Dugcast – 3 January 2020

It’s the first dugcast of the New Year, and this week I am joined by The National’s Stewart Ward. In this episode we discuss World War 3, Britsplaining in the UK media, the Labour party in Scotland, Boris Johnson’s Greek, and more waffle besides.

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16 thoughts on “Dugcast – 3 January 2020

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  2. The Labour Party in Scotland?

    ‘Monica Lennon says Scottish Labour must split from UK party.’

    “This would mean raising our own funds, persuading trade unions to affiliate and reaching out to voters and organisations in a more meaningful way.”

    ”She argued that “decisions about Scotland’s future within the UK should ultimately be a matter for Holyrood, not Westminster”.


    • ”She argued that “decisions about Scotland’s future within the UK should ultimately be a matter for Holyrood, not Westminster”

      What I find most astonishing of the whole thing is that as an MSP, after 20 years of devolution and after being promised Devo Max and to become the most devolved nation in the world in 2014, she feels the need to say this out loud. I would have thought that it is blatantly obvious.

      Since the minute the people of Scotland demanded the Parliament of Scotland to be reconvened in 1979 and 1997, they removed from Westminster the legitimacy to act on their behalf. The only reason why Westminster retained as many powers after 1997 as it did is because the Act was passed AFTER the vote took place. The people of Scotland was never given the option at that time to choose what powers they wanted in Holyrood, almost certainly deliberately.

      Move forward to 2014 and the situation is even more dramatic: we voted for a status quo that included Devo Max and to become the most devolved nation in the world. This was never delivered, meaning that Westminster is currently holding onto powers it does no longer have legitimacy to hold since 2014.

      Besides the powers there is the matter of who elects what parliament. Scotland is the only parliament in the UK and EU who is elected 100% by the people of Scotland. Holyrood and not Westminster is therefore “the voice” of Scotland.

      It is even beyond absurd that, in the context of a voluntary political union of equals, it is in any way or form for England MPs, who do not hold the mandate or sovereignty of Scotland, to actually have any say whatsoever in Scotland’s future. The latter has only place in a colonialist mind where Scotland is not an equal partner in a voluntary political union but rather some kind of dominion.

      What Ms Lemon appears to be saying is that she thinks the UK “should ultimately be” a voluntary political union.

      Well, Whoop-de-do. You can call it progress, I suppose.

      • great post Maria
        Im sure the Scottish legal system will be along shortly to save us from all this illegal English interference and tell them to get out of Scotlands affairs.
        aye that will be right, they like the Church of Scotland and other institutions kept their independence in 1707 and let the population of Scotland get thrown to the wolves.

  3. Good post Maria. Not sure if you meant to say Ms Lemon but it gave me a laugh anyway.

    Ah devo max in the VOW – good old Labour promised it then subsequently voted against it in the Smith Commission. Labour do treachery the best. Will an independent Labour Party of Scotland be less treacherous – who knows – don’t care now – too late by decades imo.

    Always worth remembering that the SNP have now won the last 9 elections in Scotland. The democratic mandate is there. Will the SNP use it – the big question for 2020.

    • Ms Lemon? A freudian slip? The Labour Party leaving us all with with a soor taste in oor mooths … once again.

      Anyway another great post Maria. It would make you laugh if it wasn’t so serious. Ms Lennon is just telling us all what Ms Lamont blurted out previously. They are and always have been, no more or less than, Westminster’s despicable wee lackeys.

      They’ve hit an all time low, meaning that they’re as dead as a dodo in Scotland (and elsewhere), and don’t know which way to turn now. They’ve consistently stabbed the Scots in the back and would continue to do so, but for losers Corbyn and McDonnell stabbing them in the back plus the penny dropping that the Tories will be ruling the roost for (maybe) all time coming.

      It looks as though the crux of the matter for them, in their dilemma, is lack of funds if they break away. Let’s hope that they get that resolved and join us to push us over the line. And then …!?

  4. Self preservation. Independence on the way.

    Labour opposed MUP. Ms Lennon made an emotionally speech in a Holyrood about her father.

    If Corbyn cared he would have stood down. It was obvious few would vote for him. Duplicity.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland voted Labour to keep the Tories out (Thatcher).

    Fifty years of Labour. No improvement.

  5. At the end of the Dugcast next Saturdays AUOB march in Glasgow was mentioned as a topic for next weeks dugcast.

    I don’t know if you ever repeat any of your articles but if not perhaps an exception could be made for your inspirational “Marching with Uncle Shug” post sometime next week prior to the march. It could be raining next Saturday.

    Just a suggestion.

      • I have a ridiculous cold and cough. Assuming I will not infect everyone else on the march, I’ll be there!

      • I know I was there and my pic is in the National to prove it. My comment about it raining was connected to the post saying marching in the rain with my uncle Shug nothing to do with the potential numbers of marchers.

  6. On the subject of the Labour Party I would just like to give out a big cheer for everyone who voted out that classic Labour fraud Hugh Gaffney a few weeks ago at the GE.

  7. Like I said earlier. Labour got fat and lazy on anti-tory sentiment. When Indyref came round, they essentially abandoned the “party of home rule” label for to be a party that defended the right for tories to do whatever they liked in Scotland. You don’t get to come round to our doors and then tell us how much you hate the tories. Its astonishing that they simply don’t see it. They can’t see how their anti tory sentiment in this context makes them look like parasites feeding off peoples misery.

  8. The question for Labour in Scotland is,what political space do they intend to occupy.
    At present they are sitting in a small niche called No to Scottish independence but if they abandon that for a broader centre left agenda then they are in SNP territory.
    So what is the point?

    • It’s the Nuremberg defence, self preservation…
      Still reeling from PFI and GCC scandals, continuing with the London/anti-independence line, left with one MP and Holyrood elections looming, leopard-skin coats are getting a coat of emulsion on shoogly pegs….
      Inevitably a new Scottish Labour Party will arise, but selling the behaviour of current and past incumbents in such a new party as “we were only acing under orders” may prove tricky….

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