Tonight’s episode of “We’re talking about you not to you, Scotland”

Here we go again, another exercise in “We’re talking down to you, Scotland” from the BBC election debate. Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson are going head to head, at least that is if Johnson can be bothered to turn up. Expect more of what we’ve seen from Boris Johnson for the past few weeks, a lot of fnaugh fnaughing, not answering questions, deflections, lies, turning everything into an attack on Corbyn, saying oven ready get Brexit done, some more fnaugh fnaughing, and a lot more lies, while he refuses to tell us how many children he’s got.

We can also expect Johnson to make Scottish independence one of the subjects he’s attacking Corbyn on, and there will be no one there to point out that Scottish independence will not be the unmitigated disaster that both of this pair will compete with one another in painting it to be. Neither will there be anyone there to point out that if the people of Scotland vote for a party promising another referendum, then it’s a democratic outrage for that mandate to be ignored. Scotland gets to be a mere onlooker as its own destiny is decided. Within the UK our role is that same as that of Andrew Ridgeley from Wham!, just a bystander in someone else’s limelight. The much professed love and respect for Scotland that the UK parties have is as authentic as Jo Swinson’s accent. There are those who are treating this evening’s performance from the BBC as though it was an audition for their licence fee. Don’t call us, BBC, we’ll call you.

I’m only watching in the hope that the BBC goes with a last minute change of plans and the presenter of the debate Nick Robinson says, “So let’s take our first question from a member of the audience … Mr Andrew Neil, what would you like to ask the Prime Minister?” And then Andrew Neil walks on to interrogate the fnaughing liar with the deliberately tousled hair. That would be worth it just for the look on Johnson’s face. But we’re unlikely to witness any such drama, certainly not from Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was sold to us as the man who was going to reinvigorate and reanimate British politics. It turned out to be a bit like hooking up on a dating app with someone who promised you a groovy kind of love and then discovering that you’re stuck on a night out with a guy with a fetish for beige corduroy.

So here we go. Boris Johnson has actually been arsed to turn up. The audience in the studio in Kent is supposedly balanced, you know, in that special BBC kind of way that gave us an audience full of posh Tories in Dundee. Jeremy Corbyn’s starts with his opening statement. At least his glasses aren’t squinty, yet. He talks about poverty and the need to rebuild our public services. He says yes, that does mean making those who can bear the burden pay more in taxes. Boris Johnson says get Brexit done. Give yourself a drink if you’re playing Borisbingo. There’s no prize, just penury. And there he goes going on about the “nightmare of another referendum on Europe and one on Scottish independence. You can see why the Tories introduced the bedroom tax. Nicola Sturgeon lives in the heads for free. This guy is terrified of voting. What do you call a politician who doesn’t like it when the electorate gets to vote? Oh yeah, a dictator.

The first question isn’t from Andrew Neil. It’s from a man in the audience who wants to know why previous Tory leaders and statespersons don’t want people to vote for Boris Johnson. Get Brexit done, have a drink. Oven ready. Have another drink. At this rate the entire UK will be steaming drunk within the next five minutes, which may explain why so many people in the UK still want to vote for this liar.

There’s now a question from a leave voter who wants to know if Johnson can guarantee that Brexit will happen next year. Then a remain voter who wants to know if either leader can demonstrate that we’ll be better off because of Brexit. Get Brexit done. Get Brexit done. Oh dear god make him stop. Johnson want to get Brexit done for the cute ickle animals, and the cheap tampons. Is it politically incorrect to say that I am longing to ram something up him? Probably. But I am past the point of caring already. Get Brexit done. OH SHUT UP!

Now Johnson is trying to mislead people about the nature of the leave agreement with the EU, and trying to conflate it with a trade deal. There he goes again with the done thing. It’s his strong and stable from the last Conservative general election campaign, and we saw how that one turned out.

Corbyn talks about how the document which he released today proves that there will be a customs border down the Irish sea, treating Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK. There’s a lot of fnaughing from Johnson, who can’t explain why it is that the DUP don’t agree with him. So he tries to smear Corbyn with support for the IRA. Deflection is not an answer. Corbyn points out that it was a Labour government which negotiated the peace agreement which brought about an end to the violence in Northern Ireland.

In other news, Britain’s top Brexit envoy in the US has resigned with a massive tirade against UK political leaders, saying she was fed up “peddling half-truths” and is leaving her post after 33 years in the foreign service. Not even the people paid to sell Brexit believe in it.

Corbyn says that the problem is that 52/48 means a divided country, and there has to be a deal that brings people together. Johnson goes on the attack again, saying that Corbyn can’t get a deal if he doesn’t believe in it. The problem is that no one believes a word that Johnson says.

Question about the NHS now, how to deal with the shortage of nurses and how to ensure that the NHS retains them. Johnson lies about how he loves the NHS. Here come the 50,000 imaginary nurses. Tries to deflect by talking about Labour’s plans for a four day week. Corbyn says it was the Tories and Lib Dems who introduced student fees and axed the nurse bursary. He wants to end university fees, like has happened in Scotland, although he doesn’t say that bit.  The nurses’ bursary was retained in Scotland too, and is going to be increased to £10,000 next year.  He didn’t say that bit either.  He details Johnson’s lies about the number of hospitals that are going to be built. There’s quite a bit of fnaughing and waffle from the tousled one. Waffle waffle, planning, architects, plans, seed funding – forty new hospitals! He announces triumphantly as though he’d explained himself. Still, at least he didn’t say get Brexit done. Be grateful for small mercies. The reality is that it’s just the refurbishing of six hospitals. 6 is not 40. Get Brexit done will not get Brexit done. There he goes again.

Corbyn says that he’ll end privatisation in the NHS. He means the NHS in England but he doesn’t say so, because England is Britain. He warns about the risk of a deal with Trump about the price of medicines. Fnaugh fnaugh. There’s something deeply zen about watching a habitual liar accuse others of lying. But he doesn’t actually dispute that US health corporations want greater access to the NHS. Then he blames the problems on the previous Labour government’s fixation on PFI. We managed to go a whole 25 minutes without Johnson blaming a Labour government that hasn’t been in power for almost a decade. I suppose that counts as improvement. There’s some clapping from the gammonesque seals in the audience. Corbyn points out that it’s a fact that the Conservatives have presided over an NHS that is in crisis. If you think the NHS is bad in Scotland, the English one is far worse. BBC Scotland never tells you that. If you don’t believe what Corbyn has to say about the NHS, take it from a former Conservative Prime Minister. John Major said, “The NHS would be as safe as a pet hamster in the presence of a hungry python if Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & Iain Duncan-Smith rose to power following Brexit.”

There’s a programme on Channel 4 about the attractions of beige corduroy. Just sayin’. Johnson has a very peculiar pronunciation of the vowel oo. It’s more like ew. Which is what a lot of women say to him when he spills red wine on their new sofa and won’t give back their laptops. Now he’s banging on about One Nation Conservatism after he’s kicked all the One Nation Tories out of the party. Nick Robinson is letting him get away with all this. They used to be at university together. Just sayin’ that too.

Taxation now. Johnson hasn’t explained how he’ll pay for all these improved public services that he’s promising while at the same time promising to cut taxes. He says he’s going to get Brexit done. Kill me now.

Corbyn says that the Tories always look after the rich, and do so by penalising the poor. He says that his proposals will raise taxes on the rich and big business, and their proposed new corporation tax will still be lower than it is in France or the UK. Johnson says that Corbyn is saying that people who earn £20,000 a year are amongst the rich. I’m scarcely paying attention at this point, but I know he’s not said any such thing. That’s just not true Boris, or even trew. You can’t win an argument on the economy when your policy includes Brexit, so just throw in some random lies, that’ll sort it.

On to sentencing now. Johnson wants prisoners to serve their full sentences. Corbyn quite sensibly points out that all prisoners who are on fixed term sentences will come out eventually, so you can’t get away without addressing the huge problems of rehabilitation and monitoring. Cutting the number of police officer, and trashing the probation service as the Conservatives have done is what causes these problems with released prisoners. Johnson ignores all that and waffles on about making prisoners serve their full sentences. Yet suppose the London Bridge terrorist did indeed serve his full sentence, without proper rehabilitation, supervision, and monitoring that merely delays a terror attack for a few years. But then by that time it won’t be Boris Johnson’s problem. Just ours. And that in a nutshell is Boris Johnson’s approach to everything.

Still no one has asked him how many children he’s got. Where’s the “impartial” fact check from the Conservative campaign HQ twitter account?

Corbyn denying that he wants to disband MI5. Points out that someone in his constituency was murdered by a terrorist – in this instance a far right extremist who attacked a mosque.

Now they’re being asked what they’d do to get the hate out of politics. That’s going to be a hard one. I hate Boris Johnson. It’s wrong to hate people, and Boris Johnson makes me hate him. Every time he opens his mouth and says get Brexit done, I hate him even more. And then I hate him even more still for making me a bad person. He even manages to squeeze get Brexit done into his answer to this question. God I really hate him now.

We get onto anti-semitism. Corbyn says that he has no tolerance for racism in any form and has always condemned it. He says that he’s never used racist language to describe another human being, unlike Johnson. Johnson wants to get Brexit done says that Corbyn is a failure. Failure, says Corbyn, is when you use racist language to describe other people and other countries. You could talk about the mating habits of Galapagos tortoises and Johnson would bring it back to Brexit.

A woman in the audience wants to know what punishment is appropriate for politicians who lie in election campaigns. Johnson says they should be forced to go down on their knees and whip themselves with a copy of their manifesto. We’re waiting Boris. We’re waiting.

Nick Robinson asks Johnson about the diplomat who has resigned saying that she no longer wants to peddle half truths. Johnson says he doesn’t know who Robinson is referring to. Credit where credit is due, that’s not a half truth. It’s a complete lie.

Are we done yet? 30 seconds for a closing statement. Thank god.

Corbyn says that politics can change things. The future is ours to make together. He mentions the climate emergency, the first time it’s figured this evening. Johnson says we can have tew chaotic referendums and then reels off a load of lies. Oh, and he says get Brexit done, the biggest lie of all. Boris Johnson sounds like a broken recor… no, a lying shit. He sounds like a lying shit.

Who won? No one. Everyone in the UK is a loser in this election.

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47 thoughts on “Tonight’s episode of “We’re talking about you not to you, Scotland”

  1. In my English constituency I’ve already tactically voted for Red Jezza against Liar Johnson. Actually, I am a true Unionist. I believe in the concept of the Union. U fortunately, the Union doesn’t exist and hasn’t really ever done for the last 312 years.

  2. Anyone else suspicious that the snap polling gives:

    LBJ: 52%
    JC: 48%

    The self-same figures as the Brexit result?

    Call me a conspiracy theorist …

    And a massive thank you to WGD for sitting through this dross – repeatedly – on our behalf. I haven’t watched a single one, just relied on Paul’s regular incisiveness.

    As to my vote on Thursday? Worthless! The sitting Tory in my English constituency has a majority of 14 168 (25.4%) over Labour.

    Wake me up when this is over – and Brexit hasn’t been done by that &*&^!£%$ who said he’d dead in a ditch.

    • How individual people actually vote on Thursday is how I will judge them for the rest of my life. Here in Carlisle, only a Labour vote will save those I know. Any one who votes for LBJ I will, frankly disown.
      Seeing as I’m leaving to come home in the spring hopefully, that’ll be academic.

  3. Excellent Paul and absolutely the case that BoJo never takes responsibility for failure.
    However,he is going to find as PM that there is nowhere to hide when things go wrong.
    No doubt there will be much shuffling of cabinet posts and sackings but he will be rapidly exposed for the completely unfit for purpose individual that he is.
    Still,some people seem to like him.

  4. Thanks for watching that for us, Paul. I’ll be interested to see how many people actually did watch it, and in particular how many people watched it in Scotland relative to the rUK.

  5. Thank you again but could you just reassure us that the wee dug is safely ensconced elsewhere with a juicy bone when all this is going on and not subjected to this nonsense.

  6. Much appreciated, Paul. By design, this has to be about the most contentless blogpost you’ve ever written. Reminds me of one of these reports you get hapless interns to write to record useless meetings. For obvious reasons, except that your writing skills are wasted. So thank you for taking one for the team and saving us all a miserable evening snoring in front of the box.

  7. A bit late but thanks for the running commentary Paul as others have said ( saving us the distress ) have a wee what ever you fancy and cool down .

    I know your thoughts on degrading comments about folk south of the border , but for f/k sake excuse the language What are these people on , day after day this Clown is exposed as a Liar and he is still leading in the polls.

    I am truly baffled have these folk who still support this Clown lost their collective Marbles , even people in their own party ex PMs included are warning against encouraging this proven Liar , his previous employer Max Hastings warned of the dangers if this Nut Job got anywhere near any kind of power , his simple short comment was if this Liar was to become PM ” Expect Total Chaos ” .

    As we have all seen it’s just Started ” God Help the people in this Country ” and as for the ones who would vote for him , Words Fail Me , I hope this is all a dream.

    • It is hard to believe that anyone in the USA votes for Trump. It is hard to believe anyone votes for Johnson. We should remember that if the polls are correct between 20 -27% of people in Scotland are planning to vote for Johnson – so it is not just the English.

      The truth and personal integrity just do not seem to matter to a lot of people these days – sad.

  8. Yet again, a high profile election programme broadcast in Scotland that implicitly communicates the choice as being between Tory and Labour.

  9. People in the US voted for Trump to stop the incessant illegal wars. Johnston tried to get Trump to start a conflict on the Russian border, whenever he got elected. Trump refused. Trump lost (D’Hond’t). The loser wins. Trump does try to speak to people. North Korea, Russia, China etc.

    The States governance rules in the States in the US. States can have different legislation. Many do provide free Medicare for the elderly etc. Depends on the State. The Federal Gov can be remote for many people. Each State on average would have 6 million people. It does not exactly average. Some States are more populated. Some have vast empty spaces. Federal tax is 10%. Each State has a separate progressive tax system.

    The people who are constantly criticising the SNP are not supporting Independence. They are criticising the SNP and then complaining that the SNP are not supporting Independence. Really weird. Kettle black. They are doing exactly what they are accusing others of doing.

    Especially over the ID issue. It affects 1% of the population. It is a non issue. There have been mixed changing rooms for years without any bother. It helps people, especially woman, access the facilities. Swimming and sports facilities. It is safer for everyone. More open with more security. There are separate cubicles.

    Self ID prevents people from self harming and committing suicide. People who wish to self gender would not harm anyone but might harm themselves.

    The place where women are most likely to be attacked is in their own ‘space’. Their own homes by acquaintances or relatives. Men are four times as likely to be attacked as women. It is a gender issue most attackers are men. On the whole crime is falling. Cybercrime is increasing.

    • “There have been mixed changing rooms for years without any bother.”

      90% of sexual assaults in 2017/18 (leisure centres) were in mixed changing rooms despite fewer than half changing rooms being mixed. There have been several assaults reported at Gorbals LC this year.

      “It helps people, especially woman, access the facilities.”

      Except those whose religious beliefs and/or culture mean they aren’t allowed to go to mixed facilities such as swimming pools.

      ” Self ID prevents people from self harming and committing suicide.”

      There is no evidence to support this. I have no objection to people socially transitioning by self identity but legally transitioning must be following professional assessment.

      “The place where women are most likely to be attacked is in their own ‘space”

      and that own space includes prisons where there have been multiple sexual and physical assaults on female prisoners by self identifying women. There have been NO assaults carried out by transwomen who have been through the current professional assessment process.

      Apparently there are 12 self identifying women in Scottish jails. NONE presented as trans prior to arrest and imprisonment.

      Opposition to self identity has NOTHING to do with transphobia. It is because we know that predatory men will abuse self id to access victims. The current assessment process is designed to ensure that only those with gender dysphoria can legally transition. Seven Hex, a transwomen has spoken about the current process and why it is so important.

      There are a number of transwomen bravely voicing their opposition to self id. They face actual transphobia from the bigots already and are now being abused by those trying to force self id through.

      “People who wish to self gender would not harm anyone”

      People with gender dysphoria wouldn’t. Unfortunately by definition self id would allow ANYONE to claim to be trans even when they weren’t.

    • My daughter has learning disabilities.. I do not want her any where same sex toilets or anything else like it.. do you think my daughter should walk in a toilet to see a man or anybody else using a urinal,,,

      • There are already mixed sex toilets in various Glasgow leisure centres and Morrisons in Partick and they have been there for years. They have seperate cubicles why on earth would mixed sex toilets need to have urinals.

  10. Great commentary Paul and well done you for sitting through what must have been an excruciating experience. I would have lost the will to live after 10 mins. Sounds like it was absolutely awful – I suppose at least it lived up to expectations in that regard. Remember the old charactures of John Major wearing UJ underpants over his trousers? Boris should always appear with his pants on fire. But the media seems to be enthralled with him. Give it time – the shambles following his election will open many eyes. Pity we have to suffer in the meantime.

  11. Excellent Paul. Thank you for retelling what was totally incomprehensible squelch emanating from his gob. I caught the bit with Corbyn making good his comments on the liar’s squelch of vitriol.

  12. Omg – how did you manage to sit through that Paul? I got about halfway through reading this and could feel myself losing the will to live so bailed out! It would have been a pointless exercise watching it for me anyway – I’m voting SNP on Thursday!

  13. For this election the whole TV debate thingy is so bad I decided after the first not to watch any of them. Nor do I watch party political broadcasts, I used to but stopped watching them in about 2007.

    Your blog Paul confirms I made the correct decision.

    A letter writer in today’s National wonders if this lying culture by politicians will happen when we are independent. I suspect it will.

  14. It sounds like the synopsis of a Ken Russell movie, Paul.
    As I have observed many times, ‘the UK’ has gone mad.
    England, the Tribe That Lost Its Head.
    Of course, this was dog whistle TV for the converted extreme English Nationalist Right and Left.
    Health Schools Police, we Voted to leave, in England.
    Scotland, back in your Dominion Box.

    The broadcasters served up what the English audience wanted to hear.

    Doubtless HIGNFY and Mock The Week gleaned comedy gold from this frightening farce alfer the Panto.

    Electoral voting has now reached the same inane idiotic level as the talent shows and baking programmes. Just lift the phone and vote. Who gave you the biggest laugh/?

    Johnson might be as mad as a hatter, and lie through his teeth; but he’s ‘our’ Boris, the Eddie The Eagle of UK Politics.

    I fear that it is as insane as that.

    I don’t know how you keep going, Paul.

  15. What are the rates for attacks on women in prison or otherwise. They are so small. There are hardly any women in prison. A few thousand. Most of them should not be there.

    People who are emotionally disturbed do self harm and commit suicide, including people who wish to self ID. The numbers of those must be small because it affects less than 1% of the population. Most people who want to self ID are perfectly harmless.

    A right storm in a teacup. A mountain out of a molehill. People should show a bit of empathy and stop the disgraceful witch-hunt of others who are a bit different from the norm. Apart from anything it is illegal.

    • 100% agree Ken.

      The issue is, in my opinion, caused by trans activists attacking in social media those who have a different view or a different understanding of trans concerns. They should stop attacking even if they are dealing with idiots and work to quietly change the law.

      For instance Pandy Paws above tries to be logical based on facts where they exist.

      Personally I am against self id

  16. I know this may sound daft but is there an election going on? Elections as we understand them from the past?

    There are all the usual signs associated with an election – leaflets, debates, manifestos, – but to what end? Do Corbyn, Johnson and Swinson actually believe a single word that is in their manifestos? Do any of them think they can enact any of it if they get power? Do any of them actually want to enact any of it if they gain power?

    Isn’t this election solely about getting more seats? That is really all that is on offer.

    No passion. No great concern for the people, or the planet. No idea, or indeed burning ambition, for the betterment of the people.

    An election about arithmetic nothing else.

    At least for those 3 Unionist parties that is all it is. In Scotland it is something else entirely and we should remember that and vote accordingly.

    • Agreed on all Legerwood.. Just watched John Harris’s “latest Anywhere but Westminster”, a remarkably depressing piece…
      England is consumed with doubt even in once Labour strongholds, the Tory/MSM propaganda campaign against Labour and Corbyn has paid off with voters switching to Tory or not voting at all.
      The Tory tactic of inducing apathy to overcome their minority in the electorate is succeeding, convincing opposition voters to stay in bed and ensure Tories vote in their droves.
      But then what? We’ve already seen how Johnson and his coterie operate, with a majority it will assuredly get 10 times worse.

      The collusion of the big three parties to sideline Scotland and leave the media to “Holyrood Part Deux” is deliberate, turning the election into a squabble down a blind alley with Sturgeon left to argue with Carlaw, Rennie and Leonard who are in charge of NO MPs.
      The SNP base should be riled up at the dirty tricks that have attempted to distract, Friday the 13th will hopefully bring the big three parties and SMSM overdue come-uppance…

      • I repeat, Bob, the SNP should simply refuse to take part in any BBC Ministry of Truth ‘Scottish’ debate unless WM Brit Nat Candidates are on the panel.
        Rennie, Carlwa and leonard have no right to front the Brit Nat Parties in a UK election, and BBC Pathetic Quay know what they are doing; reducing the election in Scotland to a ‘parish council’ rammy, and in the process short changing the Scottish People and in effect disenfranchising us in the process.
        I have absolutely no time for the Brit Nat Duffers at Holyrood and their ‘whinging from the sidelines’.
        Imagine Carlaw as FM?
        Of course not, it is the ultimate of madness to consider any of these men fit to lead a country.
        But that won’t stop the Hon Sarah Smith, Campbel, Taylor, Magnusson and Brwer attempting to foist these losers upon us the great watching Scottish public.
        Nicola, send along a haggis to occupy your podium. They can all wave bloody babygros and £15 billion deficits at a lump of offal for all we, the public care.
        It’s time for serious civil disobedience in the face of this sinister manipulation by the Jock Branch of the London Oligarchy.
        Where are you hiding, Jack, Laird and Swinson?
        Time to face the Scottish people.

  17. Thanks for going to purgatory and back for us Paul (again) and is it any wonder that Johnston is an arrogant little sh*t and pathological liar, who suffers from having a superiority complex, when he has a father like Stanley Johnston?

    And we don’t have to know how to spell the word ”pinocchio”, when referring to him on here, as Paul has helped us ”illiterates” out by providing us with the title ”LBJ.”

  18. I’m starting to get the heebie-jeebies!!

    728,148 Scottish postal votes!! That’s around a fifth of all votes (that’s if everyone plans to vote) with a voting population of 3,925,800 (in a GE).

    ”More than 120,000 extra people in Scotland have registered to vote in the general election, new figures show.

    The final tally for eligible voters was 4,053,140, up 3% from the same time last year, according to the Scottish Assessors Association (SAA).

    The figure is the highest number of people in Scotland registered to vote in a UK parliament election in decades.

    Of the people registered to vote on 12 December, 728,148 have opted to do so by post.”

  19. National Records Scotland states 3,925,800. Scottish Assessors Association saying 4,053,140.

    ”Meanwhile electorates in Scotland decreased in 2018. The decrease in electorate compared with 2017 is 0.6% for the UK Parliament electorate in Scotland and 0.4% for the Scottish Parliament and Local Government electorate. The decrease in 2015 was caused by the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER).”

  20. National Records Scotland states 3,925,800. Scottish Assessors Association saying 4,053,140.

    ”Meanwhile electorates in Scotland decreased in 2018. The decrease in electorate compared with 2017 is 0.6% for the UK Parliament electorate in Scotland and 0.4% for the Scottish Parliament and Local Government electorate. The decrease in 2015 was caused by the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration (IER).”

  21. Ooops! Apologies for the double posting.


    ‘Revealed: Leaked Brexit file shows true effect on Scottish economy.”


    Good for you Missus.

    ..”She (Alexandra Hall Hall) suggested that her diplomatic role — intended to be politically neutral — was co-opted to deliver messages that were “neither fully honest nor politically impartial.” Hall Hall said that she had filed a formal complaint about being asked to convey overtly partisan language on Brexit in Washington.”..

  22. And as some Tories are coming onto our side, ”our side” is advising people to vote for Johann bl**dy Lamont and for Nicola Sturgeon to resign. The latter has now been picked up, with glee no doubt, by the Herald and the Courier. Can anyone on here figure out how Nicola Sturgeon resigning before this Election is going to help us to get our Independence? Just asking!

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 7 December, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    “The Courier featuring ‘indy blogger calls for Sturgeon to resign’ this morning. Anyone care to explain to me how that helps anything?”

    Well, because it would help if she did.

    • You cannot be on the side of Scottish independence and tell people to vote for the well known Better Together leader and Scotland in Union supporter Britnat Labour in Scotland Leader Johann Lamont. It does not compute.

      The only questioned to be asked now is was he ever a supporter of Scottish independence?

  23. BoJo is increasingly reminding me of some delivery drivers we have had to experience.
    Dump something on your doorstep that you don’t want.
    Ring the bell and run away.
    Pretty much how he behaves.

  24. The latest from James Kelly:-

    ‘Video: SNP on course for major gains in Scotland.’


    Meanwhile, elsewhere, there’s a gripe now about Nicola Sturgeon using a yellow bus with ”Stop Brexit” on the side. The reason being, seemingly, that if we manage to stop Brexit we lose our raison d’être to hold Indyref2 even although Nicola Sturgeon has stated on numerous occasions that this is not the case.

    ‘Indyref2 could still happen even if Brexit cancelled.’

    And I totally agree with this simple statement taken from said site.

    ”They are trying to keep the anti Brexit voters voting SNP. It’s an election strategy. It is nothing more than that. They know they can’t stop Brexit. It’s about maximising SNP vote. You need to stop this ***.


    As an aside the ”impartial” BBC had some brass neck having Sarah Vine (Gove’s wife) on the programme this morning reviewing newspaper headlines including the Daily Mail and the Times.

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