Dugcast – 6 March 2020

In this week’s edition of the Dugcast, The National’s Stewart Ward and I talk about the difference in comptetence between the Scottish and Westminster governments in their handling of the coronavirus outbreak, how the Tories really are still the nasty party – and aren’t merely nasty but clueless with it. We chat about Alister Jack’s offensive remarks about immigration and his idiocy regarding the fixed link between Ireland and Scotland. And finally we talk about how despite everything, there really are reasons to be cheerful about the prospects for Scottish independence.

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15 thoughts on “Dugcast – 6 March 2020

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  2. Another excellent summary of the Status Go Paul.

    On covid-19 the following site seems to be the best information resource, very comprehensive with source links given, mainly WHO and national Government figures.

    For Western outbreaks, although still early days, mortality looks worse than it has been in the Eastern countries.

    Apart from Italy, there has not been a statistically reliable number of closed cases. A closed case is where the patient has either recovered and been discharged or has died.

    For Italy, I have just had a look and there has been 562 closed cases of which 414 recovered and 148 died.

    One of the more surprising figures is that so far not one of the thousands of deaths has been below the age of 10. Great news for parents.

    80% of deaths so far have been over 60 years of age.

    There is also a stark difference between actions taken in the rest of Europe and the UK. In Italy elderly people have been told to self isolate for the next two to three weeks.

    Many countries have closed schools. Poland did so before even having a single case. Large gatherings and sporting events have been banned. Air passengers are typically tested.

    In the UK we have none of that with the health minister saying twice last night that it was OK to attend large gatherings (premier league lobby?).

    Unless the closed case results improve dramatically in Europe and America my advice would be that if you are over 60 stay at home as much as you can and avoid large crowds.


      • Yeah latest figure for italy is now 197 dead 523 recovered so the ratio is a bit worse if anything.
        Here is hoping that it is down to something the Italians are doing differently or not doing, but albeit on much smaller numbers France and Spain are not as yet any better.

        Meanwhile Hancock was a no show at the health ministers summit and the UK are apparently in the process of leaving the EWRS pandemic warning and response system. Trying to avoid awkward questions from the EU?

  3. Just in case Stewart is listening to the podcast , Can I ask a question of Stewart.

    Stewart why oh why does the National allow Scotland in Union and their rabid supporters a free daily platform some ,days it’s like a unionist publication and would give the Scotsman a run for their money , I am sure some of the people who contribute regularly would be more than able to moderate if required .

    • I asked the staff at The National about that – after seeing someone posting a comment there who has been trolling me for a while with some very nasty personal abuse. They said that most of the SiU brigade don’t have paid accounts, and it’s very difficult to stop them posting on an open platform. They try to prevent the most egregious offenders from posting, but they just pop up again with a different user name.

      The National doesn’t have the staff to spare to allow someone to spend all their time moderating comments, and they can’t contract it out to volunteers due to liability issues.

      • What liability issues concern them? A web site, your own for example, is not obliged to post even this comment.

        Please explain what liability you would have if you deleted this post?

        As far as I know, none, and rightly so.

        Or. if you passed that authority onto others, exactly what liability would they have?

        Not, not disbeiieving you, but…

        I don’t think you’ve thought this through.

  4. This is an issue affecting all publicly available sites Robert, not only those favouring independence, but it is almost impossible to regulate and those driving it know that full well…
    The negative keyboard brigade are well organised with likely multiple identities, upping each other’s comments to convey a false sense of majority public opinion. In Scotland this is focused on independence, in England it is Brexit, possibly even by the same people.
    I regularly criticise the BBC for article subjects on which they invite comment as suspicious, but have to accept that the deluge cannot be controlled beyond moderating rules, presumably applied by paid staff as a collateral duty.
    The activists and stirrers know full well any moderation will sift out only the more nasty posts, the majority will survive as “popular”, such are the tactics in the disinformation age…

  5. The Herald, Scotsman, Guardian etc. Deleted and banned people who supported Independence. They were just making factual statements. Fifi la Bon (Foulkes) regularly made the first comments.

    The Herald website is ground hog day. Ignoramuses.

  6. hearing you speak of the tendency for Scots to be negative reminded me of the quote from Walter Bower (born c1385) included in Andrew Redmond Barr’s book ‘The illustrated Declaration of Arbroath’ “Why is covetous envy so much in control in Scotland? How sad that it is natural for Scots to detest not only the happiness of other people, but also the happiness of their own countrymen” We seem to have been doing this for some while. Now is the time to change..

    • In my opinion there has always been a tendency for Scots to be more pessimistic than other cultures BUT that is not necessarily a bad thing because the Scottish view more often turns out to be closer to reality. This has a lot of advantages. In engineering and physics for example the ability of Scots to continually doubt the data and their own theories is a distinct advantage. As Scotty says ‘ye cannae change the laws of physics’, if your theory isn’t correct then a physics based problem is not going to be fixed by any amount of waffling.

  7. Still onto important things on this Sunday morning ! Is the new Chancellor a Mr Bean impersonator? I think we should be told.

  8. Anyone any the wiser after watching Brewer this morning , I dont know why i bothered ,his little bit with Nicola Sturgeon was more like a lets see if we can trip her up sesion , most of the questions were out with her remit or control and well he knew it , as usual it was his usual baffling fishing trip that mysteriously ran out of time in order to discuss more pressing issues ,
    Where did they find the squeaky voice guest ,who the bleedn hell was she I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying because her voice was like someone scratching a blackboard god awful .

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