The R-word

The independence referendum campaign of 2014 might not have succeeded in leading Scotland to independence, but it did succeed in normalising the idea of independence and making it the most important issue in Scottish politics. This coronavirus outbreak is a human crisis, but it also has political ramifications. During the crisis, of course our focus needs to be on ensuring that people are safe and well, that medical staff have the protection and resources that they need, that people who are ill receive the care and treatment they depend on, and those who cannot work receive the financial support they require. However those of us who are stuck at home now have plenty of time to think about the kind of country we want to live in once this epidemic has run its course. We have plenty of time to make note of the selfish and entitled behaviour of those at the top of the social food chain. We have plenty of time to consider how we want our society and politics to change.

There have certainly been many instances of coronavillians, and this crisis has only just started to bite. We’ve seen the grasping entitlement of some super wealthy businesspeople, who have been laying off staff without pay while insisting that they personally will take no financial hit to their obscenely large fortunes. We’re looking at you Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, and Tim Martin. We’re looking at the call centres that have insisted that their staff come into work, crammed into offices next to one another to deal with phone calls that they could be dealing with at home. We’re looking at Next. We’re looking at Sports Direct. It seems that we live in a British state which when it calls upon the citizens to make sacrifices, they mean that ordinary people should sacrifice their health and their lives for the bank balances of the rich.

But the crowning example of coronavillainry is Charles Windsor and his selfish and reckless disdain for advice not to travel to holiday homes in rural areas. There are serious questions about when he started to feel ill, about how he received an NHS test which is denied to NHS workers. This is man who is so up his own arse that he instructs his valet to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush. A man who insists that his friends call him sir. A man whose first instinct in his own privilege. He does that because other people enable him.

We keep hearing in the Scottish media that Prince Charles is known as the Duke of Rothesay when he’s in Scotland. No. He isn’t. When he’s in Scotland he’s know as “thon selfish prick Cherlie.” One of the ways in which the privilege of this massively wealthy, pampered, and entitled family is perpetuated is because we all keep referring to them by the titles that they give themselves. The head of state of the UK is not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the whateverth. She’s Mrs Elizabeth Windsor. Her heir is not His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Duke of Rothesay. He’s Mr Charles Windsor. By referring to these upper class billionaires by titles, we reinforce their privilege by placing them above ordinary people. So we need to stop doing it. Language matters. It’s Elizabeth Windsor, Charles Windsor, and William Windsor. It’s time we stop deferring to the pretensions of the pampered.

What applies to the Windsors applies by the bucketful to members of the House of Lords. The titles of the likes of Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale, or Baron Forsyth of Drumlean, are justifications for patronage. It is a means of legitimising failed politicians who continue to rule over us and to make our laws and influence our legislation and public policy despite the fact that they have been rejected at the polls. The rest of us should start by refusing to use or to acknowledge these pretendy titles awarded to political failures, rejects, and retirees by their pals. Calling Michael Forsyth Mr Forsyth is more politeness than he deserves.

If the independence referendum campaign of 2014 succeeded in normalising the idea of independence, we should ensure that this coronavirus epidemic normalises the political idea of equality, equity, and fairness. Republicanism needs to be brought into the mainstream of Scottish politics. It needs to become normal and mainstream to discuss the issue of this country becoming a republic.

It’s peculiar indeed that the SNP leadership remains loathe to discuss the idea of a Scottish republic, given that Scotland consistently tops all opinion polls as the part of the UK with least support for the monarchy. In a poll carried out in 2018 only 41% of Scots said that they supported the monarchy. 28% said that they opposed it, and 27% said that they were ‘ambivalent’. Given the distinct lack of interest in Scotland for recent royal wedding celebrations, it seems safe to say that with the exception of those of a flute band and Tory persuasion, even those who do still support the monarchy in Scotland are far less enthusiastic in their support than those elsewhere in the UK.

There is widespread public anger in Scotland about Charles Windsor’s selfish and reckless behaviour during the coronavirus epidemic, behaviour which put the public at risk and which ran directly contrary to the government advice the rest of us are obliged to follow. That points to a considerable lack of patience in Scotland for a royal family which thinks it’s better than the rest of us because it’s descended from German aristocrats who ripped off the peasantry of the Electorate of Hannover. It suggests that the 41% support for the monarchy in Scotland is support which is conditional on members of the Windsor family not acting like entitled dicks. It suggests that the 41% support for the monarchy is less support than it is toleration.

However despite clear evidence in Scotland for widespread distaste for the privilege and the nauseating sychophancy which the Windsor family receive in the UK and in the media, no one in the SNP leadership dares to speak the R-word. Instead they continue to defer to the privilege and pomposity of the hereditarily entitled. This cuts across any divisions within the party. Alex Salmond is a noted monarchist who wanted to retain Elizabeth Windsor and her heirs as head of state if Scotland had voted yes in 2014. Nicola Sturgeon dodged the question when asked about Charles Windsor’s selfish disregard for advice not to travel to holiday homes in the Highlands and noticeably refused to criticise him.

I am not suggesting that we open up another division within the independence movement between those who want a republic and those who support the monarchy. However we do need to start constructing a vision of the possibilities that open up to Scotland once we achieve independence. We need to start to talk about the better nation that only becomes possible with independence. We can build a more egalitarian and equal country. We can build a country where no one enjoys undue privilege as a result of their genes or political patronage. We should begin to debate the nature of Scotland’s head of state and ways in which our political class can be held to account. And we should start talking about other ways to ensure and nourish equality of opportunity. What steps can be taken to ensure that the likes of Tim Martin don’t treat their staff so poorly. How can we reform our tax laws to ensure that the rich pay their fair share. We should start to discuss the merits of universal basic income schemes.

We may be stuck indoors, but that means we’ve got plenty of time to think and dream of the better country that we can build on the other side of this crisis.

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138 thoughts on “The R-word

  1. “However despite clear evidence in Scotland for widespread distaste for the privilege and the nauseating sychophancy which the Windsor family receive in the UK and in the media, no one in the SNP leadership dares to speak the R-word. Instead they continue to defer to the privilege and pomposity of the hereditarily entitled.”

    Agreed. When will the SNP and Scottish government show some fight?!

    • “When will the SNP and Scottish government show some fight?!”

      Given how many times we seem to be hearing criticism of our Scots government, how about we settle back and just stay a colony of this ‘fantastic’ UK?? Aye, richt.

    • Agreed Danhuil to hear our chief medical officer attempting to justify this entitled Clowns actions and his testing on medical grounds, well that’s really pushing credibility to the extreme , We ain’t bloody stupid please don’t treat us like fools.
      Joan McAlpine was the closest I have seen to calling this Clown out well done her , and she better not get into trouble for saying what needs saying very loudly.

  2. “ I am not suggesting that we open up another division within the independence movement between those who want a republic and those who support the monarchy “

    You just did

    The sauce sounds great I will buy some

    The land that the royal family stay they own should be confiscated and returned to the people ,the royals didn’t earn or buy land legally.

    Scotland should abolish monarchy once Scotland s independent.

    AS said Scotland would keep the monarchy after independence but he said it to encourage monarchists to vote for Scottish independence , he knew monarchy would be abolished once Scotland independent.

    NS dodged the subject for the same reason , it’s a discussion to be had after Scottish independence because to have it now splits the independence vote before it’s actually happened

      • Yes.
        My weakness
        Opposition to Scottish independence makes me go in a huff a lot
        But I get over it quickly and forgive quickly and move on
        Tomorrow’s a new day

        • You didn’t like what Wee Ginger Dug was writing and that’s why you flounced off in the huff, he certainly wasn’t opposing Independence.

          Very few true supporters of Independence agree with your anti English rubbish that you spout, including Alex Salmond. He made up the rules for the franchise in the referendum giving everyone in Scotland the vote. To do otherwise would have played right into the hands of those that wish to compare Scottish Nationalism with the Nationalism of the Nazi Party of the 1930’s.

          Alex Salmond was far too smart to fall for that.

          You are intelligent enough to know that or are you? What is it you are trying to say now?

          • Yeah, it is racist.

            The mass deportations of Baltic peoples and their replacement with Russians as a deliberate act of colonialisation by the Soviet Union in an attempt to make the Latvians and Estonians minorities in their own countries is not remotely comparable to English people coming to live in Scotland.

          • Scotland had its own mass deportation largely at the hands of England.
            The Baltic states like many countries had to decide if people residing there should have a vote on their independence based in their place of residence or based on where they were born or based in where their parents were born ,it’s not racist unless you think all nations are racist because every country in the world decides decides on the basis of the last two and not where you happen to be living.
            So stick your racist accusations where the sun don’t shine.

          • Terence, everyone knows your views on this matter. Just repeating it ad nauseam is just bloody irritating. Saying it over and over again is not an argument. At least this time you didn’t try and back it up with false figures.

  3. Has it never occurred to any of them that the only way through is to make everyone an employee of the State and pay all citizens an equal monthly salary and golden handshake? They are simply trying to preserve a system that is no longer there – and their wealth. It isn’t there now – the one incredible benefit of all this is a paradigm shift in who and what is important – or has value. The monarchy, celebrities, fat-cats, footballers’ wives – now mean absolutely nothing. And not about time.

    We are all equal now – that is the first principle.

    Focus on the here and now, but this will be something to return to in the not too distant future.

    • And if the figures are as quoted by our esteemed host, then abolition of the monarchy is pretty much a done deal thereafter, so Indy First!

      • Definitely agree with you on this get our independence first and then have other referendums once we are an independent country in our own right

  4. Rothesay Castle is full of all the home comforts he deserves. But it also gives a whole new meaning to ‘Loony Dook’.

  5. Well, there are enough zoomers going around right now wielding big sticks with which to beat the SNP, we don’t need to urge them to even greater hysteria, or encourage republican zealots to join the fray. The SG are reticent on the subject and rightly so, since even more divisiveness over “issues” is the last thing we need on the road to independence.

    Let the facts here speak for themselves. They alone are sufficiently persuasive.

  6. I like it how they give themselves these titles and we the Scots have no say in the matter, the quicker we are a Republic the better.

  7. Great article Paul. Always enjoyed your stuff, but your on fire in 2020. Hope the Dugcast will be back on Friday.

  8. Try never to refer to folks titles as a rule because they don’t deserve to lord it over us. They are no better than I am and frequently worse…

  9. Charlie’s behaviour is headline news, and it speaks volumes all by itself.

    The question now needing widely speculated upon, is, was he actually tested down south, and then came up here in full knowledge of his contagion?

    We now have a fabulous term for anyone being reckless with this situation… a Right Royal Charlie, and for our English friends who don’t/won’t comprehend the reasons for Scotland wanting to rule itself, an who are known to ask, ‘sing us one of your Scotch songs then’ – now is a great opportunity to teach them the Jacobite song about Bonny Prince Charlie ‘Will ye no come home again’ be just fine if they learn the words and sing along.

    Keep safe everyone.

  10. Wee Charlie, got a weecough
    And took it in the Balmorals
    Coughing and spluttering up came he
    Fuck the Jocks, I aint got no morals.

  11. Probably also worth looking directly at those who ran down and undermined the NHS of recent years. A system of government and ideology that wanted to privatise as much of our most valued public services as they possibly could. The same selfish pricks who’ve broken societal cohesion, undermined trust between demographics creating the me, masel’ and I society we see today. Using/abusing OUR services, THAT WE PAY FOR, all in pursuit of either monetary or political gain.

    Just so they know? This kind of crisis is just why these services are needed in the first place. They’re not for ****ing sale (AT ANY PRICE) and they’re not political coin. They’re essential PUBLIC services.

    The political class and their meeja chooms on speed dial take note.

    • But, Sam, Willie Rennie boasted in Holyrood that the Coalition Government was a success in bringing down England’s debt, and that the ‘hard choices’ of the laughingly named ‘austerity’ measures were necessary, while his mate Sir Danny Alexander sacked 500,000 public servants, and the Blue Red and Yellow Tories voted through £32 billion in cuts to public services, LA funding, and government departments, while the English NHS (with knock on effects to devolved governments) was ordered to make £22 billion in ‘savings and efficiencies’ (cuts/lay offs/ wage freezes).

      It’s an ill wind, eh?
      Perhaps the pandemic is ‘God’s Wrath’?

      Capitalism, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market, the Elite Oligarchy of royalty, obscene wealth, and privilege are dead.

      Some may recall at the time that I protested strongly that our brand new Southern General Hospital was named the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

      The Royals have their name planted on hospitals, schools and university wings all over our land.
      It is quite deliberate of course.
      Like the ubiquitous Union Flag, the Windsors’ brand name is stamped on anything they choose.

      The Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee.
      Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh?

      Great piece, Paul.
      I note the word of caution of others.

      Are there many, or indeed any, ‘Royalists’ who would opt for Scottish Self Detremination?

      • Is it any wonder some of these…people…. have haunted looks in front of camera?

        Their politicking created this galactof***. They used and abused every service and every institution. It only required their opposition to be in power or some big bucks to be had and it became their chew toy du jour.

        Well? Now those services which they’ve abused in their headlong rush to some big chair are sorely needed to save peoples lives.(That’d be yer actual HUMAN BEINGS). And that includes those cretins sorry arses.

        They were so busy playing politics, they didn’t see these institutions as critical to social care and societal cohesion. They didn’t see that people NEEDED to trust and to believe these institutions had their backs. We did pay for them after all.

        No. Those selfish (fill in as appropriate) simply saw another opportunity to exploit, another demographic to divide and alienate.

        Sick of them Jack.

  12. I’d be quite happy with the sort of independence that say Canada and New Zealand have.

    If the price of that is having these nonentities as figureheads – at least for a time – then so be it.

  13. Historically the King/Queen was the smartest, shrewdest, most ruthless of the group. And look what we have now.

    Anyway moving on, I’ve been viewing a documentary called Saving Capitalism by Robert Raich….no wait…an economic advisor to Clinton he charts the economic demise progressively put upon the US middle classes by big business influence and pressure on the US government – corporate lobbying, dark money, revolving doors between politics and business.Familiar?

    The message I took from his presentation on remedying the situation- “citizenship is not just about voting, and paying taxes, it is about being engaged” – with politics local and national.

    The Yes movement is our means of engagement. How we can leverage this engagement to direct political influence is a problem to solve. Maybe via a List Only Independence party.

    The troubles within the SNP will play out, ideally neither Nicola Sturgeon nor Alex Salmond nor the SNP will be severely damaged politically but we need an alternative just in case.

  14. Ach weel, calamity is all around but on some blogs all is concerning some is claiming that SNP members and supporters are apparently fools. (Only they have the divine right to decide). With Brexit we would have independence already they claim. Really? Look at the figures and we may have won an imaginary reverendum but equally we may have lost — and this time for all our lifetimes. Not willing to chance that.
    We are so close —just not enough to guarantee success. However, Johnson and cronies are helping the case for an Independent Scotland as they demonstrate how not to deal with a crisis. The First Minister is doing ok with governing Scotland and hopefully we will suffer less than others (not wishing harm on any). Time will tell.
    As others do the job of the unionists under the wings of supporting Scotland. They have just outed themselves. We will keep going whoever is in charge as the Independence of this nation cannot be quashed.

    • Well said Hamish.

      I saw a couple of tweets today from independence accounts basically coming out with SNP bad and skirting around facts to get their opinions across. I am blocking accounts that come out with cr*p at the moment, because if we had a British nationalist party at the helm in Scotland right now ( and that is at present the alternative to the SNP being at the helm after all!) it just does not bare thinking about. The SNP that some are now slagging to the hilt, have mitigated so much of the evil UKEngGov’s so called austerity, against huge odds, and unlike the Britnat party that is UKLabour
      in Scotland, they have not sent £BILLIONS back to Westminster. SNP are not perfect but they have spent the past ten years trying to repair the centuries of Britnat neglect, decades of Britnat Labour damage and all the while investing in infrastructure, health, education, and the environment etc.

      They have performed miracles actually, given what went on before. We are surely up against a monster, with, in my view, possible Britnat infiltrators in the SNP, and also with UKEngGov having cut the ‘budget’ to Scotland by £billions since the SNP became the party of choice. The ‘block grant’ so called, ie Scotland’s own money, has been reduced by £billions and was actually higher when Labour UKOK were at the helm at Holyrood! Just exactly what DID they do with the cash?

      Be good to know because they sure as hell did nothing whatsoever to improve anything or invest in anything to improve the lives and livelihoods of the people of Scotland. They did though kindly leave Scotland in £billions of ‘debt’ via their PFI scams, and they planned to privatise Scottish water, ( they did so with the business part of it). Imagine what they would have done in the past ten years to Scotland? Sends shudders down the spine to even think about that. Bastards, sorry but that is only description they deserve, or worse.

      • ArtyHetty –

        I agree with all you say but as to possible Brit Nat infiltrators – not just possible, one hundred percent definite.

        There is not the remotest possibility that their interventions are ad hoc, they are part of a concerted set of operations that include keeping specific “newspapers” afloat, blackmailing, threatening, using and buying off individuals.I

        All of which is just a waste of their time and money because when people genuinely understand and support the movement for self government there is no turning back.

        There is only one direction of travel despite the hysterics of some would be celebrities whose egos exceed their common sense. A right set of Charlies.

  15. Gosh, what can I say. High praise indeed.

    First up, for those that want to buy sauce from me, I’m afraid that I cannot sell it at the moment because I’m not a registered food business, yet. That time is fast approaching and hopefully there will still be plenty of folk left to enjoy the chilli sauce.

    That being said, I created the Declaration Sauce with the intention of boosting the morale of the Independence movement. I have a very limited amount of the first batch left and I want it to go to Yessers who can use it to liven up their lockdown menus. Who knew that rat salad could taste so good? To that end, if you want to contact me away from the unblinking eye of Mark Zukerberg then please email me: and we can sort something out. If there is more demand then I could try to make a second batch (virus permitting).

  16. Far too many monarchists still, in Scotland. Agree with some others here, I reckon we keep the monarchists onside some will be yes voters, possibly quite a few, especially now. Sticks in the craw I know, but we can sort this out after independence.

    I think as you say Paul, even monarchists might be a bit unforgiving at the Charlie guy acting so irresponsibly. Only these mega rich off the backs of the people, will get away with this disgraceful behaviour, endangering peoples’ lives in Scotland because there is no excuse for it, Mr.C had a choice, and chose to act in a selfish entitled manner, to the detriment of so many. Not acceptable.

  17. J Galt at 4:59
    So not republic . Retaining the Hapsburg Saxe Coburg (Windsor) lot as head of state family ? I’d rather not. Felt that way since I was a kid and the article minded me when I refused to call the headmaster at a new school Sir , as he insisted. I did say I would call him Mr . Seemed polite enough then and now .

  18. As we are the Crown will become as the United Kingdom is. Ever less stable and capable . Even Madge will do well to see this decade out and I reckon she’ll see the change through .
    Duke of darkness , her stud . Has for decades been planning the culling of billions of humans . 7,777,777,777 humans alive soon and they have declared since 1980 that the desired figure is 500,000,000.
    This first world virus should be viewed akin to a world war. Massive , but the 60/80,000,000 fatalities will not even stop population growth. There is more to come.
    Sorry. Still pissed off I am not in Hampden already , getting set for kick off against Israel.

  19. “It’s peculiar indeed that the SNP leadership remains loathe to discuss the idea of a Scottish republic.”

    I don’t think that there’s anything peculiar about it at all. The name of the game for them is to convince enough people to support them in setting our country free, so why on earth would they want to potentially p*ss of 72% of the Scots before Indyref2, as per your figures? (Which don’t actually add to 100%).

    Scots will be reflecting, having loads of time to do so now, on the implications of Brexit, this coronavirus, Westminster botchups and the behaviour of certain individuals. Let’s just focus on getting through this most difficult time as per people like Alex Salmond, putting his own issues on the back burner, support Nicola Sturgeon on saving lives instead of the “let’s get rid of her” mantra being bleated on some sites and then hold a referendum on the monarchy after we actually get our independence.


    What do you make of this? At the beginning of March Covid-19 was considered to be an HCID. Since the 20th of March this has changed. Maybe I’m missing something here?

    • Just quickly read that info Petra thanks. Weird, are they basing this decision on there not being enough fatalities with Covid-19 to warrant HCID. If so, why have they enacted the lockdown, it doesn’t quite make sense.

      • I don’t know what to make of it ArtyHetty, but there’s something strange about it as Covid-19 seems to meet the criteria of being an HCID.

    • The remaining 4% will be those who didn’t have an opinion or who didn’t know.

      It’s because Scots currently have loads of time to reflect that I suggest that one thing they can refect upon is the future of the monarchy amongst all the other things that we’d perhaps like to achieve in an independent Scotland.

      • Oh they’ll be reflecting on the monarchy right enough, lol, and many like me will be voting to get rid of them when the time comes. Their days are numbered.

    • Petra,
      The clue as to why they changed it from HCID is in the last few sentences which deal with Personal Protection Equipment. By removing Covid-19 from definition as an HCID they, the UK Gov, can change the guidelines for the type of PPE required. In other words they can downgrade the standard of equipment required because they cannot supply the correct equipment because they have been criminally slow in ordering stuff. Also it becomes cheaper!

      This of course means supplying poxy masks, aprons you can spit thru, and gloves that are no barrier at all, can be claimed by the UK Gov as supplying the ‘right equipment’ based on the best possible scientific advice of course.

      • Oh great Legerwood, thanks very much for taking a look at the link. I knew that they were up to something, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Bloody awful but typical of the Tories not giving a damn about putting lives at risk. Again! Lives of the very people that are desperately trying to save others.

        I watched the news earlier with the BBC showing people on the streets of London clapping and cheering NHS staff, but somehow or another they managed to avoid mentioning what we are discussing on here now. Nor have they mentioned the info that I came across on Philippa Whitford’s twitter feed.

        ”The UK is not participating in EU procurement schemes to buy ventilators, protective gear for hospital staff or coronavirus testing kit. Confirmed by UK and EU sources.”

        All I can hope for now is that Boris Johnson and his cabinet members find themselves in hospital being treated for the coronavirus by medical staff who are wearing their, ”poxy masks, aprons you can spit thru, and gloves that are no barrier at all.” Add to that lying in a bed in a corridor with no ventilators available.

        • Petra
          Channel 4 news covered the EU offer to participate in a joint procurement scheme. Apparently the UK Gov said the email telling them about it went missing – the ‘dog ate my homework’ comes to mind. However, it was pointed out in the report that the procurement initiative was announced by Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission and not be email. David Lammy was interviewed too and did not mince his words.

          It is really criminal. The UK Gov is going to source ventilators overseas when everybody else is trying to do the same yet they had a chance to do it as part of a 28 nation group with much more buying power. A point that was also made in the report I mentioned above.

          As to the ventilators. Coming from different sources will they be all of the same design or different? The Dyson ones he is proposing certainly looked quite different and have not been tested to see if they work!! If ventilators are not provided to a common design then nurses etc will have to be trained on each type. Does that fill you with confidence? No, me neither.

          • And I’ve read that Boris et all have wasted anything from 4 to 9 weeks, Legerwood. They should be getting charged with bl**dy mass murder.

          • Never mind, Singapore Dyson got millions of pounds worth of free publicity, as the news bulletins announced that his crack team was going to retool and manufacture 10,000 ventilators, doubtless at a hefty price.. The breaking news was accompanied with footage of him throwing peanuts of the floor and ‘hoovering’ (deliberate on my part) the offending nuts up with one of his cordless whizz bangs.
            The Tory backers will make billions out of this, that’s for sure.
            I’d imagine that is a military ring of steel ’round Buck House, now that burglars know that the Windsors are not at home.

            There will be riots in England’s capital if the forecasts are accurate.

          • about an alternative to Singapore Dyson

            ” A group of Spanish innovators is attempting to alleviate the Covid-19 ventilator crisis by developing an ultra-simple machine that uses a car windscreen-wiper motor to turn a manual resuscitation bag into automated breathing aid”

            Am confident it’s not beyond the wit of Scots inventors to come up with something similar – if not the very same thing now the idea is out there!


          • Wonder where the Dyson ones will be manufactured as Dyson moved manufacturing to Malaysia years ago. I hope their ventilators are more reliable than their vacuum cleaners. Mine has had 4 engineer call outs within 5 year guarentee. Funny that company owner James Dyson is a big Brexit supporter isn’t it

          • Next door neighbour had a dyson washing machine,after ten engineer visits dyson refunded their money and took the machine away!

      • There is also an additional facet of those insured against this specific category. Can imagine a few “names” having a quiet word in a receptive ear to lessen the risk…

  20. You can tell there’s something up – and that ‘something is rotten in the state of [Ruritania].’

    Would not the BBC have wheeled out a survey and a selection of vox pops to indicate the plebeian concern for the ‘plucky Prince’ and all the ‘Gawd, Bless ‘im!’ flummery if they had a majority for that point of view?

    As it is, not a peep of that from your media and those behind the stockades at Pacific Quay nor anything from mine – remember he is the titular Prince of my country, and a mere stopped heart’s beat away from ascending the imperial throne in London, and William is in line to front ‘his’ Principality.

    The powers that be are rattled – and the unwashed hordes are preparing the tumbrils. Something those of the governing classes never understood – and never will.

    • “Would not the BBC have wheeled out a survey and a selection of vox pops ..” Good point – very true!

      What I have noticed though is the media effort to make the ‘issue’ about Mr and Mrs Windsor being tested. Yes, that is an ‘issue’ but far, far from the only or the main one IMHO.

      I am more concerned about the flagrant disregard of the non-essential travel message, in particular to rural Scotland; about whether any others in his entourage needed to be tested; about whether he travelled already with symptoms; and about the resources he and his ‘household’ are now using and may yet use, and the new risks to those serving him with these resources. There is also the matter of how hard it would be to self-isolate in Clarence House, Highgrove or any of the multiple royal residences in the south of England – all close by. Yes testing is an ‘issue’ but there is so much more to this matter.

      I’m just listening to a C4 News report on police in England using powers at road checks to test if people’s journeys are necessary and if not issue threaten a fine. The Home Secretary is on TV reinforcing the message on non-essential journeys. Hypocracy of the establishment knows no bounds!

      So did Mr Windsor and his entourage have prior notice of this enforceable clampdown on non-essential travel? ‘Get out of town Mr Windsor – even if feeling a bit unwell you’ll be able to make it to Deeside – because you might get stopped at a roadblock if you leave things any longer!’

      • As he is the bloody Prince of Wales , could he not have f*cked off to Wales instead ?

        Not that they would want him either !

        • We’ve put on a similar embargo on 2nd home owners crossing Offa’s Dyke so they can self-isolate in our rural communities, but extra strain n local resources and personnel.

          Speaks volumes though doesn’t it? I don’t wish Charlie on anyone, but despite being the titular Head of my country, he has never considered it to be his home – so when he decides to make a runner, off he bounds to where he considers his true allegiance lies – YOUR country. (It’s only relatively recently that he was ‘persuaded’ to acquire a residence – Llwynywermod – in my country at all.)

          My commiserations, thoughts and support with Scottish friends at this time.

  21. ‘An idiot race, to honour lost.
    Who know them best, despise them most’.

    This was Robert Burns’s take on the monarchy. PLus ca change…

  22. When the First Minister of Scotland cannot publicly condemn conduct which recklessly put Scottish lives at risk as it drove a great big hole through the precautions SHE has been telling us WE have to follow ……

    • Nicola Sturgeon, Calderwood and Freeman no doubt do condemn the selfish bast*rd Mike, absolutely, but to publicly denounce him would create absolute havoc which would totally detract from dealing with their main aim right now. Ordinary Scots are making their feelings known and the National’s front page was brilliant today .. ”Anger after Prince flees to Scotland and skips the test queue.” Chic and family will be getting the message loud and clear and that is, as I said previously their days are numbered.

      • I doubt that he is ”getting the message ” as his kind live in a permanent bubble , surrounded by flunkies and sycophants who will shield him from anything that remotely smacks of reality .

        Like his mum , he probably thinks the whole world smells of new paint as everywhere they go they are two steps behind the local decorators .

      • Correct, Petra. Tom Gordon would have a field day slamming the anti-royalist SNP.

        Come independence, we sort all this out, including banning blood sports and slapping compulsory purchase orders on the ‘owners’ of 18% of Scotland laid waste to grouse moors, as well as the Bloody Barons’ Estates.

        I am nobody’s subject.

        To Gordon Ramsay, who sacked his 500 employees, let me speak in his own language. Fuck off and count your £140 million.
        And don’t even try to open another eaterie Up Here.

  23. I’m sure there must be a tune somewhere that these lyrics would fit…

    Speed bonnie prince like a rat doon a drain
    Northwards the lackeys cry
    Cosset the lad that’s born to be king
    So what if peasants die?

    Stay home – not us
    We make the rules
    So we set sail tonight
    Scotland’s our home
    There we’ll be fine
    Who’s that said “parasite?”

    Speed bonnie prince wi’ virus an a’
    Spreadin’ it wide and far
    Passed on by the lad that’s born to be king
    And hangers-on, ane an a’?

    Get him a test
    Get her one too
    Ne’er mind the bloody queue
    Bypass the doctor,
    Bypass the nurse
    They don’t count next to you,

    The prince must survive to get on wi’ his “work”
    Wid it no gie jist the boak
    His neck’s more important, that’s plain to see
    Than hundreds o’ normal folk

    May he sleep like a babe
    In his slumbers tonight
    Snug in his safe abode
    But one day he’ll awake
    To the wrath of “his folk”
    And the end of the royal road
    But for now

    Speed bonnie prince like a rat doon a drain
    Northward the lackeys cry
    For now Charlie’s safe, which is as it should be
    I’m all right, Jack, am I

    I waive copyright if it sells a million.
    Saor Alba

  24. I agree with your very serious point about royal and aristocratic entitlement. It strikes me, though that it might be fun if we all gave ourselves titles, and insisted we be called by them. (I’ve already bagged the Marchioness of Brigadoon.)

  25. You may have thought Jug lugs chuck hasn’t done himself or the Windsor brand any favours but Ballater seems to have shrugged its collective shoulders and moved on as there are other things to worry about – the recycling centres are closed, someone wants a wall repaired, free range eggs are available and the plant sale in June is cancelled. A press photographer turned up and was encouraged to depart. Chuck’s self-isolation is part of the pattern of self-preservation so we shouldn’t be surprised that somewhere with a somewhat lower population density than Londinium’s was chosen as a bolt hole.

    The Scottish Government’s seeming ambivalence towards the Windsors (nee Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) extends to their management of the Crown Estates which, one would have perhaps assumed, were being managed by the Scottish Government for the benefit of the people of Scotland. Glenlivet Estate promotes both game-bird shooting and deer stalking, activities which are ‘influencing the way the landscape looks.’ Yes, muirburn does alter the landscape a bit as does ensuring there are enough deer around for shooting while they eat everything that pokes its head above the heather ensuring a barren treeless landscape. Try and convince me this benefits the people of Scotland. But it is traditional. So was clearing the land of people when the estates were created.

  26. Good article and points made, as with many legacy issues, to be decided in in independent Scotland.. Discuss by all means, but let’s not allow that discussion to be hijacked by those who would wreck our future…
    Charles jaunt massively underestimated the backlash it provoked, but the irony is were it not for the fawning English media it would doubtless have largely passed unnoticed, ditto isolation wagon trains, ditto isolation holidays on Skye… Prime example of the divergence of English and Scottish attitudes, they just don’t get it that this is our home and our people…..
    There is no doubt a national protocol which enabled these tests to be carried out, and separate and protect officials and dignitaries in disparate parts of the country, but when these are invariably rich beyond the wildest dreams of most, it jars with a sense of what is fair when it is denied to the medics who strive to protect us. Am aware SG’s initiative to ensure that is redressed is already ramping up, hopefully we can avoid the chaos England is about to endure.
    When this is over we need a serious debate on our future and say enough is enough…..

  27. The BBC have probably decided not to provoke the republican “underswell” in case it becomes a tsunami.
    A relative of mine and family have just headed from London to Edinburgh, presumably for the same reasons. We’ll have to wait a week before deciding whether that was just stupid and selfish, or was downright f’n dangerous. Not happy.

  28. Always saw Alex Salmond as a republican but smart enough to see it as something best left to an independent Scotland and not alienate pro-independence monarchists.

  29. The total unpreparedness of the UK government for the pandemic was described as a National Scandal on QT time tonight.

    Being part of the UK will result in unnecessary deaths in Scotland.

    We had months where we could have went live with pandemic contingency plans. I find it hard to imagine that the great big UK civil service does not have such plans. If there are no such plans then that is a scandal.

    If we assume there are such plans then was the criminal decision not to implement them down to incompetence or was it a policy decision. To me it is now clear it was down to the initial decision to just let the virus sweep through the country as Johnson himself said. ” To take it on the chin.” Johnson changed from the clown to the grim reaper. Of course he soon foundd out that was not a very popular approach and populist politicians do not like doing things that are not popular. Johnson then started to bottle it and slowly changed his plan to suppression but of course wasted all the time advantage that the UK had.

    The virus kills but so does being part of the UK.

    Idiots voted to stay in the UK.

    Idiots voted for Johnson.

    • “Johnson then started to bottle it and slowly changed his plan to suppression but of course wasted all the time advantage that the UK had.”
      You presume a change of mind because of announcements of changing policy, but ask yourself why only when it was estimated the virus had established beyond the point of no return that he did so ?
      Forget the Oscar winning TV announcements expressing concern, the man is utterly ruthless and beyond contempt for what he and his Cummings plan have unleashed on the UK.

      • Bob, what you say may well be true but the essential point of my post still stands, namely, being part of the UK kills Scots. Of course he did publish the article saying we should be exterminated.

    • After finishing the above post later in the evening a BBC Newsnight reporter stated that his contact in the UK Civil Service told him that in 2016 they did walk through and prepare plans for a pandemic BUT crtically 1) it was for a flu pandemic with a vaccine and 2) it did not cover the financial aspects of any lockdown. So the Chancellor was really making it all up as he went along from scratch. Hence the delay, for example, in deciding upon self employed measures.

      So despite all the large numbers of UK civil servants in London and the high cost of the UK civil service it would appear that their contingency plans for a pandemic were not fit for purpose. But still Britnats in Scotland suffering from the Cringe will insist that London will always do a better job etc etc.

  30. Ah time for another insight by Mr Twain:

    There are shams and shams; there are frauds and frauds, but the transparentest of all is the sceptered one. We see monarchs meet and go through solemn ceremonies, farces, with straight countenances; but it is not possible to imagine them meeting in private and not laughing in each other’s faces. A monarch in the end is a select and peculiar kind of slave-proprietor who does not get his property by purchase, or trick, or beguilement, but inherits it — from an ancestor who stole it.

    or this from Thomas Paine:

    “A hereditary monarch is as absurd a position as a hereditary doctor or mathematician.”

    In short our dear old Queen and all her brood are parasites. Living in grandeur while most of their “subjects” live in squalor or poverty. It is an gross and distasteful absurdity. An offense to decency and democracy. Living off subsidy paid for by the tax payer, but you’d think it was the other way around. A tawdry parcel of rogues and charlatans. When we get our independence, we should to them exactly what the Irish did to them. Strip them of their pomp and relevance. Seize their properties in Scotland and kick the useless fuckers back down to Buckingham Palace. Abolish their titles. Abolish their positions. Abolish them entirely.

    The we’ll see if her majesty fucking “purrs” then.

    • Hopefully people will not still be wanting to do that when the next King George is on the throne. This Scottish independence is moving at glacier speed.

  31. For our future Scotland we do not need patronage.

    A president or leader vote every 3 or 4 years (should this be the people direct or parliament?).

    Second chamber required for our parliament. Regional MSP’s – make them work with the main chambers parliamentarians FPP . Hereditary titles remove as they die off.

    Just think of all our options as a nation when independent. It will be for us to decide.

  32. A written constitution will take care of the monarchist/republican arguments.
    A head of state with clearly defined responsibilities will ensure that abuse of power is more difficult.
    The function of the head of state should be to act as the guaranter of the constitution and to represent the state on ceremonial occasions.
    Nothing more.

  33. Charlie and his exodus from plague ridden London will be suppressed by the compliant media they can’t have the plebs thinking stuff can they, we won’t hear anything more about it .

    I Have watched and listened to all manor of Tory political mouthpieces recently, a very simple solution is lock all the feckers up keep them out our way , they are a real impediment to getting serious work done ,

    if Amazon can deliver the most obscure items in a few days use them , because Hancocks NHS delivery system ain’t working the doctors know it , we know it , but this professional liar insists everyone is wrong , and we just can’t see these invisible items , I mean how stupid of us not buying into the illusion.

    I hope everyone is taking notice of how utterly useless a lot of these politicians really are , one thing we don’t need right now is these slogan repeating tossers .

  34. I think the dispersing of the royals across the nations is a definite policy of the UK govt. Don’t put all eggs into one basket. What they didn’t reckon on was that the public and Scotland would find out. Only because Charlie got ill they couldn’t suppress the news. No where can I find an announcement that Camilia Charles and entourage were breaking the rules of social distancing by flying from England to Scotland. The BBC, ITV/STV and the rest of MSM are compliant in their secrecy. Shame on them but they don’t care.

  35. Watching the news of London Police moving people on who are sitting in a park 10-30 metres apart enjoying their polluted air. In doing so the Police encroached on the individuals 2 metres or 3 steps rule. A van with a loudspeaker blared loudly. Very 1984’ish.
    I now think our Police should set up border checks to prevent people heading to Scotland who do not have good reason. Of course they would be no use should the escapees have a private jet booked between London and Aberdeen.
    In fairness if I was English based in London I think I would be wanting out. If Scotland had a major infection risk sourced here would we be allowed into England? Just a thought.

    • Not in a million years, Hamish.
      If England suffers a major drought this summer, they’ll be up here draining Loch Ness.
      In this Union, it has always been a one way street.
      Our wealth and resources have been plundered by their precious Empire for 300 years, and the only benefactors Up Here have been the belted earls, the slave owning merchants, the Money Men, and the filthy Rich.

      They’d barricade the border and set up armed watch towers.
      There is no ‘precious Union’; we are England’s Golden Geese, kept in battery farm squalor.

      Surely to god most Scots see that now.
      Where are Carlaw and Jack?
      Leonard and Rennie?
      Hiding their heads in shame.
      It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

  36. I am not a Royalist and would love a Republic of Scotland. At present this is a non issue as we need independence first. Just over a year ago an opinion poll put support for the monarchy at 68% in Scotland so a republic will need to wait a wee while I think. Mind you a change in circumstances may alter people’s minds. I am sure a dedicated Scottish Broadcaster will show less deference to the crown.

    The Royals are a privileged bunch but I feel using them to generally attack privilege to anyone sort of defeats the argument against privilege. I always think about such issues at a personal level. If I had been a business wiz kid when younger and had amassed lots of money, say like Bill Gates you would be able to attack me as privileged. But I would be a self made person and like Bill Gates a philanthropist. The Royals are privileged as they are subsidised by us but in the Bill Gates scenario he is not. Wealth is not privileged if created and earned.

  37. “Major developments across the globe in monetary and fiscal policy keep happening on a daily basis at present. We are now hearing conservatives, who previously made careers out of claims that government deficits would send nations broke and more, appearing in the media now claiming

    “We need the state to bail out the entire nation”.

    Not too many economists are pushing the line that the market will deal with this crisis. They all the want the state to be front and centre as their own personal empires (income etc) becomes vulnerable. In a normal downturn there is not much sympathy for the most disadvantaged workers who bear the brunt of the unemployment. Now it is different. This crisis has the potential to wipe out the middle classes and the professional classes. And suddenly, who would have thought – the nation state is apparently back, all powerful and being begged to intervene. It is wake up time.

    Now no-one can be unclear about the fiscal capacity of the state. They now know that politicians who claim they don’t have enough money to do things were lying all along. They just didn’t want to do them. And when this health crisis was over we have to demand that the governments continue to lead the way financially and work out solutions to the socio-ecological climate crisis. No-one can say there is not enough funds to do whatever it takes. We all know now there are unlimited funds.

    The question must turn to the best way to use them..”

    And yet today, in the Guardian’s editorial on Alex Salmond, the final paragraph claims:

    “Yet it is also the UK Treasury, with its deep pockets and borrowing ability, that has stood behind the Scottish economy as the crisis has brought Britain to a standstill. Scottish voters will have to factor both realities into their view of the SNP that eventually emerges from its own incipient civil war and the national crisis that now engulfs us all.”

    The ignorance and deception in the UK MSM is astonishing. As if we didn’t know…

  38. There’s ‘privileged ‘ and PRIVILEGED – the Royals are the foundations of the PRIVILEGED system which underpins the unequal society we live in in the UK .
    The ridiculous gongs and titles stem from THEM ! They are the insurance policy that the Elite need to continue dominating the plebs .
    Subservience is bred into our lives from the cradle – all kowtowing to the most dysfunctional of families , yet we are supposed to see THEM as the pinnacle of society . Sickening !

    • I agree with that James.

      The monarchy is also a key element in the infantilising of the public. The notion of ‘our betters’ is ingrained – superimposed on the cringe in Scotland. One of the reasons Labour never got round to abolishing the House of Lords but rather have embraced it – including that cretin Corbyn (remember him?).

      But realistically we have to wait for independence before dispensing with the Windsors. No advantage in complicating matters.

  39. The very top elite in our country whom say they have Coronavirus will always survive the illness, how peculiar, Boris Johnson is supposed to have it and Prince Charles. Perhaps it’s just an enigma
    How ever these are the very people who did not self isolate from the start, now they can take a holiday no doubt with full pay.

  40. On the money as always, Paul.

    I agree with others that there will be time enough to decide an independent Scotland’s relationship with the royal family.

    However, I do wonder, given the unequivocal language used by Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford regarding tourists last week, if they were informed beforehand of Charles’ travel plans.

    If they weren’t informed, we need to know why.

    If they were, they either agreed or advised against, but the advice ignored.

    The justification for his coronavirus test is that as an individual with a wide range of contacts he is deemed to be a super source, which only reinforces the need for him to restrict his movements.

    I have no doubt Charlie prefers mincing around the highlands in a kilt, killing the local wildlife, than being cooped up at Highgrove, but his actions are endangering Scottish citizens and should be condemned by everyone, including our first minister who assures us daily that our wellbeing is her number one priority.

  41. The dreadful innuendos by some on WoS website over the First Ministers sexuality are the pits. It is nobody’s business. To suggest that this impacts on your ability to govern is homophobia at its worst. I cannot believe the individuals are Independence supporters but I suppose we must have some. The gutter bloggers should give any pretence that they are interested in independence for Scotland. Can we assume the Rev agrees with those views?

    • “It is nobody’s business.” You are spot on with that comment. Pity you didn’t apply the same approach when you made your comments about Salmond cheating on his wife in a previous thread.

      “Can we assume the Rev agrees with those views” why would you assume that Hamish do you assume WGD agrees with everything posted on this blog?

      • Probably not Cubby, however if people go over the score on here Paul immediately intervenes. Stu Campbell is lolling back in Bath and affording individuals the opportunity to run riot on his site by throwing around wild and disgusting allegations about people. He’s even allowing Craig Murray, and many others, to use his site to smear Nicola Sturgeon the FM of Scotland. “She’s the person behind the Alex Salmond carry on”, with no evidence to support such claims. A wee mole told Murray with no thought being given to the fact that the wee mole could be duping him as did a number of people (moles?) with Alex Salmond. “Nicola Sturgeon as FM must have known what was going on”, however Alex Salmond as FM, knowing most if not all of these people, didn’t have a clue even although he seemingly considered some of them to be loyal employees, if not friends. Alex Salmond, the man at the heart of this, has stated that he’s putting his “wrath” on hold until things settle down with the coronavirus. Big ego, vengeful Murray, with a long term axe to grind against Nicola Sturgeon, on the otherhand can’t wait to blab what the “mole” told him with no thought being given as to how this could impact on people who’s lives are at risk right now. Alex Salmond should have a word in his ear and tell him to butt out before he finds himself being hit with a lawsuit.

          • Thanks Tatu3. All of this carry-on really, really concerns me. The last thing that we need right now, especially in the midst of this Coronavirus crisis, is for people to lose trust in Nicola Sturgeon and yet Mr Murray (and others) seems to be hellbent in doing so!

            I’ve got no time for Craig Murray however I was profoundly concerned about him recently, as was Alex Salmond who contacted him, when he posted his Dark Night of the Soul article highlighting that he had plunged into a deep depression.

            Craig Murray suffers from bi-polar condition. A personal issue that he’s talked about previously, and of course publicly, on his site. This psychotic condition or illness can lead to extremes from displaying manic hallucinatory behaviour to at the other end of the scale committing suicide … and somewhere in between coming across as being rational and normal but also being prone to having confused thoughts and carrying out rash actions. There’s loads of sites online that explain the ins and outs of the illness and the repercussions of having such a condition. I’ve covered most of them in a professional capacity and also because I have a brother-in-law who unfortunately suffers from this condition too. His dark night of the soul episodes have actually led to him attempting to commit suicide.

            Mr Murray, imo, should cool his jets, as it’s not actually his “story” to tell, and allow Alex Salmond to enlighten us all in his time. And as the latter pointed out recently it’s not the time to do so in the midst of this crisis. What’s not to get about this for Mr Murray, and more so for those who encourage him, I wonder? …. NOT.

          • Ok we get it Petra you hate Craig Murray. Not above smearing others yourself are you.

            “I wonder? …….. Not” you insinuated I was not an independence supporter in a recent post and I nicely asked you to desist. Now just to be straight with you Petra this is the last time I am asking you to stop your smears. I am and have always been an independence supporter. Have you? It is about time you cooled your jets.

            This Salmond criminal conspiracy is a disgusting affair and it has gone on long enough. Does Nicola Sturgeon have to do everything in the SNP – no – there are well paid officials in the SNP who should be dealing with this matter. Why are they not? That is the question that you should be asking. Ten woman all connected to the SNP to varying degrees organised to lie in court on serious criminal charges and your focus of attention is Craig Murray. A What’s App including at least one SNP official worked with these women and your focus is Craig Murray. As Salmond’s defence lawyer said in his summing up the whole thing stinks but you focus on Craig Murray and smears.

            So who is behind the criminal conspiracy then Petra? All the Britnat media at the trial know exactly what has been going on. But some SNP members prefer to stick their head in the sand and kid on there is not a serious problem and hope it will all just go away. It won’t.

            Wanting to cover up criminal activities is not a good look for anyone. Are the police no longer enforcing the law because of the virus – of course not – why is this matter any different for the SNP. It has been ongoing since August 2018 no more excuses for not taking action.

            Too many people went along in the past with Labours dodgy activties to protect the party. Look where it is now.

            It is not Alex Salmonds story to tell it should be a matter for all independence supporters. The SNP have some dodgy characters that need removed – the sooner the better. Hiding behind various excuses is the same old Labour party stuff. The SNP should and need to be better than this.

            Put aside your hatred of Craig Murray and look at the facts the very difficult and unavoidable facts.

            Who is behind this criminal conspiracy – you believe it has nothing to do with Nicola Sturgeon – fair enough – who then? Craig Murray is it?

          • 1. Cubby I don’t ”hate” Craig Murray at all, in fact I was, and am still, one of his greatest admirers in relation to his whistleblowing activities and in his fight to support and free Julian Assange.

            2. I don’t doubt that you are a genuine independence supporter.

            3. You say that, ”there are well paid officials in the SNP who should be dealing with this matter. Why are they not?” I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes with regard to the Alex Salmond situation right now, Cubby. Do you?

            4. Just because I rarely mention the people who were involved in making allegations against Alex Salmond doesn’t mean to say that I don’t think that what they did was absolutely despicable, more so horrendous, and that every last one of them following an internal investigation and found to have lied (documented on their records) should be sacked. No one in the Scottish Government, including Nicola Sturgeon, can just go ahead and sack people one week after the conclusion of the Court case. Totally unrealistic, imo.They’ll all have their lawyers involved if for no other reason than to discuss pensions and so on and when that’s resolved there will be no Labour like cover-up. There is also the wee issue of replacing people like Leslie Evans who leads a team of over 5000 Civil Servants many of whom were / are working on Brexit, Indyref2 and so on. And was the next inline to take over her job involved too? So much that we don’t actually know. So much for Nicola Sturgeon to deal with particularly at this time of life and death crisis and of course not knowing who she can trust anymore.

            5. The reason that I’m focusing on Craig Murray is because he takes a giant leap from seemingly knowing who is involved to automatically including Nicola Sturgeon with no evidence whatsoever to support his claim. He is smearing her and more than anything is influencing many others to do so too and by the way that’s what I ”don’t like” about him … not ”hate.” He’s been doing this constantly in fact for years before before the AS case came to light. Why? And as I’ve pointed out already Craig Murray automatically considers that Nicola Sturgeon as FM MUST have known what was going on, however he manages to overlook the fact that Alex Salmond as FM, knowing most if not all of the people involved, DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE even although he seemingly considered some of them to be loyal employees, if not friends. There’s also the little issue of presuming that someone is innocent until proven guilty. For Alex but not for Nicola, as per Craig et al? What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander, imo. We should also consider that maybe ”their” real aim was to bring Alex AND Nicola down and that some are now falling into their trap, including Craig.

            6. Alex Salmond, not Craig Murray, was the victim in all of this. He’ll know far more about what was actually going on and who exactly was involved. In fact it’s clear that Craig Murray’s knowledge is sparse, especially as I’ve noticed him making it clear more recently that he doesn’t actually know if Nicola Sturgeon was involved at all. So what’s he going to do now in preempting Alex Salmond having his say? Post a blog outlining what a ”mole” told him and continue to attempt to discredit Nicola Sturgeon? You’d think that he’d take heed of Alex Salmond stating that he’s putting this issue on hold due to the coronavirus crisis and ask himself why a man that he holds in such high regard is taking a totally different stance from himself. Maybe because Alex has the ken to realise that it’s absolutely crucial right now to allow the ScotGov to get on, unhindered, with saving lives?

          • Excuses excuses. You are fixated on Murray and what bampots on Wings are saying. I am referring to evidence that came out of two trials.

          • I’ve covered every site, and read every post, that’s published data on the two trials, so don’t quite get what you’re going on about now. In other words you don’t know one whit, fact, more than I and many others who have followed the cases. And the only person (bar probably one other) who is totally fixated on anyone is Craig Murray on Nicola Sturgeon.

            And by the way Cubby you seem to have changed your tune over time and just seem to be looking for an argument now, such as pulling me up for saying that Craig Murray was biased and in fact that at times his judgement can be impaired..

            This is what YOU posted on Craig Murray’s ‘Yes Minister’ blog.

            ”Craig, I was sorry to hear you were ill and hope you get back to full fitness soon. Out of kindness I will give you the benefit of doubt that your judgement has been impaired by your illness in posting this article. I listened to your speech last Saturday and I did notice it was missing your normal level of energy. In summary I think you are wrong to post – post I repeat – this article at this juncture. I have no idea of the accuracy of what you post but I am aware of your bias so I will reserve my opinion for now on the contents. The jury will soon be out on all involved in this story and that includes you posting this article.”

            Oh and, eh, last post on this subject from me in relation to anything that you have to say about it.

          • Well the alphabet sisters are not leaving it alone they have issued a statement via Rape Crisis and the BBC are publishing it. This will not go away unless the SNP have a clear out.

            More than happy for you to never comment on any of my posts again. It is only out of respect for this site and its owner that I have not made my replies to you more robust.

            Evidence, facts and knowledge change opinions in most people. Some just like sticking their head in the sand like they did for decades in the British Labour Party.

            With regard to your comments on Murray, the illness I referred to was not a mental illness like you shamefully referred to, it was illness brought on by marching in Glasgow in the rain in January at the AUOB march.

            With regards to your comments about me wanting an argument YOU are the one who posted your tirade against Murray after my initial comments. I want the SNP to clear out the criminal conspiracy in the SNP so that they can get on with obtaining independence for Scotland. You on the other hand just want to lambast Craig Murray and now me. Wind your neck in and keep it there. You are wrong.

  42. So Johnson and now Hancock have both been tested and found positive after showing mild symptoms. One report suggested “Nobody is immune”. No but if you are in the elite you can be tested to insure you don’t infect other elites and no doubt will receive priority treatment if your symptoms worsen. If you are a pleb – tough – not only will you not get tested for serious symptoms – we’ll just leave you at home to die.

  43. I invite everyone to take part in the spot the Buzzword Game ,
    On previous days it’s been ” following the best medical advice ” recently this has changed to ” Ramping up ” now the Ramping up has been used by every Tory politician recently ,
    Strange them all using the exact same phrase eh .
    I think it’s to impress the Mug public that these useless Barstewards are actually doing something ,
    Something Like forgetting to join the EUs recent bulk order for the manufacture of essential medical equipment , now that was priceless.
    we didn’t get the email sounds pretty eh bleedn dumb but going by recent balls ups it’s normal for this lot .and people actually voted for this lot , money must have changed hands surely .

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