Vote for choice, or vote for submission

Jackson Carlaw, who is currently stomping around Scotland to tell us that the result of the 2014 referendum can’t ever be revisited because it was apparently a once in a generation thing, isn’t quite so absolutist in his opinions when it comes to other topics. He now tells us that despite the fact he campaigned to remain in the EU in 2016, he now supports leave and would campaign to leave the EU if there were ever another EU referendum. He’s changed his mind because he says circumstances have changed, and the EU that he thought the UK was a part of is in reality a very different proposition from the one he thought he was signing up to. He complains that the EU now wants its own army, and that’s something he’d never agree to. He’s changed his mind about the EU. Tories are allowed to change their minds on political questions. It’s just the rest of us who aren’t.

A Conservative changing his mind about the EU and resolving to vote differently in another EU referendum is of course totally different from wanting another Scottish independence referendum because circumstances have changed, because Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its will despite being assured that it could only remain in the EU if it voted against independence. Totally different from the realisation that the UK that Scotland was promised that it was a part of, that equal partnership of nations in which Scotland is respected and listened to, turned out to be a lie. Totally different from discovering that the key promises of the Better Together campaign were traduced and broken by Westminster, promises such as the one saying that the powers of the Scottish Parliament would never be altered or changed by any Westminster government without the express consent of Holyrood. It’s totally different, because reasons.

This is not, of course, because Jackson is terrified that if there is another independence referendum in Scotland he’s going to be on the losing side of it. Oh no. Heaven forfend. He’ll be dead by the time there’s another independence referendum. It was a once in a generation thing, and he’s determined to make sure that everyelse currently alive in Scotland will be dead by then too. Although given the way that the Tories are trashing the NHS in England and funding for public services in general that may be rather sooner than he thinks.

It’s Tory policy not to allow anyone else in Scotland to change their minds, because Alex Salmond once had an opinion and that’s as good to Jackson as holy writ. It would be lovely if Jackson had the same degree of reverence for the promises that his own party made – equal partner in a union anyone? – but hey, you can’t have everything. Or indeed anything, if you’re Scottish. Everyone in Scotland has to be held to account for Alex Salmond’s opinion in 2014, but Jackson can change his mind as it suits him. His opinions are British opinions after all, and moreover they’re opinions which allow him to pose as a leadership candidate in a party which has morphed into Ukip. This is the guy who was telling us just a couple of years ago that voting for independence meant leaving the EU and that was a bad thing. This is the guy who was warning us just a few years ago about all the damage to Scotland’s economy that leaving the EU would cause. Principles eh? Jackson’s got plenty of them, principles to suit any occasion.

Hypocrisy and entitlement ooze out of the British nationalist parties in Scotland. You’d almost think that they were Prince Andrew, although they are sweating heavily at the prospect of another independence vote.

Not to be outdone in the entitlement stakes, the leader of the Labour party’s branch office in Scotland, Rigoberto Losevoter, has averred that the SNP will support a minority Labour administration and get nothing in return. Although he may deign to refrain from SNPbaddery on Tuesdays during months with an even number of letters in their names, when there’s a full moon, and between the hours of 2.15 am and 2.25 am. No guarantees there though. It’s taking ordering Scotland about to new levels. Scotland exists within the UK purely in order to rescue England from the consequences of its own voting habits and the Scottish electorate should be grateful at being given the glorious opportunity of acting as airbags in the car crash of British politics.

There will be no coalition, said Runyon Lacksupporter, there will be no deals, there will be no agreements, and there will most certainly be no independence referendum. Labour is just as determined as the Tories that Scottish democracy as it relates to independence was a one off event in 2014 and no one is ever to be allowed to change their minds about it.

Anyway, continued Roscoe Looksworseforwear, Labour’s going to win a majority in this General Election, and then you’ll all see just how fantastic it is to be British and no one will talk about Scottish independence ever again. Then he scrunched his eyes shut, clicked his Labour ruby red slippers together and chanted there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, in the hope that it would make all those Scottish voters who have deserted his party return to him. Some of his colleagues have even called upon the federalism fairy to wave her sparkly wand, but Rowland Lowexpectations is having none of that. He doesn’t care that 40% of Labour voters in Scotland support independence, all it’s going to take is a dose of Jeremy Corbyn as Glenda the Good Witch of Nationalisation and they’ll come flocking back. It’s just a shame that not even Toto is following him anymore.

That’s your choice in this election Scotland. You can be treated with contempt by hypocritical Tories who believe that they’re the only people who are allowed to change thier minds on anything. It’s a Tory party that believes it’s not for the people of Scotland to determine Scotland’s future, it’s for a Boris Johnson sooking up to Donald Trump. Or you can be taken for granted by a Scottish branch office of a Labour party that still hasn’t learned the lessons of the past decade. Or you can vote for a party that’s going to assert that it’s up to the people of Scotland to decide what path they want Scotland to take and demand the right for us to choose it. You can choose choice, or you can choose submission.

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40 thoughts on “Vote for choice, or vote for submission

  1. Carlaw is so much of a non entity that I’d bet if someone asked Baw Jaws. What do you think of Jackson Carlaws latest pronouncements then Boris would answer: Jackson who?

    You can see that they are all running scared. The the only thing they have left is denial. A bunch of ostriches arses in the air

  2. Tory voters in Scotland know that their only chance of getting Tory policies implemented in Scotland is by ensuring that England continues to dominate our affairs.
    This must have been the case in just about every one of the 60 plus countries who parted company with London rule.
    They had their share of Westminsterites as well.

  3. When one of the farmers round our way finds the damp, decomposing lump of fetid blubber that passes for PM in waiting Johnson in a local ditch, then and only then will I pause to consider the weeping and a-wailing of the Unionists on the question of “Once in a generation”

    Until then Union Jackson can flip and flop to his wee red, white and blaw heart’s content because I for one will be ignoring the wee gobshite

    • Once in a generation, Tories and Labour, 3 elections in 3 years instead 1 election in 5 years, just because they could not get a majority. They could have run a minority Government like other countries, but both insist it’s their way or nothing, Britain is not a democracy and never has been.

  4. You keep being very dismissive of the Scottish Labour leader, which is very unfair. I think we’ll all see very soon that Lenny Richardson will prove himself to be the most capable and gifted Labour leader since the days of Kezia Davidson.

  5. I as a voter will not be dictated to , nor can be dictated to , by any other voter in a referendum as to how long the mandate of that result will last .
    I do not accept that Alex Salmond , Nicola sturgeon nor even ( pause for fanfare ) the deity that is Ruth Davidson of the Ruth Davidson for Supreme Being of the Universe has the right to decide arbitrarily the future of the whole Scottish people .

    I did NOT sign any document stating that I would NEVER ask for another referendum for a generation , nor to my knowledge was such an undertaking given in the Edinburgh Agreement !

    This is just more PISH produced by the likes of unionist jobbies such as Jackdaw Carlot as they frantically cast about looking for something , ANYTHING that they can use to delay the inevitable .

  6. Tuned in to Scotland Tonight for a laugh as Scotlands best clown was on show – Willie Rennie.

    Tune in tomorrow for more laughs tomorrow from Willie at STV at their Leaders Debate – Willie the clown.

    Also got another leaflet ( so many I have lost count ) from my Tory MP Masterton (Carlaws pal in East Ren) and once again not a single word about leaving the EU. Brexit doesn’t exist in Toryland north of the border. Like a bloody ostrich the Tories are sticking their head in the sand and thinking the voters will forget all about it – no chance.

    The leaflet was all about this independence referendum that they say will definitely not happen this century. Makes you wonder then why they keep shouting ” no surrender”. “We said no and we meant it” the leaflets booms out.

  7. “The SNP will support a minority Labour administration and get nothing in return”

    Leonard has obviously been reading Wings.

    The Britnats seem to be settling on an approach that says Scotland only gets an independence referendum every 307 years. I guess by this time the oil will have run out and they will have sucked Scotland dry.

  8. “You can choose choice or choose submission”. Well said.

    Every day Scotland is in the UK Union that is not a Union but a prison we are subjected to a daily diet of subservience, subjugation and humiliation.

  9. Watching focus group on Birmingham discussing the election on Channel 4. Very depressing given the groups acceptance of Boris J as Boorishness personified . He is their Boor though and they are mostly going to vote for him. He is the one to take them out of the hated Europe and get rid of all those foreigners

    I sat there watching this thinking why don’t they see they have been and will continue to be shafted by the Tories who despise working class people.

    It can only be the desire to throw folk out of their beloved England that takes precedence over self survival from the Tories. Nihilistic behaviour writ large on my tv screen

  10. On the button…
    The old guard who used to dominate scottish politics are rabbits in the headlights, all they can do now is impress their London bosses as being united in policy and rhetoric in hopes of “consideration” when the inevitable transpires…

  11. Labours socialist utopia will never come about. Labour will lose the election. For there to be any type of socialist change in Scotland labour supporters need to vote for the SNP. This is the only way to escape another 5 years of right wing tory policies.

  12. “We said no and we meant it”

    so presumably if they meant it they would give the same answer if asked again, I don’t see what they’re so frightened of, they can’t lose, or am I missing something

  13. Yesterday’s person. Every time they say PM and the idiot emerges. Johnston the blott on the landscape. He will not last long. The Tories will have to have an election they can lose to get them out of their mess. Deja Vu.

    The Holyrood 3rd raters. The list. 1st preference votes go in the bin to let third raters in. They can’t be got rid. They even contaminated the Holyrood election system. D’Hondt is a joke.

  14. Messrs Carcrash and Lacklustre. What a duo! 🙄

    You have politics… (which is a fairly grimy business tbh), and then you have Tory and I can’t believe it’s not Tory politics.

    That pair would make yer average hypocrite and serial fibber blush.

  15. The carrying on about Self ID. It affects 1%? of the population and stops people from self harming and suicide.

    People have been using mixed changing rooms for years without any problems. It helps more people to participate and use the facilities. It helps more women, friends and families to swim etc.

    There are low rates of any assault. Negligible. People have more chance of being hurt on a toilet. The place where women are most assaulted is in their own space. Their own homes by ‘friends’ and relatives.

    Men are still four times more likely to be attacked and commit suicide. It is a gender issue men committing crime and attacking others.

    The Health Boards are under the power of the Scottish Gov but are dominated by unionists. The Scottish Gov has always got to be sorting them out. The same with the Councils. Under unionist control.

  16. “Five ten double ten, five ten a hundred! ”
    “Come out, come out, wherever you are! ”
    The more grizzled Boomer Duggers may recall the game of Hide and Seek which we innocents played as children.

    The ‘seeker’ would cover their (is this the correct GRA possessive pronoun these days?) eyes, chanted the above mantra, then sought out those hidden in coal sheds, up trees, or in hedgerows.

    We didn’t have TV back then never mind i-Phones.

    Often memories of our past pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, sparked by something innocent and trivial; the delicious aroma of home made Scotch Broth simmering on the hot plate, the warming April breeze of early spring morning on our face after winter’s interminable chill, may recall granny’s delicious and irreplaceable cooking or a teenage Easter week end.

    I had such a moment last night dutifully tuning in to BBC Pacific Quay’s Ministry of Truth daily Brit Nat barrage of third class political propaganda.

    The Brit Nat MPs are hiding, we are seeking.

    We were offered yet again the pearls of wisdom of three Better Together Brit Nat MSP’s, Leonard, Rennie, and, presumably because Carlaw was lying down in a darkened room under sedation after his woeful phone in on Kaye with an ‘e’ at 9.00 am earlier, Miles Briggs, the unlikely giant white blancmange Health Spokesman for the Blue Tories in Edinburgh.

    Of course there is a deliberate collaboration between the broadcasters, Dead Tree Scrolls, and their mates, in-laws and partners among the Third Division political No Hopers of whom we can never rid ourselves because of d’Honte and Jobs For The Boys Party Lists.

    The BBC in Scotland does not inform entertain or instruct.

    It denies the Scottish people access to the truth.
    It acts as a buffer zone between Brit Nat politicians who are actually standing in the WM GE next week and the prying eyes and ears of Joe and Josephine Public.
    Or are Jack, Laird, and Swinson just too afraid, like the Liar Johnson to meet the Proles?

    There is nothing that the Three Brit Nat Holyrood Stooges can say that has any authority or gravitas.

    The madness that must swirl around inside Jackson Carlaw’s head that he ‘forbids’ us to consider Self Determination for at least forty years borders on psychopathy.

    Yet the Blahs faithfully regurgitate this delirious dangerous imperialist nonsense without comment or criticism.
    These ProudScotBut Palcemats are pushed to the fore in order that Jack, Laird and Swinson can fall back on the ‘plausible deniability’ defence when idiots like Carlaw come out with arrant nonsense like this.

    “Five ten double ten, five ten a hundred! ”
    “Come out, come out, wherever you are! ”

    Alister Jack, Jo Swinson, and Lesley Laird, what have you got to hide?

    BBC Scotland, you are a disgrace to Free Speech.
    WGD terrifies them.

      • Bob, this, from Peter Oborne in the Guardian today:-

        “In its Election Coverage the BBC has let down the people who believe in it.”

        ‘The BBC is the second greatest British institution (after the NHS) created during the 20th century. It holds us all together as a nation. It stands for something magnificent about the decency and creativity of the British people. Like other great institutions, including parliament, it has been shaken by Brexit. That is understandable. But I worry that, over the last few months, it has been letting down the people who believe in it.’

        Substitute ‘English’ for ‘British’ and you get a better sense of what the author means.

        Oborne sets out some of the outrageous lies and shameful electioneering over the still warm bodies of terrorism of Johnson, and muses that the BBC has become a tool of the incumbent Government be it Blue or Tony Blair Tory.
        Aye, right,

        I argue that the BBC has flooded the other nations of this group of Islands with ‘English’ versions of ‘decency and creativity’.

        Pacific Qauy is an outpost of the ‘British’ Empire, doing London’s Elitist bidding.

    • And they had Angela Haggerty on a BBB programme AGAIN last night, supposedly their token gesture to the 50% plus Scots that desire Independence.

      No sign of Leslie Riddoch, Paul Kavanagh, George Kerevan, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, et al, getting an invite.

      How we’ve ever managed to get to the 50% point is beyond me with the biased Media and Scottish Unionists politicians in cahoots, the vast network of the British Establishment plotting against us and some so-called pro-Independence bloggers, that seem to have turned their coat, going all out to adversely influence people online.


      Meanwhile Ofcom have rejected the Tories official complaint about Channel 4 replacing LBJ with a lump of melting ice. If I’d been in charge the ice sculpture would have been replaced by a placard listing (long list) his perverse characteristics and behaviour. Next up the Tories will be announcing that they’re going to get rid of them, Ofcom, now along with the Supreme Court, Holyrood etc, etc. Boris following in the footsteps of a wee man in 30s / 40s Germany.

      Waken up folks and vote for the SNP to get us out of this before it’s too late.

  17. Now we’ve got a pro-Independence blogger, announcing far and wide, that he’s come up with a great idea and that is that no one should vote in the forthcoming election at all and a woman who’ll be voting for LBJ precisely because he’s a known liar as it shows that he’s human.

    Anyone else on here feel that they’re ready to be carted off in a straitjacket?

    • I’m not one bit surprised Nana with the amount of bl**dy depressing info that you must have swirling around in your head through delving into the dark side (normal now) of UK (and worldwide) politics on OUR behalf, as others attempt to undo the good work that people like you are doing. David versus Goliath right enough, but let’s not forget that David (Paul, Nana et al) won at the end of the day …. “a wink and smiley face.”

    • Delighted to get the opportunity to thank you and your “gathering” for your activities, bravo, you are not speaking to the void 😉

  18. They can be got rid of if, we have another independence party we can vote for. First vote SNP, second vote for the new indy party.
    The SNP won only 4 list seats on 42% of the list vote, but won 59 FPTP seats on 47% of the FPTP vote.
    Whereas, the Tories won the great bulk of their seats (24) on the list system (23% of the list vote), only winning 7 by FPTP on 22% of the FPTP vote.
    Labour were even worse, 3 by FPTP, however 21 list seats on 19% of the list vote.
    The Greens received no FPTP seats (0.6% of the FPTP vote), but 6 list seats on 7% of the list vote.
    This is the d’hondt PR system at work. Independence voters must make this system work for us not against us.
    From the data above, it is obvious that the more successful a party is in FPTP votes, i.e. the SNP. they are hugely handicapped by the system in the list voting. So for 42% of the list vote the SNP only won 4 seats, however the Tories on 23% of the list vote won 24 seats.
    Only a small fraction of the SNP vote (6%), seems to have trusted the Greens enough to change their constituency (FPTP) vote, to a list vote for the Greens. This gained them 6 list seats.
    If we had another independence party we could fully trust, then we could transfer all of our second votes to them, and never have to worry about gaining an Independence majority again. In fact, we would have an overwhelming independence majority, enabling us to get rid of great swathes of these undermining unionists, who only want to sabotage our Parliament and hinder Scotland’s progress.
    If we don’t use the d’hondt system to work for us in this way then we are fools. In fact, we are actually keeping these destructive unionists in place and destroying our progression ourselves.

    • Let’s hope Marlon that another Independence Party won’t be necessary. The focus just now, imo, should relate to encouraging people to vote for the SNP on the 12th December, not following the advice of folks telling us not to vote at all, and then voting for Independence next year.

      In between then and now, individuals who have influence online should be outing the opposition and providing influential facts as Paul and Nana are doing to combat the mountain of Unionist and media lies and propaganda. That’s the way to ensure that the end result IS an “overwhelming Independence majority.”

  19. Ironic that the tories have a fetish about personal self-reliance, yet constantly undermine the national self confidence of Scotland, seeking explicitly to keep us trapped in situation of dependency. I prefer independence.
    They are not, by nature, given to emotion (except where it relates to their imperial delusions) and certainly are not inclined to give anyone a “free lunch”. I can only conclude that either their hubris trumps all else, or else they are lying about us getting more than we give in this shining union.
    No, that can’t be right. They wouldn’t lie to us – would they?

  20. D’Hondt is a joke. They cannot be got rid.

    The % FPTP depended on how many candidates or parties stand. Nothing to do with trying to equate how many vote for a party or candidates. A manipulation of percentage.

    Ist preference votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. A quota. The unionists introduced it to give them unfair advantage. (Lesley Evans).

  21. With a name like Jackson Carlaw you could excuse him for being in two minds. One minute Jackson holds sway, the next it is Carlaw.

    Unfortunately, the rational function seems defective in both.

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