It’s good to be back

We had a good time away, and it’s a good time to come home. Huge thanks to Ray and Sandra for giving the dug such a great holiday when we were away. It’s still good to be home even though it’s to return to a Scotland whose European identity has been ripped away from it, and which is under assault by an English nationalist government in Westminster which is doing its utmost to render Scotland politically irrelevant. It’s good to be home because Scotland is full of European Scots who refuse to sit quietly and shut up like good little North Britons. It’s good to be home because Scotland isn’t going to surrender.

We’ve now had three opinion polls in a row which show support for independence at 50% or above, and the great idea to save the yoonyin is a bridge that everyone knows will never be built. There’s no realistic way in which the scarily deep Beaufort’s Dyke, full as it is of radioactive waste and chemical weaponry, could ever be safely bridged. Still, at least we now have a candidate ditch for Boris Johnson to die in. It is of course entirely coincidental that this imaginary bridge that will never get built was announced on the exact same day that Michael Gove weaselly admitted that there will in fact be post-Brexit border checks despite spending the past few years denying that there would be any such checks at all. However there is now to be a period of consulting about this new bridge that won’t ever get built. The UK government could save itself a whole lot of bother just by giving me £10 million quid and I could tell them right now that the idea is a stupid one. It would still be a tiny fraction of the cost of HS2.

Jackson Carlaw is the new leader of the English Nationalist Brexit Party’s Scottish branch office and Annie Wells is his deputy. Look on their works ye mighty and giggle a bit. Jackson spent 25 years as a used car salesman, so at least he knows when he’s lying. This is a step in the right direction for a Tory politician, and for that small mercy we must be grateful. Jackson’s first act as leader, well, I say leader, was to describe the independence movement as an evangelical faith based cult. This is what counts as leadership in the We Just Love Being Told What To Do By Boris Johnson fan club. I’d have thought that a better definition of an evangelical faith based cult was a political party whose sole policy was telling people in Scotland that they cannot have any agency over their own lives but must surrender to the absolute power of a despot in London. Boris and Brexit will provide. All hail the World King. Although the Scottish Conservatives do raise an interesting philosophical question, how can you be a leader of an organisation whose entire raison d’etre rests upon being told what to do? It’s the antithesis of leadership. You’d be as well campaigning for voting to abolish democracy. Oh wait. That’s exactly what the Scottish Conservatives are doing.

Jackson Carlot is going to spend the next year or so saying no to another independence referendum, and since his band of nawbags has nothing else to offer the people of Scotland will make it their sole policy in the 2021 Holyrood elections. Then once the Tories get their collective arse handed to them on a plate in the ballot he’ll deny that the election was ever about an independence referendum at all. So very much as he did following the General Election then.

And talking of those who would struggle to lead their way out of a wet paper bag, Alister Jack has managed to survive Dominic Cumming’s, sorry Boris Johnson’s, cabinet reshuffle. In retrospect he was always going to. Boris Johnson was never going to allow anyone to keep their jobs if there was the slightest possibility that they might outshine him, and there are few bulbs dimmer than Alister’s. There are in fact small damp patches of photosensitive mould which glow more brightly than Alister. And they make a greater contribution to human wellbeing too. Sajid Javid lost his job as Chancellor, giving him the distinction of being the first British Chancellor of the Exchequer ever to be sacked before delivering a budget. He’s been replaced by the speak your weight machine that is Rishi Sunak, a man who makes Phillip Hammond seem like he’s edgy and charismatic. Sajid said no self-respecting minister could accept the conditions of subservience that were required for the job, and then Rishi comes along and says me! me! This is because if you were to draw a Venn diagram containing circles representing self-respect and Rishi Sunak, the two would be separated by a ditch deeper and wider than Beaufort’s Dyke, and every bit as toxic.

You might be forgiven for wondering why it was that if Dominic Cummings was such an eminence grise that we have a cabinet of third rate villains from a B movie, who are as fit for their positions as Herod was as a child protection officer. Liz Truss is now the longest serving member of the cabinet. Liz. Truss. Let that sink in for a moment. A woman that you wouldn’t trust to look after your goldfish. Liz Truss, who wants us to believe in Brexit because she thinks the whole world is crying out for British cheese and jam. Gavin Williamson still has a job. Gavin is the guy who leaked the proceedings of a national security council meeting to the press in order to get one over his political rivals. He’s the man who tried to defeat Vladimir Putin with petulance. This is the man who makes Private Pike seem like he’s in charge of the SAS. Gavin is the kind of reject from the early phases of auditions for The Apprentice that the other fireplace salesmen would strip naked, truss up to a lamppost, and leave to the mercy of a pigeon. This is the cream of the UK political crop, allegedly. God save us.

The UK cabinet has turned into an episode of a badly made kids’ tv show, in which contestants keep chanting the host’s favourite catch phrases. 40 hospitals! 50,000 nurses! 4000 buses! There’s not an atom of self-respect to be seen. Adults in that show where children got to ritually humiliate their teachers and parents with gunge possessed more dignity. I can’t take the dog out because my toes have curled so much that I can scarcely walk.

I keep trying to think of a sentence using the word we which could include both me and any member of the Tory cabinet, and keep failing. I did come up with “At least we’re not brainless monsters from the evil Mirror Universe of Star Trek”, but then I remembered that Suella Braverman exists, so that didn’t work. It’s not that Suella isn’t the brightest bulb in the lobby, more that she displays all the intellectual acuity of a baked potato that’s been left out in the sun for three weeks. Actually that comment is unworthy. It’s unfair to three week old baked potatoes. At least you can trust a three week old baked potato, which is a lot more than anyone could ever say about Suella.

Despite the collective crapfest that is the British government, the main reason that it’s good to be home is that support for independence is rising, and it will continue to rise. It will continue to rise no matter what self-inflicted disasters the SNP leadership manage to bring upon themselves. It will continue to rise no matter the outcome of next month’s high profile trial, which is being eagerly anticipated by British nationalists on social media like vultures waiting for a carcass. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t realised that the stink of death in their nostrils is the smell of their own decay.

The fundamental error made by those who are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a damaging trial for the SNP is the belief that support for independence is driven by the SNP. It’s not. They have the cart before the horse. It’s support for independence that drives the SNP. What drives support for independence is the failure of the British state. No matter what happens in that trial, it won’t change Brexit. It won’t make the Tories go away. It won’t alter Boris Johnson’s contempt for Scotland. It won’t suddenly make the UK a more attractive place for a Scotland that wants something different.

Meanwhile British nationalists in Scotland are handicapped by a singular blindspot, the blindspot that will be their undoing. They are obliged to make the assumption that remaining in a dysfunctional Union which isn’t really a Union at all is the default position that’s best for Scotland. It is screamingly obvious that the political and constitutional structures of the UK cannot accommodate Scottish political distinctiveness. It is equally obvious that remaining within the UK mean being subject to the whims of an English nationalist government which has no interest or need to listen to Scotland and a winner takes all voting system which means that the Labour party has little chance of power for many years to come. Even when a mildly progressive force does manage to take charge in Westminster, it can – as Blair proved – only do so by aping the Conservatives and then any good that it manages to achieve in its period in office will be undone once the Tories inevitably return to power. British nationalists in Scotland have to accept all this and present it to us as a good thing.

This might have worked back in 2014, in another political world it was possible to argue that the UK was wonderful, that its amazingness spoke for itself, that there was no need to prove its superiority. All that was taken for granted by British nationalists, just as it was taken for granted that British nationalism was the nationalism that was better than Scottish nationalism because it was magically not nationalist at all. It won’t work any more. It won’t work in a Scotland where the majority now support independence, where the default position amongst the public is a belief that independence is the normal state of affairs for Scotland.

But the greatest single problem that opponents of independence have is their credibility gap. That’s why they will struggle to make any positive case for the UK. The inescapable fact is that they made us all sorts of promises the last time round, and those promises can now be measured against the reality of what was actually delivered. No one is going to believe another Vow. No one will listen to another solemn promise that Scotland is a partner. No one will give any credence to a heartfelt plea that Scotland is loved and respected.

In 2014 a vote for independence was a vote for aspiration. In the next independence referendum a vote for independence will be a vote for exasperation. It will be a vote driven by exasperation about the decline of the UK, its destruction of the social security system and public services. It will be a vote driven by despair over the prospect of endless Conservative governments with Anglocentric politics and the worthlessness of Scottish voices in Westminster. It will be a vote driven by disgust about the small mindedness of Prime Ministers catering to the mean, the vindictive, the ignorant, and the xenophobic. It will be a vote in anger because we have a government chock full of nonentities who have less compassion and humanity than those dummies that people put in the passenger seats of their cars so that they can drive in the car-share lane without getting fined.

2020 is going to be the year when support for independence in Scotland is consolidated. It’s good to be back home and to be a part of making it happen.

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55 thoughts on “It’s good to be back

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  2. Great to have you back Paul, hope you had a great time. All of what you say about Johnstone’s cabinet is true. When I seen the other day who he had appointed as chancellor, I genuinely had WTF moment. The guy just disnae inspire confidence. Then we had mr carcrash announcing his deputy was Annie Wells. I couldnae stop laughing, I reckon it had to be a spoof. Nobody was that daft,were they. Wrong, he was that person. Oh dear.

    Labour hopefuls in Glasgow the other day, and we got the same old, same old. Labour cannot win an election without Scotland. Even if they had won every Scottish seat, they still wouldn’t be in government. They just have no awareness of politics here, and whatsmore they don’t care. They might disappear, and some of carcrashes lot, at the next HE next year.

    Oh well, there seems to be a lot of movement within the indy movement itself, on how we should be keeping the pressure on and move forward. I’m afraid that folk have got beyond hingin aboot for the SNP to grow a backbone and support us. We, the people who gave them our trust, to look after Scotland. Now we need to be doing it for ourselves. Alba Gu Brath.

  3. Great to have you back.and hope you had a great the weather was better out there than back here.this is back to all.
    Hope you brought a wee something back for ginger.anyway again welcome home.

  4. Loved having you back but be aware,this was too long. I always read to the end but 99% of surfers will skip this length of article.Is it possible to see a concise and full version as an option?

    • This, from her Wiki entry, Paul.

      “She became involved in politics during the referendum on Scottish Independence by joining the Better Together campaign and stood as the Conservative candidate in Glasgow North East in the 2015 general election, finishing 3rd with 4.7% of the vote. She also unsuccessfully contested the Glasgow Provan constituency at the 2016 Scottish Parliament general election, finishing 3rd with 8.6% of the vote, but was elected via the regional list. For the 12 years leading up to her election she worked as a retail manager for Marks & Spencer in various locations throughout Glasgow.”

      The People’s choice.

      I guess nobody else wanted the ‘job’.

      A wee lass who couldn’t even get 10% of the constituents to vote for her, repeatedly, is foisted upon us as a ‘rising star’ by the North British Conservative Party’s landslide leader (4,900 votes) Carjack Lawson.
      She has risen like a pooh in the shallow end.
      They are a laughing stock now.

      ‘Demockracy’, not ‘democracy’. The Fascist Blue Tories have abandoned any pretence at serving the people; they help themselves, to any cash they can get.

  5. Welcome back Paul. I know this does not relate directly to your post however I felt that it needed to be shared on whatever forums there are that may have a passing interest in how small oil rich nations are treated by big “paternal” countries. I post this here as a warning that when it comes to black gold then there is nothing that a powerful self entitled neighbour will do to control the wealth. Remember Iraq and the lengths that the “coalition of the willing” UK, US and yes Australia did in that country.

    The other aspect of this is a message to the SNP about how they may want to consider the power of satire in conveying a serious message. The group that produced this and many other satirical exposes on the Australian government is called Getup. The Australian government have done everything to try to censor them but so far without success…


    • Thanks for that video Malky. A real eyeopener, for me, to find out what’s actually going on over there. And well done to Getup for exposing the Australian Government as being another disgusting, money grabbing bunch of cruel, callous b*stards that have been / are robbing some of the poorest, most vulnerable people on the planet. Just wondering if the Queen couldn’t do something about that?

      I don’t know if I agree about the SNP conveying messages in such a “satirical” way, however winning Indyref2 isn’t just about one person or a particular political party. There’s hundreds of thousands of us who have to play a part too. In saying that Phantom Power’s doing a grand job in exposing the corrupt Westminster crew on this side of the planet.

      Meanwhile let’s not forget what the SNP have done for Scotland.

    • Satire at it’s best Malky, but better in the hands of those NOT in Government, since it is their policies which are being exposed/ripped a new one… 😉

      • Not sure if it can be classed as satire or not, but for a while now IMO when the britnats trot out the same tripe that has been repeatedly prooved to be mendacious lies. We need to employ a bit of Kevin Bridges, the Big Yin Chewin the Fat and others. Some examples would be “did ye” “aye right” “good son” “enjoy your night” “gonny no dae that”, or perhaps the 2 or 3 pronounced sniffs of Karen Dunbar’s character, even without “I smell s#**e”. I suspect that being repeatedly exposed to this type of blunt ridicule would soon halt the mendacious lies. Even if they are so thick skined as to continue rolling out the lies at least it would lift the Scottish populations humour allowance for a bit. Remember quite a few of the recipients do not “parliamo Jockanees”

        • I think a bit of internationalism doing sketches like this would be more beneficial than the same old Scottish dreary dross ! It would bring more impact because of a more international view and give the feeling that others in the international community where watching our scenario and agreeing with us ,maybe even loyalists could maybe see the funny side and PONDER !
          I condone GetUp they Rock

      • Agreed that the current tactic of patiently and politely trying to correct the lies is not preventing them being repeated ad nauseum by politicians and media alike…

  6. It’s good to have you back Paul. Great in fact. More than anything I hope that you guys had a fabulous time and had one helluva (emotional) reunion with the dug. I can just imagine it as I know how my two wee dugs react when I return home. That alone makes it well worth returning home and then there’s that ongoing battle to get our independence which we’ll win in the very near future. With your help.

    • I doubt bojo’s mob had the necessary to ask the UN to change the venue so came up with this wheeze. If you consider how vocal his anti Scottish behaviour has been, this is not a good look for him.

  7. Welcome back paul you just reminded me that love bomb was supposed to happen by johnson this week yet nothing
    at all not even a clip on YouTube yet.

  8. Thanks for the link Petra. Standby for a UK gov announcement that the meeting has been moved to London for security reasons. Or perhaps they will use the announcement to say that “difficulty” dealing with the Scottish government is also a factor in the move, whilst highlighting to the Scots how the the Scottish “Nationalist” party have spoilt the event for Scotland and our chance to showcase our country to the world and that they should be concentrating on the day job of making sure the councils collect the bins whilst keeping the stay cables on the Queensferry Crossing I’ve free.

  9. The Tories sinking even lower. Now getting the backlash. Unelected Cummings and another recently ‘employed’ advisor now being exposed, The state they are in. Just appalling. A failed hedge fund manager now Chancellor, replacing the other one. A tax evader responsible for raising taxes. Just ridiculous.

    Westminster wasting public monies like there is no tomorrow on projects of no value. Not spent on essential public services. Lining their pockets with public monies for their associates. Bankers and fraudsters in Gov. They caused the banking crash and are now in Gov killing others. Bankers fund the Tory Party.

    Austerity and Brexit now ruining the economy. It will all end in tears, again, for them. The Tories in the wilderness for thirty years but Scotland Independent and more prosperous.

    Thank goodness for the SNP Gov. Mitigating the Westminster failed economic, social and foreign policies. Westminster lies. Westminster lies have been failing Scotland for years. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland’s revenues and resources wasted.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    Why anyone can vote Tory/unionist in Scotland is a mystery. Especially after Thatcher. Scotland voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Labour have now been voted out. Vote out the Tories. Support for SNP/Independence rising. Another IndyRef will happen soon.

    Scotland will be Independent in the EU. More prosperous, cohesive, equal and fair. Without Westminster gross interference of failed policies not supported in Scotland.

  10. Great to have you back and give our spirits a lift after watching the (CAR SALESMAN) telling us he is going to be the next FM

  11. Great to have you and yours back.
    Was doing a dig on Beaufort’s Dyke.
    Scottish power Found a WW1 German Submarine there with live torpedoes still onboard.
    It was found during the laying of the DC power cable that runs from Hunterston Power Station all the way to Liverpool.
    I remember that there was one found in the Orkney area that had been destroyed on it’s way into the flow, still had live torpedoes that hadn’t gone off and posed a hazard to the laying of the pipelines.
    As for carlos jackass, he was managing director of Wylies, First Ford and Elander??, which lost £11 million and some paintings, say no more.

  12. The people of the rUK are about to learn another hard lesson which will take a long time to dawn on them. It will indeed be a bitter pill swallowed without thought.
    It is indeed a great sadness when any apparently health person comes to the decision that taking their own life is the best course of action.

    The clamour for action after the death of Caroline Flack is a double edged sword.
    Somewhere approaching a quarter of a million requests for “Caroline’s Law” but no one knows what Caroline’s law looks like.

    This is “Manna from Heaven” for LBJ and “Information Minister Cummings”.
    All the media will no longer sycophantically propagate the “Reichstag” propaganda. They will do it or be bludgeoned into submission.
    Yes any controls they place on the media will be for their own benefits not “Jock Tamson’s Bairns”.

    How would it be if they didn’t have to be sleekit about shutting down WoS or any other site which did not conform.

    Consider for a moment the dug thrown into kennels and his humans in prisoned for dissent.
    Hell this post would probably see me bar coded and doing hard labour on St Kilda for contravening the “new Alien Act”, never mind the “new Enabling Act”.

    It seams as though over the last decade we are watching a play that was scripted centuries ago, how else to explain all these coincidences driving the rUK towards a totalitarian state.

    rUK needs to be very careful what they wish for.
    Remember people “All animals are equal. but some are more equal than others”

    Alba gu brath

  13. “Sajid Javid lost his job as Chancellor, giving him the distinction of being the first British Chancellor of the Exchequer ever to be sacked before delivering a budget.” not according to Craig Murray “The resignation of Savid Javid yesterday as Chancellor without even presenting a budget mirrors the resignation of Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston’s father – and in so doing says something extraordinary about lack of social progress in the UK in the intervening 130 years.
    Chancellor Randolph Churchill disagreed with then Prime Minister Lord Salisbury over his first budget, and resigned”

  14. Great article and good to have you back!

    Just one thing, Carlaw called the SNP an ‘evangelical cult’ (!) saying ‘they are not a political party’ or some such thing.

    Any vote for independence is going to be about Scotland’s actual survival, lest Scotland be fully assimilated into England, turned into a region, totally emasculated, and named ‘North Britain’ once again.

    It does seem that the Tories are attempting to undermine the Scottish parliament by placing such incompetent imbeciles as ‘leader’ and deputy ( lol ) of the HQ English branch of the Tory party. These people are plonked there to blurt out incessant lies while avoiding the actual real issues facing Scotland right now, and it’s not pretty.

    I just discovered a site called ‘The Federal Trust’ via ‘Social Europe’.

    Here is some light reading for you all. A couple of articles, I have read the Kirsty Hughes one, it’s OK but with a few falsitiies and the usual ‘deficit’ and ‘currency’ crap etc. Also apparently the ‘pro independence movement is mindful of Catalonia’. Really? I think she means the anti independence
    plotters given what they have said so far!

    Started reading this one, oh dear. ‘Seccessionist contagion’ and ‘separatism’.

    Looks like some people on that site need some education on political matters especially with regard to Scotland and the ‘UK’.

  15. Read yesterday from a couple of people commenting I think on talking-up-Scotland, John Robertson’s site, that in fact all sorts of kit and kaboodle were also dumped into the Firth of Forth in recent times, usually next to the Isle of May. Scotland you really need to escape before more sh*t is dumped into your rivers and seas by the English nationalist government.

    Oh and also that new guy as chancellor ( a bit of a chancer) sounds a bit unsavoury, he has said poor people should be forcibly made to take contraceptives to ‘stop the growth of the low life classes’ or words to that effect, and it would be ‘great if teens were given hallucinatory drugs and worth a teenager dying once a year’ for the fun of it. Nice chap eh. That’s not fascist at all oh no!

  16. You are one of our strongest voices in this battle, Paul. Really missed your ‘pick-me-ups’. Your input has been sorely missed over the last wee while. Hope you and hubby are well rested and ready for the battle ahead. Looking forward to the Dugcast too. Gi’ Ginger a wee pat from me.

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