We’re not all in this together

Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s possibly the closest he’s got to the crown. We were told by a Nicolas Witchell who was even more gushingly sychophantic than usual that Charles had been tested positive for the coronavirus but is experiencing only mild symptoms, and is – I quote – “continuing to work while he’s in self-isolation”. There’s a whole lot to unpack in that sentence.

For starters, Nicolas Witchell upping the sychophancy is rather like a mountain of sugar covered in syrup having several litres of treacle poured over it because it was judged not to be sickly sweet enough. There are many people who can’t get tested, and widespread concerns about the difficulty of access to testing – especially for NHS staff – but we are informed that Charles was tested on Monday after qualifying for an NHS test due to his age and his medical condition. I never knew that being a member of the royal family counted as a medical condition, but then you look at Prince Andrew and think, “Well, fair enough.”

Charles is in self-isolation, but he’s self-isolating with his servants, staff, minions, lackeys, and security detail. He has ignored the advice for metropolitan types not to selfishly piss off to rural areas of Scotland where there are vulnerable health services for the duration of the crisis and is putting the already stretched health services on Deeside under further strain. And let’s be honest here, apart from waving at the plebs and writing letters to government ministers and newspapers protesting any threat to his privilege, the only job that Charles has ever had in his long life is waiting for his mother to pop her clogs, and she’s doing a very good impression of being rather more healthy than he is. But apart from that, the BBC’s report was entirely accurate.

Instead of the “oh poor Charles isn’t he wonderful but he’s doing well” guff that fills our TV screens, where is the anger? Where is the holding to account? This is a rich, privileged and extremely over-indulged man who recklessly and selfishly travelled with his sizeable entourage to a vulnerable area of Scotland, and who brought the virus with him. He did so despite the Scottish Government advice for people to stay at home. He did so despite first showing symptoms over the very weekend when he decided to travel. Why did he get preferential NHS treatment? Someone must have authorised it. Instead of kissing the hand of the royal circus clowns, our politicians should be calling him out.

Instead, what we get is the Herald attacking one of the few politicians who did dare to call him out.  Former MP George Kerevan tweeted:

“This billionaire land owner disobeyed guidance to stay home to avoid spreading virus, went to second home in Scotland, is now infected and has infected others.  Indy Scotland must be a republic and tax this arrogant fool.”

But instead of looking at the behaviour of the rich and arrogant fool who has put public health at risk, or even questioning whether there might be any truth in what George said, it’s hey SNPBad!  There’s the Scottish media, fearlessly holding the powerful to account.

Charles won’t have to go to an overcrowded hospital full of overworked and overstressed staff struggling to do their very best in the worst of circumstances. He won’t be told that there’s no beds or no treatment. He won’t be expected to forgo any treatment because medical staff require it for a younger patient. If he should need a ventilator or an ICU bed there will be no question about him getting one as a matter of priority. He won’t ever have to face the indignity of lying on a cot in a repurposed warehouse with a thousand other sufferers, coughing up his life. Charles will be just fine. He’ll get the very best that modern medicine can provide, the second that it’s required. Because the British state is a state which deems him to be better than the likes of you or me.

As this crisis was just beginning on 3 March, Prince William was filmed during a trip to Ireland saying, “I bet everyone’s saying ‘I’ve got coronavirus, I’m dying.’ and you’re like ‘no you’ve just got a cough. I’m sure. It does seem quite dramatic about the coronavirus. Is it being a little hyped up, do you think, in the media? By the way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spreading the coronavirus. Sorry. So we’re keeping an eye on that, so do tell us if we need to stop.” Well that quote hasn’t aged well. Rather like Prince William, come to think of it.

What’s really hyped up in the media is the royal family. That’s what fuels their massive sense of entitlement. It’s one thing to joke about the crisis when you’re an ordinary punter, and you’re going to face the brunt of it. That’s gallows humour. Laughing is a coping mechanism when you’re confronted with the loss of your livelihood and income, your home is at risk. Laughing is even more a coping mechanism when you worry about a collapsing NHS which might not be able to cope with an influx of victims, and one of those victims could be you, or your spouse, or your parents, or your child. It’s quite a different matter to scoff at the seriousness of the epidemic when you’re a rich and privileged member of the British establishment who doesn’t have to worry about any of those things. It’s not gallows humour, it’s the callow indifference of a rich and privileged oaf.

What makes it even worse is that the media in the UK only fuels the fire of royal privilege. After Prince Philip, who had no business being behind the wheel of a car, carelessly and recklessly crashed into an innocent motorist, Nicolas Witchell didn’t appear on our screens and tell us that Prince Philip was acting like a privileged wanker who was a danger to himself and to the public – even though that was true. Instead we got gushing news reports about Prince Philip and how wonderful he is, and not a care about the two women and the baby he’d so nearly killed.

This matters. It matters because the entitlement and privilege and lack of accountability at the top of the British establishment filters down to others in that same establishment. There are different rules for the rich, different rules for the well-connected, different rules for the privileged. We see it in the casual indifference of Boris Johnson and our inability to hold him to account. We see it in the selfishness of Richard Branson, laying off staff while demanding a bailout from the government, but refusing to dip into his own massive private fortune. We see it in the actions of Wetherspoon owner Tim Martin, who first demanded that his pubs remain open, and who then laid off the staff without pay, telling them to apply for work with Tesco. Richard and Tim won’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads. They won’t have to worry about keeping food on the table. They won’t have to worry about getting access to medical care if they need it.

We’re all in it together my arse. This has to change, but if there’s one thing that we’ve already learned from generations of experience with the British state, it’s that the British state is unwilling and incapable of reforming itself. Scotland has another option. Once this crisis has passed, we need to take it.

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131 thoughts on “We’re not all in this together

  1. Great piece. Can you post this on Twitter/Facebook?

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  2. “The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over, and care for, and be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing, and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease, and death. To be loyal to rags, to shout for rags, to die for rags–that is a loyalty of unreason, it is pure animal; it belongs to monarchy, was invented by monarchy; let monarchy keep it.”

    Mark Twain

    • Royalitis is a virus that has plagued the UK for far too long . Successive Governments have been delinquent in their duty of care to the public for generations by allowing this nasty , persistent disease to go unchecked .

      It infects many , particularly those of low self-esteem who have been brainwashed into believing that their royal sh*t doesn’t stink !
      It’s unchecked spread has been facilitated for many years by the actions of the BBC who have employed known arse-lickers , which as any medical professional will attest , is a key method of catching and spreading the virus .

      Most countries around the world have vaccinated their population against this debilitating and demeaning condition but the UK has a small but stubborn minority , particularly among lower intelligent English citizens and the Orange Order , who appear immune to any vaccine .

  3. Reposted… Is this correct? HM leaves Monaco? Where his host has covid-19 in aircraft ( green credentials?). Aircrew protected? Heads to Scotland , why? If I had a camper van at the weekend I was persona non-grata. A caravan owner, too bad, 2nd home owner —stay away. Now he is infected. Double standards but then we are plebs. Bugger off to Buckie palace, sandringham or Windsor. I believe they are in Engerland.

    Surrender your properties for the poor and homeless. Sponger.

    Ps posted similar on BBC and got banned. Lol

  4. We returned prematurely on Monday from a long planned campervan trip to some beautiful places. On the way home through one village dirty looks and harsh language were issued in our direction. Others were more understanding while preparing to make no money this season. We could have stayed out longer; we had plenty food with us and are pretty much self sufficient. The campervan is shorter than an ordinary estate car and seemed like a perfect way of self isolating. But we came home to join in the lockdown like good citizens. Clearly the heir to the throne lives by other standards. And I don’t suppose he will experience dirty looks and harsh language as he stands in the queue for his messages in Ballater.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with every single word .Where’s the anger ? It’s here.Have been trying to keep calm about the situation we are all in but this has made me incandescent with rage.Hope your blog is widely shared.

  6. Balmoral and all the other Crown Estates should be commandeered and turned into infectious disease sanatoriums – much like we had at the beginning of last century for TB, Polio, Smallpox and Influenza. There was a very good reason that these hospitals were located away from towns and cities – isolation was considered critical to prevent spread within the populous once a pathogen has become established.

    Large estates like Balmoral would be excellent second line specialist centres – and it would keep the NHS hospital functioning for other health emergencies and management.

    Kick them out, they do not deserve any special privileges – they are as much to blame for Society’s ills as any politician.

    • Spot on Mark. In fact if we can’t shift the whole Royal kit and caboodle out of Balmoral their many homes, palaces and castles in England (thousands of rooms that are now lying empty) should be opened to accommodate the homeless and those with the coronavirus, in line with the Queen’s recent comment in relation to the crisis, … ”you can be assured that my family and I stand ready to play our part.”

      Aye right enough! Over and above opening your many homes to the thousands that are potentially dying, some in hospital corridors, you could chuck a few £billion the hoi polloi’s way.

      What they actually did, to help out, was continue to come into contact with the public and in fact Wullie and Kate were wandering from one hospital to another recently, no doubt holding everyone back, not abiding to the 2m apart rules and at one point Kate was ready to shake hands.


      They said on the news that Charles felt ill on Sunday and headed to Balmoral where he was tested. They reckon that he contracted the virus from someone at a meeting that the Queen had attended. No worries right enough. They’ll have their own specialists and nurses attending them and the best medical resources on the planet. Probably have had something set up for such an event for years now. Queenie and the rest of her very extended family are also said to be heading our way. Flouting the rules as usual because, eh, … they’re above the law.

      • I’m in Lancashire so can’t get STV – but I understand that Nicola will be taking questions on a special programme tonight. If they are asking for submissions, maybe one of you could send the following. I’d be most grateful.

        Dear Nicola

        I fear current policy of treating C-19 patients in the NHS hospitals, is a grave mistake. Medical and healthcare fatalities account for 10-14% of deaths in Italy and Spain. By introducing the virus to the heart of the resource we will need the most in the coming months, we risk losing the entire NHS system at a critical time.

        Last century saw several outbreaks – TB, Smallpox, Influenza, and Polio. Back then, infectious disease hospitals or sanatoriums were established in remote locations – away from towns and cities. Dedicated medical and nursing staff lived on site. There was a very good reason that these hospitals were located away from towns and cities – isolation was considered critical to prevent spread within the populous once a pathogen has become established. I am old and fortuitous enough now, to be able to recount the lessons from patients and colleagues long gone

        We have any number of country hotels and stately homes like Balmoral and Gleneagles all across Scotland. They should be requisitioned to provide care for C-19 patients – in complete isolation. Keeping the NHS hospitals and health centres free from C-19 must be a priority – and it would allow emergency care to continue for non-C-19 cases without risking an acquired infection.

        Set up community centres in sports centres and stadia to test, triage and treat the initial presenting cases – then send those with positive tests to the specialist centres. If we don’t then complacency may prove our ultimate downfall.

        We don’t yet fully understand the characteristics of this pathogen; it’s like being in a cup final against an unknown opponent and we find ourselves 4:0 down in the first five minutes. We may have a renowned defence – but we need to start fighting back and not from our own penalty box.

        Some common sense, please. Before it’s too late.

        Take care and good luck.

  7. Sometimes I think (when I bother thinking about the royal family at all) that the auld yin is hingin on,less to keep her eldest boy from FINALLY pissing off the public enough to send them all packing, more to save us all from Nicholas Witchell self abusing himself onscreen as he breathlessly delivers his nauseating eulogies. Just outlive him maam. For pity’s sake PLEASE!

  8. Good piece. I wondered about the double standards when it was reported that the Queen had left London for Windsor and Prince Charles had come up to Scotland.

  9. I’m raging at this. I read somewhere this morning (sky or maybe the beeb) that him an his bidey in came to Scotland on the advice of the government, Westmister I assume, and his medical advisers. I nearly hit the roof. Advice to Scotland for SG, stay home, caravan parks all closed, b&b’s hotels, holiday accomodation providers all closed/ Anyone here on holiday return to your PRIMARY RESIDENCE.. That’s Highrove House if memory serves, no flaming Balmoral.

    Charlie and the wife, bugger off back to where you came from. You’ve probably done enough damage on Deeside with your selfish behaviour.

  10. Oof, a round of the guns, bravo…
    Charles is but the latest headline, Witchell deployed as fawning decoy for the inevitable criticism while advising the loyal following on his latest working holiday, Mundell was doubtless cheered by his residence and raised the fleg in recognition…
    The monarchy and it’s hangers-on are no different to the other rich and privileged who less publicly sneak off to their exclusive bolt-holes, self-entitled behaviour through wealth has a long history.
    We may not be able to change the breed or their self-entitled attitudes, but can and must change the welcome mat that has so long greeted them…
    There is no place for the likes of Martin, Branson, and their ilk in an independent Scotland, and that day is coming soon.

    • This was my Facebook post earlier- we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet today!

      “Let us make one thing clear. Scotland is not his home and he had no fucking business trailing up here especially when other people had been told not to travel to remote areas. How is ARI meant to cope if he is hospitalised? You can bet he won’t get a DNR notice on his hospital notes even though he’s over 70. And I’d imagine a ventilator would be made available along with a private room or three for him and his inevitable entourage. Or maybe he’ll even get a specialist medical team, who could obviously be far better employed elsewhere, sent to Balmoral? Oh yes and how did he and Camilla manage to get tested when front line medical workers can’t? Raging 😡😡😡

  11. i can’t tell you haow angry I am at this. I have a relative who had terrible breathing difficulties last week. She had to call for an ambulance but was sent home, without a test, and told to self isolate and let them know if her symprtoms got worse. This £8888$%^&* ( – can’t think of a word bad enough) comes up here, knowing he has been in contact with the infection, and gets a test on the Scottish NHS. If this doesn’t spar folk enough for a revolution then we might as well give up and offer them our arses to park their bikes. Spitting blood and teeth here.

  12. I put on twitter/FB – The residents of Balmoral should tell him to f’off to Cornwall  who should tell him to f’off to Sandringham who should tell him to f’off to Windsor who should tell him to f’off to Buckhoose. Except they won’t. Disband the monarchy and redistribute their stolen assets to the the poor, frail, disadvantaged, destitute, homeless etc max the Maundy Money. Regards Craig  

    • Hi Wee Chid,

      ” if we can afford to buy a test kit”

      Read online 2 days ago some Harley St Doctor made £2.5m in one week selling test kits to his wealthy clients at £375 a pop. More than 3 times the going rate.

      We’re all in this together?

  13. Harry, Megan and Archie invited to Balmoral too (March 16th).

    ..”But another royal reunion could soon be in the Sussexes’ future. The Sunday Times reports that Meghan and Harry have accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth to spend some time at Balmoral Castle in Scotland this summer, and that they plan to bring Archie with them.”..


    • If they accept..and go…they will NOT be allowed back into Canada if the current rules still apply.
      Neither are Canadian Citizens.

      If the virus is still decimating the planet…they have to do what the rest of us have to do, stay put. The only travel allowed, but so far not encouraged, is WITHIN THE COUNTRY.

      What a bunch of chancers.

  14. The philosophical question used to revolve around how many angels could dance on the point of a needle. It has now been superseded by “How many parasites can be crammed into the Royal Campervan Britannia?” This will never be forgotten or forgiven.

    • You’re right Ian. This will never be forgotten or forgiven. They are sending out a clear message to everyone right across the UK that (boggin, boozy, bonkers, barbarian) Scotland is now the place to be during this crisis. Let’s just hope that between shambolic Brexit, their lethal coronavirus policy and this utterly selfish Royal cock-up the Scots will be racing to the polls to vote Yes next time around.

  15. “Richard and Tim won’t have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads”. With any luck it’s keeping a head on their shoulders they will have to worry about.

  16. Right on WGD , these Royals have mair hooses than they shake a stick at , yet they have the neck to isolate themselves in their holiday gaff.

  17. I was Beilin’,’ bloody Beilin’ when I read this first thing, here in Calgary!

    Of course it’s to “make sure one of them is alive and kicking” at the end of this.

    Keep THEM away from one other.
    He couldn’t have gone to his Maws for the duration.
    William will be somewhere else.

    Such crass disregard for the First Ministers directive.
    How many people did he potentially infect en route?

    No one will be thinking “Charlie is ma darlin’” at the end of this. If they ever did.

    Nicola I know your busy, but get someone working on the ballot papers ready to go when quarantines over. Strike while the iron is roasting!

    Stay well everyone, social distancing and self isolation …

  18. Much as I can’t stand them I’m not wishing this on them … however … take note of ‘Operation Unicorn: Edinburgh’s role if the Queen dies in Scotland.’

    Operation Unicorn? You could’nae make it up. And I reckon with what’s going on now, Operation Unicorn will become totally obsolete. There will be no crowds paying their respects, queuing to sign a book of condolence at Holyrood, moving her body from one place to another and football stadiums hosting memorial services and church gatherings.

    She’ll be sent home in a helicopter flown by Charlie, that is if he’s fit to do so.


  19. I see some commentators here and there saying things like “whatever you think of the royals let’s hope he’ll be ok soon” (re Prince Big Ears)

    I’d be delighted if it killed him. Only the slowly but steadily dwindling number of cretins who still buy into the likes of Witchell’s dross about the royals would be significantly bothered if he did croak it.

  20. I do not think that there will be to many people in Balmoral telling Charlie to f/off. There are a lot of English royal luvvies who live in Balmoral going by the number of union jacks flying in gardens. Can only hope he shook hands with them.

    • Everybody living in Balmoral is a tenant of the Royal estate . Surely the flag wavers are in the Ballater or Crathie villages ?

      • you are dead right Brian, I think I’m going senile. Braemar is where the flag flyers are. geeshe talk about thick

        • Not a serious mistake Willie , unlike the faux pas of the Grampian Medical lot giving them tests instead of fleas in their lugs .

  21. Mad as heck in BC, Molly.
    “wtf?” was my reaction as i read in the Guardian about Charlie self-isolating in (one of) his Scottish homes.
    And thank you greatly Paul, as ever, for your brilliant, incisive, blog.
    The Royal family and their hangers-on sicken me. And all the forelock tuggers on “Royal Deeside”.
    Balmoral would make an ideal outdoor school for kids, or accommodations for any amount of people. Instead of a glorified holiday home for billionaires.
    Society needs an incredible overhaul.
    I have lost all faith in the “United Kingdom”. (Not that i had much faith in it, from early years… I recall the high school in Keith getting a major paint job in the mid-late 70’s so Charlie boy could fly in with his helicopter, shake a few hands, and say some encouraging words to us plebs. “wtf was that all about?” we thought.)
    Anyway, keep up the good fight folks. We shall overcome one day.
    Down with the establishment.
    Up with a fairer society.

  22. Politics Scotland this afternoon.

    Gordon Brewdog says”

    ” The scale of the crisis has been brought in to focus with the news that Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus”

    Aye it wasn’t really a problem before – now that big ears has it it is now a national crisis. Surprised he never stood to attention and burst in to song – God save the Queen…….

    • ” The scale of the crisis has been brought in to focus with the news that Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus”

      Gordon Brewer at his arse licking best.
      Our ‘focus’ on the crisis has always been there, Brewer.
      Hundreds of people are dying, you idiot. We are already focussed.
      What a fucking stupid and obsequious comment to make.
      Still, BBC Scotland is the hub of the Uncle Tam Royalists.

      The Windsors have all left London in anticipation of the riots which will break out in England’s capital in the next few weeks.

      London hospitals are running out of beds but 775 roomed Buckingham Palace will lie empty.

      Perhaps Gaia is on the side of plebs. Mother Earth is culling the infestation on her surface.

      A Free Scotland, must be a Republic, and definitely not part of their ‘Commonwealth’.
      Imagine a saltire with a wee butcher’s apron in one corner?
      Not in my lifetime.

      Witchell assured us that The Future King was flown North by the RAF, not a commercial airline, to reassure us all no doubt, that he wasn’t breaking No Fly curfews.

      What an ugly little family this lot is.

      And remember how far reaching and powerful the Windsors are.

      In every Officers’ Mess there is a portrait of Auld Lizzie, and she is toasted before every meal.
      It’s her army, navy, and air force.
      They declare that they will die ‘for queen and country’?
      A Peasants Revolt would be easily quashed, or so they think.
      MY wife informs me that the Chinese Doctor, now deceased, who was working on a vaccine identified chemicals which would lead to a cure, chemicals which are found in, wait for it, tea.
      Apparently patients in China are being served tea 3 times a day, and it seems to be working..
      Watch the supermarket shelves empty of Typhoo and PG Tips very soon now.

      MY views on the monarchy are well known.
      Close the border now, and block the roads.
      Scotland is a net exporter of food and drink.
      Charity begins at home.

    • Ha ha ha. Good one.

      Who knows maybe if Queenie kicks the bucket, due to this, that’ll bring it into focus and they’ll start following the rules in England? Boris the Butcher will be none too popular then either.

  23. Ooops didn’t work.

    Should show, ”Whatever anyone thinks of royalty. The Queen Mother stayed in London and, as a public figure, helped out during the blitz.

    Charlie The Parasite catches CoVid-19 and buggers off up here to Balmoral with his slapper to help cull the peasants and maybe a deer or three.

    He is an amoral, limp wristed coward full of his own self entitlement.

    Just fuck the fuckity fuck off back to fuckity fuck where you came from and crawl back under you fucking rock.”

    • I say, old girl, you sound a tad angry. May I suggest a small apéritif, followed by Foie Gras Terrine, Roast Pheasant à la Balmoral with trimmings and finish off with Passion Fruit and Lime Baked Alaska all washed down with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Enjoy!

      Me? What with not getting much exercise these days and trying to ensure what food I have lasts until my next supermarket delivery on 9 April, I’m off to have a simple tea of scrambled egg and something green for health, maybe a wee drop yoghurt or ice cream to follow. I’ll be fine.

  24. How did Charlie’s Bidy-in get tested as well. Neither meet the criteria. 2 nursing/ doctors lost out therefore. Dreadful.

  25. So Prince Charles wasn’t in Monaco. He met his counterpart Prince Albert of Monaco, around the 10/3/2020 In London. Photographs show them both in a crowded meeting with lots of hands to shake. It is a disgrace that Charles and camellia headed to Scotland even if they were well. Worse that they should come here if they were unwell, potentially infecting their staff, aircraft and airport staff. Are the SCOTS Stats counting it as an infection acquired in Scotland?

  26. From Twitter…
    Andrew Bowie MP, Conservative MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, says,

    “To all those flooding up Deeside to hotels, holiday homes or caravan parks at Aboyne, Ballater or Braemar…


    Your actions are selfish and putting further strain on already pressed local services.

    This is not a game. It’s not a holiday. Think of others. Please.”

    Later that day…

    Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating at his home in Scotland, Clarence House has said. Charles was tested on Monday after qualifying for an NHS test due to age and medical condition criteria in Aberdeenshire. He received the results on Tuesday. It is thought he was tested at Birkhall, his home on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire.

    Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating at his home in Scotland. It is thought he was tested at Birkhall, his holiday home on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire.

    • ..”Charles was tested on Monday after qualifying for an NHS test due to age and medical condition criteria in Aberdeenshire.”

      That’ll be a news to the medics in Aberdeenshire and have them overwhelmed with thousands of over 70’s and / or with a medical condition demanding to be tested.

  27. I wonder if they’ll all be heading north to Scotland now or b*ggering off to some remote Caribbean island?

    ‘Coronavirus: Parliament to shut up shop for time being.’

    ..”The Speaker just yesterday urging members to spread out on the green benches properly, to observe the rules on keeping their distance the rest of the country is now expected to obey.”

    No mention that their green benches could be contaminated?


    • All flights to Dubai and UAE are cancelled. They started to shut down their borders around a week ago and any travellers arriving in the country, if they have managed to get a Visa which are very restricted. Anyone arriving goes straight into quarantine for 14 days.

      There may be a daily cargo plane from Glasgow but not anything else.

      • Wrong unfortunately that flight flies over my house and is easily seen as I live about 6 miles from airport. I saw it yesterday It is a connecting flight that often brings people from Australia who fly via Dubai so possibly just remaining Scots getting home finally. I dont see what cargo they could be bringing from Dubai. It is a long haul travellers flight

      • It’s bringing hundreds of stranded and long forgotten about ( 5 days now ) jocks like me back home! Born here and entitled to return. Just the home office don’t give a shit. Thousands of us all over the word have been abandoned by butcher man. Nichola’s not any better. Or my useless conservative mp.

  28. For those of you concerned about self, family, friends or others who have diabetes and also possible covid19, my latest translation commission:


    Like all of you, we’ve been closely following the development of the COVID19 outbreak both globally and in the UK.  We know this is a worrying time for everyone, and that parents of children with type 1 diabetes might be particularly concerned. We want you to know that we’re here for you and doing everything we can to make sure the most up-to-date information on the impact of COVID19 on people with diabetes is available to you. You can find our latest guidance here: http://www.diabetes.org.uk/coronavirus

    Assistant Director of Services”

    • People are not dying from cv19. They are dying from underlying health problems. Cv19, the flu or any other viruses are contributory factors in this situation.

  29. With all this anti-royalist sentiment, can I just make one request?

    Please don’t send them back to Germany: we’re very happy being a republic…

  30. The cash machines in London as folk panic at the end of March and rush to a cash point to hoard as much of their wages that they can get out. London will run out of ‘folding money’ first.
    Not everybody buys their food with plastic.

    There will be looting soon.

    • Given the calamities the Tories have shouldered on society, it would not surprise me either Jack. A large chunk of the population is abandoned financially so even plastic doesn’t help, for the desperate and hungry it could so easily go pop…. What’s worse is I think Johnson et al know it yet have not acted to defuse it… From “Herd-Immunity” to “Law of the Jungle”, strange times…

    • I was just talking to someone who works for Chivas on a zero hour contract. He’s just received his state pension and in conjunction was told not to return to work due to the coronavirus. He’s been on a zero hour contract for over 10 years now and has worked full time without being laid off. He’s just been told he’ll receive £16 SSP for one days work in TOTAL, until such time as he returns to work. That’s the Scottish Whisky Industry for you.

  31. Excellent post from the Dug. My dear wife of almost 50 years has been poorly for 15 days now with all the symptoms of Covid-19. I got the bums rush from our GP when I made contact after 7 days – “No, we don’t do home visits, no, don’t come near the surgery. Take her to a pharmacy for assessment”. At that time she was unable to get out of bed. My wife does not have a royal title so does not qualify for a test. Did she have Covid-19 or was it something else? Unless “shortness of breath” progresses to “breathing difficulties” that justifies calling an ambulance for hospital admission we will never know. An independent Scottish republic cannot come soon enough. It is really disappointing that there are toadies and grovellers within Aberdeen health service who wet themselves to give preferential treatment to the likes of Charlie.

  32. I concur with the expressed frustration and anger expressed here and trust that it is still with you all when voting at the next IndyRef. That we are helpless to protect ourselves by closing our border, as normal independent nations are able to do, is a pitiful indictment of our status within this UK.

    And it looks like it will take one man, Alex Salmond, to shake out the festering Westminster presence and influence from Holyrood and our Scottish government.

  33. Freedom of information request to nhs Grampian: please provide the following information. The policy and/or criteria for testing for COVID-19 for the following groups exhibiting potential symptoms: 1. Joe public 2. NHS Staff 3. A wealthy husband and wife team arriving direct from England by private jet 4 to stay at their holiday home contrary to UK Legislation. 4. Any other gender not specifically covered by 1,2 or 3.


  34. Would be nice if some , indeed just one of the representative of our government would reiterate to this family and their ever growing brood that this behaviour is unacceptable in short , We Are Not f/in Amused and while we’re at it one grandparent to another Do you really need all these bloody houses Mrs Windsor you probably have more money than the whole of Scotland combined so how’s about opening the royal purse and covering the deficit your government created, and that’s just for starters Mrs , a speedy reply would be appreciated .

  35. o/t Anyone have any details of the continuing vendetta against the former first minister, it appears the Met alias MI5 are having another go , there must be something to stop the state from continually harassing one individual Christ even Ronnie Bigs got a bit of peace and it was left to one solitary Cop to pursue him. Alex is keeping the whole British police occupied single handily, The Shit when it hits is going to destroy a whole lot of people and vested interests in this country .

    • Not judging by the dreadful treatment of Julien Assange – seems they are a law unto themselves.

      I was deeply angered by the foolish , dangerous actions of those in camper vans and caravans heading our way , I did not expect the heir to the throne to behave as a bad example. Utter arrogance on his part and utterly inexcusable.

      Equally inexcusable of the media , however with a few notable exceptions , I expect nothing of them other than lies ,drivel and distortion therefore they never disappoint.

  36. Prince Charles isolates with COVID-19 at Balmoral
    Prince Andrew isolates with Jennifer-14 at Windsor

  37. Y’all are missing the point.

    Charles clearly thinks that, in a crisis, one feels a lot safer in Scotland than one would otherwise feel when surrounded by plague-infested subjects.

    I wonder why that is?

    • For goodness sake, Petra, ‘we got our sovereignty back’ and blue passports. Whit mair dae ye want? Medical supplies? 🙂

      • Aye right JoMax. Ha ha ha. Snivel, weep, scream, tear our hair out and then decide if it’s time for us Scots to cap ourselves or not. Rather time to calm doon right enough, because we’ve been here before over the last 1000 years. Doff our caps to them from lying flat out on the floor, rather than on bended knee, and then to their surprise we rise up and punch the Unionists into oblivion. We’re good at doing that by the way when it comes up our humph. A wee Glesga kiss can bring the biggest ars*hole right down. And don’t they know it hence avoiding traipsing into Glasgow.

        Especially when we know that we’ve been lied to. Dump the EU to regain UK sovereignty with over 800 unelected ars*holes ruling the roost in the House of Lords and one wee unelected eugenics idiot calling the shots in the House of Commons. Their time is up. UP! Our time is just beginning and don’t they know it. Our passport, blue or not, will be covered with the Scottish Saltire. A clear sign to the world of an ancient Nation that positively shaped the World and wants to continue to make a constructive difference.

    • I wondered why my bags smelt fishy when I arrived in Sydney after my last trip to Glesga…..that explains it.

      • Apparently routine for long haul flights out of Heathrow to USA etc to be carrying tons of Scottish Salmon which is the UK’s biggest food export.

        Found that out courtesy of the BBC when they recently broadcast a short series of programmes called ‘What the UK buys and Sells in a Day’. Think that was the title or a close approximation. Probably still on iPlayer.

  38. Charles travelling to Scotland for treatment is a scandal.

    Then again the whole Monarchy thing is a scandal. It exists specifically to justify the concept of greed, exceptionalism and disdain for the common people.

    Charles travelling to Scotland for treatment is the ultimate statement of exceptionalism.

    The Brits love their monarchy. It might be the ultimate sado/masochistic relationship.

    Go home Charlie.

  39. Prince Andrew, Corona Virus, he wants to know if he’s met her, he adores exotic names. Hopes she is of an acceptable age.

  40. Talking of “all being in it together” at an international level, Trump – the world’s most visible sufferer from cognitive dissonance – is currently declaring that the US needs to keep all its home-produced medical equipment for its own urgent needs while simultaneously moaning that the EU is rigging its standards expressly to exclude US-made medical kit, “even though it is the best”. Maybe someone should gently tell him that running US 120V equipment on long-established European 230V mains supplies wouldn’t exactly work out too peachy…

    • Grizebard, he wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking about.

      He said the other day that “this virus ‘historically’ runs itself out in warm summer weather”.

      It hasn’t been around long enough to have a “history” and it’s warm summer weather in South America, Australia and Africa where the numbers are going up daily.

      • Idiots voted for the dumb and dumber of the western world – Johnson and Trump. Unfortunately we all have to suffer the consequences.

    • Noooo. I think they have managed to clean up the island at long last. We don’t want it reinfected witwith something else.


  41. O/T – Have any of the specialist on here looked at what this much publicised COVID testing kit is actually about?
    The big headline was the political blah on imminent arrival of 3.5 million test kits for COVID, BUT both the Experts flanking Johnson said they were weeks away. Another leaked they had only been ordered a few days ago, another that these were still in the appraisal stage.
    Another commentator said these were antibody test kits, so they don’t tell you that you have contracted it, but have already had it.
    Is this just more Cummings/Johnson smoke and mirrors to keep the plebs from rioting?

      • Especially useful for those who were asymptomatic or nearly so. In effect a “get out of jail card”. (And conversely, alas, it’s fairly self-evident without a test what happened if you didn’t recover from it… )

      • So essentially a Herd-Immunity-Confirmation-Test-Kit rather than the one Royalty and their retainers get to advise one to ensure one’s ma’s oxygen tanks are replenished at one’s private medical centre…
        Thanks both.

    • Bob,
      And Boots, who would presumably be one of the places where you could buy it, said they knew nothing about these kits and had not been contacted.

      The kits have still to be evaluated – specificity and sensitivity – will be the main criteria. Yet, according to the UK Gov they have ordered 3.5 million of them!!!!.

      You are correct, the kits will tell you after the event if you have been infected.

      • As said in the OP there are porkies and contradictory statements flying about these test-kits in terms of what they do and when they’ll become available, Amazon was mentioned as one outlet.
        Smoke and mirrors….

  42. o/t again sorry , silly me was looking for something to watch on BBC iPlayer , when Scottish Questions caught my eye , During this crisis you would think relevant questions by Scottish MPS to the Governor General would take precedence , Not a bloody chance one after the other English Tory MPS getting up to have a go at the Scottish Government , even a bloody Labour MP who was standing in for the shadow Scottish secretary had the bloody cheek to suggest the Scottish government were the architects of Austerity and the Tory government should bypass our government and fund local authorities directly ,
    You couldn’t make this shite up , Tory arse wipes praising this Scabby Union , they never give up .
    It’s enough to make you sick if aren’t already, f/n barstuards every one of them.

  43. Land tax by the acre would stop a lot of This nonsense, including all land equally no favours or exclusion for the rich, or tax evasions,or fake charities registered
    elsewhere, and one of the heaviest taxes in Scotland should be on any one who owns a second home, we know someone who comes from London for the salmon fishing season only, but the rest of the year his house sits empty,
    there are people whom are homeless in Scotland that do not need to be.

    Meanwhile I was told today by someone connected to nhs that people over 65 should not be assisted with Coronavirus breathing difficulties,
    perhaps they want these people to stop collecting pensions to safe guard Westminster’s purse strings along with the vulnerable and ill.
    I hope we are all strengthened as a nation of people in Scotland to become independent from the austerity, the stupidity, the meaness, cruelty, the MSM media, whom attack Nicola sturgeon and Alex salmond and try to create rifts in the independent Scottish people to divide us.
    It is time we were stood in and on our land, looking after our businesses, our own food industry, our fishing waters, our farmers, our forestry’s and own waters suppliers, our own NHS, with a social system that works for all, with our own currency and banks.
    We do not have long before they try to hollow out our devolved government.
    We did not break the words that were made over three hundred years ago in the 1707 Treaty of the Union.
    They did.

  44. From what they showed on telly when they were giving Charlie boy a deal of sycophantic worry , for the last week flushed faced and uncomfortable looking , he has been merrily infecting loads of folk at receptions and conferences . They appear to be blaming an overseas dignitary for infecting the heir to the British throne.
    Charlie boys contacts must be in the hundreds.

  45. I can remember when Charles’ ears were Bitain’s biggest growth industry. Since then I have always found it difficult to take him seriously as I have always found him to be a comical figure, green ink letters, etc. Nothing has changed. He is still a fucking moron.

  46. Well said Mr K. If the unionist MSM refuse to hold to account the egregious, rule-breaking behaviours of the establishment with its hierarchy of privileged, me-first Darwinists and its train of sycophantic benders of the knee and assorted cap-doffers in the NO movements, then it’s good to see sites like yours pointing out arse-wipes in modern day Britain, the mantra of whom is:

    “Remember the golden rule: those with the gold make the rules.”

    And break them for their own advantage it seems.

  47. As much as I hate the monarchy, I don’t see anyone else suggesting that he might’ve just paid to get the test done privately at one of these private clinics? But of course, there is probably the possibility that he jumped the queue there too.

  48. On entering the testing area.
    Name please,
    King Charles the third, in waiting.
    National insurance number.
    King Charles the third.
    Okay you’ve passed the qualification questions.
    and the little woman?
    Same answers.
    Okay passed as well.
    Sorry that the grovelling wasn’t to the necessary standard.

  49. A plea to representatives of the Scottish Government .

    DON’T GET INVOLVED IN A FACE SAVING EXERCISE TO SAVE THE BLUSHES OF HRH Charlie , if he has jumped the queue call him out .

    He has willfully disregarded every government requirement that are stated every hour on the hour

    Catherine Calderwood Scotland’s chief medical officer said there were very good reasons for testing Charlie , oh f/n really i hope the same reasons are adhered to if me or my family require a test ,

    Charlie has been tested before medical staff now thats f/n Criminal full stop .

  50. Once again the Britnat broadcasters cut away from the Q&A session between Nicola Sturgeon and the press at the end of her daily briefing. We Scots are not important enough to hear the Questions and answers that may be vital to people’s lives. The rest of the UK are not interested so to hell with the Scots.

    Absolutely disgraceful. It is also pathetic that so many Britnats in Scotland are willing to accept this complete contempt.

    Britnats sign up to the Ragmans roll and like a bunch of serfs will accept any humiliation.

  51. The Royal family are loaded and should have donated a few billion bucks to buying some protective equipment for the NHS personnel and try to get the normal punters off their backs. Maybe not too thick skinned and probably just thick.

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