multi story car park had not been sleeping rough, and had died at 5.30 in the evening from an alleged drug overdose.

    But that was after a piece about the Bad SNP Council not opening homeless shelters during the cold spell wqas aired by BY Factcheck Scotland..
    lenn Campbell BBC Factcheck Scotland was out with a crew up in Kirriemuir filming Theresa May knocking on a door and then repeating the mantra ‘once in a lifetime in 2014’, Indyref 2 will not be allowed.

    The newspapers were reiterating this doleful message. You Jocks will not be allowed; we decide your fate. Tune in at eight tonight.

    It was unrelenting all day.

    I avoided the whole Brit Nat Fascist State Propaganda Feast.
    But I watched Brewer today on Jockland TV.

    His guest, that old Right Wing Bitter Yoon Magnus Linklater, who repeatedly referred to Johnson as ‘Boris’; maybe he’s a mate of his father?

    The QE Hospital deaths got front and centre Brit Nat treatment.

    Jeane Freeman should resign. Lewis Mac Donald actually stated, ‘two children died, and they shouldn’t have.’ He has no evidence at all to make such a damning statement.He just lied to promote his SNP Hatred.

    These fucking grubby little men were allowed to say what they like without proof or corroboration.

    Brewer gave all four Opposition parties free reign to spout the unfounded political point scroring nonsense over the bodies of dead infants.

    It was an unashamed smear job by Brewer and his assembled third rate Holyrood hatchet men.

    Over to David Porter outside WM to discuss with Paris and Pippa last night’s debate….

    Which of course has been done to death by then.

    Grubby little programme; more of my licence money going to a Scotland denier as a fee to talk about ‘Boris’.

    Enough from me already.
    Tonights BBC Factcheck Scotland had Willie Rennie, Jackson Carlaw, and Richard leonard on the campaign trail.
    No sign of the Brit Nat cowards actually contesting the seats.

    • Check out the language used by our ProudScotBut broadcasters. Gary Robertson declared that the High Court ‘threw out’ the SNP submission on the ITV Leaders’ debate, and today Brewer announced that they were going over to David Porter at WM to see
      what was happening in ‘the rest of the country’, that ‘country being? Britland, UKland, Londonland?
      It is clear from their very lips where their loyalties lie, and they ain’t with Scotland and the Scottish People.
      And there are still 3 weeks to go…

  11. Latest BBC Scottish news.

    Health Secretary issues apology. Tick-borne parasite found in Scotland in UK first. Uni rugby team says sorry. Permission not sought for Christmas Village. Man stabbed neighbour 47 times, etc etc.

    No comments about the impact of Brexit on Scotland, our leader being excluded from debates or even a mention of one of the MANY positives to be found on sites like ‘Talking up Scotland.’

    And then there’s Brian Taylor’s ‘Stopwatch politics’ rather than a true leaders’ debate’, with not a word being said about the whole debate fiasco being totally undemocratic. Taylor standing up for, reporting for, the Union once again.

    Their days are numbered.


    Meanwhile they’ve published a wee blog on the life of Nicola Sturgeon. I’ve had no time to check it out, so it may be full of lies or more than likely omissions. Then again, may be half decent? Throwing us a few crumbs for our £320 million per annum telly licence donations.

    • Petra, the first section is cut and paste historic stuff about her journey to SNP and her ascendency with Salmond. They’ve even included her school photie again.
      Then Cook gives us the ususal guff.

      The SNP is now New Labour in kilts apparently.

      The Salmond sex scandal. Questions on her continued leadership. A rift in the Party. and so on, and on, and on.
      And all the other SNP Bad nonsense wrapped up as if it were Cook’s original thoughts and analysis.
      If I were you, read the last few SNP Dodgy paragraphs, if you can be bothered.

      SNP GOOD ist verboten on BBC Factcheck Scotland.

      Donalda’s London posting is at stake here.

    • In the posted link biography of Nicola, there is a photograph of the SNP delegates at the party conference of 1956. In the second row, second from the right, is my uncle, Angus McIntosh, a lifelong supporter and candidate for a seat at Westmonster in the early 60’s. This was a time when being an SNP party member could be dangerous as it meant you could be investigated by the UK security services and the police in Scotland on the grounds that you were a security threat.

      Many thanks for posting this link (even if it is to the rotten EBC!). It should remind us all of the huge advances that have been made by the SNP and the YES movement in the last 60+ years.

      Scotland will soon be free. It is a huge shame that folk like Angus and my own father, Hamish, an SNP member since 1940, are no longer around to witness the independent Scotland they spent their lives working for.

      • A lovely post, Ken.
        I have no doubt that prominent SNP and Independence supporters are still on file at GCHQ and are considered enemies of the people; the Brit people.
        Across the media and in commerce, industry, finance, land ownership, and the MSM, we are treated as hostile ‘separatists’, ‘insurgents’, in our own country. We are a clear and present danger to their corrupt little Union, and by association to the Brit/Scottish Hierarchy who have kept Scotland in check as a conquered possession of England for 300 years.
        There is little doubt that a Right Wing English Parliament would move swiftly to quell us rebellious Scots.
        That’s what ‘taking back control’ really means .
        You father and uncle would be proud of you and how you turned out, I’m sure.

        • Many thanks for your comments. My father passed away in Edinburgh a few days before his 95th birthday, in April this year, which just makes my anger at the continuous MSM and unionist politicians BS all the greater. I have retired overseas, but my vote will be cast by proxy in West Lothian. Saor Alba.

    • Brian, Michael Gove beat them to it.

      He was in Dumfries on a farm with Alister Jack in their House of Bruar wax jackets sorting out ‘Union’ Jack’s blunder on BBC Radio Factcheck yesterday morning.

      The huntin’ and shooting millionaire gentleman farmer Jack, who has been in political office for all of 2 1/2 years, mooted on radio that if the SNP had a majority of MSPs in 2021, a Section 30 order would be granted.
      Cue Gove hastily despatched to the Frozen North to set the record straight.

      Nicola Sturgeon he lied promised that 2014 was ‘once in a lifetime’, and the English will not ‘grant’ a second Indyref ever, even if we return 59 SNP MPs.

      They have gone completely Fourth Reich fascist now.

      The hacks of course describe Gove’s visit to a Borders farm as ‘campaigning in Scotland’.

      The usual obliging Fourth Estate Fifth column Dead Tree Hacks to the rescue.

      Gove was on the late BBC Factcheck Scotland bulletin tonight, along with Willie Rennie making jam.
      Dozens of time a day we are reminded that the English will not ‘aloow’ us Scots to exercise our democratic will, because there are more of them, and they built an empire crushing small nations.

      Alex Rowley’s daughter was on, in tartan scarf declaring that the Red Tories will negotiate a new Brexit Deal in 3 months, despite her constituents voting Remain.

      What part of her 2 1/2 years experience as a Red Tory Placemat tells her that defying the wishes of he constituents, her employers, will win them over?

      They think that we are powerless in all of this. They really do.

      Englund Uber Alles.

  12. STV are just as bad as the BBC.
    You watch half an hour of news on STV at 6pm after which a woman announces “And now the news” at which point we are switched to a studio in London to watch “The News” which is usually mostly about events in England.
    That is what happens when broadcasting is “reserved” to a government in another country.

    • And I notice, bringiton, that STV news presenters are spouting the BBC’s news presenters guff, word for word. Better Together.

  13. I’ve just skimmed through it Jack and see what you mean. Lies, twisting of the truth and omissions, as per usual.

    Mr Cook also says that, ”Within months of the final vote, the price of oil slumped, leading to thousands of job losses in the North Sea, and Scotland’s notional deficit soared (although it has since shown some improvement).”

    He forgot to mention that the price of oil has risen dramatically again (known to fluctuate .. but not by him seemingly) and that we’re swimming in the stuff. Nor does he mention that the ”notional deficit” relates to being controlled (85% … 93% until 2016) by Westminster. It doesn’t relate to the ”deficit” that we’d have as an Independent country.

    He, or more than likely they, have also managed to get their wee bit in about NATO. Cook says, ”For example, the woman who once remarked, “I was in the CND before I was in the SNP,” now appears content to shelter under Nato’s nuclear umbrella.”

    Trying to dupe the ”unenlightened”, by not pointing out that nine countries only out of around 200 Worldwide have Nuclear weapons? Three of the nine only (the US, France and the UK) are members of NATO which consists of 29 member countries. Many NATO countries in other words don’t have anything to do with Nuclear weapons at all, so why should Nicola Sturgeon support having them based in Scotland where the majority of Scottish politicians have voted against them being dumped here?

    It appears to me, in contrast to Mr Cook’s point, that, ”England is content to shelter under Scotlandshire’s bl**dy nuclear umbrella.”

    Dame Mariot Leslie, ex-UK Ambassador to Nato, pointed out that:- “A democratic, non-nuclear Scotland with strong military and technological traditions would fit naturally alongside similar Nato members in Northern Europe, and would be likely to join them – and the UK – in looking for multinational solutions to the pressures on their defence budgets.”

    And Dame Mariot Leslie, Scot and an Independence supporter stated in 2014, following resigning from her post, that, ”I am a democrat, and believe that the geography, economy, demography and politics of our country are so distinctive that they are best served by our own sovereign government.”

    And let’s not forget that Lieutenant Commander May, Senior Naval Intelligence Officer at Faslane, said to be in overall charge at Faslane until he retired in 2014, also supported Independence and backed Alex Salmond’s Defence Strategy 100% and that included Scotland ridding themselves of Nuclear weapons. I wonder what he knew? I also wonder what happened to all of the articles about him. They seem to have disappeared!!

    I now wonder what he and she, and people like them, make of the BBC cr*p.

    • Ace, Petra.
      It appears that they have lost all sense of reality and truth now.

      Glenn Campbell was covering the FM in Dundee today and, like Salmond before her, Campbell and his mates have ‘personified’ Indyref2. It’s Nicola Sturgeon who wants a second vote in 2020, not the 2 million or so of us who will be on the doorsteps of the polling booths at 07.00 hrs to record our YES vote.
      It’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s doing, you see.

      I hope that they find work when the BBC are asked to leave, and there is nothing left for them to write about.
      As I joked before; there are only so many vacancies selling advertising space on the Findo Gask Thunderer.

  14. Jeezo! Listen to this. This is the (small) crowd, headed by ”I’d eat myself if I was chocolate” Swinson that want to run the country and possibly blow it to smithereens. Take note too that the Libdems, just like the Labour Party, are pinching Nicola Sturgeon’s policies.

    Carmichael, ex-Secretary of State for Scotland, ”toxic and useless” right enough. And don’t we know it. Time for the people of Orkney and Shetland to waken up and smell the coffee.

    • Jeezo squared, Petra.

      The arrogance of these people.

      Pants on Fire Carmichael, on the day of the Lib Dem manifesto launch waffles and sputters, and finally admits that he has not even read his own party’s pledges and hasn’t a baldy notion about figures.

      Then I listened to Sam Gyimah, Lib Dem defector from the Tories. I almost (no I didn’t) felt sorry for this man.
      Child care costed at £14 billion over the period”oh no it’s not; it’s £13 billion a year? And his leader wants her thumb on the nuclear button?
      Gyimah hadn’t a clue about anything in his manifesto.

      The Lib Dems are in free fall now.
      I must make a point to get over to Milngavie when Swanson goes campaign walkabout in the shopping centre.
      Will she be skipping hand in had with Willie Rennie to the Black Bull?

      Let’s hope her Malcolm Tucker reminds her that Milngavie is pronounced ‘Mullguy’.
      Surely they are not going to vote for these liars and charlatans again?

    • Petra,
      Jo Swinson was interviewed on CH4 news last night. She was questioned about the LibDem’s plans re taxing International flights then put on the spot about the number of flights she takes.

      At one point I thought she was going to admit that she did not live in the constituency but she caught herself in time. Unfortunately the interviewer missed that.

      See what you think.

      • Thanks for that Legerwood. I notice that the discussion between her and Cathy Newman related to the number of flights versus train journeys taken from London to her “constituency” in Scotland. The norm would have been to say, at some point in the interview, “going home.” And yes she came across as someone who was being very careful about how she answered the question and looked as though she nearly slipped up at one point in time. I wonder if, when she does fly to her “constituency” does she live with her parents or check into a hotel? A wee look at her expense claims could be revealing. And surely someone who lives in that area has some idea of what’s going on? Anybody?

  15. We are in peril as a nation. It looks like the extreme right wing Tories will prevail in the GE however luckily The SNP will capture the vast majority of WM seats in Scotland. These likelihoods should be a road sign for everyone in Scotland an a danger sign for the rest of the UK. In Scotland’s case we luckily have a lifeboat however if my prediction about a Tory win at WM is correct then the UK is set to become a vassal state of the US and eventually the 51st state someway down the track.

    All Scots be warned this is what the right wing anglo sphere with its overwhelming devotion un regulated capitalism where social safety nets are frowned upon and the weak and desperate are demonised as low lives. You want healthcare then take out health insurance that is expensive and the fine print on your policy will in all likelihood not cover everything you need to come back to good health. You’re planning a family… don’t expect paid maternity leave from your job never mind paternity leave if your the dad. Want to go on holidays well if you’re lucky and have a job with a contract that allows you 2 yes 2 weeks unpaid.. yes unpaid, every year. The US is a user pays society if you can’t pay then tough luck. This is what the extreme right want in the UK this is what they will get….I predict they will so please please Scotland whether you support independence or are in doubt please be aware of what they have planned for us. They will not let us use our lifeboat willingly…our wealth is way too important to them. I predict Johnson will continue to refuse a section 30 so please SNP be prepared for plan B and be prepared for a fight…these people will fight us all the way.

    I’m no fan of Piers Morgan however in this interview he is actually ok follow the link. To see what they have planned for us.

    • Malky, Piers said nothing when Moore expressed his puzzlement that ‘the UK’ had introduced tuition fees and consigned their University Grads to a ‘debtors prison’ at 22.
      He could have mentioned Scotland, but no, he’s too much of a Terry Wogan Irish-Brit for that sort of disclosure.
      Similarly, the NHS here as opposed to England and its creeping privatisation.
      That Moore seemed ignorant of the vast differences in civic society Up Here from the YooKay, is not surprising.
      The BBC makes sure that positive news about Scotland never leaves these shores.

      • Jack I agree about the omissions of Moore and Morgan and they grated with me too. However I think it illustrates the big picture and the dangers of unregulated capitalism that the right wing in the US and UK desire. That is the main message. If we don’t stand up as a nation then the UK will drag us into the US orbit of unfettered capitalism with no safety nets.

    • Malky you are correct they will not give up the continuing theft of Scotland’s resources and wealth. They cannot survive without it. It will make no difference if we have more than 40+ MPs in the corrupt Westminster. Plan B will involve massive civil disobedience if we are to make a step forwards towards independence..

  16. Anything that smacks of socialism has to go….survival of the fittest in a cruel Tory world… it’s a mindset of Toryism….historically this was reflected in workhouses where inmates who were ill were sent to the paupers end of the local hospital. My relative died in one of these places aged 16 years

    Currently, an example lies in their treatment of the sick and disabled. People with profound intellectual disabilities are a favourite target. They are humiliated in forced employment programmes which highlight to all participants just exactly what they can’t do in terms of literacy and numeracy. Threats of sanctions are presented to anyone who just doesn’t want to accept the humiliation offered. There is no sense of the very real life long difficulties faced by folk who are rendered practically unemployable by this disability. The idea of supported workplaces went years ago. Miles too socialist.

    This approach smacks of profound abuse dished out to the most vulnerable folk in our society. We have to keep going as best we can in fighting in whatever way we can to challenge such abuses. WGD does it all the time!

    • Alba woman, a Blue Tory fascist in England declares that the unemployed in sink estates should be forced to work on farms picking fruit when we drive Johnny Furriner from these shores.
      He suggests that they be billeted in tents like Cool Hand Luke Chain Gang convicts.
      Priti Patel, the smirking thin lipped death Penalty Harpy, insults us all by arguing that the Government can’t be blamed for poverty and 120,000 poverty relayed deaths.

      We are ‘way beyond hyperbole when we describe this lot, that means you too, Jackson,Carlaw, Professor WATP ‘it’s the law!’ Two Jobs Adam Tomkins, and 7 times political failure, Murdo The Queen’s Eleven, Prince Andrew Nil, Fraser, as heartless fascist bastards.

      They just don’t give a feck any more.
      We shall not rest until Scotland is Independent.
      They will begin asset stripping soon when it becomes inevitable that we are no longer part of their Union, be it at the ballot box, or some other means TBA.

  17. Just to share this with you. I know the matter is serious, but it gave me a wee smile all the same.

    Headline from Sky News today regarding Alex’s court appearance. (Look it up before it disappears – I’ve made a screenshot):

    “Salmon in court of assault claims”

    Which rather begs the (Welsh) question, “Will it/he be found guilty?”

    Welsh: euog (adj.) = guilty
    Welsh: eog (noun masc.) = salmon


    • Just seen that wee sleezeball Mathews on Sky News struggling to keep the smile of his face as he reported from Edinburgh on the Salmond charges. They then wonder why people hold them in contempt. Mathews – Sky’s own house jock.

  18. Toxic and useless indeed, but rapidly becoming the norm…
    Spent an hour this morning catching up with C4’s video news pieces ending with Ciaran Jenkins interview with Gove on his farm GE-photo-op. For every example of recent Tory Party chicanery and dishonesty presented, Gove defended it, even resorting to accusing Jenkins of political bias. However refreshing it was to see Jenkins doggedly challenge the lies and bunkum, it ultimately failed to elicit anything but denial.
    Gove’s arrogance and dishonesty epitomises the rot at the heart of UK politics, and we are saddled with more of it until we cease to be part of the UK,when we CAN demand honesty.
    “Honourable” they are not….

  19. I see Labour’s manifesto is promising £100 billion investment in Scotland. Smallprint, only if Riccardo Leonardo is elected FM. Some hope.

    Apparently their windfall tax on the oil industry may damage the oil industry in Scotland but they have a plan to fix that. It is always nice when they have a plan. Even nicer if they can give you the details.

    By the way how do you impose a windfall tax on an industry which seems to get an awful lot of tax rebates/credits etc. from the Government?

    Dr Phillipa Whitford on QT tonight.

  20. The Labour Manifesto: consists of things that the SNP have already done – and they, of course, don’t credit where they lifted their ideas from. This is political plagiarism on an industrial scale. However, it is great for those of us on the campaign trail. Just take a copy of Labour’s Manifesto and point out to voters what Scotland already has, courtesy of the SNP, and in the teeth of Labour opposition in the Scottish Parliament.

    • Might also be worthwhile pointing out how many of the SG’s policies Labour has opposed, or criticised, or prophesied that the SG would have to drop because they would be unaffordable.

      Did Johann Lamont not have something to say about the ‘freebies’ we get?

      Also the council houses the SG has built as opposed to all the council houses Labour DID NOT build while in office in Scotland.

  21. Since I’m sick fed up to the back teeth of Brit Nat Politicians and Dead Tree Scrollers and BBC Factcheck shroud waving over the deaths of children at QEUH and the delay in opening the Children and Young persons hospital in Edinburgh, I ask:- The Australian multibillion pound company Multiplex built both these hospitals, and the ‘snag lists’ seem similar; draining, water and ventilation faults.
    Therefore, are they footing the bill to these design/building flaws good?

    I hear that it is costing us ‘millions’ to maintain the empty Edinburgh hospital. Why?
    Surely Multiplex should foot this cost?
    The building is not fit for purpose yet.

    Will the bereaved parents be able to bring legal proceedings against the builder?

    I also seek assurance that this company will never be allowed to tender for public contracts in Scotland again.

    Who faces the chop on the Lothian and Glasgow Health Boards for this mess?

    Was it the same Civil Service Procurement Team who oversaw the work on both hospitals?

    Will the media and the Brit Nat politicians now shut the fuck up and stop waving shrouds in our faces to score political points and scream SNP Bad to a background of private grief and bereavement.
    You too, Toodle Oo The Fucking Noo.

    • It would appear now, according to the Britnat media and Britnat politicians in Scotland, that Nicola Sturgeon is personally responsible for every death in a Scottish hospital.

      The Britnats lower than a slug.

      • Get the lawyers on to Multiplex.
        I believe that this is the first time in the tsunami of SNP BAD that their name has even been mentioned.
        If they fucked up building these things, surely they are accountable?
        If not, why not?
        Weren’t there financial penalties built into the contracts?
        Did someone sign the buildings off without proper inspection? If so, who? Heads may roll, but it sure ain’t an SNP Politician’s.

        Come on Blue Tories, champions of business. Why aren’t you asking the right questions? Who is to blame? A multi national Australian based building consortium, who may have links with the Blue Tories, or Jeane Freeman?

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