You can’t trust a Tory with a vow

Jackson Carlaw’s latest stunt is to make all Tory candidates in Scotland sign a pledge stating that they’re opposed to another independence referendum. Last week, the red faced one announced that he would oppose any other independence referendum until 2054. They say that a week is a long time in politics, Jackson Carlaw thinks he can dictate Scotland’s political priorities for decades to come. We had our chance at democracy, and we’re not going to be allowed to take any change in circumstances into account, unlike Jackson who’s allowed to change his mind about the EU. That’s different. Because hypocrisy.

Getting Tory candidates in Scotland to say that they oppose an independence referendum is a bit like getting Donald Trump to say that he opposes impeachment. It’s scarcely surprising and not exactly news. But it get a few newspaper headlines, and that’s what it’s all about really. So now the British nationalist press in Scotland can regale us with the latest vow from an anti-independence party to the people of Scotland. Not that it means anything, we’ve already seen that vows from anti-independence parties count for the square root of hee-haw. But no, seriously. It’s a vow. Rest easy in your beds unionists. It’s a vow.

What this really tells us is that opponents of independence now have just one strategy, and that is to try anything at all in the hopes of preventing another independence referendum from ever coming about. It is not a strategy that will be able to withstand the force of electoral defeats for the Tories in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon has already hinted that she has indeed considered what steps she will take in the event that a future Conservative government refuses to cooperate with a Section 30 order even though the Scottish electorate have delivered yet another mandate for another independence referendum. She has refused to rule out taking legal action. And at this juncture it is worth reminding readers of something that this blog has been stating for a good while – anyone who tells you that a referendum without a Section 30 order is illegal is not stating a legal fact. They are offering a political opinion. The only legal fact is that the lawfulness of a consultative referendum without a Section 30 order has never been tested in the courts.

For those of you who complain that the SNP has never explained what it’s going to do if a Section 30 order is refused, there’s a very good tactical reason why they’re not going to do so at this juncture. If the SNP leadership were to start explaining the various steps that they plan after a Section 30 order is refused, then they are as good as conceding in advance that a Westminster government has the moral and political authority to do so. Westminster might have the legal power, but that’s a very different matter. Political reality is decided in the court of public opinion not a court of law. So first of all the SNP wishes to build an impregnable case, to get a mandate that is beyond political challenge, so that when or if a Section 30 order is refused the court of Scottish public opinion will be behind alternative paths to a Scottish vote on Scotland’s future.

And make no mistake, such paths do exist. This blog has explained them in the past, as have other pro-indy activists. Routes such as a consultative referendum, routes such as a plebiscite election. We know that these routes exist. So do the SNP leadership, and so do the anti-independence parties. They know too that they forever block Scotland’s right to determine her own future while at the same time maintaining their fiction that Scotland is a partner in a union. Jackson Carlaw’s vow has no political validity or worth beyond a crude attempt to shore up the Conservative vote in Scotland, and to distract voters in Scotland from that Brexit that Tories here are strangely quiet about, but which their colleagues south of the border never shut up about. It’s almost as though they think that broadcasting in Scotland is devolved and we don’t see the UK news on the BBC.

In 2012 Better Together preened, they strutted, they confidently asserted that they’d crush the Yes campaign in the referendum, claiming that they’d secure 70% or more of the vote. The arrogant confidence that Scottish Unionism was full of in 2012 is now gone for good. Scottish Unionism itself has been shown to be based on one of the greatest myths of Scottish politics, the myth that Scotland is a partner in a union, the myth of the union itself. The arrogant entitled confidence has gone, leaving just the arrogance and entitlement behind. But now we can all see that it’s just a mask for their sheer abject terror. They know that they had the opportunity to prove themselves in the wake of the 2014 referendum, that the people of Scotland handed them one last chance, and they blew it. What you see from the Conservatives in Scotland is the desperate arse-covering of people who know that they only have themselves to blame. What you see is the panic from opponents of independence who know that Westminster will sell them out the second that it sees an advantage in doing so. What you see is the terror of Scottish Conservatives who know that they’re expendable, and that the decision about another independence referendum is not theirs to make.

Meanwhile, in the least convincing denial since Prince Andrew claimed that his only sin in the entire sordid Epstein affair was being “too honourable”, Donald Trump has been at pains to assert that US health corporations don’t want to descend on the NHS like a flock of vultures. “Never even thought about it honestly … We have absolutely nothing to do with it and we wouldn’t want to if you handed it to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it,” he insisted, illustrating what happens when one of his staff managed to explain to him that he’s not helping his pal Boris’s election prospects and has to deny that there’s any threat to the NHS after Brexit.

It’s a denial that’s so over the top that it’s obvious that it’s no denial at all. Are we really supposed to believe that rapacious US health corporations would want nothing to do with the NHS even if it was “handed to them on a plate”. Aye. Right. Uh-huh. It’s way up there in the believability stakes with his denial that he ever had anything to do with Stormy Daniels, his insistence that his phone call with the Ukrainian President was perfect, or his reasons for not releasing his tax returns.

It’s just more proof that you can’t trust a Tory with a vow, or with the NHS.

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34 thoughts on “You can’t trust a Tory with a vow

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  2. It is 18.19 as I begin this comment.
    At 18.20 Distorting Scotland will headline with the Pisa Results and Jackson, Richard and Willie will have a wee piece to camera Bad SNP ping.
    It may be argued that given the fact that the Blue and Yellow Tories, that would be Carlaw and Rennie, have driven 320,000 Scots children into poverty, and they attend school malnourished, their bellies grumbling with the pain of hunger, in rags, from households which cannot afford to heat and eat and face a lifetime of unrelenting Brit Nat despair and hardship, it is remarkable that the Scottish education system is judged to be above average in reading and writing, and average in Maths and the sciences.
    Of course the three disgusting little men who have stood by while a WM Government have destroyed our civic society will blame Nicola Sturgeon for failing Education standards.
    Carlaw is in no position to declare a 40 year embargo on Scotland’s democracy. The Blahs reporting this nonsense and the BBC/STV presenters peddling the BAD SNP Education toss are by any measure the allies of lies, the trashers of truth and justice in our land.

    My views on our media, the Fourth Estate Fifth Column are well documented. A plague on their corrupt crumbling house.
    Terrific comments as per, Paul.

    • The PISA Results?

      This briefly from the Herald, BBC Scotland’s scriptwriters.

      “INTERNATIONAL education tests have reported record low results in science and maths among Scottish school pupils.
      The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey showed reading levels among Scotland’s children have risen since 2015, but maths and science have both seen slight drops.”

      • Compare and contrast.

        “Wales has seen its performance improve in international tests in reading, maths and science but [PISA] scores remain lower than in other parts of the UK.”

        Education is devolved to Wales:

        – The Welsh Education Minister is a (the sole) Liberal Democrat
        – The Welsh Government is Labour-led

        Cue Scottish MSM to ask Messrs Indigestion Tablet and Rickless Leotard if their colleagues in the Welsh Government are failing Welsh children (and their families) so badly, how can they IT and RL) be expected to do any better if they were in the Scottish Government?

        No. I thought not.

      • Cough, you missed out an “allegedly” or five surely… “PISA cake” said Johnson, PISA poor said Jack Carlaw…. 😉 Diversion pollitics as its best c/o BBCS, staring Donalda MnKinnon as M.

        Pathetic that for years Scotland’s academic excellence kept these avaricious clowns breathing, yet they turn on their own electorate with lies..
        I’m not a religious man, but even “there is a special place in hell..” rings true locally…

      • The Pisa results from 2000 to 2018. Note the results from 2000 to 2006.

        The Pisa scores for Scotland from 2000 – 2018
        Maths Reading Science
        2000 533 526 522
        2003 524 516 514
        2006 506 499 515
        2009 499 500 514
        2012 498 506 513
        2015 491 493 497
        2018 489 504 490

  3. Education is a tricky one as there are so many factors determining how pupils perform – my biggest issue is with the Education Managers who now run Education for the bottom line – not for the student outcome. For instance the SQA guideline is 36hrs teaching for some modules yet Managers only allow staff 28hrs and expect a favourable outcome.

  4. To be fair to Jackson, his position has been entirely consistent throughout.

    He’ll do whatever he’s telt by his masters.

  5. There is a point at which propaganda becomes an irritant as people realise the SNP are NOT fascists, right wing Tories, left wing commies, incompetent wreckers, brainwashing cultists who suck blood and eat brains. No, the Mail, Hootsman, BBC, Herald, Suppress, Torygraf et al went far too far over the top for the mud too stick.

    Alternatively we see the Blond Buffoon in all his glory every night, as the media parade his Phoniness, his lies, fantasies and absurd smears for us all to goggle at.
    Sadly our English neighbours have fallen for his BS, and he looks like having a majority—-one good thing: no one left to blame when the chickens come home.

    It’s VERY important for the SNP to get a result in this election. They must have a strong voice to argue for the future of our nation, to tell Boris “we are not your colony”.
    Legal action? I have always thought the “Thatcher Dictum” (a pro Indy majority of Scots MPs) was a card that could not be argued against by the Britnats.
    Carlow has sold the jersey. He cannot, on one hand, argue he can change his mind on the EU, because of “change” yet deny Scots the very same thing.

    Corbyn has stated this is “a once in a generation election”.
    Boris stated he would “be dead in a ditch”. And…….”this is an historic election”.
    So when will the next GE be? A generations? An epoch?

  6. World Leader ( sic ) claims that the NHS is not in their thinking , despite his doppelganger saying the opposite in June ;

    World leader ( sic ) claims that he predicted Brexit would be victorious while opening his Turnberry golf course , despite his doppelganger visiting Turnberry the day AFTER the result was declared ;

    World Leader ( sic ) claims that the Prince Andrew affair is very sad but that he has never met the man , although his doppelganger has met him several times , including playing a round of golf with him earlier this year .

    I do hope that our dear PM is having his secret talks with the right World Leader and
    not this doppelganger who appears to have trouble telling the truth .

    We wouldn’t want Mr Johnson to associate with a proven liar !

    • Millsy,

      You forgot (at least) …

      World leader ( sic ) [aka Leader of the Free World] claims that the President of France is ‘nasty’ and says that Macron used ‘insulting’ language re: NATO … despite his doppelganger a few months back saying NATO was ‘obsolete’ and that its members (outside the good ol’ US of A) were not ‘paying their way as they should’.

    • Millsy, Poor David porter needs a wee holiday, I fear.
      Live from London on Distorting Scotland tonight he had a world wide exclusive. It was President Bush who was attending the NATO talks.

      A slip of the tongue or mental fatigue. Who knows?
      Through the wonder of I-Player, check it out yourself.

      The PISA figures was the headline, but was given the balance which this indicator merits.
      No sign of Jackson Richard or Wullie.

      Poor Glenn Campbell was despatched from Cairn Ryan yesterdaay all the way up to Fife today, and gave the actual candidates standing for office a wee twenty second speech-ette, and a Vox Posh in St Andrews featuring patently ‘educated’ well off youngsters.

      Let’s check the 10.30 edition.

      • Now I know why Jackson Richard and Wullie weren’t all over the 6.30 Distorting Scotland Teatime Propaganda session SNP Badding the PISA report and waving a bloodstained babygro in our faces for the SEVENTEENTH day in a row..

        Thanks to my Everlovin’, who occasionally watches the ‘commercial ‘ channels, I was made aware of an STV Laughingly titled ‘Leaders’ Debate’, which of course it was none of the sort.

        A chap called Colin McKay, in the chair, and the three office managers of the Brit Nat Branch Offices were shouting in unison about Independence when I joined via STV Player 18 minutes in(you can avoid adverts that way) in a rerun of the Brewer Davidson Murphy Rennie ambush on NS during the last Better Together Project Fear debacle.

        Rennie, Carlaw and a particularly woeful Leonard are not standing for election at WM They are not ‘Leaders’ of their Parties which as we all know are resolutely Unionist Parties registered in London.
        They have no authority to inform us, the People of Scotland, what their Masters in England mean in their waffle filled manifestos.

        The Edinburgh Sick Children’s hospital, the QEUH infant mortalities, and of course, the PISA results got big licksfrom Carlaw, 800 children awaiting mental health treatment from Rennie, and from Leonard the GMB shop steward, the SNP Growth Commission ‘ten years of austerity’ after independence, and the fictitious £100 billion needed to set up a Scottish Bank and independent currency, were the hot topics fired at NS by the BT Team in a 2 1/2 minute each shout over her answers.

        MacKay chaired eff all. He let the Better Together mob loose on Sturgeon and indeed joined in shouting down her answers.

        They all were interrogated by the other three in 2 1/2 minute segments.

        Leonard saw no immorality in being a member of the CND and backing Corbyn giving the US Military and Industrial Complex £200 billion on renewing a hellish weapon system that would kill millions of the Many not the Few.

        Jackson Carlaw admitted that under the Blue Tory Manifesto 1/3 of children in the UK would be plunged into poverty. He conceded that this was in fact true, yet mumbled and bumbled about what his Johnson Government would then to to mitigate their own devlisih policies.
        He refused to apologise, and confirmed that he was backing a womaniser, racist,xenophobe homophobe because he suddenly now trustshim.
        His closing speech? Stop Indyref 2.

        What a morally questionable little man.

        Rennie admitted that Swinson and the Lib Dem collaborators in bed with Cameron and Osborne plunged Scotland in poverty foodbanks the bedroom tax and UCS, with its two child cap on payments, but boasted that by killing off thousands of UK citizens through their policies it was a success in bringing down the UK Debt.

        I could go on; but it was there for all to see. These men are hopeless buffoons who are there as a buffer zone to prevent Alister Jack Jo Swinson and Lesley Laird being exposed to the surgical examination of the Scottish People through the TV lens.

        To Colin McKay and STV: – These men are not ‘leaders’ of their party. Nicola Sturgeon is the Leader of the SNP, which had 35 MPs in the last WM Parliament.
        We the people know that they are puupets answering to their English Masters.
        I Repeat.
        Nicola, the SNP, the Greens (who were not there) refuse point blank to participate unless Jack Swinson and Laird are on the podium.

        I cannot believe how inept and juvenile these three chancers are.

        One crumb of comfort. They disgraced themselves in public, but that won’t be the headline tomorrow, will it?
        It will be the usual Sturgeon ‘blasted/unable to answer/ attacked’ by the four suited men,
        What a feckin farce.

    • God Millsy you may have hit on something there. Maybe folks in England know that LBJ, plus members of his Cabinet, have a doppelgangers too.

    • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest liar of all.
      Is it the buffoon, who is King of the World,
      Or is it World Leader who tweets like a burd!
      One gets his women with a “pussie-grab” game,
      One has a dozen or so, weans tae his name.
      They lie wi abandon, the truth never heard,
      Pulled up by the BEEB? don’t be absurd.
      Ask channel 4 if their licence they’ll lose,
      Standing up tae Boris, wi Bullingdon shoes.

  7. News just in:

    “UK’s ‘largest’ gold nugget discovered in Scottish river”

    Plenty of (non-gold) nuggets on the Opposition benches at Holyrood, I’ll be bound …

  8. That’s a keeper. 🙂

    Wee note to the political class. It’s never a good look for politicians to tell people what they’re good for, what they should think and how they should feel. At some point those people are going to tell you where you can find your pink slip on the way out.

    And that’s the diplomatic version. 😎

  9. OMG just watched the STV leaders debate – Jackson Carcrash, Ricky Lacklustre and On the buses Willie have just made it abundantly clear why Scotland needs independence.

        • You forgot the ‘chair’, Colin MacKay, who allowed all three gammons to shout over NS’ answers, and indeed,,on occasion, joined in. See my regrettably lengthy post above.
          80% and control of the debate, I’d suggest.

          • I agree wholeheartedly with your comment Jack, the good thing is that media bias is becoming so blatantly obvious YES is inexorably moving in the right direction in spite of the media onslaught.

  10. ”They know that they had the opportunity to prove themselves in the wake of the 2014 referendum, that the people of Scotland handed them one last chance, and they blew it.”

    They knew that they were going to treat us like sh*t when we lost in 2014, however little did they know that Brexit was just around the corner.

    Every time I think of them staggering into the Commons, sniggering and laughing to vote down every amendment of the Scotland Bill, whilst out poor SNP politicians had to sit there looking on makes my blood boil. I can’t wait for their chickens coming home to roost now and see their sniggers turn into a grimaces. Roll on.

  11. Forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere, but from Scotland’s point of view, bearing in mind the stakes, is voting Labour paletable, in order to oust the Tories?

    • Labour and Lib Dumb votes in Scotland are a total waste of an electoral choice.
      Neither is interested in standing up for their ain’t folk. It’s why Labour lost Scotland.

    • Any vote other than SNP gives the yoons something to crow about. SNP need all the votes they can get even if they are in seats they are likely to lose as you can bet your bottom dollar the yoons will make hay when the total vote count across the country isn’t 50%+ for the SNP

    • Labour principles may still be widely held but Labour MPs forgot principles hence becoming an endangered species northward. You do not shit in your own nest, Anas Sarwar is about to realise that once his smear campaign with BBCS over QEUH runs out of innuendo…
      Palatable? Not even if the candidate is deep fried for 20 mins then drowned in brown sauce… 😉

  12. I have OFTEN wondered why the younger, computer literate people don’t hack into the BEEBS hidden secrets.
    I wouldn’t want anyone to break any laws, but—-JUST DO IT,

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