A sliver of hope

The coronavirus is spread in the thousands of tiny droplets of moisture that are released into the air every time an infected person coughs or sneezes. Boris Johnson can release thousands of words in the air every time he speaks without most of it meaning anything at all. And what he says that does actually mean something is usually a lie.

On Tuesday the lying liar who is the British Prime Liester announced that he’d visited a hospital where he had shaken hands with people with coronavirus. In doing so he managed to be simultaneously boastful and a liar. He’d visited Kidderminster hospital, which doesn’t have any patients with coronavirus. Which is just as well, because otherwise Boris Johnson could have spread coronavirus to the entire Conservative cabinet. And honest, I really am saying that like it was a bad thing. Well, sort of. To be honest there was never any risk, even if the hospital had been full of infected people. Johnson couldn’t have spread it to the cabinet because in order to contract the disease you have to be human. Mind you it does have to be pointed out that the biggest difference between the coronavirus and a Tory government is that the coronavirus has killed fewer people.

In making his bloast, which is what you get when you combine a lie with a boast, Johnson was clearly trying to channel Princess Di who famously shook the hands of people with HIV during the 1980s and in doing so helped to destigmatise the condition. The difference is that HIV can’t be spread by shaking hands with someone who has it and Di was using her public profile as a means of winning kindness and acceptance for people facing what was then a virtual death sentence and who were at the time rejected and despised by many.

On the other hand Boris Johnson’s wee bloast was nothing more than an attempt to steer public attention back to him. It must be awful for him. There he is, world king and everything, master of all he surveys except those bits with Dominic Cummings in them, and then this pesky disease comes along and hogs the limelight. Perhaps he was getting confused with scrofula, which people once believed could only be cured by the touch of the monarch. The plebs ought to be more grateful, what with him giving up his permaholiday in order to grace them with his presence.

This is still the stage in Boris Johnson’s term in Number 10 when he was expecting to be in his honeymoon phase and should have been basking in public adulation and immune from all criticism. But instead of walking on water, this government is sinking under the floods that Boris Johnson has been working so hard to ignore. The criticism that Johnson is a part time prime minister has stuck, following his failure to appear in public during the floods that struck much of England and Wales. Negotiations with the EU for a future trade deal have not got off to a good start. His government’s new proposals for changes to the immigration rules have been widely criticised by industry and business – those very sectors which the Tories traditionally claim to represent. Priti Patel is mired in allegations of bullying and at war with her civil servants.

There’s an almighty row brewing on the horizon in the shape of changes that the Conservatives want to make to the powers of the courts to overrule the government. And now there’s an epidemic which threatens to have a severe impact on the economy at the very time that the government hopes to inject vast sums of money into parts of the economy in an attempt to retain those Northern English voters who gave Boris Johnson the keys to Number 10, and just as the NHS in England is struggling to cope with the cumulative effects of years of Conservative austerity and a brutal and uncaring benefits system is driving people into despair and hopelessness. Homelessness is soaring, raising the question of just how all those people who are already the victims of Tory policies can be expected to self-isolate during an epidemic when they’ve been reduced to sleeping in a shop doorway.

As all those critics of the SNP who infest the Scottish media are so very quick to tell us, the longer a party remains in government the more that problems build up for it and the more tired that it gets. The Tories have been in power, either in coalition with the Lib Dems or governing by themselves, since 2010. They might have gone through several leaders during that time, but Boris Johnson’s term in office isn’t that of a new, fresh party taking over the reigns of power. His government is just a new paint job on an already decrepit edifice. The cracks are already showing.

We’ve already seen a very different tone in the respective leaderships of Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson as the Scottish and British governments respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Providing good leadership during a time of crisis is what Nicola Sturgeon does best. Where Johnson was bumbling and disengaged during his press conference, the First Minister was confident and reassuring. And for all that it’s been the object of savage criticism by the British nationalist media, the Scottish NHS is in far better shape than its English counterpart and better able to cope with the massive stresses that will be put upon the health service by the coronavirus outbreak. All of a sudden even Michael Gove is going to have to admit that we need experts.

Still, at least the coronavirus epidemic does provide plenty of opportunities to bury bad news, along with burying what shreds of credibility remain in the Conservatives’ claim to be the natural party of government. Despite its majority in the Commons, Johnson’s administration of misfits who seek fights and confrontations at every opportunity is not a government which is displaying the signs of a strong and stable government. That’s a government which only makes enemies. A government with a lot of enemies is not a goverment that’s going to be able to keep Scotland in its shortbread tin forever.

The next couple of years promise us a bumpy ride, but the less competent that the Westminster govermment appears, the more likely it becomes that the next independence referendum will deliver a yes vote. That’s the one sliver of hope in some very dark clouds.

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16 thoughts on “A sliver of hope

  1. How can Johnson have a ”honeymoon” period when he isn’t even married ?
    His latest squeeze is carrying another of his offspring but has as much chance of seeing a ring on third finger , left hand as Priti Awful ( Home Secretary ) has of exhibiting empathy towards someone who is not named Priti Awful !

    • He has already had a dodgey moneymoon.

      To the tune of Get Back.

      Bojo was a man who thought he was a leader
      But he knew it wouldn’t last.
      Bojo left a crisis over Soleimani
      For a Carribean bash.

      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back, get back
      Get back to where you once belonged
      Get back, Bojo

  2. Ms Sturgeon was Health Minister when Swine flu struck in 2009 if I remember correctly. She handled that well and the lessons learned and knowledge gained will no doubt be put to good use now.

    Meanwhile Mr Johnson is out of his depth, way way out of his depth.

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  4. A good description of a government destined to dissolve because in the end it’s all built on Lies ,I doubt if his gang will last the year out .
    Lies and deception that’s the whole essence of this con job driven forward by a dubious snake oil salesman who I believe was invited to leave Russia , in the same way his counterpart in the Labour Party was invited to leave Australia ,

    What both of them have in common is the ability to create havoc and leave a trail of destruction behind them , there is still time for the Adults in this Tory party to get a grip before really serious damage is done to this country, I wonder if there are any Tory members brave enough to wrestle the matches out of the man child’s hand because as we see the other hand is holding a can of petrol .

    So many people have been deceived in order to get the entitled one to the position he is now in , a prime minister who is respected by very few people and is openly called a Liar , it will end in tears when the whole manufactured mess collapses

  5. Lair and coward Johnson’s arrogance, ignorance and incompetency will certainly help the independence movement but we’ll need to add our own positive action in order to achieve the goal of independence.

  6. Apologies probably a unwelcome o/t observation,
    The National ,every article on line has the opportunity to comment on the story being presented
    ,Somthing that’s always puzzled me and a story about the rejection of Independence supporting posters being placed on bill boards brought this to mind,
    the story was the paper highlighting the British governments probable dead hand influence on private companies to make sure the Indy cause is silenced , a very interesting story that would only appear in The National,
    however go to the comments on the story and it’s like a magnet for Scotland in Union supporters every other comment was rubbishing Independence, Wakey Wakey management of the National you are giving these Nut Jobs a platform , if the game is block Indy supporting posters they might want to consider not allowing these nuts propaganda, just a thought .

    • If it wasn’t for Paul’s column in the National and a handful others I like, I’d have cancelled my subscription by now. They might well be an indy supporting publication but a lot of their articles are just clickbait.

  7. Maybe I imagined it but I am sure I read that the British Nationalist Government in London, England, are actually considering closing the parliament because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

    In any normal, non dystopian world we could perhaps be forgiven for thinking the opposite would be the case, with highly paid ministers putting in more hours to er, maybe perhaps make sure all and everything possible is being done to
    minimise the impact on peoples’ lives and livelihoods.

    Nope the Britnats at Westminster have other ideas, why not take an extended holiday on full pay! Hiding away in their mansions!

    Wake me up when this nightmare is over, what with Brexshit, Tory imbeciles and now a world epidemic about which the Tories are unwilling to take seriously except to look after themselves. Words cannot describe these people, at least not printable ones.

  8. The magnanimous moron, LBJ, has announced that sick pay will be paid from day one of coronavirus isolation rather than day four. This of course excludes many of the lowest paid workers such as those on zero hour contracts (over 1 million). Many of these people, such as carers and hospital workers, will receive nought. They’ll have to make a crucial decision between suffering real hardship (starving) and potentially keeping schtum and spreading the disease: running from one household (and hospital ward) to another catering in the main for the elderly and those who are already extremely ill (plus family members / friends, NHS staff etc). Just another dire example of the mean, ignorant Westminster numpties calling the shots for us all.


  9. Isn’t Craig Murray doing a bit of … well let’s just call it …. backtracking here? From what I can remember in reading some of his online communications he’s had a great deal to say about the AS case, including receiving crucial information from unnamed key “insiders”. His posts about this in turn seemed to be influencing others online into doing a bit of “surmising” too.


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