Johnson’s lies and deceit will ultimately deliver a better Scotland

Boris Johnson, fresh from stealing a mobile phone live on TV in order to avoid gazing at a photie of a wean left on the floor of a hospital because his party has screwed over the NHS for the past nine years, has been at the outrage again. The deliberately tousled one gets at the outrage like an alcoholic gets at a bottle of cheap wine. It’s his rocket fuel, it’s the wee pick-me-up that he needs to get himself through the day. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

This time it’s to claim that EU migrants have for far too long treated the UK like it’s their own country. Imagine the audacity of those EU migrants, coming over here, paying taxes into our system, treating our weans in NHS hospitals after they’ve been left on floors because of Tory cuts, caring for our elderly, serving in our hotels and restaurants, raising their families here and contributing to our society, having the utter nerve to think that they’re actually at home.

Imagine an SNP politician had made the same remark about the English in Scotland. You’d be deafened by the collective howls of anger, calling for the anti-English bigot’s head on a plate. Quite possibly one served up to you in a restaurant by a waiter from Poland. But it was just Boris, what is he like eh eh, ammarite? Just a lovable rogue and his cosy racism.

It also came to light this week that in 2004 Boris Johnson published a novel which contained anti-semitic tropes and used racist stereotypes. In the obscure novel, Seventy Two Virgins, which was published when he was a Conservative backbencher, there’s a reference to Jewish control of the media. But not merely content with indulging in anti-semitic references, the book also manages to be insulting to black people, Muslims, Kosovan Albanians, and members of the Travelling community. The words used are those of the writer of the novel, Johnson’s own words, and not those of a character within the story.

Obscure individuals, people that you and I have never heard of, are having their reputations destroyed and their chances of public office wiped out because of offensive comments that they’ve been alleged to make. These are people who are aiming to become backbenchers, most of whom get elected and then spend the next five years in total obscurity. Boris Johnson is seeking to become the Prime Minister, a position of immense power in the shoddy and creaking set of conventions which passes for a British constitution.

You might imagine that he would therefore be held to a far higher set of standards than someone who seeks to become a mere backbencher. Yet despite the fact that what Johnson has said is more blatantly racist, more offensive, and far more copious in its quantity than anything any of those aspiring to become a backbencher – from any party – have said, he sails on regardless. His racism, misogyny, and homophobia is laughed off by many as buffoonery, as a loveable rogue, as clownishness which only serves to endear him.

The other candidates can make their apologies, and can in most cases claim that the comments were errors on their part, that they genuinely hadn’t noticed or realised that the remarks they were sharing were anti-semitic. This is the excuse proferred by the Labour candidate for West Dumbarton who shared a message on a Whatsapp group which claimed that the BBC’s Nick Robinson gave Johnson an easy time in last week’s debate because Robinson is of Jewish heritage. Jean Anne Mitchell has apologised for sharing the message and claims it was a genuine mistake because she hadn’t read the post all the way to the end before sharing it. Boris Johnson can’t make that same excuse. He can’t make it because the instances of his offensive remarks are so numerous, and he can’t make it because he himself is the author of the remarks in question. He didn’t just share them, he wrote them.

Then there are the lies. They too are copious, numerous, and well documented. The entire Conservative election campaign is founded upon the lie that they will get Brexit done when what will happen in reality with a Conservative majority is yet more fraught negotiations with the EU stretching out into the future, and an end state of Brexit which will leave large parts of the UK’s population deeply unhappy. The subject of Brexit is not going to be done and dusted with a Conservative majority.

Yet despite the manifest shortcomings of a man who is clearly unfit to be granted a licence to own a dog, Boris Johnson is likely to become Prime Minister. Despite the widespread anger and disdain that he provokes in Scotland, this is the man who will most likely have the legal authority to make decisions that affect Scotland, who will refuse to allow Scotland to choose its own future even though it is also most likely that Scotland will return an increased number of SNP MPs in this election.

Brexit isn’t going to go away, and the clamour for independence in Scotland isn’t going to go away either. The Conservatives might insist that they will refuse to allow another independence referendum, but they cannot continue to resist forever. The more that they resist, the more that they refuse the democratic choice that the people of Scotland keep voting for, the more likely it becomes that when that independence vote does come about, as it most certainly will, they will lose it. Their refusal is a symptom of their desperation and panic.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Nothing that is good and right comes without struggle. Nothing that you dream of ever comes true without difficulties and reversals along the way. The path to Scottish independence is a rocky one. Yet the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister will make Scottish independence inevitable in the longer term. Just as the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979 converted Scotland’s equivocal support for devolution into the settled will of the Scottish people, Boris Johnson will do the same for independence. His lies, his deceit, his racism, his contempt, and his entitlement will drive forward the demand for a better kind of politics, a kind of politics we can only ever achieve in an independent Scotland. Boris Johnson’s lies and deceit will deliver a better Scotland.

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13 thoughts on “Johnson’s lies and deceit will ultimately deliver a better Scotland

  1. Westminster’s political elite, our moral compass…. (Our betters apparently)… and their chooms in the meeja.

    Hypocrites joined (zooperglued) at the hip.

  2. Paul , I agree that , in time , we WILL have an Independent Scotland .

    But in the meantime , with a dangerously amoral figure leading a Government of right -wing extremists who make Margaret Thatcher look like Mother Theresa , backed by a billionaire owned media who are pulling out every dirty trick to smear Corbyn and sanitise Johnson’s lazy racism and endemic lying , what kind of society will be left ?

    Neil Kinnock before losing to Thatcher back in the 1980’s warned the British people ( who did not heed it ) :

    I warn you not to be ordinary
    I warn you not to be young
    I warn you not to fall ill
    I warn you not to get old ……

    plus ca change …..

  3. I hope you are right. Jeez, how I hope you are right. The prospect of a majority Johnson government terrifies me. Many of our most talented young people, both native born and incomer, will depart, in most cases never to return. We will have a maximum of five years to escape from the grip of Johnson’s “Great Britain” and secure our future as an independent country.

  4. Just had another Tory leaflet delivered by the postie. This new leaflet says:

    “On Thursday, you will decide whether or not there is another independence referendum.”

    “There’s only one way to stop it”

    Now if you remember Johnson and Jackson Carcrash have been doing the rounds on TV shows saying they will not “allow” a second independence referendum. It will never ever ever ever be allowed ( as Buzz lightyear would say – to infinity and beyond).

    So which Tory is lying – the producers of the leaflet or the leader of the Party and the interim branch manager in Scotland.

    This leaflet only comments on Indyref2 not a word on any other subject matter.

    My Leaflet count is as follows : SNP. 1; Labour 1; Lie Dems 1; Tory lost count approx 6 to 8. Its obvious that Masterton in East Renfrewshire has got a lot of dark money behind him.

    So let’s follow the Tory advice and vote SNP to get Indyref2.

    • Well Cubby, it’s sad to hear of another soul in the same tormented situation as I. A surfeit of banal Tory propoganda. Masterton’s latest missive is a prime lesson in deceit. Not only does he not name Kirsten Oswald as the candidate running for the SNP (he, as you’ll know, continuously refers to “Nicola Sturgeon’s candidate”); he also includes the graphic representing SNP (photo of Nicola Sturgeon), Labour (Jeremy Corbyn) and Tory (Masterton himself). This devious device is pure propaganda and reduces any other candidate to a faceless drone. When, of course, it’s only Masterton himself who is the drone. What a shocking waste of air the man is.

      • Spot on. The guy is a hypocrite. He hates Brexit and he hates Johnson ( he told me ) but he wants you to vote for both by voting for him to aid his career. The worst type of politician.

  5. I think that the Tories dubious intentions with the NHS are going to cost them seats and the incident
    at Leeds will chime with many voters.
    He may end up in the same situation as May without a significant working majority.
    The only way BoJo can get Brexit done in his timescale is to walk away from the EU empty handed.
    Whether the British establishment will allow that is another matter however.

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  7. Good article that sums up the lying Britnats.

    Some Tory obviously didn’t like the Headline in today’s National because it was telling the truth – “Tories caught lying in row over hospital punch”. – and hid all the Nationals in my local newsagent at the back of a pile of other newspapers out of sight. But I now check rather than assume there are none left. I put the remainder back on display.

    British Nationalists lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything.

  8. If Boris wins, I hope he gets a working majority, so he cannot blame anyone else for what is coming down the line.
    He was in Scotland three times–yet to talk to a single ordinary Scot.
    His Scottish cult are fighting on something they fought on two years ago, and two years before that—Scots being denied the right of self determination.
    Does anyone know what they plan for us?
    Has any “journalist” in the “Scottish” media bothered to ask?
    What about Alister Jack? I saw him once, trailing about a farm after Micky Gove—with their own BBC camera crew. I haven’t heard Jack say a single word.
    I think we will get independence, but we will have to fight every inch of the way for it, as the media will double down on their Britnat lies and propaganda.
    Boris will strip Holyrood of any meaningful power, as his first piece of spite.

  9. To let you know.

    We had the funeral service of my father-in-law today at the Oxford College (Balliol) where he lectured for many years and where the PM was one of his former students. I have little to say in commending the man’s politics – and I suspect I never will.

    Nevertheless, he spent his morning in the service and a further 30 minutes with us, the family, at the subsequent reception. You could also read the PM’s personal dedication to my father-in-law behind the Daily Telegraph paywall.

    None of this makes me less of a campaigner for the independence of my two favourite nations and whose national parties I belong to, but I trust you will think of us, as a family, at this sad time.

    • We all go through this sad event at some time, nevertheless it is sad. All the best to you and your wife for the loss of her father. Looking forward to your chirpy self back on the blog soon.

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