Coronavirus guidelines – Scottish media hypocrisy version

Last night there was a party political broadcast on behalf of Boris Johnson presented by Elizabeth Windsor. I didn’t watch it. There was no need, as the speech was already given in advance in assorted soundbites by the BBC’s resident sychophant, Nicholas Witchell. Well, I say ‘speech’, but that’s only because the word is one syllable long and takes considerably less time and effort to say than “a content free run through of mealy mouthed platitudes uttered by a rich and privileged woman who doesn’t see any need to hold her family’s entitlement in check”. Which would be considerably more accurate, although somewhat lacking in brevity.

If you were waiting for something useful from the Queen’s well-I-say-speech, you’d have been wasting your time. She could have given us useful tips on self-isolation, like suggesting that one made sure that one’s servants kept their distance from one’s husband’s servants. At the very end, she quoted Vera Lynn, because that counts as an up to date cultural reference when you’re a royal. The best thing that you could say was that Betty Windsor and the Platitudes would be a good name for a band. We’ll meet again, she said. No we bloody won’t. I’ve been spending my entire life avoiding the Windsors on the telly. Which is quite an achievement when you consider the time and energy that the BBC devotes to shoving the royals down our throats.

Although the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief that supermarket shelves are getting restocked, there was one family in the UK that never needed to worry about a shortage of toilet paper. That would be the Windsors, who don’t need toilet paper because they have the BBC’s Nicholas Witchell’s tongue firmly lodged up their arses. Nicholas is servile, ingratiating, obsequious, unctuous, sycophantic, and fawning before the figureheads of the British establishment. He gives toadying a bad name. He makes Uriah Heep seem like a doughty campaigner for personal dignity. The brown stain on his nose is permanently ingrained into the very fabric of his soul.

The concept of “difficult question” would never occur to Nicholas. He would never dare to presume to question why Charles Windsor broke government regulations and buggered off to his holiday home, spreading the virus as he went and depriving the people of Grampian of much needed medical staff and equipment. It would not occur to him that Elizabeth Windsor could do considerably more than sitting on her throne while mouthing platitudes and give some of her vast tax free fortune to the NHS so it could purchase much needed personal protection equipment. Nicholas is everything that is wrong with the UK personified in a single individual. His reports come direct from the royal sphincter.

I’m a pacificist. I’ve been a pacifist ever since I was a child. I feel to the very core of my bones that violence is wrong, counterproductive, and immoral. But if there’s an afterlife and a paradise, I want to spend all eternity poking Nicholas Witchell in the arse with a sharp pointy stick. An eternity is how long you’ll need to wait for a British media that will hold this pampered and obscenely wealthy family to account. Instead we get Nicholas, who has built an entire career out of excusing the inexusable and puffing the privileged.

Meanwhile in Scotland, never mind the virus. Never mind important public health information. There’s some SNPbaaad to be done. That’s what counts as essential when you’re a representative of the British media in Scotland. We had a farce of a press conference yesterday, when instead of answering questions about the coronavirus epidemic and the steps that the Scottish government is taking to deal with it, we saw question after question about the idiotic and selfish actions of the Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood who had made two visits to her second home in Fife. Instead of questioning Nicola Sturgeon about the virus, we had instead a series of media hacks asking her the exact same question only phrased very slightly differently. It was like watching a shoal of piranhas which had scented blood. And it was very, very different from the way in which that same British media had responded to Charles Windsor doing the exact same thing – only in his case he had actually spread the virus and deprived local people of much needed medical staff and resources.

Pointing out how the media let Charles off the hook is not to excuse Catherine Calderwood. It is merely yet another illustration of the hypocrisy and double standards that infects the media in Scotland in a virulent form for which there’s no treament or cure. We see that double standard time after time after time. The bad behaviour of an independence support online is the sign of a sickness that lives in the very heart of the independence movement. A prominent anti-independence activist being an actual Holocaust denier has nothing at all to do with mainstream opposition to independence. We see that double standard in the way in which Catherine Calderwood has been hounded, but the visit of two Scottish Conservative MSPs to Ben Vorlich for a country walk – which one of them mentioned in a twitter post which was quickly deleted – passed under the radar of the Scottish media.

However let’s be blunt, the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland had to go. If she’d only visited her holiday home in the Neuk of Fife once it could have been forgiven, but she hadn’t. She’d also visited it the previous weekend, and then before that crucial piece of information came to light someone in the Scottish government released a statement about her actions which we later discovered was misleading. Someone somewhere wasn’t being entirely honest. Yes, it’s true that Catherine Calderwood behaved irresponsibly, but it’s also true that her other work was valuable and worthwhile. Both these things can be true at the same time – a point which the British media in Scotland is keen to overlook. Unfortunately she had undermined her own message and her own credibility, and in the process put the Scottish government in a very embarrassing position which detracted from the crisis at hand.

So to reiterate, it’s important to remember that you’re only allowed out for a very limited set of essential reasons. To go to the supermarket for food and provisions. For medical reasons. To care for someone, human or animal, who depends upon you. For daily exercise within walking distance of your home. To take a drive to Ben Vorlich for a country walk if you’re a Conservative MSP. To travel to your holiday home with your entourage if you’re a member of the royal family. Or, if you’re the Scottish press, to hide behind a beach hut in Fife with a zoom lens trying to get a photie of a chief medical officer.

Stay indoors, stay safe, and try not to let the Scottish media raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels. The NHS is overstretched as it is.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…–WhgkJVRw

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78 thoughts on “Coronavirus guidelines – Scottish media hypocrisy version

  1. To me the thing stinks. A medical advisor, appointed by the UK Government I believe, goes on walkabout to her second home, lucky her, and there just happens to be a photographer there. Colour me surprised but it stinks. I’m not a tin foil hat fellow, but this again is being used to attack the SNP Government while Boris and his Orc hide with pretendy symptoms. To me it’s a set up and Nicola fell for it just as she did over AS. I’ve been a long term admirer of Nicola but of late there are cracks in her judgement. Don’t all rush in with whataboutery and attacking me, I’m no troll. Far from it but as ai said, it stinks.
    Another thing crossed my mind, she’s an obstetrician apparently. Surely this job at the moment requires a virologist?

    • I think Dr Calderwood was appointed by the Scottish Government to advise the Scottish Gov on matters medical.

      I am quite sure the SG can call on all manner of specialists during this pandemic including virologists. But to confine your source of advice to someone in such a highly specialised field as virology would not be wise since they are unlikely to have the necessary experience of medical matters to advise the SG and give leadership to, and speak for, the NHS.

      I am not clear what you mean when you say ‘this was a set up and Nicola fell for it’. Dr Calderwood set herself up for the fall and given she did it twice and would continue to be the story as far as the MSM was considered then Ms Sturgeon had no option than to ask for Dr Calderwood’s resignation. Sadly that is the long and short of it.

    • Why would Dr Calderwood’s actions be seen to highlight “cracks in Nicola Sturgeon’s judgement”, Michael? Dr Calderwood would have been chosen for her exceptional medical expertise by the Scottish Government, not the SNP, and Nicola Sturgeon having Mystic Meg abilities isn’t part of her job description, as far as I know. Nor it would seem is Alex Salmond a James Van Praagh type when we see that he was duped big time by a number of people that he considered to be loyal colleagues or in fact in some cases friends. A sign of cracks, or rather a massive chasm, in his judgement?

      “To me it’s a setup and Nicola fell for it as just as she did with AS.” There may have been a “setup” in relation to Alex Salmond. Time will tell however as stated already if there was they both “fell” for it.

  2. Boris is struggling in hospital – tests are inconclusive but doctors think they have found a heart . Which would be one more than could be found in the whole panoply of ‘British’ royalty .

    Paul , not having watched ones queen on ones BBC last evening one cannot confide in you any details of the urgent advice emanating from her queenship .
    Suffice to say it would have been along the lines of ” Keep calm , plebs , and keep paying one to remain in the opulence that one and ones burgeoning family has become accustomed to ! God save ME ! ”

    • From the brief crap I have heard spewing out of the radio today, it was a speech from a ‘powerful leader…’

      Superb post Paul. My sentiments exactly. The photographer. The journalist. The keechters.

  3. Nicola’s judgement showing cracks? Don’t think so. Yesterday I puzzled things out in short steps for myself. Nobody else would have known about this until I saw the ‘cracks on Nicola’s judgement’ statement. You are entitled to your opinions of Nicola and her judgement, here’s mine.
    1. Dr. C went to her second home in breach of guidelines she was responsible for promoting. Why? It can’t be a case of ‘just forgot’. It was a deliberate decision to take 4 of a family off on an unnecessary trip.
    2. Nicola is informed and gives her FM backing to Dr C. Why? Dr C is clearly very capable and gives expert advice clearly, with knowledge, and with professional authority. She presents as a very valuable national asset to be set aside during a Unique national emergency. On the basis that this was a one-off misjudgment the positives outweigh the negative. Would I have kept her in post? The realisation by DR C that she had made a major mistake helps the case. I would have kept her in post and Nicola did.
    3. Twice! This information came later. Was it withheld by Dr C? I’ll never know. It tips the balance against her. Nicola removes her support and Dr C resigns. Nicola again showing sound judgement.
    4. By today there is an interim appointment made. The new interim CMO has been part of of scientific group providing medical advice. Sound decision.
    5. The misjudgments are the sole property of Dr C. Twice to the weekend retreat mean twice disregarding her own advice. What are the criteria for professional misconduct in such a situation? It is very naive surely not to realise that if she is on TV frequently she is no longer an anonymous person. So she would have been seen twice in breach of guidelines she was responsible for promoting to all of us.And the possibility exists that someone lifted a phone to make sure a ‘Daily Grotty’ had a photographer in position – a set-up, as suggested.

    • A conspiracy is possible, even civil servants may have had ambitions for promotion and assisted, but equally likely is an Elie/Earlsferry local was pissed off at outsiders visiting the East Neuk and provided photos/names/? to the Scum, whereupon the Calderwood angle was only then realised.

      In the end Calderwood’s civil service career is destroyed due to her own stupidity, SG move on with a new UK civil servant in role, and the media machine resume their propaganda with no pigeons, contaminated water or dead kids to exploit, there will be something come along shortly…..

  4. Jim Coll,

    It also seems very odd to me that she repeated the indiscretion (?) over two weekends. Once, I could just about forgive. Who has not wondered on leaving somewhere that, just perhaps, they left the gas on and needed to check? The idea that you had destroyed an entire community through your own stupidity has, indeed, made me go back to check.


    After that you feel that the gremlins in the back of your nut are not really helping you in living out a full and productive life. On exit you check two or three times, just so the gremlins know you won’t be fooled again.

    So, twice?



    As you nearly say, someone local tipped the newspaper off. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about that.

    • People tipped off people hiding from the nazis. They tipped off the Sun newspaper though. Not the Police. Public spirited to the last. Obviously they have the Sun’s number off by heart. Where they paid? Why do the Sun not report this heinous crime. Police Scotland will have to speak to two MSP’s and warn them of course about climbing mountains. What they haven’t bothered? Why should that be Police Scotland?

  5. What about all these reporters, commentators, photographers and cameramen who seem to be wandering the streets and nauseam. Surely that’s not essential work or travel?

  6. Eh well that’s the telly viewing sorted out for the foreseeable future.

    Not quite sure if it’s going to be Cecil B Demille extravaganza , a TV movie , a mini series , or just weekly episodes , judging by the BBC News last night that ran the exposay in all its glory every 15 minutes with the banner at the bottom of the screen running constantly , these BBC hunts are probably still debating the format.

    If anyone on the planet doesn’t know this woman’s name by now the BBC will bloody make sure you’re reminded of it by repeating it every 15 minutes , because by doing that the focus of how bleedn useless this Tory government actually are is covered up , and removed from memory .

    oh who cares how bad they have handled the situation ,

    WHAT ABOUT THAT BLOODY STURGEON APPOINTED DOCTOR that’s nationalists for you, aye that’s the whole problem to many bloody nationalists in the country send them all back to where they came from eh Nigel .

    Normal Service Has Been Resumed wouldn’t be surprised if it was a set up to deflect attention from the news that Mr Dominic Rahb is going to be the understudy , if you thought Bawjaws was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet , Suckers .

  7. To add to this, Last year Elisabeth Windsor failed in her duty was head of state the one time it really mattered when she didn’t stop the Prime Minister illegally shutting the parliament down.

    Mrs. Windsor had one job, and she blew it.

    I don’t think we need listen to her platitudes.

  8. Think its very important that we keep well away from the likes of the BBC or Sky News for our information on Cov19. We should be listening to this man..Professor Knut Wittkowski

    • In general he’s absolutely right, but note his codicil was both protecting and isolating the vulnerable and building, staffing and equipping field hospitals to manage it. This departs markedly from HMG’s version of “herd-immunity” strategy, until recently…

      I’m not sure either who claimed the virus had 10 fold infectivity and on what basis, so his dismissal of that has to be accepted, but he did accept that flattening the curve would enable a reduced ICU capacity to cope which is where distancing can work. Surprised by the view on lockdown though, as he doesn’t believe in that instance it would peter out.

      His 2% total death estimate was interestingly high, but given the choice between hunkering down until it blows over or being that one in 50 who thought it wouldn’t be them, is a bit of a no brainer to be honest, but I’m retired.

      • People like Murdo have the ability to vote through laws in Parliament that affect our lives. MSP’s should be upholding the very laws they pass through parliament and expect everybody else to abide by.

        I would like to assume the Police will be having a word with him and his fellow walkers, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

        • Murdo is a Tory. Rules (and laws) are for lesser mortals. They do not apply to tories.
          Resigning because you screwed up / lied / are incompetent etc. etc. also only applies to people who are not unionists.

  9. Sickened, totally sickened and alienated by the mind fog forcibly administered by the BBC for days and days before the recorded version which ended apparently with ” We’ll meet again”. This has been going on for a week- before and after- the empty propaganda vessel rattled in our ears again this morning to remind us all not to think, not to remember: just be numb, dumb and do as you are told by this gang of terrified, incompetent, lying idiots who have awarded themselves the sort of power the pigs grabbed in Animal Farm. Squealer and Napoleon are real, right now- and so are the sheep: “we’ll meet again” .
    Can’t bear it. Keep at it WGD. It is obviously going to get worse.

    • Don’t be too hard on Bessie. She thanked people for following the Government guidelines by staying at home (even although she, Phil, Charlie and Camilla didn’t) and was concerned that the disruption had brought financial hardship to many (not her and her ilk of course and no mention of a wee donation to the NHS either). How some people, especially those with the erse oot their breeks, continue to get taken in with this crowd of parasitical charlatans is beyond me.

      • Petra the simple reason is FEAR and its dissemination being critical to the narrative. What we have now is something with a toxicity level comparable to the Black Death thanks to watching/reading from our corrupt MSM which in turn will only exacerbate the situation.

        • Everyone is feart right enough grafter! What should we make of it? I was reading an article about one of these liners whereby 83% didn’t get CV19 at all even although they and staff had all been in close proximity for days before the first case was diagnosed. Meanwhile we see that it’s rife amongst say, Westminster politicians who were crazy enough to continue congregating with each other. Bottom line is that we require to know the truth about this, for example is this deemed to be natural or man made?

  10. Sad to say but the “Scottish” media have happily assumed the mantle of Gobshites for Union.

    When they’re not mopping up unionist pish from the floor, they are dutifully finding ways to pish all over Scotland.

    They almost make Labour in Scotland look like models of decency…almost.

  11. Perhaps Dr Calderwood isn’t a selfish person with poor judgement.

    Could it be that Dr Calderwood doesn’t really believe the “advice”?

    Of course I am conforming like everybody else, but that would be interesting wouldn’t it?

    • It would be interesting if it were true. But it’s not true, so it’s not interesting.

      This is a public health crisis involving a highly infectious virus, not a conspiracy.

  12. Just watching channel the Coronavirus effects in Scotland.
    Showing among other old folks home.
    Needless to say rubbishing the SNP.scottish government.and the ones
    Shouting their mouths of Must certainly be Scottish.Britnats.certainly not
    SNP.independance absolute disgrace.the lot of them. broadcast.SNPBAD.all these bad things only
    Happen in would seem.imagine they are actually rubbishing
    Their own country.have they not got one ounce of pride in them.
    But personally they can broadcast as much as they want against the
    SNP.scottish government.but it will not diminish my target to independence.
    And think very.very. Many people in Scotland.are in the same frame of
    We will have our day.these disgusting.britnats will get a massive shock
    One of these days.and the sooner the better.
    Roll on independence.

    • And now he’s taking up a valuable bed and possibly a ventilator that could have been used by a decent human being. So much for being safe because he’s British and invincible. Sorry, but can’t work up any sympathy for him, any more than I could for Thatcher.

    • Petra shows how defunct the British state is in that the SoS for Scotland is a millionaire tory and the Shadow Sos is a tory. Both parties have less seats than the SNP.

  13. I have learned the hard and expensive way so I am now self isolating from reading the blog on my laptop it saves cleaning the spurted coffee/tea/Beer off the screen but today the tsunami almost reached the telly across the other side of the room.
    Excellent work again Paul

  14. Bet you didn’t see or hear this on MSM:

    Coronavirus: Welsh doctor invents ventilator

    A doctor from west Wales has devised a machine that can help in the fight against coronavirus.

    Dr Rhys Thomas is a consultant anesthetist at Glangwili Hospital, Carmarthen; and has now created a ‘ventilator’ that could be used in hospitals.

    In a Facebook message he says he worked with an engineer from Betws, Ammanford, who owns a factory that manufactures hydraulic equipment.

    They created three prototypes within 30 hours, Dr Rhys Thomas tested the tool on its own – despite the risk involved – and believes “we have succeeded”.

    “This machine has been specially designed for this pandemic based on advice from the many brave doctors in Italy,” he said in the message.

    “This could potentially save hundreds of lives. The challenge is huge. We need at least 1,000 more ventilators in Wales so that we can treat the majority of our patients.

    “I hope this can help our cause.”

    Golwg360 understands that the Betws-based company could produce the machines in their hundreds, and one source says the project has been approved by the Welsh Government.

    Dr Rhys Thomas was a doctor with the Air Brigade in Afghanistan and contributed to the establishment of the Wales Air Ambulance.

    He was Plaid Cymru’s candidate in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire in the 2019 Assembly election, and says it was Adam Price who challenged him to create the machine.

    Coronavirus – or Covid-19 – affects people’s breathing capacity, and the machines are vital for the minority of people with severe symptoms.

    The devices pump oxygen to the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from the body.


    Translation: Google Translate and WS

  15. I remember Witchell from a few decades ago maning the news desk single handed when his colleagues were involved in industrial action.
    I think he subsequently got the Royal appointment as a reward from his employers.
    Or perhaps it was just to keep him out of harms way.
    As for the leaders of the Anglo/American axis,this is what you get when morons elect one of their own to mind the shop.
    However,I don’t wish ill health on anyone.

  16. The only people who will have been influenced by Mrs Windsor and the gutter press are those who are predisposed to be. Those with open minds and/or those of an independent persuasion will see it for the base propaganda that it is.

    The pushers of this Brit propaganda want these to be ongoing issues. But Scots will just put them into perspective and in the past.

    As to the FM’s performance, anyone who has undertaken a pressurised leadership role knows that it is a process of keeping multiple plates spinning. Inevitably a plate or two will stop and crash out at any point in time. Imagine how many plates Nicola has to keep in the air. Those who have never had to do it have little understanding of just how difficult it is. She continues to perform brilliantly in my opinion.

  17. Glad to say I missed the Auld Bitch’s pontificating. Her and her family are completely irrelevant to modern life. Great blog post Paul.

  18. The Tories cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. £4Billion a year. Instead of increasing it. The ConDems. cut Education £6Billion a year. Elected to protect NHS/Education they cut both. Instead of saving lives.

    Spending £Billions on HS2 and Hinkley Point. A total waste of public money.

    The SNP Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts and increase spending on SNHS.

    Now there are not enough UK resources to save lives. The PM in intensive care. London S/E affected worst. It is really scary,

  19. Yes they are hypocrites. They do what they do through some form of political knee jerk muscle memory I’d guess. (shrugs)

    Their parties and practice of politics have weakened the health service, dismantled the benefits system, and destroyed social cohesion the length and breadth of these islands. They’ve done a damn sight worse than that over the years tbf, but now crisis is in their livingrooms and its all a bit different. Now it’s serious for them too. Now they get to know about feeling helpless against something that doesn’t give a wossiname who they are.

  20. Never worry, Sam, the New New Labour ‘wind of change’ has swept through the musty old dinosaurs’grave yard of the Red Tories and bright new young faces have emerged from this pile of ancient dross to crush the rebellious Nats Up Here in North Britain.

    The Butcher’s Apron suited ex Fringe Events organiser Ian Murray has torn himself away from Morningside Bring and Buy Fetes to win a hard fought hotly contested one way fight to be dubbed the new Shadow SoS, and Jackie Ballie, the Nukes-R-Us queen, the bright young hopeful, the iridescent ( but NEVER irredentist, oh,look it up) rising star,who is a fine figure of inspirational health and self restraint to us all in these dark times, is the Designated Survivor Up Here if the GMS Shop Steward Leader of the Northern Reds falls foul of the Dreaded Lurgy.

    The Brit Nat barrel has no bottom now.

    Money for nothing and bog rolls for free.

    • They’ll find out soon enough Jack. You can’t buy off a pandemic with fibbery and dodgy narratives. It doesn’t care how high up in a party structure you are either, and it doesn’t play politics.

      Be safe fella.

    • When Philip and Charlie were on screen in the ‘sixties, and the presenter was gushing over how wunnerful they all were, our Dear Da commented:-
      ‘They’re the same as you and me ,son. They all put on their trousers one leg at a time.’
      Some 35 years since he passed, and we still miss him to this day.

      • Thing is Jack he forgot to mention that they had servants to help them to put their trousers on, one leg at a time. And of course, I’ve heard stories of the hoi polloi having to put their wee boys in dresses because they couldnae afford to buy trousers. What changed things for me, as a child, was when a relative pointed out that they had to go to the toilet like you and I and also let off “wind”. Visualise that every time someone tries to make out that they are superior to you, he said. And it worked, lol.

        • Kinda current – seeing the run (sorry!) on toilet rolls lately.

          In welsh slang we call these ‘papur pawb’ i.e. ‘everybody’s paper’ – coz everybody, from HM down to the lowest serf uses it. (Though I guess someone actually uses it for HM.)

          Mind how you go!

        • There actually was a Royal Groom of the Stool, Petra, and Grooms of the Royal Bedchamber, the monarch’s closest and most intimate henchmen.
          In olden times, a ‘lord’ was designated to help kings do the toilet, and clean up afterwards.
          The role of this trusted Band of Glorified Toilet Attendants also formed the Monarch’s inner Privy Council, managing finances, foreign affairs, arranging marriages.
          Today we have a Privy Council, the political In Crowd, tapped on the shoulder and invited to join the Inner Circle.
          I don’t think potty duties are still performed, although who knows?

          I still have many of my father’s hand made tools, Petra.. The bradawl, he made in the yard, his cobbler’s knife (he used to re-sole our boots in the early ‘fifties, and his old brace and bit; plus his garden rake, shovels, and early edging shears.
          I speak to him most days.
          We stand on the shoulders of giants.
          Take care, P.
          We shall get through this.

      • Sorry Jack just reread your post and the part about missing your da. I’ll bet you do. The feelings in relation to that kind of gut wrenching loss never goes away X

  21. I wondered why Raab was holding the fort, as a battle had raged between him and Gove as to who would cover for LBJ. Now we know that Gove is in self-isolation not due to him having the virus, but a member of his family. So they say, although we can’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. Cummings has CV. I wonder how he’s doing, especially as he had repeatedly deferred essential surgery for an unknown but serious medical condition. This saga has highlighted that the Westminster cabal aren’t fit for purpose. Once again. They continued meeting in the Commons even although they were warned of the risks. Shook hands when they shouldn’t have and held events such as the Cheltenham races rather than annoy the upper crust many of whom no doubt went on to spread the virus. Meanwhile no mention of Brexit. Will the crazies, with whatever numpty is ultimately in charge, still go ahead with it? More than anything when will we find ourselves in a position to dissolve the Union? Patience, patience, lol.

  22. It has to be said, that there is a world of difference, between someone who exercises poor judgement, compromises their position and undermining their authority, compared with another who have consistently behaved in a hypocritical manner by choice.

    It’s a bit rich for a party who have consistently; attacked, demeaned, traduced and mocked the NHS, who clapped and cheered when they blocked a nurses pay rise, to suddenly start wearing little NHS pins and cheering the very service they want to sell to Trump. Now that is hypocrisy.

    And now the bloviator in chief, is in the care of the very service he tried so hard to undermine and destroy. The man who would do nothing, depending instead on the snake oil of “herd immunity” so he wouldn’t have to pay anything into the NHS, is now dependent on a public service to stay alive.

    Now that’s irony.

  23. With the covid statistics and comparisons in question can I suggest the stats should be Hospital based deaths only, care and nursing homes deaths in situ, domestic . Then the other infection rates test, recovery etc can be seen in context.

    Applies to ALL nations

  24. Oooops we missed Tartan Day, folks.

    But don’t worry we can look forward to a ”huge OO parade” in Glasgow in September, lol. What a bunch of idiots with some experts forecasting a decline of CV over the summer and an upsurge again in September / October. Spread your venom and coronavirus far and wide folks, why don’t you?

    ‘Coronavirus in Scotland: Orange Order plan Glasgow parade to thank Tory government.’

  25. Some of my prior links were taken from the Indyref2 site. There’s one woman on there, Ann, who’s searching for and putting really informative links on the site 7 days a week. She gets very few responses although I’ve read that many people do access the site / links. However I reckon that this must be totally disheartening for her and would ask that if you have the time please leave her a wee supportive message. When you take a look at what’s on offer now, I’d say that the last thing that we need right now is to lose her.

  26. …”One can only hope that the Prime Minister, as he languishes in intensive care, courtesy of the NHS that he and his party have done so much to destroy, deeply regrets the cheering & jeering doled out to nurses by he and his colleagues; when they voted down a payrise for nurses. If he’s lucky he’ll now be finding out exactly how valuable these people are.My brother, sadly, wasn’t lucky.
    Jas, 54, died of Covid-19 in Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre a week last Saturday night. Unlike the Prime Minister there was no ventilator for Jas.”..

    • Indeed, Petra. On BBC Scotland lunchtime news, David Porter described Johnson as ‘the man leading the UK’s fight against the Coronavirus’.
      Of course he’s not. He is England’s ‘leader’ when it comes to managing the pandemic.
      But in good 1984 Newspeak, he is suddenly a knight in shining armour ‘saving’ the British Isles?
      So much for NS and her remarkable team, our Scottish Health Service staff, our 28 LA Care Staff, those working in our care homes and hospices.
      David Porter, be ashamed.
      Scotland is fighting this virus, just like the other 150 odd countries in this world, including England.

      Why insult us with this evil play on words?
      Johnson ‘leads’ no aspect of Scottish life.

      He’d rather spend a pound in Crawley than Strathclyde, remember.
      Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, is leading the fight against coronavirus, Mr Porter.

      If you fail to recognise this, find ajob somewhere else. You certainly aren’t reporting on ‘Scottish’ politics.

      BBC Scotland never fails to undermine Scotland, because they think that they will get away with airbrushing ‘Scotland’ out of the UK?
      The Winston Smiths of England’s richest remaining colony.

      I have no more patience with this lot.
      Roll on Independence, when we can kiss this lot goodbye.
      What an incredible testament from Joseph Kavanagh.

      Nothing can return to ‘normal’ after this.

      I note that Gove and JK Rowling are now self isolating.

      If only I believe in divine retribution….

  27. ‘The man leading the UK’s fight against the Coronavirus’. Farcical beyond words, Jack.

    Joseph Kavanagh’s article describes the reality of this situation. His brother dying with no one at his side, no ventilator for him and of course having to distance himself from his father to impart the hellish news. Note he and his father following the guidelines unlike LBJ.

    ”I then stood on an empty street, shouting to be heard over the wind, no privacy, no dignity, to tell an old man on a doorstep his child had died. The most indescribably awful duty I’ve ever had to carry out. There will, of course, be those idiots, those hypocrites, those bootlickers, who will condemn me for ‘politicising’ both my own loss & Boris Johnson’s condition. They can’t grasp that politicians making political decisions and political choices impact people’s lives. And sometimes ends them. As Jas found out.”..

    • I cannot begin to imagine the mixed emotions of anguish, grief and rage which this poor man has had to endure while the David Porters of the Brit Nat Hackesphere have raised Boris Johnson, rake, serial womaniser, Liar, racist, xenophobe to the level of sainthood and England’s Champion because he has fallen foul of his own sloppiness in dealing with social contact, despite having the best medical brains in England around him.

      We do not wish coronavirus on anyone; but to rebrand this man as the Mother Theresa of England’s poor and sick is perverse, and insults our collective intelligence.

      BBC Scotland descends even more deeply into the mire just to save their precious Union.

      We have not gone away.

      Scotland has left the Union; the divorce papers are in the post..

  28. Catching up elsewhere and the abuse that Dr Calderwood continues to receive online some of it from so-called Indy blogs. Sad, but I do worry that 1 individual is constantly asking about people’s sexuality. Very Freudian, very worrying. Do they need counselling? Are all beard wearers have similar thoughts? We should be told, lol

  29. Why is Nicola Sturgeon wasting her energy mouthing platitudes and wishing a speedy recovery to Johnson, an upper class Englishman with no mandate in Scotland and a contempt for her and our country?

    • Because if she didn’t then it would be “SNP hates the English! Vile SNP pushing their evil separatist agenda while brave Boris lies in his hospital bed.” etc etc

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