A matter of resilience


He can’t help himself. The mop haired bumbling mumbler finally came out of the fridge in which he was hiding to make his delayed announcement on the new measures that the UK is going to adopt in order to delay the spread of the coronavirus, and he couldn’t avoid taking a snipe wee snipe at the SNP. “In Scotland they have a particular issue with the resilience of their public services,” said the man whose party has presided over the decimation of the NHS in England.

It was a childish remark from a childish man, motived by his anger that Nicola Sturgeon had dared to steal his thunder by announcing the Scottish response to the next phase of dealing with the coronavirus outbreak while he was still hiding in his fridge.

Naturally the massed ranks of the British press in attendence immediately pressed him on what that particular issue of resilience could be, given that the British Prime Minister was apparently hell bent on causing alarm amongst the Scottish public. Oh wait. Of course they didn’t. They just reported his remark, as though it were true. Yah boo sucks. SNP baaaad. Scotland, you’re just not good enough.

So what might that particular issue of resilience be? Could it be the number of hospital beds per head of population perhaps? That would be 4.2 per thousand in Scotland and 2.3 per thousand in England. Which means that the Scottish NHS is able to find beds for almost twice as many patients per head of population than the English NHS before running into issues of bed shortages.

Could it perhaps be the length of time that a patient has to wait in A&E before being seen? 89.3% of patients attending A&E in a Scottish hospital are seen within four hours. In England it’s only 83.6%. In Wales it’s only 75%, whereas in Northern Ireland it’s a mere 59.6%. The best performing A&E department in the entire UK is Ninewells hospital in Dundee. Ninewells hospital and NHS Tayside’s emergency departments consistently exceed the 95% four-hour waiting target. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/1077329/ninewells-ae-is-best-performing-in-uk/

Maybe it’s the number of hospital consultants then? Nope, because in Scotland there are 101 whole or full time equivalent hospital consultants per 100,000 population, whereas the English NHS can only manage a mere 86, while it’s just 81 in Wales.

It must be the number of GPs per head of population then. Yeah, that must be it. Oh wait. There are 92 GPs per 100,000 people in Scotland but just 73 in England and 70 in Labour run Wales.

Maybe it’s the number of NHS staff? Oops no. There are 2594 whole or full time equivalent NHS staff per 100,000 people in Scotland, but just 1952 in England and 2493 in Wales.

Scotland’s health service is not only better staffed than its English counterpart. It’s also better funded. NHS Scotland receives approximately 7% more per head of population than the NHS in England. That’s because the Scottish Government has chosen to cut other areas of spending in order to protect spending on the NHS. It’s the Conservatives who control the overall budget. Scotland has bent over backwards in order to ensure that cuts made in the NHS in England are not passed on in Scotland.

A health service has to be looked at as a complete system where each of its different parts works together in the same way that the organs of the body do. If you have poor circulation, you’re going to have knock on effects in your health elsewhere. It’s the same with the health service that treats your circulatory condition.

A better performance in one area of the health service has a knock on effect in reducing pressures elsewhere in the system. When a health system is functioning well it means fewer people need to resort to accident and emergency services. This is because their health issues will have been dealt with before they get to a degree which requires emergency intervention, or because they’re able to get an appointment with a GP and won’t have to leave things until their health gets so bad that they need to rush to A&E. Scotland has the lowest level of A&E attendance of any part of the UK. 24,929 per 100,000 population attend A&E annually in Scotland, compared to 27,693 in England, 25,893 in Wales and 34,820 in Northern Ireland. This means not only that the Scottish NHS functions better and intervenes sooner, it also means that the A&E system in Scotland has greater spare capacity because it’s less likely to be used by patients who could have been seen elsewhere or at an earlier stage.

See https://www.businessforscotland.com/scotlands-nhs-outperforms-the-rest-of-the-uk-heres-why/

I certainly don’t know about Boris Johnson, but it would appear to any dispassionate observer that if you were to compare two different health services and opine upon their resilience in dealing with a major health crisis that you would think that it’s the health service which has more beds, more doctors, more staff, and which performs consistently better in meeting important targets which is the one which is going to have greater resilience.

Johnson’s petulant dig at Nicola Sturgeon comes just as a leading expert in public health has slammed the British government’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic for its lack of preparedness and its secrecy. Professor John Ashton, a former regional director of public health for north-west England, said that Boris Johnson and his government have been treating this crisis as though they were 19th century colonialists. He claimed that the British government has no strategy for dealing with the most vulnerable in the population, and has failed to engage with the public. Yet while Boris Johnson has been hiding in his fridge, Nicola Sturgeon has been leading from the front, and coming under attack from right wing commentators for daring to speak without waiting for Boris Johnson to speak first. How dare a little Scottish woman usurp a big British man. Know your place, Scotland.

The fact is that Scotland’s NHS is better placed and better resourced than an English NHS which is reeling under the Conservatives’ ideologically motivated austerity cuts and creeping privatisation. That’s why it’s the Scottish NHS which will be more resilient in coping with the coronavirus outbreak than its English counterpart.

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82 thoughts on “A matter of resilience

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  2. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

    The NHS is failing the whole of the UK, Scotland less so than England the point of this article

    • Aren’t you just a little bundle of joy.

      The point of this article is to highlight that Boris Johnson gets a dig in about Scotland which the British media neither challenges nor puts into context, when the public services that he’s responsible for are doing far worse and it’s his party which has imposed austerity on public services for the past decade.

      But you already knew that didn’t you.

      Isn’t there an SNPbad blog site or a Scottish newspaper somewhere you’d feel more comfortable?

      • Late as usual but I felt I had to comment on the largely uninformed comment above about the Scottish health service , I have found over the years the most vocal sections of our society , either haven’t had need or used our Heath service the comments came straight from the media and their agenda , you could substitute SNHS with Education, Police, any branch of public service and you will get the same pig ignorance regurgitated mantra like , the media in this country are out of control they have managed to weave a totally weird and wonderful description of public Services. This if left unchecked can do real harm , like people who need to attend A & E not doing so because they believe they will wait a week to be seen or the treatment given will make a bad situation worse

      • I’m just not convinced that Sturgeon is leading from the front. The SNP government has settled on good governance rather than Independence and have opened themselves up to the criticism that can be utilised and leveled against them. i dont think our cause and we are for the same cause is best served by making comparisons with the failed state of England we should be aspiring to health services which are succeeding. Our service is failing because we are in tow with the UK and the message should be our health service could be among the best in the world if we had the independence to make it so

  3. The very fact that the English PM used his press conference to attack Scotland and her Health Service which is, by the way, the best in the sham union, demonstrates just how diminished England has become, a sad, pathetic, lost little country full of raging xenophobes and led by an incompetent oaf.

    • England has always been that way craig I lived down there for 26 years the xenophobia always been there just now its all in the open and that clown is one of the biggest xenophobic Englanders ever dont forget he did call us scots a vemouis race that deserve extermination when he allowed that poem friendly fire to be published in 04

  4. Caught a bit of the Boris Johnson ramblings, to be honest as an orator he sits behind Prof Stanley Unwin in clarity. I was no clearer what was happening after he spoke than when he began. I didn’t see Nicola Sturgeons speech but I can guarantee it was clear and precise about the procedures we are adopting.

    It may have fallen short of some are calling for but as we unfortunately can’t close our border then there is little point deviating massively from what happens elsewhere in the UK. If we were independent we would have total control of our response.

  5. The A&E waiting time quoted for NHS England was actually lower than that at 74.5%. The higher figure contains data from minor injury units as well as major A&E units – hiding the true extent of the state of A&E in England. The Scottish figures are for major A&E departments.

    The December figures for A&E in England were even worse than the figures quoted here.

    Tonight on CH4 news there was an interview with a doctor who was quite clear that NHS England could not cope in the event that they faced the situation faced by Italy. Shortage of staff, shortage of ventilators etc. Scotland will face similar problems as we try to increase the number of IC beds but at least we are starting from a higher baseline.

    • The English A&E stats are even worse than you quote, Legerwood. As you say they aggregate the Type 1 A&E data (that’s for consultant-led A&E Depts) with Type 2 &3 Depts (which are Minor Injury Units, Health Centre Treatment Rooms etc, so dealing with much less complex issues and therefore able to treat and discharge patients quicker than Type 1 Depts), while the other nations report solely on Type 1 Depts.

      On top of this, in England they start the clock in Type 1 Depts only when the consultant doctor logs on to start on the patient i.e. after Registration, after initial waiting, after Triage and after waiting until the consultant starts on the case. Contrast that with Scotland where the clock starts when the patient is registered at the Admissions desk, so the English data grossly understates the real processing times. In short the Scottish data is factual, consistent and based on rational principles. The English stats, on the other hand, are not based on consistent, rational principles and appear to be designed to mislead. A Fudge indeed!

      • Thanks for facts versus lies, Paul. More facts.



        Start the clock! No account taken of people lying in ambulances outside hospitals and on trolleys in hospital corridors for hours and hours on end before they’re even seen by a doctor and then following being seen by a doctor, and if needing to be admitted, there’s no bed for them. What a baseline to start from right now due to the Tories and their ideological austerity cuts and privatisation. God how the poor English NHS staff must be cursing that crowd of chancers upside down.


        Just watching QT and a health expert on the panel is basically ripping LBJ’s approach to dealing with the coronavirus to shreds. Members of audience doing likewise. Ms Bruce not too happy about this and now trying to shut the expert up. Par for the course.

        • The health expert (basically cracking up) on QT is Professor John Ashton former Director of Public Health.

          And just to add that Fiona Bruce is an absolute disgrace, once again. Every time that Pete Wishart has something to say she totally ignores him and sits pointing at members of the audience with her pen to distract people, imo, from actually listening to him.

      • As an ex nurse in Grampian, very recently diagnosed with cancer (bad timing!) I must comment on the wonderful care at ARI Aberdeen.needless to say nearly all of the very dedicated staff are from Eastern EEurope, or far east, having stayed a d worked here for years.
        The care cannot be better.

  6. I might be wrong but I thought Johnson’s comment referred to Nicola’s plan to ban assemblies of 500 or more people as from Monday next. In that respect he would be commenting on the Police/ Ambulance Service/NHS ability to deal with issues arising from such events. Having said that, it amounts to the same thing since each category in Scotland performs better with more staff and resources than their equivalent in the rest of the UK

  7. Obviously the FM doesn’t understand that the posh boy must always speak first – and last – and at all times in between.

    Their conceit and contempt is matched only by their appalling ignorance. Still they push the cringe. Anything Scottish must be inferior, or if it isn’t then it must be lied about.

    They truly are reprehensible creatures.

  8. I think what Johnson really wanted to say was “In Scotland they WILL have a particular issue with the resilience of their public services, because we damn well will make sure of it lol!”

    My they do really hate the SNP First Minister taking the iniative and hold a press conference
    ( not a speech for those who did not see it, as she had the chief med officer and health minister in attendance to also answer questions) to keep people informed an dup to date about how they are dealing wth this situation day to day hour to hour in fact.

    Scotland’s problem or’ issue’ is the fact that the English and pretendy UK government is not competent at all, has all intention of wrecking any progress that the SNP makes on well, anything really, as well as totally undermining Scotland’s devolved government, and totally denying Scotland the promised ‘extra’ (lol) powers for voting to ‘stay’ in the UKOK.

    Scotland has’ issues’ alright, they are actually bloody massive, and they are all because the London centric empire, colonial bullying mindset never went away! The ‘issue’ is that Scotland is shackled to a dysfunctional, incompetent, selfish, far right wing led country, told ‘you are too poor and small and stupid’ oh and ‘you are lazy good for nothing subsidy junkies’ and yet, well weirdly, that said country next door wants Scotland to ‘stay’

    Scotland has been scammed for decades, centuries, but now people are waking up to the fact that the ‘issues’ facing them could be so much better managed without the contraints of the greedy bullying colonial masters at Westminster. It’s a no brainer, the Tories know it, and are terrified. Hell mend ’em.

    Ps if any typos I apologise my wisdom tooth needs taking out but had to be cancelled.. grumpy hardly describes the pain at times.

  9. Watched Bojo on Channel 4 news this evening…he just about managed to keep the smirk from his lips as he gave forth….we must be be prepared to lose our loved ones before their time says Boris …

    Whit ! He is something else ….no notion of saying to folk that his efforts are focused on saving as many folks lives as possible by following the methods used by countries which are considered most effective.

    Total oaf!

    • Johnson the grim reaper announcing death sentences on a whole section of society. The people who voted for this idiot have to take the blame. Some of them who will die from the virus will have voted for him.

    • The survival of the richest, Sam.
      Elitist eugenicists.
      This superbug will mask the UK economy tanking because of Brexit, that’s for sure.
      Let it runs its course and cull the poor aged infirm. Who’ll miss them or grieve? Certainly not the Eton Boys.

      • PS: I believe that our nurses teachers and police are better paid than their English counterparts: so much for the ‘resilience’ of our public services.
        I recall hearing somewhere that England is short of 45,000 nurses?
        Paul, perhaps you should send a copy of this excellent piece to Carjack, Leotard, and Wee Wullie Winkie?

      • Jack I wonder if in a dark room some number crunchers are calculating the financial benefits of quietly allowing over 60s to succumb to this virus , just think of the benefits , the savings must be tempting , Trust this lot aye ok this is all their Christmas’s come at once , Think I am nuts I can just see Reese Mog mulling over the figures and saying but how will we get away with it. The answer from Cummings is Nothing- Just do nothing blame the virus its easy .Sorted , next .

          • The most important issue in Scotland at present is ensuring that Steven Gerrard’s lot beat Sellick on Sunday, so 50,000 bottle throwing idiots will be allowed to rampage through my city during Sunday Services, fill pubs with baying idiots, clutter up A&E and suck up police and ambulance services, and God knows what else, because the SFA just sit on their hands and do nothing but collect their big fat pay cheques, and completely ignore what Football Associations are doing across the globe to help curb this awful plague.
            I am expected to be put at great risk to my life, to pander to the Neanderthal blood lust of a gang of bigots, racists, and frankly evil people, who have more of a say on the social cohesion of Scotland than I, because they might riot, wreck things, and start a civil war if they don’t get their way?

            This is madness personified.
            The Football programme for this week should be cancelled, and there is no counter argument.
            But what about the financial impact of cancelling, they bleat?
            Surely 72 year old Jack Collatin dying is a price worhth paying so that the Billy Boys can beat the Taigs?
            The Famine’s over, why don’t they go home, or surrender, or you’ll die?

            I am beyond rage.
            The sooner this Proddie Cafflik cancer is cut out of Scottish society, the better.

          • Just checked Glasgow airport departures.
            Flights to Spain still departing. Alicante, Malaga, and wait for it, two flights to Tenerife this morning, where one hotel had 700 guests in lock down since March 2nd.

            Who is running Scotland. Big Money?
            As for the idiots who have jetted off to the sun, stay there.

  10. This is an item from CH4 news tonight. It is very much worth watching. One point I would make is that when stating why banning gatherings etc is not a good idea yet politicians and others keep refering to the science which shows this is not required yet. Timing apparently is everything. But no scientific evidence has been presented, no data put into the public domain and of all the experts interviewed none have researched or published research in this field. Thankfully the First Minister has decided to take action now and ignore this science that does not appear to have any advocates other than Tory politicians.

    This Tory Gov thinks it can control the progress of this pandemic yet it can’t even manage to restock supermarket shelves with hand gel

    • Sturgeon made it clear that the reason for banning particular events was to alleviate the burden on the emergency services and ensure that as much capacity as possible is available to deal with the pandemic. She specifically stated it wasn’t about “science” but maintaining capacity. Otherwise known as common sense.

    • In the Ch4 piece, Vaughan raised three crucial points, the shortage of nurses and medical specialists, lack of sufficient PPE, and testing of medical staff…
      These are down to the bean counter mentality which dominates government, but the last two are stunning examples of short-sightedness, endanger limited personnel then don’t screen them, so typical of the “know the cost of everything and value of nothing” brigade…
      “Timing is everything” and “following the science” becomes meaningless when you ignore both…

  11. Oh well it got Piers Morgan’s knickers in a twist , how upsetting that big red baw face must have been a dream to see , go on yah fat arsewipe blow a gasket .
    The papers have Bawjaws looking concerned with the headline many more loved ones will die , aye as if he and his gang give a f/k,Funny how all the papers have the same line a concerned PM just coincidence AYE , news maniplutation at its best .

  12. Boris Johnston is a complete and utter liar. A philander and a cheat. Anyone who believes a word he says is a complete idiot. Just like Johnston a complete clown. They will try to cover up the Brexit economic decline using the virus. A complete diversion and distraction.

    £12.5Billion is spent on the SNHS. The Scottish Gov increased the funding to mitigate Westminster cuts. The ConDems cut NHS funding. Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut funding. Cameron caused Brexit. The lying Vow.

    Johnston was sacked by Murdoch the criminal, for telling lies. No honour among thieves. He was abusing his girlfriend. No Police report. No charges.

    One Law for the unionists. Another Law for everyone else. They make the Law and break the Law. They think they are above the Law. Breaking the Law and killing people off with austerity. A complete disgrace.

    • Well that’s the majority of englanders then as they voted for him to lead them Plus they was singing his praises just 2 months ago.

  13. Spot on again Paul.

    I’m still waiting for someone to ask on QT, ‘Is this an appropriate time to have a government where the titular head, Bojo the Clown, puppet , to have its strings pulled by a sociopathic eugenisist?’

  14. I’ve just been watching another “expert” on Newscast and the total lack of practical, helpful information being disseminated to the public just beggars belief: Wash your hands often, if you get a cough / fever stay at home for a week and don’t go on a cruise.

    What I want to know about, for ONE, is what the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable / elderly people (may in fact have no friends or family members) who live on their own are going to do if they get a cough / fever? Dial 111, and if they can get through, then what? Be told that they should self-isolate? Then what? Who will do their shopping for them, who will cook their meals, who will monitor if their illness has progressed to the point that they can’t breathe never mind phone 111 again?

    I know that we struggle to get nurses to visit people requiring to be given eye drops never mind dealing with the coronavirus. We’ve got carers who can’t effectively cover visits to the vulnerable and elderly right now, with lack of staffing being exacerbated by Brexit. Rushing from one home / client to another often carrying out care in 15 minute visits only, so I reckon that we can’t rely on them to help out. Many of them in fact will no doubt be hit with the virus with some employees staying at home and others, due to financial hardship, carrying on and potentially spreading the virus.

    I’ve got a neighbour who is 98 years old. She hasn’t had any input from carers. Her daughter and family live in England and have advised her to self-isolate and have arranged for ready made meals to be delivered to her and left at her door. How many elderly Scots can afford to do that? And what if she becomes so ill that she’s not fit to get to her door? Anyway point being I’m her only friend and I’m now having to self-isolate, so what does she do now? Or rather what can I do for her now? Ensure that my family and friends help her out.

    This in a way is what Professor John Ashton was trying to point out. This government is being led by a bunch of dangerous, lunatic buffoons. No testing of people at airports, docking cruise liners, limiting numbers of people congregating and more than anything encouraging (and informing how to do so) communities to mobilise right across the UK. The latter is what we’ll have to do to combat this threat and the Scots in fact are great when it comes to their organisational skills and more so their caring natures and compassion for others. Let’s do it. Let’s not allow one solitary person to be left suffering worst still dying at home on their own.

    Professor Ashton. The angry QT man.


    • Petra was getting a bit worried about Pete Wishart and the best pals act with a Tory minister , The exact opposite was the Professor mentioned , he gave the Tory government both barrels and stopped to re load twice , Eh bit of advice Pete the Tory government are not your friends and will use you until your usefulness is exhausted maybe not so friendly next time eh .Pete .it doesn’t look good .

      • Robert, if you work somewhere for 20 years and are an affable person then you see them as friends and work colleagues. I am explaining not disagreeing with your comment. Perhaps the SNP needs to limit how long any one MP spends in Westminster. It becomes a career rather than somewhere you want to get out of.

        • Cubby ,on show the career climbers exposed by the testimony given in a certain court in Edinburgh, and they are embedded in the SNP just how deep or high it goes is anybody’s guess ,all this has been happening out of sight , and by this looks of it out of the control of the ones who should be keeping a eye on things , once folk start to question the whole setup they begin to think of things that have or haven’t taken place in the past , And i bet we can all think of stuff that’s maybe not quite right.
          I am afraid once the smoke has cleared in Edinburgh things that have got out of hand have to change , this one statment ” Soft YES Voter ” said by a prospective candidate should have alarm bells ringing , if there is rot well it has to be removed .

      • Robert I actually thought that Pete Wishart behaved in a very mature and professional way. He agreed with the Tory politician on a number of coronavirus issues but of course defended and explained Nicola Sturgeon’s position on mass gatherings. He then went on to rip LBJ and the Tories to shreds to much applause from the audience.

    • Petra, excellent post. I think it was great that Nicola Sturgeon broke ranks with the UK. I don’t know what she was thinking about letting an idiot like Johnson (the grim reaper ) have a say on what happens in Scotland in the first place. I also agree with Jack Collatin that the ban should be immediate not wait till Monday.

      In England they are asking has “Johnson got it right ” it’s ridiculous they are even asking this question – he is a an idiot and Trump is an even bigger idiot.

      Idiots voting for idiots.

      The British media not even reporting how bad it has got in Italy.

  15. Slanj
    Remember though , anything Scotland received in funds is due to the generosity of English rule. No bed room tax , student fees, prescription fees, all due to English largesse. Don’t you jocks forget that . Scotland would not survive. *

    • Bollocks. It’s our own damn money recycled, with some of it siphoned off along the way to subsidise English-as-UK activities (eg. Crossrail) from which we derive no benefit whatever.

      “Grateful”? For being robbed of our own resources by incompetents when we could be as wealthy under our own management as Norway?

      If you and your fellow-ranters truly believe we are such witless spongers, why are you still so very, very desperate to keep hanging on to us…?!

  16. “It was a childish remark from a childish man” is on the button, an observation which will not be conveyed by media up to it’s neck in colluding to misinform the public.
    Irrespective of how Scottish NHS outperforms it’s English counterpart, neither will be able to cope when this epidemic spikes as it assuredly will.
    Ideologically driven London defunding has already reduced capability, but the staffing crisis induced by those who would take back control has created the perfect storm.
    This Ch4 interview on how Milan was coping gave a frank perspective on what may be expected – https://www.channel4.com/news/coronavirus-worse-than-bomb-senior-italian-health-official-giacomo-grasselli
    When even Ireland is discussing how funeral arrangements may have to change, life will not be “normal” anywhere for the immediate future, except for Tory politicians who inhabit a different world.

  17. As in the past, funeral arrangements were hurriedly changed.
    Witness mass graves in places hit by bombs, illnesses or disease, this of the pictures of the concentration camps.
    This has happened all around the world.
    Some of us will be immune BUTT the daily express graphics don’t help, no numbers are shown just two lines, a peaky one that lasts a short time compared to the low curve which lasts until, we don’t know.
    It seems like the idea is to have this until well past the summer by limiting the contact between us.
    The wee virus might just change again in that time, mutate to either a more disruptive agent or not, we can’t know.
    Containment is our only real chance of control but they have already let that system out the bag as they are letting people who have been exposed to the virus to return to their country.
    Now the politicians are finding out that we are all on this little planet, together.
    The doris saying we all have to look after one another is a bit rich considering the 10 years of austerity the cameron/clegg/may/johnston administrations have practised.
    The casino is burning down as the gamblers get out of paper shares and try to get into gold, have a look at the figures.

  18. John was being sarcastic.

    The Budget spend now being questioned as not generous. Replacing EU spending. Refunding cuts in public spending. Funding levels at 2008. With all the austerity cuts having taken place.

  19. I’m supportive of the snp but Pete Wishart was far too nice and wishy washy on QT last night. Explain our policies on how we intend to deal with the virus. End of. The tories don’t give a shit. After all we need them more than need us —- apparently.

    • Pete is in the softly,softly be nice and they will give us Independence club.

      The Empire mindset is to sneer at this weakness.

      We need some politicians willing to go in hard and heavy.

      Westminster will not concede one inch. I am sick to death of the “be nice” bunch.

      • I am all for closing the border at Gretna and North Berwick, Julia.
        If we have a distinct Scottish strategy, it is hardly going to wok if we allow ‘cross border’ contamination fomented by England’s negligence in tackling this crisis.
        It’s as stark as that.
        If England do their own thing, good luck to them.
        The man with the dead eyed cold blooded Tory speak, Steven Barclay was on QT last night muttering on about 50,000 extra nurses, 40 new hospitals,
        £5 billion ‘extra’ funding to tackle coronavirus.
        In England of course.

        Wishart was measured, and resisted the temptation to cock a snoot at England’s woeful health and care sector, as it would have been perceived for what it would have been. A shallow political dig at the WM Government for political game.
        We have gone beyond PP politics, and playing a game of football on Sunday at 12.00 o’clock, minutes from the QEUH where they have already had to erect a temporary A&E Unit to cope with the overflow.

        England’s Social Cohesion is in tatters because of ten years of Blue Tory Give To The Rich Punish the Poor and Destroy Civic Society by massively cutting public funds.
        As the wretched man observed on QT, he was not prepared to let his wife, who has a heart condition, die, so that the cheapskate Tory Government can let this virus run its course.
        The Midlands Audience got a wake up call last night. Brexit will be a disaster, the Blue Tory Government are culling the poor, and England’s Health, Care, Welfare System, and infrastructure are in terminal and irredeemable decline.
        Victorian England has arrived, now.
        And the BBC is having a Sports Relief Jamboree, where B List ‘Personalities’ get air time letting us all know how selfless they are running marathons to fund wheel chairs and market gardens in schools.

        David Cameron’s Big Food Bank Society.

        • Agreed, on the Keysean Budget, Wishart quipped:’ Never mind the Magic Money Tree, the Tories have found a Magic Rain Forest’.

          But he toed the joint statement line on Coronavirus, which was wise, IMPV.

          There was no sense of Lurv for the Tories in the audience.

  20. Scotland is better placed. However the public are being fed the same old drivel by the BritNat press.
    I am amazed how many people think we have ONE NHS. With that level of ignorance the Unionist media have an easy target.

    • If we had proper Scottish media not the Britnat media then people would be better informed. It Is no accident people are ignorant of the current set up – it is deliberate.

  21. The Tory/right wing/capitalist thoughts: – The sick and the old do not count as they use up resources and do not add to profits.

    A modern day Nazi style cull is underway. If you voted for the Britnats this is what you voted for.

  22. Jeremy Hunt back on the telly thinking Johnston will make such a mess of things re the virus he might be in with a chance of being PM if he subtly shows mild criticism of Jonsons actions. He is the wise sensible one – that is his message.

    Bloody idiots in England still think Johnson is just doing fine. Also some pratt said send all the old and sick to the North of Scotland out the way of the virus. What is it about these people from London,mainly, that they think if there is a problem just send it to Scotland – out of sight out of mind. Morons – the virus is everywhere – its in Shetland.

    “Super spreaders” a new term.

    In Italy doctors are choosing who lives and who dies. This is the road the UK is on. Thankfully at last our FM is taking us on a different path – but is it sufficient and early enough?

    • No, not really.

      We are in the ‘delay’ phase – which means governments did not do enough to prevent the majority of people getting it. The supposed ‘containment’ phase did not inspire confidence.

      Thing is, there is not much the Scottish government can do without the uk government taking proper measures – many of the key things that can be done affect the economy which they have charge of – and they have not responded responsibly. That is, they’ve decided to keep business and events running for as long as possible rather than consider what’s best for our health. There is only so much the Scottish government can do on that aspect, without fiscal autonomy their hands are tied.

      At least in Scotland our NHS is more likely to cope, but let’s hope most of us only get the mild version, and avoid giving it to vulnerable people.

      • Contrary

        Flights of school children returning to Glasgow from Italy after a school organised holiday. You don’t need to be a genius to think – maybe not a good idea. Who is in charge of education in Scotland.

        As I have said above Johnson is an idiot who I wouldn’t trust to organise a Chinese takeway. Nicola Sturgeon is not – is her mind too preoccupied with a certain legal case in Edinburgh.

    • If they’re going to send the elderly vulnerables up here , they’d better change the rules around allowing service workers from overseas to cater for the increased care burden .

  23. Johnson’s cheap shot at the Scottish NHS was accepted by the UK media because that is the story that has been pushed by both Westminster and the media ( including the Scottish (sic ) media ) for years .
    The English only hear what these charlatans tell them so they swallow it , hook ,line and sinker !

    If you are fed propaganda all the time then your world view will reflect this . Hence the election of the blustering oaf that is Johnson ! QED !

  24. A tory takes a shit on Scotland.
    The british media come along and join in.

    Are we feeling the love yet?

    Are we feeling better together?

    • David, every day, in every way, we grow stronger and stronger.
      Have Priti Patel and Willie Rennie resigned yet?

      I note that the SFA have postponed all football in Scotland from today, according to an announcement 45 minutes ago.
      My, there’s a surprise.
      I’m sure that the worshippers at Govan Parish Church are mightily relieved.

  25. I see the SFA and other football bodies have banned all football matches from today until 3rd April and possibly longer. Old firm match is off too.

    • SFA and other football bodies going over LBJ’s head like Nicola Sturgeon? Doesn’t that just show him up for the erse that he is? At the end of the day, imo, many of his decisions, in league with his bookend experts, are driven by the fact that this country is in one of the worst positions worldwide to deal with this virus due to the shambles that the Tories have made of the NHS and social care. Add to that their miserable level of pensions and sick pay in comparison at least to other EU countries and you’ve got the recipe for lethal disaster.

      • Yes it does indeed show him up as does holding the Cobra meeting yesterday rather than doing it via video conferencing. You have a highly contagious virus, a Gov minister who has tested positive and was in 10 Downing Street shortly before testing positive, therefore infectious, so what do you do? Invite people over for a meeting!

        I saw that Mr Trudeau’s wife has tested positive and it is thought she became infected on a recent visit to London.

        As to the scientific evidence Mr Johnson and Co are following. That seems to be based on Nudge Theory – some sort of behavioural ‘science’

          • It is survival of the fittest they are talking about not herd immunity.

            I have seen several comments from scientists about the lack of data or a wish to see the data underpinning this theory and there was also comment in the article about the absence of data. Reminds me of the paper that promoted austerity. When they eventually released their data it was found to be flawed which meant their conclusions/proposals for dealing with the fallot from the 2008 financial crash were flawed. That the Tory Gov then continued with austerity policies was a political decision and not one supported by the evidence.

            History repeating itself?

          • History repeating itself right enough and this is what we’ll be subjected to for all time coming if we don’t unshackle ourself from this Union.

  26. Has anyone read the Norwegian Health Ministry’s plan for coping with the crisis? No messing! And they have a Sovereign Wealth Fund to pay for it.
    Hooray for James Callaghan who refused to set up an Oil Fund and hooray for subsequent leaders of the UK who gave away our inheritance to bankers and financiers (and themselves).

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