The lockdown

Welcome to day one of the Great Scottish Lockdown. You already know how this is going to go don’t you. You’ll have got up today resolving that you’re going to use this time productively. You’re going to learn Gaelic on Duolingo. You’re going to spring clean the house. You’re going to fix the loose doorhandle on the door to the spare room that’s been broken for months. And then in two weeks time you’ll be lying on the sofa in your pyjamas, complaining that you’ve used up all of Netflix. All. Of. Netflix. But luckily you’ll discover, lurking in the far reaches of the programme guide, a Portuguese language movie about vampire chartered accountants, so you’ll start to watch it. Then you’ll realise that you’ve already seen it. And you still won’t have fixed the doorhandle.

The lockdown was clearly required. It should have happened sooner. By sheer luck, the UK was given a head start when it came to dealing with the coronavirus epidemic, yet that head start has been squandered. We’ve seen this before. The EU granted the UK an extension to the Brexit negotiation period last year and Donald Tusk pleaded with the British government, “Please do not waste this time.” They went on to do precisely that. Now they’ve done it again. For the first weeks of this crisis the British government did nothing. Boris Johnson spent the time hiding from the press, then picking fights with the civil service. Then he toyed with the herd immunity notion. And ever since his government has been giving confused and mixed messages.

This lockdown, welcome as it is, is still giving the public confused and mixed messages. You’re allowed out once a day for exercise, but how is that going to be enforced? Yet at the same time those of us who live in flats and have dogs are being told that we can only take our dogs out once a day. There is no dog in the world, especially not an elderly dog, which can be restricted to only peeing or crapping once a day. You try it with your own bladder and bowel movements and see how you get on. The only alternative is to allow the dog to piss and shit inside the house, which is scarcely hygienic.

In other countries where there’s a stricter lockdown than in the UK, you can walk your dog as often as required as long as you go alone, you remain at least two metres away from anyone else, and you stay within a short distance of your home. In Greece there’s a number you text on your mobile which authorises you to walk your dog up to four times a day. So between Greece and the UK, which is the banana republic basket case? The current UK rules appear to have been designed by middle class politicians and civil servants who have quarter acre back gardens and no real idea of how ordinary people live.

Rules need to be clear and simple. When they’re not clear, when they’re full of loopholes, people will exploit them. Yet they also need to be realistic. This is not rocket science here. What’s needed here, as a matter of some urgency, are clear and simple rules which are easy to follow and which are practical and realistic.

British government policy is being determined by Dominic Cummings, who is supposedly a genius at communicating messages. He’s not doing very well at it then, is he. If the reports about Dominic Cummings are true, and and he’s responsible for this confused and confusing set of mixed messages from the government and he really was the driving force behind the British government’s now discredited “herd immunity” policy, then it raises some very serious questions for Boris Johnson. Johnson is Dominic Cummings’ boss. Johnson hired him, and Johnson can fire him. But the PM insists on putting all his eggs in one basket case.

At some point we have to hold Johnson and the Tories to account. They have been ignoring advice from China and UK experts like the editor of the Lancet for weeks. The solution to this crisis is to restrict public movement, which has belatedly now happened, to test people for the virus, which is now starting to happen more frequently, and to trace the contacts of those found to be positive for the virus, which isn’t happening at all.

For the past ten years the Tories have presided over an entirely unnecessary austerity policy which has caused the decimation of British public services, meaning that the UK is uniquely challenged when it comes to tackling the coronavirus. Over the weekend Number 10 was forced to release a statement denying in the strongest terms that it had ever been British government policy to argue for “old people being allowed to die”. That would be true. They didn’t argue for it. It’s just that they weren’t going to be overly bothered if it happened. Even now, they’re still more concerned about the impact of the crisis on the economy than on the people.

This epidemic has turned everything on its head. A few weeks ago people were talking of the need to ensure that after Scottish independence an open border should still remain between Scotland and England. Now there’s folk demanding that the border is closed right now. There are effectively internal borders now, as travel to the islands has been restricted in order to help protect communities which don’t have easy access to fully equipped hospitals.

Efforts to keep people out of fragile communities in the Highlands aren’t helped by the likes of the Spectator’s Rod Liddle, who is complaining about the restriction it puts on his privilege. Yet you can be certain that if this virus was somehow spreading from Scotland to England, he’ be the first to demand a fence along the border to keep the Scots out.

Rod Liddle, the gammonfather, has penned a piece in that magazine of entitlement, the Spectator, demanding that people boycott Scotland because the Scottish Government has told people to stay away from the Highlands. The Highlands is the perfect place for entitlement metropolitans to self-isolate, Rod opines. However the communities in the Highlands and Islands are especially vulnerable. They contain a larger proportion of elderly and retired people than the rest of the country, but they’re also remote from ICU beds. Yet folk like Rod can only think about his own needs, not the needs of the communities into which he’s determined to insert his unwelcome presence. The Scottish government has an easy solution to the problem of people travelling to the Highlands. Simply breed billions of midgies to release over the West Highlands to ensure that everyone stays indoors. The plan would be criticised by the Conservatives, as they think they were the only ones allowed to be blood sucking parasites paid for by public funds.

The real lessons from this crisis will not be felt until after it’s over. The most important is that at every level in British government there’s an abdication of responsibility. We’ve had enough of experts, said a certain oleaginous Conservative who still remains in high office. Having enough of experts might work as a soundbite when you’re trying to appeal for the votes of the British exceptionalists who drove Brexit, in an epidemic it costs lives. The result is a public which is unclear on advice and which is happy to believe that it can do what it wants with no consequences. After all, there are no consequences for members of the British government when they screw up, as they so frequently do. This is what happens when you have no proper accountability in government. Scotland has only one cure for that, independence. It’s a cure that we will once again be campaigning for the moment this crisis has passed.

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81 thoughts on “The lockdown

    • Movy, he was on BBC Breakfast Time, that Jackanory of a news ordeal for thick adults, this morning, giving his expert advice on everything from MOT Testing to child minding.
      An odious little man, by any stretch.
      His incredible ‘put on ‘ bools in the mooth’ accent is grinding and makes Malcolm Rifkind sound like a welder from Rosyth.

      Oh how we long for the Good Old Days, of Rennie and Carlaw ‘hard choices’, the Austere Days , the days of a ten year freeze on Family Benefits, Disability Benefits, the Two Child Cap, The Rape Clause, the Bedroom Tax, the 5% tax cuts to Alistair Darling and Lord John Reid, the £32 billion Cuts in Welfare, Pensions, the half million cuts in public service jobs, the 120,000 deaths through the Blue and Yellow Tories ‘Fiscal Responsibility Measures’, the 230,000 Scots children in WM engineered government policies, the 500,000 Scots living in absolute poverty, the burgeoning number of food banks which now outnumber MacDonalds’ Burger Joints (which have now shut) of zero hours contracts, of the slow and deliberate break down of civic society, as ‘there is no such thing as society, only the individual’.

      What’s that you say? All this is still happening, on top of the pandemic?
      I hear the phrase ‘hollowed out’ a lot these days.
      NO it doesn’t refer to the innards of Carjack Lawson’s head.

      It means that the rich get richer, and the rest of us are left to rot.

      It is the deliberate attempt by the Right Wing Oligarchy to destroy our society by siphoning off the wealth of our nation, and squirreling it away into their offshore accounts.

      The Coronavirus is the pin that bursts the bubble.
      I vote that we put signs up at Gretna and North Berwick.
      Scotland is closed. Go back home.

      Close the fecking border.

      It’s an ill wind.
      When the dust settles, there is only one way forward for Scots.
      Take back control of our borders, our laws, and our money.
      Self Determination.
      Now where have we heard that before?

  1. What this shitshow highlights in stark relief is the sheer incompetence of the British ruling and political classes. Best ad got GTF yet. Aye and one walk a day is not enough for any dug, especially a big, daft, greyhound!

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    God forbid you should pass the time by paying any attention to those pointing out the awkward truth of the self-serving lies of Tories.

    So whatever you do, don’t even think of _ever_ listening to an eminent informed, and incensed, UK public health expert who shows up Tory politicians as useless lying cretins.

    – Professor John Ashton CBE twitter –

    One to bookmark, then ? ; )

    Previously – ‘Coronavirus: People Will Die because this Government Wasted Time | Professor John Ashton’ – DoubleDown News, Youtube –

  4. I see from reports on line that there are quite a lot of folk in Engerland, London in particular who are not paying any heed to the stay at home message. Pictures of the tube trains packed like a tin of sardines, ordinary shops, which should be closed, open as usual. Barbers, hairdressers all doing business, cause they’re self employed and need the money. Are they not getting the message, think it does not apply to them, or are they generally selfish morons.

    As for Rod Liddle wanting to boycott Scotland cause SG told them stay away from the Highlands, good, that’s just what you should do. So very entitled and arrogant aren’t they. We’ll hide up there, and just too bad about the natives, we are all expendable in their very privileged eyes. Away and chase yourselves ya bunch of spoiled weans. By the way Mr Liddle, the SG doesn’t owe you a duty of care but it does to us.

    Stay safe everybody. Oh and aye, dugs do need to be walked more than once a day.

    • It’s interesting Carol, that when the meedja provides us with ‘the latest from OUR own correspondents in China’ these people will start by telling us things are improving greatly and getting back to normal, then comes the nasty wee dig (and they all do it) “but of course this is a different kind of regime from the UK”. The implication is ‘Totalitarian/Communist’, meaning complete control of its citizens ‘who are frightened to disobey’, officials get sacked for incompetence (wow) – not like the UK where ….. stuff. Absolutely no respect for other cultures or systems whether they work well enough or not, whether they actually do things better or not. They’re not like ‘us’, so they must be wrong.

      And when it comes to ‘us’ in Scotland, ‘us’ up here are different from ‘them’ down there, so we should expect little or no respect either, so it seems. Writing from a Highland village, I say to anyone thinking they can just swan up here and risk decimating fragile Highland, Island and other rural communities because they don’t give a damn, just don’t because WE do give a damn! This is our home. We love it and as an older person I’ve been staying indoors for a while now, obeying the rules, so missing getting out into the wilderness. So’s ma dug. Now we are without a few non-essential but nevertheless vital services for at least a fortnight.

      I see Shetland has a large number of positive cases and that must be a concern for the local NHS. Really serious cases might eventually require airlifting out all the way to Aberdeen I would expect, as it would anywhere in remote communities. That’s the reality of life outside the metropolises.

      • Like you JoMax where we live in SW Scotland is mostly rural, with lots of second homes owned by those the other side of the border. I’m sure you’ll be very aware of that picture. They seem to think that it’s okay to come to their properties here. I’m afraid that they are made to feel very unwelcome and are being told, quite bluntly, go home, you should not be here.

        Not happy bunnies, but some are going away. They should not be here in the first place. What happened to no travel unless absolutely necessary. We are in our seventies too, our son shops for us at the moment when and if we need anything. Not happy about being confined to barracks, but then neither is anyone else. We are doing what we have been asked to stop the virus spreading, I wish others would waken the hell up and take it more seriously.

  5. Yep, all good but disagree on the tousled blonde being indecisive. Convinced the delay was deliberate to ensure maximum spread of infection on the original “herd-immunity” strategy, then once past the point of no return, start the arse covering theatre of righteous concern…

    We’re in a variant of lockdown/quarantine here from midnight, the military setting up checkpoints already, one shopping trip or medical reasons, otherwise stay home, period…
    One surprise component is that nobody over 65 is allowed out their door, just as well I don’t have a dog I guess. At least my bins are on the terrace outside and surrounded by trees, should limit being spotted 👀
    Good luck over there in the coming days…

  6. I don’t have a dog but even I know they have to be walked more than once a day. Very few, if any, of the pronouncements from the UK Gov are fully formed and thought through before they make any announcements. Simply because they did not want to go down whatever route is being announced therefore have not done any forward planning with regards to implementation and the clear messaging required.

    The UK Gov has indeed squandered the time they had in hand which should have been used to get enough testing kits in place and protective equipment manufactured AND distributed. Do we even manufacture the stuff in the UK?

    Last night on CH4 news Gary Gibbons gave Matt H-H-Hancock a right grilling but without any satisfactory answers from the Health Secretary. He did say 1 million test kits were coming but so is Christmas. Unfortunately Mr Gibbons did not ask where they were coming from.

    This is a good article in Monday’s Guardian by Prof Devi Sridhar, Univ of Edinburgh. She sets out the timeline of the virus and thus shows how much time was squandered by this UK Gov :

  7. Paul – it is not just an abdication of responsibility. The level of incompetence displayed by the UK government seems close to “depraved indifference”.

    As Jack collatin says above ” When the dust settles, there is only one way forward for Scots.
    Take back control of our borders, our laws, and our money.”

  8. And if you do get to the shops be careful what you pick up, all that stuff with the Union Jack on it, if packaged in England may well be be coming from a more infected area than any where in Scotland.
    If its got a jack put it back or better still do not touch it.

  9. It doesn’t matter how restrictive the lockdown is, or becomes, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle.

    Weeks were, still are, being wasted doing nothing about test & trace.

    I hope I’m wrong, but all this prevarication will lead to the UK situation making Italy’s problems look like a stroll in the park.

  10. I have just received a txt from UK Gov telling me I must now not leave my house. Marvellous I will just starve to death then.

    • Can I ask if that’s because of a pre-existing condition Wullie? The person I look after has COPD but is under 60 and he’s had nothing. We started taking precautions for ourselves about 10 days ago. He hasn’t been out of the house for over two years anyway but I’m being extra careful as I’m his sole carer and can’t risk passing this on to him.

      • Hi WeeChid
        Naw Im a few months away from 70. I don’t know if other people are getting the txt. It comes up on my computer as well. there are lots of advice about what to do , thankfully it says you can go shopping. So maybi nae starving after aw

    • We all had the text but it has a link to get more info. God knows how people with no mobile and no internet are supposed to know about this. I have to go shopping for essential suppiles, food and loo roll, and cat food, but if what someone said about lockdown starting at midnight, I expect the shops to be mobbed…hmm, maybe it’s not such a good idea today.

      At least we can get to the allotment because Gove says that’s OK, I quite frankly don’t feel like being outside for hours, however far away my allotment neighbours would be.

      Must be nice to have a big garden to wonder about in, not so nice if stuck in a wee flat, or a highrise. I guess it’s a comfort to know the ones now telling us to ‘stay at home’ have most likley got massive mansions and massive estates to wander about in, and delighted to know the royals can be happy in their palaces, with people to wait on them hand and foot. The class system of the UK is an absolute disgrace.

      • I have not had the text but my husband has. It seems to be from the UK Gov. I do not know anything about a lockdown from midnight but from a couple of things that I saw in the online papers today some, if not all, supermarkets have put in place measures to limit the number of people allowed in at a time. Something they should have done right at the start. It might have stopped, or slowed, the panic buying to some extent and people going to multiple supermarkets in a day. Hopefully the people queuing have the sense to maintain the 2 metre distance.

  11. Suddenly ‘subsidy junkie, too wee, too poor, too stupid, we won’t take your Scottish notes’ brigade, decided that Scotland’s rural and remote countryside is a great isolation haven. So the feckers have spread the virus around the country, including the royals, what a disgrace. That’s what they meant by ‘better together’. Dump their toxic wastes in Scottish waters, use Scotland as an isolation ward when things get ugly.

    The ‘UK Lockdown’ should have started 2 weeks ago, the ‘herd immunity’ being the Tories’ first choice and they wilfully watched and waited, and it’s going to be very bad, especially in London and other large English cities. Had the lockdown started earlier the spread would have been much more contained.

    It’s criminal that they deliberately held back from taking real effective action, and slated the Scottish government for even trying to take effective action.
    Nope, do as your masters tell you, even if the people of your country will be at greater risk.

    It’s not just older people being affected by Covid-19 either,

    I read that Venezuela has a government online platform where people can report if they have symptoms so they can see potential clusters and levels of infection. They don’t have testing kits due to sanctions but WHO have said they will supply them with some equipment.

    The WM Tory cabinet will have a heck of a lot to answer for once this is settled and normality resumes. Scotland needs to escape the clutches of the London banking thieving cabal, as soon as humanely possible. Just hope many more in Scotland are seeing that is crucial, than would have before all of this utter mismanagement of this massive crisis, where a catastrophe could have been avoided.

    To reject WHO advice is absolutely criminal. Hell mend those who put many more lives at risk than need have been the case.


  12. If you are allowed to go out for exercise once a day and allowed to walk the dog once a day – that could be two seperate occasions and you could take the dog both times – your are taking him on your exercise walk for protection. I can also use my daily mile round trip to attend to a relative in the high risk group to get another walk in. Get your good man to do the same and the dug ends up with four walks. I’ve been at this for around 10 days now and had intended doing wonders in the house. All I’ve done is spend time disinfecting mail and shopping for myself and the oerson for whom I care – then eating chocolate for comfort food. The house still looks like someone had stirred it with a big stick and I can’t find a thing .

  13. Test and trace I thought was one of the most important measures to be put in place ……all seemed to be going to plan on this policy when without notice it was gone….shortly after Boris waffled his way through the despicable herd immunity idea….

    as one of those elderly herd members I object to being potentially bumped off to suit Dominic and Boris

    I am thoroughly enjoying the Duolingo Scottish Gaelic course ….beautiful language …a silver lining!

  14. I just had a weird day dream. It was where we lived in a utopia, where when a pandemic starts, testing kits are posted through peoples’ doors so they can test at home, and also allow real medical professionals ans health experts to gain understanding of where and how the virus spreads. They would also know not to go out at all while testing positive.

    So much amazing technology, for all sorts of things, both good and bad, and yet governments can’t get hold of a few million testing kits. Quite bizarre really.

    • I had a dream when I was maybe seven or eight years old – I had an attic bedroom and climbed down the steps one morning to find the house empty. Mud, Dad, wee sister all gone – and when I walked up to school, all the houses were empty – their doors open, but no one was to be seen.

      It didn’t bother me in the slightest – I could go rooting in their houses without getting checked – it was just curious. I remember the dream when I woke up – and the next night, thinking about it before I fell asleep, I could go back into the same place and do anything I want – fly jets, drive cars, live in the biggest castles.

      Took my wee dug out for a walk this morning and it was scarily reminiscent. Serendipity indeed.

      Re the government response:

      I fear current policy of treating C-19 patients in the NHS hospitals, is a grave mistake. Medical and healthcare fatalities account for 10-14% of deaths in Italy and Spain. By introducing the virus to the heart of the resource we will need the most in the coming months, we risk losing the entire NHS system at a critical time.

      Last century saw several outbreaks – Influenza, Polio etc. Then, infectious disease hospitals or sanatoriums were built in remote locations – away from towns and cities. Dedicated medical and nursing staff lived on site.

      We have any number of country hotels and stately homes all across the UK. They should be requisitioned to provide care for C-19 patients – in complete isolation. Keeping the NHS hospitals and health centres free from C-19 must be a priority – and it would allow emergency care to continue for non-C-19 cases without risking an acquired infection.

      Gleneagles, Balmoral etc. Remember the lessons from previous generations.

      • Maybe more like DNA? that’s just a stick on the tongue, but I am no scientist so no idea really. Anyway, if anyone has any super dooper computer skills there is a worldwide platform for finding a cure, they have a super super computer where people can contribute…I will send a link later when on a better device.

  15. Your recent articles about the crisis have been exceptional. So much common sense in each of them. I really want to thank you very much for being a voice of reason at this very difficult and troubling time us all.

    It’s been very late in coming but heed the advice folk and things will improve eventually.



    UK media mouse Garry Gibbon of Channel 4 giving Matt Hancock both barrels.

    Sadly, Matt Hancock is (nominally) the UK Health Secretary; here he appears to be something you step in and can’t get rid of the smell of.

    A journalist asking a Tory hard questions. Chance would be a fine thing, etc. Haven’t see that in the UK, since, must be World In Action around 1975.

    Note the UK’s lobby journalists copied on this tweet. Sweating under those collars yet, chaps, and gals ?? They all knew it was a ‘Classic Dom’ wheeze.’ #ToryGenocide ™ accomplices ?

    OK, in reality, Gibbon’s asking him a milque-toast mild question that Hancock utterly fails to answer convincingly. Still, it’s a start. Go Garry Gibbon. Remember, you and the other fake journos of the UK lobby won’t succeed in a day, given that your entire careers have been spent retyping government press releases and printing Classic Dom’s endless lies as ‘a government source’. Especially Peston. So it’ll take time. But speed it up – some of you, and more of your relatives, will soon be dead. And the rest of you owill be if the great British public ever get hold of you.

    See – 6/ + UPDATE + ‘Mainstream media now publicly revealing the inside story of how Dominic Cummings drove British exceptionalism Coronavirus policy. If I’ve known about this for weeks… …you can be damn sure rest of Westminster/SW1 journalists have too. – Nick @nicktolhurst twitter –

      • Sorry Paul, Been getting a little bit frustrated by it all. I do appreciate the effort you go to. It wasnt intentionally directed at you but i can see how you can take it as such. All the best.

    • Have a read of the post and a listen to Alex Salmond’s statement outside the Court and you might notice that a pandemic is happening. No doubt that is the focus of her thoughts at this time, as Alex was at pains to stress they should be.

  17. This lockdown is of course critically important and as per normal your post is on the button Paul.

    To be honest it is really just dawning on me how difficult it is going to be. Being forcibly separated from loved ones is definitely not nice. My elder daughter quipped that this isolation thing would suit me fine since I wasn’t sociable at the best of times. What she said had a lot of truth in it but there is a huge difference between choosing your own company and being forced to stay away from the people you love.

    Up to now it has felt a bit unreal but now it is starting to bite. Even so, for the sake of everyone I will be following your chart.

  18. There you go Paul a BBC news presenter has just clarified the issue about walking your dog. Yes, walkies once a day only however, “there’s no restrictions as to how far you can go or for how long.”

    Just thinking that you could set out walking around Glasgow at 7am with Ginger and return around 2pm. Peter could then meet you outside, take over and return with the dug after his last pee around 9 pm. Peeing and pooing all day long to his heart’s content. Oh and eh that’s for 7 days a week for 3 weeks, 3 months or whatever! This time needn’t be seen to be wasted as you could wear an over the shoulders Yes placard (different message every day) and take a loudspeaker with you, lol.


    On a more serious note has anyone else noticed that the general public are not being informed that you can pick up the virus from surfaces?

    • That’s stupid advice from the BBC. Ginger is an elderly and arthritic dog. He’s simply not capable of a long walk. He needs short regular walks throughout the day. In fact ALL dogs do. One toilet break a day is moronic, and can only have been suggested by someone who doesn’t have a dog and who has a garden of their own.

      • Messages from the government have been too confused and not of much practical value having little basis on reality. What really concerns me though is not the politicians it’s their “advisors” who are the providers of the messages being given.

        I can’t help myself from suspecting that the best scientific advice is being ignored by those closest to the Prime Minister and it’s his message we are getting. Yes, I’m talking of the likes of Cummings.

      • It sure is Paul and needed to be said. I am fortunate to have a bit of land to exercise my nine dogs, I also have pigs and need to get food for them too, which is the plan for later this morning, and has been organised with the farm supplier who is taking sensible precautions. But one walk a day, for a dog, is hugely detrimental for their sanity as well as yours.

      • Yeah it is stupid advice from the BBC and everyone knows it including those who don’t have a pet. I wonder how poor Dilyn is getting on? Peeing and pooing all over No 10? And looks as though my wee joke went down like a lead balloon, lol.

    • Petra,
      Information about surfaces and how long the virus can survive on different surfaces has been fairly widespread. It has also been repeated by the likes of Prof Leitch just about every time he is on TV or radio.

      However, no matter how widely the information is disseminated or how often it is said on TV etc it still needs people to read the papers, listen to the radio or watch the news etc. Evidence suggests that a lot of people are not doing that hence the 20 people caught by police having a BBQ yesterday.

      • Legerwood there’s loads of information to that effect online, on sites like this and from the occasional expert on TV and radio. I was more talking about the general information that’s being given out every day from Government sources on the news where people are being told to wash hands, self-isolate where possible, but if outside to keep their distance. I’ve yet to hear anyone explain how you can pick up the virus from surfaces. Clean surfaces constantly and so on. Maybe it’s just me and I’ve been missing something.

    • I contacted Dyson today to ask if the v8 animal model we have of theirs’ was safe to use during the epidemic i.e. did the filter (which claims to trap allergens etc.) manage to retain covid 19 viruses or could some be blown out with the exhaust? They went and had a think and then replied that behaviour of the virus is unknown so they could not say.

      We have not used the vacuum or swept for over a week because of the length of time the virus can remain active e.g. dust brought in on shoes or paws or coats with covid 19 passengers could remain active for days so you do not want it to become airborne. No dusting, no sweeping no hoovering. We are using damp cloths and sponges. Just soap and water because many disinfectants like Dettol etc. can harm dogs.

      I’m probably tempting fate by posting these musings and will be one of the first to get it. 🙂

  19. Dog needs the toilet. I take him out. He does his stuff and he is brought home. Waste disposed off correctly. Cats get allowed to do what they like and the discrimination now.If he needs 2 or 3 trips he gets it. I keep away from people . Its quiet at 6.

    • It’s bad enough for us here with the LBJ fruit and nut case running the show, but take a moment to consider US citizens with Trump telling them that the US will be open for Easter and then they can all celebrate by packing out the churches … and spreading the virus.

      I’m just wondering how bad it could get over there when unemployment soars, no wages, no food, no healthcare but with no lack of guns … millions of them.

  20. Too many of the Dominic Cummings of this world are still playing politics with this issue. This is a virus and it really doesn’t care about politics. It doesn’t care whether you vote one way or another, or which colour rosette you wear on a campaign day. It doesn’t care about political or religious beliefs.

    The likes of yer spesh adviser doesn’t understand this (or doesn’t care). For them it’s simply an opportunity to create a soundbite, a photo op and a vote. Tbf though, a virus looks for opportunities too.

    You know the drill on self isolation by this point, and you know there’s other forms of communication and media to stay in touch with other people.

    Be sensible and safe folks.

  21. Reports that Prince Charles has coronavirus – apparently confirmed. Is he still in Scotland?

    Whatever you think of the Windsors I wish Big Ears a speedy recovery!

    • They said on the news that he felt ill on Sunday and headed for Balmoral (when he had dozens of English houses, castles and palaces to choose from) where he was tested. They reckon that he contracted the virus from someone at a meeting that the Queen attended. No worries right enough. They’ll have their own specialists and nurses attending them and the best medical resources on the planet. Queenie and the rest of her very extended family are also said to be heading our way. Flouting the rules as usual because, eh, … they’re above the law.

  22. What lockdown? Prince Charles decided to go his holidays to Balmoral. He has tested positive for coronavirus. He is self isolating with his good lady. Does that mean he has sent all his servants home on full pay?

  23. Now Charlie boy has the virus whilst he and Camilla are at Balmoral on the instructions of the British Government and are reputedly self isolating from each other in separate rooms.
    What about all the servants who look after their every whim. They will be at huge risk and then go home at night to their own families.

    Is Charlie making his own meals? Don’t think so, probably wouldn’t know how.
    Is he managing to dress himself ? Oh Bless!
    Can he open his own curtains in the morning?

    This class system in the UK makes me want to puke.
    Yeah, we’re definitely all in this together.

    When we get our independence I would like to see us become a republic.

    You can stick your Royalty and associated class system where the sun don’t shine.

  24. The old queen’s consort albert
    The contemporary diagnosis was typhoid fever, but modern writers have pointed out that Albert’s ongoing stomach pain, leaving him ill for at least two years before his death, may indicate that a chronic disease, such as Crohn’s disease, kidney failure, or abdominal cancer, was the cause of death.

    Wonder how he might have caught Typhoid?

    Did the servants live in or out the castles?

    • Typhoid – one theory was that he caught it from the drains. Another that the Prince of Wales had it and infected his father. I am sure there are other theories.

  25. Short Comment
    GTF charlie & take yer family and all the camper van invaders with you ,
    if ever we needed a fully protected border it is right now , I have recently heard comments along the lines of she Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government have no powers to restrict the movement of people into our country , AYE BLOODY RIGHT if there is a will there’s a way , if they can shut a pub and restrict gatherings they can stop a bloody exodus from south of the border .
    At this time the Scottish Government need to start acting like a bloody Government and not a rubber stamp for Bawjaws useless bunch of tossers .

    • They might get the powers now with this Coronavirus Bill, Robert? And don’t forget that we’ve got 55% of Scots to thank for this, not Nicola Sturgeon. She was one of the people who voted for Yes… worked her butt off for it. If things had been different we would have had a hard border by now and our military personnel would have been testing people for the virus and tracing the contacts of those found to be positive …. weeks ago, as has been going on in countries like Singapore. Prior No voters will hopefully be seeing the light now. Maybe!

  26. If Charles gets serious I wonder if the Queen will abdicate so he gets to be king? You could have William as king by the time this ends.

    And no state funerals either.

  27. I’m staying at home as much as I can but toilet roll sortie tomorrow. By sheer luck I bought an exercise bike a few weeks ago so I’m getting plenty exercise despite the lockdown.

  28. Is this correct? HM leaves Monaco? Where his host has covid-19 in aircraft ( green credentials?). Aircrew protecteded? Heads to Scotland , why? If I had a camper van at the weekend I was persona non-grata. A caravan owner, too bad, 2nd home owner —stay away. Now he is infected. Double standards but then we are plebs. Bugger off to Buckie palace, sandringham or Windsor. I believe they are in Engerland.

    Surrender your properties for the poor and homeless. Sponger.

    • Get away back to yer primary residence , yer royal diddness . If you’re hoping to become titular head of the UK , you’d’ best learn to lead by example .

  29. Back towards topic people because that lot are “more to be pitied than scolded”.

    It would seem that as a result of the on going covid-19 problem. The debate on “assisted dying” has been setteled by the wastemonster givenmint considering this

    guidance issued to medical practicioners lately. If I read this correctly according to the givenmint, on presenting at hospital in need of critical care your chances of survival are 50/50 by this flow chart.
    Found it by accident when downloading current guidance for residential and social carers.

    It seems Medical professionals have not been required to take the hypocratic oath for some time, you know the one that goes “First do no harm”

    So this political desission can be fitted into medical practice quite easily.

    An excellant example of the arse overuling the brain, or the tail wagging the dog.

    People no… Politicians with limited or no medical knowlege dictating to Proffessionals how to do their job, and impose a system of check boxes on them and us.

  30. Charlie,please will you just “Foxtrot Oscar” back to engurland with the rest your parisitical acolyites!

  31. Just a point about Austerity.

    It wasn’t unnecessary, in fact it was absolutely necessary.

    How else would the govt been able to double the wealth of its billionaire chums?

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