The Broken Buckle

callumHe’s a busy man and talented man is Callum Baird.  When he’s not editing The National, editing the Glasgow Evening Times, and being interrupted by me during the Wee Ginger Dugcast, he’s been off recording his long awaited new album.  Called The Broken Buckle, you can download it from iTunes or Spotify or whatever it is that young people today do for music bah humbug etc etc. In my day we stuck a microphone in front of a transistor radio when the week’s Top 20 presented by a creepy DJ serial child abuser came on so that we could record the Sex Pistols and Souxie and the Banshees on a hissy cassette tape – and we thought we were as cool as all get out.  OK so we were stupid.  Downloading is so much less hassle.

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You can listen to the album on Bandcamp here
You can use that link to purchase a digital copy of the album for just £7. You know you want to.

Meanwhile here’s a song from the new album which Callum recorded way back in 2014 for the independence referendum.  It’s called We’re Better Off Alone (A love song to Scotland).  He’d like to change the title to “We’re better off pooling a little bit of our sovereignty in an international grouping of independent states who would actually respect us”, but that wouldn’t rhyme or scan.

7 thoughts on “The Broken Buckle

  1. Quite amazing. The most adventurous, incisive, daring editor anywhere, a driving force for independence …..and also a musician. But this is why Scotland will win this time: we have the leaders, the thinkers, writers speakers, artists, poets, singers, musicians… and the people. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Is there no end to this man’s talents?

    A shorter snappier title could be, “The Scottish proletariat reappropriating their surplus-labour value from Anglo Capitalist Imperialism. Finance capital is the highest form of imperialism.”, with a bagpipe rhythm section.

  3. People like karaoke. A good old sing along time. With surprising results. Especially the Chinese and Japanese. Quite a lot of them.

    Osbourne sees a bullet train in Japan. Decides to waste £Billions of taxpayers money on one. Borrowed Chinese money wasted. With absolutely no business case. No enough customers. Austerity starving people.

    Japan 100,000, small landscape needs one. Highest density in the world. Relative small island. Needs to move people about quite quickly.

    Britain & NI 65,000 million with more space does not need one. A waste of time, space and money. Wasted £Billions which could have been spent improving the present line.

    The rail lines in the North and Scotland investment would be more productive. Cutting journey times throughout Britain. Much needed service and more needed on other essential services. Keeping people alive. Not wasted on the track. People cannot be brought back. Another Tory disaster. Along with Brexit. Killing people.

    The Tories are an absolute disgrace. Labour, LibDem are no better. The appalling misery and hardship of Brexit. Just disgusting. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate all the appalling destructive Westminster unionist policies.

    The economy is tanking. How low can they go before they are got rid. It will all end in tears again. The Westminster unionist losers. Beyond belief.

    The Tories were warned but did not care. Now in their element trying to destroy the world economy. To line their pockets and abuse people. What a bunch of losers. It is women and children who are affected most by their devious policies. A shambles.

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