James Kelly’s gonna party like it’s 1979

Boris Johnson has graced us uppity Caledonians with a visit today. Well, I say graced us with a visit. He’s really locked away in a Tory bubble again, carefully insulated from anyone who might wish to tell him tae gaun byle his heid. Which at the last count was approximately 80% of the population. The Lying Liar was at pains to stress his opposition to another independence referendum, and for once we could actually believe him. He knows as well as we do that when there’s another independence referendum he’s going to lose it.

The man with no shame was in Fife to launch the Scottish Conservative manifesto, which consisted of a single piece of paper with the words “no to indyref2” on it in very large letters, and a photie of Ruth Davidson covered over by a Boris Johnson sticker. There will be no second independence referendum under any circumstances as long as the Conservatives are in power in Westminster, he asserted. So even though the Tories are presenting the Scottish electorate with a Scottish Conservative manifesto, and even though the Scottish electorate is as likely to give the Scottish Conservatives a majority of Scottish seats as the Chief Rabbi is to endorse Jeremy Corbyn, we’ll be getting the Scottish Conservative manifesto foisted upon us on the backs of votes elsewhere in the UK. This is what counts as democracy in Scotland in 2019.

Meanwhile in Holyrood, the Labour branch office in Scotland was keen to demonstrate that the Tories don’t have the monopoly on anti-democratic behaviour in Scotland. James Charisma Kelly MSP introduced an amendment to the Referendums Bill wending its way through the Scottish Parliament which was identical in form and purpose to the infamous 40% rule in the 1979 referendum. Only this being Labour’s branch office in Scotland in the 21st century, it was even worse and even more cack-handed. Kelly’s amendment would introduce a requirement for 50% of the registered electorate to vote in a referendum in order to make the result valid. Tonight James is gonna party like it’s 1979.

Labour’s 40% rule was introduced 40 years ago, and it has gone down in the mythology of Scottish politics as the great betrayal of the people of Scotland by the Labour party. All these decades later, it is still cited as evidence of the UK’s perfidy and contempt for Scottish attempts to attain greater self-government. The referendum of 1979 is remembered as the referendum where the dead voted no. James Kelly wants to repeat the same trick. If you have died, but you still figure on an electoral roll which typically takes a few months to catch up with demographic reality, you’re going to be no voter in the next referendum if James gets his way.

Labour pulled that shamefully anti-democratic move when it dominated Scottish politics and the Labour vote was famously weighed not counted, so the party thought it could get away with it. In the short term it did, but the shoddy move left a legacy of bitterness and distrust which eventually contributed to the party’s fall from grace. However in modern Scotland some 40% of Labour voters in Scotland support independence and the party is bumping along in a very poor third place in the polls with every indication that its vote will collapse in the General Election in a couple of weeks. There is no longer any benefit of doubt that the electorate of Scotland is prepared to grant the Labour party. So you might think that branch office would have learned its lesson. But then you wouldn’t have counted on the the periferal visionary that is James Kelly.

The effect of this provision, in the unlikely event of it making it into the final bill, would be to guarantee a no victory in any future referendum. All that the British nationalists would have to do if yes was well ahead in the polls would be to advise their supporters not to vote in order to reduce the turnout for the referendum below 50%. Et voila, Scotland would have ‘rejected independence’ even if the vast majority those who actually voted had voted yes.

James wants the dead to vote No. But really he’s signing the death warrant for his own party. This naked attempt to subvert democracy by the Labour party in Scotland, together with the Conservatives’ insistence that they will refuse another independence referendum no matter how large or how frequently the voters of Scotland provide a mandate for one merely illustrates that the sole remaining tactic for preventing independence is to try to stop a popular vote on independence from ever taking place. The parties of we’re not nationalist because we’re British know that as soon as it is officially announced that the vote will take place, they’ve already lost.

The chances are that Boris Johnson will get his majority in the rest of the UK. The chances are also that the Conservatives will suffer reverses in Scotland and the SNP will make gains. We will once more be in a situation where Scotland will suffer the malign effects of Conservative rule despite having rejected the Conservatives at the ballot box. The likes of James Kelly claim to oppose the Tories, but they’re happy for Scotland to be condemned to the very worst excesses of English nationalist Conservative rule because, they tell us, they hate nationalism.

A majority government of the bunch of inadequates, liars, chancers, opportunists, ideologues, and reactionary English nationalists will be dreadful for Scotland – and for the rest of the UK. We will be taken out of the EU into a hard Brexit, deprived of our European citizenship, isolated at the top end of an island with a government hell bent on pursuing the fantasy of long lost empire. Our public services will be decimated. Our NHS will be threatened like never before. But finally, people in Scotland will learn – sadly the hard way – that they cannot have both the advantages of a modern liberal European state and remain a part of a modern liberal UK. That modern liberal UK has been killed off by those who claim to love the precious union the most.

A Boris Johnson government will shift opinion polls in Scotland and take support for independence and for another independence referendum into a clear and persistent majority. That shift will give the Scottish government, boosted by a clear victory in next month’s General Election, the political capital it needs to pursue an independence referendum in the teeth of Boris Johnson’s opposition. It will ensure that those currently undecided voters will be on board if and when the time comes to pursue alternative strategies.

But remember, this is not a man whose word can be trusted on anything. He says that he opposes another independence referendum, but Boris Johnson would sell his grandmother in order to secure his power. If he sees a political advantage in getting rid of 59 troublesome Scottish MPs, he’s quite likely to do so. One way or another, Scotland will have its say on its future, whatever Boris Johnson says. This isn’t 1979, and Scotland will not consent to another decade and a half of Tory misrule.

Scotland is not powerless, the Tories and their tame media just want us to think that it is. Boris Johnson might win the battle of this UK general election, thanks to the rest of the UK, but his victory will mean that he’s lost the war against Scottish independence.

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64 thoughts on “James Kelly’s gonna party like it’s 1979

  1. perhaps some MSP can introduce an OBHA?

    Offensive Behaviour at Holyrood.

    This pointless little man rejoiced when he garnered enough support to ‘defeat’ the SNP (shame on you, Greens) and have the OBFA repealed, despite 80% of football supporters outside the Up To Our Knees and Oo Aa Up Ra RA psychos supporting it.

    The stabbings, EUFA fines and the Famine Song and Sean South are now perfectly OK, if you are a poisoned little dwarf.

    James Kelly rises to his feet and when he speaks , sounds like a man who has slurped too much Night Nurse or lager.

    He is a card carrying nobody, a list MP who could easily be replaced in his seat at Holyrood with a root vegetable.

    He knows fine well that this 50% nonsense will get thrown out; but it gets him in the ‘papers.
    Gordon and Hutcheon duly oblige.

    When our country is on the brink of a genuine meltdown because of Brit Nat idiots like Kelly, we know what we always knew. We must kick this bunch of freeloaders out on their ear once and for all.

    He’ll be on the slopes of Parkheid singing the praises of ‘Irish Freedom Fighters’ on Thursday?
    What a disgusting little man he is.

    Never mind the dead getting a vote.

    This morally and intellectually dead little man is actually at the heart of the Opposition in Scotland.

    According to Richard Leonard he’ll be in the Red Tory cabinet in 2021 when they sweep to power.

    Why do we humour these idiots. More pertinently, why do the hacks give them column inches?

    And they wonder why their jobs are in danger because of falling sales.

    A Magnificent piece, Paul.

    I dare any Brit Nat ProudScotBut to confront me personally and announce that he ‘forbids’ me my democratic rights.

    They won’t of course. They hide from public view and let the Dead Tree Scrolls and the broadcasters do their dirty work.

    I am ragin’.
    This man is getting £1200 a week for warming a seat in Edinburgh.

    • Well said, Jack.
      And totally spot on, Paul.
      (Btw, i very much appreciate your blog. Reading this in Canada. It is a total waste of time to try to glean anything from the UK media as to what is happening in Scotland.And i am too frugal to pay the subscription price for The National…. I’ll send you a cheque for 20 quid and a wee christmas card. All the best.)

  2. `An army of principles will penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot . . . it will march on the horizon of the world and it will conquer.’ Thomas Paine.

  3. For warming a seat and standing up now and again and talking a lot of mince.

    Idiots vote for British Labour to install idiots like Kelly as political representatives. Idiots that do not embarrass easily.

    • Idiots like Kelly ( he must be in a sub-set of his own , surely ? ) do NOT get voted in to Holyrood – unfortunately our proportional system allows his mates in Labour to put him on the LIST , so no voter actually gets to pick this feeble excuse for a politician .
      We need to change the voting system come Independence so that party hacks like this amoeba do NOT get anywhere near the decision making process in our new Scotland .

      We can find him alternative employment as a Crash Test dummy – ‘though I fear he would fail the interview !

  4. The Treaty Of the Union of the Scottish and English Parliaments is an international treaty between two COUNTRIES. not the Holy Grail. Forget all the shouting about legality any one of the countries can repeal the treaty if it so wishes, the other country has no say in the matter.

  5. Ruthless big Brave ex tank commander Davidson has been busy tweeting that Andrew “Brillo” Neil gave Scotland’s First Minister several “Doings”

    Well here’s a tweet for the Big Brave ex-tank commander. . . . .

    When the going gets tough . . . . . The tough get Pregnant!!!!”

  6. I was a student in 1979 and, in common with countless others who had two or more addresses, I was on the electoral register twice. I voted yes at my university address but that was effectively cancelled out by my implied “no” vote at my parents’ address. If I had been a no voter, I could effectively have voted “no” twice. Once at my university address plus the implied “no” vote at my parents’ address. That’s what passed for democracy in 1979.

  7. Jesus H. Missed that. What a knob. To paraphrase HST…

    “So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in the Borders and look South – and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

    Just another desperate cry for help as the tide turns and deep water beckons.

  8. Thanks for another great article, Paul. Definitely the number one pro-Independence site to go to now (plus indyref2.space).

    Well we can take it that numpty, a cannae count, Kelly never came up with this proposal on his own. Sounds like a Better Together idea and that he was left drawing the short straw. If they got their undemocratic way, as you say Paul, next up they’d be telling the Scottish Unionists, not just Labour supporters, not to vote in Indyref2. It’s clear that the Tories, Libdems and Labour have always been in a Better Together relationship and always will be for, all time coming, if they get their way.

    At the end of the day what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. These “restrictions” weren’t in place for the EU referendum. In fact I never heard Kelly mutter or stutter anything along the lines of what he’s proposing now. He’s a despicable little runt who’s getting paid megabucks for doing nought to the point that we’re still waiting on his alternative proposal to him scuppering the OBFA. If that were you or I not producing a crucial policy paper or report years after we said we would, we’d be sacked on the spot. These Unionists at Holyrood at getting away with blue murder. They know and we know that their days are numbered now and with Independence and our own SBS we’ll be making sure that a few Better Together documentaries are produced featuring people like James Kelly.


    • Petra, he’s still listed on his wiki page as a ‘chartered accountant’. No he’s not.
      Incredibly he holds the Finance Brief in Leotard’s Red Tory Shadow of a Blue Tory Shadow Cabinet.
      Yes, Finance.
      Titter ye may, missus.
      Why do we put up with these Toy Town failed councillors?

      • Yeah I’m tittering away here Jack, lol, at twenty three of them robbing the tax-payers blind and then there’s the Libdems and Tories too, of course.

        Have you ever noticed when watching First Minister’s Question that they, Labourites, are always hanging over each other whispering in ears, such as Iain Gray in Leonards keeping him right (not always) on what’s reserved and what’s devolved or someone in Jackie Baillies helping her to count? Like 23 brain cells pulling together in an attempt to form one brain.

  9. In a debate on Independence, I think it was 2013. George Robertson who was proudly taking a shit on Scotland, was challenged on why it was, that other smaller nations were thriving. Why not Scotland? he was asked.

    He said this.

    “They’ve got language. And Culture.We don’t have any of that”

    I was at the time, undecided. After the disastrous attempt by Darling to expound the virtues of union, by simply inferring that it was on loan. Davidson with her 8 out 10 Scots have contributed nothing of value to Britain and of course, Osborne. Who proudly declared that Scotland had, in 300 years of glorious union, contributed not one fucking thing to the success of the UK. I realised that the I could never vote no on those terms. I could never, ever be British on those terms. And I was terrified of what would happen if the no camp won on exactly those terms.

    Sadly the feart of heart. The proud Scots but… won the day. But what did they win. So what is Scotland in Union today?

    Its a scrounger and a whinger. A nation of no marks with a borrowed identity. Borrowed culture. Borrowed history. Not even its songs are its own. A nation you can do anything to, because they’d be to afraid to so much as even raise a voice in protest.

    And its come to pass. Unionism sits back as Westminster takes one shit after another on Scotland and wipes its arse with Unionisms No vote. And they will sit back and take it. They’re angry because yes voters won’t. They’re angry because we constantly remind them that they are being shat on, each and every day. But they will never so much as utter a single protest at Westminster’s behavior. You could say its Stockholm syndrome. Or simple cowardice. But the answer is, I feel more basic. They can’t and won’t challenge the narrative of Scotland’s dependency. But honestly,whats so great about calling yourself British, when you sold yourself cheaply as a Scot?

    It cost labour dear to defend an English parliaments right to take a dump on us. Carlaw, half man, half gammon is in charge, spewing pish about how No means No. But seemingly not realising that his mouth is writing cheques his party can’t cash. Davidson quit because she was schooled on how little influence branch managers have over UK party policy. Rickshaw Lanyard of Labour in Scotland and CND member showed how little influence he has, as he had to defend labours hypocrisy over Trident. Quite honestly, who gives a flying fuck what the lib dems think.

    Johnson is quite happy to meet unionists. Meek. Harmless wouldn’t say boo to a fly let alone the shit they’re hovering.

    Thats why its important to wipe the smile of that fuckers face and deprive him of any wee spineless toadies in December. Let him confront a Scotland that knows he shit and has no qualms about letting him and Westminster know exactly what we think of their shitty wee Union.

      • {; o ) , Paul.

        I think we’re done attempting civilised debate with this lot.

        Three months ago, Johnson was the de’il incarnate.

        Now Carboot worships at his feet.

        They’ll suffer any indignity for money.

        Has Donalda resigned yet?

        Or should that be Baroness Donalda of Propaganda?

        I repeat, NS and the Greens should politely tell BBC Ministry of Truth at Pathetic Quay that they will not take part in their Stitch Up ‘Leaders’ ‘ Debate on the 10th of December, hosted by that well know unbiased broadcaster, the Hon. Susan Smith.
        We have just over two weeks to go.
        Time to get serious and debunk this Brit Nat Union nonsense, repeatedly, hourly, daily, minutely.
        Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.

      • LOL

        I start off trying to be analytical, but the anger gets the better of me. I’m an old labour voter and I never for one moment ever considered that I would come to despise that party quite as much as I do.

        I guess I really needed to vent my spleen.


  10. When Jimmy Kelly was a wean, Labour ruled Scotland, “from freebie to shining freebie”, as Billie Bard almost said………………..!
    Labour ruled but seldom had any real policies for us, so the wheeze was—Play the “Scotland card” when Tories were in government. It worked for decades, so we got lots of “Jimmies” going down the road to get fat and lazy……and achieve hee haw.

    What Wee Jimmy Kelly has failed to realise is—–
    Scottish Labour no longer fight the Tories…..they are more likely to stand side by side.
    If Scottish Labour DID fight the Tories, the public would now vote for a real political party…..and it wouldn’t be Wee Jimmy and Leotard et al.

  11. Superb article again, although I doubt Kelly is behind this 40% nonsense rather than the front man or sacrificial old goat.
    We should be mindful this SG legislation is for ALL referendums in Scotland, not just Indy2…

    If they wish to apply that as a universal standard for all UK public votes then fine, it would make for an interesting GE, and could drastically curtail the number of list MSPs in Holyrood…

    Hoping for a glorious 12th when a few P45s get shovelled out in Scotland, only then we can on with the important stuff…

  12. BBC Reporting Scotland back to their politically motivated attack on the Glasgow hospital. Anyone remember their last attempt at mass hysteria – the contaminated schools in Lanarkshire that after a full review were found to be ok. Anyone remember the deadly Scottish pigeons that kill. Only in Scotland is pigeon shit a killer. The real shit is all the crap that this disgusting British Nationalist programme dumps on Scotland. It stinks of propaganda.

    ” the most recent data is that this unit and Greater Glasgow and Clyde is within the normal infection control limits”. The expert got abruptly cutoff at this point to allow the “expert” Britnat reporter to put their spin on the matter. Attempts at creating fear and worry in vulnerable people for political purposes. The Britnat media and Britnat politicians – can they go any lower?

  13. Ah heard that Rees-Mogg and the Industrial Revolution will be partying like it’s 1899.

    S’okay – ah’ll get ma jaikit!

  14. Tonight we have the tv media all ago on the idea the the chief rabbi has declared corbyn UNFIT to hold high office.
    I understand that there are around 300,000 people of the Jewish faith inRuK and the media are in full cry about anti seminism in the english labour party.
    No mention of the tory party and its problems.
    No mention that Scotland is also a minority in RuK but the onionists are fully NON supporting this Nation, get back in the box.
    Just a tongue in cheek observation.
    IF I take up religion again I think I’ll be joining the Rabbi as he sees sleeping around, fathering unknown numbers of children, lying freely, drinking, drug use and being totally deceitful as the qualities required to hold high office.
    Maybe his higher boss would have something to say on the subject.
    We all thought it impossible for the blonde pair could be pm and president but here we are in the nightmare.
    When the english anoint the doris as leader for another FIVE years they will just have to grin and bear it.
    Thanks Paul for your blog, it keeps me sane that there are recorders of wisdom.

    • Dave not a great fan of Corbyn or the Labour Party especially Labour in Scotland but this onslaught is becoming totally farcical , this whole vendetta is being ocastrated from outside this country , the News recently was of Russian interference in our elections what about the small middle eastern country who have been caught on film attempting to remove members of parliament who don’t support their cause , we have friends of this friends of that just how many MPs have been bought by this small country that nobody can mention for fear of a media backlash, the chosen ones can do no wrong .

      • Like you Robert I’m no fan of corbyn but If the rabbi had said neither of the TWO likely candidates are suitable for high office that would have been a level approach, all I can assume is that the rabbi is a doris supporter and is telling his flock to vote tory.
        \so apart from having to give up on bacon rolls and mixing the dairy produce it must be a great religion with all the usual 10 commandments put on the back burner.
        Anyway according to the scientists on global warming IF we don’t start implementing the Paris agreement doris and the rest of us won’t be around to see the fruits of his labours on a trade agreement with the EU.
        Looking likely that we as a species will be extinct, leaving the planet to the cockroaches.
        No J kelly esq is not being called a cockroach.

  15. Whilst we’re concentrating on the Tories and Labour, here in the far north, the UK’s largest constituency geographically, I have received SIX big glossy, expensive leaflets/newsletters in 4 weeks, THREE in the past week alone from the sitting LibDem MP bashing the SNP and independence for all he’s worth. Where’s the money for all this coming from? Printed and published in England therefore no doubt subsidised by these nice English LibDem supporters and donators. Well, the unionists got the subsidy bit right on that, I suppose.

    Mr Nice Guy is very pally with the local rag, a paper which did a hatchet job on the sitting SNP MP just 3 weeks before the last GE. Meanwhile, no sign of Tory or Labour leaflets which is interesting because this had been a LibDem stronghold for decades. Are there shady shenanigans going on in the background? All three worked together to ensure a local No vote in IndyRef1 to the extent that their activists were running around delivering each other’s literature. When the other two get round to issuing their election stuff, (are they awaiting instructions from London HQ?), I suspect they will contain the usual anti-independence guff and be almost indistinguishable from the LibDems, but will be mostly low-key knowing they won’t win, but to allow the LibDemmer an easy passage.

    Scotland is being screwed by morons.

  16. Oh for the luvva G…. How in …. ?!? No. Never mind!

    Mr Kelly has just condemned the sorry remnants of Labour to a terrible place in Scottish history with such idiocy. They were already on fairly shaky pins after the past few years, but dear oh fekkin’ dear. He’s also just guaranteed that at least 50% of Scotland’s population are going to be what’s known as completely unreachable so far as Labour are concerned. So much for an olive branch (shrugs). Mind you, I very much doubt they ever truly intended to offer one post 2014. Apparently they were too busy looking for ‘wounded to bayonet’.

    Soooo (fill in as appropriate) sick of their bullshit tribalism. To secure a win, (ANY win), over a hated rival, they’d throw an entire population into a pit of perpetual misery. Thoughtless, selfish, and ultimately self defeating.

    As for Mr Johnson? Well, I’d say he’s already fully aware of how he’s regarded in Scotland. He and his parliamentary chooms are detested by the vast majority of the population. And… I dare say the feeling is very much reciprocated. No, he’s not here for Scotland’s vote/backing on Brexit. He’s here to court a very specific vote. Convince them to jump ship kinda thing. Thing is. He really doesn’t give a wossiname for Scotland’s population and that includes those he’s here to court.

    There’s a bit of irony in there if they choose to join the dots.

  17. Mr ” Sit Down Mr Kelly ”
    I always thought this Clown was Dumb now he has just confirmed it , rather than consign Labours betrayal to history this Dummy has just alerted the folk who don’t know what they did with the Referumdum vote , when the dead were counted as voting against it .
    That move by Labour was to delay the Council of Europes ruling that the system of government in the UK fell foul of the Councils rules and would unless changed would endanger Britains membership of the EU itself.

    It wasn’t the Labour Party or Donald who insisted Devolution be instigated, it was The Council of Europe .

    The same Dewer who was behind the appropriation of Scottish waters where the coast at Arbroath was yep in English territory , aye good auld Donald his legacy continues in this Clown Kelly he’s a lying Bar Stuard as well .

  18. The zombies on the Labour seats at Holyrood know all about the dead voting,they do it all the time.
    As far as the Tories refusing to accept a democratic expression by Scots to hold another referendum on independence,they need to reflect on how people react when democratic means are denied to them.
    They appear to have learned nothing from history,along with their zombie Labour pals in Scotland.

  19. Your regular blogs as part of this election are a real treat, Paul. This one is no exception.

    Loving the comments too!

    As a Scotsman rapidly reaching his 65th year, who has advocated independence my whole adult life, the coverage from England has engendered a horrible fascination which is difficult to avert attention from.

    We have all witnessed the UK staggering from one crisis to another with tedious repetition these past decades, with English electoral choices at the heart of every one, and here we go again.

    Laughably, the day after Johnson and Corbyn had their willy waving competition about Scotland’s future, the historian Simon Heffer shoved his into the ring with, “…we have a duty towards Scotland at the moment because they are part of our United (sic) Kingdom and yes, let’s grant them a referendum but let them make a proper case that they can govern themselves responsibly afterwards.”

    Where the f’n hell do you start with that?

  20. James K is only following orders from his masters…..such a pipsqeak of a man….he takes himself very seriously and this gives me a much needed good laugh.

  21. ‘My namesake’s attempt to rig the next independence referendum by giving the No side a “sabotage-by-boycott” option.’

    …”And it’s not at all fanciful that unionists would seek to load the dice in such an extreme way – only a couple of months ago, an anti-independence group in the north-east (with which Professor Hugh Pennington is involved) openly called for a two-thirds majority requirement.”

    (That’s Pennington who has a great deal to say about the QE hospital.)

    …”As the chap in the Question Time audience said the other night, the UK has become like Hotel California – we can check out any time we like, but we can never leave.”


  22. Right off to bed to get an early night, lol, and back up at 6am. I for one will be over the moon when we get our Independence, such as finding the time to read a wee escapist book for a change. Fairly missed doing so over the last seven years or so.

  23. Lets not kid ourselves any longer, as I mentioned once before, are we still begging with cap n hand for a rigged referendum S30. Really? How many years have passed and we still think we have to ask permission, and then wait and wait and wait, meanwhile we take daily verbal abuse and scorn from most bias unionist outlets, and some on our very own Scottish indy sites.
    I may not be so eloquent with words as many on here are, whom I admire greatly, however hopefully in my own forthright way I say what needs to be said. Let us all put an end to this nonsense, like William Purvis said, we need to end the Treaty of the Union.

    • Were it only that simple, S30 is not so much a matter of permission but mutual binding agreement on the outcome and thereby beyond legal challenge, militarily subjugation, etc..
      It is frustrating waiting, but we have to go through these hoops to gain recognition under international law, and it is fully expected SG will challenge refusal for S30 in Court, again keeping it all nice and legal.
      I just wish SG would get on with it…

    • Perception is everything. There is a battle raging for the minds (and votes) of the soft NOs (the key to victory) – a battle that must be fought and won. Sure us hard YES voters are furstrated, but this is not about us – it’s the soft NOs. They are coming over in a stready stream, but we ain;t quite there yet.

      This has been gamed and tested hundreds of times. I have no idea what the SG are up to but you can bet your bottom dollar that dirty tricks from the British establishment are expected and they will be mitigated for. Not sure how, not sure when, but it’s coming far a that! 🙂

  24. Whilst Andrew Neil does his BBC State controlled hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s spending plans are backed by more than 160 economists and academics. Strange that there’s been no mention of that on the BBC. Many in England now getting a taste of the propaganda techniques that we were (are being) subjected to in Scotland.



    Sneaky Swinson is at it again with the fake news!



    James I get your anger and frustration, ME TOO, but maybe you could elaborate on who will end the Treaty of the Union and when and how this will be done exactly.

    Don’t forget that Nicola Sturgeon has said that when we get the GE behind us she’ll apply for a S30O and take it from there. Who knows what she plans to do next? We’ve waited for over 300 years for this let’s not botch it up now when we’re so close to fulfilling our dream.

  25. I take it that James Kelly , noted Thinker of this parish , has thought through his requirement of a minimum 50% of the electorate required for an Independence referendum ?
    Does he intend to apply this criterion to G.Elections , Holyrood elections , Council Elections etc…and , perhaps , extend this to the labour Party List for Scottish Elections , whereby HE would need 50% + 1 of the Party Membership to put him on the List ?

    He will need to remove his shoes to give him additional digits to work out that sum !

  26. Hmmm, passing through Muir Of Ord yesterday, I was amused to see No Poll Tax scrawled on the side of a garage.
    More than likely been there ever since the late 80’s, early 90’s.
    I promoted me to have a look at the results for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, in 2015 Ian Blackford won with just over 20,000 votes, the Conservative candidate had just over 2,500 votes. In 2017 Ian Blackford won with just over 15,000 votes. The Tory candidate had risen to over 9,500.
    Granted, R,S&L is a large constituency, but have so many people forgotten about how Scotland was treated by the last Conservative majority government?
    Who were these extra 4000 voters?
    The increase in people voting Conservative in 2017 was concerning, has their time passed?
    Will those voters realise their mistake?
    We can discuss more on the 14th December.
    I am still of the opinion that it will be a Conservative majority, and because Boris Johnson is Boris Johnson, he will not be granting Scotland a Section 30 order.

    • No mistake.
      I used to listen to a radio programme on the EBC on a Saturday morning from Aberdeen.
      Gave up when I realised that when they interviewed for their pieces that the expert had an english accent. Virtually every time the management of the facility was from down south.
      It was very rarely that a resident Scots accent was heard.
      I’m fairly sure that Scots are well able to manage a bird sanctuary or similar.
      I’m fairly relaxed about people moving into Scotland to work and contribute to our society it just fells like placemen are being introduced.
      The old words to describe SSEB were Social Security for English B*********., fill in the last one with whatever seems correct.
      This may explain why there is a rise in tory support in the constituency.

  27. JoMax
    I’ve had several personally addressed letters from the LibDem candidate in the next door constituency. Not that I’m going to tell them of their mistake.
    I suspect Dark Money is at play.
    Of course, you can’t really say that of the LibDems or they will take you to court and semantically (is that a word?) deploy their Get out of Jail card.
    I’m off to frack my garden now – all proceeds will go to the LibDem candidate in the next door constituency who can use the cash to buy a map.

  28. Here is some info from the Electoral Commission on the donations to the various parties.


    SNP would not be doing too well if it was not for the public funds they receive. No big private donors. Membership fees only?

    Perhaps people should think about that the next time they feel like criticising the SNP for not doing this that or the other with regards to publicity material etc. It may just be that they don’t have the funds.

  29. >>the periferal visionary James kelly

    That’s why I come here, Paul! For turns of frase like this.

    Well, one of the reasons.

  30. Further to my post @ 7.50 pm yesterday, leaflet No 7 from the LibDems arrived today, delivered by someone who knocked at my door this time. This is blatant overkill. Each piece has been different, too.

    All these ‘glossies’ from the ‘Scottish’ LibDems are being financed from the south, by the way.

    Also, ‘WE’ have had an upsurge in membership to over 120,000 I was informed. My doorstep caller didn’t mention that was UK-wide so any not-quite-on-the-ball person could be forgiven for thinking that this was a momentous ‘Scottish’ LibDem achievement. For a second or two, I almost fell for it myself I’m ashamed to admit, but I had been in the middle of my lunch when I was interrupted!

  31. What is legal about Westminster and all unionist party’s saying, Now is not the time, or labours kelly trying to change the goal posts, Swinson,Corbin or boris Jonson, Saying they will decide when and if we get to vote on independence.
    Most Scottish sites say we are sovereign people in Scotland, in fact that went into Hansard(Westminster)in July 2018. we can choose who we wish to govern us. Why the smoke and mirrors.its already legal if the people of Scotland choose to vote on it,
    On the topic of ending the international recognised Treaty of the union between Scotland and England, well all that needs, is to prove that the treaty has already been broken on a number of occasions. That was certainly done when David Cameron in 2011 decided that the monarchy could marry into a religion other than stated in the Treaty of the Union. I am thinking that taxation may be called into question as well under the treaty, And I am pretty sure all of you could name more than I have.
    The reason that I prefer the reset button legally, is we do not have to argue over Westminster’s deficit, the correct land borders or where our right to the sea begins and ends,ie, our maritime border( Tony Blair), or about nuclear war heads on Scottish soil, or our produce being sold through England’s ports, or about fracking in Scotland, and we regain the control over our natural assets automatically,
    Why does anyone want to take such a long route with years of wrangling over who owns or owes what, which is what we are doing through the referendum, in fact it would last much longer than any Brexit, without a guaranteed outcome. Boris Jonson has already said on Tv that if we were to get our referendum we would have to pay, what do you think he meant,
    Why would anyone think that ending the treaty of the Union legally would be worse than waiting maybe forty to fifty year of bad negotiations with Westminster, and we would still end up at the same destination. The ending of the Treaty of the Union.

    • ”On the topic of ending the international recognised Treaty of the union between Scotland and England, well all that needs, is to prove that the treaty has already been broken on a number of occasions.”

      As far as that’s concerned we’ll have a list as long as our arm, James. Don’t you think though that we’d have to hold a referendum to show, if we won, that a majority of sovereign Scots actually wanted Independence and then if that was the best route dissolve the Treaty? If we don’t do that we’ll have Unionists on the streets creating absolute havoc and millionaire / billionaire Unionists hitting the Scottish Government, the SNP and / or Nicola Sturgeon, with one lawsuit after another which could drag on for years. To be honest, if I was a Unionist I wouldn’t put up with someone outlining breaches of the Treaty and then just ripping it up.

      ”Why does anyone want to take such a long route with years of wrangling over who owns or owes what, which is what we are doing through the referendum, in fact it would last much longer than any Brexit, without a guaranteed outcome.”

      I reckon that ending the Treaty of the Union will take quite some time to unravel too, James.

      First up we prove that a majority of Scots want Scotland to be an Independent country and when we win some negotiations will be carried out to the point of us actually becoming Independent (6months – 1 year) and the the negotiations will carry on following us bailing out. Simples, lol!

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