Fnaugh-fnaughing and Swinson car crashes

The BBC were determined not to repeat the mistakes made by ITV in Monday’s debate, when only Corbyn and Johnson were invited. Instead they made some mistakes of their own, mainly by adopting the format of the utterly discredited Question Time programme. Half of Scotland spent most of the show scanning the audience to see if Orange Jaiket man had travelled down to Sheffield for the occasion. A mash up of a leaders’ debate and BBCQT is quite possibly the worst political show imaginable, a baying and unrepresentative audience combined with Johnson fnaugh-fnaughing and talking all over everyone else. However, cunningly, the BBC decided to make harder for him by not actually having the leaders up at the same time. That’s one way of making sure Boris Johnson doesn’t talk over everyone else. But it’s also a way of stopping the leaders from holding one another to account.

Corbyn was up first, and tried to answer questions rather than slag off the Tories. At least his glasses are on straight this time. His problem is that he wants to operate by the more gentlemanly political rules of the 1970s, when he’s up against a Conservative party without any principles. As the event began he was also up against some very hostile questioning. In a clip shared on social media, the Labour leader was cheered by the crowd outside the venue. The difference in attitudes between the crowd inside and that outside couldn’t be starker. However after the opening salvo of attacks on his character, the biggest cheer came when an audience member described his Brexit policy as the only grown up one on offer.

When asked why he would not listen to the people of Scotland if they voted for parties supporting another independence referendum, he replied “bribery”. Well not exactly, but that’s what it boiled down to. He said he’d invest in Scotland in the hope that would make us change our minds. He didn’t answer the question about basic democracy. He didn’t answer the point made to him about the existing mandate for another indyref. It was a telling difference from his answers to previous questions. There were a lot of complaints on social media about how loads of Scots had gatecrashed the debate. How dare those Jocks think they can get involved in a British election, said all those people who took it for granted that a QT audience in Dundee should be full of Tories with English accents.

Next up was Nicola Sturgeon. She got a big cheer when she said that she couldn’t put Boris Johnson into Downing Street. She asserted that it’s for the people of Scotland to decide whether we want another independence referendum, not Westminster. She was confident and assured despite the interruptions from Fiona Bruce. The audience was lacking in the hostility which many had displayed to Corbyn, but displayed the lack of understanding of Scotland we’ve come to expect from BBCQT audiences in the rest of the UK. We got the Spanish veto klaxon. We got someone who said that his grandparents had fought for Britain so what right did the SNP have to break it up. We got the question about the deficit, based as ever on the assumption that the deficit is due to Scottish shortcomings, not Westminster’s. On social media, Jimmy Krankie was trending, which tells you all you need to know about widespread attitudes to Scotland in the rest of the UK. Back in the real world, the First Minister came across as confident and convincing, and certainly a lot more at ease with the audience than Corbyn. She was easily the best performer of the evening.

After the First Minister we got the Lib Dem leader. Jo Swinson was asked if she regrets voting with the Tories to implement austerity. One of the audience members referred to “horrible Tory cuts”, although I might have misheard. She replied that she didn’t get everything right. It’s a bit like Dracula admitting that he’d been a tad inconsiderate when he drained all those virgins of their blood. A woman describing herself as a remainer asked how the Lib Dems could still call themselves liberal and democratic if they were planning to overturn the result of the EU referendum without another popular vote. She was asked how she could be against fracking given that she’d voted in favour of it twice. That was Ed Davies fault, she replied. A big boy did it and then became the Lib Dem deputy leader.

The Lib Dem leader gave a masterclass in how she becomes less popular the more people see of her. If Nicola Sturgeon came across as a headmistress, Jo Swinson came across as a nursery school teacher exasperated with a class of toddlers. A classroom act following a class act. By the end of her time I was ready to throw a copy of Elocution Lessons for Beginners at the TV. It wasn’t so much a car crash as a car crashing into an oil tanker that went on fire and exploded against a nuclear power plant causing a meltdown which triggered an earthquake and then set off a tsunami.

Finally we got Boris Johnson. Last and most definitely least. He was asked how important it was for someone in his position to always tell the truth. The audience laughed. He immediately tried to get onto the question of delivering Brexit. Groans and jeers. He ignored Fiona Bruce’s interruptions, being too busy interrupting himself. He was asked why he’s refusing to release the report on Russian interference, why he was avoiding scrutiny, why he refused to address the issue of the validity of the EU referendum. He replied by complaining that Parliament was blocking Brexit. More groans from the audience. More fnaugh fnaughing from Boris Johnson.

Then he was asked how he could justify poverty and the increasing use of foodbanks. He replied by telling us that he’d visited a lot of schools and hospitals. Fnaugh fnaugh. Wasn’t my fault, I was mayor of London at the time. He just blabbers on, speaking quickly in the hope that makes people realise that he’s not answering the question. Waugh waugh. Harrumph. Eh. Eh. But. But. Before this campaign began there were many who opposed the Tories who were worried about Johnson’s campaigning charisma and rhetorical flair. Fnaugh fnaugh. The audience groaned loudly when Johnson claimed that his party was fulfilling its promises to build affordable homes. The problem he’s got now is that even when he does attempt to answer a question no one believes a word he has to say.

Fiona Bruce reminds him about the Russian report question he’s been studiously avoiding. His answer was far from convincing. He accused the questioner of “Bermuda triangle stuff”. Fiona Bruce got a bit rattled with an audience that would lynch him given the chance.

Then he was asked to apologise for his racist rhetoric. Big cheer from the audience. I’ve never intended to cause hurt, he said. Ha. There’s another lie. If he’s caused hurt it was entirely an accidental by-product then. But he still doesn’t regret it. He used racist and homophobic terms, and then tries to brush this off as hand picking phrases to make them seem offensive. This is a man who wrote an article in which he compared gay married to bestiality and used the phrase “tank topped bum boys”. Is there a context in which the words he’s used are not offensive?

He stumbled badly when asked about the NHS. Asserted yet again that he’s building 40 hospitals. In his head. A questioner who identified herself as someone who worked in the NHS said “you’re lying to us.” All he could do was to attack the Labour party. Another question about trust. Another round of applause from the audience. He tried to get back to when he was mayor of London. This is a question about the NHS and he wants to go on about London transport and getting Brexit done. More groans. It was ten years ago that he was mayor of London. Ten. Years. Ago. He’s had other jobs since and he was crap at them. Oh god, he said “oven ready”. The Tories in the audience cheer.

That’s it. It’s over. And if this is what the British political system has to offer us, it’s all over for the UK. The only credible performer there was the one who wants Scotland to become independent. Sturgeon won convincingly, Corbyn did credibly well despite some aggressive questioning. Johnson was his usual bumbling lying fnaugh-fnaughing self, and Swinson was a car crash.

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67 thoughts on “Fnaugh-fnaughing and Swinson car crashes

    • I had it As Ms Sturgeon well ahead, Mr Corbyn second although a fair amount behind. It was a toss-up for the very distant third and last but, I think Ms Swinson, edged out Mr Johnson, who was appalling. She did actually answer some questions and did try to address the questions. Mr Johnson simply waffled unconvincingly. Ms Bruce rarely pushed him to answer the questions. He was the only one who was jeered and the ‘applause’ as he left was clearly from plants: Mentorn is a Tory run organisation.

      I think it is clear that the Johnson performance was dire because the BBC did not talk about it. It focused on Mr Corbyn’s statement (a defensible one) that he would remain ‘neutral’ in a Euro referendum. This will be the right wing press headline. It focussed on Ms Sturgeon’s possible ‘deal’ with Mr Corbyn post election. And it mentioned the hard time Ms Swinson was given. Of Johnson? – not a dicky bird. Talk about a silence speaking volumes!

      He was even worse than I had wished for!

      • To be fair, I do not disagree with anything you’ve said here.

        I just find the whole situation so frustrating and, ultimately, disheartening.

        Not least due to some of the narrow minded opinions of the voting public present, let alone the politicians on display.

        Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens come the 12th.

        As for Boris … I don’t think I have the words! 😩🖤

  1. A perfect summary Paul. I wonder if there’s a possibility Ms Swinson’s time in the limelight won’t do her any favours come 12/12. Fingers crossed.

  2. The tory tactical voters of East Dunbartonshire will really have to peg their noses after that performance by Swindon tonight. But peg they will. Duty after all. Anything to protect the precious union. Tory tactical voters lost their souls many moons ago. 🙂

  3. All the comments from the main news channels are complete pish ! They are lumping
    Nicola Sturgeon in with the three stooges and discussing how they all came across to ”the country” , and suggesting that the ‘debate’ has not improved any of their chances of winning the election . FFS !
    Why won’t any of these London-centric nobs take their head out of their arseholes and realise that Nicola Sturgeon is not there vying to win the Westminster election against but to stand up for Scotland as it is totally ignored by these so called ‘democrats ‘.
    These ‘democrats’ have to be constantly reminded what the bloody word means !

    • This,as usual,is an election for the government of England so no surprises that Scottish political representatives are regarded as a side show.
      Until the SNP came along,they could pretend that we were all one happy family under Westminster rule.
      No longer and of course it is all the fault of the SNP that many Scots are now seeing the light and rejecting this view.

      • But, bringiton, BBC Scotland are running a ‘Leaders’ Debate’ two days before the election.
        The Hon. Sarah Smith, whose mother the Baroness, and one of her sisters, and Chief Executive Kezia Dugadle run the Former Labour Leader John Smith’s(her dad) Think Tank, who was married on Iona in 2007 by Wendy and Douglas Alexander’s dad, the very Rev, will without bias ‘chair’ this final SNP BAD broadcast of parochial nonsense.

        I’d imagine that Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard and Willie Rennie will be on to represent the Scottish Branch Offices of the English Brit Nat Blue Red and Yellow Tories, with perhaps Patrick Harvie on for the Greens.

        None of these third division jumped up councillors have any skin in the game.

        Apart from wee Patrick, they have no authority, no standing, and lack any experience at all of running the Branch Office Tea Club, never mind discuss and debate UK wide Finance, Health, Foreign Policy, Brexit, or the Thames Barrier maintenance.

        There is absolutely no reason why the BBC in Scotland would offer us, the electorate, this frankly woeful bunch of gravytrainers to examine in any depth the issues and promises set out in UK Manifestos.

        I sincerely hope that Nicola Sturgeon has turned down Donalda Mac Kinnon’s bear trap of a programme.

        I recall the Gordon Brewer stitch up during Indyref One.

        This has all the hall marks of a Get Nicola Sturgeon evening, days before the vote.

        Now, if they offer us Alister Jack, Jo Swinson (Berasden and Milngavie) Lesley Laird (or is it Lindsay?) and Ian Blackford, then we might tune in.

        Willie Rennie is the ‘leader’ of 4 MSPs, Leonard leads Johan Lamont, Jim Kelly, Iain Gray, Monica Lennon, and Aex Rowlay, to name but a few, and Jackson Carlaw ‘leads’ Miles Briggs, Murdo Fraser, Annie Wells and Richard Mountain, to name yet again a few, a few bunch of political nobodies.

        Why would the Scottish public tune in to hear their political pearls of wisdom?

        It will be the usual Better Together nonsense with Smith making sure that Project Fear gets re-released prior to the voting booths opening.

        My advice to the SNP and Greens; refuse to take part.
        Send a haggis and a thistle instead.
        I have no doubt that there will be an hour in ‘The Spin Room’ afterwards with Sevvie, Linklater, Massie, Hutcheon, Clegg, and the rest of the Brit Nat Dead Tree scrolls declaring the winner.

        And of course Rurh Davidson, holding back the tears, and Kezia Think Tank giving us their unbiased analysis of how badly Nicola Sturgeon did.
        Paul, once again, our eternal gratitude for sitting through this circus on our behalf.
        Swinson is surely toast now.

        • You are spot on as usual Jack. I have been worrying about the SNP falling into the well sign posted BBC election traps for sometime in this election. In the 2017 election, they fell headlong into a trap constructed by the usual suspect unionists from Pacific Quay. Presented by the hideous Glenn Campbell with an aggressive and hateful group of about 20 psychos in the audience. It wasn’t even a mixed audience, it looked like they had collected every SNP bad plant from years of BBC Question Time audiences.
          They were of course impervious to Nicola and were very nasty to her, with at the same time Campbell noisily interrupting her with undermining questions. Being attacked like that is not a good look, no matter how competent Nicola is. Apart from anything else, she should think of her supporters blood pressure, as they boot their TVs, switch off, or throw them out of the window.

  4. Yep, just caught up with it and concur completely with your synopsis…
    Sturgeon was the clear winner again on the podium with Corbyn second, not that this will make it through the MSM or YouGov massaging routine… A few surprising Scots voices in the audience but otherwise fairly balanced, have Mentorn been bypassed ?
    The dominant ignorance over the Scottish situation did not surprise, the old chestnuts of deficit and spanish veto still dominate thinking, but at least the obligatory euro didn’t get an airing…
    I’m convinced more Scots know about the politics and situation in England than vice versa, and when they aren’t bothered to find out, they shouldn’t complain if we depart…

  5. Well it was nice to hear some pro-Indy voices in the audience for a change, did they sneak in by accident or did Nicola smuggle them in with her laundry ?

    Same old Brit-Nat propaganda unfortunately, apparently Glasgow has a huge problem with knife crime – must tell the Violence Reduction Unit when they get back from advising the Met on…..err….reducing knife crime

    Drug deaths ? Well drug legislation is reserved so………

    And then we have FullFact checking out Nicola’s explanation of Scotland’s deficit & saying it’s not really Westminster’s fault because we have tax raising powers of upto 29% so what’s all that rubbish about not having the economic levers for growth ??? Eh, how’s about Corporate Tax, VAT, Employment Law, Immigration Law, control over the minimum wage etc etc etc

    I have to say if I lived in England I’d vote for Corbyn, he came across reasonably well tonight & at least sounded at if he cared

    Jo Swingball – jeezus, just No

    And Johnson just lies, lies & lies some more

    Fortunately I am in Scotland and my vote belongs to Nicola (via Allan Dorans in Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock)

    Indy is coming

    • Agreed – The audience were not the usual indy-hostile assembly, but flawed perceptions of Scottish life prevail. Poorly performing education and NHS, druggies and drunks everywhere dodging tooled up mobs on deep fried Mars bar overload… MSM and politicians have deliberately misinformed at every turn, how we reset those misconceptions against a Daily Fail onslaught is a real challenge.
      Sturgeon could have hammered the point home that Holyrood can only work within the parameters dictated by Westminster in relation to the “safe-rooms” issue, but she didn’t.
      Her exchange with the recovering drug addict requesting her contact details to follow up, conveyed a genuine willingness to engage clearly lacking with the rest, part of the reason she enjoys considerable kudos and respect across England and elsewhere.
      What jumped out was Bruce’s attempt to draw hypocritical comparative between supporting a confirmatory Brexit referendum but not one following Indy2. As this had been explained at length before Bruce asked the question, Bruce’s colours showed.
      On the “deficit” issue for Scotland, Sturgeon could have gone for the jugular by contrasting Scotland’s reduction with the UK’s 20%+ increase, but she did not.
      Lost opportunities aside, the most impressive of the bunch, Scots will elect Sturgeon for sure, and with a bit of luck, SNP can ensure Swinson’s northern commutes are unnecessary.
      Hopefully Corbyn overcomes the MSM smear campaign and gets elected in England, the prospects with either of the other two are simply too grim to contemplate…

  6. A very very accurate summary of the 2 hour programme.

    I would rate Sturgeon as the best performer by a country mile.

    Corbyn. I would rank in second place. He got off to a rocky start but finished well.

    Swinson and Johnson – who to put in bottom place. They were both very poor but due to being reminded about Johnsons racist and homophobic remarks I very reluctantly give third place to Swinson the leader of the Lib Dems. Swinson looked out of her depth.

    Johnson is starting to look like that he is on the same trajectory as the Maybot in the 2017 – downwards. He is not looking the superstar campaigner the Tory MPs and members who picked him were expecting.

    There was a very obvious rearguard operation by the BBC to minimise the damage done to the UK Union by this programme.

    BBC Newsnight later on had their reporter Nick Watt do a report summarising how the party leaders performed. Sturgeon was not even mentioned. Yes that’s right the other 3 were all analysed in detail but the words Sturgeon, First Minister or SNP did not pass his lips. Funny that as a great big picture of Sturgeon and the other 3 leaders were in studio backdrop.

    Reporting Scotland obviously could not bring themselves to praise Sturgeon so in a very brief report they just said all the party leaders encountered some difficult questions.

    Perhaps we in Scotland should not complain because in this UK general Election Leaders debates Wales and N.Ireland never got a mention.

    It’s clear England sees the GE as an English affair so why does everyone bother with this UK Union pretence let’s just call it quits with this old Union and I am sure England Wales Ireland and Scotland will all be happier and get on a lot better than at present.

    Time to terminate the Treaty of Union 1707.

  7. Excellent summary Paul and isn’t it hellish that we have to subject ourselves to watching this pathetic Unionist cr*p on a Friday night to keep on top of the BBC’s propaganda garbage? Not for much longer hopefully.

    The surprise of the night, for me, has to be that the audience was to some extent fairly well informed (except in relation to Scottish issues).

    Corbyn, for once, managed to get his points across without being totally trashed by a BBC audience.

    Swinson? Well as expected she was exposed as being a callous, sneaky, wee Tory charlatan, liar and hypocrite. How the Libdems must be wishing that Cable had remained on as leader to get them through this GE. If I’d been there I would have pointed out that the Libdem’s ability to revoke Article 50 was down to six Scots, none of whom were Libdems, and yet we Scots aren’t in a position to use it. Nor it would seem is there a mechanism for us to use a form of A50 to get out of this bl**dy Union. Ruth Davidson must have been watching that programme, Swinson slaughter, and thanking God that wee Finn most conveniently gave her a way out of the same sort of toe curling, hair raising, squirming demise.

    Boris Johnston came across as the ultra-corrupt, blustering, lying, racist and mysogynistic, disheveled looking idiot that he is. A sad inditement of the thousands (millions?) of ignoramuses who support an …. eh …. ignoramus. He says there’s nothing to hide in the Russian report but ….. he’s hiding it. Says it all.

    Nicola Sturgeon was the **STAR** of the show, as usual, and you can see why they won’t unleash her on LBJ to rip him apart. I just loved to see the look on Fiona Bruce’s face (totally astonished and turning to look back at the audience) when the audience right off applauded and whooped Nicola Sturgeon’s comments about LBJ. Was FB, and the BBC, hoping that an English audience would demolish her? Nicola telling them later that her granny was English (from an area treated like sh*t by Westminster too) with relatives still living in England was a good move. Wee Fiona was on the BBC propaganda ball when she jumped in to shut NS up when she started to diss the so-called deficit. The Scotland too poor myth. So obvious that folks north and south of the border would see right through it.

    Someone, an English woman, being interviewed on BBC news later stated that she wished she could vote for Nicola Sturgeon. A slip up BBC?

    Later again, Emma Barnett on Newsnight interviewed two individuals from the Labour Party and Libdems (missed the beginning … LBJ?) for quite some, but when Stewart Hosie was interviewed and demolished her arguments big time he was given short shrift and bumped off. The panel at the end of the programme discussed Johnston’s, Corbyn’s and Swinson’s performance. End of. Nicola Sturgeon never got a mention.

    If only, if only we had control over broadcasting we would be out of this Union in the blink of an eye.

  8. A final comment on the leaders debate. To all the independence supporters who complain about Sturgeon – would you prefer one of the 3 other diddies to be party leader. Get real. So she doesn’t do or say everything you would prefer – I personally don’t like the way she and the SNP answer this Scotland deficit nonsense question – but she is a far superior party leader than anyone else. We should count our blessings we don’t have a diddy like Leonard as party leader.

  9. Most of the Independence supporters who complain, especially incessantly. about Nicola Sturgeon probably aren’t Independence supporters at all, Cubby. And that includes some so-called Independence bloggers who are doing their utmost to turn the Scots against her.

    Supporting Nicola Sturgeon = Independence.

    Doing her down = remaining in the Union.

    Time to take your pick. Or then again you can open the box and get a wee surprise when Leonard, Rennie or Carlaw pop out.

  10. I don’t understand why anyone who wants independence could have a problem with Nicola Sturgeon. She is the movement’s strongest asset. She is known and respected all over Europe and the wider world including here in Australia as being a strong articulate woman leader from the same mould as Jacinta Ardern in New Zealand. The movement must unite behind her and the SNP. Once independence is won then new parties and voices will emerge as opposition to the SNP… there will be plenty of time for debate and disagreement in the new Scotland. Stay tight and win the fight.✊

    • Not only is she the best asset for Scottish independence she does a brilliant job at running the Scottish government and delivering for the Scottish people.

  11. On the nail.

    Just noted that the FM was airbrushed out of a Sky news summary of the events this morning. Not entirely shocked to be honest. Scotland’s population are regularly airbrushed out of … well… everything.

    We’re relegated to the position of ‘region’ at best, whingers and grievance mongers at worst. Mind you. We’re looking at politicians, their ever so dedicated (see under disingenuous) hingers oan and a LOT of people throughout the UK’s populations who have been spoon fed a VERY misleading narrative.

    Just so we’re crystal clear.

    1. Scotland IS a country and its population have inalienable democratic rights
    2. There IS a massive democratic deficit grievance to answer
    3. The buck does stop with Westminster government on the current state of UK politics/society/economy (see under ‘You’re the government in charge or you’re not’)
    4. It’s not a good look for Westminster politicians or the meeja to wilfully ignore and/or mislead on points 1, 2 and 3

    Probably worth a thought.

  12. And the Tories (especially in Scotland), stand agog, eyes wide, mouths open, as their Leader/Prince/Fuerer smirkingly assures them “better times a-comin’, for us rich white folks at least”. Scotland? “Its our last colony”!

  13. Great post Paul. Of course our FM was by far the best, she knows how to communicate with people. LBJ only knows how to rant, rave, stomp his feet and point his finger during his tantrums in WM. Give JC his due, he managed to stay on a reasonable level of talk…but as for the big mooth…hell’s teeth could be far more orally productive.

    • The thing that jumped out at me was when Johnson was talking about the flood victims. I was aware there was a promise from Johnson that each household would be given a derisory £500 in compensation for flood damage. When he was questioned about the floods he mentioned a figure of £5000, not £500.
      I thought this must have been a new announcement I had missed. As the classic Beatles song said, I should have known better. After checking the UK Gov. site I found the compensation sum is still £500.
      In the situation he found himself in, a hostile audience who were going to be even more hostile if he mentioned the inadequate £500, he decided to blurt out the £5000 figure. So, out he comes with this huge lie on National television in the hope it will save him from more abuse from the audience.
      However, he tells so many lies that this is another one that has flown under the radar. He knows there is no antagonistic media waiting for him to slip up, so again he gets away with it.

  14. Ok, I’ll go with those here who said that my SECOND Leader (Note to MSM – she’s not running for Westminster) won this so-called ‘UK Leaders’ National Debate’. You can count yourselves lucky, Scotland that she managed to get an appearance and present her case as competently as she could.

    But as this is a ‘precious Union’ of the ‘awesome foursome’, where were Adam or Liz or Arlene? Are we not also equal, respected parts of this, the most successful Union, ever?

    Aye, right.

    Tune in next time to more of the same – but not for viewers in Wales or NI.

    • I noted that point in my post above. Not a word about N. Ireland or Wales. Scotland Wales and N.Ireland only ever get a mention when they are a problem for England.

      It’s time for the four countries of the UK to go their own way. No more of this crap about fighting together in WW2 as a country. My father fought his way through France and Germany after D day for freedom and democracy. The right to choose our own future not have it imposed on us by Hitler or Johnson.

      He did not fight for a UK Union/British Empire that disrespects and steals from Scotland. Steals its democracy and resources.

    • This is the fundamental problem with UK politics WS, it is anglo-centric through electoral majority, the media’s focus is on who are perceived to hold power or it’s balance in Westminster, thereby affecting that electoral majority.

  15. One thing from last night that is concerning is something I have mentioned before.
    There seems to be no answer as to what will happen when a vote for Independence is rejected by The Tories in Westminster (which despite what Labour supporters say about what happened in 2017, is 90% certain that they will win The GE)
    If there is a vote without Westminster’s consent, I do unfortunately feel it could tip the balance in remaining in The Union.

    • Sturgeon was invited to disclose plan B and resisted, but she did make the point that the current “understanding” is not legally tested. She has insisted on a legally recognised binding agreement, which suggests in the event of a formal request and refusal plan, legal challenge would follow.
      Doing so when the Charlatan/etc chaos is unravelling could prove interesting in terms of public support…

  16. Brilliant Paul, as ever. I won’t watch, so nice to hear a real account of proceedings.

    I loved your summary of Swainson…

    “It wasn’t so much a car crash as a car crashing into an oil tanker that went on fire and exploded against a nuclear power plant causing a meltdown which triggered an earthquake and then set off a tsunami.”

    What you might call Carmageddon, or perhaps the outcome being Karmageddon!

  17. The front page of today’s National:

    First Minister is a clear winner in Leaders TV Debate

    Sub headings:

    Sturgeon stands out as impressive performance on Question Time special puts the rest in shade

    SNP chief hailed as star of the show by social media users while Swinson is branded a flop

    What do the Britnat papers say about the leaders debate on their front page – a big fat nothing – zilch. Pretty much confirms that they also saw Sturgeon easily winning and decided best approach is just to ignore it.

    • Not able to get hold of The National for love nor money in my part of Edin, mostly Tory…until about a week ago there were loads left on shelves even later in the day, now, non. My theory is that this part of Edin New town have Tory activists buying them all up first thing! They can afford it!

      Excellent article, seeing a few Brtnats ( including as people have pointed out, ‘FullFact’ (dubious to say the least!) attempting to undermine N.Sturgeon’s popularity by making negative comments about drugs etc, no mention of reserved powers. Next time any SNP poilitician gets an opportunity re Q & A’s on tv, make sure to ask the audience or other Britnat politicians which/how many powers are reserved to Westminster, ie Eng gov in London!

      Most people south of the border are completely unaware ( to be kind as I know the media has done a major job on the mass belief in the Scotland subsidy myth,( ‘wi-aye but we pay for yous to have free prescriptions and tuition fees like!’ er, no you don’t) !abour what devolution is or what it means and what’s devolved and what’s reserved to their own actual government, the one which THEY vote in.

      Maybe we need a reversal, politicians get to ask the audience questions, like one of those game shows with a buzzer! Only partly joking!

      Just to see how much people do know about politics in the ‘UK’ given it’s quite bizarre and unique system where UK is made of up four nations, with certain limited powers, and three of them working within certain constraints of also having an actual centrally controlled, much more powerful government as well! I bet most people in England do not know that Scotland does not have broadcasting powers, I know my friends in England were aghast when I told them that immigration is a reserved power and that therefore Scotland is not ‘throwing people out’ as they were led to believe and all too ready to go full tonto with more SNP bad as a result of their own ignorance.

      They have NO idea about the economics of it all, and that’s hard enough for us in Scotland to get our heads around, so no wonder, the English elite are really quite canny aren’t they, cunning and canny, in other words experts at deception.

      The Britnat in the media are bloody terrified of showing people in Scotland and in England, just exactly what the SNP are made of, and the grand job they are doing to improve the lives of the people of Scotland against huge odds and after 300+ years of subservience and actually under the surface oppression ( at times on the surface), and the by and large excellent calibre of politicians that make up the SNP.

      Let’s see what the Britnats come up with next, they won’t like what was seen and heard by many more people last night re Nicola’s performance. Suck it up Britnats.

    • Ah, a Tory anti-Labour activist, that explains trying the “personal disgust” line to keep the antisemitic smear campaign going…
      I refuse to believe QT don’t keep a database of audience members and questioners to ensure no duplication, ergo he’s a plant, albeit now wilting through excellent detective work..

      • Bob,

        When I applied (successfully as it turned out) to join the local QT audience here (as a card-carrying SNP Member some years ago – Mentorn oblige you to disclose Political Party allegiance), in the small print they mentioned the kept your details for 3 years.

        Further, readers here will all to familiar with the Alison Pedley/Britain First/QT axis.


        • Cheers WS, I was aware of the Mentorn aspect previously, but the point remains the output is broadcast by the Beeb and thereby THEY are responsible. They cannot subcontract or lease their charter and self proclaimed responsibility “to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain”.
          Short of a live show of Johnson being let loose on a bunch of hungry lions, they cannot fulfill their obligations…

      • Well, more power to the attentive and on-the-ball identifying them Petra…
        Just as Orange Jaiket Man, Jacobsz is now exposed and out of commission, and the evidence of the company’s collusion for political ends mounts….

        • The BBC versus social media, Bob, and the membership of the latter is rising daily with “new” propaganda stories being discussed and the “older” ones being dredged up and mulled over constantly now. Who’ll win the battle I wonder … NOT.

          • Thanks for that WS. Everyone should check out your first link, the video and the embedded link that shows that Jacobsz has been a main player in relation to the anti-Semitic attacks on Corbyn. The BBC, and Fiona Bruce, must have known about this and it just stinks to high heaven. Too bad that Jeremy Corbyn, who surely knows who he is too, didn’t out the sneaky bast*rd in the most public of ways.

          • Thanks Sion – wow, just wow! You’d think the clever researchers with BBC QT would have the same access to the internet as you and I, but it appears not. Bridgden & Francois. Who would have thought, eh?

          • He’s originally from South Africa – hence the comments about his ‘strange’ accent. (Hull Daily Mail link).

            Interesting what you can find if you google something, Particularly interesting is that the info. I unearthed came from “Ryan Jacobz”. If you google “Ryan Jacobz” and “Question Time” – the links misspell his name as “Jacobs” and are from those praising his contribution in “taking down” [sic] Corbyn. See the results from e.g. the Daily Mail and the Sun and Telegraph in this regard – none of which (naturally) refer to things mentioned in the articles I gave you.

            Google indeed can be your friend if you know how to play the system.


          • I really don’t trust the internet these days – just look at “Philip Cross’s” recent activity after the Prince Andrew interview last weekend. Integrity Initiative et al – they realise the risk of open source global communication – and they’re poisoning it. Factor in the patently obvious MSM bias/manipulation/propaganda – like this bloke on the BBC being just one example and you think fuck this for a game o’ sodjers. Which is precisely the objective.

            Weird – I was looking on youtube for some videos on 9/11 recently and discovered most of the old links I had now came up as deleted accounts. From 47 links, only three still remained active – and none had associated topic links. Many of the youtube videos on Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan have also been removed. This stuff on thee BBC is simply institutional bias – it’s the deliberate manipulation and misinformation that is truly pervasive.

          • Ooof WS, that Sir is a first class post, bravo…
            So essentially the Kray Twins (Bridgen and Francois), stir the shit alongside a “concerned member of the public” (aka arsehole in a white shirt with an accent worse than Jo Nuclear) to attack Corbyn as Opposition Leader using the declaration rules and system in Westminster. Strewth… Of course, none of this is repeated on MSM..
            Yet this mercenary has sufficient time and clearance to turn up on QT as a tourist, repeatedly ? Nobody noticed? Damned sure the studio crew know him by name as does Johnson, probably has his cellphone number.
            Thanks for that WS, it really was an education seeing just how far this shitfest extends, and here was I thinking the Daily Fail was as low as “democracy” could get…

        • BBC caught editing out the laughing at Johnson, and inserting words into places in his responses where he never said them!!

  18. I don’t know if this has been mentioned above, but I thought the best part was when the woman who admitted to being a former drug user was asked by Nicola to speak to her afterwards and help with her experiences.

    • That example, topcop, exemplified the genuine interest and compassionate nature of our leader. As soon as she asked that girl to meet up with her after the “debate” I knew that LBJ’s advisors would tell him to do so too, which he did with someone else.

      More than anything I loved seeing that girl’s face light up when Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged that she, an ex-drug addict, had something to offer in helping others. The norm for her I would imagine would be total dismissal and even contempt from many ordinary individuals, never mind a politician.

      I know I say this over and over again, but how lucky are we to have such a leader, especially at this time in our history. If Carlaw, Rennie or Leonard were in her place right now this country would be truly finished and yet we’ve got some so-called independence supporters and blogsite owners constantly trying to undermine her.

  19. Thanks for that Mark. Can anyone remember if he had anything to say about Scottish Independence or was he there to get into Corbyn’s ribs?

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