There’s been a murrdurr!

Many of us in Scotland have spent our lives avoiding the British royal family. The Windsors provoke in us a mixture of intense boredom and deep anger, a peculiar combination of emotions called banger. Which is what your head turns into whenever the bloody royals dominate the news as though their goings on were indeed news and not some species of nauseating trivial gossip propagated by sychophants who’d be as well to get that brown stain tattooed permanently on their noses. We’re looking at you Nicholas Witchell.

Anyway, in the proper news which you might have missed what with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taking the huff with the Daily Mail and the BBC, which to be honest is perfectly reasonable of them, today Scotland’s Parliament has voted by 92 to 29 not to give its consent to those parts of the UK’s EU withdrawal deal which impinge upon devolved competencies. MSPs from the Labour party, the Greens, and the Lib Dems joined with the SNP in voting against Westminster’s power grab. Only the Tories supported it. However this will not make the slightest bit of difference to what happens with the deal, which will be railroaded through anyway irrespective of the views of the Scottish Parliament whose powers and competencies are being directly affected against the will of MSPs of all parties except the Tories.

The objections of MSPs are threefold. Firstly the UK government’s withdrawal bill encroaches on devolved competencies and Holyrood does not consent to this. Secondly the UK bill makes no acknowledgement of the fact that Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU, and indeed did so by a considerably larger margin than it voted to remain a part of the UK. Thirdly the bill is an effective power grab because powers which should be returned automatically to Holyrood from Brussels upon the UK’s exit from the EU will instead be taken by Westminster. This represents a fundamental rewriting of the devolution settlement, without any consultation with the Scottish Parliament.

Westminster’s move comes despite the solemn and heartfelt promise from the anti-independence parties in 2014 that if Scotland voted against independence, they would ensure that no Westminster government would ever be able to alter, change, or affect the powers of the devolution settlement without the express consent of the Scottish Parliament. Well I say heartfelt promise, you can’t actually make a heartfelt promise when you don’t possess a heart. The Conservative party is kept alive by the pumping of rich people’s money, which isn’t exactly the same as a functioning moral compass or the ability to tell the truth.

The legislation from Westminster runs a coach and horses through the Sewel Convention which says that Westminster will not “normally” legislate in devolved areas. This is despite the fact that the promise that this convention would be enshrined in law was one of the key commitments made by the anti-independence parties during the referendum. As we later discovered, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the changed legislation supposedly guaranteeing the rights and powers of Holyrood had no legal effect and the UK government could do whatever it pleased.

Governor General Alister Jack refused to respect the decision of Holyrood, since as far as he’s concerned it’s a decision taken by tribal elders in a glorified mud hut and the natives will do what the likes of Alister decides is best for them. “We’re respecting the result of the referendum”, said Alister, carefully not mentioning that his party isn’t respecting any of the promises or commitments that it made to win either of the past two referendums. All sales are final in Alister’s world. No guarantees, no returns. And don’t you dare think that you can complain when what you receive is an empty box when you’ve been promised that it contained a Scotland that’s an equal partner in a family of nations and a devolution settlement that can’t be altered or changed.

The Governor General took a wee break away from yelling at the servants who’ve been cleaning his pith helmet to appear at Scottish Questions in the Commons on Thursday, where he faced the ire of Scotland’s MPs. He hummed hawed and attempted a fnaugh or two when asked why it was that his government claimed a mandate to leave the EU when it received 43% of the vote in the General Election, but thinks that the SNP doesn’t have a mandate for another independence referendum when it received 45% of the vote in Scotland in that same General Election. That would be the General Election where Alister’s party campaigned on the single issue of opposing a referendum only to see its vote share drop and the loss of over half its MPs. Alister replied saying “Blah. Harrumph. Respect the referendum.” Or fnaughery to that effect. There’s being out of your depth, and there’s Alister Jack. Alister can only aspire to being out of his depth. He looks at the depth from far beneath the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench.

Westminster will proceed with its EU Bill even though all of Scotland’s MPs except seven discredited Tories will vote against it. Westminster will proceed to rip up the devolution settlement even though the Scottish Parliament voted heavily against it. This is not what Scotland was promised in 2014. The UK that we have been delivered comes as close to the promises that the Conservatives and the other anti-indy parties made to Scotland as Alister Jack does to a competent and convincing Scotland Secretary who stands up for Scotland’s interests.

The final death of a key promise which was used to persuade Scotland to vote against independence in 2014 is of course the headline story on BBC Scotland which has sent a reporter to doorstop Tory politicians to ask them how they can justify the lies that they’ve told to the people of Scotland. The reporter will badger them until they give a plausible answer to the question why they expect the SNP to abide by statements that it made during the referendum campaign of 2014 but the Conservative party thinks it should get a free pass.

Ha. Just kidding. Of course they haven’t. The headline story is about a murrdurr. Now this is of course news too. It’s sad, tragic and unfortunate whenever anyone loses their life. It’s just a shame that the murrdurr of the devolution settlement doesn’t appear to excite our national broadcaster in Scotland quite as much. But the murrdurr of the devolution settlement will be instrumental in delivering Scotland to independence. No wonder the British media in Scotland wants to distract us with nonsense about a royal family few of us care about and hopes the real murrdurr story goes away. Well it’s not going away. We’ll make sure of that.

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47 thoughts on “There’s been a murrdurr!

  1. Spot on post as ever. You can never trust the Britnats. Deceit is in their DNA.

    Devolution is now coming under attack. Scots will have to decide on their future and it needs to be soon.

    Talking about murder I felt like murdering (only joking) Pete Wishart this afternoon as he stands up in the H of Commons and says: ” I think we have a fantastic team of deputy speakers and look forward to serving UNDER you for YEARS to come”.

    Any SNP members want to explain why I should not find this offensive. Also as it followed on from excellent speeches by other SNP MPs why is he not taken aside by Blackford and told to stop grovelling to Westminster and remind him he is there to leave the place by getting Scottish independence. The only thing Wishart was missing was his Cap in his Hand. He has been on the Westminster gravy train too long.

    Lost any patience I had with a very small minority of SNPs.

    • Alan Brown SNP MP neatly summed up the new Tory attitude re the new Brexit deal:

      ” …you should have voted for our crap deal, no luck, we’ve made the deal even crappier so get it up you..”

      • I never said he wasn’t a nice man. Happy to take your word on it. You ignored the key point I was making – so I’ll repeat it for you why did he say he looks forward to being in Westminster for years when he is supposed to be there to get us out of there asap – not when he is ready to retire.

        PS I also like Runrig but that doesn’t influence my opinion on what he said.

        • Plenty of times I have said I am looking forward to do things at work but feel exactly the opposite. I am sure he hates various things in that despicable place but cooperation with the speaker and his minions helps you to be to ask questions in that place. Personally I can’t wait until our MPS no longer have to go there. The fact he used to be in Runrig means heehaw to me. Think we just agree to disagree on ths

    • I have met Pete Wishart on a number of occasions over the years and he is a nice man. He is also one of the hardest working Snp MPs. I am absolutely sure he was not groveling to anyone and is not interested in any Westminster gravy train but merely being pleasant and welcoming the depute speaker after their election. Being nice is often his nature. I would rather SNP MPs act in a decent manner rather than lower themselves to act obnoxious knuckle dragging morons like many in the Tory party do.

        • Why did he say he was happy to be there for years when his boss the FM of Scotland says we are having an independence referendum in 2020 – this year not years in the future – and we are going to win it. Is he saying his boss is a liar? Is he saying Scotland will vote no?

          Why say that at all? – it’s not being nice it is undermining independence either by stupidity or design.

  2. The union is and has been the biggest con job in history. A nation sold out for English gold by a few corrupt men and years of having England’s parliament sticking its thieving little hands in Scotland’s back pocket and stealing all our loose change. We then have to sit and watch as they max out the credit cards and make us liable for some of the debt. They then actually have the brass balls to troll us about this debt by releasing financial reports. We then have to watch the sickening sycophantic displays of unionists, who seem quite pleased at being taken for a ride.

    This is the latest in a long list of grievances, inflicted on Scotland by England and Westminster. Of course only a foolish man would seek to inflict such grievances and then laugh them off when we get upset. We really should have gotten over it by now, was one comment by D. Torrance talking about the endless injuries inflicted on us by Thatcher. Johnson now joins the long list of English PMs who have gone out of their way to piss off the Scots.

    I await with bated breath, the statement from the unionist parties about how they’re ok and down with being shat on by Johnson.

    • “We really should have gotten over it by now, was one comment by D. Torrance talking about the endless injuries inflicted on us by Thatcher. Johnson now joins the long list of English PMs who have gone out of their way to piss off the Scots.”

      We could get over it, or we could take the D. Torrance/Alan Cochrane/Jackie Bird approach and become sexually aroused by Scotland’s humiliation. Rather than resisting it, whining about it, we could instead join our submissive Unionist chums and wallow in the degradation. Welcome it. Crave more of it. Get down on our knees and beg for it. Get off on it. [unacceptable filth cut by wgd here].

      Or, y’know, Scotland could just go for independence.

      It’s a toughie.

  3. Another spot on article, Paul. And if we take it that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon made a promise, which they didn’t, that Indyref1 was a once in a generation referendum, but have now broken their promise that can be cancelled out by the hundreds of broken promises made to the Scots by Westminster.

    Got to get out of this, ASAP, before I murder someone. Who to start with is the problem facing me, lol.

  4. Metaphorically removing the claymore fae the thatch as I read, but, fegs, dinna mak it worse, there’s 6 tory MPs, no 7 o the buggers.

  5. Agree entirely with you, Paul, about anger at Westminster’s contempt for democracy. However, I’m suffering from anger fatigue after all these years of British Nationalist politicians’ open and blatant perfidy.

    Still waiting for that tide of fury that many have promised us will rise up from the Scottish people about the catalogue of broken promises and plain lying from Westminster governments. When is this going to occur, I wonder? Still looking for symptoms of widespread exasperation in the general public. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t get out much but I have yet to detect anything approaching rumbling discontent such as we witness elsewhere, as in France.

    Of course, I live in D&G where Alister Jack, God help us, was returned in the GE. It would be easier to get sheep engaged in a political dialogue of any depth.

    Perhaps someone has more comforting information about the state of disunion in the electorate to ease my sense of dismay? The impression I get is that nothing would stir up swathes of the Scottish electorate other than closing down football grounds or axing Corrie. It’s overwhelming apathy and complacency here. Help, someone.

    • My deceased german/french teacher George Thompson would have said we did it once, it is not the end of it.. Jack is simply filling in before the inevitable befalls as he fully expects. As most Tories, he never relied on WM for income nor did any of his predecessors, it was always a “hobby” interest, Jack is per tradition an absentee arse wi teeth as most have have been throughout borders history. He knows his time is short, his time is short, his position as SoSS even shorter…

    • Be assured there is fury in the hearts and minds of most Scottish people.

      But bear in mind that a sizeable number of Scottish people have more interest in the value of their own wealth than in their country and it’s independence , they will vote to keep things as they are, the thing is that things will not stay as they are after brexit but how badly will these people be affected ?
      We will see.
      If not much , then they will continue to vote for things to stay the same .

      Also bear in mind there is a sizeable EU contingent in Scotland who may be unsure about where their future lies and how they will be treated after brexit, they are already having to register to stay in U.K. and having to pay a fee as well so how will they vote in future ?
      Time will tell once we see how many are still here once brexit kicks in.

      Then there is a large number of non EU people from overseas who will probably always vote for U.K. because it’s U.K. that gave them leave to remain in U.K. they are therefore unlikely to ever be interested in voting for Scottish independence, they love their British citizenship and U.K. passport or perhaps intend to return to their own country in the not too distant future either way they won’t vote for Scottish independence we seen that in 2014.

      Then there is the huge number of English people living in Scotland who will always vote for the U.K. because they already fully understand that Westminster is their parliament, they trust that Westminster will always look after their interests so apart from the tiny number but oft cited English Scots for yes there is no chance of that number a half to three quarters a million ever changing their mind they will do as they did last time .

      We can but hope that Scottish people see that the Labour Party is dead and the Lib Dem’s are just the same as the tories with a different coloured poster , if they do there are limited options to choose from and surely the good things SNP have done whilst in government will persuade these people that it is in their interest and for the good of their family and relatives that Scotland becomes independent and builds on what it has with decisions being made by our own government voted in by the people of Scotland.
      Relying on the people of England to look after our needs has been shown to be a misguided and foolish arrangement…

      • “A half to three quarters a million ” – give us a break Terence with the dodgy figures or back them up. Not exactly a very precise range you quote there.

        These English people must be poring over the border. It’s an invasion not of aliens but the English is it. Where is the Bruce when you need him.

        I suppose some twat will be along soon saying I am picking a fight rather than pointing out your unsubstantiated assertions.

  6. 62 yes and 329 no. H of Commons vote on SNP amendment re devolution and the EU withdrawal bill.

    That sums up the attitude of the British parties to devolution. When push comes to shove none of them give a monkeys about devolution.

    The message from Westminster is GIRUY Holyrood.

    It’s murder alright.

    I won’t be taking any crap from Labour supporters about how they are the party of devolution. They are the party of facilitating a hard Brexit and an extreme right wing Tory party on Scotland.

    I say GIRUY British Labour in Scotland.

  7. I repeat my ‘murder of MSM crows’ post from December.

    “Och, Paul, now that you have put them wise to this lie, I’m sure the following ProudScotsButters will be hot foot on the trail debunking Alister Union Jack’s Brit Nat comments and demanding that he resigns immediately.

    Brian Taylor
    Gordon Brewer
    Andrew Kerr
    Glenn Campbell
    Sally Magnusson
    Douglas Fraser
    John McKay
    Colin Mackay
    David Henderson
    Andrew Kerr
    The Hon Sarah Smith
    Gary Robertson
    Hayley Millar
    Gillian Marles
    Martin Geissler
    Ken MacQuarrie
    Donalda MacKinnon
    Tom Harris
    Magnus Linklater
    Catriona Shearer
    Sally McNair
    Andrew Marr
    Alex Massie
    Severin Carrell
    Tom Gordon
    Paul Hutcheon
    Andrew Neil
    Kirsty Wark
    Laura Kuennsberg
    Paris Gouteratis
    David Clegg
    Iain Macwhirter
    Alison Rowat
    Alan Cochrane

    Or maybe not.”

    I have watched/ listened to/ and read the output of this lily liverted bunch over the past 48 hours.
    Is every hack and broadcaster a child of the Union?
    They all seem to be from the same ‘background’, that’s for sure.

    I suggest that we hit Alister Jack, huntin’ and shootin’ millionaire gentleman farmer, where it hurts immediately.

    Introduce an Act immediately banning ALL blood sports in Scotland.

    Then press ahead with a draconian Land Reform Act, reclaim the 18% of Scotland laid waste for grouse shooting, and enshrine a land grab, reclaiming the Laird’s estates, the lands seized by their forebears when they enslaved the Scottish population by force and slaughter, or transported the rowdy serfs to the colonies.

    That’s for starters.
    I’m still ragin’ at that toss pot Adam WATP Tomkins arrogant Imperial fascist outburst at the Despatch Box yesterday.
    WE have no time left. WE act now.

    • Would that YOU were First Minister, Jack. I wholeheartedly agree with most of your comments including this one.

    • “Is every hack and broadcaster a child of the union?” The vast majority certainly are Britnats.

      To me the biggest Britnattery Britnat is Glenn Campbell. Amazing how they have the brass neck to claim objectivity in their reporting.

    • Ahh jack, never in a million Sunday’s
      We have been colonised for a long time and didn’t even know it
      We’ve always thought we were in fact in a family of nations
      One for all and all for one

      We have now come to realise we are not in a family of nations
      We have been colonised and our colonisers have played along with the family of nations nonsense because it allowed them to fool us over and over and over again year after year after year , all my life anyway and in 64
      We trusted
      We hoped
      Every time we got England’s Tory government when we voted Labour we trusted that they perhaps knew something we didn’t

      They knew they were wealthier than us
      We didn’t know that until quite recently
      The cities of England have clear as day had much more investment than the cities of Scotland
      But unless you visit them you would never know

      We have been in the dark , awakening to this nightmare brexit that actually for as bad as it is has had one positive outcomes for us
      It had forced England to reveal its hand to show what they think of us
      We have seen how they despise Scotland and think we should shut up and gratefully accept what pittance they throw our way from time to time whilst they get on with doing what england wants done

      England have no love of Scotland
      We are annoying them they think we have a cheek talking about independence
      Many would love to deny us a referendum
      Watching the politics of the last few years it’s become apparent these people hate us and think they own us

      There will be no land grab or ban on hunting or land reform until Scotland is independent

      I would love to think we could do it by negotiation , amicable agreement
      But I don’t think england is giving us signs that this will be the way forward

      It looks more likely that Scotland will have to hold a referendum against England’s wishes
      ( so what ) and then declare independence if a majority vote for independence

      This is what England’s Westminster would like because they would tell it’s supporters not to vote and then they will declare the vote invalid

      We then have a choice

      Tell them to take a hike
      Tell them everyone in Scotland had a chance to vote
      A majority who did vote voted for independence
      So Scotland is declaring itself independent

      I’m certain England will then try heavy handed forceful tactics
      And it will then be up to the people of Scotland to stand their ground against any interference in our affairs

      Time will tell

      But it’s painfully slow

    • “Introduce an Act immediately banning ALL blood sports in Scotland.

      “Then press ahead with a draconian Land Reform Act, reclaim the 18% of Scotland laid waste for grouse shooting, and enshrine a land grab, reclaiming the Laird’s estates, the lands seized by their forebears when they enslaved the Scottish population by force and slaughter, or transported the rowdy serfs to the colonies.”

      Would be interesting to see someone argue why this *shouldn’t* be done. Seems a no-brainer.

      Time for the SG to start flexing what muscles it still has.

      • Don’t see why not, Unionist M, Terence c.
        We campaign for a ban on blood sports, then vote it through. At a stroke, 1/5th Scotland’s land mass is worthless gorse, since the chinless wonders will be banned from killing animals for their perverted blood lust. Compulsory purchase at £1 an acre seems adequate recompense to me.
        Similarly, they wont be shooting stags and other living creatures.
        Vast tracts of Scotland owned by 400 individduals. We are taking it back, is all.
        Tax the Barons into submission. Vast sprawling estates in their hands for generations, because their forefathers were bloody merciless despots.
        Many are run like mini Duchies above the law.
        The land was taken by force from Hoi Polloi.
        It’s the 21st century; we no longer hang peasants for stealing a loaf of bread.
        It’s time to ‘take back control’ of Scotland.
        First step; ban blood sports.

        • Wasn’t it banned already
          It was
          Then they carried on but said they were chasing a rag with blood on it tied to a horse
          which was a lie
          They ignored the law in Fife and elsewhere
          Said they were using private land
          Attacked people taking photographs of foxes still being killed by the dogs

          We need to concentrate everything on Scottish independence

          I’m wholly in favour of all the things you say
          Once independent a swift introduction of all your suggestion is essential
          As a start
          With severe penalties for those who do not comply
          And then forced change

          Reforest Scotland
          Repopulate the highlands
          Recover ownership of the seashore and rivers from royalty and lairds etc
          Allow people to build a home on the seashore and on riverbanks but only if they live in them
          No holiday home nonsense
          And if they sell up no sales to people who don’t live in them
          Land only owned in Scotland by people who live here etc etc

          • As you well know, Terence, there is no such place as ‘private land’ which is above the law of the land.
            Fox hunting is banned but the Royals, and their chinless class can still kill fowl and game to sate their psychopathic blood lust for fun.

            There are 100 ways to say No to anything which I postulate, but only one way to say Yes.

            We can outlaw blood sports, rendering these vast estates, the playgrounds of the rich and privileged, worthless, as a legislative stroke.

            The days of wringing our hands and muttering that it’s all hopeless, they just ignore us anyway, because they are rich powerful, and backed by the Brit Establishment and Occupying Forces, are over.
            We are in a fight for our very existence as a country.
            No one can deny that now.

            I refuse to be dragged out of Europe by 500 odd English MPs.

            Banning blood sports and Land Reform to take back our land from the 400 is eminently do-able.

            I don’t want to hear of everybody’s problems in attaining Self Determination. I am open to solutions only now.

            If some idiot like Rennie, the woefully inept Leonard, or the bloated ruddy faced buffoon Carlaw is allowed to bellow ‘once in a generation’ again unchallenged by those listed above (the list is not exhaustive BTW) then the time has come to flood their Brit Nat Propaganda nests with rebuttals and accusations of Ministry of Truth totalitarianism.
            Fiona Bruce on QT from Oxford spent the first 16 minutes discussing Prince Harry and his wife.
            England has gone stark staring bonkers.

          • Yup, total land reform and ban the blood sports with their hyper-rich fnaugh fnaugh’s festooned in tartan brandishing their shotguns with their alcohol-laced brains, and sodden dogs by their sides, belittling the FM at their ultra-lavish lunches with their cap-in-hand ghillies, beaters, and estate game-keepers who reap the fat wads of ‘tips’ for their ‘jolly good work’ with flushing the birds from the cover to be blasted in a flurry of feathers and carnage of blood…only for the birds to have no value or use as they’re full of lead and game dealers have little scope for such casualties…Aye, shooting estates are just not right. Weasels, stoats, crows, ravens, squirrels, magpies, mink, foxes, badgers, otters, beavers, buzzards, kites, eagles, rats, all seen as vermin and disposed off in unsavoury fashion along with the natural vegetation of hedgerows and other wild flowers to be liberally drenched with insect killing poisons as natural environment doesn’t fit the notion of grandiose estates…

  8. It would be nice if we had someone like Lee Camp who tears apart American politics and tells it as it is. There is a good video of Lee Camp on RT at the mo he rips apart the murder of the Iranian general it is fantastic to watch and very uplifting knowing that there are people like Mr Camp on the planet . If only we could do the same in and for Scotland a vicious dialog debunking unionists starting from 1603 or there a boots right up to the present day all and every deception dishonesty and abuse of Scotland and the names of all and every perpetrator

  9. Here is today’s plug for the legal action crowdfunder:

    I want this constitutional question answered once and for all. I’ve become tired of all the speculation and who can do what and when. Once this question is answered we will know if the union exists or not, whether we are a colony or not. If the union exists, we get our referendum and the s.30 etc. If we are a colony, we know we have to take other routes and can act accordingly. If the uk government is allowed to trample all over devolution with impunity, we are fooling ourselves, pretending to be in a union but treating ourselves as a brow beaten colony.

  10. So “92 to 29” what a pleasing memorable symmetry, and better than 3:1 🙂

    “… you can’t actually make a heartfelt promise when you don’t possess a heart” : And that sadly sums up the Tories to a tee, just look at some of their latest WM legislation for a starter, Scotland needs shot of them, the sooner the better.

  11. I have not watched Reporting Scotland in years, but today at about 6.50 pm I woke up from a wee nap on the sitee and in half a daze I switched the TV on to BBC 1 to see a young girl standing draped in a full blown union jack, (and thought WTF), still coming to my senses I heard someone say something about the nine and then it looked like Martin Geissler saying that tonight we will be talking about the Royal family, Harry and Megan.

    I mean what the absolute f*** is wrong with this country?

    Having then watched some clips of the SNP in the commons today, (on Twitter, not national TV as the UK media don’t show this stuff), I was buoyed a bit by Tommy Sheppard and Ian Blackford, (can you believe the knobs opposite shouted to Ian to sit down).

    I hope when push comes to shove, the SNP tells Westminster to f*** off and walk out.

  12. And the news just in. Labour it seems abstained. What a useless shower of fuckers they are. Ripcord Leotard, will be on at some point to waffle on about the SNP using powers they ensured we didnt have. Wee willie will show off his new magic wand. Carlaw will screech something like no surrender. Alistair jack will be unavailable for comment because they haven’t been to prise his lips off Johnsons backside.

  13. The BBC reporters were reprimanded for their bias tweets. Official warning.

    The praise for Mundell from the new blustering sycophant. Unbelievable.
    The Tory plants asking irrelevant questions.

    £Billions for lies and incompetence.

    Murray lies about the Scottish economy. £Billions for Westminster incompetence. The lies about the EU. Claiming Scotland not meeting the 3% fiscal qualification (euro) prevents EU membership. The UK does not meet the qualification but is still a EU members. More lies. Other EU members are not in the Eurozone.(18 members in Eurozone 2/3 ). 27 Members.

    The constant false claim Westminster is ‘giving’ Scotland monies. It is Scottish taxes raised in Scotland taken by the Westminster treasury. Scotland gets back with a rake off for Westminster failed policies.

    Scotland paying for illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Scotland has to make loan repayments on monies not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Scotland pro rata raises more tax revenues. Scotland can borrow very little to invest and grow. The growth covers the investment.

    Scotland pays pro rata for the £2Billion Westminster costs. Scotland pays too much for Defence and Trident. £Billions for Westminster failed policies. Paying for Hinkley Point and HS2. A total waste of money. £Billions wasted that could be better spent.

  14. Paul, wait till you read John Rentoul and his tweets on what Johnson did with Labour helping out the tories by leaving the room. It’ll make your blood boil.

    I am so done with this union.

  15. ‘The Toady And The Trap.’

    Worth a read:-

    ..”So let’s recap:

    – Scotland cannot escape the Union by electing a majority of pro-independence MPs to Westminster, because it’s vote share that counts, not number of seats.

    – Scotland cannot escape the Union by a majority of its voters voting for pro-independence parties in a UK election, because it’s number of seats that counts, not vote share, and Scottish MPs are outnumbered 10 to 1 at Westminster.

    – Scotland cannot escape the Union by electing a majority of pro-independence MSPs to its own Parliament, because it did that in 2016 and Westminster simply ignored what those MSPs voted for.

    – Scotland cannot escape the Union by having a majority vote for independence in a referendum, because it had a vote on that in the past and apparently that vote ended the very concept of Parliamentary democracy for decades to come, seemingly to be replaced by the eternal will of [a deliberate misrepresentation of] Alex Salmond.

    These rules require the UK to be governed both by Parliamentary democracy and NOT by Parliamentary democracy, defined by whichever one would deny Scots the right to decide their own future at any given moment. The UK is Schrodinger’s Democracy.”..

    • Surprised at you referring to WOS worth a read. So I did.

      1. Nothing knew in the comments about Britnat deceit and duplicity.

      2. Saying we need to get in a fight when the SNP have promised a referendum is wrong.

      3. Same bunch of diddies and phoney independence supporters BTL. Not all BTL posters of course. Wouldn’t want to upset Dr Jim

      • Why are you here? Why do you constantly put down all comments which seem to be reasonable but just do not align with your thinking?

        “..diddies and phoney independence supporters…” I think you’ve said enough…

        • You are welcome to hold your opinion just like I am.

          I disagree with your above comments.

          I didn’t say they were all diddies and phoney independence supporters but there certainly are plenty.

          Sorry but I have not said enough – if you don’t like my posts don’t read them – simple really.

          So I’ll say it again – saying we need to get in a fight is wrong when the SNP has promised a referendum.

          Looks to me that you are just doing what you accuse me of doing. Namely trying to put me down.

    • I noticed that the WOS site owner said that there definitely will not be a referendum in 2020. Just like he said that Nicola Sturgeon would definitely not request a sect 30 before the end of 2019.

  16. The comparing of one election to another on different subjects then coming to the conclusion it was a de facto referendum which the Tories opposed and lost anyway, then when challenged the Tories then rabbit on comparing percentages from one elction to the number of votes cast in another and coming up with mince statistics wouldnae get them a junior accountancy job in the co-op

    It all comes down to democracy is what they say it is but it might change on a Tuesday in June if it rains

  17. Anyone who expects the UK Supreme Court, which is the highest judicial body of the British Establishment, might apply universal principles of human rights and natural law to Scotland’s case for self determination are fooling themselves.

    There is no chance whatsoever that they will find against the establishment.

    There is no great surprise there, for why should any such ‘establishment’ body make a ruling which threatens the ‘establishment’ to which they belong.

    It ‘s like Catalans hoping the Spanish Constitutional court would find in their favour or, in the case of Kosovo, that the Serbian Constitutional Court would find in its favour. It isn’t going to happen.

    I have actually read transcripts of meetings during Canadian patriation talks when it came to the proposal of passing a Bill of Rights which conferred constitutional powers to the Supreme Court of Canada where not only was it noted that in addition to facilitating patriation for Canada this could also be useful for dealing with a future thorny Quebec independence issues and alsot noted by British attendees that such a measure could also be useful for dealing with Scottish independence efforts if the UK were to have a Supreme Court.

    IMV, that is where the idea of a UK Supreme Court started.

    The only truly independent arbiter on matters of national sovereignty and self determination can be the UN backed judiciary, the International Court of Justice.

    Unfortunately UN authority has been in steady decline for decades, mainly by actions of the USA and Russia but also the UK (witness recent Chagos Islander’s events). However, until the UN is moved from the USA to Switzerland (say) and international funding is boosted so that it has a blue beret peacekeeping army of about 1 million or so, rather than the less than 100 thousand it has at present, then at best pursuit through that process may be ineffectual as well.

    If there is a hard, no deal Brexit, the nutteratti runing the UK might decide they have nothing to lose by becoming a rogue state, outside not just any form of EU regulation but also out of the ECHR, the ICCPR and the UN Charter.

    I suspect the final say in that instance would be whether the English people themselves accept that. I don’t think they would.

    • You are probably right, chicmac. However, this still has to be played out IMO. Perception is everything. A majority (ever decreasing) of scots either still don’t get it or just don’t want to know. Fortunately, people are slowly waking up – far too slowly for some of us, but the direction of travel is clear. Since 2007, the people of Scotland took a bold step and embarked on a long road to independence. That road has been very rocky and undulating, and full of legal and political roadblocks. However, it’s a one-way street and noone is turning back. The final hurdle is always the most difficult but we are almost there. Brexit has unleashed English nationalism and this will be the final straw that breaks the back of the union.

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