Inequality kills

The famous ‘Boris Letter’ arrived through the letterbox of Wee Ginger Towers this morning. There was me wondering why everyone else seemed to have received it, but not me, and thinking that it might well be because the powers that be knew that the missive was destined for the bin as soon as it arrived. Or possibly as toilet paper, seeing as how that’s the new currency in the coronavirus age.

Somehow it’s deeply unreassuring to be told by the Great Fnaugh Fnaugher that “it is with that great British spirit that we will beat coronavirus and we will beat it together”. He was referring to the thousands who have volunteered to help the NHS and vulnerable people during this crisis, as though somehow it was especially or peculiarly British for people to want to help those worse off than themselves during a time of need. And while empathy may not be a value that we tend to associate with the Conservative party, it’s a human value, and a human response, not a British one. There are similar volunteer schemes in every country which has been affected by this epidemic.

For example in Spain you can volunteer to make face masks, to go shopping for vulnerable people or the elderly, to send messages of support to people who are enduring the lockdown alone. Retired doctors and medical professionals are returning to work in Spain’s hospitals and clinics, as are medical and nursing students. As of 22 March, more than 50,000 retired medical professionals in Spain had signed up to return to work – and they themselves are older people who are more at risk from the virus, yet they are not hesitating to go back to the wards. “Nuestro deber es ayudar”, said one – It’s our duty to help. In doing so, they’re not demonstrating “that great Spanish spirit”, they’re simply responding as human beings with a fully functioning sense of compassion, empathy, and care for their fellows. And that’s exactly what those who are volunteering in the UK are doing. They are not proving some patriotic point. They’re proving a human one, a humane one.

So if we could keep the British jingoism out of the current situation, that would go a long way to help, thank you. All the more so since there is a considerable segment of the population in this part of the UK who don’t particularly feel any emotional attachments to the British state and who might be angered by a British government that was coopting their efforts in the hope of proving some spurious British nationalist point.

Naturally the double standards of British nationalism would be on full display if a Scottish independence supporter was crass enough to claim that by helping out in this crisis we were demonstrating “Scottish spirit”, or to imply that by lending a helping hand volunteers in Scotland were showing values that were somehow unique to Scotland. The British nationalists who hail the supposed “British spirit” of the volunteers, and who go out to clap for Boris, would be the first to complain about divisive nationalists. Can you imagine the reaction of the British press if Nicola Sturgeon said in a press conference that volunteers were showing “great Scottish spirit”? She got pelters just because the Scottish volunteering scheme had NHS Scotland in its name.

Likewise it’s not at all reassuring to be told by Matt Hancock, who is on furlough from his job as cabin crew with a budget airline because no one can go on a package holiday right now, that Boris Johnson will pull through his own illness because “he’s a great fighter”. I certainly hope that Boris Johnson pulls through, but do Matt Hancock’s words not somehow imply that those who don’t survive this terrible disease die because they’re not fighting it enough? Because they haven’t displayed enough of that “great British spirit” that the likes of the Conservatives constantly harp on about?

No, those whose health outcomes end in tragedy fight the virus just as much as anyone who is infected does. It’s just that some are blessed by the lottery of inherited wealth or privilege to have had a better life than others. Some have not had to spend their working lives working for low pay in harsh conditions which have wrecked their health. Some have had access to good food, good housing, and good education that not everyone enjoys. Some have not had to endure the bleak hopelessness of poverty that leads so many to self-medicate on drugs and alcohol and in the process destroy their good health.

Because the truth is that we’re not all in this together. We’re told that this virus does not discriminate, and in one sense that is true. All other things being equal, every human being has an equal chance of being infected. But all other things are not equal, the virus spreads within human societies which are characterised by discrimination and inequality, and that means that some groups within the population are worse affected than others. Poor people typically live in far worse conditions than the likes of Matt or Boris. They live in overcrowded, poorly heated homes, they have poorer diets, they are far more likely to suffer from other health problems. That makes them far more likely to suffer a more severe form of the disease than those who are lucky enough to be well fed, well housed, and financially comfortable. We see that inequality in those who have middle class jobs which allow them to work from home, while those who live from pay cheque to pay cheque in lower paid jobs are now left without an income, and are worried about how to feed themselves and their families and how to stave off homelessness.

Recent figures from the USA and England and Wales make for sobering reading. We are not all in this together, the poor, the marginalised, the disadvantaged, black people and other ethnic minorities, are all far more likely to succumb to severe symptoms of coronavirus than those who enjoy greater privilege. In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland a recent study from the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre found that out of 2000 patients with coronavirus symptoms in intensive care, over than a third are from ethnic minorities, more than double the proportion in the population as a whole. See : In the USA, African Americans – who typically have lower wages, poorer living conditions, and poorer health than their white counterparts – are far more likely to succumb to the virus. In the state of Louisiana, 32% of the population is African American but they make up 70% of those who have died from coronavirus.  That same pattern is repeated across other states.

In Scotland, although we do not yet have a detailed breakdown of the figures, it would not be surprising if those who die during this epidemic are disproportionately working class, from poorer communities, and who live in poorer housing with poorer life expectancy overall. They are not more likely to die because they have not fought the virus sufficiently. Members of poor communities fight every single day of their lives for things that those of us who are more privileged take for granted. They have to make decisions that those of us who are better off are never confronted with – decisions like choosing to spend their last couple of pounds on food and nappies for the baby, or to pay to keep some gas and electricity on in the house so that it’s warm on a cold winter’s day. These are the communities that this virus is going to strike the hardest, and they are the communities which fight and struggle and survive in ways which the likes of Matt Hancock never have to worry about.

So let’s have less of the jingoism, less of the language of war. Let’s remember that we’re not all in this together, because a virus isn’t an equal opportunities killer in a society that’s founded in inequality and the privilege of a minority. When we do surmount this crisis, as we will, that’s the real fight that we need to face – the fight against inequality, social injustice, and unfair privilege. Because what we are seeing now is that inequality kills. That’s why I am fighting for an independent Scotland. Because it’s through independence that we have a better chance of overcoming the inequality, injustice, and discrimination that is ingrained in the very fabric of the British state.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…



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80 thoughts on “Inequality kills

  1. I´m from Spain, the best face masks are whatever you have at hand to put on the mouth.
    I liked the title of the post, I will donate to the link.
    Point being with this crisis, it is, but people do take it too far. I think.

  2. Hear,hear!
    Let’s not forget the uk goverment in 2017 voted Not to give a pay rise to our nurses.
    Now the same goverment is trying to convince us that they support our nurses( And NHS)

  3. Every day we are confronted with the evidence that ”we are NOT all in this together ” !

    Charities are on the brink of collapse ( despite the belated afterthought of the Chancellor to throw some money at them );

    food banks are at breaking point ( despite the self-congratulatory announcing by some supermarket chains that they are giving scraps to them – ”aren’t we nice people !!! ” ;

    BBC ( Scotland ) and STV are running stories highlighting the struggles of those on the breadline , receiving food parcels from concerned community groups and praising this ”coming together of people ” – but not even questioning WHY such efforts are needed in so many parts of Scotland .

    Like you , Paul , I am praying that , when this is over ( ? ) , that the majority of us see that we CANNOT return to the way things were – the status quo should not be an option .

    The first step to a better life for the many who are suffering through this crisis is the ability to make our own decisions – that means Independence . Anyone who thinks that the UK will change for the better after this is either delusional or a member of the ”Haves” who , as usual , will see a way of improving THEIR lot from this disaster – and some are already doing so !

    Independence is no route to Utopia – but it is considerably better for the majority than the road we have been on for so long , where inequality is the fault of the poor NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH !

  4. I hope you disinfected it before opening it then disinfected the letter and the booklet too then washed your hands.

    On the subject of the booklet. It contains an interesting diagram illustrating advice for a household where two of the members show symptoms. Look at it carefully. Do you see a problem, or in fact, problems with the advice?

      • Except the UK Gov advice is at odds with WHO guidelines – 14 days isolation after symptoms disappear not as UKG advises- symptoms disappear back to work.

        Then there is person C

        • I never read it Legerwood. I picked it up with my gloved hand and threw it straight into the outside bin. However it doesn’t surprise me that they are giving out life threatening information, as I’ve got a suspicion that many people actually don’t “get this.” I’ve watched doctors and so on being interviewed by the BBC with people in the background congregating, Police in England shoving their faces through car windows and of course there’s the latest Tory numpty MP doing a Trump by saying that the churches should be open at Easter. We’ve also seen politicians and royals swanning around breaching the guidelines over and over again.

          And it’s no surprise Paul that the poor are dying in large numbers. Over and above the inequitable lifestyles we know that there are no respirators / ventilators available for many due to the Johnson botchups. He of course will no doubt have one standing at the ready.

          • Also binned it. Had gone into isolation because of a relative in high risk group long before the govt recommended it and will reamain so, probably long after they tell us it is “safe to do so”. Can’t believe a word they say.

  5. With respect to the issue of the “ name” of the field hospital at the Glasgow convention centre, which has provoked such criticism, especially from Douglas Alexander, the Labour Government in Wales has just announced the name of the large field hospital being established at the National Stadium, in Caerdydd ( Cardiff). It is not going to be called the Nightingale hospital but Ysbyty Calon y ddraig ( The heart of the dragon hospital). Perhaps, Douglas should take the matter up with Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister!!!

    • Our Afrikaans news in South Africa had the name correct though they struggled with the pronunciation. But then we play the Red Dragons at rugby. The inequality position is our country’s nightmare scenario as acknowledged by the government hence the stringent lock down measures even if it is very difficult to enforce in many areas.

      • Bravo the Afrikaans!

        An approximation for English speakers: uh-SBUH-tee KAH-lon uh dhreyeg (where dh = the ‘th’ sound of ‘with’).

        Incidentally, I’ve heard that the Afrikaans for ‘raining cats and dogs’ is similar to Welsh – ‘bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn’. That is, ‘raining/casting old ladies and walking sticks’. Any truth in that?

  6. The BBC just there talking about fake news😂 and the damage it can cause and how not to be mislead by it…..okay BBC, sure thing.

      • Hardly surprising, they have not held government to account from the start of this debacle, they are not about to tread on political toes now…
        What horrifies me about predictions such as IHME is nonsense such as 17th April peak based on ICU capacity. The UK may be one geographic area but the spread of infection is not geographically uniform and neither is ICU capaciy, even the most heavily affected areas such as London will not behave uniformly.
        What was terrifying about HMG’s response to all the early telltales of infectivity and rapid morbidity, was them deliberately smudging it out of the dialogue to paint this pandemic as “just another flu”. Had they levelled with the population and done all they could to prevent spread it could have been much less devastating, instead the select few were given a quiet word to slope off to their country homes, Stanley Johnson included.
        Even the crass demotion of COVID from HCID status to reduce PPE standards will have had devastating consequences, yet “following the science” will be offered up as the politicians’ “get out of jail” card, and the Beeb will dutifully toe the line…

  7. Thank you for this post, Paul. You are quite correct, inequality does kill – and we are learning that hard lesson as every day passes. I visited a patient last week – she was due an operation two weeks ago for Ca liver, but it had been postponed. She died this morning. Another colleague visited two elderly patients after a call from their concerned daughter in France and found them dead in bed after taking an overdose at the weekend. A note alerted her in the hallway.

    We are not going back to what the commentators and politicians call “normal”. These past 100 days have illuminated everything. There is absolute clarity with everything now – what and who are important. By autumn, there will be a new horizon – it’s important that you are part of it. It’s important that everyone is part of it.

    I’m sure you – like me – understand just how exciting and terrifying a blank piece of paper can be. That’s where we are. Keep these words flowing chap and stay safe.

    • Can I also offer the following (and I note the caution on snake oil remedies) – which may be helpful. One of the features of advanced C-19 disease (and any other infection, like sepsis and meningitis) is SIRS – systemic inflammatory response syndrome – where the immune system becomes dysfunctional with catastrophic hypotension (low BP) that leads to multi-organ failure. At this stage, adrenaline and other vasopressors are administered IV – which constrict the blood vessels in the limbs, redirecting that volume of blood back to the primary organs with increased pressure. It’s a life saving measure in a critical situation – but with its own complications.

      Prolonged vasopressor administration causes coagulation in the arteries from retained blood and this can impair flow when the drugs regime is ceased – it’s called DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) – and usually leads to gangrene and limb loss.

      We are going to see many cases in survivors over the coming months. If you are unfortunate to have a family member – or yourself – with these complications on recovery, please read the attached articles – and find a hyperbaric oxygen facility nearby. There are many in Scotland – especially on the east coast near offshore centres. HBOT is the gold standard for frostbite – and I’ve been fortunate to witness it’s potential on a friend who had sepsis last year. He’s still playing his guitar and has both legs.

    • “We are not going back to what the commentators and politicians call “normal”.”. Absolutely, also another reason why the Media and the Politicos are champing at the bit about finding out when the lockdown is going to be relaxed, so that things can go back to “being normal again”. They fully know, that the longer the lockdown continues, the more that people will realise that the so-called DWP safety net is full of holes and that the Government does not care about people who are not one of their own. Hopefully people will start to wake up and demand for better in the future.

    • I’m sure that Tom Gordon and the rest of the Hack Pack are delighted that Donald Cameron, next in line to head the Cameron Clan, whose ‘Scottish Education’ included, Harrow school for Boys too thick to get into Eton, Oxford Uni, and then the London School of Law, who dewscribes himself as an advocate, whose family history includes shunting Scots peasants off to Canada and replacing them with the more profitable ‘resource’, sheep, who has been a two time loser in Scottish Elections but mysteriously is on the List, and gets the public space and column inches, and £1200 per week plus exes, to promote his brand of North British Toryism.

      One of our Robber Barons , a huntin’, fishin’, shootin’, very wealthy land owner, who has the begging bowl out on behalf of the US and English Billionaire owners of the ‘regional’ (Scottish to u’n’me) Dead Tree Scrolls, demanding that this pensioner’s taxes be channelled to a bunch of Brit Nat Hacks, who at every opportunity, undermine Scotland, its people, our social and civic society, and sovereignty.
      A sick joke by any measure.

      The logic appears to be:- We’ve run out of money to fund daggers to stab in your back, Scotland.

      Can we borrow some money from Scots so that we can plunge more blades between your shoulders to finish you off?

      Donald Cameron; One of the Filthy Rich Parcel of Rogues.
      By Christ, Independence can’t come soon enough.

  8. Just watching to rubbish the.SNP.scottish government.
    We all know there is problems.but get right in there.and kick the.SNP.showing
    Details of.SUSAN.who i would think is not an SNP.supporter.may be a Britnat
    Unionist.These problems do not exist in England do they.mind you it is regular
    Occurance to do this in Scotland.
    Channel 4.just like all the rest. Britnats through and through.will do anything
    To rubbish the Scottish government.
    Absolute disgrace.

    • They made clear she was a Union rep and the reporter kept using words like ‘claims’ such and such. The reporter introduced the item by mentioning the Chief Nursing Officer had given out misleading info which had been corrected.

      They also interviewed someone who runs two care homes in Wales and, if I remember correctly mentioned deaths in a care homes or homes in England.

      It is shocking and completely unacceptable that care workers in care homes or those who visit people in their own homes are not getting the protection they need and, by extension, the people they care for. This was one of the points that was well made by the carer they interviewed in Dundee.

      • That can’t be right. The only care homes with deaths from covid are in Scotland or the BBC would be reporting on it. Shoorley.

        The Brit propaganda teams are working flat out to distort the truth and hide information.

      • Stop playing the MSM game.

        Wales and England are separate countries, with different policies for dealing with Covid19 and reporting deaths from it. This lumping together of EnglandandWales [sic] does not give accurate details with regard to the situation, nor the correct information about cases/deaths nor the different Government approaches.

        If you want Welsh stats use the daily update here –
        – and don’t trust MSM which is misreporting and thus misleading and scaring more vulnerable members of society.

  9. Well said.

    No. We’re not on an equal footing by any stretch of the imagination. Also. If its all the same to Boris and his government… I’m going to rely on the science to provide a cure and the selfless care of professionals to save lives.

    Spotted the pay rise for MPs thing earlier and only narrowly avoided launching both telly and laptop through the nearest window. Those shameless creatures have been dismantling the NHS for years. They’ve denied pay rises to front line staff as recently as 2017 (to much applause by the same hypocrites now demanding we step out doors and give them a clap). They’ve closed borders and booted out staff of continental origin FGS!

    A wee heads-up for HMG. A f***ing clap at the front door won’t provide these people with much needed materiel and support. Oh, and not all the broadcast and printed BULLSHIT on the planet can wash your hands of culpability in the unfolding disaster.

  10. “Matt Hancock, who is on furlough from his job as cabin crew with a budget airline because no one can go on a package holiday right now,”

    Have to admit I’d never pictured this individual as anything at all… This however does it for me,,,,! Thanks Paul, looking forward to your next visit to Tarbert.. +, of course, the Dug..who in one meting cured my better half of her lifelong fear of our canine pals..

      • Chicmac,

        We are only one cough, sniffle and sneeze away from Priti Patel being PM>
        Be afraid, be very afraid.

        I retell the tale of the Duchess in her chauffeur driven Bentley stopping at traffic lights.

        Seizing the day, an old tramp rattles her window and pleads for 50p to buy a cup of tea.

        Her chauffeur caught between sympathy for the beggar and rescuing his mistress hands the poor wretch £1 coin just as the lights change to green.

        The old tramp tugs his forelock in the direction of the old Dowager, and exclaims,’thank you, m’am. May we meet in heaven’.

        Later, the chauffeur swears that he heard the Duchess mutter under her breath:-
        ‘Not if I can help it.’

        There is a special place in the afterlife for the Filthy Rich.
        As the saying goes: God hates money. Look who he gave it to.
        Willie Rennie declared the 2010- 2015 Coalition Stitch up a success for austerity, reducing the debt by starving the poor, killing 120,000 of theeir fellow citizens through state engineered poverty, while giving the Filthy Rich a 5% tax cut.
        May they rot in their version of hell.

        • Absolutely, The rich can’t help themselves, reminds me of the infamous billionaire hotelier, the late Leona Helmsley who said: “We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes,”, and who did not pay trades people for work done and went to prison for tax evasion.

          • Douglas,
            Check out Donald Cameron’s family pile, Achnacarry Castle, which he will inherit as 28th Lochiel of the Clan Cameron on his father’s passing.
            It is reported that Cameron paid no tax on the income from his huntin’ shootin’ and farmin’ estates because the profits were all piled back in to repairs. Aye right.
            And this is the man, sorry, Laird, who wants the Scottish Government to bail out the ‘regional tiles of Dead Tree Scrolls owne by English and US Billionaires?
            The 27th Lochiel of the Cameron Clan has a helluva big ‘garden’ in which to self isolate

            I repeat; I shall dance on their graves when these vile Propaganda rags crash and burn, never mind give them any of my taxes to help them destroy my country, Scotland.

            Oh to be a ‘Scottish’ Socialist peer with three homes from which to pick a bolt hole to escape from this modern indiscriminate plague.
            The hypocrisy of the entitled has never before been exposed for what it is.
            Elitist, selfish, and heartless.
            A plague on all their houses.

            Perhaps Dyson has retooled a factory to produce giant needles with camel sized eyes, so that the rich may at last enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

  11. This whole scenario to whats happening now, has been set up by the ENGLISH/BRITISH state and maybe even America chipping in, this would be the deal of the century for both. To control and excrement scare everyone across uk and America then crash the economy in UK Europe and America to make everyone alot poorer. Then control the whole financial and economics of the UK and America and even europe. This would put both of them in very very strong positions to control Europe in the brexit deal negotiations. We know what people and even countries do in desperate times when they are poorer, It’s the biggest cover up of all time…if this Dhead johnston doesn’t die in a ditch then this would definitely show me it’s not a cover up. The ENGLISH/BRITISH state MSM are going to make this his firkin dream he will get his Churchill moment a hero they will say!! he will be applauded and druelled over by the brexiteers right wing ENGLISH/BRITISH supporters. He will come out of this alleged covid19 virus like a humping rabit like there was nothing wrong with him..wink wink..

  12. In Scotland I’m more equal than some and less equal than others, in England I’m a Jockstrap, a sweaty sock, or any of the other nicknames we’ve all heard before as descriptions invented to remind us Scots we’re less equal than all of England, we could add the Welsh and the Irish names as well to the collection, or the Germans, French, Italians , you get the point

    Except when they require us to be British, which generally means that something else is going to be foisted upon us that we don’t like, but for as long as that lasts we Scots get promoted until it’s over then we’re back to being typecast as drunks and drug addicts again tempting *Bringlish* soldiers away from the devotions that make them better than everybody else, if you’ve seen the advert a black man with big muscles tempts the Bringlish soldier, then a loose moraled looking woman tempts the Bringlish soldier while he remains stiff upper lipped stalwart and *Bringlish*

    Cue the music, the Wellington bomber, the red arrows, a foty of the Queen and a Union flag overdubbed by a Nichlas Witchell narration and England stood alone

    And now the news where you are that employs the same people as the news where they are

    I remember when I used to go to the movies, we called it the pictures then, and at the end of the big film as the credits began to go up there was a mad scramble to get out the door by almost the entirety of every cinema audience in Scotland before they played the Bringlish National Anthem

    What the hell happened to Scottish people that I and everybody’s parents knew then, after the war had Scotland been offered the opportunity of Independence we’d have bitten your hand off for it rather than stick another day connected to this cursed Union of unequals

  13. Dr Jim. Wash your mouth out. On bcc this morning his HRH Charlie boy’s “premier home” is apparently Birkhall, North Britannia. David Whiteford from the North Coast 500 said so. How does he know this? Still had a week look at the initiative Who is on the board? No idea we just have photos bit no doubt it is the great and good. That’s me out. Still some nice castles or is it holiday homes?
    Who owns Scotland? Who runs Scotland?

    • Crikey Charlie boy will be calling himself prince of Scotland next! Or would it be, ‘prince of North Britain’.

      ‘Premier home’ eh, that just does not cut it he still travelled to Scotland with his entourage knowing he had the virus, thereby putting many lives at risk including the SNHS staff who would have to tend to him and his infected staff! A display of a disgusting level of irresponsibility and selfishness and self importance.
      He should be sacked, can royals be sacked, no. These people are above the law and can do what the hell they like without any consequences for themselves. Shame Scotland never bothered to enact a claim of right or anything, oh wait they did, but it’s only a bit of paper signed by hundreds and not set in law. Too bad.

  14. And now, the ‘Christ has risen’…my apologies in advance to those who partake in religious belief, but he’s going to be hailed this with his ‘bounce back’.

  15. Just another absolute waste of money better spent on the NHS. The Tories cut funding. Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it.Cut welfare funding £16Billion. Cut Education £6Billion a year. The ConDems. Clegg now works for tax evading Facebook.

    The Tories are spending £Billions on HS2, Hinkley Point and Trident. An absolute waste of money. £Billions on the military.

    People are dying because of Westminster policies. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the cuts. Increased funding on the SNHS.

  16. Am I reading this right? Stanley Johnson is saying that his son Boris ‘took it on the chin for us’ in order to prove how serious this is. In other words, Boris deliberately got himself infected just to prove a point. I may not like Boris or any of his outfit, but even I don’t believe he’d do something as irresponsible as that, given that he could have died. Is Johnson Snr recreating the old ‘Churchillian’ scenario, where Churchill, against all advice, insisted on undertaking extremely dangerous missions by sea and air in order to meet wirh Roosevelt and Stalin and to visit troops in North Africa?

    It’s hardly the same thing and under very different circumstances, but if they’re trying to reinvent the wartime mood in Britain with a big hero ‘at the helm’, it isn’t working for me. We already have thousands of heroes and none of them is a politician, just ordinary everyday folk.

    • Beyond ‘Churchillian’ for some people – though not you or me, JoMax.

      I fully endorse your idea that, “We already have thousands of heroes and none of them is a politician, just ordinary everyday folk.”

      Think about what Christian festival – perhaps THE most important Christian festival of the year – believers are going to be celebrating very soon.

    • This would be the Stanley Johnson who scuttled off to his second home during the lockdown ? How frightfully patriotic…

  17. And another totally irresponsible, selfish bast*rd. Lord Alan Haworth potentially dragging the virus from England to the Black Isle.

    ..“Our local hospital, Raigmore, in Inverness, has only 30 ICU beds for an area larger than Belgium,” they added. “It is disgraceful that people like him think that it’s okay for them to place an already bigger burden on services that are overstretched at the best of times. It’s got to stop.”

  18. Those cunning, selfish Anglos are still at it – What part of “Stay Home” (in *any* language) do these f—ing numpties don’t understand?

    North Wales Police are investigating claims that second home owners are sending their suitcases of clothes via courier so that they aren’t caught travelling unnecessarily.

    The Rural Crime Team said that people may be doing so because they do not want to be caught with luggage in the car if police stop them, a move they branded as “selfish and cunning”.

    “Unbelievably we are investigating reports that people are sending their suitcases via courier with their clothes to holiday homes in Wales,” the North Wales Police Rural Crime Team said.

    “So if they get stopped en route they are not found with them.”


    First Minister Drakeford to extend lockdown restrictions – Westminster miffed at uppity Taffs.

    First Minister Mark Drakeford has defended the announcement by the Welsh Government on Wednesday that the coronavirus lockdown would be extended in Wales and rejected allegations the move was made simply to “get in ahead of Westminster.”

    The lockdown restrictions were due to end next week, but the First Minister confirmed “these restrictions will not end then. We will not throw away the gains we have made and the lives we can save by abandoning our efforts just as they begin to bear fruit.”

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