The Declaration of Barlanark

It’s the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the first time that the sovereignty of the people of Scotland was articulated, the first time that we see the dawning of realisation that all of us who belong to this ancient collectivity that constitutes this nation should have an equal say, an equal right, an equal voice. All those many hundreds of years ago, our ancestors stood up and declared that it would be the people of Scotland, not a king or a monarch, who had the ultimate right to decide the path that their nation treads. In magnificent words that still resonate down the years, they declared that there’s a limit to the power of a monarch, that a king may only rule as long as the people allow it. They told us in words that still ring loud and true that they made their declaration not for what might be in it for them personally, not for their egos, their glory, or their fame. They did it because they refused to consent to a Scotland that was a possession of an unaccountable monarch in a far away land. They did it, they told us, for liberty itself, for the right of a people to self-determination.

They did it because it was the right thing to do. They did it because even then, in such a very different time with such different standards, mores, and beliefs, they recognised that Scotland belongs to all of us or it is nothing. That land that is covetted by estate owners and lairds, by the rich and the powerful who seek to use it as their plaything, it is ours. Our breath animates its landscape, our hearts beat in its burns, our spirit lives in its rocks, our stories inform its shape and its names.

Those who trod this land before us asserted that this corner of the Earth of ours would never consent to being the bauble of a monarch, the plaything of a king, or a mere possession like an ermine robe that could be donned and discarded as some lord saw fit. A ruler – they told us – who defies the people is a ruler no more. A ruler who rules without the consent of the people is not our ruler. We are obliged to defy, for the sake of morality, for the sake of the common good, for the sake of Scotland and all her people. We are obliged, for the sake of liberty itself. We are obliged, or this land ceases to be Scotland. The ruler of this land can say what they please, but we are the people, and we are more. Our voice is louder. Our voice is stronger. Our voice will be heard.

Today we live in a different Scotland, a Scotland which sees its links to the world being lopped off in the name of an English nationalism that neither knows about Scotland nor cares about it. We live in a land that’s a mere adjunct to the pretensions of a British state that tells us we’re a partner in a union but treats us as chattel, bound by chains of lies and deceit. We live in a Scotland that knows that it doesn’t have to be this way, a Scotland that knows that it can be better, that it can be different, that it can be more.

Now, on the anniversary of the day that our forefathers stood up against the depredations of a cruel king, despoiling the land, destroying the people, we stand again. We are not and will never be a garland on the crown of a Tory Prime Minister. We are more than a convenient site to park the UK’s nuclear weaponry. We are more than a tartan fig leaf to allow the British state to pretend to itself that its nationalism isn’t just the nationalism of Greater England. We are more than a vassal dependent upon the permission of Boris Johnson or anyone else in order to decide for ourselves what the future of Scotland will be. We are the people of Scotland, and we are more.

We are living in a time of death, a time of fear, a time of distancing ourselves from our loved ones as an unseen and silent killer stalks the land. We long for the embrace of a friendly hug. We long for our mother’s kiss on the cheek. We long for the laughing togetherness of a night with good friends. We nourish the memories of better times, of sunshine and rain, of casual touch, of the wind on our faces. We live in the imagination of a better country and dream a dream of a Scotland that is shimmering on the horizon in a beautiful dawn. It tells us that we are more than the Cringe. We are more than the shortbread tin. We are more than the kaleyaird and the tartan tied box in which those afraid of Scotland’s true potential would seek to imprison us. We are more.

We are the people of Scotland. We are the sons and daughters many times removed of those who gave their lives for the principle of Scotland’s liberty. We are joined to them down the ages in an unbroken chain of belief and commitment, a shining cord of Scottishness. We know, as they knew, that to be Scottish isn’t a matter of who your parents were, it’s a gift that all of us who live here give to our children. We are the people of the glens, the islands, the tenements, the villages and crofts. Our tears are the rain that falls on Arran, our voices the wind that blows over Orkney, our strength is the granite of Aberdeen, our spirit the sun that breaks over the Southern Uplands. We are the children of the crofter and the Panjabi farmer. We are the sons of the Jewish refugee from the ghettos of Eastern Europe and the weaver in a Paisley slum. We are the daughters of the Irish poet and the Caribbean song. We are grandchildren of the English carpenter and the Welsh miner. We are this land and this land is us. Scotland is all of us, and we are more.

We declare that this is our land, that it is open to all who choose to love it, that it belongs to all who cherish it. And we affirm that we are the people who will determine the destiny of Scotland. On this day, 700 years distant from the declarations of our ancestors we feel that we’ve never been closer to them. So we stand and we make the declaration of Barlanark, the declaration of Ballater, of Craigmillar, of Kilsyth, of Tarves, of Tain, of Roxburgh, of Rosyth, the declaration of every town and village in this green and wet and windy land that sears into the soul and uplifts the spirit. We are the people of Scotland, and we are more.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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144 thoughts on “The Declaration of Barlanark

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  2. We lived by words and the true faith in the meanings and intentions of words spoken by people we held in regard for saying those words on our behalf
    Today words are twisted scorned and sarcasm injected to diminish the strength and depth of their intent by lawyers journalists anonymous internet bloggers with the sole intention of subverting democracy and right, and all of those will bear no weight of responsibility for their actions, they destroy then move on

  3. Wow! Uplifting and inspirational, a, “you lead and we will follow moment” well done Paul and many thanks we needed to hear that.

    • James like others on here I applaud Paul’s post , a very heartwarming and emotional post , I also agree that the post should be given a wider audience and published in the National , as for your ” you lead and we will follow ” statement I also think a copy of the post should be sent to Nicola Sturgeon to STIMULATE or reawaken her desire to lead Scotland’s citizens to independence

  4. This should be on the front page of the National Paul.

    Truly memorable. A tear in the eye, a shiver up the spine, a lump in the throat and every hair on the back of my neck standing to attention.

    Alba gu Brath 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Paul you post one fantastic article after another, but this this just absolutely OUTSTANDING. I cried my heart out reading it (my husband who is a more stoic man (person) also wiped away a tear behind my back … or so he thought), but because it’s so late I’ll wipe away my tears and will say no more, but will return tomorrow … later today. lol.

    By God it’s brilliant and we know now that we will become an Independent country once again. One that protects all who live here no matter their circumstances or background. The newcomers, in the main, are here because they can see that too. Realise that we’ll open our arms and embrace them, as so many of them also know what it’s like to shed tears like the rain just as we do.

    ”We are the sons and daughters many times removed of those who gave their lives for the principle of Scotland’s liberty. We are joined to them down the ages in an unbroken chain of belief and commitment, a shining cord of Scottishness. We know, as they knew, that to be Scottish isn’t a matter of who your parents were, it’s a gift that all of us who live here give to our children. We are the people of the glens, the islands, the tenements, the villages and crofts. Our tears are the rain that falls on Arran, our voices the wind that blows over Orkney, our strength is the granite of Aberdeen, our spirit the sun that breaks over the Southern Uplands. We are the children of the crofter and the Panjabi farmer. We are the sons of the Jewish refugee from the ghettos of Eastern Europe and the weaver in a Paisley slum. We are the daughters of the Irish poet and the Caribbean song. We are grandchildren of the English carpenter and the Welsh miner. We are this land and this land is us. Scotland is all of us, and we are more.”..

    • Like you Petra, I had a wee greet at that paragraph.
      Stirring -inspiring – a call to “arms”.

      Thanks Paul for another beauty.

    • Just back to say once again what a brilliant piece of work, Paul. One that gets right into the head, heart and more so the soul. Too bad Scottish newspapers won’t print it and don’t we know why, however it should be published by the National, as it’s a real ”keeper.”

        • Aye the minute they get the scent of blood, a snippet to bring the SNP down, they’re out like a school of red-bellied piranhas. That’s the fish that don’t seem to be so keen on taking a bite out of, more so devouring, the BritNat politicians or the Royals for some reason or another.

          Maybe you’ll get the chance to have this published by the National when this settles down, Paul. In between this and the next MSM attack, lol.

  6. Very good Paul.

    I am a person who reads a lot of history. I must say that this is the best I have read regarding the place in Scotland’s history regarding the declaration of Arbroath.

  7. Really enjoyed your article and agree about sovereignty of the people and yet in 1707, despite riots in the streets, our Independence was given away by the landed.
    Here’s hoping this Great Disruption at the moment will spark an awakening in people and real social and structural change will come from it.

  8. This is probably the best you have ever written Paul
    It sits beside and is equal to Lincoln’ s Gettysburg address

  9. Paul. Powerful writing.
    Please be careful walking wee ginger dug.
    You are probably getting your photographs taken by the Sun, Record, hoostsmon, Mail and Express to catch you out. Similar to the wandering photographer at Ballater who just managed to see Charles and Camilia clapping the nhs and care workers. ( how lucky was that)— as if they give 2 hoots.
    There are dangerous and dark forces twitching behind curtains, undermining our jury system and attacking our government and our First Minister. The unionists will use this crisis to attack those of us that believe in Scotland and Independence.

    • While Paul is walking ‘wee’ Ginger I doubt he’ll be in any danger – I suspect that ‘wee ‘ gingerdug would see them all off nae bother!

      But I agree , please take extra care Paul as now you cannot walk with anything other than four legged ones.

  10. Superb. That made for a runny nose…this for me…

    “We are living in a time of death, a time of fear, a time of distancing ourselves from our loved ones as an unseen and silent killer stalks the land. We long for the embrace of a friendly hug. We long for our mother’s kiss on the cheek. We long for the laughing togetherness of a night with good friends. We nourish the memories of better times, of sunshine and rain, of casual touch, of the wind on our faces. We live in the imagination of a better country and dream a dream of a Scotland that is shimmering on the horizon in a beautiful dawn. It tells us that we are more than the Cringe. We are more than the shortbread tin. We are more than the kaleyaird and the tartan tied box in which those afraid of Scotland’s true potential would seek to imprison us. We are more”.

  11. That’s a keeper. The last two paras especially. 🙂

    Being a Scot isn’t merely about a geographical accident of birth, but an ideal and an idea. It’s a way of living and a state of mind. It’s one of those… ‘If it didn’t exist, someone would have to create it’ ideas.

    • I see that Wee Willie hypocritical Winkie is demanding that she should stand down. No sign of him standing down however following covering up for David Steele

  12. Wonderful piece of writing Paul.
    Well, ah didnae greet. Whit the hell happened in the intervening 700 years.
    In my opinion, the monarchs, the nobles, the church, all the so called great and good just bided their time until the declaration was a distant memory and between them down through the ages made sure it was largely forgotten.
    And as we see today they [ those who see themselves in power] carry on as if the event never took place. Ignore it, usurp it, this is why we find our country occupied today.

  13. The BBC have been happy to pass on the news that “some have been saying that the CMO’s position has become untenable” (hmmm, I can just guess who the “some” were), though one can’t help but wonder why those people and the BBC weren’t equally condemnatory of a considerably less useful and virus-laden Charlie Windsor and his hasty resort to his Scottish holiday home.

    One law for them and another for us, say the BritNat media sycophants. But maybe his Maw will explain all tonight. (Or maybe not. Well, I for one won’t be bothering to watch.)

      • Oh naw, Petra, The “Scottish” Sun (etc, etc.) just happened to be in the vicinity, camera ready, doing its public duty. As one does.

        I’m not given to conspiracy theories, but can’t help but wonder if this was a “warning shot” issued to keep the SG in line with the “four nations” (=London rule) over the CV-19 response. Can’t have these uppity natives showing any initiative or deviations of their own, what?

        • She could have been reported by a neighbour of course which just makes you wonder how she thought that she could get away with it. On the other hand we’ve had the Gordon Jackson fiasco and now this. Makes you wonder. No wondering right enough when it comes to them being bealing about Nicola Sturgeon coming across as being more competent and of course honest than her counterparts in London. They cannie have that!

      • Oh naw, Petra, the press just happened to be in the vicinity, camera ready, doing its public duty. As one does.

        I’m not given to conspiracy theories, but can’t help but wonder if this was a “warning shot” issued to keep the SG in line with the “four nations” (=London rule) over the CV-19 response. Can’t have these uppity natives showing any initiative or deviations of their own, what?

  14. Whilst the chief medical officer has not followed her own advice and has made a grave judgement of error, I do think others are trying to make political capital out of this.
    She has made a public apology, If she is very good at her job, to dismiss her would be all of Scotlands loss.

    The saying let him or her whom is innocent cast the first stone is very true.

    People learn from mistakes and in every job if a person who made a mistake was sacked very few people would stay in their jobs.

    Why no outrage at Boris Johnson bragging about shaking hands of patients with covid 19?
    Or any of his other breaking of rules.

    Why are there no calls by the media or willie rennie for Prince Charles to be sacked as next in line to the throne for flying his entourage to Scotland and then getting tested for covid 19. And also by being here, having a much needed IC bed reserved for him.

    Hypocrisy is the word to describe this attitude by the media!

    • Indeed. Misogyny might be another. For example Prof Leitch saying schools did not need to close and the evidence for large gatherings spreading the disease was ‘weak’ and he would attend such a gathering. Saying it too just as the SG banned them.

      If I were him I would not try to sell that position on mass gatherings in New Orleans where they allowed Mardi Gras to go ahead and now are overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases.

      His wife also attended a concert in Wales about the time gatherings were being banned. None of that lead to calls for his resignation

      Here is a report of his utterances

      • Prof Leitch is a poor communicator. Stating that covid 19 is ‘not airborne’ seems dangerous to me. Maybe it doesnt actually have wings but I think most people would regard it as airborne by dint of it being projected into the air!

        • He was indulging in semantics when he said that – and much else that was questionable by way of information and advice.

          His mellifluous tones and genial manner come across well in a TV studio or on the radio but actually listen to what is being said then you begin to wonder.

    • Didn’t hear wails of outrage when C Windsor’s went off on a jolly little jaunt including his retinue…

    • ”Why are there no calls by the media or willie rennie for Prince Charles to be sacked.”..

      The Scottish Tories, Labour and Libdems have all called for her to go. Surprise, surprise! No call for Johnston who was wandering around shaking hands (and has probably given the CV to his pregnant fiancee) to go, no call for coronavirus Matt Hancock to go following returning to work early and no sign of the Police visiting Balmoral to issue Prince Charles with a warning. The whole set up stinks.

      Let’s face it I doubt that Kate Calderwood passed the Coronavius, if she has it, on to anyone when she visited her second home (which was a crazy thing to do), however Kate Garraway’s husband is now in intensive care battling the coronavirus. Kate Garraway photographed standing far less than 6 feet away from the Royal charlie. One wonders how many people he infected before (and after?) he headed off to his Scottish bolthole? And as you say Undeadshaun why are they not calling for him to be sacked? The man that they say will be future King with all that entails.

      And then there’s the Queen herself who was aware of the risks, wore gloves on the 3rd March whilst leaning forward and sticking her face into others as she carried out an investiture at Buckie. Then led the congregation at the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on Monday 9th March 2020. The 2,000 strong congregation included the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland; High Commissioners and Ambassadors; senior politicians from across the UK and the Commonwealth; faith leaders; and more than 800 school children and young people.

      Held ”audiences” with Bojo, the Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Bishop of Hereford, to name but a few, at Buckie before moving to Windsor on the 19th March. She should also be sacked for exhibiting such reckless and lethal behaviour and flouting the rules.

      Apologies for the lousy links.

  15. All the brains in the world, and not an ounce of common sense.

    I watched the Daily Briefing today, and NS was put through the mill by the baying hounds.
    Catherine Calderwood; what was she thinking?
    What was her husband thinking?
    Not once, but twice, she and the whole family headed off to their second home, over the past two week ends.

    She could offer no pressing reasons for defying the lock down, and apologised very publicly for what was an incredible error of judgement by any standard.

    NS batted off the repeated gnawing of a dozen or so hyena hacks, and was resolute and measured despite having to repeat the same answer to the same demand for the CMO’s head and criminal charges as each of the Usual Suspects repeated and repeated the same question, and demanded the CMO’s, baying and howling in mock anger, like a pitchfork and torch mob.
    Undoubtedly Calderwodd and her husband broke the curfew, and the law, not once, but twice.

    It may be argued that she and her husband demonstrated the arrogance of the ‘professional classes’, who imbue upon themselves the divine right of the salaried Upper Class, to do as they please, not what they demand others to do.

    Who knows?

    I for one can’t be bothered anguishing over it.

    What the FM made clear is that ‘now is not the time’ to throw the baby out with the bath water.
    She states that she needs and values the CMO’s expertise, and advice, the corollary being that to sack Calderwood now would seriously harm Scotland’s struggle to beat this deadly virus.

    I tend to agree with this expediency.

    To bring a new CMO up to speed at this stage would be madness, despite that picture of health and self restraint, Jackie Baillie, the ‘new’ deputy leader of the Red Tories, demanding the CMO’s head.

    She was on Brewer’s Droop lying about PPE shortages in Dunbartonshire.

    The Red Tory Brits have scraped right through the bottom of the barrel now.

    Dr Calderwood will resign when the crisis is over.
    But not in the middle of the biggest crisis Scotland has faced since WWII.

    Is any hack following up on the drunken romp at Bute house involving one of their leading lights?

    Who shaves the barber?


  16. The.Chief medical officer.made a massive mistake.she did wrong.
    She has apologised for her actions.she cannot do much more.
    She was wrong what she did.
    But now some of these so called journalists.are trying to involve the
    SNP.led Scottish government.and Nicola having the nerve
    To more or less accuse Nicola Sturgeon of telling lies.
    Bottom line is they are now trying to damage the.SNP.with this situation.
    Any self respecting person would see right through this whole situation.
    The person in question did wrong.what are they wanting blood.
    But these Britnats will go to any lengths to bring down the SNP.and no doubt
    We will hear much more about this.(.what is it they say like a dog with a bone.or like a dogs dick.Got to be in.) Absolute trash.the quicker we are out of this discredited union.and an independent country.the better.

  17. ”I watched the Daily Briefing today, and NS was put through the mill by the baying hounds.”

    I feel heart sorry for Nicola Sturgeon. She works her socks off for us and stringently obeys the rules, however she’s constantly being let down by the behaviour of others. The strain of wondering … who next? … must be unbearable for her.

  18. Watching nhs England on the tele. On their web it states “Figures on deaths relate to patients who have died in hospital in England and who have tested positive for COVID-19…….We do not include deaths outside hospital, such as those in care homes.”
    What is being recorded like for like?

      • Petra, as you may know the SG is altering its reporting procedure.


        However, this is a critical statement:

        “There is no change in the definition used to report deaths of COVID-19, which is defined as an individual who has died AND has had a laboratory confirmed report of COVID-19 in the 28 days prior to death.” (my emphasis)

        This begs questions for the future analysis of mortality statistics.

        How will clinicians have filled in death certificates for those in the community diagnosed as having had Covid-19 symptoms but WITHOUT a confirmatory test? And how will the data taken from these certificates partition between those that have Covid-19 as the ‘underlying’ or prime cause of death and those certificates in which Covid -19 is ‘mentioned’ as a contributing factor?

        As visits to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the National Records of Scotland web sites reveal, the recording and the interpretation of ‘mortality statistics’ seem not as straightforward as one might imagine.

        • I had a quick look today at the mortality for Feb 2020 which sits at 4715 which represents a 6.7% decrease compared to the average of the previous 5 February’s. So March, April and May should give us a very clear picture of just how deadly this virus is, or perhaps not.

        • Thanks for the link Stewart. You just wonder if many people will be deemed to have died of pneumonia, asthma or whatever rather than Covid-19 if not tested? On the otherhand thousands of people die every year of the flu. At the end of the day just about everyone dying right now would have to be tested to get a clear picture of what’s going on and is that feasible when they don’t even have enough kits to test NHS staff?

        • The proponents of this being just another FLU citing annual victims spectacularly ignore they don’t all land in ICU in a month with knock on effects for those who might normally be saved from other problems such as heart attacks. Testing ALL would enable better informed controls, but that is not going to happen on this Gov’s watch.
          The point @golfnut makes is spot on, the recorded number of deaths will show the change, and there is nothing the PR guys can do to hide it.

  19. BBC news nhs England Q&A . Paris from the Scotsman asks a question. What a snivelling apologist of a so-called journalist. He does not care about covid and the affected, only wishes to attack the Snp government

  20. As I said above, inspiring.
    Don’t wish to distract from such a brilliant and beautiful piece of writing,BUT and it is big but,
    We are all for making and improving the country of Scotland when it comes to climate change, most of us are sane and sensible here,
    However it scares the s…t out of me that the wildlife trust is still thinking about introducing Bears and wolfs and four legged feline predators into our country here in Scotland,
    Yes they used to live in Britain at one time.
    But so did dinosaurs, crocodiles, saner tooth tigers,
    We all have been able to go a walk or jog, walk our dogs, go fishing, have our children go to school in safty, climb hills and go camping in a safe environment of our own country for a long period of time now without fear.
    We also have moved forward and no longer do slavery, kidnap people to join the navy, enslave children to work, or be owned by the laird.
    The people of Scotland have not been asked or consulted in any village, town city or rural environment by these trust if this is what we want.
    This back to dark ages and medieval thinking from the elite has to stop right here in Scotland, we do not want to live in danger or go back to working down coal mines, or to be cotton mill slaves, keeping us enslaved and constantly away from the daylight, and sunshine, while the hierarchy turn our beautiful countryside into big game reserves.
    I can foresee those who like the “idea” saying there are to many deer so we must bring predators into Scotland,
    What happens when there are to many predators, that’s right the elite will turn the countryside into one big game hunt. And have license,s to kill,
    What about the farmers trying to feed our nation, do they have no say, what happens when these predators start travelling and enter city’s and towns, raid your bins, or kill your pets.
    Far fetched, NO, the wildlife in many countries at this present time already do this when they cannot food easily, do we want to go backwards here in Scotland for a crazy radical idea that the elite have?

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly James, in my opinion predators would decimate the livelihood of the hill farmers and their sheep populations. We’ve all watched natural history documentaries on TV on how predators will always go for the easy kill, why expend all that energy chasing down deer when it’s much easier to kill a sheep, goat or llama.
      Yes there are far too many deer in the country but lets not forget that the greatest predator in the world is humankind.

      Leave it to the hunters employed by The Forestry Commission to keep the deer numbers down. They put up signs where they are shooting to warn off ramblers and have special buildings for butchering and hanging the carcasses which they then sell on to buyers.
      It’s a good money maker for The Forestry Commission, venison fetches a good price.

      What we definitely don’t want are all the hooray henrys running around the hills with guns.

  21. Sorry for the mistakes and missing words, the gist of it is there, and it is a subject that involves all of us, as it indicates what the hierarchy invisage for our country.

  22. “bound by chains of lies and deceit”. That pretty well sums it up for me. We have to go on relentlessly dismantling them.

    Petra at 4.16

    Spot on.

    I just hope that she can find the strength to keep going. Johnson, Hancock and Gove the slug have no sense and thus no feeling. She clearly has feelings and must be near to bring punch drunk.

  23. Re the Catherine Calderwood situation I will say this to any politician civil servant or anyone working for the Scottish Government or any organisation connected to it such as the NHS and I mean all employees.Be aware if there is not some wee nyaff from a crap paper like the Sun watching you for any perceived misdeeds there will be your own countrymen and women, a lot of whom will only be too keen to grass you up for the reward of a few quid. Unfortunately the Scots have always been their own worst enemies, remember it was our fellow Scots who betrayed us into the slavery of the Union.
    Your article was brilliant Paul. I just wish many more Scots thought as you do but at the moment there are many in Scotland I just do not trust. The article should certainly be published in a far wider media and I hope one day that will happen

  24. That’s a keeper, Paul. I’ve just watched the Scottish government’s update on the iPlayer with the FM and CMO. I wasn’t aware of the incident that featured in much of the questioning – it certainly was a mistake and unfortunate in the circumstances, however the gravity of the offence was but nothing compared to the hysteria being propagated by the media on the programme. Dr Calderwood has acted with humility, honour and absolute honesty – in complete contrast with her counterparts in England. Can you imagine Kuenssberg or Preston pulling the same crap? Fucking disgusting.

    • I wonder if auld Lizzie will demonstrate the same humility and apologise unreservedly for the actions of her eldest son, in half an hour’s time? Should he abdicate in repentance?

        • Bless. Not easy doing a video whilst your second oldest son is lying ,out of picture, on a chaise longue in a rubber gimp suit with a coconut up his arse. I guess that’s what you’re alluding to Bob.

          Top marks ma’am.

  25. I am so proud of my son Paul who writes so eloquently and says what I feel but have never been able to express in words. Love you son with all my heart. Mammy

  26. Now that the police have spoken to Dr Calderwood and gave her a warning I can only presume that Prince Charles was formerly charged. Incidentally, why is he still allowed to reside in his holiday home? Bugger off Charlie boy.

  27. So the meeja have got their trophy then. Cue the faux outrage and haun’ wringing anent Calderwood and “when/how much did Sturgeon know?” & associated BS.

    What i’d like to know is when is someone in the upper echelons of the SNP going to stick up for Nicola Sturgeon and tell these clowns to roundly f@ck off?

    • Och, Wee Willie Rennie will now step up as acting CMO and save all of us.

      And the meeja hyenas will all round on Charlie Windsor next, and he will resign.

      And pigs will fly.

  28. We should all be contacting them too Alba Laddie and letting them know that we’re all sick and tired of this ongoing SNP / Nicola Sturgeon witch-hunt. Give her some support.

  29. I have been utterly horrified by some of the mysogonist comments on the National online messages today against Nicola and Catherine Calderwood some of which supposedly came from Indy supporters. Now some of these morons may just be trolling yoons but if any are coming from any part of the Indy movement those involved are a disgrace.

    • I doubt that many of them even come from Scotland Eilidh never mind being Independence supporters. What gets to me is that you see that they are managing to reshape the views of some genuine supporters.

  30. Those who shouted resign are hypocrites. How many have driven at 40mph in a 30 zone? Drove straight to the Police station and did the mea culpa bit. No road tax or insurance. Please forgive me. Not.
    Prince Charles- total silence. Can’t say anything in case I miss out in my hotly deserved OBE, CBE, Queens Police Medal, CDM ( insert the appropriate medal you deserve from queen Betty)

    CDM? Cadbury’s Dairy Milk— I have a sweet tooth.

    Willie Rennie the lowest of the low with Lord Steel his hero?

  31. So the Scottish Britnats have won the day.they will be happy now.
    Catherine calderwood .cmo has resigned.So who is the next.for them
    To try and destroy.
    The Tory.labour.libdems.are the lowest of the low.absolute disgusting.
    Hold your heads in shame.but no as I say they will be happy now.
    I absolutely abhor.these hypocrites.and they have the gall to say they
    Speak for Scotland..they are disgusting.

    • When we need every doctor we can, this grubby wee band of Brit Nat politicians and their Dead Tree Scrolls vermin will be celebrating a ‘victory’ over the BAD SNP tonight.
      Let’s hope that none of them get a ‘Boris Johnson’ strength dose of the virus, and look up from their ICU bed to discover that Dr Calderwood is the attending physician.

      In attempting to hole the Scottish Pandemic programme below the water line, out of spite and a manic hatred of the SNP and Self Determination, these hacks, and Carlaw, Rennie, Leonard, and Harvie will have cost lives.
      A dozen or so demanded her resignation at the Daily Press Briefing today.
      So what if it sets back the Pandemic Programme, and hundreds more die than necessary.

      The grubby little troughers must be pleased with themselves.
      Calderwood was wrong, and ultimately would have had to resign, but, as I pointed out in an earlier post, after the crisis is over.
      None of these sad hacks or two bit Brit Nat politicians have any medical knowledge, and contribute nothing, less than nothing, to resolving the crisis.
      Fuck them all; and no, I do not ask pardon for my French.

      I’ll dance on their professional graves when their Rags die through lack of mugs willing to buy this trash.

      God knows how many citizens you have condemned to death.

      Any news on the identity of the senior Glasgow based political journalist who passed out drunk and exposed in Bute House yet?

      That’ll make a juicy wee sex scandal piece, surely?
      We have 10,000 volunteers coming out of retirement, or suspending their studies.
      Now we lose one to the mob.

      I have never been more enraged about anything.

      • I doubt it will lead to more deaths as it was an executive role, but the rest I completely agree with Jack.
        To think this started off as holiday home visitors and folks on day outings worrying the locals during the crisis, but once the Scum discovered the SG connection, what was a laudable story was diverted to a full on attack on SG/SNP, and the rest of the pack piled in.
        As for the so-called Indy supporters demanding Calderwood’s resignation and pouring scorn on Sturgeon, presumably they will be delighted that “people power” has won even if they hobbled SG in the process, what a short-sighted bunch of eejits.
        WS above highlighted the Anglesey blip among other coastal “resorts”, and I suspect this app’s results will increasingly show how the privileged have “poisoned” the locals due to their selfish attitudes and behaviour. There was another article earlier on people giving tips how to get to Wales holiday homes undetected, police aware but largely unable to cover the ground to stop them.
        Calderwood was wrong, as were/are many more including royalty and it’s retinue, let’s see these faux-outraged journos campaign for that to stop.

        • Bob, it is reported that the Japanese attributed their economic revival post war to sound management.
          Each industrial economic and social project consisted of two thirds planning, one third implementation.

          Calderwood was our Chief Medical Officer, our Project Manager, if you like.
          Her job was not merely to sit there and look busy, sign off the expenses claims, and manage the Leave Chart.

          There shall be unnecessary deaths as the Fight Against The Virus stalls, and a new CMO is brought up to speed.
          For this, I blame the sewer Press and what laughingly passes for ‘Opposition’ politicians Up Here.
          In my view, there is the blood of innocents on their hands.
          Sue me.
          I repeat, I have never been more angry.
          When the whole of society should be pulling together to beat this, these terrible human beings are doing their best to destroy our Government regardless.

          I have no time for them, and would never be in their company. They have the morals of a grave robber.

      • I’m beeling too. The CMO’s behaviour was hypocritical and worthy of a slapped wrist (as the cops duly delivered), but it was no “hanging offence”. What law was broken? While an infectious right royal “2nd homer” gets the full media ar**licking treatment instead.

        You would think that a crisis like this would qualify for a “suspension of hostilities” if anything did, but no, the usual suspects just couldn’t help themselves but indulge in another bout of their typical mindless knee-jerk posturing. I already thought the lot of them were miserable 3rd-rate bottom feeders, but this is utterly contemptible. Beneath contempt, actually. They will have blood on their hands.

      • If Calderwood is replaced by someone who disagrees with Nicola Sturgeon say in relation to lockdown, timing of reopening of schools etc we could see many more deaths Jack. I would hate to be in Nicola Sturgeon’s shoes right now.

  32. Wonderful words Paul. Keep safe everyone, and once we can, lets all get out and about and explore and get to know every inch of this wonderful country of ours.

  33. They will identify and exploit the weak spots of all those who lead in the cause of Independence whether it is Salmond’s ebullient, touchy feely, ‘Carry on’ innuendo traits or Sturgeon’s feminist ones. They are the scum which the bottom feeders of this cesspit called the United Kingdom feed on.

  34. This is the best the BBC Scotland news website can do. Compare and contrast (as they say in all the best exams questions) with the Wee Ginger Dug’s contribution to the 700th Anniversary celebrations or the Lesley Riddoch film.

    The BBC seem concerned, under a veil of evenhanded discussion to damn with faint praise and skate over the real importance of the document: that the Scottish people are sovereign not whatever monarch inherited the throne by chance of birth or circumstances.
    They also say that no one paid any attention to it until relatively recently. However, it is only relatively recently that the population as a whole has become literate. Before that scholars were the only ones who could read it first in Latin then in English. Once it became more widely known by the ordinary people its importance began to be recognised.
    I am not surprised or disappointed that the BBC has done no better.

    • “They [the BBC] also say that no one paid any attention to it until relatively recently.”


      So wouldn’t it have been appropriate for the BBC to ‘educate, inform and entertain’ its audience about it?
      Shouldn’t they be doing that now?
      Isn’t that their mission statement?

      Don’t all rush at once to answer my rhetorical questions.

    • As expansion, remember is that the Declaration and it’s importance was deliberately buried by the Crown along with others and vast swathes of scottish history in driving the “British” agenda of the 18th and 19th centuries. It only became more widely known and read in the 20th century thanks to modern communications and it’s English translation.
      The BBC and HMG would bury it again if they could because of it’s “independent nation” stance, they would rather not remind current Scots they once were “independent” when they have increased ambitions to return to it now….

      • Point of order.

        “The driving of the “British” agenda” at the expense of autochthon communities of this islands dates from at least the time of Bede and his disparaging comments regarding the ‘Brittones’, when, being the 1st PR man for Saxonia found it difficult to square his circle of them being Christians and his own were not.

      • Murdo Fraser, Liz Smith, Carrie Symonds, Cherlie and his maw, to name but a few, all breaching the rules. Will the Police be in touch with them as per their visit to Catherine Calderwood and Stephen Kinnoch when he tweeted that he’d visited his father to celebrate his birthday by talking to him from his garden.

  35. The unionists are using the coronavirus to attack the First Minister, SNP and by default independence with the media proxies.

    I am not surprised that the attacks are also led by the pretend reverend whose angst is now endangering the Independence movement by causing potential splits. I say potential as the recent election showed support despite the undermining by a small group – not Snp supporters in the main.

    I take the fact that Johnson proudly announced he was shaking hands of NHS staff despite the distancing rule and now he is in hospital using up the resources of the NHS is worthy of resignation. Then Prince Charlie’s in his holiday home… yes Police Scotland I can announce there are folk breaking the stay at home rules………. Hypocrisy has a special smell.

    • Allow me to point out the reality of life to all you readers
      There is one law for the people and another for the windsor mafia.
      For the people it’s When we tell you, do it or else you will be pilloried or worse.
      For the mafia it’s When there’s a problem with the people.
      The direct line of assent will be protected by distancing the individuals from each other.
      This is why they are all in different castles or protected strongholds. Just in case ?????

  36. Hi folks, as one of the people who commented on the story in the National yesterday, can I just say something.

    If the CMO had only once visited her second home, an apology would probably have been enough. The fact was, by her own admission that that was the second time she had done it. She and her husband had been there the weekend before. So, on two consecutive weekends, first with her husband, then with the family, against her own advice. She was the public face of the SG appearing on the TV and the radio urging all of us to stay home and not travel unless essential. So, then, was it okay for everyone to do the same, no, you can be sure it wasn’t, why did she do it? She said herself that it was unjustifiable. At that point her position became untenable. She became the story and it was not going to go away.

    If I had been FM I would have fired her, not let her resign, now Nicola has to try and sort the mess out with the MSM. Not where the FM needs to be at the moment, she has too much on her plate to have to deal with nonsense like this.

    Did it give the Britnats a chance to call for her resignation, you bet it did, and they did so with great glee. But, it’s not the fault of the Britnats, they are just opportunists. The fault lies, whether we like it or not, with the CMO. It was a stupid, stupid thing to do. Someone in her position should have been aware of that. The scum that are bottom feeders in the MSM don’t need much to go on, and she gave it to them on a plate.

    So don’t be castigating all of us who comment elsewhere as against independence or Nicola. I certainly am not, but sometimes, you just have to face the facts, whether we like them or not.

    Stay safe everyone, we are all needed.

    • You are right Carol. The fault ultimately lies at Dr Calderwood’s door and to be honest her behaviour has been unbelievable to the point that if I was a conspiracy theorist I’d be saying that she was another BritNat plant. Rather she’s now come across as an absolute fool, with a sense of entitlement, that has lost all credibility. The point that many of us are making however is that while the focus of the MSM has been on her they’ve been turning a blind eye to other key rule breakers, not least of all Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, who’s also churning out orders to the populace on a daily basis. It’s the injustice and unfairness that gets us all down and the sooner the MSM starts doing its job properly the better.

  37. ……. and Johnson handshaking saying it was alright, Prince C and his Bidey in using up nhs Scotland resources. Silence is deafening.

    • Haven’t heard carloss jackass asking for the resignation of Smith and Fraser after they failed to heed the advice and went hill walking together.
      Self photograph was removed from the twitter account.
      I find it hard enough to go out to the local co-op to get a few things, without feeling i’m endangering others.
      In my area it is becoming obvious that people are on the move again.

  38. Right, the CMO issue is dealt with. I have no idea why she behaved so badly and apparently neither has she.

    Time to get back to supporting the FM in her efforts to keep Scotland’s people safe. That is what all normal Scottish people are going to do.

    The cringers are going to wring their hands, twitch their curtains and/or make tough guy statements to try to convince themselves and the rest of us that they really are proud to be slaves. And they will keep huffing and puffing because they are terrified to face their own weakness.

    A new day guys and a new opportunity to show the world that we won’t concede an inch.

  39. I am sorry to see Dr Calderwood go but in some respects her position had become hopelessly compromised. Even before this pandemic started any time she appeared on TV to be interviewed on some health related matter she struck me as being straightforward and clear about what she wanted to say and the message she wanted to get across. Journalist interviewing her never managed to get her to stay into SNP/SG bad territory.

    She has an impressive CV and since becoming CMO has made an impact on many areas of health in Scotland not least in the area of stillbirths and neo-natal care. Here is her bio:

    “”Catherine became a medical adviser to the Scottish Government in 2010 and has been instrumental in the work in reducing stillbirths and neonatal deaths in Scotland and in reducing avoidable harm in maternity services. More recently her role expanded and work includes major trauma services and the introduction of robotic surgery for prostate cancer to Scotland.

    “”Catherine is chair of the UK maternal, newborn and infant Clinical Outcome Review Programme. She also chairs the Scottish Government Stillbirth Working Group and is a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Stillbirth Clinical Studies Group. She was the obstetrician on the panel of the Morecambe Bay Inquiry into maternity and neonatal services and is a member of the recently formed Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services in England.

    “”She is an obstetrician and gynaecologist and continues to have a maternal medicine antenatal clinic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Until her recent appointment as Chief Medical Officer Catherine was also the National Clinical Director for maternity and women’s health for NHS England.

    “”Catherine qualified from Cambridge and Glasgow universities. As a junior doctor she worked in medical specialities in Glasgow Royal infirmary and at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before completing her specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology and maternal medicine in SE Scotland and St Thomas’ Hospital London.””

  40. On a different topic. Has anyone else noticed that discussion/coverage of the Queen’s address to ‘the nation’s has all but disappeared without trace from the MSM?

    That important…not.

  41. Thank you for the information Ledgerwood. I had no idea of her background and it is interesting to know.

    Regards Mrs Windsor, I avoided her hypocrisy like the plague but inevitably heard a snippet on the news. I had to laugh at her “we’ll meet again” bit. I was waiting for her to say “we will all meet up on the other side”, as in the next life. Cheery bugger, I thought. It seemed such a sincere message too , all said with a plummy voice and an expressionless face.

    Maybe even the sycophants were unimpressed.

  42. FM and Government update. The Unionist papers are not interested in the health and well being of the Scottish people judging by many of the questions. They smell blood and want the FM and government to fall.
    They are the lowest of the low. Personally my view would be to tell them to F off. (Obviously the FM cannot say that).
    One even asked about the previous medical officers pay off. Thousands might die but how much will Calderwood get. The gutter is too clean for this lot.

    • “Personally my view would be to tell them to F off. (Obviously the FM cannot say that)._ –
      Well the FM inadvertently displayed a capability for it when calling on Greg Flucker to ask his question….🤣 Bet even Jeremy Hunt chuckled…

  43. Sooo, Murdo, Charley and many other Tories travelling all around the countryside, Boris shaking hands with everyone now has coronaviras as do others in Westminster, Dr Calderwood Travels to her holiday home(which she should not have done, by the way) but nobody realises that the media propagandarists who followed her did the same as she did for the same distance and the same amount of time.
    Meanwhile not only did I receive a Tory leaflet through my door this morning from peter chapman, I also received a letter from London with Boris,s Westminster given advice on how to behave during the coronaviras pandemic, the hotbed of coronaviras in Britain, ha ha ha. Not funny.
    The tories are trying to think of as many ways as possible to spread this deadly virus.


    I find it strange that the Scottish Government has not recognised the importance of the DECLARATION OF ARBROATH. The 6th of April should be declared a national holiday, DECLARATION OF ARBROATH DAY. Let every lover of Scottish freedom declare the 6th of April to be DECLARATION OF ARBROATH DAY!

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