Holding power to account

Michael Gove said recently that a Conservative victory in the General Election would ‘cement’ Scotland’s place within the UK. What does that mean exactly? The Conservatives might well win the General Election in the UK, but they certainly won’t win it in Scotland. They are the second party, a second party that comes a very long way behind the SNP in vote share and number of seats, yet they’re a party which thinks that it possesses the absolute right to dictate to the people of Scotland about whether or not Scotland will be “allowed” to have a conversation with itself about its own future.

It is a shockingly anti-democratic stance for a party to take in what is supposed to be the mother of all democracies. Yet for the most part the media in Scotland and the UK doesn’t challenge them on this. It’s taken as a given that Westminster has the legal right to refuse Scotland a referendum. The moral and political right is never questioned. It is taken for granted that voters in the rest of the UK have the absolute right to dictate to Scotland what Scotland’s future is to be, taken for granted by the very same people who would howl in outrage about the supposed EUSSR if the EU had refused to allow the UK to hold a vote on its EU membership.

The Conservatives apparently have two positions on another independence referendum. There are those like Michael Gove who rule it out in perpetuity, because he doesn’t understand – or doesn’t care – that a union without consent is occupation. A union without consent is unsustainable, and when it does finally come to an end that end will also spell the end of the Conservatives in Scotland as a political force. Michael Gove, if he maintains his anti-democratic stance, is signing the death warrant for both his precious union and for his party.

His colleague, the Governor General and Secretary of State for Boris Johnson in Scotland, Alister Jack, had – at least until Michael Gove slapped him down – conceded that there might just possibly, maybe, perhaps, be a conversation about considering another referendum if the SNP were to win an absolute majority in Holyrood in 2021. In other words, the Conservatives are taking it upon themselves to decide what other parties stand for. So if you plan to vote Green, Socialist, or for some other pro-independence party in the next Holyrood elections, Alister has helpfully decided for you that your vote won’t count. It’s only the SNP which is allowed to support independence. Alister Jack and Jackson Carlaw said so. And yet this shockingly anti-democratic position is far too liberal for the likes of Michael Gove.

Meanwhile today’s news where we are, the leader of Labour’s Scottish branch office, Reingold Lurkseater, announced that he grasps the concept of voting. Up to a point. That this revelation made the front pages of Scottish newspapers, and moreover was condemned by the Conservatives, tells you pretty much all that you need to know about the dire state of democracy in a Scotland that remains a part of the UK. Ragnarok Lacksvoter’s announcement was the simple acknowledgement that if there’s a pro-independence majority in Holyrood in 2021, then this might constitute a mandate for another referendum, even if the SNP don’t win an absolute majority all by themselves but need the votes of other pro-independence parties. This is apparently news in Scotland. It is considered news in Scotland that democracy is a thing. Or at least that democracy is a thing up to a point. Consider our gobs well and truly smacked.

The Tories were appalled and outraged that Romulus Lickwindower had conceded that Scottish people might be allowed to vote for a pro-independence parliament. In Torywold, voting is divisive. What’s not divisive is to impose Westminster rule from above and not allow Scotland to have a say in the matter. We’re glad that they’ve cleared that up for us.

Naturally BBC Scotland, STV, and the massed ranks of the Scottish press are appalled at the deeply authoritarian and anti-democratic stance that the Conservatives, Labour, and the Lib Dems are taking. The Scottish media ave been rigorously questioning the Tories on why they think that they have the right to subvert the democratic will of the Scottish people. Newspaper reporters have been doorstepping every Tory candidate about what right they have to stand for election in a democratic vote when their party has said that it won’t acknowledge the outcome of democratic votes that it finds displeasing. It’s the main topic on the news, and the BBC in Scotland is worrying away at the topic like a wee dug with its teeth firmly locked into Jackson Carlaw’s bahoochie. Because wee dugs suffer for the cause.

The press in Scotland isn’t ceasing to question the candidates in this election about why they think that Scotland voting parties which support another independence referendum doesn’t actually count towards another independence referendum. What’s so magic about Holyrood in 2021? Is it that they genuinely believe that Scottish issues cannot be decided in Westminster elections? Because if that’s true, then what precisely is the point of a UK General Election in Scotland. There is no point, and the press and broadcasters are constantly asking all those who oppose another independence referendum in Scotland why they’re bothering to stand at all.

That’s the same Scottish media that has been fearlessly hounding the Labour, Conservative, and Lib Dem parties about what right do they think that they have to ignore the mandate for another independence referendum that the Scottish Parliament already has. It’s the same Scottish media that has always responded to assertions that the result of the 2014 referendum must be respected with questions about how those parties have failed to fulfil the promises and commitments that they made in order to win it.

The media in Scotland is ceaseless with the message that a union without consent is indistinguishable from occupation, indistinguishable from a colony, and a union without consent is not a union that can last. With their contempt for Scottish democracy, the Labour, Lib Dems, and above all the Conservatives are merely bringing closer that independent Scotland that they fear so much. Because in that independent Scotland they will no longer be able to call for haunners from south of the border in order to impose their will on a Scottish electorate that has rejected them. Thankfully we have a Scottish media that is dedicated to holding power to account and is constantly hammering them on that message.

Oh wait. No. Sorry. Silly me. That was a dream. The media in Scotland is just telling us what the anti-independence parties say, and for the most part it is nodding approvingly. It’s not the job of the media in Scotland to hold power to account unless that power is the SNP and it involves hospitals or trains. Westminster power, for the media in Scotland, is like the weather. We just have to put up with it. We can complain about it, but we just have to suffer. It’s the British way.

Well we don’t. We don’t have to put up with it. The way to demonstrate that is first of all ensuring that the anti-democratic parties of British nationalism are rejected at the polls on 12 December. The way to demonstrate that is to keep up the clamour for Scotland’s right to decide its own future. The way to demonstrate that is to support that part of the Scottish media that does recognise Scotland’s right to decide. One way or another, Scotland will have its say. But it will only have its say if we don’t shut up about it. It’s up to us to hold the powers of British nationalism to account. Nae other bugger is going to do it for us.

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51 thoughts on “Holding power to account

  1. Independence will mean no more political broadcasts on our national TV channels on behalf of the leading candidates for Prime Minister of a neighbouring country. Reruns of the Teletubbies would be more illuminating than BoJo v. JC. Possibly worth voting SNP for that alone.

  2. 👍
    “Michael Gove said recently that a Conservative victory in the General Election would ‘cement’ Scotland’s place within the UK. What does that mean exactly? ”
    Never hoydava cement overcoat?
    Agree with your final paragraph absolutely…

  3. Just watched the neutral BBC’s Andrew Neil interrogating ( not interviewing ! ) Nicola Sturgeon .
    Perched like a grotesque giant toad on his seat ,he bombarded her with facts and figures , some of which might have been true , but interrupted each and every answer she tried to give .

    It beats me why the SNP lower themselves to appear on programmes like this , with repulsive unionist freeloaders like Neil asking questions , knowing full well that he will not allow a comprehensive answer to his convoluted questions.
    This was billed as an interview with a Party Leader , but Neil actually took up the lion’s share of the time with his questions and constant , ill-mannered interruptions . This was not an interview designed to educate viewers on the SNP’s policies but a deliberate and undisguised attempt to undermine the independence cause by a dyed-in-the-wool unionist b*stard – paid by our license money !

    • They’re really upset at the positive feedback from the earlier leaders debate this week – Neil is likely on a bonus to attempt to humiliate her or make her look incompetent in front of UK viewers. It must have been recorded because I hear Scots Tories were bragging about it already today and I saw a BBC journalist tweet about the content of it much earlier this morning.

    • Millsy,

      Sturgeon more than held her own against the gammon blob in dark grey serge.

      His aim was to fire all the Tory bullet points at her, pepper it with insults, add a few lies (10 year wait to rejoin the EU, another report calculating a £50 billion debt when Scotland Independent which NS asked to see after the show. It doesn’t exist)

      Children dying in hospital got a wee sneer from the Big Fat Blob, and he snarled that our FM should be in jail for not meeting legally binding.
      100% clearance NHS targets.

      He was at his nasty name calling lying best, and got nothing.

      Nicola was so cool that a freezer would seem like a sauna by comparison. She’s thrown more out the road to get to a fight than this big Tory Uncle Jock

      Paul, a lovely piece.

      The Commentariat are trying to embed no Indyref2 until after (and hopefully not ever) when the SNP are returned at Holyrood in 2021.

      That would give the Better Together Blue Red and Yellow Tories time to regroup and mount Project Fear 2 and hope that the D’Honte system provides enough list Brit Nats to stop a majority Pro Independence government forming.

      We have a mandate now, as NS pointed out between the snarling and talking over from the Chairman of the Spectator.

      We go next year, 2020, in the autumn.

      Live with it Gary, Toodle Oo and Glenn.

    • Andrew Neil the Britnats own ultra Britnat. A disgusting creature. If the BBC had any standards they would have sacked him for using Tory party fictional figures on Scottish education in a previous interview ( he was reprimanded). But of course the BBC are nothing but anti Scottish propaganda merchants.

      You cannot have a deficit as a country if you are not in control of all your own expenditure and revenues – in other words – an independent country. Neil knows that the £12 billion annual deficit he quoted Scotland as having is total mince. Who controls this £12 billion deficit – Westminster. Who issues the debt bonds – Westminster. Who has run up a total UK debt of £1.8 trillion – Westminster.

      Despite all the oil and gas wealth for more than half a century Westminster has a massive debt which it then has the cheek to try and say some of it is due to N.Ireland Wales and Scotland. Economic competence – a bunch of monkeys making decisions by throwing dice would do better.

      • Scotland has taken more oil out of the ground than Norway, However, Norway has a rainy day oil fund of £1trillion. Scotland has a rainy day oil fund of sweet FA. That’s not all though. Norway gleans from this oil fund an income of £100 billion per year through investment in stocks and shares, the biggest contributions coming from Microsoft, Nestle, and Facebook. Of course, Scotland’s income from its oil fund is also sweet FA. But don’t worry folks, the Brits munificence knows no bounds. They give, gift, present us with a measly £32 billion block grant per year. And don’t they crow about it. Don’t they crow about how overly generous they are to our poverty stricken land, with its thick as mince population.
        With all respect to Norway, she doesn’t have the wealth of national resources Scotland has. Scotland’s maritime resources are larger, as are our renewable energy assets. She of course doesn’t have Scotch whisky or our food and drink industry. Add to that our larger tourist industry and we should be doing at least as well as Norway. But we aren’t, far from it. We don’t compare because Westminster has all the important levers of power to ensure we stay powerless and poor.

        • Tbh; if I was Norway, I wouldn’t be celebrating income from investing in Nestle.
          Their ethical and moral record is shocking.
          When we do finally set up our own oil fund I would expect those who manage it to look closely about where our new-found wealth is invested.
          Certainly not in a bunch of plastic-polluting water thieves.

    • 👍
      Why they put themselves through this barrage is simple enough, exposure via the monopoly, versus silence…
      It is one of those Catch22 situations where they may impress supporters that they make a stand by refusing to appear, but fail to get the attention of those who are not yet committed. the danger for Neil is that the interview technique is more obvious nowadays, it does not necessarily impress….
      She did well to stand and not react to the Question/Interrupt so beloved of these psycho gamers…

  4. It’s a mark of the fear Britnats now exhibit when facing any Scot who no longer wish to live in England’s last colony—that Brillo, Brewster, Gary, Glenn et al—promulgate an agitprop piece ( often a straight lie) as a question, then continuously interrupt the answer.

    The SNP really need to complain loudly when it happens, interrupt THEM and insist on their answers being heard and respected. Report them to OFCOM for any and every infringement.

    Encourage their large membership to start writing, texting, phoning etc, to newspapers, TV and radio. Make our voices heard. We can get thousands marching—get thousands making a nuisance of themselves to our third-rate media.

  5. Richard Leonard Scottish Labour Leader – a long term member of CND – Scottish Labour vote to get rid of Trident at their conference but Leonard says yes to Trident in his Scottish manifesto. Why. His bosses in London told him to follow the big boys manifesto in London. It’s not a Scottish party it is a British party that does what its telt by the bosses in London.

    • Cubby, Richard Leonard has no morals or backbone.

      Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant, you can’t be anti nuclear weapons, but not just yet.
      Was it St Augustine who pleaded with his god to save him from temptation, but not just yet?

      His ambivalence on the WMD perfectly epitomises the Carpetbagger politician; say anything, do anything, defend the indefensible, for money.

      There is no doubt that Andrew Neil was instructed to trash Sturgeon; it didn’t work.

      He came across as a big lazy Fat Cat with the manners of a gout ridden boor from the Hellfire Club trying to bully a wee lassie into bowing to his will and power.

      He is your classic Uncle Jock, craving to be, but never can be, a member of the English Elite. He will never be accepted as ‘one of us’ simply by dint of the fact that he was born in Scotland.

      In his heart of hearts he knows this, but hides his cringe well.

      This man has a pied-a-terre in France, and has bucks enough not to be too bothered with Brexit and Freedom of Movement. He’s rich, the only passport that Elite Hierarchy understand or need.

      I have no doubt that he’ll ladle in to the other three, but with less menace and insults.
      When you get right down to it, he suffers from a Narcissus complex.
      He loves the sound of his own voice.
      No sign of Alister Jack, Lindsay(or is it Leslie?) Laird, or Jo Swansong on Scottish Ministry of Truth channels again today.
      Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  6. Richard Leonard is for the UK Union and is for the EU Union but he tells Scotland Tonight he is not a Unionist. This guy is confused. Obviously if you vote for Leonard and his British party you don’t embarrass easily. Leonard is a British Nationalist who thinks Scotland is England’s possession and it is fine for weapons of mass destruction to be stored in Scotland against his own party in Scotlands wishes.

  7. As has been said before,the purpose of the London based political parties and their press pack operating in Scotland is to ensure that London rule prevails.
    I have no doubt that,should England re-elect the Tories to govern them (and us),moves will be made to declare the UK indivisible,as in the Spanish state.
    That,of course,will mean removing the requirement for Holyrood to enact Westminster legislation in Scots law.
    In itself a complete coach and horses through the treaty of Union.
    In a post Brexit Greater England,the Tories cannot allow an independent Scottish legal system to thwart their goals.

  8. It’s all getting very dirty & there are some weeks to go

    What is interesting to me is the disconnect between what I see in the media, the polls & what I hear from people around me

    The polls swing from the tories being wiped out in Scotland, to us only taking one seat (Juan Kerr in Stirling) and 6 extra seats overall. Yet the commentary in the media has anything from a humongous WM tory majority to a hung parliament with SNP holding the balance of power

    The only thing I did read today was that Jo Swingball might just have misread the A50 drop wrong and so getting the Dulux charts for No.10 might have been a tad too premature. Bless.

    From those round about me ? Voter apathy seems an issue, “why bother voting” shrugs, although SNP votes seem steady & of course, Brexit is a concern

    I canny take much more Cap’n – I’m locking myself in a dark room where the lies can’t get me – but I promise to come out on the 12th to vote SNP 😁

    • With respect (sic) to the Opinion Polls, I agree with you. My money’s on another hung parliament but this time Crumplestiltskin will not have the DUP support.

  9. I see Boris Johnson is in Scotland tomorrow. Westminster journalist saying Scottish Tories comfortable that they will retain all their Scottish seats- and Ruth Davidson’s very gloating ungracious tweet sticking the knife into Nicola Sturgeon re the Andrew Neil interview. The relentless blaming of Jeanne Freeman, the Neil interview..the Tory canvassers taunting SNP canvassers about the interview prior to it being aired. Scottish BritNats not turning up for constituency hustings – I get the impression they were busy writing Neil’s script for him.

    Sorry to sound despondent…but I AM getting despondent now as I fear what’s to come from the British State. I hope everyone has noted the wee BBC General Election film that they slip in between programmes – always on after Politics Live – the ones with the doors of Number 10 – have you listened to the wording message? Creepy. Things seem to be taking a dark turn. Or maybe I’m just down about the Neil interview.

    • So we have a jumped up egotistical liar, bullying Nicola Sturgeon, interrogating not ‘interviewing’, ( he should work for the DWP), and accusing her of ‘breaking the law’? Really? So that’s where we are at, my god are they running terrified of the SNP.

      What’s next, jail time for Scotland’s FM? BBC, accuser, judge and jury, but only when they think they have the SNP in the dock. The British Nationalists are all rubbing their dirty, conniving, thieving hands together, relying on the media to propagandise, orchestrated by GCHQ.

      The real criminals have taken their ‘precious’ UK into a very nasty space, and Scotland will not be dragged down with rUK.

      Scotland is going to be an independent country, and the GE will be the start of that process. The Britnats need to accept it, they were in denial, now at the angry stage. Time will heal their grief, and they will be glad of gaining a friend, rather than
      fighting to hold onto a broken union. Unions just tend to be temporary, whichever way you look at it. Accept it rUK, it’s the only way to move forward.

    • Looking at the responses to Ms Davidson’s tweet it is pretty clear that few, if any, people agree with her. Quite the opposite in fact.

      Nice of her to gift people the chance to put her very firmly in her place.

  10. Carried out under Tory, Libdem and Labour’s watch in England. I wonder if bully-boy Neil will question Corbyn, Johnston and Swinson about this and lock up the perpetrators?

    ..”In total, more than 600 cases are now being examined, and with hundreds still to be looked at, the toll is expected to grow. The Independent has learnt deaths and injuries were still being reported to the panel up to the end of 2018.”..


    • This is already exploding in England, but is a strand commented on earlier linked to the Sarwar/BBCS QE smear campaign.
      The anti-indy parties not only seek to tarnish SNP for this coming GE, but are desperate to ensure that comparison to SNHS, which will inevitably follow publication of these reports for England, does not enhance SNP’s standing. This is clearly being orchestrated by No10..

      So keen are they to promote the QE/SNHS in trouble that even the Times has waded in with a ludicrous piece examining the effect of the nearby Shieldhall Sewage Plant, and GMS are implying a 2018 standard HSE review somehow backs up their story.
      Desperate stuff…

  11. I’m a bit late with this comment, but what really rips my knitting about the wee nyaff Gove is that he seems to think that one election result (unlikely as his desired result is) would ‘cement’ Scotland’s place in the Union. Doesn’t he realise that is the whole point of elections? That people change their minds? Otherwise, what would be the point. I am sick to the back teeth of these damn Unionists saying the decision was made in 2014 and that we are stuck with it. Now he is doubling up on that piece of nonsense.

  12. Neil is just a lying ignoramous. Thatcher’s henchman. When Thatcher was illegally and secretly taking £Billions out of Scotland leaving people in poverty. 15% unemployment interest rates at 17% Neil was blaming people in Scotland. A right wing Brexiteer Neil has made £Millions tax evading public money.

    Why anyone watches his rubbish is a mystery. A total liar like thevrest of them.

    The only way the UK economy improved after the disaster of Thatcher was closer ties with Europe. The Tories are trying to cause a recession and unemployment. Austerity is a disgrace. Cutting spending on NHS, Education and welfare. Wasting monies on HS2, Hickley Point and Trident There are far better alternatives.

    The SNP has had to mitigate all the cuts and help people, especially women and children, The SNP Gov has done better with the Scottish economy. Westminster policies are a disgrace. A failed administration. The SNP keep on winning. Support for Independence rising. The BBC is just a Westminster unionist controlled mouthpiece. £5Billion of waste. No wonder no one watches it.

  13. The thing about cement folks is that it doesn’t last forever and if badly made can crumble fairly quickly. The British establishment correctly takes Scottish independence to be an existential threat. Do it’s hardly surprising that they are throwing everything at us. We can and we will win. All we have to do is keep going no matter the setbacks. The establishment is panicking big time and fear and panic invariably lead to catastrophic mistakes. Just a matter of time folks. That said don’t be disappointed if the SNP don’t win 50+ seats. Ain’t going to happen. Since their catastrophy of 2015 they have succeeded in converting proud Scots (ie. Britnats) into single issue voters. The issue being “anyone but SNP). The tories will hold most of their Scottish seats thanks to fair number of proud Scots in places. No despair we will still win. A pity this expectation has not been managed though. Folk may be disappointed. Noone said it was going to be easy. But we will win if we keep going. It’s a very. 😋

  14. Election special to the tune of That’s Amore.

    Gie it laldy, it’s therapeutic.

    When there’s no reason why
    But you still need to lie
    You’re a Tory
    When the World seems to whine
    Cos you say ‘it’s all mine!’
    You’re a Tory

    Bells’ll ring
    To wake you for voting
    We’ll all pay
    For you’re Eton boating.

    When there’s no reason why
    But you still need to lie
    You’re a Tory
    Red, Yellow or Blue
    Or the UKIP ones too
    You’re a Tory

    Tills’ll ring
    When claiming expenses
    We’ll all pay
    Really-need tae-pay
    For all your offenses.

    When the ermine calls you
    SLAB, Lib Dem or blue
    You’re a Tory
    Or you canvass the street
    Telling crowds that you meet, ‘Vote for me’
    And if someone shouts ‘Scam!’
    You just take a dram and ignoray
    On a train or a plane,
    Back to Troughland again, you’re a Tory.

    • I’m still fuming after the Sky News debate in Edinburgh today 4 against 1 Ian Blackford sat and politely let them put the boot in 1 by 1 then when it was his turn to talk Leonard Rennie and the Sky news guy took turns to interrupt al la that corpulent lump Andrew Neil in his interview with the FM

      • Malky, my views are well known on this ‘4 versus 1’ set up.
        Why would Blackford agree to be in a room with Leonard and Rennie, never mind be shouted down by a SKY Right Wing ‘chairman’, and let the Better Together Reform (at Least Greene is standing for election) and give them the platform to churn out the ‘300 year successful Union’ shite.
        I repeat, boycott all TV Radio and one to one interviews with the Fourth Estate Fifth Column.
        Send a haggis.
        Corbyn was bellowed down by Neil last night. He’s doing his job, backing the Arch Right Wing coup d’état in England.
        I am not Jewish, therefore cannot comment on discrimination and the threat of 80% of the UK’s Jewish Community threatening to leave the UK if Corbyn becomes PM. Similarly Neil lied and sated that the 31,000 Filthy Rich 0.01 % of High Earners would leave the UK following a Labour victory was just so much Neil bluster and lies.
        His assertion was based on zero facts.
        I fear that this old lie-monger has swollen in size both physically and in his own self importance that he may self combust on air soon, possibly when he goes for the jugular interviewing ‘Boris’ or ‘Nigel’.

        I repeat, refuse to share a platform with the Rennies Carlaws and Leonards of this world.
        They will combine with the Establishment ‘chair’ and shout down the Independence representative.
        Neil would not let Corbyn get a word in edgewise on the WASPI Women’s plight.
        He didn’t want that message to get out. The treachery and immorality of denying women 10’s of thousands of their pension because Neil needed another 5% tax cut.
        Stop playing their game. Refuse to cooperate.
        Let them shout at empty chairs.
        Take the argument to the people on their doorsteps.

        • I agree Jack. But If Patrick Harvie had the decency to turn up to give Blackford a hand might have helped. He pulled out because there were no women on the panel according to Sky. Blackford apologised that The FM couldn’t make it because there was a cabinet meeting. I find it incredible that the greens couldn’t find a woman to send.

          • Unless Alister Jack, Jo Swinson and Lesley Laird are on the panel, the SNP should refuse point blank to appear on the series of ‘leaders’ ‘ debates/shams being coordinated by the MSM and their Political and Financial Masters.

            Apart from the fact that Rennie Carlaw and Leonard are light weight political nobodies, unless the representative of each party in any televised debate is the actual ‘Leader’, then the event is the usual put up job, a Get the SNP Better Together stitch up, where, like Neil shouting down Corbyn’s attempt to make the Labour case to compensate WASPI Women in last night’s badger bating nonsense, is devised to scream BAD SNP ‘Scotland Does Not Want Another Divisive Referendum’ in 4 Party Brit Nat Harmony.

            Not for nothing do I persistently describe them as the Blue Red and Yellow Tories.

            The Brit Nat parties should be at each others’ throats over policy choices.

            Bedroom Tax, UCS, The Rape Clause, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, the 120,000 state engineered deaths because of cuts to the poor tax bungs to the rich, Brexit, tuition fees, road tolls, the privatisation of the NHS, and England as the 51st State of the US,.

            No, we will have none of this debated in Scotland.

            Neil Findlay and Richard Leonard support Trident, tuition fees, prescription charges, the Rape Clause, UCS, when they decide to form a Better Together Alliance with Alister Jack and Jo Swinson.

            Yet none of this is highlighted. Stop the People of Scotland and crush all opposition to continued subservience to and English parliament.

            I repeat, just refuse to turn up.

            I’ve lost all sense of what the Greens want.

            I doubt that the environment and renewable energy got a mention, nor Fracking, which Swinson is of course against, and no she didn’t get a bung from anyone involved in fracking…I fade to grey.

    • Not a bad article – but then there’s the major misconception that the 2014 referendum was “acrimonious”. It was acrimonious only on the part of those who habitually feel acrimony when challenged – i.e., the winning side, those who voted No.

      We can see that from the way they’ve carried on ever since: acrimonious, and unwilling to accept that we live in a democracy, and that people have a right to change their minds – especially when they’ve been deliberately conned, deliberately lied to, in order to get that winning No vote.

      Maybe their acrimony hides some degree of guilt… who knows, and who cares. There’s just no talking to some people – a complete waste of time. I don’t include Suzanne Moore in that number. I’m sure she would get the point if she had it properly explained to her.

      All the best to you, Welsh Sion, I enjoy reading your comments.

  15. The more I hear of people saying ‘I’ll just not vote this time’, the more I suspect the doris is hoping for a low turn out.
    Confuse the public and turn them off, win by a corner or throw ups.
    The published deficit for RuK last year was £56 Billion, Scotland’s share was their much published £15 billion black hole, Aye right.
    Much like today’s news from Ibrox, King to abdicate, no stand down. From a company that is declaring they have a debt free stadium, clever accountancy there I’m thinking.
    The EBC in Scotland have changed the subject to the Hospital’s recorded problems with infection control, still no sign of the ENHS’s problem with maternity units recording brain damaged children.
    Yes confusion and deceit is the game their playing.

    • They ‘launched’ their ‘Scottish’ Blue Tory manifesto in Perth today, and apparently Johnson had flown up for it.
      Of the NINE minutes which now constitutes the Scottish ministry of Truth ‘news’ we were treated to Toodle Oo The Noo’s ba’ face with the MSPs and Mass media in the background talking nonsense about the spin off Barnett consequentials from the Real Tories, the English Ones that is, building 40 hospitals, recruiting 40,000 nurses, or is that Nicky Morgan’s 59,000 nurses, and putting 20,000 extra polis on the streets of mainly London.
      No footage of Johnson at all.

      Imagine Jackson Carlaw being in charge of health Up Here.
      100’s of Maternity deaths, 100,000 staff shortages, £20 billion in cuts to the Health Budget and the Coca Cola chain of GP Practices.
      That’s the Blue Tory solution to Health Care.
      If you can’t afford it, die.

      They all come North to Scotland hide from public view under heavy security, then fuck off South sharpish before the MSM let on where they are, lest we want to gather and wish them a warm welcome.
      With two weeks to go, the gloves are off.

      What is going through Catriona Shearer’s mind on BBC Pathetic Quay 9 minute news bulletin when she’s forced to read out for the 14th day in a row the GET SNP smear of the QEUH contamination thread?
      It showed in her face.
      Is there no one now in Broaddcasting and journalism pro Independence?
      Have they all been weeded out?
      It worked in Germany, Italy, the USSR, Cambodia, and the Philippines.
      Crush all resistance and Free Speech.
      I’m sure the editing team will be beavering away all afternoon to feature Johnson in Perth on the Teatime Election Special, fronted no doubt by the Hon. Sarah Smith, with comment from Kezia Dugdale. or Fifi Le Bon as we knew her back in the day.
      No more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy.

  16. We are being a bit soft with the Westminsters control over Scotland, with back up with all mainstream media, we have been arguing for the right of a possible rigged referendum on independence and yet Westminster/uk authority is null and void without the treaty of the union ( a recognised international treaty). We are also recognised as having the right to choose who governs us as sovereign Scottish people,
    I will never understand why we have spent all these years chasing imaginary dreams, when we have had it in our power to end this farce with a click of our fingers,
    We can and should end this treaty legally without begging for permission, We and We alone, are one of the two signatures that bring the uk/Britain into existence.
    Without us? Well England would literally be on its own, it’s political leaders will have extinguished Great Britain through its mal-treatment of Scotland, Ireland and Wales over hundreds of years, who wants to be part of a country that is a warmongering, properganda driven bully to all the world with its wmd.

    • Yep, listened to that and chuckled.. The gentle sound of shrinking sphincters as their smear story vapourised… Bet he doesn’t feature in the studio again in a hurry..

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