Riding a bike on Boris Johnson’s ego

Boris Johnson finally did an interview today. To be fair, although he’s still in hiding from Andrew Neil, he has done other interviews. Why just the other day he appeared alongside Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning for some rigorous questioning about who his favourite contestant was on Dancing on Ice. He took some selfies with them. Who says that he’s not being held to account.

Today the bloated cowardly liar and his artifice of a hairdo appeared on the Sophy Ridge Show on Sky News. It was twenty minutes of fnaugh-fnaughing, lies, talking over the top of a woman, and smirking. When asked what was the worst thing he’d ever done, he didn’t say that it was colluding with his criminal pal Darius Guppy who wanted to have a journalist beaten up. He didn’t say that it was cheating on his wife and fathering an unknown number of children that he refused to take responsibility for while castigating single mothers in a press article. He didn’t say that it was making racist, homophobic, or misogynist comments that would shame anyone who possessed a functioning moral compass. He didn’t say that it was ensuring that the British-Iranian journalist Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe received a longer prison sentence because he couldn’t be arsed to speak with care and forethought in the Commons. He didn’t say that it was lying to the Queen. He didn’t say that it was lying constantly and repeatedly every single day of his miserable fnaugh-fnaughing harrumphing humming and hawing cheating mansplaining privileged and entitled life. Oh no.

He took quite some time to answer. We’re spoiled for choice here. He turned to look for assistance from the policy wonks just off camera. The worst thing that Boris Johnson has ever done is to ride his bicycle on the pavement. Quite possibly he did so as he was on his way to see Theresa May running through a wheatfield. He smirked as he said it. Whenever Boris Johnson smirks, he’s lying. He can’t help himself. He is convinced of his own cleverness. But riding on pavements is wrong, and if some EU migrant does it they will be deported forthwith.

It’s not so much that he thinks that we believe him. It’s just that he doesn’t care. Boris Johnson isn’t just amoral, he’s not merely immoral, he’s transmoral. There’s nothing that Boris Johnson believes sincerely and holds dear as a point of principle, other than an unshakeable conviction that he is beyond the rules of morality and decency that the rest of us should live by.

He sat there with his deliberately tousled hair, lying with every breath that he uttered, promising that he’d dew Brexit, claiming that there would be no checks on goods passing intew Northern Ireland, despite a leaked document prodewced by his own government which says that there will indeed be checks. Those experts eh? What are they like. What do they know anyway.  Boris Johnson is right and everyone else is wrong, including his own civil servants and his own Brexit secretary.

He talked over the top of Sophy Ridge constantly. That’s just how he treats women. That’s just how he treats everyone whom he considered to be beneath him. Which is everyone on the planet. And now I’ve noticed his deeply irritating pronounciation of oo as ew, I can’t unnotice it. It’s been added to the long and ever growing list of things to loathe Boris Johnson for. I fear that is a list which is only going to grow ever longer in the months to come. It’s going to be a much longer list than the list of things we hate about Margaret Thatcher, and that’s a list that fills many tear stained volumes.

How can we trust you, asked Sophy Ridge, how can we believe your promise about extra nurses? Boris Johnson still kept trying to explain how in his universe keeping 19,000 nurses who might otherwise leave the NHS actually counts as extra new nurses. He muttered about seed funding and architects. There was a lot of fnaughing. This is a man who can’t be trusted to complete a coherent sentence. He always comes back to get Brexit done, his favourite lie.

Brexit will not get done if the Tories win a majority. It will continue to dominate British politics for many years to come as there are negotiations about the future relationship of the UK with the EU. And make no mistake, the Conservatives will sell out Scotland’s fishing industry in their pursuit of deals which favour their pals in the City of London.

In his few short months as Prime Minister heading a minority government, Boris Johnson has already trashed what passes for a British constitution. He unlawfully prorogued Parliament, lied to the head of state, and threatened to ignore votes in the Commons. Just imagine the damage that he can cause if he commands a majority. Doing all that we can to ensure that this deceitful creature and his party of liars, chancers, opportunists, zealots, bigots, and extremists are deprived of a majority is a moral imperative. Never have the stakes in a UK General Election been clearer. The Conservatives represent a direct threat to decency, and to democracy itself. In Scotland, they seek to deny that the people of Scotland have a right to provide any party with a mandate for a policy that the Conservatives are opposed to. They seek to deny the right of the people of Scotland to decide the path that Scotland takes.

In Scotland, defeating the Tories means voting SNP in the great majority of seats. In England and Wales that means voting for whoever is best placed to defeat the Conservatives. We are better than the Conservatives. We can do better. We can aspire to a country that isn’t characterised by their narrow lipped bigotry, their destruction of public services, their contempt for anyone who disagrees with them. We can assert that the people of Scotland have the absolute right to decide what sort of country Scotland will be. On Thursday, vote for empowerment. Vote for a voice. Vote for decency. Vote for compassion.

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54 thoughts on “Riding a bike on Boris Johnson’s ego

  1. Perhaps the breeze off the Irish Sea got you reinvigorated, another stir to arms, great stuff…. Here’s hoping this a rather special Friday the 13th for the Tories…

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  3. Spot on, Paul. What do the English voters (or the Scottish minority) see in that shallow, devious, evil man that makes them want to vote for him? Page 48 of the Tory manifesto, the one that will see democratic and legal accountability wiped from what passes for a constitution, should appall them. I fear for what may happen if this grotesque figure and his band of crooks get hands on a majority.

    • >>What do the English voters (or the Scottish minority) see in that shallow, devious, evil man that makes them want to vote for him?

      Self-interest. That’s the beginning and the end of it. People believe Corbyn will tax them more or trash the economy, and they don’t think poor people deserve what they’ve managed to get for themselves.

      I was at a talk about buy-to-let mortgages in 2015, and the general chat in the room was about the forthcoming election, and potential changes to buy-to-let laws. The subtext was ‘vote Conservative, they’ve got your back.’ The Conservatives got in… then tightened the laws around buy-to-lets so you couldn’t claim mortgage relief any more. LOL.

      The middle class are giving their tribal loyalty to the Tories and getting nothing back. The Conservatives are not for them, they are for the 1%. For everyone else, they are screwing the economy more effectively than Labour last managed. If you don’t believe me, just remind yourself about the predicted impact of Brexit. Worse than the financial crash by a considerable margin.

      Of course, in Scotland there is another reason to vote Conservative and Unionist…

  4. It’s a mystery to me why anyone with a functional IQ north of 65 and a shred of humanity in their soul would vote for these monsters and criminals.
    I’m trying not to think about it too much now.
    Let’s just get through it and see what fate awaits us on Friday…

  5. He is a lair, a Hypocrite, a racist and an anti-Semite, and Islamophobic to boot. A serial adulterer and philanderer. Sexually incontinent and faithless with it. Homophobic, misogynistic, misanthropic borderline sociopath. Belligerently imbecilic and cartoonishly inept. Treacherous and wretched. A poltroon. A Dastard and a Bastard. A creep. A knob and a fud. A worthless fucker. A fannie. A mad rocket. An Arsehole and a bigot. A tory politician.

    There is nothing that comes out of his mouth that hasn’t first come out of a cows arse first. A stranger to truth. The deadly arch enemy of decency and compassion. A man so crooked that when he smiles, Angels catch gonorrhea.

    A hateful waster. A bully. A braggart who bloviates for kicks. But above all…a tory.

    A Trumpian shit gibbon. A feckless fucker. An incompetent, slow witted glaiket little bawbag. A Dobber and a Walloper. A right fandan and whats more a tory.

    If anyone votes for Johnson. You are not only endorsing the above, but you are also the dumbest fucker in the room. Were it not for the many innocents whose lives will be blighted by this tory, I would say that you deserve everything fucking thing that comes your way.

    • Likely a story concocted by the Telegraph that Westminster and Davidson will still be around in 4 or 5 years, and carried by BBCS in the last week of the GE 😉 , must have run out of contaminated water stories WS….

        • What not even that doggie shampoo stuff? Or is that beyond his tolerance level?

          Yes Johnson’s an arse and it’s right to have that continuously pointed out – however to me it’s more interesting as to who or what is behind him. The more intelligent players such as Rees Moggie seem to prefer to stay one step behind and let bojo front the show.

          A re-invented Davidson in a safe tory seat down south would be as good an arse as boris as front person, promoted to a wider demographic – stranger things have happened!

          • Ginger freaks out in the shower. He’s really unhappy. He associates it with when he was rescued and had to have 45 ticks removed from him – which was painful for him. So we have to use the dry stuff and brush him out instead.

  6. Gawd…
    Here i sit, a Scot in Canada.
    Wondering whether to come back to the old country or not, in the second half of my life.
    British passport expiring in 10 months.
    Back to a “Scotland” as a region of Britain, under a Conservative govt, led by some of the most obnoxious people imaginable?
    Or back to a Scotland as it’s own country, with a clear vision?

    There are many people like me, living outside of Scotland.
    Wondering which way it’s going to go.
    Either way, the “United Kingdom” is finished. Done. Over.

    Out of the wreckage, let’s build something better.
    See you in the Spring.

    • Exactly the way I feel here in Sydney. However the way I see it it could be irrelevant who wins in England as long as the SNP win in Scotland. There will be indyref 2 and if The Tories are in power then the case in Scotland’s eyes for indyref 2 becomes even more compelling and a Yes vote inevitable. I will be in Glasgow for indyref 2 which will happen no matter how many times Baw Bag says no.

      • Same feeling here in Adelaide. I relocated to Scotland in April 2014 for six months and literally worked full time for four different Yes Group in Indyref 1, mainly with the Kirkcaldy Yes Group. I will do the same again in 2020 for Indyref 2, age being no barrier as I’ll then be a mere 77 year old but fully fitted out with new bionic knees and ready to run up those closes when canvassing. Its got to be done this time.

        • Jim I’ll meet you for a pint for the referendum. I’m going to do a tour of Alba to catch up with pals and family before the vote but will be in the crowd in Freedom Square in Glasgow on the night. So anywhere in Scotland suits me before the celebrations begin. Hope the weathers good in Adelaide. Sydney is still choking on bush fire smoke haze with no significant rain forecast until February/ March so I’m praying for rain and 59 SNP seats in Westminster.

          • I will certainly join up with you for a pint Malky if your tour is pre Indyref 2. I met a group from NSW on one of the Indy Marches in 2014 and if I recall correctly they had a Saltire with Australia printed on it. Fortunately, so far, we have had very few bush fires here in Adelaide compared to what has been happening in the Eastern States. I believe our country fire service people have been across there helping out.

  7. He really is such an arseicle. The hair, the smirk, the ew, the lecherous gleam in his twisted eye, all the evidence of a nasty bastard of capitalist spoiltdom.

  8. Seriously, given his past racist, homophobic and islamophobic comments, one would surely expect his party to suspend his membership, as it has done to other candidates for seemingly far lesser offences. Other parties, of course, have done likewise, sometimes on apparently quite spurious grounds. Maybe it’s only the criticism of Israeli crimes that is unacceptable.

  9. David Agnew says:
    December 8, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    He is a lair, a Hypocrite, a racist and an anti-Semite, and Islamophobic to boot. A serial adulterer and philanderer. Sexually incontinent and faithless with it. Homophobic, misogynistic, misanthropic borderline sociopath. Belligerently imbecilic and cartoonishly inept. Treacherous and wretched. A poltroon. A Dastard and a Bastard. A creep. A knob and a fud. A worthless fucker. A fannie. A mad rocket. An Arsehole and a bigot. A tory politician.

    So just say it David what do you really think of hm ?

  10. Despite decades of damage done to Scotland by Thatcher’s trickle down and Broon’s fiscal transfer voodoo economics,there are still people who believe that we are Better Together with BoJo and his ilk.
    The disaster of these failed economic policies will seem mild in comparison to what BoJo is about to unleash upon us.
    When will Labour supporters in Scotland realise that by remaining in the UK we continue to be subjects and are about to lose our European citizenship rights.
    Subjects subjected to unrestricted BoJo rule and no doubt being told yet again to “Get on our bikes” if we want a job.

  11. A great synopsis of Mr Johnston, Paul, and yet millions of people are still going to vote for him. Beggars belief. He called off his visit to Bolton (or wherever?) yesterday because, he said, the security forces were concerned about his safety (Labour activists). No Tory politician attended the Ch4 debate last tonight. Philippa Whitford did attend and did us proud, like Nicola Sturgeon, to the point that I reckon more and more English people are getting their eyes opened to the blatant lies and the corrupt dross that’s representing them.

    Smac1314 mentioned page 48 of the Tory manifesto earlier. This is a short video outlining the implications of such matter.


  12. For understandable reasons, there is a lot of attention at the moment to Boris Johnson’s lack of trustworthiness and the impossible promise to ‘get Brexit Done’. It is also important to pay attention to the deeper implications of a Tory majority government. Their core policy, which will be applied to the NHS and anything else of value, is to sell of publicly owned assets to generate short-term profit for investors. The devastating effects of the earlier wave of privatisation, in areas such as housing, transport and energy, are vividly described in ‘Private Island: why Britain now belongs to someone else’ by James Meek. In a recent article, writing from a US perspective, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez observed that if we sell of the NHS, it will take us several generations to get it back. Meek’s book provides evidence to back up her point.

      • The Labour Party failed to address the myth of private secor value for money when it was in power, and in many respects (allowing provate companies to tender for NHS services, PFI, selling and leasing back HMRC office buildngs, etc) actually colluded with it. By contrast, the SNP Scottish Government, within the limits set by the devolution settlement, has acted where it can to retain and even extend public ownership and sensible government intervention in struggling businesses. Labour supporters in Scotland need to be reminded of this. The fundamental betrayal of the Scottish Labout Party was to oppose independence in 2014. Their support would have opened up a new era for Scotland, in which policies intended to help ‘the many not the few’ would have had every chance of bring implemented. Not to mention getting rid of Trident. Their betrayal has meant that the last few years have been spent watching Brexit antics from the sidelines, rather than putting the pieces of a new Scotland into place. How many nights of children going to bed hungty has this cost us?

        The lies of Boris Johnson are easy to observe, because they unfold on a day to day basis in real time. By contrast, the betrayal and lies of the Labour party are no less real, but require a bit of historical perspective to be visible.

  13. Probably the most openly dishonest GE in living memory (and there’ve a been a few whoppers over the years). Running political and societal sores in full public view t’boot. Politics is a dirty business and politicians of ALL stripes have historically mislead, omitted, misrepresented and sometimes… (wait for it).. outright fibbed. They call it gilding the lily, nuancing a narrative, exaggerating with a purpose (YES, I know). There was, however, a kind of balance to their actions.

    But in today’s political environment? Today we have fibbery run amok. It was the inevitable end result of a process gone horribly, horribly wrong. They spent so much time and effort convincing the public that the very worst aspects in our political processes were the acceptable norm because… reasons and breaking eggs. They never felt there might be an unmanageable downside to that cunning plan.

    There is no excuse at this point really. Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere in an uncharted region of an unspecified rain forest, then you know what Johnson, Corbyn, Seeewayunnson, are about. It’s not a good look. Not for them and not for the people who vote in support of their practices. Much like those who refuse to vote? You don’t get to complain. Not when you get what you voted for.

  14. Yet another Tory leaflet delivered asking for people to lend their vote to stop Indyref2. These Tories obviously have plenty dark money to spend. Not a word on Brexit or Johnson.

    This leaflet from Masterton, unlike the previous ones, has the desperate heading – “Its going to very close here.” When the Tories are worried about losing East Ren they must be changing their underwear every couple of hours. Good.

  15. I note that Donalda MacKinnon is allowing a ‘Leaders’ Debate’ farce to go ahead on Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock billed as a debate among the leaders of the Scottish Conservative Lib Dem and SNP, chaired by arch Brit Nat Unionist the Hon. Sarah Smith.

    Be aware; these three charlatans are not standing for election, have absolutely no power or authority to formulate, influence, or defend the manifestos of the 3 London Parties but merely branch office managers, as Johann Lamont described them and their insignificant roles, when she quit last time.

    BBC Scotland is selling Scots viewers a dodgy fake ‘debate’, because we don’t warrant the real thing.
    As usual, they rub our faces in it. We are a colony, suck it up.

    Perhaps Laird, and Jack, and Swinson, should be compelled to face the Scottish Public?

    But no, there will be a hand picked audience and the Hon Sarah Smith and her MSP mates shouting down Nicola Sturgeon and waving the bloody babygro, PISA results, and Fishing Rights in the air, shouting down our First Minster and talking unadulterated Union Brit Nat shite uninterrupted.

    We’re monitoring you, Sarah Smith.

    There will be a backlash, believe you me.

    Rennie Leonard and Carlaw are nobodies, who have never held, nor will they ever hold any political position of influence, never mind run the Scottish Government.

    J’accuse, Laird, Jack, and Swinson.
    You are political cowards.

    No one votes ‘sight unseen’. Remember that.

    Willie’s ‘ child mental health, Carlaw’s children dying in hospital on Sturgeon’s watch, and Leonard’s ‘transformational change’ funded by stealing £100 billion of Scotland’s oil to pay for schools police and water in England.

    Every step you take, every move you make, we’ll be watching you.

    Doubtless Kezia and Ruth will be in the spin room with Toodle Oo and Sevvie, and the usual corrupt little politics media ‘village’ gravy trainers afterwards,

    They are a tired old bunch of Has Beens who are in for an almighty shock on Thursday.

    ‘What about the 7% deficit, Nicola Sturgeon? Scotland will be forced to use the Euro!
    We hate the SNP and by the applause from the ‘audience’ here, the people of Scotland agree with us,the Ministry of Truth.

    When the Salmond sex pest pieces appear on Wednesday, I think it will be time to review Brit Nat Sex Expenses Fiddles, racist sectarian homophobe escapades on line all over the Net.

    Groping young men in the HoC bar? Any news on that?
    Be warned, Sarah Smith. We shall be weighing up every word every lie, and analysing it in the minutest detail on Tuesday night.

    I still say, the SNP should refuse to debate a UK GE where the Brit Nats refuse to send along politicians who are standing for WM.

    I repeat; come out come out wherever you are, Jack, Swinson and Laird.
    Too busy, can’t be bothered, terrified to face the public?

    BBC Scotland, the ‘Peoples’ Friend’ of broadcasting.
    It’s almost as if you know that your days are numbered and you don’t give a feck.
    You don’t really think that Scots want to listen to these buffoons for an hour, do you? Really; do you?


    • And as if on cue, this from Iain Macwhirter:-

      @iainmacwhirter · Dec 6

      “Is here anything more depressing than Twitter after an election debate? A dreary collage of dismal memes and stupid partisan abuse. Social media has been colonised by self-righteous activists, trotting the party line, who’re incapable of nuance, let alone wit.”

      And his Tweet isn’t ‘a dreary collage of memes and stupid partisan abuse’?

      Just watch how nuanced and witty we shall be on Tues night post debate, Iain.

      Doubtless he’ll be in the Spin Room on Tuesday night with his mates Gordon and Hutcheon concluding that the FM took a pasting from the Ministry of Truth.

      He is also tweeting his admiration for Jo Coburn, Andrew Neil without the snarl.
      Lining himself up for a BBC job when the Herald disappears up its own Brit Nattery?

      Nicola, send along a haggis to fill their empty chair.

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