The dugcast election special

It’s the election special edition of the Dugcast. This week The National’s multimedia reporter Craig Cairns and I dissect the election results, and what the SNP’s stonking result means for Scotland and the independence movement.

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18 thoughts on “The dugcast election special

  1. What I always wonder when the tories are given a platform to speak in Scotland via the msm, why they are never asked ‘why are you so unpopular in Scotland’, ‘why do you feel you have a mandate in Scotland to govern or even to comment’, ‘why do you think free personal care, free tuition fees’, free prescriptions’, a devolved NHS etc etc. are a bad thing’.

    These questions are never asked, some non-entity Scottish tory is asked for comment but simple questions are never asked.

    • Or even the simple question – why do so many people in Scotland want independence? They don’t ask these questions because they are not interested. They see Scotland as a possession of England. A bit like the Falklands or Gibraltar.

      • I agree in part, Cubby.

        However, you ask the Falkland Islanders and the Gibraltarians and you’ll find they are among the most pro-English/British (synonymous, obviously). The mainstream media play to this narrative and milk it for all its worth – heck, we went to war to liberate the Falklands: Task Force, ‘Rejoice at that news’ and all that ra-ra-ra jingoism – don’t you remember?

        And then Gib is faced with those nasty, swarthy, greasy dagos across the way at La Linea. Can’t give up that up can we? The sun never sets on our Empire, blah blah blah, and Johnny Foreigner will get the old cold steel up him if ever attempts to take away our beloved Union Jack. And he will not like it.

        But … when we (the real ‘we’) refer to England’s first colonies – Cornwall, Wales and Scotland – then all hell breaks loose to maintain the fiction of ‘a precious union’. We are, indeed treated as possessions of England and the Make England Great Again mindset. And in that respect, our opinions have no value or worth – unless we can be useful as military training grounds and training places for the cattle fodder sent out to maintain the imperial blood lust and design of those of such disposition and ‘leadership’ in our southern and eastern neighbour.

        Yours in solidarity and always tros Gymru / for Scotland,

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  3. Good listen. Your point about the Thatcher years being what it took to take support for devolution from meh to mainstream feels spot on for where we are now. What was once a hypothetical, nice to have becomes a living, breathing necessity.

    • The question has gone from, could we? in 2014 to, should we? In 2020. There is no longer the sense of niggling doubt there was in 2014. I predict a landslide in indyref 2020. It will still be a struggle but the “could we” doubt is gone it’s now a matter of the people asking should we? and then answering yes we bloody well should!

    • Agreed.I really enjoyed Craig’s contributions.Hope he joins Paul again in the future.Toxic waste in Loch Ness.Classic.😆

  4. The Labour mess. Corbyn intent on being leader when it was obvious no one would vote for him. Deja Vu. That let the Tories in. At least people in Scotland have woken up to the Westminster mess and are voting against it. The SNP can mitigate the cruel cuts etc until Scotland is Independent.

    Scotland raises £63Billion in tax revenues. £10Billion more pro rata than the rest of the UK. Scotland could be just like Norway and raise £80Billion without Westminster interference. Without the illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland and resources and revenues wasted to fund London S/E.

    Scotland used for Westminster conscription and taxes for centuries. Edward 1 to 1WW caused by the British/European Royals. Led to their own demise. Millions died. The ‘divine right to rule’. Constitutional rivalries. The Royals never apologise. Just milk the system paid not tax for years. They pay 10% tax and tax evade.

    People is Scotland are waking up to Westminster fraud. The SNP Gov is holding them to account. Scotland is still on the way to Independence and going it’s own way in any case with better governance.

    The mes the Tories will continue to make is self evident. They will not last long. Brexit will not happen. Johnstone will be gone. Unemployment and interest rates will rise. Along with social unrest and violence.

    Thatcher had unemployment at 15% and interest rates at 17%. Social unrest and violence. They had to get rid of her. Geoffrey Howe and co. It was only closer ties with the EU that improved the UK economy.

    The people being taken in by Johnstone and the Tories in the rest of the UK is pitiful. They are clutching at straws, Their idol is make of clay. The reality will unfold straight away become self evident.

    At least Scotland is going it’s own way on to better governance and Independence. Johnstone and the Tories will help it on the way. Labour are out of the game but Scotland is still strong in opposition to the Westminster gross interference. The victory and goals will be won.

    The Westminster controlled sycophant Press has a lot to answer, The non Dom tax evading owners. Still losing readership and in debt. Leading to their own demise. People get and exchange information in the internet. The truth will out.

    People in Scotland can make the world a better place. Scotland ‘the land of discovery and invention’. Scotland will achieve Independence be more cohesive, equal and prosperous. Like other small countries in the world. Scotland has huge influence in the world and many friends. A 40million disaporia.

  5. It seems Mr McWhirter is once again taking a wayward position on Ms Sturgeon and independence to see how many will chase after his false hare.

    He did the same in 2017 after Ms Sturgeon announced there would be another indyref and outlined a draft timetable for it – one which Ms Sturgeon later admitted would slip because she did not appreciate how incompetent TM and her gang were as negotiators.

    He took up Mrs May’s ‘now is not the time’ and translated it into ‘now that indyref2 is off the table’ and pushed it for all it was worth in just about every column he wrote between March 2017 and now.

    So he is off again. Seems to think Boris has proposed/implemented a federal solution for N Ireland. Sad

    • So MANY fairweather friends, Legerwood. Rather psychic know it alls who seemingly think that they can read Nicola Sturgeon’s mind. She has followed the timetable that she set out to the letter, a timetable that was totally disrupted and extended by the Westminster incompetents, and that was that she would lay out her plans for Indyref2 when Brexit had been clarified. That’s where we’re at now, as of yesterday. Let’s see what she will do next. More to the point, it’s time for people to drop the axe (to grind), unite and get right behind her.


      Paul I see that you are planning to take a well deserved break soon. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you, can’t thank you enough, for working your socks off for the Independence cause. Thanks for getting us all through this most stressful time and more than anything, no doubt, contributing greatly to the SNP’s fabulous result yesterday.


      Being ”telt” by Ponsonby.


      Some SNP facts.

    • I gave up on that guy a long time ago. I now think he saw a gap in the market to sell books on independence. I was never convinced by the Sunday Herald conversion to independence.

      The only question that remains is (the same one for a certain blogger) was he ever an independence supporter or just saw a gap in the market that his skill could be gainfully employed.

  6. For Petra (et al.)

    Re: Norway.

    I was at a Christmas Lunch on Election Day (I also voted – although it was guaranteed a wasted voted here in Bedfordshire South West) and got talking to a fellow translator who is Norwegian.

    Making small talk is quite easy for us linguists (especially if well-lubricated) and the discussion turned political. I thought I’d lob in, quite innocently, you understand, that Scotland was looking quite enviously at Norway’s oil fund and the riches and benefits that accrued from that to her homeland.

    “Yes, ” she replied (completely unprompted. “The Scots have been robbed blind.”

    Another victory for you guys, methinks.

    (Cymru next …)

    • “Yes, ” she replied completely unprompted. “The Scots have been robbed blind.”

      Everyone seems to know that, WS, except for many individuals living in the UK, more so Scotland. Diabolical.

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