Anger needs no visa

This week we learned two things which are a result of Brexit. Well, I say “learned”. Both of them were entirely predictable. The first is that the British government has decided to adopt draconian immigration laws which will effectively prevent low skilled workers or people who don’t possess fluency in English from coming to the UK, and so putting at risk many economic sectors which have relied upon labour from EU countries. The second is that the EU isn’t going to do the UK any favours as it negotiates a final trade deal with Brexit Britain. Greece has signalled that it could veto any trade deal with the UK unless illegally acquired cultural artifacts are returned to Greece meaning that it could refuse to consent to any deal unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Athens. Spain has stated that it could veto a deal unless the question of Spanish claims to sovereignty over Gibraltar are addressed. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. The UK is about to discover how weak it is when faced with a bloc of 27 countries.

The new immigration policies which the UK plans to adopt will quite likely be mirrored by the EU. No longer will UK citizens be able to move to the EU to live and work. In 1998, that’s what I did. My late husband Andy and I decided to move to Spain. I didn’t speak much Spanish at the time and had no job offer. I learned the language after moving there and eventually became self-employed. That option is no longer possible for EU citizens who wish to move to the UK, and will be closed down for UK citizens who wish to move to the EU.

The new immigration rules are due to come into effect next year. Freedom of movement from the EU is replaced with a points based system which will effectively block low skilled migration to the UK, the very type of migration upon which important economic sectors rely – such as social care, agricultural workers, staff in the hospitality industry. The new visa will cost £1200. Self employed workers will no longer be able to come to the UK, as migrants will now need a firm job offer first. To be eligible to come and work in the UK, a potential migrant will have to attain 70 points. In order to do so they will need a job offer which gives 20 points. The job must be a skilled one, giving another 20 points. They must prove their ability to speak English, 10 points. And in addition they will in the majority of cases have to show that their new job will provide a salary of £25,600 or above, giving another 20 points and taking them to the magic figure of 70. Many jobs in social care, agricultural labour, and the hospitality industry do not pay a sufficiently high wage, and there are insufficient British citizens who are willing to take those jobs.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has said that there are over 8 million “economically inactive” people in the UK, and those people should take the jobs that migrants will no longer be able to.  However those people are almost entirely made up of full time students, unpaid carers, retired people, the chronically ill, and the disabled.  Imagining that they can make up the labour shortfall is as much a fantasy as Boris Johnson’s plans for a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It has also come to light that the British Government hasn’t kept the devolved goverments informed about its change to immigration policy. The changes will have a direct impact upon important sectors of the Scottish economy, yet the Scottish Government isn’t being officially told by Westminster what it has in mind. The Scottish Migration Minister Ben McPherson told BBC Newsnight last night that the Scottish Government had to rely upon journalists to send it a copy of the British Government’s new plans. There was little in the way of concern from Newsnight’s presenter Emily Maitliss, “Come on, you’re a part of Britain”, she metrosplained as though that was a justification for Boris Johnson treating the devolved governments with contempt.

Immigration policy is reserved to Westminster, however the Scottish Government has made repeated calls for devolution of aspects of immigration policy to Scotland in order to mitigate some of the effects of Brexit. Scotland depends upon inward migration in order to maintain its population, and certain economic sectors which are particularly important in Scotland rely heavily upon EU workers. Tourism is hugely important to the Scottish economy. One in 12 of all jobs in the country are in the tourism sector, and one fifth of those are filled by workers from outwith the UK. The chief executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, Marc Crothall, described the changes to immigration policy as “the biggest threat to Scotland’s tourism industry”. Meanwhile in the social care sector, which is also heavily reliant upon labour from outwith the UK, the average annual salary is £17,000. The sector is already struggling to find sufficient staff.

Senior figures within the British Government, such as Michael Gove, have said in the past that they are open to discussions about devolving aspects of immigration policy to Scotland. These overtures have of course come to naught, leading to increasing frustration in Scotland that the British Government is not taking Scotland’s needs and concerns into account. Today there are renewed calls for a “Scottish visa” which would allow workers to come to Scotland. These calls will be rejected by the British Government. It is highly unlikely that the British Government will pay any more heed to those calls than it has done in the past. In 2018, the then Immigration Minister Caroline Noakes said, “Immigration is a reserved matter. We are not going to grant an ability to the Scottish government that I might not also be granting to Lincolnshire county council.” There’s no sign that this British Government arrogance and intransigence has softened any. As far as Westminster is concerned, the Scottish Parliament is merely a glorified county council.

You might think, given this history, that it would simply be good practice for the British Government to ensure that the Scottish Government didn’t have yet another immigration related issue to complain about and to keep it officially informed about its plans to change immigration policies, even if it’s still not disposed to allow Scotland any input into what those changes might be. If the Scottish Government is not officially informed what changes are coming down the line from Westminster, it cannot alter its own plans on those devolved policy areas which suffer an impact and cannot act in coordination with Westminster to ensure that the new Westminster policies are introduced smoothly and seamlessly in devolved areas.

The Scottish Government has said that it is “disappointed” that the British Government hasn’t kept it informed. That’s not nearly strong enough. I’m “disappointed” when a train runs a few minutes late. But if the train operator decided to completely revise the service without informing anyone, making it impossible for me to get to work but it still insisted that it wouldn’t refund my season ticket, I’d be absolutely livid. So it’s time for less disappointment and more anger and outrage. It’s time for the Scottish Government to start playing hard ball.

If the British Government won’t keep Holyrood officially informed, as per established protocol, then the Scottish Government should simply refuse to recognise or implement Westminster’s changes. If a change in policy is not officially communicated, then a change in policy cannot officially exist. Boris Johnson isn’t going to start playing nice because he’s asked nicely or because the Scottish Government tells him it’s disappointed, he needs to understand that there will be a political consequence to his arrogance. Contempt can only be met with contempt. Anger needs no visa.

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62 thoughts on “Anger needs no visa

  1. ”If the British Government won’t keep Holyrood officially informed, as per established protocol, then the Scottish Government should simply refuse to recognise or implement Westminster’s changes. If a change in policy is not officially communicated, then a change in policy cannot officially exist. Boris Johnson isn’t going to start playing nice because he’s asked nicely or because the Scottish Government tells him it’s disappointed, he needs to understand that there will be a political consequence to his arrogance. Contempt can only be met with contempt. Anger needs no visa.”

    Well other than us getting our independence, Paul, how will the SG manage do that in practical terms? They’ll, Westminster, just ensure that people are stopped at Customs or if they actually manage to get into Scotland they’ll carry out their dawn raids and just throw them out.

    • You get Paul’s point though Petra.

      We are too nice and polite. In Paul’s article he uses ‘absolutely livid’ which should be said not a lesser ‘not happy’ statement. We should not be rude however.

      I find our politicians spineless at times.

      • I get Paul’s point Andy and of course it’s another great article. I am livid. REALLY livid. Nicola Sturgeon will be livid too especially as NIreland won’t be affected by this. However at the end of the day she has to abide by Westminster ruling until such time as the bl**dy dafties get their act together and support her.

    • I don’t know so much Petra…..My first thought was they should just refuse to make any changes to Scottish ports, Justice and Police are devolved Holyrood ( us) actually own Preswick. It’s Mibbi the stand off we need? A lot of the business sector don’t want this change either?

      • The thing is Liz who actually owns / controls the ports? Last I heard most if not all had been sold off to foreign based companies and banks such as Goldman Sachs and that includes 400 acres of the Edinburgh waterfront. Some of our airports have been sold off too. And would the Scottish judiciary come down on Scotland’s side? Would the Police refuse to enforce removal of people or start raiding bl**dy fruit farms, lol?

        ”Business sector”:- Well we all know that we won’t get any support from the MSM or the wee BritNat lackeys at Holyrood (maybe?), but It’s high time that the business community, judiciary, unions, churches etc, etc got right behind Nicola Sturgeon. Start shouting their mouths off. If they don’t they too will ultimately be destroyed by Westminster

    • Exactly. Getting angry isn’t nearly as good as getting even.

      To get there, we need a permanent, irrefutable, insurmountable majority for independence. And remember the scared fawns? They’re the target for Holyrood’s inexhaustible patience. There’s just such a majority to be had by winning over the reluctant, the feart, and the shy. And you do so with sincerity and kindness.

      The moment we turn huffy-puffy red faced radge, we might as well put the jimmy wigs on and dance with eternal House Jock Michael Gove. Play into their stereotype, and be trampled. It’s got to be the head over the heart for us.

      • Well said, John Muir.
        I dipped in to Brewer’s midweek BBC offering today, as I felt sure that the end of Freedom of Movement would take up the whole half hour, so seismic was this vicious policy to the wealth and health of Scotland.
        I’d have thought that Brewer would have set out the facts as Paul has done in this supreme blog.
        Well, think again, Jack.
        He had Rebecca McQuillan of the Herald riding shotgun and a lad from the Scottish CBI whose name made as much impact on the viewer as his tepid contribution to the debate.
        Five minutes, that’s all we were getting from Donalda McKinnon, (see what I did there) during which Brewer did most of the talking, toeing the Brit Nat Priti Patel line, that the Scottish Government would have to provide more money for Care and Care Homes pay more in wages. The man has lost his marbles.
        McQuillan actually seemed embarrassed (probably because she knew what the remaining 25 minutes of the programme was about) at the shallowness of this man.

        The Scottish Budget, the Queensferry Crossing, pot holes, which McQuillan insisted was the only thing her Glasgow taxi driver worried about, and free bus passes for teenagers.
        The usual re-heated SNP BAD crap.

        God, what a pile of ordure this pathetic little programme has become.

        It is the broadcast equivalent of a parish magazine churned out on a photocopier by the verger. Amateur nonsense. All that’s missing is the weekly knitting pattern.

        When I read over Paul’s analysis, then listened to Brewer and McQuillan, it is little wonder that the ‘goading’ is reaching a dangerous tolerance level.

        Gordon Brewer, the Priti Patel of the BBC.

        Pot holes, the Ice Bridge, and wait for it, from McQuillan, quoting Murdo Fraser warning that rural recycling plants would need to be closed by councils because of Holyrood cuts, was my last straw.

        Councils can raise their Domestic Rates by 4.3% but won’t, and then blame Nicola Sturgeon while they close libraries and Day Centres.

        Perhaps it will take ‘livid’ level intervention from now on in.

        Brewer actually suggested that we wait a year or two until the country falls to bits before acting. The man’s either an Idiot or he just doesn’t give a damn any more..

        • It is the broadcast equivalent of a parish magazine churned out on a photocopier by the verger. Amateur nonsense. All that’s missing is the weekly knitting pattern.


          Well … we ALL know who the REAL (k)nit is, trying to pull the wool over our eyes and trying to fleece us … SNP Baaad indeed.

          Ewe wouldn’t expect anything more/less than sheepish jokes from a Welshman, would you?

          [That’s enough – Ed.)

        • Just watched Toodleoothenoo earlier being asked about the impact of this immigration policy on Scotland. He then launched into explaining what Carlaw’s thoughts are on this .. ”a tweak here and there.’

          The sooner we have a cull of this highly paid crew of blaggars the better and then replace them with decent reporters like Paul and John Robertson.

  2. I just wanted to compliment you on your blogs since your return; the rest must have done you good as the recents posts have been wonderfully trenchant and have put into words what I could never have expressed myself half as well. More power to you, Wee Ginger Dug!

  3. treat them with complete and utter contempt. It maybe time to have our MPs quit parliament in protest. Or walk out whenever he gets up to speak or indeed anyone in his cabinet. Time to stop being polite to these worthless shits. Same with that dreary wee bunch of soor plooms in Holyrood. Time to give them remind them what hostages to fortune they actually are.

    There is no depth to the well of contempt I hold them in…just ask Labour and the lid dems.

    *gurgle gurgle gurgle*

    Whats that labour? You abstained from saving Scotland from the tories? Well color me surprised.

  4. Apologies for the Daily Racked reference – note also this is over 7 1/2 years old, but that is the point.

    The current Home Secretary has form.

    Tory MP Priti Patel sparks backlash after claiming independence debate is great opportunity to slash spending in Scotland

    THE backbencher insists devolution should be used to make Scotland “pay for itself” and she insisted the public sector north of the border costs the UK government billions.

    Know your enemies, Scotland.

    • It’s absolutely diabolical WS. Hospitals and care homes are crying out for workers right across the UK and now this! You wonder what they’re playing at? Part of their eugenics by social murder plan? Trying to speed up the NHS privatisation process?

      • I have a vested interest in this ‘NHS privatisation creep’ which in on-going here in England as the missus works in a NHS Trust Hospital as a Hearing Therapist. (Such creatures don’t exist in Scotland, so I’m told.)

        However, suffice to say that Specsavers (THAT Specsavers) are slowly but surely slicing up the ‘hearing market’ for themselves, pushing the wife and her colleagues to even harder work and longer hours, until eventually the buy the whole market up for themselves, pushing her and her qualified audiology team out.

        And then the (more elderly, poorer) patients will have nowhere to go to that they can afford for their hearing aids, community outreach and therapy …

        Thus operates the NHS predators on a small scale in a small part of this Disunited Kingdumb …

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  6. increasing frustration in Scotland that the British Government is not taking Scotland’s needs and concerns into account. my. The SNP/ SG won’t get off their effing knees why would England bother telling Scotland anything except eff. off
    Personally Ive had it with SNP/SG, you give them money tramp the streets year after year for what. I always knew England would humiliate us but I never thought it would be the SNP/SG that would humiliate us year after year/

  7. Is Johnson going to raise the minimum wage to avoid all these Europeans and foreigners keeping wages low? Will English people stop taking our jobs? Oops – almost getting bit by the the little Englander bug. Scotland needs immigration to keep our economy going. We need the new blood. A visa arrangement allowing folk to work and live in Scotland is sensible. So no chance of that. Independence is even more sensible. Let’s hope more people will realise that.

  8. We got into this mess due to a corrupted Scottish Parliament in the 1700’s, who passed the Treaty of Union and slightly later went into abeyance, when the new Westminster Parliament convened as a joint government. Should we now recall those 49 of 59 independence supporting parliamentarians, who were elected by the sovereign Scottish people to represent their interests in Westminster. Then hold a National Assembly of both Scottish parliaments (the SNP and Greens would have a clear majority) vote to reconvene the Scottish parliament, giving themselves full constitutional powers,and either dissolve the Union or declare independence. I say this way as the devolved Holyrood government does not have full constitutional powers.

  9. Have the SNP become stale after so long in power? And beholden to the loony greens? Shame there is no alternative independence party to vote for. I’m scunnered.

  10. Hi Willie, you are really down on the Snp with your trail around the web pages saying you have had it. Ok we get it. Stop paying your subscription. Then join fellow anti Snp persons who frequent sites such as WoS and moan to your hearts content. The rest of us will keep going. We are the majority.

  11. So our Bigoted Racist Egregious Xenophobic Intolerant and Treacherous government have published their immigration system – surprised they haven’t made skin colour points based as well. Utterly deplorable, anything to screw the health service – will give them an excuse to privatise it as it will bring “better paid jobs” – somebody will still have to clean the wards, do the laundry empty the bedpans etc or will the patients get money off their bill by working? Ludicrous thoughts I know but am gib smacked at the sheer arrogance and indeed ignorance of this WM gift.

  12. Livid indeed. And it needs to be said up front and out loud by all. No more damned petitioning “for better devo” from our reps.

    Irony of ironies, in defending the new policy on the Beeb today, some UKGov minister was also lauding an associated move to “greater automation”. Thereby rendering the disempowered underclass of Little Britain who were some of the greatest supporters of “taking back control” even more disadvantaged and disempowered.

    UKGov are embarking on creating a new privileged aristocracy who are the only real beneficiaries of taking back control. Welcome to the 18th century redux, citoyens!

  13. Y’see, it’s all terribly simple for Boris (it needs to be). He doesn’t consult with the other nations within this union because… (wait for it)… he doesn’t believe there is a union either. He believes the UK is ‘A’ country in and of itself and he’s the PM of that country. Lord and maister of all he surveys kinda thing. He doesn’t feel the need to consult with anyone, let alone the serfs with strange accents from anywhere that’s not London.

    It’s also a fair bet that, in grand Trumpian fashion, he’ll ignore or challenge anything that gets between him and his vision of glorious wossiname. Some folk might have noticed that he’s made a start on that already.

    So yeah, contempt.

    People. Do not say you weren’t warned. You were. Now we could use your help to undo this carnage before it turns into a catastrophe.

    Worth a thought about now. Yes?

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  15. Could not agree more with your comments, Paul. I’m angry. I’m very angry. They are determined to cripple our Scottish Government and destroy our economy, one way or another. Long past the time when we should be retaliating in kind!

  16. There is nothing pretty about Patel.
    She,along with the rest of BoJo’s junta,is a nasty piece of work.
    Her cunning idea of starving Ireland into submission when they were seen to be obstructing the will of her fellow fascist Brexiteers tells us where she is really at.
    This current “plan” for immigration will soon fall flat on it’s face when it becomes clear that the economic damage it will cause is not sustainable.
    Patel will be moved on as Minister for Highland Clearances 2.0 as a reward.

  17. Anger will rise when the queues start on the borders. No one can get in or out. The Tories mess and shambles. The usual chaos. Again. They have not got a clue.

    They had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. Deja Vu. Johnston will be gone soon. The unelected Cummings. Out the door as well. Just a bunch of imbeciles. It will all end in tears.

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing,

  18. “Greece has signalled that it could veto any trade deal with the UK unless illegally acquired cultural artifacts are returned to Greece meaning that it could refuse to consent to any deal unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Athens. Spain has stated that it could veto a deal unless the question of Spanish claims to sovereignty over Gibraltar are addressed. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. The UK is about to discover how weak it is when faced with a bloc of 27 countries.”

    And it would be only right for Greece and Spain to veto any trade deal negotiations on the grounds of return of the Parthenon marbles (I don’t call them the Elgin Marbles simply because Elgin was the thief not the owner and to call them his could be construed as legitimate ownership) and Gibraltar sovereignty. Perfectly legitimate reasons to veto negotiation with a now non EU state seeking concessions on trade. My point is if the EU stood on its claims of respecting democracy then they should also make it a condition that they can only deal with non EU countries who also respect democracy. In denying Scotland’s democratic will that a question be asked of its sovereign people on whether they want to continue in the UK union or become independent should also be a condition from the EU before any negotiations take place. The Scottish government clearly appealed to the EU on Brexit day last month for recognition of Scotland’s legitimate right to ask the question. The appeal was demonstrated by the FM’s controversial speech to the international media, the well timed debates in the Scottish Parliament about the EU flag and legislation on indyref 2 both being debated and passed only 2 days before Brexit day along with the SNP organising a light show in Brussels. These acts were a clear appeal to the EU for handers in our rammy with Westminster. The EU have nothing to lose by standing up for us it is quite clear that the UK wants an “Australia” deal which is in fact no deal. The UK are currently only paying lip service to the upcoming negotiations. The EU by standing up for us have nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling the UK to piss of until they “allow” Scotland to ask itself a question. The EU definitely want Scotland back of that there is little doubt. They no longer have to be diplomatically nice to London so why don’t they come out and demand that indyref 2 is legitimised and of the gold standard that Nicola Sturgeon has demanded before any negotiations can proceed. A definitive statement from the EU would see the outcome of indyref 2 being an emphatic YES. Undecided and soft NO voters would swing to YES with the knowledge that the EU is backing us up.

    Come on Mr Barnier and team what the F are you waiting for? Speak out for democracy and win a prize in getting the materially and naturally wealthiest part of the UK back….England and sadly Wales are lost to you but the consolation prize is there for the taking. HANDERS!!!

  19. London controls the lights at Pacific Quay ????? Jeez, that says it all really.
    Pacific Quay, the only BBC centre without a proper television theatre. Again, says it all.

  20. The EU cannot vote for Scottish Independence. People in Scotland can. The EU only have 10% influence over equal and fair trade between the members. The support of the bloc of members. The eighteen Eurozone members cooperate.

    The EU was formed to stop war and starvation in Europe after the 11WW and has been successful. It helps the poorer (smaller) members to prosperity. The eastern bloc countries. The reunification of Germany. The ECB gives investment for worthwhile projects. Renewables etc.

    The Westminster failed policies have damaged the Scottish economy for years. 70% control of Scottish affairs. Even with Devolution Scotland Gov lacks powers. The Westminster Gov still takes revenues from Scotland with vast mismanagement. Revenues which should be spent, in Scotland, building up the economy.

    The illegal Barnett Formula. To take revenues from Scotland secretly and illegally. Leaving Scotland in poverty. The Oil revenues were used to fund London S/E. Building Canary Wharf and other projects. Funding fraudulent bankers. The banking crisis. The bankers fund the Tory Party. Building Tilbury Docks, 26 miles. Closing ports throughout Britain.

    Centralising transport through London causing total congestion. The North/South divide. Scotland depopulated and London S/E totally congested. A failed, unequal economy.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion has cost Scotland dear. It was only Devolution 2000 which increased the Scottish population and helped the economy, with more powers. Still not enough to make a massive difference.

    Scotland loses £20Billion to Westminster mismanagement. Scotland can still borrow very little. While Westminster can borrow and spend what it wants in the rest of the UK. Scotland has to make loan repayments for Westminster failed policies.

    Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident. A total waste of monies. Funding on essential services cut. NHS/Education and Welfare funding cut from 2015/20. The ConDems elected to protect NHS/Education cut the lot. The Brexit farce.

    The railways in the North and Scotland need improvement. Rail journeys in the north take nearly twice as long as journeys in the south. The North and Scotland need improvement to cut rail journey times throughout Britain.

    Not a rail line that will make journey times take longer, changing trains. With no business case. Not enough passengers in any case. Cutting times in the north and Scotland could rival flight times and make for more comfortable journeys. City centre to city centre. Instead of extra cost. Overnight stay or connection costs.

    Brexit will harm the Scottish/UK economy. Scotland did not vote for it. The EU administration will help Scottish Independence. The EU helped the reunification of Germany and eastern bloc countries gain self governance. They gave loans and support. People in Scotland just have to vote for it. Support for the SNP/Independence increasing.

    Devolution was introduced because it was recognised Scotland in the UK had less democracy than the emerging Eastern bloc countries. Scotland outvoted 10:to 1. The right to self determination and self government supported by the EU and NATO under International Law.

    Johnston and the migrants in the Cabinet deporting people. Migrants deporting migrants. Failed tax evaders in charge of the Treasury. Tax evaders in charge of collecting tax revenues. It is just ridiculous. The Tories austerity killing people.

  21. The British state will persecute Scotland by any means possible. The Scottish parliament and people must stand up and be counted . Refuse to inact any Westminster directive in devolved areas and take the independence ref2 battle to the courts imeaditately. If the SNP don’t push with every tool they have . They will be replaced by a party that will. Independence is not the SNP independence is bigger than the party and any individual.

  22. Very interesting listening to committee this morning with Mike Russell. During the questions, one point was fairly clear to my partner, a not-really political’ animal, and that was the discussion between the Tory and Minister.

    It appeared to be a similar understanding of how bad BRexit and the new immigration ‘rules’ would be for Scotland. Let’s hope there’s a similar level of agreement when independence happens as I’d rather that than the current sniping and point scoring!!!

    • Petra, the North British Branch Office, and its manager, Carjack Lawson, are reported by Toodle Oo The Noo, the self appointed apologist for the Blue Tories in the Northern Colony, as being ‘livid’ about Priti Patel’s (The UK’s Idi Amin) immigration Lock Down.
      That the Blue Tories like sub-lieutenant Andrew Bowie, who was triumphantly boasting about ‘taking back control’ of our seas the other week, and gentlemen millionaire farmers like A-Lister Jack, believed that Boris Johnson, and 300 English Blue Tory MPs gave a tuppenny toss what happens to Scotland and its industries, shows just how stupid and incompetent this bunch really are.
      Carjack Lawson burbled a few lines of comment, that Priti Patel’s House Arrest law was a ‘work in progress’, says it all.

      Not one Scottish Brit Nat would appear on camera to defend this fascism yesterday. Not one.

      Carjack has as much clout with his English Masters as the flooded towns and villages in England’s Northern ‘Showerhouse’.

      Soon Carjack Lawson will realise that he got the job because nobody else wanted it.

      He is expected to be the public face of Johnson and the English Oligarchy Up Here from now on in.
      Of course there is an escape route.
      He can get pregnant, have a bairn, and resign, to spend more time with his family.

    • Not at all, Buchan said the “opportunity coming from Brexit would be lost if processing firms were forbidden from hiring workers from overseas”, not fishing but processing (although it will impact there also), not the EU but overseas…
      He’s livid that revised immigration policy will bring additional costs and/or wages the processors (and possibly skippers) are going to have to offer because of the skills requirements and salary thresholds… It upsets their cosy little profitable apple-cart…

      • About a year or so ago CH4 news did a piece on the impact of Brexit on the (shell) fishing industry on the West Coast of Scotland, where the fishermen were generally Remain, and fishing in NI.

        Barra was featured for the Scottish section. A new processing plant had just opened on the island courtesy of an £8 million grant from the EU. It employed 32 people and was the island’s biggest employer. This would allow the fishermen to expand their catch but their crews were, in the main, from non-EU countries and they were already experiencing problems getting visas because of the new regs brought in in 2015.

        This may just finish them off.

  23. He can get pregnant? Looks as though he’s 6 months on already, Jack. Like Davidson preparing himself for a quick getaway, lol?

    Oh well it’s all falling apart for them now. The warnings went unheeded and the chickens are coming home to roost. Not enough staff to catch their fish (and process) and potentially no one to sell their fish to unless Westminster toes the EU line.

    The farmers are not too happy either.


    Check out the latest informative links on the Indyref2 site folks.

    • But, but, Petra, you are not keeping up with the trends. Apparently, ‘allegedly’ added, see below, if Carjack Lawson ‘lives as a woman’ for six months, wears pink frilly stuff, and declares himself to be a woman, then he is; ‘a woman’.
      Ergo he can ‘fall’ pregnant.
      The madness from the Left that is hell bent on destroying democracy and science.

      Can I get arrested for the above observation. Not if I add ‘allegedly’. I am now scrolling the the beginning of this whimsy and adding ‘allegedly’.
      That should keep me out of the hands of the Thought Police, surely?
      The world has gone mad.

      • Yeh and the SNP (other political parties / countries) is between a rock and a hard place on this one in trying to please everyone. That’s an impossibility.

        And agree Jack. We have to get out of this before December this year, at the latest. Let’s hope that whatever we do will be found to be acceptable by the EU and the International community in general.

  24. Jimmy Buchan complaining about Tory immigration plans and the effect on the fishing industry. Some people never learn. How many times do they have to be told. Beyond ignorance.

    They will lose workers and markets.

  25. Thanks for the link, Bob. The Tories Slave Labour policy explained, right enough. When oh when will the people of England waken up? In saying that when will around 50% of Scots realise that we’re lucky enough to have a “get out of jail free” card and use it, FGS.

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