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It’s time for a break. As you probably know if you’ve seen the wee text along with the most recent dugcast, I’m off on my much belated honeymoon. Americans get seriously crappy holiday entitlement so my husband and I were not able to go away on a honeymoon after we got married in 2018. Due to how the Home Office processes visas, he had to get over to Scotland almost immediately after he was granted his spouse visa allowing him to live and work in Scotland, and had to come over here with just a couple of suitcases. We’re going back to his home state to pack him up properly and arrange to ship his possessions over to Scotland, and then are visiting the West Coast of the USA for a couple of weeks to get away from it all. We’re back in Scotland on 17 February when blogging service will be resumed as normal.

The last few months have been hectic, what with an election and trying to keep an increasingly fractious indy movement together. Sometimes I’ve felt like we’re fighting on two fronts. I’ve often been doing two blog articles a day, thousand plus words of opinion which take time and energy to write, plus my work for The National, and on top of that have been out and about all over Scotland at various indy events. I’ll not lie, it’s been tiring, wearing, and exhausting, and I need a bit of down time.

But we’re in a good place. In the last election Scotland clearly said that this is the time for another independence referendum, support for independence is slowly but inexorably rising. When the time comes for us to have a vote on this country’s future, I have no doubt at all that Scotland will vote to rejoin the family of independent nations as an equal. Brexit is looming, and that can only increase the pressure within Scotland for a vote on this country’s future.

However it’s not going to be easy. Westminster will not willingly let us slip from its clutches. There is a battle of wills ahead. There will be reverses along the way. There will be difficult days. But a people in motion is an unstoppable force of nature. We are the tide of the future, and we will win. Westminster is about to get into a stubbornness contest with Scottish people. That’s only going to end one way, and it will not be a good way for Boris Johnson. I’ll come back to the fray refreshed and re-enthused in a month’s time.

I will have intermittent internet access while I am away and may post an article to two if I have time. Nae guarantees though. In the meantime I’m going to leave this blog as an open thread. Use it to chat about independence, or about what’s happening in British and Scottish politics. Please refrain from using this space as a forum to attack other independence supporters who may have different views or opinions. Please refrain from personal abuse and insults. Enjoy using the comments space. There’s a wee family of regular commentators here, and this space is as much yours as it is mine.

Please note. I will not be able to moderate posts frequently while I am away. That means that if a comment is held in the moderation queue it could be some days before it is released. You are not being censored, so don’t get all huffy about it please. Comments get held in the moderation queue if you are posting here for the first time or are using new log in details that you’ve not used before. Comments also get held in the moderation queue if they contain more than two URL links – this is an anti-spam feature of WordPress. You can avoid this by ensuring that each comment contains only one or two links. Split your comment into two or more comments if you wish to share more than two links.

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319 thoughts on “Blog break

  1. Enjoy your time away with your husband and come back refreshed and re-energised. We need you Paul (and Ginger too)

  2. Oi, what about us? its all you you you init?
    you and yer man have one or three on me , I will square you up when I next see you at a rally. I don’t do internet payments. 😉

  3. You are a Star. Your output is amazing and informative. Gaining ground and Independence support. Your talents are indispensable. Everyone needs a break. A well deserved one. Wee donations coming soon. What an intellect.

  4. No one is indispensable. People manage. Haste ye back with even more accounts of the travels. Education and travel
    broadens the mind. There are plenty of access available. Good luck for everything

  5. We hope both of you enjoy your well deserved break and honeymoon, an look forward to your safe and refreshed return home. All the best for your hols.

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  7. Great travel plans….look after yourself as we need you on the journey to independence…a voice of sanity and intelligence.

  8. Will miss my regular fix of your blogs and dugcasts.Enjoy your holiday and haste ye back cause we love you and the dug dearly .x

  9. Paul have a great time in the USA. No one deserves a break more than you. I thought about offering to buy you a drink in the Clutha last Saturday so I have sent you a PayPal donation so you and your husband can have a drink on me in the USA.

    PS I promise to be on my best behaviour when you are away. If there is a post I think is just nonsense or out of order I will simply just say I disagree. There you go no need to worry about anything I post when on your honeymoon. That promise of course does not apply to other sites😂😂😂.

    Awra best.

  10. Paul, Peter, have a wonderful break.

    I for one don’t know how you’ve kept the momentum going. It IS exhausting.
    However where would we all be without you?

    If you happen to be in Palm Springs on a Thursday, don’t miss the Street Market.
    The Canyon speaks for itself.

    Enjoy…but Haste Ye Back.

  11. Well earned? You bet it is.
    Now get yourself away for a fantastic break with Peter, my friend and thanks for all your hard work.
    Hope to mebbes see you among the wee trains and teams at the SECC when you get back! 😊👍🏻

  12. you and Peter have a lovely time and come back raring to go. Maybe McCart/Sam could write something to keep us going in the interim???

  13. Great to see you both last night and Wee G of course! Go and hae a relaxing, brilliant honeymoon and come back to build your future together in Scotland and help us build a better place for a’! Love fae a’ your pals at Butterflies 🦋 Rising 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. Enjoy your trip. I did something similar in the late 70s.
    Be aware that in that area area meat is broiled (grilled), barbecued or fried. Sauces and stews are not known.
    We flew into Phoenix. By the time we got to San Francisco I would have taken meat with custard on it – I was that desparate for meat not broiled (grilled), barbecued or fried

  15. Have a good break Paul, enjoy yourselves and make the most of your time off.
    I am so glad things have worked out for you both, it can’t have been easy having to deal with a hostile immigration system.

  16. Have a wonderful honeymoon both. We’ll keep an eye out for your door, while you’re away. Looking forward to your future posts Paul.

  17. I hope you and Peter have a wonderful break. You certainly deserve it. There are few around who have done as much for Scottish independence as you have done. Haste ye back.

  18. Have a fantastic holiday and thanks for all your hard work and input. Don’t know where we’d be without you. All the very best!

  19. Have a great break Paul & Peter. Enjoy your time in peace and return ready for the fight!! Much love and highest regards to you both and Ginger! Take care and don’t forget us! XX

  20. Corbyn was promoting Tom Watson for a knighthood. Imagine. Imagine the Labour leader being a Sir. Beyond idiocy. Rank and privilege. The public monies wasted. Lecturing others.

    ‘International socialists’? bombing the world to bits causing the worse migration crisis since the 11WW. The financial crisis impoverishing people. The world could do with less of the lies. Gie’s peace.

  21. Don’t go Paul. What are we going to do without you? Visit our local psychotherapist while you’re away?

    Only kidding of course. If anyone truly deserves a break from this madness it’s you.You’ve worked your butt off for our cause and it won’t be forgotten when we get our Independence.

    Anyway hoping that you and Peter will have a fabulous (and relaxing) time and have forwarded a few coppers so that you can have a drink on me (or a wee bet at Vegas) XX

  22. It’s been a trying time of late, but you have been a trusty lighthouse shining a beam of ego-free positivity through the dark for us all. So, many thanks for all your selfless efforts, and here’s wishing you the very best for this well-earned opportunity to “recharge”. You will be sorely missed while you’re away, but we’ll look forward with great anticipation to an eventual reinvigorated return.

    • I think Mr McWhirter may have mentioned it in one of his columns a couple of weeks ago. Can’t remember if it was in the Herald or Sunday Herald.

      Enjoy your break Paul.

  23. I am a Scot, by birth, upbringing and passion.
    Until 23.00 hrs on the 31st of January, 12 short days from now, I am a European.
    On that day, and at that 11th hour I will be placed under House Arrest by a ‘foreign’ Administration, some 500 hundred odd English MPs, and 52% of English voters, having ignored my democratic right to remain a member of the EU, because of a 313 year old stitch up by the Bloody Barons Up Here who sold their birthright, and ours for money, land, and power which they still wield unchallenged and our eternal subjugation to this very day.
    I am being forced out of Europe against my democratic will, because Rennie Carlaw and Leonard don’t believe that Scotland is a country.
    Their ‘country’ is England, or as they like to call it the ‘UK’.

    A mere cursory glance at the Dead Tree Scroll headlines and soundbites flooding the airwaves and column inches throughout this peaceful Sunday illustrates the joined up collaboration of the few hundred Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists, a pattern of ‘news’ which has been manifestly designed to get Brexit off the front pages and TV bulletins, and fill our news outlets with lurid tales of Bad EssenPee officials masturbating in the staff toilets, Bad SNP supporting Golden Globe award winner Brian Cox allegedly dropped by a charity for smoking pot, Harry and his squeeze and the Royal Fall Out, Jackson Carlaw that tubby vermillion faced Rambo non cheerleader of Boris Party Leadership contender declaring that he will be ‘taking out’ Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP next May, and Jim Sillars, who sadly seems to be the Brit Nat Hackery’s go-to gullible Old Duffer Still Craving Attention, and Alex Neill, and the wee smug smirking Wullie Rennie, leader of the Illiberal Undemocratic Jo Swinson for PM Party of a piddling four, to bang on about Indyref 2 any attempts to kick our Movement into the long barren grass of Scotland out of Europe in May 2021.

    And it works. Our hacks are under orders not to feature the impending outrageous disaster forced upon their fellow Scots by our colonial Masters, the English Oligarchy.

    A shroud of silence has been thrown over Brexit; a deathly silence from the obliging Fourth Estate; it would be more than their jobs worth to break ranks, and warn of the imminent political social and economic, disaster that is about to be forced upon their fellow Scots citizens.

    In 12 days, We shall be cut off from Europe, and Boris Johnson will reign over us for at least 5 years.

    Up with that, this old rebellious Scot, will not put.
    I have a sense that there are about 3 million of my fellow Scots who feel the same.

    And the Brewers and the Gordons of this world pay heed. We go in 2020, by hook or by crook.
    Get up off your knees and start fighting for Scotland.

    • Paul’s only been away a day and we’re wrecking the joint. I’m reposting this offering again, having mis-posted it on the Dugcast piece; otherwise it loses sense.

      .”.and right on cue, the online Herald Britland ‘leads’ with Old Clunking Fist Son of the Manse himself Hen Broon warning that the UK needs to go ‘federal’ to stop Indyref2.
      I doubt that the Herald will survive the end of the Financial Year in March, unless a mysterious ‘donor steps in.
      It can only be the ‘free’ reporters from BBC Scotland that is keeping them afloat even now.

      In 12 days time I am to be placed under House arrest by England’s Homeland Security, yet this sad old fart is still getting front and centre coverage for his alarming nonsense.

      ….and he’s headlining in the Record, and the Scotsman….conspiracy? Surely not.
      He’s giving a keynote speech, and ‘will say’. The Cut and Pastry of Brit Nat press releases which pass for ‘journalism’ ‘Up There’.
      Get off your knees and fight for your nation, Scotland. We are not, never will be, or ever were a Region’ of England.”

  24. Thanks Paul, have a great time, take care and look forward to more blogs soon. It’s hard ro keep being upbeat or positive so any wise and positive words here are always welcome.

    All best to you and yours and that wee dug.

    • How many Indyref drivers making their way from Canterbury to Dover driving at a civilly obedient 49 mph on all lanes of the M2 starting at 23.00 hours on the 31st of January 2020, England’s Third Country Isolation Day, would constitute a measurable and newsworthy protest to Scotland’s resistance to English Brexit?
      Or a hundred banks of three cars in convoy?
      A Tartan tailback?
      Just sayin’, like.
      I am of course not advocating civil disobedience; Heaven forfend.
      That would be breaking their ‘take back control’ laws.

    • Petra, you are unearthing some gems here. ‘Taking back control’ of ‘our’ fisheries?
      I’m warming to the MacConvoy from Dover to Calais slo-mo to deliver our petition for political asylum.

    • This is for a “No Deal” scenario obviously, but given Javid’s assertion on abandoning rules on alignment altogether this same scenario would doubtless apply.
      Given the fishing industry’s alleged “Leave” prominence (despite it’s minimal impact in trade stats), you have to wonder if the penny has dropped on the extent of damage to their industry, or whether they are still singing along with the “Remoaner conspiracy” choir?

  25. Civil disobedience will not work. People in Scotland will not vote for it. Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box because they can, They have an administration they can trust and vote for it. The SNP Scottish Gov and will vote for it.

    Support for SNP and Independence rising. Demographic changes. The best time to have an Indy Ref is when it can be won. Anytime soon. Unnecessary disruption just annoys folk. It can be counter productive and cause rejection.

    • I’m not mooting ‘disobedience’, Ken.
      Of whom are you thinking, whose imagined and totally false ‘authority’ over me are you suggesting that I propose to ‘disobey’?
      A MacConvoy to Calais would be perfectly legal,
      If I travel at 49 mph, and the car behind me ‘overtakes ‘ me in the middle lane at 51 mph, and the car behind them overtakes my overtaker at 53 mph on the outside lane, and we ‘repeat and rinse’ the Overtaking Tango for a few miles, nobody is disobeying anyone.

      Like, the good citizens of Kent don’t believe that Brexit will not ruin their motorway experience?

      If you do nothing, they will crush you.
      It is time to act.
      It is time to beard the English Lions in their den.
      Take the struggle to their Back Yard.

    • “The problem is not civil disobedience, it’s civil obedience.”

      Fifty years since Howard Zinn wrote this. More apt today than ever, but if anything, there is an even greater indifference and acquiesence today than half a century ago. In the 1970’s, the workers at Rolls-Royce in East Kilbride stopped working on the Hawker Hunter engines they were servicing for Chile’s General Pinochet because of the atrocities his military were engaged in. Brave, principled men.

      Today, BAE workers celebrate with huge bonuses every time Saudi send for more hardware and bombs. The only principle that matters is profit.

  26. Talking up Scotland. John Robertson is so good at dissimulating the facts from fiction. Excellent at analysing statistics.

  27. EU rules ahd regulation until December and beyond. The Tories cannot Brexit. The absolute mess and shambles. To line their pockets on other people’s misery.

    Just an absolute disgrace. It will all end in tears, again. More disgrace. Watch them fall from grace as people realise. People already want to stay in the EU.

  28. If you are an independence supporter and every time you open your mouth and speak the Britnats love it then if you truly are an independence supporter what should you do – SHUT UP – that’s you Jim Sillars.

  29. On a slightly different note a’body, can anyone tell me if Paul’s done a Gaelic map on the Callander area with all its ‘crooks and nannies’, allts and airighs…blah blah? I have the big one of Scotland but I believe he has a plan for the mapping of individual areas. Anyone? I don’t wish to disturb the romantics in America…

    • Petra the fact that the Britnat media will not report on is MacGinnis’s shout to the staff that he has been there 46 years. Apart from him dripping in entitlement the fact they he had been there that long highlights the job for life of the House of Lords.

      Of course the Britnat Labour party is continuing to suggest they will get rid of or reform the House of Lords and at the same time appoint more people to it. Socialist Lords and Ladies.

  30. Margo McDonald had two daughters. Zoe and Petra before she married Jim Sillars. 1981. Petra is married to a Proclaimer.

  31. Freedom of movement stops? Queues at airports? Different queues? Visas?

    ‘Settled status’? Many people are not happy. Not registered yet?

    Essential, healthcare, education workers left. More queues.

    EU rules and regulations still the same until Dec?

    They do not know what they are doing.

  32. @ National

    ‘Right to remain cut off date 21 June 2021

    Settled status people want physical evidence. ID cards? Million still have not registered. 3 Million migrants? Many have left. Essential workers. Car industry business sector in trouble. Prices going up. More unemployment. The UK economy doing badly. Brexit has cost more than the previous EU total contributions. Over £200Billion lost.

    Brexit Bill does not pass through Lords. Sent back to Commons, Bills can be sent back to the Lords twice for consent. Otherwise become Law. Commons over rule,

    There may be trouble ahead.

  33. Happy Honeymoon Paul hope you both enjoy your trip. Have a nice rest. I will miss your blogs,they are one of the few highlights of the crappy political situation that Scotland is currently in.

  34. Scotland Tonight on STV

    Right at the start of the programme Rona announced the mission statement of STV – ” Fighting to Save the Union”. A big Union Jackboot flag fluttering away behind her. All that was missing was the Rule Britannia music playing in the background.

    Gordon Brown rises from his crypt to actually congratulate the Conservatives on winning the election. He also says the SNP have no mandate because they said polls had to be showing 60% in favour of independence. Now he knows that is not true. Did the interviewer challenge him – no. Did the interviewer ask him why Labour voted against so many areas being devolved in the Smith Commision if he is so in favour of more devolution. – no. Britnats lie all the time and the Britnat media collude with them.

    Stephen Kerr recently been given the boot in Stirling by a massive amount then pops up with a Labour activist from the party that has one MP to tell the people of Scotland what they are doing wrong and how the Union that is the best ever in the world can be saved. Of course the obvious contradiction is that if it is the best in the world how come it needs saving. A question that is obviously way out of Rona’s capacity to think up – plus she would probably be on her way to early retirement if she dared utter any criticism of the blessed union. A mini Better Together reunion to save the Union.

    Michelle Thomson SNP member on a screen suggesting perhaps the people of Scotland don’t want to save the union. Rona continually saying ok ok ok and trying to stop her talking within seconds of asking her to respond.

    Kerr and the Labour activist both state no mandate – democracy deniers abound in all the Britnat parties – Labour, Tory and Libdem. The Labour activist says I know some people are unhappy. Well there you go a typical incisive Labour analysis.

    Labour well on its way to electoral irrelevance in Scotland like the Libdems.

  35. Says it all Cubby. STV is just as bad as the BBC now. If they thought that the Union was so great they wouldn’t have to use their manifold propaganda techniques to dupe the Scots. In other words every last one of these MSM reporters and presenters knows exactly what they are doing. Contributing to further destroying Scotland

    • STV has always been a Unionist Hub.
      The current CEO Simon Pitts is an Establishment Boy brought North from ITV 18 months ago.
      STV rely heavily on commissioning programmes for the BBC; now there’s a surprise.

      Pitts’ boss as Chairwoman is :

      Margaret Anne Ford
      Baroness Ford of Cunninghame OBE

      This, from her Wiki entry.

      “Margaret Anne Ford, Baroness Ford of Cunninghame OBE is a Scottish business woman and non aligned British peer. She was appointed by Tony Blair as a Labour Peer in 2006, but resigned the Labour Whip in 2009 and now sits as a Crossbencher. She is Chair of STV PLC and New River REIT plc.
      Ford was born in Saltcoats, Ayrshire, in December 1957. The daughter of Edward and Susan Garland, she was educated at St Michael’s Academy in Kilwinning and Glasgow University. She graduated MA (Hons) in 1979 and M.Phil in 1984.

      Ford is Chair of STV PLC, of New River REIT plc and chairs the Buckingham Palace Reservicing Challenge Board.

      She is the former Chair of Grainger plc, of May Gurney plc, and of Barchester Healthcare. Grainger was the first Company listed on the LSE which had an all female leadership team with Ford appointing women to the positions of CEO, CFO and SID.

      She has also chaired Lothian Health Board, English Partnerships (now Homes England) and the Olympic Park Legacy Company (now LLDC). In 2011, she was included in the Times newspaper Sport Power 100, entering at number 26.
      In 2012 she was controversially replaced as chairman of the LLDC by Daniel Moylan, a Conservative.

      She has served as a non executive Director of the Scottish Prison Service, of Ofgem, Thus plc, Serco plc, Segro plc, and Taylor Wimpey plc.

      Her main executive roles were at BIFU, Price Waterhouse, Scottish Homes, and as the founding CEO of Eglinton Management Centre. She sold Eglinton in 2000 and in the same year, set up Good Practice, the online publisher (which was sold to Emerald Publishing in 2015). Her last executive role was at Royal Bank of Canada as Managing Director (DCM) in the Social infrastructure Division.
      Ford was raised to the Peerage as Baroness Ford of Cunninghame on 11 July 2006. She was appointed as an honorary member of the RICS in 2009. In 2015 she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh[4]. She was awarded an OBE for services to business and sport in 2019, and holds Honorary degrees from Napier University and the University of Stirling.

      Ford has been Honorary President of the Epilepsy Action since 2008, is Chair of the STV Children’s Appeal, a Trustee of the British Olympic Association and a Councillor of the LTA. She was formerly a Trustee and Chair of the Tennis Foundation, prior to its merger with the LTA in 2019.”

      My, has she been a busy lass, with fingers in the right Establishment pies.
      She is Brit Establishment through and through; so don’t expect anything other than Brit Nat propaganda from the ‘commercial’ channel Up Here.

      There is absolutely nothing ‘Scottish’ about STV.
      Pacific Quay is the Last Redoubt of the Imperial Guard.
      If McKay or his colleagues even ventured that Independence might be the way forward, their feet wouldn’t touch.

      Our nation is in the grip of a media run from London.

      • At times it’s almost like they have started up a competition in the pub to see who can pump out the most Britnat propaganda. STV have raced in to the lead at present but no doubt BBC Scotland will make a big effort to to change that.

    • Now they can concentrate on Arlene’s Cash for Ash and the missing £500 million ‘gifted’ to Friends of the Union.
      Can we have the same deal in Scotland? Install a wood burner, and for every £ you spend on fuel for the Money Machine, the Government will give you £2; for ever.
      Is Arlene’s chicken farm scandal about to come home to roost?
      Google Cash for Ash.
      I look forward to HM Customs boarding my Stena Line Ferry half way across the Irish Channel and enquiring whether I have anything to declare; apart from my genius, of course.
      The triumphalist Blue Tories declare over the airwaves that Johnson ‘got Brexit done’. And Feck the DUP, and the citizens of the North of Ireland.
      Who cares if a few Irish start shooting at each other? Who said that?

      Brexit is far from ‘done’, but don’t expect any of the Brit Nat scribblers and broadcasters to pull up Johnson Gove or Barclay any time soon.
      Johnson is interviewed by a pretty boy anchor man on Breakfast TV and they both share a laugh about Big Ben Bonging. That’s the new level of public scrutiny.
      We are living through the end of their Empire.

  36. The only thing the Media is doing is destroying it’s credibility. No one watches it any more. No revenues from advertising. The only thing keeping it going. Advertising revenues rely on viewership numbers. Less revenues. Less programmes. Less production means less viewers. (Repeats).

    Younger people are no longer watching. They are on the internet or streaming. Or communication with others worldwide. Along with other people. Getting information. A more worthwhile activity. People cannot be fooled so easily. They are sharing information.

    Less people can be fooled by the MSM and the non Dom criminal tax avoiding owners. Leading to their own demise. Readership and viewership tanking. Doing themselves out of a job. It is in their best interest to have more balanced programmes. People go elsewhere. Some people never learn.

    Westminster unionists control the MSM. Leading to their own demise. People do not watch it any more. It makes them happier not engaging to be lectured or patronised by arrogant, ignorant incompetents. They are clocked and exposed. Run out of time. People switch off and vote them out. That is what is happening. Has beens do not make good viewing figures. Cheap resources. No repeats.

    Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy. People can call and vote them out. Sick of their vacant coupons, annoying people.

    United people stand. Divided they fall. Support for the SNP and Independence are rising. Demographic changes. The has beens getting called out again will not impress people. They failed before and will fail agsjn, It is according to the will of the people. At the secret Ballot Box.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    HS2, Hinkley Point and Trident etc a total waste of money. The appalling Westminster unionist policies, especially in Scotland. Since 1928 and before.

    There may be trouble ahead.

  37. Sigh. I see that there’s been yet another Broontervention. Don’t bother if you havent read it – it’s painful – the sad rantings of a demented British nationalist – an ancient, irelevant red tory still in stubborn denial. It’s either very decitful or cowardly (or likely both). He rants on about those nasty nationalists but refuses to even acknowledge the biggest and baddest one in front of his face. he cannot even bring himself to write “English” or “Brtiish” nationalism, but instead calls it “Brexit” nationalism. Aye right – that will gain traction!

    How many times will the establishment wheel out this olf fossil. Surely they appreciate the ;aw f diminishing returns. He is generally ignored thse days so why bother with this? He is certainly a piece of work, so he is. 🙂

  38. Emily Thornberry’s family were evicted and made homeless when she was young. Her cats were put down. They had to line up in the ‘free’ dinners queue. Humiliating. It is significance in the Labour leadership challenge. How that squares?

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Millions displaced and homeless. The worst migration crisis since the 11WW. People killed and maimed because of the misplaced actions of the US/UK and France.

    Westminster Gov 1WW destruction. The British/European Royal families. The ‘divine right to rule’. ‘God given’. Religion used as a form of State control. In the place of other resources and limited revenues. Destroying the world and the people. Costing more. It is too high a price to pay for privilege and extravagance. The injustice of the misery for others.

    Picot/Sykes Agreement. Balfour Agreement 1917. West financial interests. Illegally taking and misusing the resources and revenues of other places and countries. Breaking International Law. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    The EU founded to stop War and starvation in Europe after the 11WW. It has been a very successful partnership bringing prosperity, justice and equality to millions of people. Brexit catastrophe will become very clear. People will vote against it.

  39. Awh, that’s lovely that you’re finally getting a honeymoon and a good break. You’ll be missed but we look forward to you & your hubby returning home. Safe journeys & best wishes from Marie Gray & YES Blantyre.

  40. The amount of people finding people guilty before a trial. Unrealistic and not understandable. Some people have achieved success repeatedly. Smart, talented people. Up for the struggle for justice.

    Some people could get called out.

    Many people are found not guilty. Or unfounded, malicious allegations never come to Court and are dropped. Too many innocent people can be put in cells without justification. It costs a fortune. A total waste of time and monies. Already happening in too many cases, without redress. Criminalising people.

    A total waste of public money. Some heads should be held to account. Retired without pensions, if there is any justice. Instead of being given peerages. The British elite, non sustainable, cover up.

  41. Increased student ‘debt’? because of an increase in the number of students going to university (by comparison) and getting a loan since 2011. Instead of loans being means rested (Labour). Students not getting the opportunity to go to university because of lack of funding. MSM have a problem with statistics. Lack of adequate education.

    Students in Scotland still have less debt of other education systems, More affordable and less of a burden. Attainment gap declining. One of the most highly educated pop in the world. Colleges and apprenticeship. Skilled, trade persons can earn a comfortable income.

  42. Jo Coburn covering the Basic Income issue on Politics Live. Talk about a pilot being carried out in places like Hull. No mention of what’s been going on in Scotland over the last couple of years or so.

    Then some Labour politician mentions that Norway could cover the costs in their own country by using their oil fund and Coburn shuts her up. Changes the subject. No mention that Scotland could have done this too if they hadn’t been robbed blind by Westminster and the theft of hundreds of £billions from Scotland been covered up by the BBC.

  43. Excellent maiden speech by Dave Doogan new MP for Angus in the H of Commons. Well said sir. You did yourself, your family, your party and your country proud.

    ” I and my SNP colleagues are here to settle up not settle down ………….. and the honour will fall to me and my SNP colleagues here gathered to firmly close the door on this place behind us and leave for the last time taking Scotland’s brighter independent future with us. Thank you.”

  44. The Scottish Covenant 2019 webpage is up and running for signing:

    So sign it. If you are ‘waiting for the SNP’ you’ll be cold in your grave before anything happens – in saying that, only do what you feel comfortable with. At least read the first page of the signing process which describes what you need and explains that it is a legal document, so make sure that you agree with the statement before signing.

    I haven’t actually been through the process yet, got to scan a couple of documents, so not sure if it is easy or not – does anyone have experience of it they would share?

    WE are the Plan B, if you take no action then nothing will happen. Lots of little things by lots of people is cumulative – no need for major ground breaking events of organising, just whatever you feel able to do.

    Signing this covenant thing is just one thing – I suspect it will take a while, so best to get it underway as quickly as possible and keep advertising it.

  45. ”If you are ‘waiting for the SNP’ you’ll be cold in your grave before anything happens.”

    Really? If not the SNP, which political party do you think will ensure that we get our independence, Contrary?

    What we really have to do is to convert others to supporting the Independence cause. Undermining the SNP constantly doesn’t help, imo.

    • No, a criticism, but not undermining the SNP. they are constrained by politics, but seem to be completely stagnant now. I appreciate that they have established themselves as an establishment party (even if the media and opposition politicians still treat them like activists or a protest party) and they can only work within the system that exists – but there is still much they could have done in preparation of this point, things that they haven’t done – they are a large party as well as the party of government, and the wider party is not so constricted in the actions they could have been taking. I will be pleased to be proved wrong, but with MPs and MSPs talking of 2021 elections when we were promised a referendum in 2020 – well, it’s just not going to happen unless the stars align is it?

      So, hence my promotion of the court case – just because it MIGHT not win is no reason not to do it (unless you are a political party,,,) and it could force the SNP into pushing forward with a referendum. Nicola Sturgeon has said herself plenty of times that independence supporters should be active – that is, not waiting for the politics to pan out. But people do seem to think they can sit on their arse and it’ll all just happen because the SNP have some grand plan – I suggest not. And there are a few things that are not politically expedient but that people en masses can do – official signatures as above and the court case are two. There will be plenty more as people come up with ideas for making progress.

      The main motivation for my phrase is to stop the inertia of ‘wait and see’.

      They are a political party Petra, and you have to be realistic about things – the politics are the vehicle to get us through but we need to be the driving force behind it. I suspect the devolved government will be an empty shell soon enough and there will be less chance, and more difficult processes to go through, soon – so we need to take action now while they can still take action. They really could do with a change in leadership and put a bit more oomph into their ,,, their whole thing – lots of good people in the SNP, lots of hard working activists, they don’t need the lacklustre, repetitive, performance we see from the leadership – it’s a known thing that a political party cannot survive any degree of popularity for any length of time with the same leader – it needs to change.

      I have no argument with their strategy up until now – and things may change in the next week – but the two things they have promised – not being taken out of the EU (next week) and a referendum in 2020 – are not going to happen, and I will not be rewarding them for not following through – that’s politics. Their reactions have been slow, weak and unconvincing – and I mean the party leaders, not as a whole – and give me no confidence that they could negotiate an independence settlement on Scotland’s behalf.

      What do we keep voting for when it always comes to naught? No, either we keep pushing to force the issue – whatever leverage we need – and/or the party gives itself a makeover.

      Also, note there are no elections for a year – this is the time to fix things, and to speak about fixing things. And, if a party keeps failing to deliver on a promise, they need to be criticised – no change, and no delivery, is ever going to happen otherwise. Just accepting things as they are is giving tacit approval for keeping the status quo, and the status quo is the union, which I don’t believe is in Scotland’s best interest.

      • Contrary I totally agree with much of what you have to say (and will probably sign the SC), for example independence supporters should be more active and in fact should be the driving force behind us getting our Independence. The future of a nation shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of one individual. But what do we see happening now, especially online? Less and less outing of those who are involved in preventing us from getting our Independence and less and less informative data being posted that could convince others to join us. This has been replaced with constant griping about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP and makes me actually question the agenda of some.

        Where we diverge and where you in fact seem to be quite contrary, lol, is where you say, ”I have no argument with their strategy up until now” and then ”but there is still much they could have done in preparation of this point, things that they haven’t done.” So which one is it?

        I’m inclined to agree with the former. It’s not Nicola Sturgeon’s fault that this Brexit carry-on has dragged on for over three years, Contrary, and until the outcome was clarified many Scots would have continued to sit on the fence. We wouldn’t have won Indyref2 before now, imo. During this time we’ve all become frustrated and even totally disheartened, however Nicola Sturgeon outlined her overall plan in 2016 and has stuck to it. She informed us recently that she’ll update us on what she’s going to do next before the end of this month and has also stated, again very recently, that she WILL be holding Indyref2 this year.

        I’m trying to figure out where her reactions have been ”slow, weak and unconvincing” and why we need to replace her? Some say that she should have responded to LBJ’s knockback immediately, however we don’t know what’s going on. She could, for example, be holding off to coincide with a follow-up statement from the EU or waiting for legal advice to be finalised. As to replacing her, she’s proven to be one of the most respected politicians, leaders, in the world. She’s extremely intelligent, articulate, hardworking and more than anything down to earth, honest and compassionate. The ”oomph” that you talk about should be coming from us to achieve our independence instead of us using that ”oomph” to compliantly do the BritNat security services job for them in taking out our leaders one by one, first Alex and now her.

        • Petra, I personally have not been griping about the SNP up until now, and as I said I have been fine with their strategy over brexit – I do believe it has increased independence support (but yes, try saying that to some people,,,). And I do take on board your description of the inequality in apportioning blame – but this is where we come to the things that could have been done already – one of the reasons Westminster and the U.K. Government get away with their atrocious rhetoric as an answer to real mandates and real demands is that no one actually knows some of the legal (constitutionally) standing we have – this could have already been tested in court and we could know. There is a political risk with that too, of course – we see how the ruling on the Sewell convention has left the uk government with a lot of confidence, because the judges spent days debating the meaning of ‘normally’ and decided Brexit wasn’t ‘normal’ – so -legally- the devolved nations have no leg to stand on after voting NOT to give consent to the Withdrawal agreement, but they have gone ahead because -politically- they could still, maybe a slim chance, have an effect.

          When I say ‘leadership’, I do not mean Nicola Sturgeon alone – I agree she is an excellent politician (though do not agree necessarily with her ideology), she performs very well abroad and I think she would be excellent in anything from foreign policy to trade etc. My comments for things like ‘weak’ are more to do with the leadership vision for an independent Scotland – I was rather appalled they had to be forced into accepting a policy of having our own currency, and they certainly have not been promoting it since – Tim Rideout spent all his own time fully fleshing it out so it cost them nothing in time or money. On economical matters they seem to have not a clue – and I would say that’s a fundamental understanding to have when planning on setting up a renewed nation (but fair enough not devastating if they don’t have a clue – Westminster politicians don’t either). There are a couple of things I have seen Nicola Sturgeon in as well, e.g. Being questioned by the Human Rights committee of the UN a year ago, that have left me somewhat uncomfortable – but I have not mentioned these up until now – with good reason, because it would have been criticism based on how I felt, and there was still much happening politically at the time.

          People ARE frustrated, they vote and keep voting to give the SNP a mandate ‘to hold a referendum’ – but it turns out they can’t effect one – but there are many things here that could be discussed on this – why are people doing nothing except moaning about it – why are the SNP not considering different tactics (with the caveats that they could have several secret strategies, but that just makes me remember Theresa May’s negotiating strategy with the EU, so prefer not to imagine it. It possibly shows them to be stalwarts if they stick to the one thing,,, etc) – are people going to be converted to independence with any more – 3 years of showing how bad Westminster is – has that reached its limit of efficacy? BritNats don’t seem to care if they are never allowed to vote again. Did you see the irony in Boris’ ‘once in a generation’ response to the s.30 request – when he said exactly that at the last GE? So, the question is, how do they keep up momentum, keep people interested, when the level of frustration is so high in the already pro-Indy?

          Now, if you are fully behind all the SNPs policies and decisions, that’s fine – but we are also voting for those things, and the SNP aren’t a single issue party, then we end up not having a choice on policy if we want to show support for independence (don’t mention the S Greens, I tried that once) – at what point do we get a range of choices again (although I admit the choices haven’t been great through my voting life) – when we get independence of course, but when do we get that? Oh, Westminster says no… So we need to keep the ball rolling with as many other things as possible – I agree with the SNP that this year is the best time for a referendum, and you don’t know which thing might be the trigger, but if it’s a case of waiting for the SNP to do the same things as they’ve been doing for the last 3 years,,, I can’t see the needed change happening. While we are being denied a vote on independence, for this year I see no harm in *constructive* criticism. If there were more choices in parties to vote for, we could all agree to differ and that would be that – but we can’t, we have one choice really, and the SNP are trying to do the impossible and appeal to all.

          I understand you believe Nicola Sturgeon to be the best leader, and she’s done a good job, but I see the SNP brimming full of potential talent, and nearly two terms in office is a good run in politics – I’m not suggesting a major overhaul of the party – I’m saying a new personality in charge can give a different perspective, a change, a refresh – it’s a fairly regular boring thing to change your leaders in a political party, but it increases your media exposure, gets people talking about them, and it takes a while for the naysayers to catch up with how they can put someone new down. If you have ever looked into chaos theory, then you know one small change, can effect a big one. Maybe. Nothing is for sure. Despite my dissatisfaction with the leadership in other areas, this is actually my main motivation for suggesting it.

          The security services are another matter, and one we can do little about – but their forte is dealing in secrecy and silencing people, don’t let fear of them stifle debate. Guiding a debate is good, but not shutting it down. We should remember that they are not one organisation and not of one mind, and that we’ll need our own security services in an independent Scotland. I also don’t think you can assume the SNP don’t have their own influencers in-house either (that is, blindly agreeing with everything the SNP do or say is not prudent either, you have to make a reasoned judgement on what any part of it does or says).

          The more actions we take – we are the driving force – can only benefit the SNP in the long run, but people just aren’t going to do things if they think the SNP will do all the heavy lifting – I’ve tried before to say to people ‘they are just a political party, and are constrained by politics’, but that had zero effect, we are all just repeating ourselves too, but are restricted by there not being a referendum to start campaigning in – catch 22 and we are all going round in circles – different things need to be tried. My chosen strategy for motivating people is to say don’t wait for the SNP or we’ll go nowhere (and I think stagnant is how things look at the moment) – if that seems negative criticism so be it, we just need changes in strategy, tactics, ideas – preferably from all quarters. If the SNP had the backing of say 70% of the population they’d have sailed through any number of ways of getting us a referendum or independence – but we will likely never get those numbers, so it’s time we did some heavy lifting, the SNP can take care of the criticism, because I very much believe, mine will have no affect on them. (Even when I send these comments to them,,,)

          Ach, I’m clogging up Paul’s blog now, and he’s going to hate me forever, but I’ll post anyway, I think this is constructive debate,

          • For goodness sake Contrary, I’ve just checked the site out and see that you’ve responded with a fairly long post in reply to mine just when I had a report to finish and was thinking of getting an early night, lol.

            Anyway thanks for taking the time to do so, however I’m just going to let your post stand as many of the points that you make are excellent. Fair in fact and I agree with most of them (not all of course with no time right now to cover). More than anything what we need now is a date to focus on to get everyone revved up and see a repeat of summer 2014. Fingers crossed that’s coming soon.

            I’m also really busy until the weekend but will try to get back to you to discuss some of the points that you’ve made. Meanwhile others on here may do so too, hopefully, so just carry on trucking Contrary or clogging up, lol. The latter appreciated, as you say, to continue with constructive debate on here.

          • 😀 was thinking exactly the same thing last night ‘now look what you made me do!’ Haha. It’s one of the big problems, though, that we all have so little time to lend to this,,, but if John (Robertson) has taught me one thing is Chomsky’s theory of water on stone – he described the drip drip drip of state propaganda that eventually wears you down – well, drip drip drip back at them – by volume, not over time.

            I need to get more sleep. And will be busy over the weekend, so will leave you be (and hope Paul doesn’t notice my old posts ,,,), have a good one.

    • Petra

      Of course there’s no political alternative to the SNP, we all know that. But because the SNP is all we’ve got doesn’t mean they’ll ‘ensure’ (as you put it) we’ll get independence. They won’t.

      It’s not enough for them to point at Westminster and say “we don’t want an indy Scotland to be like that” without saying what their alternative vision is. And they don’t. They’ve nothing, zilch, to say about that.

      The SNP have concluded they can’t achieve indy. I agree with them on that, but not because indy isn’t achievable, but because the people currently leading the party are themselves incapable of delivering it. All their guff about getting an indyref this year is, and has always been, just that – guff.

      Converting others to supporting the indy cause is impossible when the people at the top of the SNP themselves don’t believe they can deliver it.


      • Hello, Tom.

        Give our best to Dick and Harry, won’t you?

        You are the hotel guest who is rudely awoken by the late arrival of another guest, allocated the room above, who thoughtlessly pulls off one shoe, and lets it clatter noisily to the floor.

        You are lying awake with growing agitation, unable to nod off, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
        Unbeknownst to thee, your fellow guest, realising their selfishness in clattering about in the wee sma’ hours, has placed the second shoe gently on the floor, and unlike you, is now resting in the arms of Morpheus.

        This is one of several explanations of the saying: ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’.

        In the original story, the traveller in the room below lies awake for hours, until they eventually snap, and shout out;- ‘for heavens sake’, take the other shoe off, so we can all get some sleep!’

        This seems to be the tone of your post, Tom, or Dick, or SIU?

        WE are within 9 days of England’s Third Country Isolation Day; I’m in no rush to hear the SNP’s or more importantly, the AOUB Yes Movement’s second shoe hit the floor above me.

        Your post, Tom, Dick, or Harry, contributes nothing to the debate, other than a tiresome reiteration that the SNP are shite.

        In olden days, a guest realised that they were not welcome at a host’s table when they were served a cold cut of meat while the others fed on sizzling roasts.

        We who feast at WGD banquets, politely show occasional guests like you, ‘Tom’, the cold shoulder.
        Nice of you to drop by, but, though, mind.

      • ”The SNP have concluded they can’t achieve indy.”

        Where did that one come from? What about backing up that statement with some proof, Tom?

        • Petra, there is no ‘Tom’.
          They have nothing to offer serious debate. They pay teenagers to churn out this rubbish.
          Often it is presaged with ‘I’m an SN P member and voted Yes, but’.
          I see that they are crawling out from under their stones now that Salmond is back front and centre.
          All the usual innuendo guf…
          Fight fire with fire. I say.
          Good to see ‘confirmed bachelor’ Ian Murray inviting his Mum to his deputy leader launch hustings.
          We can all do it , can’t we?
          I will be mucking out Brit Nat Geordie’s byer come March when Salmond Mania hits the Press and airwaves.

          • Well said Jack I am glad your there, your comments I agree with, and they help to keep me from blowing my top at these impostors.

        • Hi Petra

          My ‘proof’ is that there’s no evidence to the contrary. What is the SNP’s plan for an indy Scotland? We know (for example) what Common Weal thinks an indy Scotland might look like, but where is the SNP’s equivalent?

          I don’t doubt the SNP high head yins are committed to indy, but I do doubt that they have any strategy for achieving it. Asking for a Section 30 order which they know won’t be granted isn’t a strategy, just a time-filler.

          Perhaps the time-filling is intended to steady the ship pending the outcome of the Alex Salmond trial, and any fallout from that for the SNP leadership and the wider cause. In which case, I suppose that amounts to a strategy of sorts, although not one with much shelf-life.

          But the risks of inaction are great. In my view, the Tories not only won the election in England and Wales, they also won it for the SNP in Scotland. That’s right, the SNP’s victory in Scotland was won for them by the hated Tories in Westminster.

          This can’t go on. Apart from anything else, the Tories won’t let it. They’ll have a plan, even if we don’t. All of us, but particularly the SNP as our sole vehicle for indy, must find positive reasons for independence beyond the tired old negative ones of ‘Tories and Westminster’. Then go out and sell them.

          There is a further danger from inaction. If it becomes clear that indy is impossible within the current UK political framework, impatience could set in, and there could be a drift back to Labour as a UK-wide alternative to Tory Britain, particularly if the government in Holyrood starts to look a bit tired (and arguably it is already beyond a normal sell-by date). If a rejuvenated and credible UK Labour party doesn’t seem very likely now, that situation could be very different in a few months, especially if Labour adopts a policy of ‘it’s Scotland’s choice’, even while opposing indy.

          Of course, Brexit may turn out to be such a disaster that the whole Brit-Nat house of cards collapses and falls into our lap. Or maybe into Labour’s. Whichever, that’s again leaving the outcome to Westminster, and that hasn’t worked out well for indy so far.

          Without effective leadership from the SNP, indy for Scotland looks well out of reach.

          • Seven paragraphs of frankly vacuous ‘peroration’ (See Jackson Carlaw FMQ today) from the amorphous ‘Tom’. Pusillanimous nonsense to clog up this venerable site.

            We are about to be wrenched out of Europe against our will in 7 days.

            Yet Toodle Oo The Noo and his ‘journalistic chums’ spout the nonsense repeated here: police office canteen ceiling crashes to the ground, mushrooms growing in the carpet, and police stations rat infested bellows a smirking fucking laughing Gloating Rotund Tory.
            Taylor of the ever obliging BBC Propaganda Unit observes that Carlaw ‘landed one’ on the SNP..
            We are about to be placed under House Arrest by an occupying foreign government, and idiotic comments about Labour Rising are the depth of discussion?

            Tom the troll, a band of hapless wee clackers attempting to smother Scotland by churning out rubbish like this.
            Still, when I next encounter he little SIU Team that hides under the ‘Tom’ pen name, I can scrawl past the dozen or so paragraphs of nothing in future.
            I’m cooling my jets at the moment.
            After all, Johnson has forbidden Scotland to do anything for at least the next fifteen years.


  46. Boris cannae Brexit

    Scotland can vote for Independence.

    Public money being wasted on ‘charges’ that can never come to a Court. Traumatising the population. Innocent people being put in cells overnight on ‘charges’ that are dropped. Many would be laughed out of court. No sufficient evidence.

    A total waste of time and money. Instead of taking innocent people home. Or giving a slight warning. More diversity training for dealing with people on the spectrum. There would be spanking new cars, wonderful premises, weekends away, time off and better shift patterns,

    Public monies wasted on secret societies. Misogynistic,racist, bigoted and unequal. Ruining the economy. People being black balled. The authorities should be banning these insistent, unfair gathering, especially in the central belt. They are not tolerated in other communities and towns. People object. The authorities should listen to the objections.

  47. ‘The Chip Restaurant’. The fishy chippy. They must be having a laugh. Most of the charges are incomprehensible. Another farce. A total waste of time and public monies. Just an utter disgrace.

    How many£Million/Billions more will be wasted by unionists and their associates. Trying to stitch up folk. Murdoch the biggest, lying criminal of all. Blair the lying illegal warmonger. Brown, Blair and the rest of them should be in jail. Destroying the world and harming innocent people.

  48. o/t – Bolton on SKY News just now talking to 3 new woman MPs -Tory -Labour -Libdem ,
    The Libdems have 11 MPs – SNP have 47 yep thats a fair mix then a good cross section of the English voting public well served ,

    Regarding comments on the SNP above ,for months now well respected commentators have offered advice on how to deal with this right wing tory mafia , not just the tory lot but unionists in general and what do we get f/all ,

    I dont know if its true about this attempt to remove Alex from SNP history must be the single most bloody act of stupidity possible

    I give up whats the bloody point if the leadership are posted missing .

  49. o/t
    Just as a matter of interest I had a look at the SNP website in particular History ,
    My suspicions were confirmed yep no mention of Alex , Nicola Sturgeon gets a mention in fact more than once but no Alex ,
    The very first SNP first minister and the one who instigated the 2014 Referendum but posted missing , well talk about shooting yer self in the head the man hasn’t been convicted of anything yet the SNP management have dropped him like a hot potato ,
    Just as they tossed under the nearest bus anyone who the Unionist Media have went after, aye who needs enemies with friends who stand by you in your hour of need,
    Membership under review this is not a trivial matter if it ain’t fixed I tend to agree with the comments above about the method and direction of travel ,FIX IT NOW .

  50. ”SNP management have dropped him like a hot potato.” Do we know that’s what’s actually happened Robert? Maybe this directive has come from Alex Salmond himself. He more than anything wants Scotland to become Independent and definitely won’t want anything personal to distract from that.

    • Petra you may well have a point but would it not have made sense to explain that to the membership if that was the case. I am not a member but I assume no members have been given an explanation as no one has piped up and said so.

      It just seems silly to me as everyone and their dog and any pet in fact knows Alex Salmond and his role in the SNP.

      I mean for goodness sake Angus Robertson gets a mention. Apart from that to call the few paragraphs on the website a history of the SNP does a great disservice to the the SNP.

      • ”but would it not have made sense to explain that to the membership if that was the case.”

        I don’t know Cubby. I’m an SNP member and haven’t heard anything about it. Alex resigned from the party when this carry-on kicked off no doubt to protect the party and if he’s requested that his name be removed maybe they / he thought that the least amount of publicity surrounding it the better? Had to avoid mentioning the Court Case?

        In saying that, I read an article earlier in a newspaper (Edinburgh something?) that’s now cottoned on and is making a meal of it all. Probably picked up on it on another website / twitter feed just like everything else that seems to grow arms and legs on so-called pro-Independence sites this weather.

        The thing is Nicola Sturgeon ain’t stupid and knows more than most how popular Alex is within the Independence movement, so why would SHE go ahead and do something that would stir things up? It must be really difficult for her too having to keep her mouth shut, isn’t in a position to rebut rumours and can’t have any contact whatsoever with Alex Salmond. The sooner this issue is resolved the better.

        • And is herself under investigation by a Parliamentary Committee because of the contacts between her and Mr Salmond after the story broke.

          The investigation is suspended until the court case is over but that has not stopped stories appearing in the press suggesting/implying/inferring that Ms Sturgeon and others are destroying ‘evidence’ such as emails. The Herald has run at least 3 such articles along the lines of ‘Ms Sturgeon, or civil servants, have been warned not to delete emails’. A sort of ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ approach. Plant the idea so that if nothing is found then the evidence has been destroyed.

          Not a comfortable position for Ms Sturgeon to be in.

          • ”Plant the idea so that if nothing is found then the evidence has been destroyed.”

            That seems to be the name of the game this weather Legerwood and not just a game being played by the BritNat media either. As the saying goes, ”with friends like these who needs enemies.”

  51. Many independence supporters seek suggestions, ask what we can do, to get a campaign off the ground. Some people of course have never stopped campaigning, however taking into account that LBJ (et al) will, at the very least, be using their £billions to blitz Scotland shortly with misinformation to shore up waning support for the union isn’t it time for the Wee Blue Book to be sent out now to the one million households to preempt and scupper their plans?

  52. The information (re Alex Salmond) only goes back to 2018 or thereabouts. It is just another red herring. Pointed out on twitter feed.There was nothing in it. People taking offence unnecessarily. There was nothing in it.

    Is is quite surprising how many supporters believe someone can be found guilty before a court case. A court case collapsed the last time. It was won and was vindicated. Court case dropped and expenses. £1/2million+ wasted by civil servants. Heads should roll. If there is any justice. No pensions.

    That Often happens. Charges dropped after innocent people have ended up in cells. Too often. Wasting time and public monies. A miscarriage of justice. There is often no complaint or redress. Traumatising and criminalise the population. Then demanding more public money. Building a criminal empire.

    ‘The Chip Restaurant’. A fishy story. It could be laughed out of Court with compensation. It might no even get there. Too ridiculous. .

  53. Take a look at this. CND on their list. Will we be next?

    Unfortunately the document I read yesterday has already been censored on Scribed. What stood out for me then was that they (the Police and whoever else?) were being told to monitor individuals who spent too much time on the Internet focussing on one issue. It was unhealthy and a sign of being a loner and therefore a threat and no they weren’t referring to potential terrorists only. Guess that applies to US, lol.

  54. Wales is underfunded by the Westminster charlatans. £Billions. It did vote for Brexit. Despite receiving £Billions of EU monies. Westminster lies and corruption.

    Brexit has already cost over £200Billion. More than the whole (UK) EU contribution. The EU benefits far out weigh any disadvantages, it costs Scotland nothing and brings benefit. Major support in Scotland.

    People can live in Wales and work in London. £Billion withheld for wave tidal scheme by Westminster unionist charlatans. False promises. Mining communities destroyed by Thatcher with no alternatives. Too many vote Tory and Brexit in Wales.

    Scotland resources and revenues taken from Scotland to pay for Westminster failed economic, social and foreign policies. The illegal Barnett Formula.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion, Westminster unionist failed policies. Brexit another disaster, Already the economy is tanking. The mess and shambles are will all end in tears again. Thatcher riots and unrest. The Poll tax.

    They got rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. Geoffrey Howe. It was closer ties with the EU that aided the economy after the Thatcher disaster, especially in Scotland.

    Now Scotland has the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. Any UK leader that does not support a 2nd IndyRef and Independence for Scotland does not last very long. Soon they will cotton on. Self preservation. Vote them out. Deja Vu.

    The EU set up to prevent starvation and war, after the 11WW has been successful and prosperous. The UK/US (France) have blown the world to bits. The US/UK destroyed the world banking system. Reduced leverage from 25% to 13%. Not enough collateral.

    Impoverishing and illegally killing people. Displacing millions costing £Billions. The EU countries have to pick up the pieces and the cost. The UK and France carved up the Middle East, refused democracy and took the resources.

    The UK/US the most unequal places in the world with the most debt.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

  55. So this is a who knew(?) moment.


    Also. This isn’t a threat, it’s a consequence. It’s an explanation of political and economic realities. The EU aren’t threatening anyone.

    When you are NO LONGER A MEMBER, you don’t get to enjoy the privileges of membership. Kinda what some folk have tried to explain since day one of this nonsense.

  56. Some Britnat nutters acting like UDA members interrupt FMQs today. Now we know what Truthless Davidson has been up to in her spare time.

    The BBC immediately rushed to get them signed up for a Question Time audience appearance and Murdo Fraser asked them to come along to his next birthday party.

    • Thanks for the Info Cubby I was wondering what the break was , Parliament TV is not good at showing the reaction from the Gallery so that’s the first time I have had a chance to make sense of what happened .

      • According to these Britnat nut jobs because one SNP MSP will not support orange order marches in his constituency the whole of the SNP are part of the IRA. They called Surgeon Brigadier Sturgeon. There are deranged people about. Not a word on STV or Reporting Scotland about the matter.

    • Hi a bit late but just woke up thanks for the entertaining link , I would guess given the hostility shown to Alex ,the Scottish civil Service will do their upmost to assist Nicola in her endeavour to draft this white paper .
      This Department whose heads are answerable to Westminster first and Scotland a distant second will report to the English government well before the SNP , they’ll know Nicolas moves before she has a chance to put her shoes on , there lies the problem that’s why we will always play catchup , it’s a depressing situation , and the good folk who voted NO have brought this situation about , the damage they have done to themselves is incalculable , Thanks Folks .

      • Depressing most of all for Nicola Sturgeon who won’t know who she can trust including some who profess to be independence supporters. I wouldn’t want her job for all the tea in China.

  57. The Tory/unionist complete and utter shambles. More people will vote the Tories out. More people will vote for Independence. More people will vote to protect Holyrood.

    Just what is needed. More people will vote to stay in the EU. The Tory/unionists will be out. It will all end in tears again. The lying sycophants trying to ruin the world economy. The absolute waste of public money. Appalling. The Westminster charlatans.

    Support for SNP and Independence rising. Demographics. More people will vote to stay in the EU. Independence is coming soon. People just have to vote for it.

    Campaign, support, donate, join. People in Scotland need to make it a better place. Everyone should do what they can. Support is steadfast and is rising. The Tories will be out soon. The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won.

    How far Scotland has come in twenty years. Since Devolution 2000. Scotland is a better place. Independence in the EU will be even better, people just have to vote for it. To achieve a better more prosperous, equal cohesive society. The Tory/unionists will soon be gone, especially in Scotland,

    HS2, Hickley Point and Trident. A complete and utter scandal. Tory total incompetence. The Condem liars. The Vow. Austerity killing off people £Billions wasted on wasteful projects. Essential services cut £Billions. The complete and utter mess. The Westminster unionist incompetence.

    Westminster politicians unfit to govern. Never have so many been promoted beyond their capabilities. The Emperor has no clothes plain for all to see.

    Scotland will vote for Independence. The SNP Gov standing up for Scotland, against Westminster total incompetence. Westminster unionist complete catastrophe. They do not have a clue. Trying to destroy the world economy again.

    • Oh that piece in the Independent came as a real surprise eh ? , time to change the record Ian they aint listening pal , If as often asserted we have a get out of Jail card maybe its time to start using it the SNP have been in Government in Scotland for some time I wish they would start defending their position , if you are in charge with the backing of the majority start bloody acting like it .

  58. HS2 and Hickley Point the Tory slush fund. Osbourne’s total economic incompetence. Cameron’s Chinese Consortium, Up to his neck in it still trousering public money. ‘Consultants’.An absolute scandal. Andrew Gilligan? Tory transport advisor? The Labour Iraqi war failure. Labour lies blowing the world to bits.

    The Rail services in the North and Scotland that need funding to improve services and cut rail times throughout Britain. Not a ghost train to nowhere.

    Osbourne total incompetence. Japan 100Million pop small densely pop island. The UK 65Million pop. North/South divide. No business case.

    Scotland depopulated by Westminster nonsensical policies. Congestion in the South. Scotland revenues and resources funding London S/E. The illegal Barnett Formula.

    Austerity and essential services funding cut, £Billions cut from NHS/Education and welfare. The Condem promises to protect them. Lies. Funding cut. Scotland taxed and conscripted for illegal wars.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years, Under the Official Secrets Act,

  59. Another middle class white male elected Lord Provost of Glasgow. What happened to diversity in the European City of Culture. The YES city. Now under represented. The City of invention deserves better. All fur coat and nae drawers. At least the other one had charisma and enthusiasm. A bit of character. What a price to pay. STV going backwards.

    • A Labour party councillor too and looks like a fair amount of Green party councillors help vote him in so again they vote with the Tories. I won’t be voting for them again even though I am keen on protecting the environment

      • Likewise. I am also keen on supporting the environment and independence obviously and used to give them my regional list vote in Scot parliament elections. But no more – sick of them. They should perhaps be asking themselves why people who support two of their main policies won’t be giving them a vote in 2021.

  60. Some people never learn. Another own goal.

    No one reads the Scotsman. No wonder. Reconstructed debts going out the door. JP heading for bankruptcy. Lies and demise.

  61. Watched ITV news – two separate reports on scandalous failures in two separate English NHS hospitals – many deaths over decades – no hint of blame aimed at English/Westminster Government – hospitals and Health Trusts get the blame .

    Contrast this with the almost daily litany of ‘failure’ in the Scottish NHS ALWAYS laid at the feet of the SNP Government .
    I am waiting for the virus outbreak in China to be laid at the door of the Scottish Health Secretary – who hasn’t resigned yet despite the failure of other people not doing THEIR jobs .

    • Indeed, a combination of telling rUK that Scotland is in chaos while local Scottish media invent “stories” for local consumption along similar lines has been the MO for some time.
      Kept alive by passing reference on QT etc., (irrespective of having been comprehensively debunked), the propaganda also serves to distract attention for rUK viewers, much as the performance table farce recently.
      eg The Sarwar/BBCS smear campaign over “QEUH contaminated water” coincided with a horrendous NHS Trust story breaking in England with significant historical deaths, not a word of which was mentioned by BBCS, whereas the SNHS “smear” got regular nationwide coverage.
      Their problem is that the propaganda is being repeatedly exposed on YouTube and blogs such as this, now they have become a battleground as the propagandists seek to regain control in an environment where the audience are not captive.
      It is not only in Scotland where BBC audiences and paper readerships are plummeting, trust in the established media is in rapid decline nationally….

  62. From Fidelma Cooks’column in today’s Herald.

    Wise words and good advice. As the saying goes: ‘the spectator sees more of the game’

    From her column:
    “”Any reading of history shows that movements grow slowly until suddenly, like a high tide, they gather and form until the point they are unstoppable.

    Sometimes though the expected tide doesn’t reach its watermark and flops against the bulwarks – becalmed, almost shocked at its sudden halt.

    If not careful, the Independence movement could reach that point and make no mistake, nothing is being spared by the Westminster Opposition to ensure it does.

    Confidence can be chipped away; statistics twisted to enable doubt to take seed; groups encouraged to agitate from within with public spats that only increase the nervousness of those unsure and uncertain if they want to leave the familiar.

    Cynicism in these times is good – but not too much. Passion is good – but must be controlled. Anger is good – but swallow pride and turn it outwards not back into the group.

    Much is made of Ireland’s struggle for independence and its success on the European stage. Some believe a whole nation rose up. In fact, the Easter rising was begun by a handful, ridiculed by Dubliners as they marched to the Four Courts.

    Captured, they could have gone down as yet another minor episode. But the British made a mistake and murdered them in Kilmainham Gaol, creating heroes and firing up the land.

    The British always make a mistake because they never understand the soul of a country.


    • You are right. These are wise words. Particularly re the Easter Rising. It could have been portrayed as a gamble which nearly didn’t come off. The history of another country, however, cannot be taken as an exact template for that of another. We still have to form our own future from the undefinable present.

      • She was not suggesting in any shape or form that the Irish experience was a template for Scotland and its independence.

        She was speaking of the characteristics of independence movements in general and some of the pitfalls that they fall prey to. All of which can be seen to a greater or lesser degree in the Scottish movement.

        “”Confidence can be chipped away; statistics twisted to enable doubt to take seed; groups encouraged to agitate from within with public spats that only increase the nervousness of those unsure and uncertain if they want to leave the familiar.

        Cynicism in these times is good – but not too much. Passion is good – but must be controlled. Anger is good – but swallow pride and turn it outwards not back into the group.””

        And a common factor: the British make a mistake but the nature of that mistake is unique to each case.

        • I didn’t say that she herself had said that ‘in any shape or form’. I was simply reflecting on the Easter Rising and what is sometimes said about that and the subsequent repercussions of that event. Sometimes people will extrapolate from those experiences either a negative or positive interpretation and consider their application to Scotland and possible outcomes in the same light.

          I was not critical of the piece as I said but as good writing should, it caused me to consider the ways in which histories of any independence movements are often looked to as a possible or even inevitable lesson for Scottish independence. Triggering thought is what good writing is supposed to do. I did not suggest that she was being prescriptive but I was reflecting on the fact that people often are. I agree that her piece was more thoughtful than that and I was sympathetic to that perspective. You appear to have misunderstood my comment as being critical of the piece

    • 👍
      Good piece that and very well expressed.
      Today’s battles are very different, played out 24/7 on media and social media by an army of keyboard propagandists seeking to distort public debate, a more interactive and aggressive version of what Propaganda Quay have been pumping out for years.
      It is no longer gunboats up the Liffey, artillery and starvation with which the state fight but Psyops and media manipulation…

  63. Austerity. The Lies.

    The Tory Condems cut the NHS funding £20Billions from 2015 to 2020. Average £4Billions a year. Instead of increasing it. Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut the funding,

    The Tory Condems Clegg cut Education funding £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020 £30Billion cuts instead of increasing it.

    The Tory ConDems cut welfare funding £18Billion over 6 years. Average £3Billion a year.

    Causing hardship, deprivation and death.

    The SNP Gov has to mitigate all these cuts. Increasing the budgets. The Scottish Gov funding was cut 10% a year from 2015 to 2020.

    Now £3Billion short. Despite Scottish tax revenues raised on average £3Billion a year since 1915. Now £63Billion. More pro rata than the rest of the UK. Westminster Treasury illegally taking a cut to pay for Westminster unionist failure and failed policies.

    Scotland paying for all Westminster unionist incompetence and bad judgements. Westminster poor economic,social and foreign policies for years. Scotland paying rest of the UK bad debts and total misuse of public money.

    Scottish revenues and resources illegally funding London S/E. Revenues needed in Scotland to fund the Scottish economy. Illegally taken to fund illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    The Tory Royals tax evade. Charles pays 10% tax on £20Million. No inheritance, corporation or capital gains tax. Along with their wealthy associates, becoming extremely wealthy. Breaking the Law. The main reason for Brexit. Increasing poverty and deprivation for many. A catastrophe. It will all end in tears.

    The poorer suffer the wealthier get richer. Evading tax. The wealthy then have the appalling cheek and delusion to lecture others who pay their required taxes to fund public services. A bunch of parasites in UK government totally wasting public revenues.

    Osbourne total incompetence. HS2 and the appalling waste of £Billions. Japan pop 120million on a densely pop island. (70% forest). The UK 65Million pop. Scotland depopulated by Westminster appalling policies. London S/E totally congested. The North/South divide.

    Thatcher economic policies putting transport connection through London. 26 miles of Tilbury Docks. Adding to the congestion. Built Canary Wharf and deregulated world banking causing the banking crash. Bankers and tax evaders fund the Tory Party.

    HS2 a total waste of £Billions. Not enough customer base. No business case. The railways in the North and Scotland need to be improved to cut rail times throughout Britain. Not a ghost train to nowhere.

    Hinkley Point the Tory slush fund. The Chinese Consortium. Cameron et al noses in the trough abusing public money. A total waste of money with better, cheap alternatives.

    Westminster renewables energy funding cuts. Solar and wave cuts. CCS projects reneged upon. The EU investing in CCS projects in the North Sea while Scotland loses out. No investment because of Westminster unionist intransigence and ignorance.

    Trident total waste of money. The UK Gov will increase Defence spending because of Brexit. Food prices will rise. Lack of investment will affect industry and growth. The economy is tanking. The (UK) EU contribution (£12Billion) does not even cover the cost of illegal wars and devastation. The UK/US and France caused millions of displaced people illegally bombing the Middle East.

    The EU brings benefits. CAP payments to keep food prices down. Shared Defence costs saves £Billions. The nearest biggest markets 500 million pop. EU investment and grants. The EU costs Scotland nothing and brings benefit. Westminster failed policies. A catastrophe. Ruining the world economy again. It will all end in tears.

    Scotland going it’s own way. Independence in the EU. People just need to vote for it. More support and investment from the EU. Better policies than Westminster unionists.

  64. Ireland was illegally Partitioned. The whole of Ireland wanted Home Rule/Independence. Ireland was illegally Partitioned in 1923 by Westminster unionists. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    Ireland can vote to reunite. Demographics and Brexit, Ireland (NI) voted to Remain. Unionists losing support. Voted out. Loyalists illegally breaking the Law.

  65. Dear all,

    Strange things happening here – maybe coz of the Burns Night/Chinese New Year/Santes Dwynwen Day celebrations. Anyone like to hazard a guess why?

    I received an email notification that ‘jeofreyogire’ had liked my posting here wishing you all the best for all 3 celebrations. Yet when I go to look on the blog, the ‘like’ has disappeared.

    More strangely, I am not actually subscribed to WGD, so I don’t normally get notifications of new comments or responses to my own postings.

    While I scratch my head and wonder what’s going on, I still wish you all the best for the three festivals.

    (You will have gathered that I’m back from Paris.)

    Yours aye,

  66. Apologies to WGD if this is deemed inappropriate. I feel it should be openly spoken.

    Dear Welsh Sion ,
    You’re not paranoid. It’s increasingly but always has been the world we live in. With the increase of open networks over the last four decades it has been the remit of security services to occupy and monitor. If you’re connected you should assume a two way connection.
    It’s no coincidence that over the last twenty years the USA NSA organisation has become the behemoth it is and the American companies that facilitate them are the worlds largest.
    When it comes to the UK , we helped write the book and our Empire shadow folk come from a long line , for some it’s a multi generational thing .
    Anyhoo, Keep up the good work and credit to you .
    Best wishes to all , and a wave to those paid to read this.

  67. She’s got some brass neck!!!

    ”Prince William has a new title.

    On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth appointed her grandson as the new Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. In the position, William will become the British monarch’s personal representative to the Church of Scotland, carrying out various official visits and ceremonial duties.”..

    • Does he get to wear a spiffing new costume , like the Moderator , or does he just pick something suitably dour from his wardrobe ?
      Why not appoint Andrew to the role – he is at a loose end just now and , so we are told , is in a soul-searching mood . Just the place for a justified sinner !

    • It is just for this year’s General Assembly.

      While he represents the monarch he, like the Monarch, has no role or say in the business of the Kirk. In fact the hall where the General Assembly is held has been specifically designed so that the Lord High Commissioner whoever they may be sits apart from the body of the Kirk.

  68. Scotland was ensured a separate Protestant Church under the terms of the Treaty of Union, Shared Protestant monarch. Everyone should pay their taxes not be above the Law.

    Scotland taxed and conscription for illegal wars imposed for centuries by Westminster. Against the wishes of the people. Causing riots and unrest. Often out down by brutal force for centuries. Edward 1, Jacobite uprising, 1WW, illegal wars and conflicts.

    The Treaty of Union betrayal. Scotland not treated equally for centuries. Against International Law. Until Devolution 2000. Limited form of self governance with not enough powers. For peace and prosperity. Scotland’s resources illegally taken under the Barnett Formula. Lang. The Tories sworn to secrecy. Thatcher’s lies. One minister resigned.

    Scotland not treated equal as agreed under the terms of the Treaty of Union. The Treaty broken and not honoured. The Vow and austerity impose on Scotland. Illegally and unnecessarily. Westminster unionist lies. Exposed for all to see.

    They make the Law and break the Law. Then lecture others and are not impartial as they should be. Breaking the Law of honour and privilege. Over consumers pleading poverty. The illegal wars causing mass migration and poverty. Millions of misplaced people. Supported by the British State. Not by the people. Westminster acting illegally.

    The Churches and monarchy have privileges about the Law. Pay less taxes and employment Law. Funded by public money. Orange privilege. Misogynist, unequal, bigoted and racist. Black balling people. Illegal. Wasting public money.

    Hypocrites and sycophants. The HoL. Rich people and the eye of a needle. No principles but never out of the Church supporting charity. If they paid their taxes there would be no need for it.

    WW1 a catastrophe, Millions died and were maimed. The rivalries of the British/European royal families. Victoria’s (grand) children. The ‘divine right to rule’. Cousin married cousins. Russian Czar invaded Kaiser Germany. The conflict spread. Interconnected Treaties. The people impoverished in poverty with few rights. Until Universal Suffrage 1928.,

    Scotland has paid too much for conscription and illegal wars. Brexit too big a price to pay. Scotland did not vote for it. The EU formed to stop starvation and war in Europe after the 11WW has been a very successful partnership. ECHR upholds people’s rights. Upheld under International Law. Nato. Supposed to be honoured, worldwide,

    The US/UK (France) illegally bombing the Middle East to bits. Saudi remuneration for arms and weaponry against International treaties. Illegal. It has been going on since the 1960’s. Harold Wilson. Bribery and corruption covered up by the Westminster Gov. Under the Official Secrets Act.

    The Balfour Agreement the cause of the conflict. Britain and France carved up the Middle East. Took all their resources and reneged on the people’s vote. Democracy overturned. Deja Vu.

    Scotland just has to vote for Independence. Scotland is secular. 32% Protestant. 16% Catholic. 2% other faiths. Many non practising. The Churches are empty. Losing members faster than a sieve loses water. Elderly female members. Women live slightly longer than men.

    Once a form of Stare control Now a community of like minded people. Sometimes conflicted. Some people are hypocrites and greedy. They do not follow moral principles or religious professed belief.

    Another one down, another one gone. Another one hits the dust. It will not be much longer until some keel over. Bow out to posterity. A different arrangement. Slim down or bow out.

    The Emperor has no clothes. Just a clothes horse. A million dollar industry. What people look like rather than what they do. A billion dollar industry while people are starving unnecessarily.

  69. Paul “The Weasel” Hutcheon from the Daily Redcoat paid to spout his Britnat propaganda on Politics Scotland. Another democracy denier. This guy turns my stomach.

    “Brexit is going to happen and everyone’s got over it really” he says. People like Hutcheon show absolutely no respect for the votes of the people of Scotland. Just another Westminster boot licker.

    “Independence supporters will have to show patience” he says with a casual disregard for Scottish votes.

    Don’t buy the Daily Redcoat. People like Hutcheon will always grovel to Westminster whether Tories or Labour they don’t care.


    In the first Scottish poll of 2020 a clear majority are backing the Scottish Parliament having the power over a future independence referendum. Amongst voters expressing an opinion: 61% believe Holyrood should ultimately decide on the holding of a future Scottish independence referendum, while 39% believe it should be the Westminster Parliament.

    The poll was conducted by Survation for polling and research think-tank Progress Scotland from 20-22nd January 2020 with a sample of 1,019 respondents in Scotland.

    • Waste of time, the AngloNats will completely ignore that. If it were conducted in England I think it may have a similar result except then it would not be so easy for the ultra-right AngloNats to ignore it.

    • Sir John Professor Poultice was given plenty of time this morning on Politics Scotland to talk about polls re Scottish independence and Indyref2 and such matters. Didn’t mention this poll – I wonder why – is it because he is a Britnat on a Britnat show.😂😂😂😂

  71. Oh well we know where we stand now Macart with Thornberry, Phillips and Nandy. Just waiting to hear what Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey think of us. I must say, however, that I’m totally disappointed with Emily Thornberry, as I thought that she was ”bigger” than that. Seems that they’re all the same right enough and not fit to govern. And they wonder why so many former Labour supporters like myself dumped them and will never return to their fold!

    • Petra I keep on saying that about Labour. They have no respect for Scotland and they care even less.

      I can understand people having residual affection for Labour but really they don’t and have never deserved it.

      1979 Referendum Labour Treachery.
      1997 referendum more Labour treachery.
      The Vow 2014 Labour treachery.
      The Smith commission 2015 Labour treachery.

      Labour see Scotland as a place to be used and abused.

    • Thornberry was a real disappointment because she makes a lot of sense on other issues but then, in mitigation, it is perhaps unrealistic to expect anything other than total ignorance of Scottish politics from those trapped in the London-centric buubble.

      • It’s this complete lack of respect of Labour politicians for their (now ex) voters that have sunk the once great party. Remember the insulting “white van man” comment. They just can’t help themselves – despite the “we are the people” mask, they look down on ordinary folk and when the pressure comes, the mask slips all too easily. The rise of New Labour (or neoLabour) with Neil Kinnock may have provided Tony Blair with three victories, but at an awful long-term cost.The bourgeoise red tories lunatics took over the labour asylum an it all went south. I cannot see any possibility of recovery in the next decade. My heart bleeds. 🙂

    • The politics of hate Petra. This from someone who (supposedly) wants to govern all. (shrugs)

      As for Mr Starmer? Federalism (YET AGAIN) is the selling point. Something that Labour rolls out on a regular basis when the natives are restless. Apparently he’s coming to Scotland in the near future to offer us beads n’ blankets…


  72. Westminster leaders who do not support another IndyRef or Independence for Scotland do not last very long. Thornberry and Nandy now out of the race. Now out of the picture. Some people never learn. Another own goal.

    Leaves Long-Bailey or Sir Starmer now in favour.

    The Tories are mucking up big time. Still in the EU for two years, The Tories absolute shambles will cost them at the Ballot Box. Labour out of the picture. It will all end in tears again.

  73. You also get the impression chicmac that as she struggles to get support Thornberry was playing to the crowd which if true makes her petty and pathetic. And of course what does it tell you about the crowd that she was playing to?


    Some facts from Professor John Robertson.

    • Many empires have gone quietly, simply accepting the new reality, but some, like Rome, have created bubbles of delusion for themselves which have skins so thick they become quite impenetrable by fact, reason or reality however sharpened and honed those barbs might be.

      The inhabitants see only a distorted image of what exists outside their bubble and they don’t actually care because they know their cloistered experience is the best of all possible worlds.

      It is a kind of mass psychosis, a collective denial fed by ingrained and quite probably incorrigible delusion.

      A pompous parasite which prostlytizes its Panglossian world view to its host even as it devours it all the more rapidly as it approaches the point of extinction.

      It is a very sad sight really.

      • Hello Chic – have remarked for years that cognitive dissonance is a fairly common human disorder. One only needs to consider 9/11 and its impact on our psyche – even in the face of overwhelming evidence, many people choose to ignore basic physics and believe the official account, which after almost two decades, seems incredible. There is certainly a “bubble’ – but it’s pretty obvious the ventilation system is completely buggered.

  74. Virgin healthcare pays no tax on £Billion contracts in England. Parasites on the NHS. Brexit will increase the queues. Essential workers leaving. The economy underperforming already. Car and retail industry. Farming/fishing affected negative. Higher prices and lower production. Unemployment could rise. The Tories total shambles. Brexit tax evasion.

    Thatcher. Unemployment NI 20% (troubles) Scotland 15%. The only place unemployment was under 10% was London S/E. Scottish revenues funding London S/E. Secretly and illegally. Scotland underpopulated. London S/E totally congested. North/South divide for votes for the unionist parties. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1. An economic disaster.

    Thatcher had to go for greater ties with Europe. EU membership improved the UK economy. Nearest, biggest market. Shared Defence costs. CAP payments keeping prices down. Founded to stop war and starvation in Europe after 11WW. Increased prosperity.

    There is still time to vote the unionists out. Scotland would be better off. Two years and more before the charlatans totally muck up. Why would Scotland settle for federalism when it could have Independence in the EU without the Westminster meddling. Mucking up the whole UK economy.

    Ireland was illegally Partitioned. 1923. Lloyd George, a Welsh Liberal. Universal Suffrage 1928. The Irish could have voted for Home Rule/Independence. 5 years later. They still could nearly 100 years later. Brexit. Demographic changes. Ireland could vote for reunification after all the Westminster illegal instigated segregated troubles and bloodshed. For unionist votes at Westminster.

    NI illegal biased loyalists Lodge. Racist, bigoted, misogynist, unequal and unfair secrecy. Black balling people. Against the Law. Making and breaking the Law. A Law unto itself. The inequality of the Ballot Box. People illegally denied the vote.

    Scotland could vote for Independence nearly 100 years later. Universal Suffrage 1928, Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box because people could. Although the Westminster unionists tried to influence and control the vote. Gross ignorant, arrogant interference at every level.

    Now always getting found out on the internet. Shared views and information. The Borders/highlands have poor internet connection in some areas. Leads to more undefended propaganda. Easily disputed in other places.

  75. If it looks like a duck,sounds like a duck……..
    Any political party based in England,funded from England and policy decisions Made in England,is an English political party.
    The Britnats have tried to hide this fact from Scots by branding their Scottish offices as Scottish but they definitely look like ducks to me and quite a lot of their representatives here in Scotland sound like that.
    Quack quack,No quack to Independence quack quack.
    Do not feed the ducks.

    • Aye a right bunch of Duckers eh Bringiton .
      And the latest Ducker , Thornberry trumps the lot with her latest show of affection to more than half of Scottish voters , what’s the problem with these English Women are they trying to be more snide and vindictive than the men .

  76. Racist, bigoted, misogynistic biased BBC uses wrong coverage of dead person. Westminster controlled. Cost £5Billion. Creates the news and breaks the news. Gov biased propaganda. News story.

  77. Since Brexit is entirely Made in England,we Scots should be using a Scots word to describe their exit from Europe.
    Broot or Engoot.

  78. From Bill Mitchell’s MMT blog:

    Britain continues to defy Project Fear

    “Regular readers will know that I have been following the path of the British economy post-Referendum in 2016 to see whether the doomsday that the Remainers predicted was likely. It became colloquially known as ‘Project Fear’ as mainstream economists, so-called progressive economists who had their snout in the Labour Party as advisors (and we know where that took the Party), institutions like the Treasury and the Bank of England, all pumped out a sequence of terrible predictions about what would happen to the British economy should the Leave vote succeed. The predictions started in the lead up to the June vote. Immediate recession was forecast. That didn’t happen. Then new forecasts came out – with longer term disasters predicted. As each prediction horizon passed without disaster, the predictions morphed, new horizons were introduced, more nuanced analysis was presented. And, as nothing much has happened to ratify their fears (and lies), the Project has abated somewhat. The latest data shows that the Project is as moribund as it ever was.”


    • Och, Mark, Mitchell is a foodbank denier who knows that ‘full time work’ is now defined as 16 hours a week or more.
      No mention of the £435 billion QE Carney slushed into the economy in August 2016 following the Leave vote.
      I am being frog marched out of Europe by English Imperialists this week.
      For Scotland and the North of Ireland Brexit in any form is imperial thuggery.
      Mitchell is talking about England Boom Time here; and lying by omission.

        • As the rest of the World forms super international markets, the UK breaks away from the wealthiest and probably most successful one to operate as a corner shop. Who benefits from this maybe them with investments abroad eh. or could it be Donald,s USA.

  79. Patricia Gibson, I love the cut of your jib.

    Great speech in the HofCommons re “the claim of right”.

    Alister Jackboot doesn’t even bother to turn up and sends his linesman Ross to spout the usual lies and say how great England is and how rubbish Scotland is. Only three Scot MPs turn up each one pretty obnoxious proudscotbuts.

    Not one Labour MP turns up. Yes that’s how much Labour is interested in Scotlands sovereign rights. Not one Labour MP. Not one.Not even Ian Murray.

    Time to leave Westminster.

  80. Eh, Robert if you don’t like stale you could “contribute”, lol.

    Gordon Ross is highlighting that an independent poll is showing that 57% of Scots support independence now and that Aidan O’Neil QC is stating that Section 5 of the Scotland Act shows that the Scottish Parliament can hold a legally recognised referendum. Check out his links on YouTube such as for the 27.1.2020.

    This relates to the 26.1.2020.

    • I do like Indy Car’s videos but he does get a wee bit carried away with dubious polls. 57% seems a tad ambitious. The Brexit sh*t has still not quite reached the fan yet. And even when it does, ordinary Scots will react slowly. Surely but slowly.

    • I saw this yesterday, and it’s good to have some positivity, but for the life of me I can’t find this poll he talks about that shows 57% support for Indy – it could very well be that it hasn’t been published (that is, held back, to make max impact at time of politicians choosing), but he’s so vague about who carried out the poll and other details that might suggest its validity – he just says who didn’t do it.

      The other statements are also fairly vague on detail, so do we assume insider knowledge,,,?

      Or just wait and see?

      Bah. It does sound like it’s encouraging complacency, but at least a lot of YES groups are planning on doing some high-profile vigil things, good on them, more of this.

      • It’s easy to get 57% support for YES (or any figure) in an unrepresentative poll. And there in lies the problem – was it an accurate representative sample? If not, we are just kidding ourselves. We may be around 50% at the mo, but 57% seems highly unlikely.

  81. Breaking news. Neil, Thatcher’s henchman, made £Millions lying about Scotland. Lying again. What a waste of time and public money. Right wing tax evader. Brexit con.

  82. Completely off-topic – but just for a bit of fun.

    How many Scottish islands can you find in my little piece? Good luck! (Also, if you feel you can add to it, please go ahead.)


    Island rhapsody

    As Harris looked up into the Skye, his shoes covered in Muck, he pulled off his Fair Isle jumper. Then he reached into his trouser pocket for his Eigg and his bottle of Rum. He Mulled over his wife, Iona, all alone at home, watching “Lewis” on the telly. Then he thought of his son, Arran, and his Shetland pony and his neighbour: old Ben Becula.

    “No man is an island,” he said softly. “But I am a true Scot!”

    Just then he heard a Yell.

    “Hoy, there!” shouted the voice. “Is that Harris from Mainland?”

    “Uist, Man! It is, too!” replied Harris. “And you’re Ronald Say! And Sanday, too! Well, well! By St. Kilda! I haven’t seen you both since school!”

    And they embraced.

    “What’s happened to you? What are you doing here?” asked Harris.

    “We’re returning this Barra which your father lent to ours,” said Ronald Say. “And then we’re off to see the Greek Orthodox priest, Papa Westray, on Priest Island. He’s just finished erecting the extension to the South Walls of his house. We hope to go for a Seil together.”

    “How have you been?” said Harris.

    “Well, I’m just back from honeymooning in France … the Jura,” replied Ronald Say. “You know I married the crofter’s daughter, Ailsa … Ailsa Craig?”

    “Aye. She was a Bute! But not as good a singer as Danna or Cara!”

    “Aye. Bigga, too!” The men chuckled. “Do you remember Eilean?”


    “Pity. Bought a cat, a Mousa, but she died from cancer of the Lunga. Terribly sad.”

    They were quiet for a bit. Then Ronald Say continued,

    “Sanday here is a computer apprentice under old Coll on Orkney. He’s a Staffa, there. There’s nothing about Gighabytes and Wyreless that man doesn’t know about! He married Islay, remember? They have a son now, Ross.”

    “Aye. I remember him well,” said Harris, smiling. “And we have a new CUnstable in the village, too! Papa Little we call him. He’s very paternal, but rather short!”

    “I guess he keeps trespassers away from Theresa’s Island – the Isle of May?” said Ronald Say.

    “He does that,” replied Harris. “And I bet she gives him a wee Todday in recompense!”

  83. Murray and the Tories do not turn up for debates because they can’t face the music. They cannot face what they have done. Or put their foot in it again. They send a 3rd rate sycophant instead. To lie and lie again. The contempt plain to see. Hoping no one will notice. They do.

    Support for SNP and Independence will keep on rising. Hitting a crescendo. Then it is time to go. Leave the appalling mess. The complete and utter shambles.

    Labour/Libs have been voted out. Time to vote out the Tories before they do any more damage. Scotland will be unionist free. Time for Independence in the EU for a better future and prosperity. People will have to vote for it.

  84. The Tory proposed migration system. More red tape and costs to business. Business/industry sectors already in decline because of Brexit proposals. Deja Vu.

    They could not make a bigger mess. They will have to go. They do not have a clue what they are doing. Or the consequences. People want to remain in the EU, especially in Scotland.

    It will all end in tears again. Who wants the poison chalice?

  85. Harry off to America. Andrew can’t go there. Another fine mess. Tax evasion. How will they get out of it? Breaking the Law. If people paid their taxes there would be no need for charity. The hype.

    The cover up. D notices. Westminster unionist corruption. Secrecy, bribery and lies. Illegal company bribes. Kept secret by Gov. Since the 1960’s and before,

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years. Under the Official Secrets Act.

    • Petra, perhaps we could crowd fund enough to pay for this excellent Letter to an Abuser to be featured as a full page insert in the Dead Tree Scrolls.
      Perhaps Tom Gordon Paul Hutcheon and Gina Davidson will cut and paste it as their ‘column’, like wot they do with Red Blue and Yellow Tory ‘Press Releases’? Or maybe not.

      At the very least, every ProudScotBut Brit Nat MP, MSP, MEP, and LA councillor, should be given a copy of this wonderful piece by hand, with of course,a special delivery to Emily I hate the SNP’ Thornberry.
      I refuse to be dragged out of Europe by an occupying force.

  86. How much would they charge to publish that letter, Jack? No amount of money would ever persuade them to do so, imo. That lot will remain biased until we get our independence and they’re run out of town.

    It should, as you say, however be sent out to every BritNat politician in the hope that if they’re not aware of how we feel already (doubtful) it may open their eyes to the reality of our situation. On the other hand do they really care?

    • I can not better the letter and I commend the writer for her heart-felt sentiments and her undoubted ability with the quill/keyboard.

      May I offer you a similar contribution on ‘abusive relationships’ – this time produced by me exactly 9 months (go figure!) before Indy Ref 1. If anyone feels they can use this (adapted a wee bit to modern times, for the purposes of some names and the fact that Angela Alba will have to stand up to Jack Union again), then I’d be happy for you to do so.

      Incidentally, many have asked me subsequently, ‘Who is Beattie?’ The answer is to read slowly and meaningfully – and look for the acronym …


      43. (of 60.)

      Angela Alba’s having a baby

      Angela Alba lives in a small town, not so far away and she’s having a baby. Of that, there’s no doubt. All the tests in her white paper check-list have proved positive, and now, nine months down the line, she knows she’s going to give birth to a new life form. It’s all so very exciting, and Angela’s feeling pretty excited too. It will be a momentous day in her life and she knows it will change her perspectives and her ways of thinking forever. She also knows that after so many years of domestic abuse, she will finally be very happy. Angela has made a vow to herself and her unborn baby that she will do everything in her power to love him (or her) with as much mother’s love as she can. The baby will want for nothing and Angela will ensure that it gets all that it needs in support to ensure that it stands proud on its own two feet and look the world straight in the eye.

      These last few years have been a trial for Angela. Her husband, Jack Union (Angela had at least kept her dignity and her maiden name on marrying – but little else) is an abusive, boorish, uncaring man. He has often left Angela in the lurch by going on various boozy fuelled trips with his mates, in particular Sam Washington. Many is the time that Angela has heard that they’ve been involved in fights at various pubs – the latest one being a fracas in the Baghdad Arms. It came as no surprise to Angela that both Jack and Sam were no longer welcome at the Baghdad Arms – they’ve been banned from so many other pubs in town. Even the patience of the landlady of the European pub, Bea Russell, was wearing a bit thin, and she was on the verge of issuing a final warning to Jack Union, before excluding him entirely from her hostelry.

      Invariably too, Jack Union is an aggressive, selfish man. He keeps most of the money that he earns from Angela in order to maintain his boozy, self-centred lifestyle. He rarely gives anything to her. Indeed, so uncaring is he towards his partner, that Jack Union is not averse to taking her money too, leaving Angela poor and upset at home. Far too often, Angela is also the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Jack Union.

      Angela has thought of leaving her abusive husband on many occasions.

      In 1979, she had attempted to break free of him, but through a cunning ruse and frightening her into thinking that she couldn’t live without him, Jack Union had ‘persuaded’ Angela to stay.

      Then, in 1997, after years of neglect, Jack bought Angela a new kitchen. Doubtless, he thought he was being very magnanimous towards his wife. But Angela saw things differently. Yes, the kitchen was a boon, it was a place of her own where she could do her own thing and think her own thoughts, but in reality it only served as a place where she continued cooking and slaving for her husband. She was not truly free of his influence even then, not independent, and invariably if Angela did something wrong in the kitchen – burning Jack’s toast, for example – Jack would bawl at her for being ‘too weak, too poor, too stupid.’ She couldn’t even get such basic things right, he’d shout. He would then storm out of the house and join Sam Washington in a local bar and get drunk, all the while decrying Angela.

      Angela is by now convinced that her relationship with Jack Union has broken down irretrievably. Their partnership is no longer one of two equals – if it ever was. She wants a divorce and she wants one quickly. But she’s also sensible enough to realise that she has to insist on her fair share of the assets of their marriage. She has consulted her good friend, Nicola, a specialist in family law, and she has advised Angela how best to go about it. Although she’s now pregnant, Angela can’t see that the baby will change anything or bring both her and Jack Union together. It’s gone too far for that, and indeed, knowing her husband’s behaviour, Angela’s aware that he didn’t want this baby.

      Jack Union is associating with Beattie, who has made a name for herself as ‘the village bike.’ She takes on all-comers, though it seems that Jack Union is her favourite ‘client.’ She’s a crabby, embittered woman (not unlike her sisters, Johann and Margaret) and is jealous of the fact that Angela Alba’s pregnant. Her own son, George London, has gone south and made a name for himself as a banker someplace in the City, where he has retained many of his mother’s egotistical characteristics. He has never given the town a second thought since as he has pursued his own selfish goals – but he has retained the affections of and for his mother, Beattie. This is only to be expected, but Beattie and her son still seem to be linked by an invisible umbilical chord, years after the latter’s birth.

      Beattie will have strong words with Jack Union about Angela’s forthcoming delivery. There are those in the little town who whisper darkly that Beattie and Jack are already conspiring to ensure that Angela abort the foetus before the end of her term or that they are trying to induce her to miscarry. There must be some truth in this, as both Jack Union and Beattie are often seen leaping out of the shadows, projecting fear onto poor Angela.

      But Angela is a resilient character. And aided and counselled by her good friend and lawyer, Nicola, who along with other members of the latter’s legal partnership of Jenkins, Canavan and Salmond LLP, is helping her maintain her dignity through it all. Angela Alba will stand tall, look the bullies in the eye, give birth in nine months time to a bonny, wee baby, divorce her husband and make a new life for herself and her offspring. The rest of the little town will be so happy for her – she will truly be an independent woman, and be free of the machinations of her soon to be ex-husband, Jack Union. Both he and Beattie will be run out of town.

      Parables for the New Politics

  87. People can still vote agin it. The Tory complete and utter shambles. The tide can still turn quite rapidly. People want to stay in the EU. The Tories can be voted out.

    Entirely different situation. If the Irish had waited a few (-5) years. It is likely Ireland would never have been Partitioned. The violent uprising. 1923 Partition. Supposed to be only temporarily. 1928 Universal Suffrage. Avoided nearly 100 years of bloodshed and illegal bigotry. Immense costs in lives and funds. People refused emancipation through the Ballot Box.

    Ireland can vote to be reunited nearly 100 years later. After the immense damage caused to the whole (world) population. Westminster unionist illegal activities causing even more problems. Human rights violations. Eventually resolved through the Ballot Box.

    People were illegally denied the vote by the British State. The state of it. The illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Bombing the world to bits. The Chinese and Russians are less violent and more peaceful, than the US/UK. The violent aggressors throughout history and the world. Scotland illegally conscripted and taxed by Westminster corruption.

    Both China and Russia have been illegally and brutally occupied in the recent past. 11WW. They defend their borders. The EU founded to stop war and starvation in Europe after 11WW. To bring cooperation and prosperity to the members successfully.

    Scotland can vote for Independence through the Ballot Box. Support for the SNP and Independence rising. People want to stay in the EU. The Tory mess and shambles increasing. Obviously there for all to see. People in Scotland can vote for Independence in the EU. The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won.

  88. Eire (Spain) out of 11WW after violent internal civil uprisings. Conflict. Avoiding further bloodshed and immense cost. The US involved 1941. Isolation. After WW1. The Depression. 1933. Recovery.

  89. Ill people die in hospital of underling causes. There are some absolute scandals often defined by Gov cuts or misguided unionist Health Boards or councils. Not making proper provision.

    The ConDems cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it. Average £4Billion a year. Elected to protect the NHS. Cameron/Clegg. They cut it, They are spending £Billions on a rail line to nowhere. With no business case. Not enough customers.

    Cameron’s nose in the tough of public money. Wasted. The Chinese Consortium. An absolute scandal. Osbourne/Johnstone total incompetence. All in it together for what they can get. The Tory incompetent sycophants. An absolute disgrace.

    The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts. Increased the Healthcare budget. How £12.5Billion. Increased in Scotland. MUP is saving lives and funding. Labour did not support it.

    The unionist Health Boards and councils (social care) are not providing proper total abstinence, one chance, rehab treatment. Wasting money on other services. Instead of improvement and recovery. Costing £Millions/Billions that could be better spent. On healthcare. Rather than social care, police/fire prisons.

    People is Scotland still drink 10%? higher than the rest of the UK, although it is reducing. (from 25%). A dramatic improvement in 10 years. A decade. A decline in crime. Drink/drug use is related to crime. The drink’s in, the wit’s oot.

    There are still too many innocent people in cells on charges that are dropped. Instead of being taken home and receiving a letter of charges dropped. No evidence.

    A total waste of time and money of malicious complaint. Costing £Million/Billions. Without redress or apology. An absolute scandal. Building a criminal empire of innocent people. No diversity. Now being dealt with and investigated by the Justice Secretary. For improvement and to save public funding.

    Unequal, bigoted, racist misogynistic marches given police protection. Wasting £Millions of public money. Instead of black balled and banned by some authorities.

  90. I’m in no fussed whether the SG to call a referendum this year (although I think it would be honourable given the massive Scottish vote for staying in the EU). Their call.

    However, I do want to see a bit more WM and Holyrood assertion from the SNP starting now (Brexit) – C’mon, up the stakes and make bloody nuisances of yerselves. It’s in your power to make Scotland ungovernable. The people are behind you on this. They may not be quite ready for indy (almost there), but they will support some real constitutional aggro IMO. They are angry enough with WM. 🙂

  91. The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won. Not jump the gun. The Tories mess and shambles. Support for SNP and Independence rising. The tide turning. The tipping point. People want to stay in the EU.

  92. “Leaving aside oil and gas”

    On BBC Politics Scotland this afternoon David Henderson, Business Correspondent giving a summary of Scotlands business sectors.

    “The rest of the UK continues to be Scotlands biggest trading partner, our exports there, leaving aside oil and gas are worth about £51billion”

    Henderson proceeds to go on in great detail about whisky, farming etc but not another word about the oil and gas sector. Oil and gas has definitely been pushed to the side in Hendersons report. Why?

    It is obvious he has either been told not to speak about the oil and gas sector or the UK arrangements around the sector are too difficult to report on without getting himself into trouble with the BBC.

    In what other country would this happen a broadcaster giving a summary of the economy and a major sector is just – left aside. Blair Jenkins, in the studio does not say a word about why this sector is just ignored.

    The UK – ripping off Scotland for centuries.

  93. I’d just like to punt once again taking back… Auld Lang Syne….. As our National Anthem.
    It’s international recognition and message of friendship is second to none.
    The scene of it being sung in the EU parliament this evening was so moving,I can’t think of any other countries Anthem that can cut it like that and that wee tune and it’s ours if we choose it 🙂

  94. Whatever Scotland loses in exports south They will go to other markets. Scotland has premium goods. EU/world etc. Scotland would become an EU/world trade hub. North to south and east to west. There are already plans being made.

    Out of the EU There will be shortages in the South tariffs and higher prices.

    Scotland will gain £Billions. Independent. No tax evasion. No loans repayments on funds not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Defence and Trident cut. No Illegal wars. Costing more, Scotland can borrow very little to expand the economy. Monies illegally and secretly taken from Scotland for years. £Billions lost.

    Scotland raises £63Billion in tax revenues but could raise more and not be paying for Westminster social, economic and foreign disastrous policies. Norway raises £80Billion in tax revenues. Scotland could do the same.

    Fishing brings in £200,000million. EU membership brings in £Billions. Nearest biggest market. 500million. CAP payments, shared Defence costs. £15Billion trade. Overseas trade. ECB investment renewables in etc. £Billions. The EU costs Scotland nothing and brings benefits.

    Scotland imports and exports are more balanced. The rest of the UK has a major balance of trade deficit.

    LibDems blocked the AWPR for years. The £Billions in oil revenues went south. Now complaining about the ferries. Hypocrites.

    The Tories total shambles and mess. Will vote them out. People want to stay in the EU.

  95. Par for the course, the English Nationalist parties all voted against indyref2 – why do people still vote for those people who have no interest in Scotland whatsoever apart from enabling their Westminster masters to treat us like shit.

    • Whether you define the Tories, Labour or LibDems as English Nationalist or British Nationalist one thing is certain they jump to Londons tune and cannot by any definition be described as Scottish political parties. If you vote for these parties you are voting to be governed by another country.

      A Scottish Parliament should only have Scottish political parties in it.

    • Believe it or not Skintybroko, I’ve come across MANY Scots who have no idea that these three parties are controlled from London.

  96. Aye Cubby agree completely unfortunately our parliament is stymied by “foreign” parties. I just limo them all as English Nationalist parties as am pissed off with Bojo and his crowd constantly calling the SNP Nationalist and never being corrected

    • FGS Legerwood!! What an arrogant, little ignoramus. Looks as though the Media have a wee list of so-called independence supporters to call on that are ever ready to stab us in the back.

      • I ‘ve thought that for a long time Petra. They only pick the ones that pass their test of being subservient. At the same time the Labour Tories and Lib Dems get to lie their faces off unchallenged.

      • Indeed Petra. Given the way CH4 usually ignores the SNP I figured that his appearance would not do the cause any favours.

  97. Scotland Tonight

    “a Union of over 400 years” says Sheila Ritchie MEP Lib Dems referring to the UK. How is it that the people who keep going on about their precious Union can’t even get the basics correct. So is it a mistake or is it a lie or a deliberate exaggeration based on the one monarch holding the crowns of England and Scotland taking place earlier.

    The length of time of a Union is irrelevant. It is whether it is fit for purpose that counts and the UK has never been fit for purpose for Scotland.

    Shona Craven pushing back a bit more re Comments about unauthorised referendums. No more “cow’rin, tim’ rous beastie” by Shona this time. The mouse bit back. Next time she needs to bite even harder.

  98. Shona Craven? On again? What about them inviting Nicola Sturgeon, Joanna Cherry or Philippa Whitford, to name but a few that can really bite, onto their show?


    The Indyref2 site has a new “Blether Away” ongoing thread on it’s site. What about getting over there and giving them some support folks? We really need this site, the one that posts informative links daily, so let’s use it or lose it. And with the way things are going elsewhere it’s crucial that we have another site that attracts genuine independence supporters, rather than a cabal of BritNat usurpers.

  99. The more dafties on the telly the more people will vote SNP and Vote for Independence. Support rising all the time. MSM in demise. A complete and utter disgrace.

    Johnston just puts up support for the SNP and Independence. Every time he opens his mouth people are offended. He is just a complete ignorant, arrogant, useless incompetent. A complete oaf. Why is Corbyn still there? The LibDem ‘leader’ voted out of Scotland. The rest to follow. They cannot count or read a balance sheet.

    The Tory complete mess and shambles. A bunch of total incompetents. Deja Vu. It will all end in tears, again. The destruction of the Thatcher years,

    Scotland will vote SNP and vote for Independence. For a better more prosperous world. After nearly 100 years of Westminster unionist chaos. Lies deceit and secrecy.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The corruption of Westminster unionists. Time and money wasters. A disgrace. Most of them should be in jail.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

  100. Well the time is almost upon us folks. This is it. This is where th rubber hits the road. I hope the SNP are about to do something big. Anything other than meekly accept it and carry on moaning.if they don’t, there will be a new indy party setting up in 2021 IMO.

    • “There will be a new Indy party setting up in 2021.”

      What one would that be Luigi? And if that is the case, I wonder how long it’ll take that party to achieve independence for us?

      Our only and last chance lies with the SNP now, IMO. Scrapping that party, the SNP, and starting again sounds like lunacy to me.

    • There isn’t going to be any new Independence Party
      You need more than a website to be a political party
      SNP have expertise going back decades tried and tested and well practiced to deal with everything that comes their way it’s a huge organisation and expertly managed by very very clever people

      It’s all fine having ideas
      And speaking your mind

      But a new Scottish independence political party is nonsense it would take years and years to build unless they can steal the people from SNP and that is just not going to happen Luigi

      • Of course the SNP are the only show in town for indy supporters, but for how long? A one-issue party could appear out of nowhere (and have success) very quickly – take the Brexit Party as an example. There are enough supporters getting impatient to make this a concern.

        I appreciate the SNP want to do this right, but I am concerned that if they don’t do something radical very quickly, then folk will start looking for alternatives. Even clever triangulation has a shelf life. We are being sh*t on big time by Boris and WM. We have been nice and reasonable for three years. And I fully support the strategy thus far. However things are about to change for the worse. It’s time to get tough. 🙂

        Two things the SNP/SG need to consider caerfeully IMO:

        1) If they don’t take the fight to WM, ano alternative movement/party will appear. It’s inevitable.

        2) failure to grasp the initiative at this stage will leave the field open to WM. And they will take it. If WM sets the agenda (again) this time, it’s all over.

        • A one issue party, depending on who’s involved, could also put paid to us ever getting our independence at all, Luigi.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but was not the ‘Scottish’ Conservative campaign at the recent UK General Election a one issue party matter of ‘tell Sturgeon again we don’t want a referendum’ – and they lost. Further, the UK-wide Conservative mantra was on the single issue of ‘Get Brexit Done’.

            Indeed, if we look further back to Betray us Together times (and consistently amongst the Brit Nats since time immemorial) the sole issue that unites them is fear of independence and hatred of the national party that supports it.

          • I’m not advocating it Petra – I’m just concerned that it may happen. In fact it may even be started by an closet Brit Nat, an agent provocatuer.

        • To start any other Indy Party would be just what WM wants. It would complicate things among the yes movement people. It is an old trick called divide and conquer. The Tories have been using this tactic since I was a boy and that is seven decades ago. Alex Neil and some of the other so called experienced people should take note.An example being when they did it with the miners in the 1984 unofficial miners strike.

  101. Ha ha ha. Our distinctive Scottish accent must crack the BBC up, lol. First of all they interviewed a female expert (Professor?), SCOT, in the US who’s involved in creating a vaccine to deal with the coronavirus. Then they interviewed Professor Calum Semple, SCOT, from Liverpool University. The number one in his field across the UK. Little mention of the fact that he’s a Scot online.

    Then when I had a look at Liverpool University, involving that particular transmittable diseases field, I came across a number of Scots, such as Professor Janet Scott. They’ve tried to destroy our culture and language. I wonder if they’re now desperately trying to devise something to alter our accents like a wee helium balloon that they can insert in our gobs before we’re interviewed? Scots that come across as being far from stupid kind of destroys their stereotypical myths and we canny huv that, can we?

    • I love it when they say to me “ can you speak a bit slower “ I respond to them by saying
      “ what was that you said ? “
      When they repeat it
      I smile and frown at the same time and say again
      “ sorry what was that you said ? “

      Then you get the look
      The penny drops
      And they realise you are doing to them what they are doing to you

      The thing is
      They are still angry because
      They think they are speaking properly and you are not

      Especially when you have some parts of England where the spoken language is veery very different from BBC English

      I was born in Dundee but lived away for the next 17 years
      Educated in English schools in U.K. and overseas
      On returning to Dundee I had the BBC English spoken language
      And yes my friends and relatives loved to take the mickey

      Often they would ask me to say words like tanner or dish towel and then burst out laughing but there was no malice or ill feeling in it
      Whereas as now that I’ve tried to train myself to speak like a Dundonian I recognise immediately when someone is fooling with me about the accent I have
      I can still switch to the BBC English accent
      And I can do a good Northern Ireland and a good Dorset and east anglia good enough to fit it

      They’re all fantastic ways of talking
      Isn’t that what language is all about ? Or meant to be anyway

      Until some fool comes along and tries to make out one accent is superior to another

  102. People who worry about accents are quite simple minded. Irrelevant. One issue. What is important is what people say. Not how they said it.

  103. The Scots accent is one of the most trusted. Internationally. According to surveys. Honesty.

    Ken Macintosh, the presiding officer, in Holyrood. Labour. He claimed there were to many Scottish accents on BBC Scotland. He had worked in broadcasting. Television producer BBC News. Supposed to be impartial.

  104. Scots accents are trusted internationally according to surveys. Honesty.

    Ken Macintosh, Holyrood presiding Officer claimed there were too many Scottish accents on BBC Scotland. Ex BBC News producer. Supposed to be impartial,

  105. Support for independence is at 51% now, as per YouGov polling results. I remember someone boasting, and showing data to the effect, that the Wee Blue Book had made a massive difference to the rise in support in 2014. Time to get the one millions copies of said book delivered right across Scotland now. That’s depending on the contents of the latest version of course.

    Apologies for the looong link, lol

  106. I thought I would have a look to see the WOS take on the recent polls. Sadly, very depressing reading. The whole site is always on a downer led by Britnats BTL pulling the mood down. Sad to see a once great site turn into a moan fest and woe is me/us posters being led by the nose by phoney independence supporters.

  107. This from WOS 8.17pm

    There’s a discrepancy in the agegroup polled. The graphics on Yougov’s site claim ‘Scots aged 16+’ but the tables mention 18-24 as the youngest group polled:

    The categories in those tables match pretty well with recent Yougov polls that definitely didn’t poll 16- to 17-year-olds:

  108. Boris Johnston is planning to cherrypick the Australian points based immigration system, whereby some powers are devolved to some Australian states, to ensure that they continue to decimate our population and become an increasingly economically unviable country. Whatever happened to the Scotland that they, Westminster, said had the most powerfully devolved Parliament in the world? Lying bast*rds … Again. We’ve got to get out of this ASAP.

    • There was an interesting analysis of their proposals yesterday which concluded it had no relation to the Aussie system whatsoever, so any reference to it is illusion, smoke and mirrors for a hostile policy which they will manage to mismanage..
      In the last week I’ve met 5 couples each which one is English, every one of whom are moving out lock, stock and barrel before the end of the year. Several EU workers I spoke with also plan to leave, there is no up-side with this mob in government…

  109. Duggers, From my perspective, it has taken a strong stomach to endure the Last Week in The Fall of the British Empire. Hence my silence. It is not through rage or despondency that I have kept my counsel.
    Tomorrow is another day; Day One in our fight for Freedom from Brit Tyranny, as ‘tyranny is what it is.
    I half expected the 54 Brit Nat Red Blue and Yellow MSPs to wave wee Butcher’s Aprons at FMQ today to a rousing chorus of ‘There’ll Always Be An England’.
    Will Ian Murray reprise his Jack Zoot Suit tomorrow?
    Later; I am up to her with the collective laughter and triumphalism, especially from the Home Grown Scot Brit Nats.
    Well done MSM Scotland for seeing it through to the bitter end.
    Ypur Imperial Masters shall reward you handsomely; Will Toodle Oo and Glen and the Brewdog survive the BBC ‘efficiency’ cuts?
    A Plus, my fellow Scots political prisoners.

  110. Could someone send a new thread in. This one is getting pretty long. Anyone available. Even the speech. Starting afresh if available.

  111. Good speech not a shock as you say Macart but well reasoned to relate to the No’s – pity she couldn’t have waited to hear Gove “We voted to be Independent” – bloody hypocrite. Thought the press were very aggressive in their questioning – typical britnattery

    • Said a long time back that this was going to follow a process and that this was the tack/strategy the current SG would most likely pursue given their statements on referendums. The more Ms May (initially) kicked the can down the road without defining the nature/outcomes of Brexit, the more this became apparent.

      Some days though, (and this is one of those days), it’d be nice to be wrong.

    • @Skintybroko , or anyone else …

      I watched it on periscope.
      Can you post a link where we can watch the Press questioning as I did not see this bit at the end broadcast. ?


  112. Brexit hasn’t happened yet. Be under no illusion. Some folk want to jump the gun. They are disillusioned.

    The best time to have an IndyRef is still when it can be won.

    Irish jumped the gun. (-5yrs) They could have voted for it. They can now vote nearly 100 years later. Demographics and Brexit,

    Scotland has always gone through the Ballot Box because they could. Demographics and Brexit. Scotland can vote for it. Support for SNP and Independence rising. Every time the Tories muck up agIn.

    The Tories couldn’t make a bigger mess and shambles. Time will tell. Deja Vu. A different history. Devolution keeping Scotland strong. Then in on to Independence and victory. . Scotland can still vote for it. Despite the doubting thomas’s. Internet coverage increasing.

  113. People on WOS reacting badly to the speech even though nicola Sturgeon keeps saying there will be a Scottish independence referendum this year 2020.
    We will hold her to that
    If it doesn’t happen she will be out of a job

    • Did she say that “ther will be an independence referendum in 2020” or did she say “I will keep fighting for an independence referendum in 2020”, or something else?

      Today required a powerful response, an upping osf stakes. Sadly it’s gone down like a flat balloon.

      We just handed the initiative back to Boris Johnson. Wait and see what he does now. If he has spotted weakness in the SNP position he will not hesitate and go for the jugular. More foll us for dilly-dallying, especially since we are definitely now out of the EU in a matter of hours. So sad. 🙁

      • She has in the past said there will be a Scottish independence referendum in 2020
        Today she said a Scottish independence referendum in 2020 is what she wishes

        I hope it’s more than a wish

  114. Now Scotland must vote out the Tories, again. Into oblivion. Johnston will help the Independence cause. That’s for sure. Every time he talks derisory. The Tories can be defeated, without any doubt, Get the Tories out. Not long now.

  115. It will be two+ years before being out of the EU. The rules being followed, This year, next year. Some time, never. Plenty of time for the tide to turn. The Tories to be voted out. The mess and shambles they are making plain to see already,

    Deja Vu. It will all end in tears. The dope on a rope. Losing it. Democratic deficit. Democracy under minded again. 30 years into oblivion for the Tories. They are offending so many people. That is just th3 start of it.

    Austerity killing people. £Billions on a ghost train to nowhere.

    People want to stay in the EU.

  116. Mr McKenna is ill informed. Needs to move with the times. Instead of perpetuating the Times and Murdoch. Looking for a job. More non informed hysteria, making it up again. The young ones are coming out in favour of gender equality. They are pushing for it. They are the next generation. More tolerant.They are the future. The oldies will have to try and keep up. They have have had their day,

    The times they are a changing. Vast improvements for people, gender and equality. That have to be recognised, even in Law. For fairness and equality. That’s all.

    The youngsters are changing and are more liberal, equal and free. They just interact more freely. Expect others to do the same. Not so consumed with material more with ideals. Not ideology but ideals. Not so conservative with a ‘c’. Like the older bunch. A generation difference. Not consumed with the human body and prudishness.

    They do not care where they change. Times are a’changing. Some people need to keep up. It is not a problem. It just needs some legislation and tolerance. A wee bit of compassion and empathy. For equality in a better society. Less judgemental. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

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