Getting a grip

There’s always a lot of talk online amongst independence supporters about the nefarious activities of the British state and the intelligence services. For the most part, these stories are nothing more than the speculations of those who know that just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. The aim of the intelligence services is to counter threats to the state, the Scottish independence movement is not a terrorist organisation, it’s not illegal or law breaking, but it certainly represents one of the biggest threats to the interests of the British establishment. In terms of risk assessment to British interests, there are few greater than the Scottish independence movement. Ours is a movement which spells the end of British rule over 32% of the land mass of the UK, taking with it the great majority of the UK’s natural resources. And despite a constant barrage of SNPbaddery in the British press, support for independence is not going away.

I have no information at all about whether the British state is involved in concerted attempts to derail the independence movement, but what I do know is that if the intelligence services and the British state that they serve were not infiltrating the independence movement with the aim of causing divisions and upsets, they’d not be doing their job. Personally I don’t find it useful or helpful to speculate about this, that way madness and tinfoil hats lie. However what we can most certainly be assured of is that whether or not there is any intelligence service involvement in the current divisions within the independence movement, the British intelligence services will most certainly be looking on with great satisfaction as independence supporters devote their time and energies to tearing lumps out of one another. Job done.

Just look at us. Here we are in the middle of an epidemic which appears set to go on for weeks if not months. Thousands of people may die. Hundreds of thousands of jobs may be lost. It is simply not realistic for there to be a referendum, indeed even any sort of ballot, when the population is stuck at home in a lockdown designed to prevent our already over stretched NHS from being overwhelmed by the sick and the dying. And here we are, independence supporters spending most of their time and energy attacking other independence supporters for a supposed lack of ideological purity. Get a fucking grip. And that comment is directed at both sides in this debate. It’s directed both to those who continue to make insinuations about Alex Salmond and to those who attack everyone who in their eyes hasn’t sufficiently defended him.

Who benefits when a significant part of the independence movement attacks Alex Salmond and his supporters? British nationalism. Who benefits when a significant part of the independence movement devotes itself to attacking Nicola Sturgeon and her supporters? British nationalism. The factionalism and infighting within the independence movement and the SNP needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. That applies to Nicola Sturgeon’s inner circle, to Alex Salmond’s defenders, to pro-independence bloggers who spend all their time attacking the current First Minister, to the legions of online independence supporters who now spend their time sniping at one another instead of promoting a positive vision of independence and undermining the arguments of apologists for the British state. It applies to all of us.

We all need to take a step back and realise that in our eagerness to promote our own particular interests within the movement we are damaging the movement as a whole. The movement belongs to all of us, to all of Scotland, or it belongs to no one. In any a mass movement there are going to be opinions and voices that you disagree with. It wouldn’t be a mass movement otherwise. If we can’t learn tolerance and acceptance for one another within this movement, it is a poor reflection on the kind of Scotland we are able to offer those people who hold the real key to independence, those soft no voters and undecideds that we seek to persuade. That means that all of us have to be willing to offer the olive branch, to refrain from pointing to the faults and sins of those we disagree with, and instead reflect upon ourselves and our own actions.

The Achilles heel of socialist organisations has always been that they’ve been prone to internal divisions. One group would fall out with another group because of a perceived lack of ideological purity, because of a disgreement over a minor point of doctrine. And before you know it you’ve got a myriad of tiny little left wing groups each of which has zero influence, and the rapacious capitalists who were the original target of socialists are laughing all the way to the bank. That’s exactly what we are in danger of right now in the Scottish independence movement. Our divisions are just so many deposits in the bank of British nationalism.

We have made real breakthroughs as a movement. Independence is no longer a marginal cause. It’s a real prospect. We have managed to convince half the population of this country that independence is needed now, and have convinced far more than half that independence is going to happen at some point in the future. What we are currently witnessing within the movement are the strains that result as Scottish independence moves out of the margins and into the mainstream. It means that the main party of independence is now an attractive home for careerists. It means that those who have been in this for the long haul resent the arrivistes. It means that we start to fall out with one another about our visions for that long anticipated independent Scotland now that it hovers on the horizon.

The SNP has always been prone to factionalism and infighting, while it was a party on the margins no one really much cared. Even when it transformed into a party of Scottish government the factionalism could be contained and managed. However as we stand on the edge of a transformative change in Scotland that takes us into majority support for independence, that factionalism, infighting, and division becomes a serious problem. It infects the entire independence movement. So when I say get a fucking grip, above all it’s the top echelons of the SNP that need to get a grip of themselves. If their egos, ambitions, and careers are allowed to come before achieving independence, the movement will not forgive the party.

There is absolutely nothing that any of the rest of us can do about the divisions between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, that is a dispute which will resolve itself in the fullness of time. But what we can do is to ensure that we keep our eyes on the main prize and refuse to allow those divisions to infect the rest of this movement that we’ve all put so much into. Scotland deserves better than an independence movement that does the job of the British state by devoting itself to nuturing internal divisions and resentments.

We all want the same thing. We all want independence for Scotland. We are all united by the belief that Scotland is best served by a government which is accountable to the people of this country. We are all united in the belief that the natural resources with which Scotland is blessed and the talents of her people are best used in order to improve the lives and opportunities of all of us in this wet, green, and beautiful land. We should not to making our opponents happy that we’re doing their job for them, we should be devoting our time and efforts into making the case for independence.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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148 thoughts on “Getting a grip

  1. Dug, you are an absolute gem. This needed saying, and no one could have said it better. I just hope everyone reads it and heeds it.

    • If anyone can the Dug can express what most of us think but can’t yet do. We all think about independence but we can’t do independence and yet we have oor Dug tae keep oor spirits up with his thoughts and wise words.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. This infighting is infuriating, folk need to get a grip. Nicola Sturgeon is coming out of this situation looking like a mental giant and admirable stateswoman compared to the likes of Johnson, Gove etc … It’s going to fill folk with confidence that Scotland can run itself with folk of her caliber in this movement … but not if we don’t come together on both sides and put this petty infighting to one side.

  3. Paul , I can understand why you wrote this column today , but I do not share your anxiety re. Independence solidarity being threatened by splits in the movement .

    What we have seen recently are a few ( I would say a very few in terms of the overall numbers who want independence ) very vocal ‘activists’ who have voiced concerns about the state of progress ( or lack of ) towards a referendum .
    The Alex Salmond trial/verdict has energised some debate about the inner workings of the SNP leadership and raised issues about the lack of ‘push’ towards a referendum from others .

    I myself on this site raised my disappointment at The National’s faux pas in printing , without a reply from Alex Salmond’s camp , the Alphabet Gang’s ill-thought-out foot-stamping tantrum after being ”gubbed” in the Courts . But this has not diminished my enthusiasm for Independence .

    I have no qualms about this nation and its people eventually ( when this virus -crisis is behind us ) accelerating towards the holy grail of Independence – and fairly soon after the dust has settled on the current lockdown . We have too much that unites us against the status quo to be divided by petty disagreements .

    Stay safe , Paul , and keeping doing what you are doing , or as corporal Jones had it – ”They don’t like it up ’em ! ”

        • The first sign of madness, Sam; hairs growing on the palms of you hands. The Second sign? Looking for them.

          Anybody got any jokes?

          The Readers’ Digest used to run a features: ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’.

          If we are laughing, we’re not crying.

          • I’ll start.
            When Johnson famously hid in a walk in fridge during the GE campaign to avoid reporters, was he practicing ‘self ice-olation’?
            Is that my taxi?
            Off to reduce my mince now.
            Spag Bol tonight, cottage pie tomorrow.
            Mince bulked out with minutely diced carrots and turnip. Cheaper than chips.

            Keep safe, Duggers.

  4. Just as well I got to the third last paragraph and things became clearer. I know, slow on the pickup, I JUST WANT INDEPENDENCE – END OF. – WE CAN GET IT DONE -WE NEED THE HAVERERS OUT THE WAY (sorry for being shouty).

  5. I much enjoy your blog and find it illuminating and restraining in equal measure and I share your concern about the current imbroglio but would like to share some thoughts on the matter from the less restrained perspective that current events have suggested to me.
    It is a common in the digital sphere, from where I get most of my information, to characterise the dominant current in the party as gradualists and it is not I think, nerdery to recognise a similarity here between the party and the German social democrats in 1914. Bear with me please.
    While gradualists and revolutionaries share an ultimate goal, the revolutionary is prepared to seize the moment in a political situation, while the gradualist can too easily be drawn into interim conflicts that can weaken the movement. A party of government needs a revolutionary wing to remind it that it’s goal is to transform rather than manage the society it is governing.The SDP capitulation to war fever being an extreme example but all the more instructive for it.
    The ‘careerist’ label being flung at some members of the “upper” party is a charge that that goal is being compromised.The focus on Brexit may well demonstrate to the soft independence supporters the good faith of the gradualists and a demonstration of the need to seperate from a reckless polity south of the border. But a winning strategy is not one that demonstrates weakness, ‘look what we have to put up with’ is not inspiring. It speaks of frustration in government, rather than confidence in the movement.Any good faith, as a supposed political capital, has been seriously tarnished now, with senior representatives, in tandem with an unelected senior British civil servant based at least partly in Westminster, deciding to prosecute, on the flimsiest of evidence, a man who led the party to its most precipitous gains, gains that could be called a revolution in Scottish politics. That the persecution should continue after a second acquittal, and in the midst of a pandemic, does not inspire me with confidence in the democratic spirit of some of those involved.
    That the gains of the Salmond years remain in the past does not speak well of the party as head of the movement, quite apart from their obvious skill and the good faith demonstrated in the management of the country as it stands. The hoo -haa, and posturing over Gender Recognition casts doubt on both, wherever you stand on the issue it has been badly played and now quietly shelved.
    I personally think a great deal of civility as a public good but it would be naive of me to think that a more robust criticism is not sometimes required.I hope that it is done with care, but I think it needs doing.

    Thanks again for all your posts over the years

    • Scott Fitzpatrick says: “Any good faith, as a supposed political capital, has been seriously tarnished now, with senior representatives, in tandem with an unelected senior British civil servant based at least partly in Westminster, deciding to prosecute, on the flimsiest of evidence, a man who led the party to its most precipitous gains, gains that could be called a revolution in Scottish politics. That the persecution should continue after a second acquittal, and in the midst of a pandemic, does not inspire me with confidence in the democratic spirit of some of those involved.”

      I totally agree, there are serious questions to be answered and to say we all need tae cuddle and get on with it is naive!

      I see Craig Murray is being attacked by the Daily Record, a picture of his house has been posted online!

      If the SNP leadership has been compromised we need it sorted now. It’s not something that we can just ignore and go on as if everything is tickety-boo!

  6. Well said, WGD.

    Three phrases come to mind: circular firing squad, washing dirty linen in public, and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Anything which smacks of BritNat black, white or grey propaganda must be studiously ignored.

  7. Hi Dug,
    I know you disapprove of swearing in comments, but if you can in the article, then so can I in the comments.
    Fucking brilliant.
    We can wait for Mr. Salmond’s response in due course. Maybe then we can all discuss culpability, wherever it lies. Also the Parliamentary inquiry, currently in abeyance,will also give insight. Both those are months away.
    Until then let’s all calm down.

        • Just got a big pullout leaflet from Jackson Carcrash as he is my MSP delivered today. Wiped it down immediately to remove any selfish bastard Tory virus that may still be on it. Just a lot of pictures of Carlaw with his grin to the fore whilst meeting constituents.

          No more – no to Indyref2.

          No more SNP baaad.

          No more Scotgov bad.

          No mention of the virus at all.

          Not one policy mentioned. The new Tory strategy to win an election is obviously not to have any policies.

  8. Weeelll…. While I’d wished none of that stuff had happened ( The Viruse,the Accusations and even the Brexit vote)…
    We are where we are….and although it can be perceived as a twisted way of looking at things…. if I’m honest!!!

    I’ve always taken a bit of comfort/ satisfaction that the Yes movement is, and are , not all that disciplined.
    If we were all loyal to the SNP ( either faction ) the British State would have a very good chance of wrecking Indy.
    It’s that they can’t pigeonhole us that defeats them,they can’t identify the breakout group or the tipping point….Which means they can know where best to concentrate…

    We are only United in the ” Yes ” vote but every vision is different and we all promote and debate our own.
    Loyalty,as a virtue and an expectation is and has been the fount of all power from time immoral.
    I’d say Loyalty is infact a vice,an instrument of oppression,a “masters” tool.
    I’d say I really don’t care who leads Scotland to independence, I do care that someone does.

    So…. Argue on during the waiting time till the vote, ( sooner or later there will be a vote) because to argue is to have passion and it’s passion that will keep us moving forward and engaged.
    Take some pleasure in the Trolls and disrupters,they do some of the heavy lifting for us.
    We need to stay in the debate for some time now with not even a street stall to help…..a nice big controversy rumbling on in the background… a form of substitute campaign!

    * Not to mention if we are still engaging to debate,we are keeping up contacts that could be useful with the struggle against the virus , the real power of the Indy blogs*

    Apathy is our real kryptonite… Arguing is our friend,because of you don’t argue you don’t care …..and I would bet my house that while we all log in to argue the toss,any and all shout outs for help will be answered in spades….But we have to stay in touch

    Wouldn’t we all be worried right now that this horrendous virus and it’s aftermath would cause the Yes movement to “just” fade away over the next year?
    Except for the fact that when it has past we’re going to see this Alex /Nicola thing resolved.

    Whichever way it plays out…. Independence will be front and centre of Scotland’s future again…. A cold comfort I know…. But nevertheless we are way past the personal futures of a few politicians.
    Our only risk would be that we didn’t nurse our wrath to keep it warm…well we are doing exactly that now.
    Alex Salmond may yet ensure our independence in the next wee while ….because he waited…. !
    Haven’t we always said “timing would be everything” ?

      • Well….it’s a point of view Golfnut and I’m glad others agree.
        The British Nationalists are not going to miss an opportunity to serve their Union….why should we not,no matter how distasteful, keep the Yes movement talking and make good use of the controversy?
        As to not damaging the Yes Campaign….The people who brought this forward and ran with it never gave it a second thought….and as it turned out haven’t dented the Yes figures either…..sooo 🙂

    • Liz, hope you are well and keeping away from this awful virus.

      An example of misplaced loyalty is what happened for all those years at Glasgow City council when it was controlled by British Labour in Scotland. The Labour Party and the union colluded to prevent all the female workers getting equal pay. They even went to court and spent considerable sums to stop them getting equal pay. This went on for about a decade. The union that should have been looking after their members interest were looking after the Labour party’s interest. The same British Labour Party in Scotland that professes to represent the women as well.

      How did this happen and continue to happen for so long. Loyalty and sticking to the trap of not being divided. British Labour in Scotland and some unions are specialists in this area. Labour members in Scotland being loyal to a party that was destroying their own country because loyalty and unity is all.

      If something is fundamentally wrong – not speaking out after giving the organisation a chance to change is tantamount to giving your blessing to what is wrong. You should not turn a blind eye to things that are so wrong that you know are so wrong or it will corrupt you.

      The Mafia are also big on loyalty and not being divided.

      • I’m well thank you Cubby,and I hope this finds you and yours the same x

        Your right this “Loyalty” troupe we get fed as desirable , is a manipulation that runs through society like a virus and is portrayed as benign….It’s not,it’s really not!
        It’s a pet bug bear of mine ( one of many 🙂 ) e.g. I’m not loyal to Scotland,while I like it’s history and culture it’s really just the place I live!
        But because I do live here,I am passionate about how the place is governed,and that’s what I’ll not stop speaking up about. No matter who,or what organisations are involved…. Not speaking up is as you say foolish and not to do so because of Loyalty,to me is bizarre 🙂

        • Hi, Liz had a couple of my family get the virus and it was very nasty for them for a couple of weeks but they are fine now.

          Everyone has their own idea of what Is acceptable behaviour – where to draw the line – mine is most definitely criminal conspiracy to try to falsely imprison someone for possibly the rest of their life. The SNP will be fine once they extract these poisonous individuals no matter who they are from the party.

          This persecution of Alex Salmond has been going on for well over two years now and no one has been held accountable. I do not see myself in Salmonds camp or Sturgeons camp. I am in the camp for Scottish independence but I am most definately not going to be in any camp that carries out criminal activities. If I was like that I would have joined British Labour in Scotland a long long time ago.

          • Hi Cubby…I’m glad your family got through it ok….stay safe yourself.
            Totally agree with you on your stance, even IF, and it’s a big if….
            There was no vendetta…. we should know that too.
            We’ll be in the early days of designing a new future for Scotland soon and we should have all the murky stuff delt with as soon as practicable!
            It sends a clear message that whomever is doing this damage,the electorate will not tolerate it…. They are not a mini me Westminster and we will not turn a blind eye to their political dark arts…

            *I think given the current shenanigans the best way forward is for me to just write Scotlands Constitution. That’d tobber the bloody lot of them,they’d get away with nothing 🙂 What say you Cubby ? *

          • Some people think I have too much to say Liz already. I will say, however, it is always a pleasure conversing with you and often enlightening as well.

            Well any constitution written by you is bound to be better than the current situation within the UK. So if you have the time go for it.

  9. Perfect summary of the situation Paul. We need change to deliver Independence and we do need to work together.

    However the Party does have to open up to change. The control and manipulation of the agenda has to end.
    HQ ignoring members trying to contact them.
    The selection of candidates based on their “connections” rather than ability.

    People like McCann and Murrell are the main problem.

    Give the members a voice instead of manipulating them.

    Passion drives our movement and it is being stifled by our own party.
    The YES movement always came first for me. The Party was just a political vehicle to deliver the Referendum.

    We could all heed your words and unite behind the primary aim…unfortunately the career team at HQ are the problem.

    The PRIMARY role of a leader is to unite the TEAM on a common OBJECTIVE.

    Sorry if I spoiled the worthy message you tried to send.

    • Sorry, but as soon as I see that kind of finger-pointing in a post, I switch off. It’s a reliable indicator of the kind of partisan factionalism we have to get over if we’re to get anywhere.

      • Unlike you I respect the right for all to express an opinion. “Keep quiet for Indy” is not the way forward. The SNP has to address the internal failings. You may wish to pretend all is well and are entitled to do so.

  10. I am 73 and have only supported Independence since I left the Labour Party in disgust when they shared platforms with the Tories during the 2014 referendum . You are absolutely correct Paul people have to get a grip .I am old enough to remember how the left have always defeated themselves – the Yes movement has to stop this now . Thanks for your wonderful blogs .

  11. Absolutely agree that factionalism is destructive

    Something else is also going on here that must not be ignored.

    A worrying disconnect between the core leadership of the SNP and the wider membership has developed.

    This has led to several ‘mis-steps’ in recent years.

    I had personal experience of one when I tried to alert the leadership to an impending pitfall in an area that I have specialist knowledge but (to my intense frustration) it proved impossible. I watched helplessly as the needless crash unfolded: it was my ‘Cassandra’ moment, even though it was minor compared to current events.

    An inner circle that doesn’t take kindly to outside questioning is very vulnerable to ‘Groupthink’ (possibly even a brief definition). The current level of influence of insider factions is also unhelpful.

    There is a very fine line between good party discipline and silencing dissent.

    I don’t support the idea of a Sturgeon vs Salmond faction battle any more than you do (BTW, I think they both have strengths and weaknesses) but something must be done to facilitate real engagement with the membership, wider Independence movement and Scots in general.

    Delaying and cutting the Party conference only increased suspicion (I guess that decision is regretted now that we know COVID19 would have overtaken matters). The treatment of dissenters (on a wide range of issues) has, at times, been shoddy.

    Unless this is tackled, pressure will build up along established genuine differences of opinion (gradualism vs ‘get on with it’ …and many more)

    If people feel that they have been listened to and given a fair chance to argue their views it is much easier to move on together.

    Lasting peace requires mechanisms for loyal dissent, questioning and compromise.

  12. “I cannot begin to imagine how evil you have to be to attempt falsely to convict someone of that most vicious, most unforgivable of crimes – rape.”

    These people are in the Scotgov and SNP. I do not think they are Independence supporters but if they are it still doesn’t matter they are evil despicable people and I make no apology for stating that. If it upsets some people because they want to avoid the truth and stick their heads in the sand then that is their problem and their own morals. It matters not one bit who they are and whether they are good at their job their presence diminishes and taints the Scotgov and the SNP.

    If SNP members continue to accept these people then they are on a slippery road to just another dodgy political party.

    Get the saboteurs out.

  13. Who cares.

    Support for SNP/Independence increasing, under Nicola Sturgeon as leader. Increase support predicted for Holyrood elections. An outright majority.

    If there had been an IndyRef planned for October. It would have been cancelled and postponed.

    The best time to have an IndyRef is when it can be won. Within the next few years, supported by the majority.

  14. As usual Paul, you cut straight through the crap and get to the most important point, which is of course, Independence. This should be compulsory reading for the armchair critics and wannabe experts.

    • Eh ….that’s not what I said at all Hamish..
      In fact it was the direct opposite, I was recommending not to give Loyalty to anyone or anything…
      But I’m glad to read you’ve have up that Deity nonsense and are now of independent mind…

  15. Brilliant as always and cutting right to the chase, all that matters is that Scotland gets independence, eyes on the prize people, we are so close now, thanks Paul

  16. I’m 3,000 miles away in the midst of a hectic tax season, so I may not be the best person to offer a comment. However, when does healthy debate end and factionalism begin?

    Just a thought.

  17. Liz g- If we were all loyal to the SNP ( either faction ).

    Funny view of your world. I have my own views and opinions. I do not belong to a faction.
    I am of independent mind.

  18. There is a great deal that I dislike about the SNP but I will continue to support it while it fosters independence. That is a goal above all other considerations.

  19. For all those interested in the TRUTH on the matter of “the Alex Salmond court case” I refer you to Craig Murray for his detailed article published on his own site and also published on “wingsoverscotland”.

    I think we should leave our personal dislikes aside for once on matters such as ” I don’t like the Rev because he doesn’t “tell me the truth I want hear” group or “I don’t like Nicola vs I love Nicola” group mentality that has surfaced in the independence movement for quite some time now. Ones view on either should not cloud your judgement on them nor their commitment to Independence. To do otherwise is frankly petulant childishness and I won’t give an ear to listen to it.

    Finally a wee word of advice for everyone in the movement in doubt is simply the TRUTH HURTS to hear sometimes but it will set you free in the end only as soon as people get off their bloody high-horse of self-righteousness and read the FACTS and only the FACTS wether individuals like it or not it’s still the truth. That’s why we want independence is it not, but to get the truth out there.

    • Some people just love sticking their head in the sand. One solution is to give them a good kick on the butt. I think you just delivered that in your post. The shock can often get them to stand to attention but not always, as some have buried their heads way too deep. Very deep.

    • There’s nothing wrong with healthy debate and indeed argument. The problem is that we’re not having a healthy debate, we are under attack. Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, the Yes Movement and our ultimate goal an Independent Scotland. Our opponents have many faces, many we know but others lurk in the shadows, have deep pockets and have full access to the levers of power. We cannot afford to not engage or respond because if they succeed in silencing us we will lose.

    • What evidence do you have that what is written in a blog is the truth? Or as you describe it: the TRUTH?

      Blogs and below the line comments are not primary sources merely the opinion, often biased and shot through with the sins of omission and commission, of people with an agenda.

      • Why don’t you read it, then get back to me. Question: What makes a blog any less truthful than a newspaper. What criteria is needed. Does that mean Paul’s blog is also as you put it “Blogs and below the line comments are not primary sources merely the opinion, often biased and shot through with the sins of omission and commission, of people with an agenda”. You got one thing right though (BIASED). Weegingerdugs biased and he holds his heart on his sleeve with his views, but as you say they’re just an opinion aren’t they, in a blog, that we, all here, happen to agree with more often than not.
        I don’t particularly need to see links of evidence from him because he has earned my and I presume everyone including your trust. Funny how it works that way when you like the sound of what you’re hearing, innit.

        The article you disapprove of has LINKS of evidence in it to back up what it says. Just because YOU don’t like the sound of it because it doesn’t conform to your bias is not my concern. Or to put it another way- it doesn’t stroke your ego. And I’ve got news for you, everyone in the world has an agenda on something. How else do you make decisions in your life?

        • Some of the alphabet sisters are now giving interviews to the Britnat media. Of course all of the Britnat media know who they are. Never did I think I would see the day when people in the SNP would be working with the Britnat media to attack A. Salmond. Not as bad as trying to put him in jail for life though but still stomach churning.

  20. Just to change the subject a wee bit. This coming weekend would have been the great celebration of the Arbroath Declaration with a March in Arbroath. Due to the Corona virus there will be no Marching. Could I suggest that for the whole weekend everyone puts there Scottish flags out or in their windows so that we can show our solidarity. Lets show Boris and his gang that we still mean business.

    • “… For, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive and posting on WGD (Coronavirus or no’), never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man or woman gives up but with life itself.”

      Declaration of Arbroath

    • As an aside, worth looking out for a video piece coming out shortly for it in which Lesley Riddoch was involved, produced in record time to address the cancellation of celebrations in Arbroath and the zero intent to celebrate any of it on Pacific Quay’s output. The folks in Arbroath were delighted to help, as were some surprising volunteers for the project.

  21. I know its your Baw & your game Paul but I aint getting it ,

    This in fighting you refer to maybe i am a bit dim and behind the times I am not seeing it , maybe its because I dont use these social media platforms you mention , What I am seeing is bunch of vindictive evil barstuards that cant stop gnawing a bloody bone ,

    I haven’t heard Alex or any of his supporters say anything since the verdict , but the ones who would see him imprisoned for a very long time just cant keep quiet it’s like Hysterics on stilts with that lot ,

    Craig murray in the Records sights for yet another fit up job ,cant get Alex find another chump,

    The Alphabet sisters hawking their story round every newsroom looking for the sympathy vote

    Nicola Sturgeon today publicly giving the middle finger to Alex by announcing a grant to the very organisation who has Curran on the management team and are involved in promoting the Letter.

    Last but not least Who gave the first minister the f/kn right to say work on Independence is suspended , any here been consulted or even asked about that little gem ? , oh maybe i missed that one as well ,i put it down to age , not bloody stupidity

    • “”I haven’t heard Alex or any of his supporters say anything since the verdict , …””

      Then you have not been paying attention, reading the papers or listening to the radio.

      • Legerwood , Ok Pal 1 example come on just 1 , oh I am listening friend but obviously not to your sources ,

        By the way Friend is not a term of endearment where I come from,

        Your reply should have been there are quite a few examples here is one ,instead I get your Dumb not exactly the phrase used but that’s what you meant

        • ”I haven’t heard Alex or any of his supporters say anything since the verdict.”

          Really Robert? What about Craig Murray, Stu Campbell, Grousebeater and hundreds of posters on their sites alone?

        • Who used ‘Friend’?

          I assumed, wrongly, that once it was pointed out to you that there had been such interventions you would have been able to Google them for yourself. Clearly you have not so the examples you asked for:

          Ms Cherry, 23rd March in FT and Economist.
          Mr Sillars, 23rd March in the Telegraph and Daily Mail
          Mr Neil, BBC Radio 4 if I remember correctly
          Mr MacAskill, 26th March, The Herald and The Scottish Sun.

  22. I still support the SNP as this is still the only way, at the moment, we can go for Indy. However, I don’t trust that they will be the correct route to a prosperous Scotland. After we get independence either by referendum or majority vote in the Holyrood election, there will have to be a divorce settlement, a carving up of the assets. Do we trust Nicola to lead this when she thinks Andrew Wilson of the Growth Commission Report is the bees knees? More austerity and paying the rUK billions for the alleged ‘national debt’ for goodness how long? I don’t, not now! I still believe she wants independence for Scotland but something is holding her back and she needs to acknowledge this and take action against those in the party hierarchy who are trying to railroad the Indy cause.

    • The current economic situation because of the coronavirus renders all economic projections such as the Growth Commission report redundant.

      • ” I still believe she wants independence for Scotland but something is holding her back.”

        Maybe the coronavirus?

  23. What we do know is it was the apparatus of the Sturgeon regime that instituted and conspired in this vendetta against Salmond. It was high-ranking apparatchiks of the regime that bore false witness against him in court with the intent of ruining him and both shutting him up and shuttering him up, for the rest of his life.

    Their intent was murderous in the sense of taking away his remaining time upon this earth to live beyond a 8’x12’ prison cell. Murderous, in their attempts to erase him from SNP and Scottish political history. Murderous, in their continuing jihad to grind his character and reputation to powder.

    Then there’s that whole criminal conspiracy thing hanging like a noose around the neck of the Sturgeon junta. Atop that corrupt rats nest, responsible for this conspiracy, sits Sturgeon.

    There will be no breaking of our union with the English state until the SNP is deloused and its current crypto-Unionist leader and her cabal of wee pretendy nationalists are removed from power. That is the stark truth of it.

    If there are no drastic changes we will absolutely have a pro-Union party in power in Holyrood after the May 2021 election. That can be said with certainty because currently there is no authentic party whose raison d’être is independence that electors can vote for. There will be four prominent pro-union parties on the ballot next year: Con, Lab, Lib, and SNP.

    In term of concrete outcomes with respect to delivering independence, there is no difference between them. None of the four will do so. None of the four will have any effect on the pace of defenestration of our Parliament and other instruments of our state, or the consequent rate of subsumption of Scotland within within the English state.

    Materially, in terms of these metrics, There will be no substantive difference no matter which party is in government.
    That is the reality that now faces the SNP membership and all of us in the independence movement.

      • This poster is a familiar sh*t-stirrer on another blog site. Having little audience for his mischief there, he’s evidently now trying to sow the same trouble where the readership is greater. Mistakenly, because people are also rather more streetwise here. For whatever reason, he’s clearly part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        • The sh*t stirrers are crawling out of the woodwork at a rate of knots at the moment.
          I am usually benevolent with creepy crawlies in the garden but this type need stamped on.

      • Christian_Wright 10:44 pm

        Aha! there’s only one thing to say in regard to that.

        I AM NOT A NUMBER, 1’M A FREE MAN. Who is Number One ??????

  24. Much though I despise England’s Tories,they are by far and away the most successful political party in these islands.
    Their absolute focus on remaining in power ensures great unity when it is most required.
    A lesson there for us in the independence movement and particularly the SNP.
    The time for divergence will be after we become a normal country again and can afford that luxury.
    Independence first.

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  26. Thank you once again Paul. This post is spot on.

    We are going to win. We will win more quickly if we keep the heid.

  27. Agree with what you say Paul, great article.

    I am far too paranoid to not be suspicious of some at the very top of the SNP and civil service, those careerists, to think that they do not have Scotland’s best interests at heart, to say the very least. Some have crept in, qualifications questionable, now installed as top decision makers or advisers to Nicola Sturgeon. Trust no one who answers to the Britnats in London, it can’t be stressed enough.

    I had a really weird day dream again earlier, where Scotland is independent, has border control, and could make reasoned and measured decisions without answering to the Britnat gov. Would it have been a different scenario now if Scotland was independent? Possibly, and of course it would be while liaising with the rEU etc…just a dream.

    On another note, I hadn’t watched short films at the National Library of Scotland’s ‘moving image’, for a while, but just watched, ‘POWER FOR THE HIGHLANDS’, ref 0279, film made in 1943. It’s fascinating on so many levels, have a watch. Beware it is absolutely in copyright so do not share at all anywhere. If you click on ‘related films’ you will see some films on a similar theme. All of their films are in copyright. Worth a gander for sure.

  28. Jury trials are no longer available in Scotland. Just as well Alex Salmond got his trial finished in time before the virus postponed it.

  29. Scotgov announces additional funding for Rape Crisis Scotland. It is of course a complete coincidence that the Rape Crisis Scotland organisation backed up the alphabet sisters over the weekend.

    • No I think it’s because during this time of lockdown and stay at home there is a very real risk of vulnerable women and children being at risk from violent partners. Not as you imply

      So disappointing to see this grant being linked by you to infighting in the SNP. Maybe you should get a fucking grip

      • I bow to your superior knowledge Malky. Please do not swear at me. I do not generally think of a criminal conspiracy to put a man in prison for life as infighting in the SNP but if that is your general standards it is certainly not mine.

      • Yeah Malky, Nicola Sturgeon outlined what you’re saying during her coronavirus speech yesterday. She’s extremely concerned, and rightly so, that many individuals including children are at greater risk now through being locked away 24×7 with abusers. And as I pointed out yesterday I’m now waiting on LBJ doing his Nicola Sturgeon copycat act.

  30. @Malky McBlain

    Thanks for the video, I’ve watched it many times now over the years. You’d think people would learn eh!

    Apparently not very well. Here’s a wee video that might help explain the tactics of our opponents.

    “The greatest weapon the white man has had is his ability to divide and conquer.”

    Malcolm X 1962

    • @Thepnr many thanks for the video hadn’t seen that before. Please share it widely as I intend to do along with the levity of the Python one

      Prophetic a lesson for all. Unity is strength division is weakness

  31. Remember watching malcolm x on a oxford university debate. He was excellent. Papers of the day projected him as a danger to society (theirs) and were quite racist. Divide and rule- isn’t it always the way.
    A few bloggers like that appearing on here.cmon folk we can disagree but we must get Independence for our country and for our people.Freedom of thought and of action. Undermining OUR First Minister at this time only helps the Tories and the Unionists.

  32. A BRILLIANT piece by Paul and some super comments btl too. Both of the short video clips define what is going on beautifully.

  33. It is with the deepest sorrow that I reflect, with Johnson as PM and Trump as POTUS, two of the biggest fools in Christendom, ever, there is no news item or broadcast that I would suspect as being an April Fools’ joke.
    The Western World has morphed into an Idiocracy in a decade.
    Gove twittering nonsense as he stood in splendid isolation at the Covid lectern yesterday was the last straw.
    England is The Tribe That Lost Its Head.

    When we stagger out of the other end of this pandemic, there is only one option; Self Determination.

  34. Is Johnson really ill or is hiding in a freezer to avoid awkward questions? He is good at the “it wisnae me”

  35. God news on this first day of April. It has been reported that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have met, have embraced and kissed.

    Bad news Liz Lloyd has reported Salmond to the police for sexual assault.

    • In my third week in isolation, Cubby. I miss hugs and cuddles.
      Before I would have described myself as a ‘tactile’ sort of lad, (as are my whole family, and many friends) but not now, that the Dead Tree Scrollers have considered it attempted rape to peck a friend on colleague on the cheek.
      Anybody know how much Paul Hutcheon’s house is worth?
      Asking for a friend.
      When you are on the edge of cabin fever screaming meltdown binge watching box sets on I Player, Netflix or Amazon, consider this, would you rather stay home and kill time, than venture defiantly forth, and kill me?
      The poison and evil witch hunt that some of our grubby little hacks still indulge in during this pandemic beggars belief.

    • For a moment I thought that the Scotsman piece on NS accidentally dropping the ‘F’ word yesterday by mispronouncing Wave Radio’s Greg Flucker’s name at yesterday’s briefing to be an April Fool’s whimsy, but apparently not.
      Apparently Mr Flucker reports that it is not the first time that he has been the victim of this unfortunate slip of the tongue.

      If I were him, I’d change my name by Deed Poll.
      How about Wright Flucker?

  36. Aye Jack
    The casino is still running, people are still buying and selling stocks and shares.
    Futures are being traded, as are the foreign exchanges.
    Would you believe that the BANKS are holding onto capital rather than pay out dividends, this is so that they can restart the economy, AFTER.
    It’s a strange media we have that they can keep up the articles on AS, with things like, ‘The Political Outfall’, see the EBC website. It’s full of contrasting output on the same subject.
    Thousands of ventilators being built, one to be completed by the weekend, delivery next week, gmax version not good enough, Dyson’s prototype being funded.
    This is a strange country we are colonised by.
    We need to make our own decisions for better or worse.

    • Dave, I just tuned in to BBC News Channel at 10,with the news reader welcoming us to hear the news from the UK and the rest of the world, but not Scotland, Wales, or Norn Irn.
      The UK coronavirus news featured Nick Hancock urging hospitals to free up their laboratories for testing (only a paltry 900 tests in the whole of Olde England over the week end!) and the ‘Nightingale’ Hospital in London gearing up for the expected onslaught over the next two weeks.
      Why are they not naming their plague MASH hospital The Queen Elizabeth Royal Pandemic?

      The ‘news’ then moves on to Russia sending aid to the US, then Italy’s death toll, then France, then Germany…I gave up by then.

      I take it that Donalda MacKinnon has BBC Scotland on ‘furlough’?

      The BBC is on ‘war time footing’.
      ‘This is the BBC. London calling’.

      What is the point of broadcasting this stuff to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, while the Scotsman titters at NS’ slip of the tongue.
      It is clear that every effort is being made to muffle the Scottish Government.
      NS is making Johnson look like a bumbling fool.
      Strike the ‘look right’; he is a bumbling fool, but thank the Chief, he is England’s ‘bumbling fool’.

        • Thanks for that, Sion. I like the idea in the article, of specifying “England” when “The NHS”, for example, refers to the NHS in England and the news does not apply to the rest of us.

          It was a great source of irritation for me that I could waste time listening to something on the news that appeared to have some impact on my life and livelihood, only to realise at the end that it was applicable to England alone.

          Another pet peeve of mine is to be asked in surveys how well I think “the Government” is doing regarding, oh, the NHS. The rest of us have to ask ourselves not just “Whose NHS?” but also “Whose Government?”

          Thanks again, Sion: I always enjoy your comments.

  37. Jack your post mentioning the Nightingale Hospital just reminded me of something that I noticed on Monday’s BBC news programme. A doctor was being interviewed in the foyer of the hospital and two workers (only) were standing behind him laughing and joking face to face. They then panned to staff, 20/30 of them, standing on a balcony all lined up right next to each other (not wearing PPE). For some reason or another the ”distancing” message isn’t getting across to some.


    ‘Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill’

  38. This probably applies to the latest Cobra meeting barney that was brought up at Nicola Sturgeon’s Q&A session yesterday that also included her justifying her decision relating to the Scottish construction industry. The following is just another example of being ”Better Together”. Has anyone asked Carlaw (and Rooth the Mooth) if he agrees with his boss’s decision? One, another one, that’s impacting most negatively on Scottish lives?

    ”Whitehall is now controlling all the UK tests, NHS Scotland has to beg London for tests and then justify for whom to test via London.”

  39. Apologies to douglasclark for not replying sooner, haven’t been on my game of recent months and do a lot more site hopping / lurking than checking comments.

    A comment I made a couple of days ago:

    Something to remember for all indy supporters in the aftermath of the current crisis. ‘All of us together’ and ‘All parties and no parties’ isn’t a serving suggestion. It’s the recipe for a population, for common cause and for many… friendship.

    The only people who benefit from the creation of caustic divisions within the independence movement are? Take a wild guess.

    Have a difference of opinion on strategies, personalities and parties by all means. Grump about the story/shit storm of the day. Oh hell yes. But be respectful of each other.

    We all want a better, more responsible, more caring and humane system of government. You argue in bitterness, then we lose before we begin. We get there TOGETHER, or we won’t get there at all.

    It’s just that simple.

    Covid 19 is the priority right now without a doubt, and how we ALL get through it from the top on down.

    Just be sensible and be safe folks. But above all… be friends and look after each other.

    • Macart,

      You have absolutely no reason to apologise to me! Whilst my fingers have wanted to comment on this thread I haven’t. There is a new kid on the block – Douglas. Perhaps it is him you are referring too?

      I actually agree with your comment at April 1, 2020 at 10:58 am. Especially:

      ” Just be sensible and be safe folks. But above all… be friends and look after each other…”


  40. “I don’t want to just hold a referendum I want to win one” said Nicola Sturgeon, and she’s laid the ground work for doing that by meeting every European leader she possibly can, so much is she the biggest threat to the Wesminster government they withdrew her diplomatic support and still she continued to build the support for acceptance amongst those in the world from whom Scotland will rely on and trade with in the future, she doesn’t just meet these folks for tea and biccies

    There’s more to Scotland’s Independence than just shouting rebellion from a podium then gloriously losing, Alex Samond did it his way, Nicola Sturgeon does it hers and the finger pointers can point all day from their safety and anonymity of the Internet in the hope of garnering support for themselves to achieve nothing but dissent for dissent’s sake or whatever *reason* they proffer or try to sell, but they’re not selling it to me, so they can take their pointy fingers sit on them and swivel

    • They’re not selling it to me either Dr Jim. It helps of course that we know who most of them are, anonymity or not and one wonders why any independence supporter would in fact join the BritNats in trying to bring Nicola Sturgeon down when it’s clear that she IS the biggest threat to Westminster.

  41. I was appalled when Donald Trump stated during his election campaign that his followers are so loyal that if he shot someone dead in daylight in Times Square they would still vote for him.

    I thought at the time that would never happen in Scotland.

  42. Good for Joanna Cherry in bringing the Scottish Government to their senses over suspension of Jury Trials.

  43. I have real problems with this Paul. You know very well that a faction very close indeed to Nicola Sturgeon decided to take out Alex Salmond and send him to jail for the rest of his life. Think of that. Send him to jail for the rest of his life.
    They failed because of the honesty of the jury. Now behind their alphabet identities they are continuing the campaign through the MSM. Anybody following social media can see today for example the nexus of unionist and SNP establishment figures applauding Dani Garavelli’s appalling hatchet job on Alex.
    The answer isn’t to close our eyes and pretend none of this can happen. The answer is to understand the party machinery has been taken over by a small coterie more interested in #metoo than they are in Independence, and to clear them out. They hold the levers of power but they are not large in number.

    • No one is closing their eyes and pretending Craig. It’s an acknowledgement of the reality that nothing is going to happen until Alex Salmond decides to speak out. All that happens before that point is people in the indy movement tearing lumps out of one another and speculating about evidence that isn’t yet in the public domain.

      I’d prefer we held our metaphorical firepower until it’s going to have maximum effect.

  44. Kind of off-topic, but if any techies could cut and paste Dani Garavelli’s article anent the Salmond trial on here (I’d post a link on here but that means she would get click-bait advertising revenue); you can sense the seethe is strong amongst the Yoon 4th estate.

    Worth a read if only to witness how close to the wind frothers like her and Hutcheon are currently sailing.

    • Read that article it is truly a shocker if you know exactly all the information she deliberately left out.

      Garavelli punts one of the alphabet sisters as being in a dreadful state (when she meets her) of distress because she claimed Salmond forcibly grabbed her buttocks about 7 years ago at a photocall at the top of Stirling castle in front of his wife and a crowd and the photographer and other witnesses. No one else saw this. Defence witnesses standing within a few feet saw nothing. Of course Garavelli is careful not to provide all the facts in her article. Does not mention that this woman cannot find anyone to confirm her story.

      Now Garavelli claims she met this woman who now self harms by reading comments criticising her.

      Also lost count of how many times Garavelli mentioned the Weinstein case. She had plenty space in her article to cover all manner of stuff but next to nothing about critical defence witnesses.

      She even had space to say bloggers who know nothing are a problem. No – we know the real problem are Britnat journalists who sign up to the Ragmans roll.

  45. After reading your post Alba Laddie I decided to check Dani Garavelli out. Most of her articles have been fairly half decent, however those that relate to AS (and there is a number) highlight the use of propaganda tactics such as cherrypicking and, eh, lying by omission. She says that she attended the trial everyday and has since spoken to 5 of the females in question. I’ll post the following but don’t know if it’s what you were looking for or in fact wanted to avoid posting yourself.

    • I saw it Petra, thanks. She referenced one of the jurors and partly described them physically. Think she needs to read up on the law of contempt, and I hope it’s another article added to Salmond’s burgeoning file marked: “to be revisited “.

  46. Paul. Totally agree with your post. The divisive comments need to end. One way to ensure that happens is blog owners (and editors) could weed out the offending comments. Same could be said for the letters pages in the National.

    Keep up the good work,and stay well

  47. @ Alba Laddie: looks as if you are way offside concerning your view of Dani Garavelli’s article. Gerry Hassan recommends it as – calm, factual,addressing big issues. Bereft of wild conspiracy theories. I’ve read the article and found the content to be essentially the inverse to Hassan’s assessment.So, like you, I’m way offside. I found the article hopelessly one-sided.

    WGD calls for singleness of purpose, to avoid breaking into squabbling factions, but…

    The Rape Crisis statement in Sunday’s National was an eye-opener, and I congratulate the National for publishing and so informing me of that group’s attitudes to legal process.

    Then I learn that ex LAB MP Curran is a member of their management! A woman with a declared hatred of Alex Salmond – remember her under a bus viewpoint on him? Next I learn that our SNP government has handed RapeCrisis a bunch of money. What SNP government controls are in place over RapeCrisis expenditure?

    What I haven’t read by SNP is an invite to Alex Salmond to rejoin the party, nor any statement congratulating him on being found not guilty.

    • Rape Crisis funding. Check out the posts under the Life of Brian video, Vellofella.

      Nicola Sturgeon et al are concerned about individuals, including children, suffering from domestic abuse whilst having to self-isolate 24×7 with abusers. At the end of the day we shouldn’t penalise thousands of genuine victims of rape or otherwise because of a bunch of you know whats.

      • There are serious concerns about the safety of those who are stuck at home with abusive partners or relatives. It’s entirely appropriate for the main organisations dealing with supporting victims of abuse to receive extra funding just now. It’s widely accepted that the lockdowns in force increase the risk of violence against women, children, and other vulnerable people.

        It’s not just Scotland where this is recognised to be a problem. In Spain the government has started a 24 hour support line for victims and has increased funding for refuges and support services. The government of Greenland – where there is a serious problem of violence and sexual abuse linked to alcoholism – has prohibited the sale of alcohol for the duration of the lockdown there.

        Some people are far too quick to call conspiracy. Ironically in Scotland there appears to be a considerable overlap between those decrying the extra funding given to women’s support organisations and those who say that they oppose GRA because it is detrimental to women’s rights.

  48. Three comments on Rape Crisis Scotland

    1. They should never have politicised their organisation.

    2. Any organisation with Curran in it automatically makes me suspicious. She will never be a non political person.

    3. Never thought I ‘d see the day when the SNP funds an organisation with Curran in it and funds an organisation that supports women who took Salmond to court on made up charges.

    • I don’t think you really understand how the voluntary sector works. I worked in the voluntary sector when I lived in London.

      1. It’s common practice in the voluntary sector to have former politicians who have an interest in the field as board members. Ex-politicians know who and how to lobby, and how to best suggest changes to legislation. Charities are legally prohibited from getting involved in party politics. Whether they did so or not on this occasion is a matter for the Charity Commission to decide.

      2. Curran is only one board member. She can be outvoted. She’s not in charge of the day to day running of the organisation – that’s the job of the chief exec.

      3. The SNP didn’t fund them, the Scottish government did. The Scottish government has a statutory obligation to support and fund third sector organisations working to protect women from rape and sexual abuse. Rape Crisis Scotland is – currently – the leading organisation doing so and the one which has the staff, resources, and experience in place right now to deal with the crisis at hand. Suggesting that funding should be withheld until some other organisation more to your ideological pleasing is up and running is grossly irresponsible.

      • Not got a great problem with your first two points. I accept my knowledge of this sector is not as great as yours. However, I stand by my comments that taking the side of these women is politicising the organisation.

        In your third point your last sentence is wrong. I never suggested that in my post. If you think I did I suggest that you please read it again and tell me where I said that. Perhaps you have read that somewhere else. I do try not to be grossly irresponsible.

        • Okay, so you weren’t implying that the funding shouldn’t have been given. Sounded very much like you’re deeply unhappy about it though.

          I get that you’re upset with Sturgeon, but you’re really starting to sound like a stuck record here Cubby. The square root of hee haw is going to happen about the issue until the coronavirus epidemic is over and Alex Salmond decides to speak out and make public the things that he couldn’t present in the criminal trial. Until that happens, maybe we should all take a leaf out of his book.

          • I am unhappy with the Rape Crisis Scotland organisation politicising their organisation. That is what I have said I never mentioned the funding not being allocated. You did.

            LET ME BE CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR YOU I AM NOT DEEPLY UNHAPPY ABOUT THE FUNDING BEING GIVEN. Paul you seem to be reading stuff in to my words that does not exist and now you have Lizg taking the same wrong interpretation.

            Now I am deeply unhappy that both you and Lizg would think I would want to stop the funding that could make a difference to people’s lives. That does upset me. That upsets me greatly.

            I never mentioned Sturgeon. You did. I am deeply unhappy with criminal behaviour in the SNP/ Scotgov. Whether or not that includes Sturgeon I do not know. If you have info to confirm that Nicola Sturgeon has had no involvement then I would be delighted to hear it. She is a first clas FM.

            The square root of hee haw has happened for the more than two years that Salmond has been persecuted despite people saying it just needs time for the SNP to address it. This virus problem could continue for well over a year.

            In my book it is not political infighting it is a criminal conspiracy to try to send an innocent man to jail for possibly the rest of his life.

          • BBC Reporting Scotland last Sunday

            Directly after showing the Gordon Jackson train video ( that nobody seems to want to take credit for creating) Sandy Brinkley, Rape Crisis Scotland is shown stating the following:

            “I think it is disgraceful to have named the complainers on a train in this way in public. For me what is most distressing and most disturbing about the video is when he talks about his trial strategy. All I need to do is put a smell on her about one of the complainers. I think this speaks to the worst of defence lawyer behaviour in sexual offence trials and this is why women do not report crimes of this nature”

            Not a word anywhere about Salmond being found not guilty. Not a word about prosecution lawyers behaviour. This was a political trial by the way.

            This is politicising the Rape Crisis Scotland organisation. Others may see it differently.

            That is the point I have been making. Hopefully there is complete clarity. Nowhere do I try to say or suggest that they should not be funded. I am saying they are wrong to politicise their organisation.

            Quite frankly I am very disappointed that WGD and Lizg should suggest that I would not want funds to go to help people in need.

        • Cubby….he’s right…
          This funding is not only “normal” it’s very much needed. ..
          Honestly my friend…even if..right here right now..the background of the administrators needed lookin at…
          I know,you know,that…we’d deal wi the devil…tae keep the lassies and the weans safe….please don’t give any one , any reason , to throw shade at this funding..
          This lock down is a real risk for them!
          You’d never forgive yerself if something horrible happend
          You’re a decent man and the people supporting the GRA are mostly decent too….any funding for ( As we would say ) ” battered women” …
          Is welcome..aye!!…please my friend…don’t question it right now XXX

          • Lizg, I never said that the funding should not have happened so please do not join WGD and making out I said something that I didn’t.

          • So when you said – “Never thought I’d see the day when the SNP funds an organisation with Curran in it and funds an organisation that supports women who took Salmond to court on made up charges.” – what that really means is that you’re totally fine with the organisation being given funding. Oh. Kay.

            If you have no issue with the funding, then you expressed yourself extremely poorly. Don’t blame other people for drawing the obvious conclusion from something that you phrased so badly.

          • Paul, not everyone can be as good a wordsmith as you. If I thought they should not get any funding I would have said so. The sentence you put in quotes of mine is a statement of fact and surprise at the situation.

            “If you have no issue with the funding” – how many times do I have to post that I do not.

            I will repeat once again for you as I clearly am not getting my point across. My comments were all about the Rape Crisis Scotland Organisation unfortunately politicising their organisation. Now if anybody thinks I have got that wrong then fine express an opinion. You made a statement about me that was wrong and then you doubled down on it by saying it sounds like I was deeply unhappy about them getting funding. You said this after I expressly posted I did not want the funding halted. So I clarified my thoughts for you but for a second time you want to imply I want a course of action that I expressly said I did not.

            Paul, I did not blame you for drawing the wrong conclusion I pointed it out to you in the first instance that was not my position nor intention. You didnt accept that and said I was deeply unhappy about the funding being given. Again I pointed out to you that was not true.

            There is no way that I would want to deprive any women/ children any assistance they need. To suggest otherwise is deeply upsetting and insulting.

  49. Absolutely fucking brilliant. i have been trying to say exactly what you have said so well, Pauland gettibng dog’s abuse for it

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