Dancing in the rain

Are you still wringing yourself out? I didn’t post on the blog yesterday because I was at the march in Glasgow with some friends. We all got extremely wet, the rain was torrential at times, the wind never stopped. But it was a great day, and fantastic to see such a crowd taking to the streets of Glasgow to demand Scotland’s right to determine its own future despite such atrocious weather. We’re Scottish, rain doesn’t stop us. It’s just for dancing in.

There are often unfavourable comparisons between the ability of the Catalans to get hundreds of thousands onto the streets, whereas in Scotland we consider tens of thousands to be a massive success. Yesterday’s weather tells you why. In Catalonia they have a tradition of outdoor events. You can plan an outdoor event in Catalonia and for the great majority of the year be reasonably confident that you’re going to have nice sunny weather to have it in. In Scotland we have cold dark winter days, and a summer that consists of a weekend in July if we’re lucky.

Catalonia is also blessed with a media which is far more representative of public opinion than Scotland’s overwhelmingly anti-independence opinion pushers. Their media actually publicises such events in advance, because it’s news that an important pro-independence event is going to happen. In Scotland it’s only news after it’s taken place. And then it’s usually to quote some Tory politician complaining about the disruption to traffic of a divisive march, a complaint which – funnily enough – these same Tory politicians never make about Orange parades.

By any standards yesterday’s event was a resounding success and a declaration of the strength of feeling in Scotland about our right to decide our own future. There was disruption to transport, weather forecasts during the preceding few days warning of the terrible conditions, yet still the streets were full. We were close to the start of the march, we got to Glasgow Green, went to the pub, had a drink, and when we left the marchers were still traipsing along Clyde Street, dancing in the rain.

But just as tens of thousands of ordinary Scottish people from all walks of life went on a drookit march to claim their right to decide their own future, the Labour party branch office in Scotland was equally determined not to allow them. That’s the party that calls itself the people’s party, the party that proudly proclaims itself as the party of devolution and giving Scotland the ability to make decisions in Scotland. Labour in Scotland doesn’t even want its own members to make any decisions for themselves.

At the same time as the march was joyfully splashing its way through Glasgow’s puddles, Labour’s Scottish branch office was holding a meeting of its executive committee to discuss the office manager Rampantly Losevoter’s proposal to have a special party conference to debate and discuss the party’s stance on another independence referendum. The idea of having an open conference was rejected, no surprise there, and instead the branch office executives decided to have a closed session away day in which they’ll discuss how they can better sell the idea of federalism. It’s not the party policy which is wrong, it’s the Scottish public for not buying it.

Labour always drags out the federalism fairy whenever there’s the prospect of Scotland moving away from Westminster control. Yet even the Labour party branch office in Scotland know that there’s as much chance of federalism happening as there is of a book called The Wit and Charisma of Reingold Lucksinker having any pages that aren’t blank. Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that the party in Scotland formally adopts full fat federalism as a policy, they’re only leaving themselves open to the question why it hasn’t happened already. Didn’t Gordie Broon promise in 2014 that within three years of a no vote we’d be living in a state that was the closest thing possible to federalism? Instead we got control of road signs and some deliberately hauf-airsed tax powers that then Scottish Governor General David Mundell described as a trap for the SNP.

However the real problem is that it wouldn’t matter even if Scotland did swing convincingly and decisively behind a demand for a federal UK. Suppose there were three choices on the ballot in the next referendum, the status quo, federalism, or independence, and federalism won the largest share of the vote. Then what? Federalism for Scotland means federalism for the rest of the UK too. If real federalism is going to happen in the UK, England has to choose it. There is zero chance of that happening. The question of federalism isn’t even a distant speck on the horizon of English politics. Is Labour telling us that we’d have to wait for untold years for England to begin to have the federal debate with itself? Even if that conversation started, and a definitive decision on federalism and how it would work for England was achieved within England, Scotland would end up with the form of federalism that suits England, not the one that might suit Scotland. We’d be left exactly where we are just now, with Scotland’s future held hostage to political decisions made in England.

Federalism is about solving a political problem for the Labour party in Scotland. No one else has any interest in it. It’s nothing more or less than Labour in Scotland’s attempt to come up with a constitutional position that distances themselves from the hated Tories and the even more hated SNP. It’s a distraction and a spoiler for a future referendum, that’s the purpose of federalism proposals, whether federalism is workable, realistic, or remotely feasible isn’t Labour’s concern.

If the political events in the UK since 2014 have taught us anything, it’s that even when UK politicians make sworn vows to Scotland, Scotland will get what England votes for and Scotland’s concerns will be marginalised and ignored. The lesson to take from that is not to seek some other format in which Scotland can be marginalised and ignored and left to the mercies of England’s political priorities. It’s to take charge, to take decisions within Scotland in Scotland’s interests. That’s why 80,000 people took to the puddles of Glasgow yesterday, they were splashing their way to independence, not to waiting for England to decide on a constitutional proposal that it has shown no interest in. All that the Labour party in Scotland did yesterday was to confirm its own irrelevance.

Meanwhile on BBC Scotland this morning, Governor General Alister Jack insisted that there will be no referendum this year, and that the SNP must win an absolute majority in Holyrood next year – the support of other pro-indy parties like the Greens doesn’t count. Yet even if every single voter cast a ballot for the SNP, the Conservatives in Westminster would still not allow another referendum. All that the Conservatives have done is to confirm that they are a party of anti-democratic authoritarians who do not believe that the UK is a voluntary union of nations and who do not believe that Scotland has the right to decide its own future. Alister Jack has just blown up the key foundation myth of Scottish Unionism. If Scotland is not a voluntary partner in a union, then all those comforting stories that Scottish Unionists have told themselves about Scotland’s place within the UK are nothing more than fairy stories. Traditional Scottish Unionism is dead. There is only British nationalism or Scottish independence.

What ordinary independence supporters displayed yesterday was the determination to campaign, to win independence, to resist the nawbaggery of a Tory party which is determined to block another referendum because they know they’re going to lose it. The more that support for independence rises, the more panicked the Tories become and the more they’ll be determined to find any possible means to prevent another referendum.

Labour has conferenced and away-dayed itself into irrelevance. Meanwhile in their panic the Conservatives are showing their true authoritarian, anti-democratic, and authoritarian colours. We are not faced with a confident and assured cohort of British nationalists. Yesterday’s happy joyous throngs of independence supporters passed the usual angry little huddle of scared British nationalists, hurling invective and hatred. That’s not a side that looks like it’s winning, not a side that looks like it’s confident in its arguments. This year we need to keep up the pressure. Nothing good comes easy, and no march to independence is an easy stroll. But the future is with the people of Scotland, dancing in the rain.

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64 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

  1. The biggest mistake the unionists ever made was allow the tories & sectarian bigots co opt bwitish identity.

    Sorry Mr Murray destroying labour in Scotland was not clever idea. Trying to ape Johnson as he suggested in Labor Hame, is weapons grade stupidity.

    But by all means conference your way to irrelevance.

  2. I didn’t find out about the march until the night before!
    We need to get the word out better, earlier, with more urgency.

      • I agree! I’m in Canada and I knew about it.

        Let me help.

        April 4 …..Arbroath
        May 2……Glasgow
        June 6…..Peebles
        July 4…….Elgin……American Independence Day!
        August 1..Kirkcaldy
        Sept. 12…Stirling
        Oct 3……..Edinburgh

        I wish I could have been there yesterday!!

        • There’s also a locally organised one in Inverness:

          Freedom March Inverness
          Scottish Events
          15 Dec 19, 13:27
          25th Jan 2020, 12:30 – 18:00
          Meet at Walker Park for 12.30pm. March starts at 1pm. Route is Walker Park, Kingsmills Road, Stephen’s Street, Stephen’s Brae, Eastgate, High Street, Bridge Street, Ness Bridge, Ness Walk, Bught Road and ending at Fisherman’s Car Park
          Walker Park, Inverness

        • Molly, June 6 is Stranraer according to AUOB not Peebles…
          Marlon, those are the confirmed dates so far scheduled, presumably Ayrshire’s at the coo’s tail and need a prompt to get confirmed etc… ?

          • cid:546C8CDB-FF6D-48DC-99AD-D808C1ABFE11

            If the above link works Bob, it’s the AUOB link to the dates and places. I have it downloaded on the iPad. It definitely says Peebles.

          • Ah, you must be right, went back to check where I’d read it on a Twitter feed and it was dated May 2019, no worries…

          • blob:null/50450da8-7c92-44cc-a78b-e93a00560284

            This might be the link….I can’t seem to bring the poster up here.
            Bob it definitely says Peebles on the poster….

    • Alasdair if you expect the Britnat media to advertise the marches beforehand you will be waiting until Independence Day.

  3. Yep, well done, you’ll stop dripping eventually…
    Quite a turnout despite the foul weather, cancelled trains and ferries (even Arran ffs) stranding many more, add in those with “complications” or those put off by a soaking after a week at work, would have swelled the numbers further, but how colossal does it have to be?
    What was striking were the streams on YouTube, RT etc., and with STV cameras and a swathe of foreign reporters on the ground conveying the event across the world.
    It no longer matters what Pacifier Quay seeks to portray, they are no longer dictating the news, and there is nothing they or their London bosses can do about it…
    And while Labour and Tory try to keep a lid on their misjudgements and panic, they only make fools of themselves and those journos who promote it without challenge.
    “No appetite..” Eh ?
    Bravo all……..

  4. Alister Jack on Brewer today arguing that the (spits it out) ESSENNPEE only got 45% of the vote.
    Jack’s result in December 2019?

    Alister Jack

    Vote share % 44.1

    Scottish National Party
    Richard Arkless
    Vote share % 40.6

    Ted Thompson
    Vote share % 9.2

    Liberal Democrat
    McNabb Laurie
    Vote share % 6.1

    The New Panjandrum or ‘Plenipotentiary’, as Brewer dubbed him, argued that a third of Scots voted to Leave, and it was for them that he fought.
    What about the nearly 30,000 of his own constituents who didn’t vote for him?
    He got in on 44.1 % on a FPTP ticket.
    But that’s all right isn’t it?

    The other 56% are saddled with a Tory for five years?

    The man’s arrogance today was only trumped by Brandon Lewis’ smug triumphalism on Marr earlier.

    The Blue Tories are strutting about like plundering Visigoths now.
    They can smash everything in their way now; or so they think.

    • Thats how backed into a corner those anti scots like jack are now he even contradicts one of his fellow conservatives that told Bernard ponsbury on election night that to get a mandate you have to win an election as hes saying that even an snp majority in 2021 holyrood elections isnt a mandate thats how much they are brown trousering themselves over us going free.

  5. Bang on the money, Paul. Federalism is Labour’s latest cunning referendum poison-pill. It’s long been transparently unworkable to everyone but them, it seems. A last-ditch little straw to which, in desperation, to clutch. These pathetic has-beens are so behind the curve they’re not even out of the last century yet. It’s painful to behold.

    As for the Tories, their hollow PR facade that they are masters of the universe is a desperate sham, and they know it. Humpty Dumpty just begging to be pushed off his high wall. They can get all the gratuitous media nawbaggery they can muster, and they will only end up choking on it.

    If there’s one minor nit-pick I can have, it’s that the choice we are increasingly faced with is not British Nationalism vs Independence, but arrogant careless English Nationalism vs Independence. And all but the most obtuse “Proud Scot But” will soon enough realise it.

  6. ” the Conservatives are showing their true authoritarian, anti-democratic, and authoritarian colours.”

    Accidental Repetiion?

    A’ll get ma coat…

  7. Alister Jack made it quite clear today. Scotland will not be granted a Referendum for at least 20 years (if ever).

    In 2021 Labour will plead “vote for us for the Federal option”. The LibDem will plead “Save the Union, we lost Europe”. The Tories will sneer knowing that the votes of the bigots is secure.

    I preferred the rain yesterday to the piss Labour has been spraying on me for decades.

  8. Labour eh? What are they like?

    Seems almost a shame to inform them that no away day is gonna help with their trials and tribulations. Raibheart Lipinhost sees the light but yet again he’s overruled by *snigger* His Imperial Masters! Could not make this up…

    On a cheerful note for me anyway, someone who I’ve been trying to persuade to think about an independent country, went along to the march unknown to me!

    His response has made the sun shine quite nicely and his expression of incredulousness for the UJ crowd made my day!

  9. Friday evening I googled “ AUOB march Glasgow 2020”
    Just to find out what the route would be

    Up at the top of the page came three little videos all with the headline

    AUOB Saturday 10th August Glasgow green cancelled because of bad weather “

    These were by the BBC , the Scotsman and the herald

    Below the three videos there were five or six links to similar stories all with exactly the same headline

    It wasn’t until you opened the video or these links that the full report was shown
    Which was that the march was STILL ON

    But the rally at the end of the march where they usually have stalls and as stage with guest speakers was cancelled

    I think there will be people who genuinely were fooled by these headlines
    I think some people will have thought “ the rally” and “ the march” were the same thing
    and consequently some may have not have attended thinking the march was cancelled

    I think this headline was coordinated by the BBC and newspapers to purposely trick people into not going

    • “I think this headline was coordinated by the BBC and newspapers to purposely trick people into not going” – Likely coordinated “with” rather than “by”, the manipulators are a little further south in Demonic Cummings territory, but their influence is diminishing fast…
      This is the manipulators’ dilemma, propaganda only works if you get attention. When foreign outlets no longer trust syndication and send their own correspondents, you lose control of the narrative…. Compare the march’s recognition by Pacifier Quay etc with AUOB affiliate streaming, RT, Ruptly, Aljazeera, even STV, and dozens of other outlets worldwide…
      A case of Brewer’s droop ?

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  11. It was brilliant yesterday, from start to finish. Ruptly and RT covered the full event. Took us 3 hours from start to finish. More than 80000 there. Not one single cross word or bit of trouble. Happy, welcoming faces getting on with it. Rain can’t stop us, neither will Johnston. Just hope SNP have plan up their sleeves in case the Tory gits unpick our parliament with their Westminster majority.

    Thanks for all you do. Hope your hubby enjoyed his dance in the rain.

    Lynn Fraser.

  12. “It’s not the party policy which is wrong, it’s the Scottish public for not buying it.”

    There was a joke in East Germany that the party should dissolve the people and vote for another one.

    Then the people smashed a hole in the wall the party had made and ignored them.

    • Yeah, it was a poem called Die Lösung (The Solution) by the playwright Bertolt Brecht. He wrote:

      After the uprising of the 17th of June
      The Secretary of the Writers’ Union
      Had leaflets distributed on the Stalinallee
      Stating that the people
      Had forfeited the confidence of the government
      And could only win it back
      By increased work quotas. Would it not in that case be simpler
      for the government
      To dissolve the people
      And elect another?

  13. There is more support for Independence in Scotland. Than Independence in Catalonia. Spain has 4 months holidays a year. Two months in Summer July/August. One month at Christmas. One month at Easter. That is why in Catalonia there is such a large turnout. People are off work. Public holidays.

    An entirely different economy, social and fiscal structure. Mediterranean diet. Different weather, geography etc. Different union. Catalonia is a province. Catalonia 7.5Million. 1million (EU citizens?) off the voting register? Not allowed to vote. United in EU membership. Catalonia fiscal autonomy.

    Scotland is a country. In Scotland people have to work. 5 to 6 weeks staggered holidays. Westminster trying to force Scotland from the EU.

    Different situation.

  14. Had a great day yesterday, we were a’ drookit, but we’re Scots, we ken whit rain is. We are well used to it. A great happy occasion, everybody singing, dancing and laughing despite what the weather threw at us. Great to see all the folk and flags on the bridge as well. That gave us all a wee boost. As for manky jaiket and his wee band, what a sad sight. Pure raging with the happy marchers. Cheers to the Welsh contingent and a big thank you as well.

    As for Labour in Scotland, hells bells, no the auld federalism fairy again. Deary me, that’s when you know that they’re in trouble. Oh well, they don’t really need a conference to find out why we don’t vote for them do they? They’re no that thick surely? Ach weel, they deserve all that’s coming to them. Totally irrelevant to Scotland, bye bye.

    • I certainly saw a large number of Yes Cymru flags. A lot more than I have ever seen on previous marches. The Welsh are on the move as well. Also some kind words from Liz Saville Roberts yesterday on Broadcasting Scotland on how Scottish independence supporters have inspired their Welsh counterparts

      • Inspiring stuff, and to see some of my compatriots had gone up there in solidarity was great.

        Hope some of youse can come down and join us for our own AOUB Cymru march in Wrecsam on 18 April (halfway date-wise between the Arbroath and Glasgow events). It’s right on my doorstep so I’ll have no excuses (and I never thought I’d live to see a pro-indy march in my own town!)


    • Aye a great day. Ah thocht the Glasgow march went gey weel in the circumstances. A gress roots demonstration by sovereign people daurin tae bring democracy intae politics. The BBC weather dept wis nae doubt complicit in providing a forecast tae inhibit ony separatist assembly on Glasgow Green. Och weel mibbe that’s no fair on the Beeb as in fact the weather forecast wis verging on true. No like them tae tell the truth deliberately.

      Aye the rain was pissin down a’ day but there wis a guid crowd marchin. Auld fowk, young fowk, brave cheery souls in wheelchairs beatin drums, weans in prams an dugs on leads. E’en oan sic a dreich day it wis still a joy tae be wi the marching peasantry havin fun an craic an singin an waving flags an haudin up wee hame made cardboard signs. Ah wunner hoo mony e’en noticed the pathetic Unionist protest squad haudin their immaculate, identical, brand new, British Establishment-provided butcher’s aprons. Sae brave ahent their protective line o’ polis.

      In the wheen o’ folk wi saltires alang the route Ah wis delighted tae see Richard Walker, the National’s founding editor, in the crowd. An there wis wee ginger wi his jaiket oan. Sensible dug. Ah hope he wis warm an dry. His man looked kinna drookit. An ither weel kent faces forbye.

      Wan wee cardboard placard Ah really liked wis
      “I’d rather be in the rain than in the U.K.”

      But hey, it wis guid Scottish rain. Wir ain rain. Free an plentifu fur awbody aw ower Scotland. There’s mony a country wad gie their back teeth fur a wee share o’ oor rain. Precious stuff nooadays an’ Ah’m no kiddin.
      We’ve aye appreciated its blessing oorsels. It’s kinda Scotch manna frae heaven. Never forget the day’s rain is the morn’s whisky.

  15. Off topic

    Wanna further Cymro-Scotto solidarity?


    Your help will be gratefully acknowledged.

    Song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WooUv0QttKs&feature=youtu.be

    (Yes, I’m squeezing out my last remaining hours afore I go to Paris with my ‘work’, here.)

    Note to Cubby: See my after Class and perhaps we can organise something agreeable for you on your success in stalking me on that French website.

      • Sorry, Cubby, should have added a wink emoticon at the end of the last – but you know I was joking, right? 🙂

        If you’d like to contact WGD for my email address (or follow the brown link on my name here – which takes you to my LinkedIN profile, we can maintain contact without disturbing main threads here.)

  16. “In Scotland it’s only news after it’s taken place.”

    – not this time, at least not on Radio Scotland. The march headlined on Good Morning Scotland at 8am on Saturday.

    The evening telly coverage on Reporting Scotland was good too, with an extensive report right at the top of the news.

    Last year’s Edinburgh march was similarly well covered (unlike the Perth one just before, which the BBC ignored).

    Anyway, seems like BBC reporting out of Pacific Quay is getting better, so credit where credit’s due.

    No change out of London though ..

    • I wouldn’t be so quick to credit PQ with voluntary change.. Increased numbers of foreign reporters conveying what BBCS did not, simply became untenable and indefensible…

  17. The Britnats have been moving the goal posts for decades with regards to what constitutes a mandate for independence. Alister (Union ) Jack has now said he has removed the goal posts from the pitch.

    Democracy has ended in Scotland 700 years on from the Declaration of Arbroath. Let’s call it the Declaration of Propaganda Quay.

    Jack is the type of Scot who has been selling out Scotland to England since …. well ever really.

    Basically, GIRUY Scotland is Jacks message.

    What will Scotlands message be to Alister Jack?

  18. “Governor General Alister Jack insisted …” Well isn’t a governor a device to keep the mechanism running within fixed limits, can’t let things get out of control, can we?
    When I saw ‘federalism’ at first I mis-read it as ‘feudalism’ … how silly, that of course is Tory policy 😉

    Meanwhile, you’ve all gained the attention, nay admiration, of at least one Welshman (well at least they know all about rain!) In a blog I came across which is otherwise all about TV dramas, the writer first goes out of his way to remark (my translation) :
    “Ah, Scotland the Brave! With all respect, I’m pissed off with you. I’ve just had a belly-full of watching you in admiration from over in these parts. Yes, Scotland pro-Europe with a presidential first minster head and shoulders above any other politician in these wee bittie isles just now. Scotland where 80,000 paraded in the drenched streets of Glasgow to show their unwavering support for independence. Scotland protective for her distinctiveness in every aspect of life — education, law and administration, the press, the arts — and her accent so well known in all quarters. The situation of the native language is a different matter, but that’s a subject for another column.”

  19. Federalism – Fodderalism. It’s all the same when you’re a BritNat. We’re there to serve the British State and keep it afloat.

    Spoke for the first time to a couple of English gentlemen in the last 2 weeks whom I have known about for years but never met, one the partner of a friend, ‘up north’ for a visit, the other the son of an old friend of my late parents. The subject of politics inevitably came up and to my great surprise both intimated that if they lived in Scotland they would be voting for independence. One is appalled at the racism amongst other things in his own country (England) these days. Both are very disappointed about Brexit and one has recently found out that his grandmother was born in Ireland so will be applying for citizenship because he wants to travel freely around Europe.

    We have support down south, too, it seems for which I say thank you. Our desire is for an independent Scotland which can hold its head up in the world whilst having a friendly, working relationship with our very near neighbours. What’s wrong with that? Over to you in England. As to our homegrown BritNat army of politicians and the like together with their media pals, time to get your collective heads out of the sand, waken up and stop snivelling. You look ridiculous, petty and grovelling and the worst of these is the grovelling.

    I’m sure there’s a book in there somewhere for a good author, “The Scotsmen who longed to be English”, subtitled “The Grovellers”. Sadly, it could be a weighty tome for there have been plenty of them for far too long.

  20. Congrats to AUOB for the organisation. What a boost to all the doom and gloom. Got home sat in bath and got a call from one of my daughters and grown up son. Dad we’ve been talking, next march you go to we will come with you. There is a mindset change. Independence supporters can speak up at work without the derision from the unionists. Trades unions locally are slowly recognising that labour can’t deliver a fart.

    Do they side up once again with the tories and the britnats Lib Dem’s?

    Are they now on the side with the undemocratic right wing Johnson junta?

    More ordinary labour supporters will not accept that.
    Young people see the unfairness and will support positive social policies and independence.
    The AUOB marches may be even more important to us than first thought. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  21. It seemed more than 80,000…the weather was the worst of January but undaunted we were all there waving and singing.

    My friend in her eighties from the North east where Duguid the Tory holds sway came for some inspiration. She left today much happier to face the realities of Duguid and co. She is some wuman! She plans to go to Arbroath in April.

  22. At last months GE the Tories won in England but they did not win in Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland.

    In any normal democratic Union/country this would be a major talking point. In the UK next to nothing as far as I could tell in the Britnat media. That tells me that it is just a given as the norm that England rules and the other three get told to shut up and take their medicine. Democracy is for the English only in the UK.

  23. My wee wifie did her first march yesterday – in her mid 70’s. A wee bit sore today but happy.

    I felt we oldies were outnumbered – by the young folks, some even teens type young folk, young couples walking hand in hand, families, all smiling, and very heartening to witness.

  24. Great day in Glasgow yesterday and terrific turnout despite the awful weather. My admittedly old hiking boots did not make it to Glasgow Green as the soles parted company with the uppers just as we came to Mozza’s pizzeria so in we went for a late lunch. We (me, my wife and elder son) had joined the end of the march at Kelvingrove Gallery at about noon. We were surprised at the numbers that must have joined after us because the end of the march with the police motor bikes and vans only past Mozza’s when we had finished our meal and were squaring up some 40 minutes later. Planning to attend Arbroath on 4th April (with new boots). Thanks to all those involved with the organisation.

  25. Just a word or two about federalism and why if in the unlikely event it gets on the ballot paper for indyref 2 miraculously proposed by unionists. If the UK was to move become a federation then what would have to happen is that the whole UK would have to be divided into provinces. That would mean that Scotland and Wales would be downgraded from countries to the status of provinces. NI is technically already called a province. So having had our Nation status reduced to the same level as, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Rhode Island, New South Wales, Lower Saxony, Bavaria et al. As a province of the federation of the UK would not give Scotland a place on any international forums or allow it to join the EU. Add to all of this England by virtue of its population density would have to be cut up into provinces for example: Yorkshire, Kent Lancashire et al all with provincial parliaments with an FM just like the current situation in Scotland and Wales. The Federal parliament in Westminster would have responsibility for all international affairs and would oversee all of the provincial governments.

    Federalism is no substitute for independence and would in effect be way worse than the situation we already have. At least we are still a country not a province.

    • Oh and I almost forgot….If the UK becomes a federation then we would probably also have to field UK sporting teams. So goodbye Scotland Wales, England international football and Rugby even Cricket.

  26. Lovely to hear all the comments about the March, we were unable to go as just recovering from op in December, keep up the good work, the smiles and dancing in the rain, keeps all of us going that couldn’t make it, see we can have happy pleasing country for others to join.

  27. I’m a baby boomer, about to enter my 70th year in about a week. As such, in common with many of that ilk, my immune system is shit because a large percentage of us were weaned on formula milk ‘Naional dried’ in the UK as opposed to being breastfed. The propaganda of WWII which told women that not only was formula milk as good for their babies as their own but was better since the formula had been optimised for your babies health by a team of government scientists.

    The reason they came up with this was obvious, wartime Britain required women to leave their children in the care of others so they could go to work for the war effort, conscience free.

    Sadly, this propaganda message carried on for some years after the war so that many women continued to think that if they breast fed rather than use formula, they were actually jeopardizing their children’s well being.

    Eventually the authorities realised that breast feeding was very important because of the boost to the immune system it conveys. But too late for about 10 years worth of babies.

    As a result I have suffered a lifetime of getting 5 or 6 colds every year, many flues, tonsilitis and throat infections, earache, chest infections and many other ailments,

    I gradually learned that large crowds were something to be avoided. Eventually I stopped going to football matches regularly because I invariably came down with something. Still went to big matches. Ditto concerts although I still went to those I really wanted to and accepted the consequences.

    Also have been on many marches for indy.

    But now as I get older it takes a lot longer to recover from the inevitable and can no longer shrug off the consequences like I used to in my younger days.

    So, especially given the inclement weather, I did not attend the march this time. Still feel guilty about that, but I promise you that should I survive long enough to join the throng in indy celebrations I will be there. Even if it resulted in my demise, I would die a happy man.

  28. For Mr Jack, and bods just like him, there’ll never be a mandate strong enough. There’ll always be a weasely worded get out of jail free clause, or some semantic bullshittery. A mandate for the Scottish government has been rubber stamped at every ballot since 2014. SE, EU Ref and GE (3 of).

    The Scottish Government have played by their rules under the remit of a devolved legislature and WON every single time.

    A Tory government under the Westminster system, has brought nothing but austerity legislation, constitutional carnage and Brexit idiocy. The Scottish government had ZERO input to any of that clusterf…. The Scottish population were sidelined and ignored against pledges and assurances given them and their explicit and balloted wishes.

    Just in case anyone missed the point of the last five years? NEVER. EVER. TRUST. A. TORY. (or their seemingly ever willing helpers.)

  29. Health genes DNA.

    People’s health can be related to the well being of the mother when the child was conceived. There are studies that prove that if the mother is well nourished at time of conception the child will be healthier with a higher life expectancy.

    That is why on the whole life expectancy, on average, increases because of better improved lifestyle and health conditions. By comparison from after the war etc. The wars created negative conditions for the survivors. The devastation.

    It was studies on people including Holland that drew these conclusions. The health and well being of the mother affecting the child’s lifelong chances. The people in Holland were starving and eating bulbs to survive during the war. The subsequent children suffered healthcare problems throughout their lives.

    Life expectancy in the south is declining due to austerity policies. (ConDems). Elected to protect the NHS (Cameron) reneged. 120,000 elderly people have died prematurely. Others will have increased health problems.

    It is recognised healthcare is related to poverty and prosperity. People of wealth are healthier because on average they can afford better food and be well nourished.

    Every generation should get stronger and fitter if the economy improves. With a more equal, prosperous society. More cohesive and happy. A proven fact. The improvements in medical science. Les invasive treatment. Mental and physical health. Lifestyle and wellbeing consideration. Enough sport and recreation facilities. All help.

    Lifestyle is a consideration. Obesity and alcohol consumption etc. will decrease life expectancy. Addictive problems reduce life expectancy. MUP will address some healthcare problems in Scotland and save public monies. Better spent elsewhere.

    Younger people are taking note and going to the gym. Less consumption and better diet. More vegetarian. Lifestyles are changing with government help and advice. People are getting healthier following good advice.

    In 2020 children of poorer households will receive a £10 a week payment. This will alleviate child poverty in Scotland. It could eradicate (absolute) poverty. Increasing people’s life chances. Kinship payments mean less children are in care or fostered. Dramatically reduced numbers. They now can stay within the families. Where they should be.

    There is an absolute need for more total abstinence rehab places. It often has to be financed privately. People with means can live while others die because of ignorance or lack of funding.

    Unionist health boards or councils often will not provide adequate funding and waste monies on other schemes. Everyone should have ‘one chance’ at least as the knowledge stays with people and is communicated. It pays for itself. Also benefits and saves lives.

    There is less devastation in the community and less crime. ‘Crime’ is committed under the influence of drink and drugs. Crime rates are falling in Scotland. An increased elderly population (%). Like most European countries without migration. The population ratio goes down.

    The Healthcare queues will increase because the EU healthcare, vital essential workers are leaving because of Brexit. The Scottish Gov is investing in training more healthcare workers. More Doctors from Scotland will be training. To stay there with less coming from elsewhere. More nurses are in training with better support.

    Healthcare in Scotland £12.5Billion. One of the biggest spends. The SNP increased it, The ConDems cut NHS funding £20Billion. Average £4Billion a year from 2015/20. Instead of increasing it as necessary. They have had to put in more funding but not enough to cover the increase % cost.

    In Scotland increased social and personal care. Increased carers allowance. Helping older people stay in their own homes. Social care £60+ a week, residential home care £600 a week. Hospital care £600 a day.

    The EU was founded after the 11 War to stop starvation and war in Europe. People in Europe were starving after the War. Within living memory. Marshall Plan etc. The UK Gov were instrumental in settling up the ECHR. Then broke International Law to attack the Middle East. Still on going causing devastation and problems in Europe.

    The EU countries have to sort out the mess. More people dying unnecessarily. A catastrophe. The lack of diplomacy democracy and unrest. The West, UK/US, still causing problems and disruption. The UK (EU) contribution does not even cover the cost of the total interference in other countries problems. For gain and tax evasion. Especially for Westminster unionists and their associates. The Tory Party is financed by millionaires, bankers. Colluding in an unequal system from which they have most to gain. Instead of fairness and equality.

    Gie’s peace and stop the corruption. Imagine a Labour leader a Sir. Some people never learn. They want to abolish the House of Lords. They have created life peers and stuffed the House full of them. Ditto the Tory, Libdems. Total hypocrisy.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland is paying too much for it. The failure of Westminster policies. A total catastrophe. Brexit. The Westminster mess. No wonder people in Scotland want Independence in the EU. It is considered best policy. Increasingly by many.


  30. Another excellent post WGD.

    I saw you in the Clutha on Saturday when I also was drying off, resting my legs and enjoying a pint. I thought about coming over and thanking you personally for all you do for Scottish independence but you seemed to have a queue of people wanting selfies plus I didn’t want to lose my seat.

    So I’ll just thank you here – many thanks for all your hard work and all your brilliant articles.

  31. Another great article Paul, however it’s taken me ages to catch up and cover the latest plus listen to the Dugcast! Interesting to see that your husband equates the “Royal news” fiasco here to the situation in North Korea and he’s right. Amazing to think that many people, including myself, have been so brainwashed that we can’t see it and that it takes someone from elsewhere to point it out.

    The “Royal news” has been top of the BBC propaganda bill again today with them announcing that the Royal couple want to be “independent.” No mention of the, at least, 50% of Scots (of around 5 million plus people) who want to be “independent”. We don’t count.

    I see that BBC staff are now reporting the BBC to Ofcom. Waiting for them to get round to highlighting the BBC’s propaganda coverage of Scottish affairs. Long wait? https://mobile.twitter.com/MartineMavi/status/1214184143178911745

  32. The numbers quoted didn’t include all those lining the streets, standing at their windows, hanging out flags, lining the bridge.

  33. It’s baseless for Union Jack to assert, in last month’s GE, all those who voted Tory, Labour and Libdems would vote ‘NO’ in Indyref2.

    The BBC presenter should have challenged him on that (among many other things). Of course it was Gordon Brewer, so …..

    I personally know people who voted Tory, Labour & Libdem last month, who will vote YES in IndyRef2.

    Union Jack’s arrogance was breathtaking. But BBC, please put Union Jack on every Sunday. Jack’s contempt for Scots democracy and cherry picking mandates, makes him our best Independence recruiting sergeant.

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