A starring role in Scottish history


Ever since the election results were announced early on Friday morning, Scottish social media has been full of people announcing that they opposed another independence referendum but given that the people of Scotland have voted for one, they now support it. There have been numerous people posting on social media that they voted no back in 2014, but given the chance would vote yes, their minds have been changed by the way in which Scotland has been treated by the Conservative government throughout the Brexit process, by the inescapable fact that Brexit cannot now be avoided, and by the realisation that the UK is facing another five – or more plausibly ten – years of majority Tory rule that Scotland doesn’t want.

Although the scale of the SNP’s victory last week fell somewhat short of 2015’s post-referendum result, the 2019 Westminster General Election was more profound in its implications for Scottish politics. The 2015 result was about two things, about punishing the Labour party for getting into bed with the Tories in the Better Together alliance, and about ensuring that those Better Together parties were put on notice. In 2015 Scotland wanted to let the parties of British nationalism understand that we expected them to fulfil the promises and commitments that they had made the previous year in order to win the referendum. It was not about demanding another independence referendum, how could it have been.

2019 was a very different election in a very different Scotland. Having been put on notice by a Scotland that was still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as recently as 2017, the anti-independence parties were told in this election that Scotland demands the right to revisit the independence question. That demand came about because the Better Together alliance has failed miserably to deliver the UK, and Scotland’s place within it, which they promised in 2014. 2019 was the election when Scotland said, “Enough already.”

The independence movement is now in a much stronger position that it was this time last week. We no longer have to listen to Jo Swinson telling us that there’s no demand for another independence referendum because the SNP lost seats in 2017. We no longer have to listen to Jo Swinson, and no longer have to listen to her pretending that she does so really live in Milngavie. Honest. At least, we no longer have to listen to her until the Lib Dems ensure that she gets a peerage, and then she can join the long list of failed UK politicians who got rejected by the voters but who can still influence our public life and influence our laws. And that, all by itself, is a good reason for independence.

We are in a far stronger position, but it doesn’t mean that independence is nailed on. We have one almighty fight on our hands against a Tory establishment which will play every kind of dirty and underhanded trick in order to prevent Scotland exercising its right to democratic self-determination. But the signs are good, because we can now count on the support of thousands of people who have recently come over to the cause of independence or who have switched from solid support for the UK to being undecided. Their support is important, vital even, because the only way that we can win independence is to convert a significant body of former no supporters to the cause of yes.

As a movement we need to do two things. Firstly we need to welcome new supporters with open arms. This movement will not flourish on self-righteousness, it will not prosper by treating new supporters with disdain. Everyone has a right to change their mind, indeed it is a brave and courageous thing to admit that you were wrong. It’s not something to be castigated for. If you are an independence supporter and you react with suspicion, disgust, and anger towards people who voted or campaigned for no in 2014 but who now seek a yes vote, you’re doing independence campaiging wrong. The best people for persuading soft no voters or undecideds to the cause of yes are those who have themselves taken the same political journey, not those of us who have always been firm in our belief in independence.

Secondly we need to encourage and support those who don’t support traditional pro-independence parties like the SNP, the Greens, or the Scottish Socialists, to organise and campaign within their own parties. Above all, this means encouraging and supporting Labour for Independence. As opinion polls have shown, there is a large and significant body of pro-independence sentiment amongst Labour voters, any Labour activist or politician who seeks to drag that party towards recognising that reality must be applauded. It is a fact that the more support that there is for independence within other political parties, the easier it will be to counter the media narrative that independence is purely an SNP project. This will make it easier to attract soft no voters and undecideds who dislike certain SNP policies, or individual SNP politicians, but who are open to persuasion on the broader issue of independence.

The task we have as a movement is to capitalise upon the political victory that the independence cause won in last week’s general election. We will only win by ensuring that the pressure for a referendum does not dissipate, that the subject remains at the top of the Scottish political agenda. We need to ensure that Boris Johnson and his acolytes realise that we’re not going away. It is the political and social pressure within Scotland which will both bring about an independence vote, and ensure that when the vote does happen there will be a majority for yes.

There’s no short cut here, no clever clever legal ruse or trick to bring about independence, there’s only the slog of campaigning. This is a political issue, and it will be resolved through politics, not the law. That doesn’t mean that there should not be legal challenges where appropriate, there should, but none of that will negate the need for us to keep campaigning, to keep the pressure up. At every turn, at every juncture, we must highlight the hypocrisy and lies of a Conservative government that treats Scotland with contempt. The Tories are terrified because they know that we’re winning. Let’s make sure that they stay scared all the way through 2020. We need to campaign, persuade, march, and protest. We need to blog, to post, to make arguments, to spread the word, to speak with our friends and families. Next year we’ve all got a starring role in Scottish history.

My husband Peter arrives from the USA this week to live in Scotland. It’s been a long and arduous process to get his visa, but finally he’s able to start his new life in Scotland. We’ve got a lot to do, and also need a bit of private time. On top of that I’ve scarcely stopped over the past few weeks with the election campaign, I’m knackered and need a wee bit of down time. I will still be about, but won’t be posting blog articles just as frequently this week as I have been. If anyone fancies writing a guest post, please get in touch.

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99 thoughts on “A starring role in Scottish history

  1. There will be no Better Together alliance next time,the Tories will not be able to hide behind Labour as they did in 2014.
    It will be a straight fight between Scotland and England’s Tories and they know that.
    Thanks Paul and good luck.

  2. Many , many independence supporters will , like me , have been lifelong Labour supporters but who , for various reasons . saw that party move away from them not the other way round . ( For me it was the Iraq War !)
    What present Scottish Labour , Conservative and Liberal voters should realise is that , after independence they can still be Labour , Conservative and Liberal voters – but within a country where those votes may have more meaning .
    Many unionist voters that I have heard in phone-ins have the mistaken impression that with independence we will have a one party state – an SNP one ! Wrong !
    I for one would like to see a progressive social democratic party which eschews the extremes of the Left and Right , others may want something very different .

    The thing is that we can have whatever we vote for – but not constrained by the straitjacket of the Westminster system which has produced the moribund political conditions which have left so many apathetic or deeply nauseated with UK politics today .

    • Spot on Millsy. And as for those people who don’t like Nicola Sturgeon, well we’ll probably find that she will move on too following Independence, negotiations etc. Nothing is forever.

      It’s decision time for all Scots now, regardless of political allegiance, to make their mind up. An Independent Scotland or one controlled by far right-wing Tories unshackled from the EU. Scary! It’s a no brainer for the Labour Party / supporters and the Libdems have stated, constantly, that a key priority for them was to remain in the EU, so what are they going to do now? We might even find that more and more Tories are concerned about the way the UK is headed under the fascists, in line with some of their own more prestigious politicians.

      I too supported the Labour Party for many years (as did everyone in my family right back to the days of Keir Hardie) and in fact was a Union Convenor. I got my eyes opened when I was involved in a number of Court cases and witnessed Labour politicians, Councillors, the Unions, their lawyers and so on in cahoots with Westminster. And that was followed by Blair and the Iraq War. In other words, we’ve all got the right to change our minds, imo, for whatever reason and expect to be welcomed to this cause, not necessarily political party, with open arms.

    • He’s arguing that it’s unlikely that a legal challenge against a UK govt refusal to grant a Sec30 order will be successful, and he’s probably correct. He’s not arguing that it would be unlawful to have a referendum without a Sec30 order. That’s an entirely different matter.

      • Yeah I understand that we can hold a referendum, Paul, without the Sec 30 Order. Just disappointed that it looks as though we’re on to a hiding to nothing in relation to getting help from National or International Courts, IF he’s right.

      • The treaty of the union of the parliaments is not legal, England did not dissolve their Parliament as required to in the Treaty. The Scottish people can hold a referendum on repealing the Treaty without anyone else’s permission.

  3. A question for you all : Was the referendum on leaving or staying in the EU in 2016 legally binding , or could the result have been rejected by the Westminster government ?

    And did it require any legal legislation to be applied before it was instigated.

    • It was an advisory referendum. It would have been lawful for the result to have been rejected. Although as Boris Johnson is about to discover in Scotland, what is lawful is not necessarily politically advisable.

  4. Who would lay odds on Broon, Blair, Darling or any other Better Together figures now saying they were wrong and that the election and subsequent statements by Baw Bag is that he will not permit Scotland to express its democratic right to ask herself a question and come to an answer. If these figures were entirely honest with themselves then they have a moral duty to stand up and join the movement that demands our say. If we had such notable figures behind us then the entire country would put any doubts about independence behind them. Come on Broon, Darling and any other Better Together 2014 mouthpieces its time for you to show you are real democrats and take the brave step and admit you were wrong and lend your weight to the struggle. The Yes movement will welcome you and respect your right to change your mind. Your country needs you.

    Paul so many thanks for your hard work. Now you and Peter and Ginger take a break and relax and enjoy this festive season.


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  6. Effijy reporting from “another site” that Nicola Sturgeon’s Independence petition is going through the roof with 200,000 votes having been added in the last five days. Now reaching the half a million mark.

    Put that in your pipe (instead of something else) and smoke it Boris.

  7. How about crowd funding a billboard in central London in view of Westminster or in a prominent space quoting Thatchers statement? Anyone interested in getting it underway?

    • Good idea Malky. One there and whatever we can afford here. In fact maybe we should get in touch with “Led by Donkeys” and find out if we can pay for them to cover the English one for us? That’s if they like us Nationalists, lol.

  8. Totally agree Paul…. Any voter who would now vote for Indy IMHO is more than welcome.
    At the moment though,the Labour “names” sayin that we should have Indy Ref 2 are also slipping in hints that … Home Rule should be on offer too.
    I think they are going to campaign on that same tired old troupe to keep us in this accursed Union.
    Time will tell.
    I think it’s time we started asking if Westminster are afraid to let us go?
    I know most of us know they are and why they are.
    But its something they work hard to keep from their own voter’s.
    The narrative has always been could Scotland survive without the Union,we need to start pointing out that it looks like Westminster is worried that it cant survive without Scotland.
    So worried it is trying to subvert democracy it self!!!

    • “Too poor narrative.” A few billboards pointing that out too might be an idea Liz. In fact what’s happened to SIC? I thought that they were going to deal with billboards etc? I read somewhere that billboards are going up. But where and what do they exhibit? Anybody know?

      • Now that you’ve mentioned it Petra,I haven’t heard anything about the Bill Board’s for a while either…. Mibbi now that Nicola has said 2020 they’re saving it till then ?
        Another thing I noticed,was the SNP didn’t run any footage of the MPs walking out of Westminster at this campaign ( although the A Christmas Carol parody was brilliant ) I hope they are saving it for the Indy Ref…the soft No’s need to see that total disrespect…

        • One of the major problems for the SNP Liz, imo, is a SEVERE lack of money. As an example in the two weeks, alone, prior the the GE the Tories received over £5 million in donations, Labour £3 million (mostly Union), Libdems around £350,000, Greens £35,000 and the SNP £10,000 (for Gods sake). If people want Scotland to become an Independent country they’ll have to start putting their money where their mouth is. The Yes movement in general will have to start forking out, rather than relying on SNP members (many elderly on an annual £5 membership fee), in the main, to financially prop up the only political party that’s going to get us out of this hellhole. We’ve got a real battle ahead of us now so it’s time to start rethinking who we’re actually going to donate to. It doesn’t help either, imo, that some so-called Independence sites, cawing in £hundreds of thousands from Scottish Independence supporters, are doing their utmost to put people off of supporting the SNP and / or donating to them. I’m left wondering how that’s going to help us to get our Independence? Wondering too why some of that money isn’t being used to pay for billboards, etc.

    • Liz g thanks for your reply on a previous thread. I did read it – I didn’t agree with some of it but as ever I respect your opinion.

      Paul Sweeney dropping in once again the Labour Christmas fairy of federalism. What a joke these people are. They seem to think we forget they have been talking about variants of home rule/ devolution max / federalism for a century or more but at the same time in the Smith commission vote against all manner of small areas of devolution never mind anything major like broadcasting. They deserve to have only one MP in Scotland and that’s because he garnered the support of Hearts fans.

      • Aw , your welcome Cubby and thanks for letting me know you read it!
        It’s perfectly fine to disagree with me Cubby….But,and it’s a BIG but…
        You must NEVER EVER tell my kid’s that….

          • Ha Ha…. They read the articles but not really the comments…. But they do turn up at the stall and have been known to appear at a Wings night.
            So…… Discretion Sir,Discretion…. They are not to think they live in a democracy…. Liz’s hoose Liz’s rules is the preferred stance…..LOL…

  9. To put pressure on the Westminster government, we can also have flashmobs.

    If we can get around 200000 on a march in Edinburgh, then 10000 to 20000 to block access to the Scottish office in the new Waverly in Edinburgh, must be doable?

    There are plenty other Westminster targets in Scotland we can choose to expand protests to.

  10. How anyone who supports Independence votes for a unionist party is a mystery. The unionists parties do not support it.
    Some of the Labour politicians now supporting Independence because they are looking towards a wipe out in the 2021 Holyrood elections.

    The Vow was not even delivered after the 2014 IndyRef. No more powers. Every power blocked. All promises reneged upon as usual. Evel introduced.

    Now the Brexit mess. The Tories cannot even deliver without destroying the economy. From one mess to another since 1928 and before. Scotland resources and revenues for conscription and taxes for Westminster’s illegal wars.

    The SNP Gov now standing up for Scotland. People rally round. Scotland is a better place since Devolution 2000. It will be even better still with Independence.

    The rout of Holyrood elections. 2021, coming soon. The D’Hondt system imposed by unionists without a mandate. 1st preference votes are thrown in the bin to let 3rd losers in. The 2/3rd choice wins. A shambles. Yet the SNP outvoted them still with better governance. The unionists corruption. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    In the rest of the UK, It is pitiful how people with nothing, vote for Johnston. Their idol made of clay. The ego of Corbyn not stepping aside when it was obvious no one would vote for him. A total lack of judgement. All principles gone for a bit of power.

    Johnston but not principles at all. Just lie after lie. It will all end in tears again. Just like Thatcher. They had to get rid of her for closer ties with Europe. Just more chaos and shambles.

    There is already an insurance policy for the health service. It is called progressive taxation. The Tories cut funding for the NHS/Education after promising to support it. The SNP Gov has to mitigate the cuts. Westminster continues it’s gross interference in Scottish affairs and economy. Until Independence. Scotland is still going it’s own way in any case.

    It was nearly 50 SNP MP’s. Two Tories scraping through. The Borders must lack internet for information or something.

    • The Borders do not even get any Scottish TV channels. They get England NE and NW. I think it is also issues of having family on both sides of the border and a fear of what a border will mean.

      • The first is true, or used to be, Border TV Carlisle, BBC North East Newcastle. There is a greater affinity with neighbours across the border, but there has been a psychological as well as physical divide to the Central Belt for decades.
        Take D&G, the forgotten corner which stalled after Beeching, now heavily inhabited by english retirees selling a 2 bed London flat and buying a Ponderosa… Property as a consequence has skyrocketed and distorted futures for locals. Resentment is reserved for HMG and SG, but in reality not much different to anywhere else including vast swathes of Wales and England.
        There is much hype and fearmongering over what a border would constitute, perhaps something which could be nailed down to some common-sense and reality by SNP/SG.
        It is deliberately being made ludicrous by the anti-indy lobby, razor wire, watchtowers, border guards searching every crevice, the border lands of Ireland and Scotland have not the slightest historic connection, not even travelling to Ukraine is that bizarre.
        Passport and freight checks on the motorways probably, sheep and cows will still cross back and forth as they have for centuries without fear of landmines, Ted the Farmer’s regular trips from Galashiels to Kelso might have to slow down so he can reciprocate the border guard’s “Mornin”, but life will go on much as it has….
        The London establishment have financial and power reasons to maintain the status quo and convince others that it is in the interests of both side of the border that it continue, the reason their “bogey-man” is deployed with monotonous regularity….

  11. I think we’d be heading for the slippery slope carrying out protests that piss of the public, scunner tourists, pull the Police away from what they should be dealing with and taking the chance that it could escalate into violence. It’s also a good excuse, front, for Unionists to infiltrate to ensure that it will turn into absolute chaos. Not exactly the publicity we’d be looking for, imo.

    • I would think protests are a last resort if section 30 continues to be refused and no sign of another independence referendum.

      In my opinion, I think Boris will allow one.
      He stands to lose 7 tory seats, but gains back 52 extra majority in Westminster, if Scotland goes.

      He would probably be looking at 3 terms at least before Labour were to recover in Westminster and gain a majority again.

      • You very wisely raise a point that the media seem to be unaware of or are frightened to mention. Labour may NEVER get back in power in Westminster if Scotland goes.

        • A border will be no different from any other border England would have between any other country. Most people have family living abroad. My daughter-in-law has family in Ukraine and is going there with my granddaughter in April.

        • With the way things are going south of the border, and with constituency changes, more brainwashing, psyops, and so on, Labour may never get back into power anyway Cubby even if they held our 59 seats.

  12. Before the low winter sun broke over the world’s Fourth Reich last Friday 13th of December, the Brit Nat ProudScotsBut Hack Pack had rallied from the shock of Scotland roundly kicking Brit Nat Unionism in the cohones at the ballot box, by reducing ‘Scottish Labour’ to the now status quo, of one seat in Scotland, Red Tory Blairite Ian Murray holding Morningside for the twee Edinburhgers, 6 Blue Tory survivors, in the border shires and the North East heavily militarised Oil worker colonies, and the Lib Dem Tories losing their charismatic leader as she smashed through her own glass ceiling and zoomed off into the stratosphere of the not so liberal, not so democratic, House of Lards.
    Throughout the night on the Beeb, Glenn Campbell led a list of Brit Natters somehow concluding that although the dreaded SNP took 48 of the available 59 seats, that they still didn’t have a mandate to seek a S 30 order, and that anyway, ‘Boris’ Johnson, with his ‘stonking majority’, would simply say ‘No’.

    Visibly shaken, the early vanguard of the Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists, rallied by the challengingly gross shape of Toddle Oo The Noo Taylor, began the fightback. Boris will say No., passit on.and that was that.

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ would just have to suck it up.

    We’ve had the Usual Suspects fall in line over the last few days. Paul Hutcheon, Tom Gordon, Iain Macwhirter Mike Settle, ‘Bum’s Rush’ Marr, the Uncle-est of the Uncle Tams operating out of London, insulting NS’ intelligence on his weekly Ministry of Truth Sunday am hour, and now, Rod The Mod, who has somehow upset the Sellick Faithful by congratulating ‘Boris’ for making sure his half billion is safe in Rees Mogg’s Billionaires’ Paradise.

    Gordon Brewer was in overdrive yesterday touting Federalism.

    Is this lad really so thick skinned that he can sit through half an hour of Brit Nat F word idiocy knowing that we are all laughing at him, and his increasingly desperate ‘guests’?

    One can only assume that he needs the money to sell out his country Scotland , on a weekly basis.

    I have never witnessed such a coordinated joined up response to an election result by our Dead Tree Scrolls and the BBC’s Ministry of Truth Outpost in Glasgow.
    And it’s all that Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

    There’s nothing to be done. Indyref 2 will not be allowed, concludes the Hack Pack. Back in your box scotland,

    Johnson, with 43% of th vote, will control England, and the outpost, Wales, for at least a decade, whereas ‘Nicola Sturgeon’, because it is she, and she alone who is insisting on this Independence nonsense, with 45% of the Scots vote, and 80% of Scottish seats, can just go and fuck off, and the intellects of Scottish public life, Murdo Fraser and the Daily Record editorial have finally drawn a veil over all this Indyref 2 silliness once and for all. So there.

    But cracks are beginning to appear in the Better Together wall.
    Monica Lennon, Paul Sweeney, and even some of the hacks are now seriously looking at a schism in the ‘Scottish’ Labour ranks.

    But not Richard Leonard, the GMB Shop Steward, who will cling to his nice little Holyrood pay packet for as long as he can.

    It was Leonard, Rennie, and Carlaw wot won it for the hated SNP, yet no one resigns. Not that I’m complaining.
    In my eyes they did a bang up job, destroying Unionism in Scotland once and for all.

    We go in Two O Two O, is the slogan
    We JFWDI (Just Feckin’ Well Do It)

    This morning according to BBC Breakfast ~’Boris’ is at his desk getting Brexit done, and ‘tackling the NHS’. Oh, and the price of water..that would be England’s NHS and privatised water..and some English cricketer won Sports Something of the Year.

    Back in your box, Jox.
    Paul, Tom, Gordon, Iain, Brewdog, earn you thirty pieces of silver, by making sure the Jocks stay out of Johnson’s flaxen locks for ten years.

    Do they really believe that we are going to give up now?

  13. A week is a long time in politics. Quite a few tories in the media today, ye know the same ones that last week were screaming “Say no to another independence referendum!” from the rooftops, are now saying “Actually a lot of people we spoke to at the doors intending to vote SNP said it was to stop Brexit and or BJ.”. “There is no manadate for another referendum!”. Aye right. 🙂

  14. Are you filling in for Paul Jack? That was a blinding post well done. You get 4 Saltires from me 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • I could not walk a mile in his moccasins, Malky, never mind fill his shoes for a wee while.

      At the welcome risk of embarrassing him, Paul has been an outstanding and tireless advocate for Independence throughout the years, shouldering much of the responsibility to speak up in the cause of Self Determination against a tidal wave of Brit Nat Scots Media propaganda, who are in the pay of US and English billionaires, and who despite witnessing the death of their Blahs, and BBC ‘outsourcing”, continue to do their Masters’ bidding.
      They lie about , threaten, and vilify decent people, whose only crimes are to campaign for Scotland to return to the natural state, a Self Determining democratic nation.

      When the Chronicles of Time of this century are produced, Paul’s name will be writ large.
      He is one of many heroic Scots, who thoroughly deserve out heartfelt thanks, and a well earned break over Christmas.

      Luigi, I note you comments on Kaye’s BBC Jockland’s risible three hours phone in every morning.
      Of course she is a rabid unionist.
      Her ultimate boss is Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead Director of the BBC, Oxbridge educated, ex CEO of Royal Opera, and One of The Few keeping us all in our places.
      Any notin that Kaye would allow a pro Independence voice to be heard on her show would seriously endager her ‘London’ work, it has been argued, allegedly, someone else may sy, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
      Our media is riddled through with the cancer of Brit Nattery.
      Now Paul would never say that, he is too much of a gentle person.
      I would, therefore could never fill his shoes.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • It will pass before the WGD before publication anyhow Jack, you have nothing to lose but blushes. You have a way with words and several expletives which few among us can express, but an enduring passion for what is fair, honest and all encompassing benefit..
        Please reconsider… The pay may be shite ,but just think of it as revisiting work, with a touch more kudos…

      • Good post sir. I never ever listen to Kaye. I certainly would never phone in as I would be cutoff in seconds ha ha.

        I wish Santa would bring us all a decent media in Scotland – one that is professional and neutral and is not just propaganda. Maybe one day I won’t have to put this on my Christmas list.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the media in Scotland criticise every sector of Scottish society but not once do any of them have a hard look in the mirror and criticise their own industry or themselves. The Britnat media in Scotland above criticism – tossers.

  15. Enjoy your wee break and I hope Peter loves living in Scotland as much as he loves you.

    Have a rest, you’re going to be very busy in 2020 methinks, all independence supporters will be.

  16. England too wee too poor too stupid to be independent.

    A few months of stating this and the English will be begging us to have an Indyref2 and the Britnats in Scotland heads will be exploding.

    Time to start telling it as it is rather than cowering to English sensibilities.

  17. Listening to the Call Kaye indyref2 debate this morning, it appears to me that the more nice, reasonable and articulate Scottish independence supporters are in debate, the more the British nats become incoherent and seethe with rage. My, how quickly the mask comes off – just be nice, patient and reaosnable with em and they will destroy their own credibility. Why the rage? I put it down to a lack of a coherent argument. Pure raw emotion at it’s ugliest. That is their weakness. No need to stoop to their level and slug it out. Punch clever. Be nice to em. 🙂

  18. Festive greetings to one and all.

    Well, what a tory truckle of nasty jibes when I dared to comment on a friend’s FB post, who is a longstanding tory voter who is also a Yorkshire man, whose mother was Austrian, who could not for the life of him begin to understand why we would want to be a part of the EU as an independent country. So, in a painstaking fashion, which I knew was not going to make a blind bit of difference to the racist, bigoted comments that then ensued from his other male friends from the deepest darkest south, who insisted they were regular visitors and that all Scots hate the English…no, says I, no hatred, no animosity here…They then spouted forth that Scotland was in the pocket of Westminster, that we had no resources, and because they were British they looked after us poor jocks…okay…
    He did eventually remove his post as the misogynistic, racist verbal attack from the keyboard warriors was just about to met with my suggestion of a head to head discussion at Carlisle…with the ditch, not the wall they wanted to build, already dug…

  19. As usual brilliantly Sums Scotland’s position up right now perfectly. I should be depressed about Boris’ win but I’m not because I am Scottish and have the power to continue to support Independence. Like you my husband is an”immigrant” he is Danish and has lived, worked and paid tax here since he arrived 25 years ago. As you know he was not allowed to vote for our future. Our future depends on Independence where he will be just another fellow Scot with all the rights that I have. I totally agree that we have to welcome support from wherever it comes from. Having marched for independence along with the whole family of Yes supporters. Amongst my proudest days marching with Scots born here, Scots not born here, people from around the world. People of no religion and people who are religious. People from all political persuasions. rangers fans Celtic fans all clubs fans. The LGBT community….. As the son of a wonderful English man who married a Bonnie Scots lass and having lived in England and Scotland. With family and friends throughout the UK I do not hate anyone but I do not like to be dictated to by a government that my country did not vote for. A Tory party that has not been in power in Scotland for all the 64 years I have been alive. I am now more hopeful that we will get there with the united family we cal Scotland and will still stay friends with our families friends and neighbours. Finally congratulations to you and your husband.

    Much respect

    Sent from my iPhone


  20. These words are from Boris’s victory speech. Map the locations and have a laugh.

    “We must recognise the incredible reality that we now speak as a one nation Conservative Party literally for everyone from Woking to Workington, from Kensington I’m proud to say to Clwyd South, from Surrey Heath to Sedgefield, from Wimbledon to Wolverhampton.”

  21. As the Britnats and their compliant media are trying to turn a GE into a referendum on Indyref2 by saying you didn’t get more than 50% I suggest that we say let’s have a proper referendum then on whether we should have an Indyref2.

    >50% vote then we have Indyref2 if they refuse again then it is 100 % case proven that Scotland is a colony in all but name and the Britnats are fascist.

  22. Thank you WGD for your efforts and do hope you and yours take the time to enjoy and rest a while.
    I live in Cambridge and my Labour supporting friends, campaigners and representatives are gutted. I feel for them.
    But let’s look at the actual vote perhaps, otherwise we condone the uk fptp voting system.
    Not one country in the fabulous 4 of uk nations voted in the majority for this conservative Government.
    Let that sink in .
    UK wide and in component countries they did not get a majority much less a “landslide “ victory.

    First Past the Post is one of the pillars of UK Westminster rule. It needs knocking down . Unfortunately Conservative and Labour support has enabled this most unrepresentative system to continue. Surely the Labour Party will recognise, unless they return to Tory lite Blairism , this no longer suits even their self serving elements.

    Too little praise from the Tory side or MSM has been given to the Brexit Party. It’s them wot won it in England for the Conservative party. Farage declared (eventually) it was all about traditional Labour seats for them .

  23. So, so pleased that Peter is finally to come here to live. All the best to both of you and enjoy your quiet time together.Things are going to get a bit hectic.

  24. I am minded to ‘review’ Call Kaye with an ‘e’ phone-in tomorrow morning.

    BBC Radio Shortbread is a cut price outlet, a nice little earner for Brit Nat current and ex politicians, who are invited on to give us their pearls on everything from the latest movies, to, how to recycle plastic.
    Mags Curran and Tom Harris McKenna’s Gold.

    It is at its most banal during working hours, with all the dynamism and oomph of a People Friends’ knitting pattern of unbelievable dross; it’s cheap, it’s nasty, and compared with say, BBC Radio 4’s contemporaneous cerebral ,an insult to the, probably numbering in the low thousands, listeners tuning in.
    Yeah, I’ve written and posted all the Christmas cards, the tree’s up, I’ve picked my Everlovin’s wee gift, and I am at a loose end until Wednesday.
    I may even phone in, depending on the hot topics.
    How to cook sprouts? On line rip offs? What if I have tooth ache over the holiday?
    I can’t wait.

    The danger is that Kaye Adams’ louche dirge may send me to sleep.
    She really does drone on a bit. Perhaps she is as bored as her audience.
    Watch this space.

  25. Off topic.

    For political anoraks – you may have noticed in the Cabinet mini-reshuffle that we, in the Western Colonies, now have a new Governor-General. Is name is ‘Hart’, seeming to indicate that the Tories have at least one cardiac organ.

    Or more likely – Boris Johnson is taking the proverbial.

    PS Nicky Morgan awarded the Order of the Brown Nose in same mini-reshuffle.

  26. These Tory Brexiteers complaining about lack of democracy in the EU. Nicky Morgan who did not stand for reelection as an MP complaining she was fed up with politics and wanted to spend more time with her family has now been appointed back to her old job in the UK cabinet. How come – Johnson has given her a job/income for life in the House of lords.

    What a sick joke democracy is in the UK. She is part of the government of the UK but no one voted for her. She could easily be in the House of Lords for 50 years or more. It’s just as well all these Lords don’t turn up at the same time there are so many of them that they wouldn’t know where to put them. Plenty of money for Lords and Ladies but not so much for pensions etc for normal citizens.

    How do the BBC report it – “very interesting” “odd”.

    Time to end the Treaty of Union 1707. SNP get it done. No settling in and getting cosy in London.

    • “Getting cosy in London”, Cubby? I reckon that’s the last place that they want to be. The travel, the flea ridden, coke ridden environment, having to put up with the cr*p that’s being thrown at them constantly and having to listen to the endless lies. They are also known as being the most hardworking politicians at Westminster, with an attendance record second to none, and could no doubt be working for more money elsewhere. “Elsewhere”, being more conducive to their physical and mental wellbeing, such as Scotland.

      • Ok Petra come on down off your high horse.

        I didn’t say they were – I just said NO getting cosy. I agree with your comments about the SNP MPs being hard working. The best in H. of Commons. However, we should now be entering a different phase in Westminster – namely no tame acceptance of our votes being ignored.

        No tame acceptance of our votes/mandate/claim of right being ignored.

        If Westminster does not respect our votes/mandate it deserves no respect from our representatives.

  27. BBC Scotland going full steam to undermine last weeks vote and mandate.

    People being interviewed saying I voted SNP but not sure about independence.

    “People lent the SNP their vote.”

    “You only got 45%.”

    “You have a huge problem. “You are not getting your independence referendum are you. ”

    Johnson has a mandate not to give the SNP a referendum. It’s a UK mandate (code for Scots votes count less than English votes).

    The BBC stance is: not everyone who voted SNP supports independence BUT

    everyone who voted for the other parties supports the union.

    Get these propagandists out of Scotland.

    • Aye Cubby and the bit they manage tae forget is that not every Independence supporter had a vote…. The EU Scots and the 16-18 year old Scots only puts the GE 45% up….

    • John MacKay interviewing Cooncillor MacAveety (someone should run a check on him) and SIU what’s her name … Nash … tonight, two right nasty looking bast**ds, both spouting the same 45% garbage. Over 500,000 Labour supporters voted in Scotland. Many of them (40% want independence) no doubt supporting Corbyn. How many of the 60% will see that supporting the Labour Party is futile now? And then Libdem supporters who want to remain in the EU. Where are they planning to go now? Support LBJ who’s just, basically, announced that no matter what we’ll be out of the EU at the end of 2020? In other words he’s hellbent on his No Deal Brexit. And we can’t discount Tories in Scotland either. There’s signs that some of them are coming over to the Independence side now too, no doubt because they can see the fascist writing on the wall.

      And it’s not over yet. LBJ will be charging ahead with the plans that he’s been secretly making behind the scenes for months now, in particular in relation to Scotland. We’ve got an additional highly, exuberant 100 braying donkeys joining the Westminster zoo ready to hee haw every time LBJ attacks the SNP politicians and of course let’s see what industries are going to pull out of the UK now? Etc, etc.

      We’re on the road to winning Indyref2 thanks to Nicola Sturgeon who’s kept her nerve and played a blinder.

  28. The interesting bit over the next few days will be how the branch office of Scottish Labour reacts.
    I honestly have no idea!
    I cannot see any significant change under Leonard but the internal party tension must be incredible.
    It baffles me why the would have any hesitation in embracing the democratic right to have a Referendum. That would be a minimum in my view.
    However given the slap in the face they have just had from the ex-Labour voters in England any normal person would say.
    ” I did my best to support my comrades in England. Time now to save our voters from the Tories THEY have unleashed on us.

    The Bain principle is strong so I fully expect them to repeat the same old mantra later this week.

    We have a new reason to chant “Vote Labour get Tory”

    • Mundell, Dugdale et al have fought to maintain control from London, even after and through the worst depravities visited on this country in centuries. Do not expect that to change suddenly, those who do shift, welcome to the fold but keep at arm’s length from power or decision.
      Support of the collective does not admonish those of guilt for the pains they inflicted, the Nuremberg defence is now over 70 years in the grave, “I was acting under orders” will come back to haunt Murray and Leonard just as it did for Jo Swaynseon.
      Johnson will ultimately fall for the same reason.

    • They wonder why they are called red Tories. They facilitate Tory governments. Even their own voter base in England is voting Tory now. There are going to be Tory govs for a long long time. Thanks a lot British Labour in Scotland.

  29. Agreed Paul, we must persuade Labour supporters to exit the trenches and support independence. They need to get rid of that nonentity Leonard though, perhaps those in the party who do want independence can do something about that. If they don’t shift from entrenchment then Labour are finished.

  30. Stop paying the BBC “licence fee”. Order your yellow vests for Xmas. Checkout Grousebeaters web site as to what we must do next.

    • In 2014 Labour party members supporting Scottish independence were told to eff off and join the SNP. Thousands of them did. In 2019 the party is facing an existential crisis. There are apparently many staunch British nationalists still lurking in Scottish Labour. Why don’t they he the ones to leave? Go on join the blue tories. You know you really want to. 🙂

  31. The SNP may well have to up the stakes if Johnson drags his feet. Disrupt WM business at every opportunity. Keep indy top of the agenda. With Brexit all but done there is no excuse now. I’m not expecting WM to cave but I do want to see an almighty stushie. Time to take the gloves off. No more compliance. No more playing by WM rules. No more allowing them to continually move the goalposts. We shall see how this pans out by Christmas. 🙂

  32. More people are joining the SNP. Another influx. Folk who have decided to commit and support. Join, donate and campaign. It is pitiful the people with nothing being deluded to vote Tory in the rest of the UK.

    Thatcher was no saviour. Just the opposite, Unemployment 15%. Interest rates at 17%. Social unrest and violence. Deregulating banking and sold off utilities. Illegally and secretly took Scottish revenues and resources to fund London S/E. Deja Vu. It was only closer ties with Europe which improved the UK economy.

    Corbyn hanging on when it was obvious no one would vote for him. The ego more important. All principles gone for a bit of power. Deluded beyond belief. Labour should have supported Remain to get votes. A direct choice in the rest of the UK. The Tories will never be able to Brexit without ruining the economy.

    They had to get rid of Thatcher. The same will happen with Johnston as the Tories screw up even further. The idols are made of clay. The emperor has no clothes. The grasping of straws. Utterly pathetic. The rest of the UK will become even bleaker. The most unequal place in the world.

    It is different now with Devolution, The SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. The Westminster unionists will not get away with it. There will be no unionist politicians left in Scotland to stop Independence, Devolution has changed Scotland. Independence will be even better. Scotland will become more equal, cohesive and prosperous.

  33. Nicky Morgan must know a few secrets. Covering up for Johnston like the rest of them. The sycophant Press. How long before they come out. The losers. Leading to their own demise. Typical Tories. False promises and cannot be trusted. It will all end in tears.

  34. Iain Blackford interview:- https://youtu.be/qBE5HvvjQlo


    BBC Scotland reporting that Scottish Councils are having to dip into their reserve money now. No doubt preparing the way for the their pals, the Tories, to bypass the Scottish Government and give direct handouts to the Councils. Then what? Cut the Barnett sweetie money and / or do away with Barnett altogether?

  35. Naw, sorry guys, it was above and beyond.. I lasted 8 minutes of Kaye’s Radio Shortbread phone-in today.
    Glasgow’s hosting the Climate Change Conference next autumn, so phone in with the steps you personally are taking to reduce your carbon foot print, for an hour of done to death virtue signalling, presumably.
    Hazel from Aberdeen, who sounded like a very middle class lady of a certain age, left her car at home and walked to the library and local shop, and had her milk delivered in a glass bottle.
    I lost the will to live just then.
    I switched over to 4 to catch a feature on Impeachment of US Presidents.
    I have missed out on items on reviving the Top Ten Charts programme, what it is like to be an Asian Scot, and Graeme Souness’ confession that he may have been homophobic back in the day when he was kicking lumps out of players in Liverpool.

    Three hours of this plus a ‘resident vet’ answering queries about listeners’ pets ailments.

    It was Frank Lloyd Wright who observed that watching TV was ‘bubble gum for the mind’.

    Kaye is radio to get the housework done; three hours of vacuuming the carpets may be a tad to much, but, though, mind.

    I’ll never get that 8 minutes back you know.

  36. Och, and there’s Neil MacKay in the Herald Britland supporting a second Scottish Independence Referendum now that Labour is on board (whit?) but the Tories won’t allow one until and if the SNP win the 2021 S GE.
    He joins his mate Brewer on Sunday peddling the ‘not until after the 2021 election and only if the SNP win an outright majority’ school of can kickery down the road peddlers of procrastination.

    Watch our lips, hacks and hackesses.

    We go in Twenty-O Twenty-O, ye scribes of the Union.

    We are done waiting.

    We have a mandate now, and last week’s ‘stonking majority’ in Scotland merely reinforces the need for immediate action.

    We have reached the end of our tether.

    WE, the people of Scotland, who used to buy your Blah, are not hanging around here.

    Suck it up.

    Johnson is about to build No Deal into law by December 2020; and we should hang about ’til May the following year? Aye, that’ll be shinin’ bright.

    A General Election? Wot, another one?

    Our heads don’t button up the back, Neil, despite your warm fuzzy pro Independence words today.
    We are on the move now.

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