5G and tin foil hats

You can tell that the lockdown is getting to some people. Maybe it’s a displacement activity from the fear of actual death that causes some folk to fear all sorts of other weirdness instead. And so it has come to pass with an utterly bizarre conspiracy theory which is doing the rounds that the virus epidemic is caused by the roll out of 5G, and it’s going to suck all the oxygen out of the air and the real reason that people who are ill with the virus are struggling to breath is because 5G has reversed the polarity of the oxygen atom or some other such Star Trekkish sci-fi babble. You know, like when the solution to the problem facing the crew in every episode is to reverse the polarity of the confinement beam. Or something. Only in reverse. A sort of reverse reversing then, but one where you don’t end up where you started off but instead somewhere up your own colon.

As death rays go, 5G is really pretty crap. 5G is not going to alter the fundamental characteristics of oxygen atoms, or indeed of any other sort of atom. That’s the kind of physics that you only get in episodes of Star Trek, not in the real world. That’s why they have replicators, warp engines, and Borg conduits that can transport you from one end of the galaxy to another in the space of a few minutes, and you’re stuck in Shettleston Road waiting for a number 60 bus to Tesco.

For the benefit of any doubters out there, 5G is basically a protocol which allows telephone masts to communicate more efficiently and faster with your device. It’s not some new form of radiation which is invading the atmosphere. It’s a bit like saying that whereas your mobile phone used to communicate with the network in French, from now on it will communicate in Gaelic. 5G is essentially just a different language, just one which is speedier and more efficient. Like Gaelic is. Agus is urrainn dhomh sin a ràdh oir a tha a’ Ghàidhlig agam.

The 5G conspiracists are getting their collective knickers in a twist because the system will now make use of some additional wavebands in the microwave spectrum, which presumably because it has the same name as the machine you use to heat your soup up they think will also fry your brain. It won’t. This is because a) you need to have a brain to begin with, b) because the wattage used is miniscule and extremely low power, c) parts of the microwave spectrum have been used for years for airport scanners and satellite communication, and d) microwaves have been used for line of sight TV repeater transmission stations since the 1950s and no one’s inner organs have been cooked as a result.

5Gs not going to make your head explode like you’re an extra in a David Cronenberg movie. That will only happen if you take a Scottish Conservative party political broadcast seriously. Or indeed if you’re spending the time stuck at home during lockdown with nothing but the collected speeches of James Kelly MSP to keep you amused. In which case I really would suggest sticking your head in the microwave oven. It would be a kindness.

Nevertheless this hasn’t stopped people who really ought to know better from spouting garbage and getting people concerned at a time when we already have plenty of real things to get all concerned about thank you very much. It’s not just the usual suspects either, such as the David Ickes or Q-Anon conspiracists of this world. Although having mentioned them I have now merely proven that I am a fully paid up member of the global elite who protects himself from the epidemic by imbibing the blood of aborted fetuses before taking off my human form and revealing the lizard underneath so that I can moisturise my scales with some Nivea lotion.

David recently had a video deleted from YouTube. Naturally he’s claiming that this is part of the Deep State Lizard People conspiracy to prevent The Truth™ from getting out there. Actually it’s got more to do with the fact that he’s making idiotic claims like saying that a vaccine for coronavirus will contain nanotechnology tracking devices which will allow THEM to control you. While we are still some way off from having a vaccine that’s effective against coronavirus, spouting nonsense that might prevent people from using it is up there in the irresponsibility stakes with infected members of the royal family, sorry lizard aliens, moving to their holiday homes in Aberdeenshire with their entourage. Personally I am boycotting Duchy Originals. Not because they cause the coronavirus, just because Charles is a dick.

But it’s not just folk like David Icke. It’s also people like Dr Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth and The End of America. This seems like the perfect moment to trot out the phrase “PhD in English literature, not an actual doctor”. And incidentally it gives us a perfect illustration of how it takes very clever people to be capable of a special kind of stupid. Naomi, in a now deleted tweet, told us – and I quote. “It was amazing to go to Belfast, which does not yet have 5G, and feel the earth, sky, air, human experience, feel the way it did in the 1970s. Calm, still, peaceful, restful.”

Yes she actually said that. Belfast. In the 1970s. Calm, still, and peaceful. In the 1970s. And yes, she did mean that Belfast. Not the Belfast in Maine in the USA where a major news story is the loss of a cat or a stray moose in the high street. And I’ve actually seen the telly from there, so this is a true fact. Sure in Belfast in Northern Ireland in the 1970s it might have been the height of The Troubles and there were soldiers on the streets, people getting blown up, shot, and kneecapped, but it was all holistic and locally sourced. Ah how the good people of Belfast must long for the bucolic days of the summer of 79, when they donned balaclavas home knitted from wool from hand reared grass fed sheep and threw organic petrol bombs in recyclable milk bottles at the neighbours. There was a real sense of community as you hunkered down with your family praying that the riot outside didn’t smash your windows and set your house on fire.

Being all nostalgic about the 5G free days of Belfast in the 1970s becomes even more idiotic when you realise that Belfast already has 5G, and has had it for some time. But it’s not 5G that has made people like the DUP councillor John Carson blame coronavirus on abortions and the legalisation of gay marriage. It’s not 5G that made the Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman say that the coronavirus was divine punishment for homosexuality. Yaakov has now been diagnosed with the virus himself. Presumably once he recovers he’ll be having a very uncomfortable conversation with his wife.

People like John Carson, Yaakov Litzman, David Icke and Naomi Wolf are all seeking comfort in blaming something specific for a virus which could potentially strike any one of us. They want to blame someone, to hold someone guilty, to point a finger at the actions of specific scapegoats who have done specific things to cause this. In terrifying times, we seek the comfort of simple explanations no matter how far fetched. We need someone to blame. But the way we will get through this crisis is by washing hands regularly, by social distancing, by staying indoors, by testing, by supporting efforts to find a vaccine. You are not protected from the virus by the sense of self-righteousness that comes from wearing a tin foil hat.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…


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82 thoughts on “5G and tin foil hats

  1. Ah yes, the 5G nutjobs. I noticed them at a couple of AUOB marches with their wee stall.
    They did not take kindly to me pointing out that I had been working with radar and other devices which radiated various parts of the RF spectrum, for 35 years.
    I’ve had more RF through my body than most people would have if they lived 100 lifetimes.
    I’m still here though.

  2. There have always been Flat Earthers and always will be. Some people just need some belief to cling to and that makes them “different” in order that their existence has meaning.

    Good video too 🙂

  3. I guess they are also trying to tell us that the Chinese gave us this Covid-19 via their telephony networks belonging to Huawei.

    And yet others who should really know better who think that LBJ is handling the crisis very well.

    One despairs of fellow homo not-so-sapiens, sometimes. (See also, the Labour Party in Scotland.)

  4. I am one of your fans, have been for ages and love your work. But you do not seem to be aware of the science behind the concerns about 5G. http://5gexposed.com/ – this is a site created by someone who became very concerned about the potential health effects of 5G, and he spent a lot of time researching the subject. There is a lot of information here about all aspects of it.

      • Damn it. Your post had relieved me of the anxiety caused by watching a David Icke interview, Then you go and spoil it by revealing yourself to be a Climate Cult denier. Man-made climate change IS clearly a hoax. I hope your views on 5G are more soundly based. I really do.

  5. The conspiracy theorists all have the same MO they begin with an ounce of truth to suck you in then pad it out with their own lie which is what they really want to sell you

    We have our own versions of David Icke right here in Scotland too, set phasers to dumb

  6. Yeah and not believing the Twin Towers disappeared because two planes crashed into them , I mean who would Question that one eh .

  7. Blinks! Whut the…? 😀

    TBF. Awe them Gs don’t really mean much t’ me. I still use a steam powered phone and some folk get right grumpy at the amount of coal it goes through in a week. 😎

  8. Seemingly, suspect packages of Andrex toilet rolls (quilted and fragrant) have been intercepted by MI6 and found to have traces of CoV-19 and LSD impregnated in every other sheet. There’s a few spread betting websites offering odds on what’s first. Very difficult choice.

    There are some truly magnificent nutters out there and their numbers are growing by the hour. I could never watch Ickes’ videos. It’s the 70’s tracksuits. Like Rangers’ fans on holiday in Benidorm.

    How’s Ginger? Any change in his behaviour?

      • That’s exactly how my wife describes me ! But she never takes me for walks … or tickles my tummy !

  9. This is more of a philosophical viewpoint from here on to paragraph 3.

    What’s true & what isn’t? How can you prove ( retorical question) this is a bacteria and not radiation and vice versa? Radiation poisoning and deadly viruses can ( not all ) have similar symptoms. Is anyone here a microbacterial expert? I’m certainly not, for example. How do I know it’s a virus or radiation poisoning….I simply don’t know because no one has been giving absolute concrete evidence at my feet at the moment. Has anyone else?

    So realistically how can we be certain of anything. What makes us certain that Scotland is being lied too and the only way to potentially heal it is with independence? Well ofcourse I’ve got the facts that HAS proven beyond reasonable doubt that I’m not a NUTJOB that believes Independence is the right thing for my country. Then again maybe I’m a nutjob to those of a different persuasion.

    What about religion: Is it bullshit or not. Can we prove it was the son of god that wrote the bible or maybe he/she was a nutjob on a power fantasy to influence desperate people in need of something, anything in their lives.

    What I’m saying is Paul, you’re no more correct than these so-called nutjobs. I don’t need people telling me what is and isn’t true cause it’s their opinion. I want FACTS on everything. Then and only then I’ll make my mind up with certainty. FFS we live in a mad world full of liars everywhere, in places of great power that can and is currently influencing the weak of mind. Which brings me back to my point of what is true and what isn’t?

    Also just to be clear I have no stick in either camp, simply not my game. Couldn’t care less about the people you mention in this article or their opinion. But what does bother me is the crass dismissive tone you gave and that word nutjob. I expect better from you and if you say those things then back them up with absolute facts to refute such beliefs is all.

  10. I now realise that the bus Stop I needed to get out of or was it to Shettleston was on the other side of the road. Also,microwaves in or out of a microwave oven are non-ionising.

  11. On the subject of false news put out by people who have an axe to grind. I am isolating in my house in Bedford and find that I get less and less genuine information about what is actually happening in Scotland. There are increasing negative stories being out out by the British Bullshit Corporation, the British rags and even on the net. Obviously they are concerned to undermine the Scottish Government’s efforts on behalf of Scottish people. Can’t have them apparently being more effective. Their twisted efforts are so bloody transparent, fortunately.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable source updating what is actually happening? Just to save me sifting through piles of crap to get to the truth.

    • Well , Scotland in Union have a very nice website which is supported by Alistair Jack , Ian Murray , Lord Foulkes , Gordon Brown , David Icke , Toby Young , Laura Kuenssberg and other trustworthy souls of impeccable neutrality !

  12. I think you are probably correct over any connection between 5G and the COVID 19 crisis.

    However there are many valid grounds for concern over various aspects of this event, and many of those holding such concerns are highly qualified and eminent medical professionals.

  13. I sometimes have imaginary conversations with a tin-foil hat bearing conspiracy theorist over the perceived dangers of [insert something] and enjoy the continuing non-existent dialogues over 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G cellular technology. I first ask my non-existent conspiracy theorist, while simultaneously pointing to a nearby rural cellular lattice mast, how the effective radiated power of the aerials on the mast compares with the same from a TV transmitter mast, imagining that I will fill part of the following silence with the useful nugget of information that, until relatively recently, the TV transmitter was using the same frequencies now used by the cellular mast. I will avoid mentioning that if I had an aerial and TV licence the TV transmitter I would use is about sixty miles away. But I will mention that, before the transmitters were shut down the ERP for BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and CH4 was 500Kw each or there was 2,000Kw of power being beamed at the imaginary tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist. The nearby mast will have several aerials but, overall, for 5G, on a rural mast, the power is about 120watts. Of that 120watts from an aerial maybe 30m above ground and maybe only 100 m distance, path loss means the imaginary tin-foil hat wearing theorist receives less than one µW. Fortunately, most will be deflected by the tin foil hat.

    PS to really wind up a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, imaginary or otherwise, try and describe the spread spectrum technology behind 3/4/5G since it does appear to work mostly on smoke and mirrors.

  14. So many people are being manipulated and lied to that it’s practically impossible to establish the truth. Currently there’s talk of the coronavirus originating in the US and not China. Closer to home the BBC, et al, are seemingly downplaying the dire situation in England whilst exaggerating the situation in Scotland. Some experts, outwith the UK, are stating that by August the UK will have registered more deaths (if they don’t try to cover them up that is) than Germany, Italy, Spain and France combined. Imperial College London dispute the figures including those that highlight that the UK will be short of thousands of beds, etc. So who’s telling the truth?

    Check out Professor John Robertson’s site and the embedded Guardian article in his coverage of, “These new figures are not more accurate”…


    • What is an even greater problem IMO is as reported to me by my childers.

      As we know Boris’s Blethering Companions (BBC) has ended the Scottish news during their morning program, little as it was.

      Apparently the Scottish Government daily update is for the second day not listed for broadcast on any of the digital Freeview channels.

      Does censorship by omitting not contravene the censorship laws ????

      Are the four nations not entitled to equal time broadcasting within their respective nations ????

  15. As to the origin of the covid there is a trail of dead bodies ( sorry to be crude) which takes you to the source. There are now at least 7 varients of the virus as it mutates to survive. How clever is it compared to Donald Trump?
    The conspiracy theorists are dangerous as they divert us from dealing with it properly in terms of time and resources for which we are limited in both.

  16. Scientists do understand how to test for viruses. They are very capable of distinguishing between a virus inflicted symptom, say from one caused by radiation.

    This short video tells you how, a little complicated but if you watch it then you will realise how coronavirus is identified and how testing cannot be ramped up as quickly as governments or the public would like.


  17. Interesting article on the BBC website around coronavirus deaths in Scotland since the SG decided to produce revised figures.

    The number of Covid-19 related deaths is around 2% or so of all deaths recorded for the period 13/03 to 05/04. Greater Glasgow & Clyde 3774 deaths, 122 attributed to Covid-19, Tayside 1460 deaths in the period with 17 Cv-19 deaths.


    Most interesting for me is that Tayside has the highest number of infections recorded excluding Shetland with 14.09 per 10,000, yet Glasgow is said to have 9.92 per 10,000. This is according to how the old figures were produced and are shown on this website.


    The only possible explanation for this disparity has to be the numbers of people tested per head of population is far higher in Tayside than it is in Glasgow, the more you test the more infected people you find. but the proportion infected to tests carried out goes down. That much is clear if you look at Germany or South Korea as examples.

    Testing is how we come out of this until we get a vaccine, all efforts should be put towards this and money to do this should be no barrier when you consider what will have to be spent by government to cover the masses that can no longer work and the businesses that are being bailed out because of the virus.

    • Yes Tayside was first board to carry out nhs staff testing anywhere in the UK. And at the end of March had carried out 1000 tests on staff alone.

      So figures probably are indicative that Tayside has carried out more tests.

  18. Margaret Buckler – I am not authorising any of your comments. You clearly have no understanding at all of how science works. But here’s a hint – it’s not a question of “he said, she said”. Consensus is not unanimity, but science is not a matter of presenting the consensus and then presenting the views of a tiny dissenting minority for “balance”, all the more so when that minority is regarded as being far outside the mainstream by the vast majority of scientists. A consensus which is controversial amongst sections of the public is not necessarily controversial amongst scientists.

    If propagating your views merely put yourself in danger, I’d have no problem at all allowing you a platform, but you and people like you put other people in danger with your insistence that you know better than experts do. So you can take your opinions and your Godwin’s Law somewhere else.

    Does that mean I am censoring you? Yup. It does. Tough.

  19. I guess when all kinds of catastrophe’s occured many moons ago, people found solace in blaming all sorts of phenomena.

    I was reading a very good article, ( more a discussion) and now I remind myself I must finish it, about what happened politically around the time of a seemingly serious volcanic eruption and where it might have occured and how it affected so many in various ways, globally. It all seems quite intertwined. We are talking the time of Caesar and the Roman Empire. But, the connection between natural disaster and political upheaval is interesting.

    Have a read, it’s fascinating. In anyway, it’s one of my favourite sites about science and the planet.

    Now anyone would think with the internet and widely available factual information, there would be less voodoo stuff among the general public?


    • Been to Etna and was told they make fake plumes for tourists (who are we to criticise, ahem Nessie) but that looks the real deal.

  20. Military spend

    US $650Billion (1/3 of world spend) 260million population

    China $250Billion 1.3Billion pop

    Russia $60Billion 150Million pop

    UK $50Billion 67Million pop

    Spend more % on health care?

    Scotland deaths are lower as a % of pop.
    in UK.

  21. Ooops touch of the thick fingers there posted this in the wrong place.


    Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance Producing Priti Patel Paterned Pityless Politicians

    • Interesting Mark, especially as I’ve just heard a scientist being questioned about the labs that are developing testing. He said that over 100 labs all over the UK were being held up on getting on with the job because they’d had to apply to the banks for a loan and were still waiting on a response. As you can imagine he wasn’t one bit pleased about this.

    • I’ve tried this in the real world.
      Dug deep into the left pocket to borrow money for the right pocket to spend from.
      The problem is i’m the same bank/government department.
      This is crazy stuff, the government runs the bank of england so they’re borrowing on overdraft from ourselves.
      Saw earlier this week that Easyjet had borrowed on overdraft a cash facility that was paid for with Corporate Paper, ie a bond, to be paid later.
      Today some new start companies are not getting the same support as old established companies. Heard the CEO of Bulb saying they need a level playing field.
      No chance there then as the political fallout of level playing fields doesn’t meet the current managements story on the EU.

  22. ‘HC-One ‘outraged’ at Scottish Labour and GMB Union PPE claims.’

    ”Leading care home operator HC-One has expressed its outrage at Scottish Labour Party and GMB Union allegations it had withheld PPE from staff at a home where the deaths of eight people have been linked to the coronavirus.”..

    …”Ms (ah canny count) Baillie said HC-One had “serious questions to answer” and the CQC needed to investigate the matter urgently.”



    ’51 recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in South Korea.’


    • Re: Your first story, Petra.


      A care home owner in Wales says she has been refused personal protective equipment (PPE) because her suppliers are reserving stock for English customers.

      Ceri Roberts runs two care homes in Porthmadog and Criccieth in Gwynedd.

      She told BBC Wales two suppliers had declined to sell to her when she tried to buy aprons and gloves for her staff.

      The Welsh Government said care homes could access PPE through councils if they experienced issues.

      One supplier told her it was selling stock “on behalf of Public Health England”.

      Ms Roberts said she became aware of a problem on Wednesday morning.

      “I tried to buy them, but only customers in England were allowed to,” she said.

  23. ‘When you’re not looking.’

    …“It is clear the CMA seeks to recast the Scottish legal system in the mould of the system in England and Wales without insight or regard to the different tradition, size and nature of the Scottish jurisdiction and, incidentally, without regard to the Treaty of Union of 1707 in which articles XVIII and XIX guarantee in all time coming the separate entity of the Scottish legal jurisdiction.”..



    Links taken from the Indyref2 site. Check further links out.


  24. 5G safe?, Grenfell tower safe?, asbestos safe?, throwaway plastic safe?, fracking safe?, fossil fuels safe?, nuclear submarines and power plants safe?, Iraq war safe?, changing a light bulb safe?, internet blogs safe?, protected data safe?, freedom of speech safe?, free thinking safe?
    I could go on and on.
    Mmmm the things that politicians and scientists have told us are safe turn out to be all wrong.
    I am not a sheep, I will not be told how to think, and therefore will keep an open mind on this subject and follow the money and big corporations to see who benefits first.

  25. Watched the Police in England stopping people looking in bags and in one photoshoot 4 PC’s were breaching the 2 metre rule. Dont they know they are in breach? Do they fine themselves and claim it back under expenses? Crazy behaviour.

  26. ‘Why does Scotland’s new way of counting deaths not cause BBC UK to ask the obvious question?’

    …”The news that the Scottish Government is now presenting a ‘truer picture’ of coronavirus deaths to include cases where the virus may have been a contributory factor and to recognise the loss of life in ‘community settings’ has been big news across the UK media. BBC 1 News throughout the day, yesterday, gave it full attention but then, strangely to my mind, did not draw the obvious conclusion:

    ‘Should the UK Government not also be presenting a truer picture?’’..


    • PETRA,
      ONS is counting the figures for deaths in England and Wales where Covid-19 appears on the death certificate but the person had not necessarily been tested or died in hospital. This from an article in the New Statesman on 8th April:

      “”How much of a problem is undercounting? The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes weekly figures on recorded deaths. Over the past two weeks, it has included Covid-19 in this analysis. Unlike the daily figures, the ONS’s figures reflect the number of times Covid-19 is mentioned on a death certificate. Therefore its figures include people who died without going to hospital, and those who died untested (doctors can mention Covid-19 on death certificates based on clinical symptoms alone).””


      It depends on the journalists asking the UK Gov ministers the relevant questions of course but ONS is publishing the figures.

    • The media HAVE been asking the question, but as you rightly highlight, not nearly loudly enough and not often enough. Were the government to initiate it, a reporting point for an external Covid suspected case could add numbers in advance of a formal death certificate to circumvent the delay, but bluntly they don’t want the true extent known.
      The Tories have been so used to deploying blocking lies to dictate the narrative (must have relative’s permission to add 1 to the count) that they have resorted to such desperate measures as gagging medical staff to monopolise the information. It is failing.
      So long as ICUs are not overflowing and the current strategy persists, reported deaths are widely estimated as 40-50% low. There was a C4 piece on this as well as the article Legerwood mentioned.
      The irony of SG revising the methodology is WM playing catchup yet again, just when they had all the hacks onside attacking FM briefing on anything which deflects from England’s problems.
      Comparative competence of SG v WM in this sorry saga has not been missed by the majority of the electorate, a pity it took such a horrific event as a pandemic to prove it.

  27. Are you thinking of “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”? Classic ‘Doctor Who’ line 🙂
    (My inner geek had to get that one off her chest! And yep, I’m fully aware that neutrons don’t have polarity, but sometimes a little technobabble is good for the soul, to borrow another quote!)

    Not a particular fan of either 5G (technical reasons) or conspiracy theories. (In fact I don’t even like the term “conspiracy theory”, but that’s another story).

    I’d heard that there were folks out there using coronavirus for all kinds of weird scare stories. Hadn’t heard that particular one though. Didn’t even know David Icke was still around, thought he’d been kidnapped by lizard men or something! (joke!)
    Back when I was younger, they always used to say that too much TV would rot your brain. Then Conservative Party Political Broadcasts came along and proved them right…

    Suppose we’ll just see what happens anyway.
    I’d say that things can’t get any worse, but the last two times I’ve said that I think the universe took it as a challenge!

  28. True I could do false equivalence if that was my purpose, except I lived next to those power plants and the submarines on the west coast of Scotland, and a lot of my dads friends died from asbestosis after working in the shipyards and my sisters boyfriend works in a nuclear plant, there is an awful lot of information not allowed to reach the public domain,
    I must be reading the wrong climate change information if we are being told that fossil fuels are bad, and your saying that I have it wrong and this information is false.
    Are you saying extracting fossil fuels from the ground is good and I have misinterpreted the info.
    Is it false to actually see plastic bags stuck to fences and trees and actually see for ourselves the plastic lying on our beaches,
    We have a automatic right to believe or question information that is is fed to us, and access information through research, we are not in the old soviet russia or in China,
    Nor can we shut our eyes and pretend we do not see plastic rubbish every where.

    I have said it before on this site, I do not come from a pampered back ground, I have lived in Scotland, Wales and England before moving back to Scotland. I have seen news given to Scotland, Wales and England given false information about each of the nations and countries, to make us believe whatever the media want us to believe about each other and Our environment.
    In Wales we knew three families with young children living like they were in dark ages, with branches from forestry trees as their home, they were in that position because of the uk government.
    In Scotland I became homeless because of divorce and Tory council housing shortages.
    In England we saw raceism with violence towards Indians, Pakistanis, and anyone that didn’t supposedly belong to their country,
    I have lived long enough and in difficult circumstances to know that every policy or opinion that someone puts forward for theory has to be questioned and talked openly about. As it affects other people’s lives.
    I do not want a pat on the back or sympathy,
    I want every one to question the theories, the ideas of others, that have not been proven as yet, and the side affects it has on everyone of us.
    No man is a island.
    Except in his head.

    • So research it then. And when you research it – as I did – look for information from experts, from people who actually know what they’re talking about, and you’ll find that there’s nothing to worry about with 5G.

  29. Have you researched in depth through connecting the organisations who pays the scientists in the background,
    Paul you are absolutely the best blog I know for Scottish independence and you are always the first I go to as my day begins, and I have considered you wisdom amazing and at the same time pretty neutral over the years, I know you do not ask for praise, but like many others on here I do consider you worthy of it, including recently, you do not usually do police thought except to abusive commentary, in which we pretty much all agree, that is why an awful lot of people no longer comment on WOS.
    I am not renowned for that kind behaviour or misdemeanours thank goodness.

    And it was nice of you to suggest that I should go back over my research and I hope many others do the same with all research, that is exactly why the people of Scotland are more aware of undercurrents at play in politics and in the rest of the world.
    At the end of the day, all I was saying is let us not just blindly follow, but let us do the research and try not to name call the tin hat brigade, otherwise we are no different from the racist, or the transgender name callers, or climate change brigade, let every one of us have free thought and speech, let there be a voice for every one and every believe or religion, I thought we wanted a fairer more balanced Scotland for the future,
    I for one would not like to think that you would follow WOS and discriminate or demeanour your subscribers because we do not always agree.

  30. Witty blog post Paul! Naomi Wolf is renowned for several ridiculous assertions not just ” peaceful” Belfast.

  31. Next Monday is a Bank Holiday down here and also in my home country – but not in yours.

    Let’s see how events in ‘the country’ pan out, then, and are so reported.

    First Minister Drakeford has already said that restrictions in movement will apply in Wales this weekend – pre-empting and according to reports, ‘surprising’ the UK Government – and for some time thereafter.

    Who’s to say wee Wales can’t lead?

    • Good to hear, perhaps they might start on some “second-home” evictions after this operation for those who cannot prove moving prior to lockdown.. ROI has a 2km limit on reasonable travel with Garda checkpoints out in force to block these “entitled” idiots…

  32. Agus is urrainn dhomh sin a ràdh oir a tha a’ Ghàidhlig agam…… don’t think Duolingo have covered this yet 🙂

  33. Our teacher banned us from using Gaelic in school on west coast of Scotland, we got stood in a corner for a good part of the day if we were heard to use it,
    half way through secondary school we moved to Wales, were they were reinstating the welsh language, my younger brothers and sisters born in Scotland can speak welsh better than Gaelic.

  34. Bloody Hell !!! …. we’ll be hearing next from the usual suspects “…. Call for the Witch Finder General” …. Unbelievable !!.. and as Monty Python said ” … nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”

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