A Tory vote is a vote for a liar telling lies

Nicola Sturgeon has an article in today’s edition of The Observer newspaper in which she sets out her opposition to Trident and explains why she would never press the nuclear button. It’s a pretty strong indictment of how far from the moral high ground that British politics has fallen that a party leader has to explain why they think it’s wrong to evaporate hundreds of thousands of people, condemn millions more to slow lingering death, destroy cities, and pollute the planet with radioactive fallout risking the end of civilisation. It’s an even greater indictment that she’s being criticised for stating her opposition to killing millions of people. It’s the greatest indictment of all that suitability for leadership in the UK is predicated upon a person’s willingness to commit mass murder and use weapons of mass destruction. What does that tell us about the moral character of the British state? Nothing good.

You’d think that opposing mass death and destruction ought to belong to the category of things that were obvious. Like it should be obvious that you think that burning innocent people to death and condemning the survivors to cancer and to bear children with horrifying deformities, because a minority amongst them voted for a self-serving avaricious idiot as the leader of their country. But not in the UK. Oh no. They deserve all they get, because they’re foreign.

Likewise it should belong to the category of obvious things that a party leader who is incapable of telling the truth about the number of children that he’s got, who built an entire career out of lying in the pages of The Telegraph newspaper, and who has lied repeatedly in the few short – but seemingly so long – week that he’s been Prime Minister cannot be trusted to keep any of the promises which are now so copiously and frequently falling from his fat lying lips. But not in the UK. Oh no. Will of the people. Get Brexit done. Oven ready just add water. The destructive liar who’s prepared to press the nuclear button is regarded as being a more serious contender for leadership than someone who baulks at the idea of mass destruction.

Today, Sunday, the Conservatives revealed their manifesto. Answers on a postcard about why they bothered, as everything that Boris Johnson has said to date has been a lie, so it’s not really clear why this manifesto is going to be any different. It only has one purpose, to get the Conservatives through the next couple of weeks, to secure them a majority on 12 December, then it will join the long list of lies and broken promises already made by a man who lies about what his name is.

Even the campaign slogan for the Conservatives is a lie. Brexit will not get done by the end of January even with a majority Tory government in Westminster. The UK leaving the EU at the end of January next year won’t mean that Brexit is done. It means that Brexit is only just beginning. The divorce might be agreed, but there is still no agreement on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. Those negotiations are going to be even more brutal for the UK than the divorce agreement has been, because the UK will by then be a third country as far the EU is concerned, and because the Conservatives are still being fundamentally dishonest about the kind of relationship that they seek.

We will be back to deadlines, to Brexit clocks in the corner of TV news screens, to approaching cliff edges. If the UK is to remain closely aligned to the EU then that will entail an acceptance of EU standards and regulations that are anathema to the Brextremists. The trade deal will need to be done by December next year, but it will not be carried out under Article 50, but rather Article 218. It will have to be ratified individually by each EU member state, and by certain regional assemblies within some of those states. Wallonia in Belgium held up the trade deal with Canada. If any one of those blocks the deal, we’ll be back to the risk of crashing out with no deal unless the Prime Minister asks for another extension. Brexit will dominate 2020. It will dominate British politics for years to come. Get Brexit done is a lie repeated by man who lied when he said he believes that truth in politics is important.

The tragedy for the UK is that it appears, if polling is anything to go by, that the Conservatives are likely to win that majority that Boris Lying Johson craves so much. He’ll use it to take the UK out of the EU at the end of January, then will piss away 2020 pretending to negotiate a trade deal. He’ll use his majority to castigate the poor for the sins of the rich, and we’ll see even more homelessness, more foodbanks, more sticking plasters on open gaping wounds in the body politic.

Boris Johnson will use his majority to tell Scotland to get back into the shortbread tin. We will see a return to the era of the 1980s, when Thatcher ran roughshod over the will of the Scottish people. Only this time with Brexit, with threats to the integrity of the NHS, with a government full of liars and opportunists who lie shamelessly and often. The rising public anger within a Scotland that’s been torn out of the EU and into a Tory dystopia will only fuel demands for independence.

The next Conservative government will be a government which will destroy any pretence that Scotland is a partner in a union. It’s a government which will make Scottish independence inevitable, although the road is a rocky one. They’re not going to make it easy for us but we shall win in the end. Buried away in today’s news is a Scottish opinion poll which showed that 45% of people in Scotland believe that independence will be a great opportunity for Scotland, as opposed to 37% who think independence will make Scotland worse off. Only 24% think that Brexit provides an opportunity for Scotland. We’re winning the economic argument. We’re winning the argument about democracy. We’re winning the argument about morality. Independence is only a matter of time. The first necessary step to that goal is to keep calm and vote SNP on 12 December.

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46 thoughts on “A Tory vote is a vote for a liar telling lies

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  2. I’ll be voting SNP but I’ll not stay calm. I’ll be calling out the unionist parties and their MSM shills angrily before, during and after this election,for the lying hypocrits that they are.

  3. It will be a total tragedy…..

    But we are prepared and ready to continue the struggle… theTories will by their future actions, gift us a majority

  4. Well you’ve got to do some digging to find the article by Nicola. Eventually you’ll find a link to it next to an article by Severin Carrell, the Scotland editor whose main qualification for the job seems to be an expertise in negative spinning of anything he can lay his hands on about Scotland.

  5. The media are pushing the line that the Tory manifesto ( lies to you and me ! ) is a ”steady as you go ” set of policies , hence no great spending pledges .
    This translates as : ” We have had Tory austerity for nearly ten years in which the poor have been hard hit , welfare reduced , the NHS on life-support and the rich have got immeasurably richer . So we are basically going to maintain this trend ! ”

    And the poor , deluded voters in so many areas of England are fine with this . On one news program today a woman voter said ”Oh, I don’t trust Boris , but I like him so I will support him .”
    FFS ! What do you do in the face of such idiocy ?

  6. The Tory manifesto is not so much oven ready as more toaster ready.
    Get Brexit done,well done.
    They continue to pretend that England is the UK and that Scotland doesn’t exist.
    That is a decision for Scottish voters to decide and not England’s Tories.
    Which war has the UK’s nuclear deterrent prevented from happening?
    All lies of course,it simply allows the British establishment a seat at the top table and continues their sense of self importance and entitlement.
    They can no longer afford these trinkets and there is little purpose in continuing to pretend global reach,especially after the Brexit fiasco.
    The Chinese and the Russians are now saying to the UK “You and whose army?”.

  7. The Tory vote is holding up unfortunately. I say unfortunately not only because of what the Tory party is but because of why it is holding up. Non Tories are actually voting for this shite in reasonable numbers due to Brexit and that vote includes people who have voted for the SNP. Sad as feck but true. We are a wee bit away from our goal yet folks I am afraid. It needs to get worse before it will get better. The press have a lot to answer for in this country. Our NO voting pensioners think Brexit from the EU is necessary but Independence from an amoral state is scary. Our central goal of being an Independent country isn’t seen as necessary. No matter the feck up the British state gets a free pass every time from at least 35% of our population.

  8. I don’t do keep calm I’m jockanees.
    Only two emotional states.
    Lets have a party.
    Lets get tore inty thum.

    I might be a Beatles song (64) I can still take to the heather if necessary.

  9. Britnats lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything.

    Idiots vote and most of them vote all the time for the Britnats.

  10. There are lies, damned lies, and BBC Sunday Politics Scotland.

    I tuned in hoping to get the up to date gen on the Parties’ pitches.

    Perhaps short snappy interviews with Jo SWi.. oh wait, she’s hiding out in London..Alistair Carmichael maybe, Alister Jack SoS ,and the name that is on everyone’s lips, that household name, the Shadow Sos and the Red Tories’ great Tartan Hope, Lindsay or is it Leslie? Laird, and perhaps an Iain Blackford, or Philippa Whitford….

    But no, there was dusty old Hang On A Minute Brewer, demanding that Jeane Freeman and the CEO of Glasgow and Clyde HB resign.

    For the thick end of a dozen minutes he demanded answers, most of which Freeman was not in a position to give; he referred to the Southern General being in ‘special measures’, an English HS status, not that he cared.

    He had a dead infants scandal to dangle in the face of a Nat and he was demanding answers!!!!!

    What a tawdry wee piece of SNP Baddery over the tragic deaths of children.

    Can anyone seriously imagine Miles Briggs or Neil Findlay ever being in the chair as Health Secretary? Of course not.

    The BBC Ministry of Truth Up Here is already turning their Better Together guns on The Nats.

    How’s this for a line up?

    Brewer’s ‘guests’ to discuss the polls and the week’s events.

    Angela Haggerty, of Common Weal repute, presumably giving the Independence slant; Dame Anne McGuire, one of Tony Blair’s New Labour Babes, Ramsay Jones, the Blue Tory who advised Cameron on Offshore Jersey Accounts, and Siobhan Mathers, of the Think Feckin’ Tank Reform, whose members also include Tom Harris, to give us the Lib Dem view of the world.
    A bunch of Nobody Has-Beens still with their snouts in the trough.

    Yet more of my licence money poured down the appearance money toilet.

    What a waste of half an hour.

    But of course that was the aim.

    There is no way that the Red Blue and Yellow Tories are going to allow Carmichael, Jack, or Laird to appear on telly, even if Hang On A Minute Toodle Oo The Noo or Glenn would give them a relatively easy ride.

    We are being lied to, and denied access to the truth by the Ministry of Truth Stockade on the Clyde.

    I repeat, the SNP and Greens should politely refuse to appear on Scottish TV channels.

    Well, the Brit Nats managed to get through another week end without appearing on telly.

    Gordon Brewer, there are some who may consider that you are a disgrace, sir, to attempt to make political capital for your Brit Nat pals, on the back of the tragic deaths of infants.

    There are no depths apparently to which they won’t sink to ensure that the country of their birth or adoption remains a colony of Posh Boy run England.

    The sooner we drive the BBC out of Scotland, the better.

    • Well said Jack. The BBC are controlling the narrative and giving it their all to distract, to demonise, and to influence voters any way they can in Scotland, to deter as many as possible from voting for the only party, the SNP, working for and protecting Scotland from the ever more dangerous Britnats, and their backward, insular, sinister far right wing agenda that is Brexit.

      Since Nicola Sturgeon FM appeared on TV and was so applauded, including by people in rUK, the BBC, and the rest of the British Nationalist propaganda driven media are going to get even more angry that their attempts to silence the SNP are not quite going to plan.

      It’s an utter disgrace to see such a competent and caring MSP, Jeanne Freeman, be treated in such a disgraceful and bullying manner, it really bloody is.

      Hell mend em, the BBC are like rabid dogs, they need putting down and once Scotland is independent, they need to be sent packing. They are an insult to anything resembling democracy and decency. You’ll get your commuppance one day BBC!

      • I say empty Propaganda Quay and turn it into flats for the homeless. It will then for the first time provide a useful service to the people of Scotland.

        • Cubby, from today’s 90 seconds of Scotland the Pits from BBC Breakfast on the Quay at 07.59 hrs.
          “Women left in pain following vaginal mesh implant operations are meeting the First Minister later.
          They’ll discuss a range of issues connected to problems with the surgery. The procedure was often used to treat problems with incontinence after childbirth but was suspended in all but exceptional circumstances in 2014.
          The women insist they’ve been left with life changing injuries and say they are looking for a range of commitments from Nicola Sturgeon.”

          Woman left with ‘life changing injuries’; What has Nicola sturgeon got to do with ‘ the range of medical commitments these unfortunate are looking for? Nothing.
          Woman in pain / Nicola Sturgeon. What’s she going to do about it?

          Drip drip drip.
          Unsurprisingly this smear by association was dropped from the 90 seconds bulletin just before nine.
          Btw England’s cricketers got pumped by New Zealand. Hold the front page.
          If the 6.30 bulletin at teatime features Carlaw Rennie and Leonard I’m cancelling my licence payment.
          Donalda MacKinnon must stand down.

    • Had mused at one stage whether this SNHS “scandal” was fabricated by the anti-indy lobby to divert Scots attention from more serious issues arising from Health Trusts in England, and goodness knows there are plenty of late…
      My late father opined that the worst place to be when you were sick was in hospital, you are potentially exposed to infections when at your weakest. This is a battle which has pre-occupied health care professionals and specialist constructors for decades and will continue for many more…

      To claim as Brewer did that public opinion over this “crisis” is against SNP and the Health Board based on headlines and press articles THEY promoted and continue to stoke is hypocrisy on stilts.
      To portray the QE as other than a class-leading medical complex because of management is not news but propaganda. No change in construction or management of surgical procedures will prevent risk of death, all that can be done is minimise the risks, and those involved excel at doing so.

      This campaign spearheaded by Sarwar and the Beeb is consciously abusing dead kids and mourning parents for naked political reasons, disgusting behaviour by Bitter Together and Pacifier Quay….

      • It certainly is disgusting behaviour by the Britnats but that is now their standard. It’s sad but people die in hospitals – always have and always will. I don’t remember McConnell and Mc leish being held responsible for deaths in hospital when they were FM. It is pure SNP bashing.

        The fact is that a whole range of superbugs like MRSA have been brought under control in Scottish hospitals. Not that the Britnat media would ever acknowledge that fact as it does not fit in with their Scotgov baaaad agenda.

        We can’t get rid of the Britnat media but we certainly can get rid of some of these Britnat politicians on the 12Dec.

        • Remember, Cubby, McConnell gave back over a billion to his pal Brown because he couldn’t find anything in Scotland to spend it on. That would be ‘Lord’ McConnell, the Great Socialist, to us serfs and Unwashed Scruff.

          They have been a corrupt wee gang for sixty years now.
          Time to flush the last vestiges of Brit Nat Fifth Columnists out of Scottish Society once and for all.

      • Agreed Cubby, but that will not dimish the unchallenged propaganda for which BBCS should be pilloried as well as the supporting acts like Carlaw who couldn’t master applying a sticking plaster without a diagram…
        Despite the dangers public perception is twisted to “SNP don’t care about dying kids”, I do wish Freeman etc would go more on the offensive and call out this smear campaign for what it is, a shabby abuse of deaths for party political purposes.
        eg – The inference that possible water contamination in the complex’s domestic supply was pivotal to infection of a sterile process would be dismissed out of hand by any clinician, yet the grieving parents are exploited over this nonsense, and is broadcast without challenge.
        It is disgraceful, but I disagree the media cannot be brought to heel… Depriving them of their revenue would hit them where their heart is, in their wallets…

        • Sorry to say but the only way to get rid of the Britnat media is independence. They will never devolve control of the media. It is the only thing they have left – lies, deceit and propaganda.

          They cannot and never do make any positive case for the UK Union because they know there isn’t one. It’s constant – Scotland is too wee too poor and too small – along with SNP baaaad.

          If not one person in Scotland paid the BBC TV poll tax they would all still be at it with their propaganda. Ultimately it is financed by Westminster. It’s amazing how many people think it makes the UK great that we pay such a TV watching tax when the rest of the world looks on in amazement at such a nonsense. Paying a tax to watch TV that broadcasts propaganda in to your home – not even the worst communist regimes ever tried that one. They went for free propaganda.

          In the past London built stockades and forts to control Scotland. The great big STV and BBC buildings on the Clyde are the modern day equivalent.

        • True. But the short term effect of a sudden en-masse cancellation of TV licences and zero newspaper sales would shrink a few sphincters… Not practicable I know, but a lovely thought nonetheless..

    • Captain Haggerty, the BBCs tame pet independence supporter. Guaranteed not to say that much about independence – a sell out. As bad as any house jock.

    • Thanks for the link Petra.
      We all know why people are going to vote for mr bumbling liar.
      The media are suppressing these performances by omission.
      The bumbling non answer to the fake news would have been all over the tv IF it had been given by corbyn.
      The snake oil salesman will get a majority then the brown stuff will hit the fans of doris and the rest of us.

      • The media may be suppressing them but the BoJo fakery is going the rounds on Facebook and Twitter big time.

        Sites such as this and similar through links from posters and actual articles make sure the news is out there.

        Thus the news gets out there despite the efforts of the media to hide it

    • Thanks for this, Petra.
      Over the next two and a bit weeks the Scottish Dead Tree Scrolls, and their Broadcast Ministry of Truth equivalent, the Winston Smiths of Big Boris’ Ministry of Truth, will flood newsprint and air time with the most massive Fourth Estate Fifth Column propaganda campaign of lies threats and smears ever mounted in a so called democracy.
      I could name the sinister list of hacks and broadcasters here, but I have no need. They will become household names very rapidly indeed.

      I am not exercising hyperbole when I assert that we are held in check by the Scottish Branch of the Brit Nat Establishment, where biased Anglo opinions replace facts, where smears and scandals, and Brit Nat ‘members of the public’, commuters, patients, and ‘critics’ against any Pro Independence news, are showcased in headlines, news items, BBC ‘investigations, to bombard our senses with the brainwashed ‘Scotland is a dustbin, the SNP are Bad, memes, day and night, week in week out.
      I sure hope I never get that hungry that I would deliberately lie, threaten, and distort, in the pay of an Oligarchy which by anyone’s measure, is hell bent on crushing Scotland and its people.

      What terrific work WGD, Prof Robertson, and you, Petra, are doing to counter the Brewers Taylors, Campbells, Hutcheons and Massies, the peddlers of lies and distortion.

      • I agree with you Jack now here comes the ” BUT ” how many people who dont normally follow Politics have your or folk posting here the understanding of what is going on not very many, i would imagine ,
        The only way the message can be heard by the general public is via the SNP they are the ones who have some access so instead of responding to the usual banal snpeee bad questions they need to even if it upsets the questioner let people know they are being lied to ,

        I have lost count of the many remarks on many independence supporting websites urging the SNP to get more aggressive with the media , who cares if it upsets the unionist supporting media they are not and never will be our friends so stop bloody indulging them , go for the throat ,

  11. Probably the worst part to this farce, is that people vote Tory knowing they are being lied to. That they’ve bought into the whole shit show of politics UK style.

    They might want to think about that.

    • “”They might want to think about that.””

      There is the problem right there. An awful lot of people don’t think. They are guided by their own narrow self-interest and an occasional scan of the headlines when they are in the supermarket. Thus they consider themselves well informed

      • Pretty much.

        Worse yet – Many refuse to accept that they get who and what they voted for, or that they simply don’t care. Probably both. Now mibbies that’s acceptable as an excuse once or twice in your life. But when someone continually and knowingly votes for those who have abused major demographics of their own populations? When they know the nature of the political class, the practice of politics… Well… doesn’t leave you many places to go for a logical conclusion really.

    • Macart selective amnesia and Dont give a f/k comes to mind when i read you comment and i am alright so bugger the rest ,A true Thatcher vision of Tory Britain me first . A lot of folk never learn until it starts to hurt them personally .

  12. Because that it’s such a dull ‘dreich’ Monday morning and my OA knees are aching, I decided through the wonders if i Player to scan through GMS and the Hour Car crash by Richard (Sorry Glasgow Equal Pay Campaigners ) Leonard’s ridiculous ‘Scottish’ Branch Office Leader phone-in on Call Kaye, to see what the hot news headlines are in Scotland The Pits, and how the Bad SNP are ruining the country.
    Well, old Emeritus Prof Hugh Pennington, Unionist of the NE, had not read the HSE Report on the state of play at QEUH but Gary Robertson gave him full throttle to condemn the regime at that hospital, and the three hours of GMS was peppered with headlines declaring that a ‘leading dermatologist’ criticised the regime, and demanded resignations.

    Only when somebody who knew what they were feckin’ talking about, Jason Leitch, our National Clinical Director was at last interviewed towards eight o’clock, did we get anywhere near the Truth, that the Hospital today was safe, and that it was a constant challenge to fight infections when dealing with seriously ill children.

    It didn’t of course stop BBC Factcheck repeating the ‘leading dermatologist’, a retired professor’s slur and verdict having not read the report, after Jason Leith’s interview.

    I observed earlier above that I would cease to pay the licence fee if Donalda MacKinnon forced her minions to subject us to the thoughts of so called Scottish ‘leaders’ of the Conservative and Unionist Party, the London registered Labour Party, and the Lib Dem Party, in a coordinated Scottish media confidence trick to shield the actual candidates for election to WM from public scrutiny.
    Well, there was Leonard, given a mauling by Robertson, but then allowed an hour’s airtime to answer questions on Call Me Kaye phone in.

    There were the usual plants, especially ‘Ryan’ from Grangemouth who asked how Richard Leonard would mitigate the obvious price increases in goods and services which would accrue because of a statutory hike in minimum wages.

    Waffle from Leonard about 1997 introduction of a minimum wage not leading to price rises or job losses. That was enough apparently for ‘Ryan’ a former SNP supporter to declare that he was now backing Leonard and Labour.

    There were other plants, but he did get both barrels on the Glasgow Labour Council’s expensive fight to deny equal pay for ten years, which Leonard declared he has since apologised for, the record of the NHS in Scotland being far superior to Labour run Wales, and England’s disastrous NHS record.

    When asked about Labour’s stance to renew Trident and threaten to kill millions of working class people in other countries, he squirmed and stuttered the tired old Putin Trump nonsense.
    He came across as a empty individual who could do nothing but repeat the slogans in their pamphlets.

    He actually declared that after 300 years of the Union, Scotland was the most unequal country in the know Universe, with 1% of Scots owning 50% of the wealth, and the land itself owned by just 342 families, and that only another 300 years of this Union would remedy this wrong.

    He came across as a bumbling idiot.

    I repeat, I demand to hear from politicians who are actually standing for WM, not this rag tag of Branch Office teaboys, shoved in our face by the Fourth Estate Fifth Column of Brit Nat Apologists.
    Even Murray’s seat is in jeopardy following this phone – in farce.

    Other pressing issues on 3 hours of Kaye?

    A chef wants to ban kids’ packed lunches.
    There are 320,000 children living in absolute WM Government engineered poverty in Scotland who won’t be getting wee Middle Class Treats like a bag of crisps and a choccie bar in their lunch box, Ms Adams.
    But you know that, don’t you?

    Stop using the tragic deaths of children as a political baseball bat.

    You are beneath contempt, and btw, your SNP smear campaign in having the opposite effect to that intended.
    If Jackson Carlaw appears on Distorting Scotland tonight on an indoor football pitch in Ayr wearing shorts and a Scotland top I may put my foot through the screen.

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