Same auld, same auld

A guest post by Ally Farquhar

Oh well, that didnae take long did it? Dick Leonard decided to sleep on the combined clusterbollox which was Labour’s branch and head office General Election campaign, did some serious reflection, possibly in the windae of a jobcentre Plus, shut the Laura Ashley bedroom curtains that John McDonnell gave him, and went back tae his bed again whistling Jerusalem.

Like Monty Python’s parrot, the Labour Party, as currently constituted in Scotland, is not resting, it’s not stunned, it’s no’ pining, it’s deid.

They simply refuse to take a telling, even when every electoral constituency in the country, apart from the one with Morningside in it, tells them to go and take a run up a short steep hill with a cliff at the top.

It’s mental! You’d think the fact that the mothership down south is sinking like a former Tory leader would in a Loch (thank goodness the SNP didnae get 50 seats, every cloud has a silver lining), and Tony Blair thinks they’re having an existential crisis, would give them a clue that they need some serious change to reflect voters preferences, or at least embrace the idea that the people of Scotland should have a say in their own futures, but naw.

No wonder social media is full of proclamations from our fellow county folk, who may have voted No in 2014, and who are now so cheesed off with the Little Empire vanity project and the sheer contempt the democratic rights of the people of Scotland is held in, that they are coming to see self- determination as the answer. They’ve heard all of this devo max stuff many times. It hardly registers with them now.

Welcome, we’re glad to have you. We all have our journeys to make, we take different lengths of time to get there.

With delusional Dick digging up the usual Groundhog Day responses to his party getting humped, we surely cannot be long before the Grand Federalisimo himself, the son of the manse, launches himself, yet again for the very first time, on the viewers of the state telly channel, and Hootsmon readers, to charm us with tales of northern powerhouses, and bucketloads of new devolved goodies. Everything in the cupboard bar the compensating for something not very big, nightmare toys, if only we all come back to the ‘I can’t believe it’s not socialism’ fold. Aye, whatever.

That is, of course, once the Tories have robbed us of everything they possibly can first, and legislated the frack out of the ground beneath our feet.

Independence is ours to take. We’ve got to go for it. We don’t need to convince diehard unionists. That’s a waste of time. Eventually there won’t be enough of them to really matter.

Ignore them and concentrate on having frank, honest conversations with friends, family and colleagues who have open minds. Encourage them to do their own research, to become informed about the facts of being in the Union and the opportunities Independence will bring.

Have a restful festive season folks because next year is going to be busy.


42 thoughts on “Same auld, same auld

  1. “We have to listen to what the people are saying!”

    Same old, same old indeed. How many years/decades have rejected Labour politicians being saying that now?

    Labour politicians may be able to spew out their memorised soundbites after every rejection, but they don’t really listen. They treat the people with contempt. They donlt seem to realise that ordinary people are more intelligent than they are.They fool noone but themselves.

    Corbyn is a nice person IMO, but far too weak and ineffective as a leader of the most fractuous party in th UK. The establishment Balirites (and media) had to be faced down. He failed to stick to his principles and they destroyed him.

  2. Thanks Ally for a down to earth response to the situation we find ourselves in.
    Only this morning we heard Blair tell the party that they have to out tory the tories IF they want power in the next 10 to 15 years.
    Think about that as you talk to your own family.
    We are in for a hard time IF we don’t take back control of our own country.
    We need to be very positive in our outlook, stop the squabbles, AUOB is the way to independence, we can sort out the differences after we make up our own government.

  3. Agreed Ally –
    A party Beyond Resuscitation but don’t have the Sense to lie down .

    On the Subject of Same Auld .
    BBC in Jockland I am looking at their page on the IPad 3 stories all about Independence despite all that’s going on good Auld Auntie attempts to resuscitate the scary stories of 2014 , What’s the saying the old ones are the best ones but in this case the old ones are just tired and annoying , very, very predictable ,
    I wonder why supporters of the Union never try to sell their Union all the good points and the benefits , Yeh before everyone starts laughing we all know they have nothing to offer , so they resort to the usual Doom Doom you won’t survive oh f/k it’s pitiful mind bogglinly bloody irritating .

  4. More members are joining the SNP. Another influx? People getting off the fence and committing. Joining, donating and campaigning.

    Two Tory MP’s got in with just a few more votes. The Borders must have lack of internet for info or something.

    The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won. Support ever increasing including the 16+ and migrant vote. The migrants voted No to stay in the EU. Now they will vote YES. It just needs 200,000 No to vote Yes. With a higher turnout 85%. Remain now even higher than 68%. Totally achievable.

    Johnston will not be able to achieve Brexit without ruining the economy. A disaster waiting to happen. They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe to improve the economy. Deja Vu.

    People with nothing voting Tory clinging to straws. They will be let down again. Labour self destruction. At least the SNP Gov is standing up for Scotland.

  5. Yup, Blair blather all over the airwaves–cant be long till Broonie gets his oar in. But no one buys their BS any more.

    The Kenneth Williams impersonator is obviously out of his depth, but who is left in “Scottish” labour who hasn’t had a go? There is no “John Smith” on the horizon, on either side of the border.

    I would give the Boris honeymoon a year before it dissipates, but as we see with Trump, true believers just go on believing. The gulled folk of “the North” might be less forgiving.

    I wonder if there is a deal with Gove to give him a turn as Boris lacks staying power when work is required? He might get the crown quicker than he expects!

    • I hope Britnat Labour in Scotland give the leadership to Jenny Marra. She can promise voters free comics for life if they vote Labour – probably better for them than the Daily Redcoat.

      Plus she has a death stare that shows she is a true Britnat. You can see the hatred oozing out of her at FMQ when the FM is speaking.

      She will soon find out it is easier to sit in her seat seething than it is to actually carry out the job as Labour leader.

      British Labour in Scotland the political walking dead – they just cannot see it.

  6. It recalls the story concerning the large turnout at the funeral of the movie mogul and tyrant Louis B Meyer.

    Someone expressed surprise that so many had attended given his terrible reputation when alive.
    ‘They’re all here just to make sure that he’s dead’, was the unattributed reply.
    So with Labour in Scotland.
    We are gathered in our dozens, rubber necking, making sure that Leonard and the Branch Office are dead.
    There is no way back.
    Nice work, Ally.
    I note that Macwhirter now ‘political editor ‘ over at Herald Britland is peddling a ‘hard Scexit’ and harping back to the Convention of 1992.
    He survived the Herald cull, but there has been a price to pay.
    SNP Bad.

  7. So there it is. They refuse to listen. They refuse to accept that Scotland needs independence as a matter of survival. They had a choice to make and they chose union over Scotland. The chose to defend Westminster’s right to rule Scotland. The chose to defend Boris Johnson and everything he does. All those lives blighted. Jobs lost. Homes repossessed. Our Health service sold to Trump. Our Public services Looted, gutted and burned out. They will happily consign Scotland to that fate, because somehow we have a moral duty to suffer along with the English left, because it would selfish not to and never mind that many of these “salt of the earth” types voted for the tories.

    Lets be honest here. They chose to be enemies of Scotland. They stand with the tories. And so instead of directing our fire on the tories, we will have to dismantle and remove Labour from Scotland first.

    They could have got behind us. They could have walked alongside us. The chose instead to stand in front of us. And we are simply going to have to tread them underfoot.

    They had a choice. They chose their flag. They chose their nation. They chose England.

    • Yep. Pretty much nails it.
      #ProsperityNotPoverty #FreedomNotFeudalism #SovereigntyNotSupplication

      If you dont like these I have others

    • Red Tories worse than Blue Tories.

      Red Tories kid on they care but when it comes down to it remaining subservient to Westminster is more important to them than the welfare of the Scottish people.

      Result = 1 Britnat Labour MP in Scotland. Ian Murray and his Union Jack suit.

      This is what the Labour Party has become. Will someone put it out its misery.

      British Labour in Scotland = The walking dead party.

    • Breathtaking post in its clarity. Thank you, DA. Indeed, the Scottish media confront everything that is put in place to help or develop Scottish interests. They even think it’s clever to ape agressive London based meeja ‘interrogators’.

  8. Same old, same old from me, too.



    14. (of 20.)

    “Our Way”

    And now, the end is here.
    And so Labour faces the final curtain.
    My friend, I’ll say it clear:
    I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

    They’ve lived their life, now it must end;
    They troughed on each and ev’ry highway
    And more, much more than this.
    They did it their way.

    Regrets? No – they have none, that’s very true.
    Nor a conscience, not worthy of mention
    They served themselves
    And saw it through, without exemption.

    They planned each charted course,
    Each careful step along the byway,
    And more, much more than this,
    They did it their way.

    Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
    When they bit off more than they could chew
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    They gorged themselves – kept nothing out.
    They were in it all, stood for themselves
    And they did it their way.

    They’ve troughed, they’ve laughed and lied.
    We’ve had our fill, our share of losing.
    And now, as tears subside,
    We find it all so amusing.

    To see Labour falling apart.
    And may I say – not in a shy way,
    “Oh, no, no, no longer them –
    We’ll do it our way!”

    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught.
    To say the things he truly feels
    And not the words of one who kneels:
    The record shows we took the blows
    And we’ll do it our way!

    Yes, it will be our way!

    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics


    19. (of 20.)

    Onward Labour lemmings

    Onward Labour lemmings,
    Marching o’er the cliff.
    With the mark of Leonard,
    Leading them skew-whiff.
    Dick, the chief of numpties,
    Heads his band of woe;
    Forward into hist’ry:
    See those bampots go!


    Onward Labour lemmings,
    Marching o’er the cliff.
    With the mark of Leonard,
    Leading them skew-whiff.

    [With acknowledgements]

    Songs for the New Politics

      • I’d rather you did that, ArtyHetty.

        1 I’m not a Scot
        2 I don’t even live in Scotland
        3 It’s more appropriate that Scottish voices are heard – I only supply the ‘raw material’
        4 Despite my nationality – I can’t sing. (aka ‘I sing like a crow with a sore throat’)

        In solidarity,

        • Aww, thanks but my strength is visual…Welsh Sion.
          One thing I noticed at indy ref 2014, was the array of talent, that people culturally took it all on board, and much of that was very witty indeed, which works I think.

          Scotland’s culture, is growing and developing, but also is very historic and traditional as well. With that, the indigenous, unique, and all encompassing expression of Scotland’s real need to keep on being a forward looking, outward looking, modern, 21st century country, is essential to the very survival of the country of Scotland.

          To embrace your own culture and history is no crime but, in Scotland that seems to me, as an artist interested in culture in general, has been viewed and portrayed as somehow a failing, something to be ashamed of. Hell, you would never ever see or hear of how dreadful things are societally, in England, no matter how bad things are!

          Fck that for a banana with sticky tape over it! lol.

          Scotland is growing, not rotten to the skin and the slimey core, eww, like Brexit England!

          Reject the negative crap that the Britnats are determined to impose, fck em!

          Come on Scotland, we can ‘beat’ the greedy Britnats! g

          • Ha!

            My usual retort to that is (and I’m sure you’ve seen it before):

            “When I left Wales for England, the IQ of both countries went up!”

            Nos da, bawb! / Goodnight, all!

    • Great article. Pie here very good, but of course by ‘country’ he means ENGLAND.
      The English cannot get their heads around the fact that England is only a PART of the so called UK and not ALL of it! ;-/

      England, you are an equal partner in the UK (lol) but please don’t tar Scotland with the same brush politically!

      I guess you get what you vote for, England, which means er, you are not JUST an equal partner, doesn’t it! Spare a thought for Scotland, who gets what YOU vote for England. Ta very muchly!

  9. Like many, I woke up and said a few words not found in the Bible when I saw that Boris the Bawbag had somehow got voted back in. I also said a few sweary words when I saw my native Dumfries and Galloway painted blue (I’m in Edinburgh now) but I’m told that the majority has been eaten into and the gallant Yessers “Doon Hame” are still very much active and still positive.

    A good friend of mine who is a bit younger and a devout Corbynite posted the Yes pledge on her FB timeline on Friday morning. I knew she had been an avowed No voter the day before and we had previous arguments about remaining in the UK. I knew then that we finally had a different Scotland to that in 2014. I have a friend from Lancashire who might come to the march in Glasgow next month to support us just because she wants Scotland to be independent. Other friends have posted that they’re interested in going to the march. Keep the faith folks. It’s coming.

    • I have it on good authority that there will be many from YES Cymru – alas, not me – at your AUOB march next month. (I will be flag waving in Paris and pursuing our goals in 3 languages at an international Expo.)

      When Cymru and Scotland work together, we are unstoppable!

  10. Nice to see a blog which is so positive about Independence.Yesterday, I smiled when I saw schoolchildren clap the first minister as they sat and watched proceedings in the parliament.

  11. The problem that Labour in Scotland have is that should they abandon their No to Independence policy (their only policy) then they have nothing to offer people in Scotland.
    The SNP are occupying the centre left political ground so there is no room for another party touting the same policies.
    My impression is that a large number of Labour supporters have seen the light and now recognise that the only way to have properly funded public services in Scotland is through separation from Westminster control.
    Perhaps their leaders will also see the light and pack up their tents.
    Well,perhaps not.
    Thanks for the post,very good.

  12. It appears to me that the only ”Scottish Labour” ( sic ) people who are still voting Labour are those parasites of MSP’s who are ‘voted’ in on the List system . These people ( James Kelly anyone ? ) are unemployable outside of Holy rood ( they don’t make much of a contribution inside either ! ) so naturally they will hold on to the end and have to be dragged , kicking and screaming from the building when independence comes .
    And please , can we come up with a better system of proportional voting than the D’Hondt with its charter for the unemployable – The List – otherwise we will never be rid of these freeloaders .

  13. As long as there’s a list system as stupid as the one we have where for 20 years someone can sit in Holyrood collecting wages for never winning an election the Labour party the Liberals and the Tories will use it to their advantage while still opposing everything

    I believe in giving able people a chance but there’s got to be some kind of limit to this financial benevolence when parties just use it to keep filling their ranks with drones

  14. Behold the carcass of a once proud and noble animal in its ruin on the Plain of Retribution!

    A vast putrid pile which rots and decays and violates the very air.

    In truth, this aged Leviathan, the last of its kind, had commenced its corruption long ere this final demise.

    The Paparasites which had fed on Laborusaurus Scotus, for that was its name, now reduced to whimpering prodders and pokers, try, hopelessly, to bring their former provider back to life.

    They had, fleetingly, ran to its nemeses, Nicola the sure-footed, the great Golden Queen of Govania, yea even as she wielded the fatal blow.

    But no succour were they to find there, for she is a Queen of hard justice.

    And so they return, pathetically, to the thing they knew, the thing whose time is past, the thing that will soon,… mark their own passing.

    But as the Sun sets in the West, so it rises in the East and the Land will fill with the good light and will renew and all will prosper and attain fulfillment.

  15. Many thanks for your kind comments folks. An interesting year ahead indeed.

    When not graciously selected for a guest post spot, during his well deserved breaks, by the ever eloquent Mr Dug, and Ginger, my rants can be found on


  16. Good morning all , I hope everyone realises PANTO SEASON has begun early this year , I have never seen so many Liars Cheats and Con Artists Gathered in one place for some time , In HM Queens Speech the grinding of Reverse Gears was deafening aye just watch every single promise made by Johnston being dissected bit by bit the real Tory deal will be revealed and it won’t be anything like the promised nirvana just like the VOW all Worthless ,when will people learn the Tory party and their supporters are EVIL no other word applies, it’s that simple .

    • Simon McCoy and a ‘Professor’ describe Scotland’s right to hold a second Referendum as ‘the politics of grievance’, that they will try to gain support in the 2021 SGE, and that the trial of the former FM in January will stymie any attempt to hold a Referendum during 2020.
      The Queen of England, Defender of the Anglican Church, read out the Tories’ English Programme for Government. The English NHS, Schools, Police, Care, and infrastructure investment in English Rail Roads and bridges got big licks.

      Scotland? Back in your box, Jox.

      The sleazy little nudge nudge wink wink of the Salmond Sex Case and the Scots Hack Pack splashing the tawdry gory details across their Dead Tree Scrolls and the Brit Nat broadcasters will have us all cowering with embarrassment and stifle our demand for democratic justice, and our right to return to Self Determination immediately.

      That’s be shinin’ bright. If anything our resolve will be strengthened and unstoppable in 2020.

      That’s the summary of two Englishmen on TV at lunch time today. We’re just a bunch of maoning Jock Barstewards.

      The politics of ‘grievance’. How dare we not just bow down and obey our Imperial Masters.

      It may be argued that Sturgeon’s speech was measured, stressing the ‘legal route’.
      I for one have run out of patience.

      I fear that come the Spring, if there is no movement, we will have recourse to more imaginative vibrant strategies to take our country back.

      The arrogance of BBC England knows no bounds.

    • Thanks for posting that link Bob. An excellent speech. Incredible that some diddies state that Nicola Sturgeon does not want independence.

      • No worries, fell over it, thought timely to share…
        We will have to put up with even more idiocy before this work is done, it’s all straight from the old empire gamebook of divide and conquer…

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