Dugcast – 28 February 2020

In this week’s edition of the dugcast, The National’s Stewart Ward and I discuss what the SNP’s team in Westminster can do to make life less comfortable for the Tories, the welcome news last week that the Scottish Parliament has extended the franchise to everyone legally resident in Scotland, this week’s drug conference in Glasgow and the obstinate refusal of the UK govt to liberalise drug policy, and we also talk about how the Scottish Parliament may be accountable to the people of Scotland but it has to operate within parameters and budgetary constraints set by a Westminster government which isn’t accountable to the people of Scotland. And we also talk about the dug’s wee dental operation this week, and how he’s a very healthy boy for his 13 years.

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12 thoughts on “Dugcast – 28 February 2020

  1. o/t apploogies

    Prof. Danny Dorling Oxford University
    BBC4’s Beyond 100 Days

    ” infant mortality began to rise in 2015 and each year thereafter more babies died at a higher rate in England. They didn’t in Scotland, where they actually decided to spend more on infants and babies and they have reduced the infant mortality rate”

    ” England is getting to be more like a state of the United States. Scotland interestingly is moving towards being like the Scandanavian countries which have incredibly good health outcomes”


    In the comments after the post there’s a link to tge actual interview

  2. The best thing the SNP could do is to recognise they have been voted in on a mandate of secession from the UK and stop giving the UK credibility by turning up at Westminster to be ridiculed.

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  4. The best time for the ultimatum is after the trial, the union flag waving over VE Day and the British olympics team. For the latter too many Scots athletes don the butchers apron which is a shame. I wish more would run for the UN and themselves. It’s the taking part don’t you know.

  5. The strong arm tactics over Drug legalisation is a cynical political move there is not a chance in Hell of the Scottish government being able to get the same respect they have for reducing knife crime, this Tory mob would rather see every addict die because the blame will be focused on the SNP they will make sure their friends in the media push this to the limit , This way of thinking gives an insight of how dirty and underhand this lot will be , this is where the SNP need to start being bloody annoying because this Tory lot don’t respect fairness it’s seen as weakness , go for the fkrs throats .

  6. Right now,the Johnson administration is concentrating on eliminating anyone who doesn’t get behind the unleashing Brexit message.
    Ministers,MPs,civil servants,the BBC and anyone else who doesn’t back Brexit 500% are to be eliminated.
    They are trying to reshape reality such that Brexit is seen as only good news.
    At least the SNP are,for now,beyond that sort of control but I dare say that if they become too difficult,measures will be taken.
    Trump tried to do the something similar across the pond but with limited success.
    Fascists united.

  7. Could ‘ Susan’ have been reading Wikipedia,s ‘ lengthy piece’ on BoJo🤡’ he is a law, unto himself. Time we stopped being so obedient to the law, as prescribed by Westminster. “ do as I tell you, not as I do” good to know WGD is doing well, good to have you back.

  8. I think Paul’s point about the Scottish government having to work within the perimeters of the UK= English government is a crucial point to get across. Scotland functions within restraints placed onto their government, I call it devo-LIGHT.

    SNP are working wonders all things considered, but that cannot be sustained within the so called union, when the country next door call the shots on so many crucial matters, ie the powers of the English government which are extrememly damaging to Scotland’s economy, industry, environment and social fabric.

    Devolution is a ruse, designed to make sure that Scotland has few powers as possible, but so the SNP the party which the people of Scotland have voted for over and over again, are blamed for UK English government destruction to services, the economy and to peoples’ quality of life.

    The Tories have only ever been the party of low life quality, while taking and keeping the cream off the top all for themselves.
    Scotland did not vote for that inequality, but has to counter and mitigate for it, against huge odds. Not good enough, not acceptable, not sustainable.

    One last thing the Britnats in the Scottish Parliament, who work for their masters in London, should hang their heads in shame for taking a huge wage from the public purse to work against the interests of their actual own country, or in some cases, the country they have chosen to live in and represent. They are a disgrace.

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