Priti Vacant

For some weeks now, people have been wondering where the Home Secretary Priti Patel had disappeared to. After all, she has one of the most senior cabinet posts in the British government, she outranks the likes of Michael Gove or Matt Hancock who have been appearing regularly to avoid giving answers to questions at the British government’s daily press conferences. Yet one of the most senior members of the British government has been invisible. But rejoice! She’s alive! Well, insofar as a person notable mostly for their complete absence of anything that could be described as compassion, empathy, emotional life, or indeed basic humanity, could be described as alive.

Priti Patel came out of her self-imposed isolation on Saturday to hold the daily British government press conference. For the past few weeks we’ve been irritated by Home Secretary’s absence from the public scene, and now we have discovered that that’s an irritation which is only exceeded by the irritation of her returning to it.

While there are very few things that unite the increasingly disparate UK these days, Priti Patel’s appearance was one of them. As one the entire UK wished that she would go back into hiding. Priti Patel has few notable skills or talents, save the ability to make you ask yourself the question, “Is this misogyny or is Priti Patel really that awful?” But it takes only an instant for you to know the answer: yes, she really is that awful. After days and days of people on social media demanding to know where the Home Secretary was – well, are you happy now?

Her appearance proved two things, firstly that the British government’s handling of this crisis had, at least until Saturday, been right in at least one thing. That was the decision to keep Priti Patel out of the public eye. And this, let us never forget, is a government with Michael Gove and Dominic Raab in it. The only reason she was ever given the position of Home Secretary was because she provided a veneer of acceptability to Tory racism. And secondly it proves that criticism of Priti Patel is not because she’s a powerful Asian woman in a post which has hitherto been occupied mainly by white men. No. It’s because if you look into the soul of Priti Patel you are gazing into the lowest pits of Hell itself, home to the deepest and most malign evil.

Priti has only two modes. There’s smirking Priti, and there’s cold, hard, and unblinking Priti. Since even she possessed the tiniest smidgeon of self-awareness necessary to realise that smirking was deeply inappropriate on this occasion, we mostly got robo-Priti instead. Although that didn’t prevent her inner smirk from breaking surface. There are concrete bollards which are capable of greater empathy. I was half expecting her to announce the death penalty for anyone caught in the special buys aisle in Aldi. You shall put an electric BBQ in your shopping trolley on pain of death. Still, let’s be generous. It can’t have been easy for her to deliver this press conference seeing as how everything that the British government has to say these days amounts to a tacit admission that the NHS needs migrants after all.

We learned that “three hundred thousand and thirty four nine hundred and seventy four thousand tests” had been carried out across the UK. That’s numberwang! Here we got counting according to a special form of numbering known only to Priti Patel. I give her performance 300 hundred thousand and eleventy seven out of ninety canteen.

To be fair to her, she misspoke. It was a simple error. Three hundred thousand and thirty four nine hundred and seventy four is really the number of people that she wants to deport. The hostile environment she has led at the Home Office still goes on unchecked and still continues to threaten the lives of those being held in immigration detention centres in the middle of a pandemic. This is a politician who wants to bring back the death penalty, who believes that poverty is not the fault of government policies, and who is quite happy with a no deal Brexit. Innumeracy is the least of her failings.

But her innumeracy was as nothing compared to her response when asked whether the government would apologise for the lack of personal protection equipment for frontline NHS staff and for the deaths that have resulted. “I’m sorry if people feel that there have been failings,” Priti replied in a classic non-apology apology of the sort given by a sulking teenager. It’s not the government that has done anything wrong, it’s your responsibility for having a faulty perception. Priti Patel doesn’t do apologies, and neither does the British government. Because an apology is an acknowledgement that they were wrong, and that would never do. This is a British government which deep down in the dark void which passes for its soul believes that it has a god-given right to rule in perpetuity.

Priti Patel would be bad enough if she was an isolated outlier of crass inhumanity. Sadly she’s not. She’s very much in the mainstream of modern British Conservatism in all its crassness, its arrogance, its view of empathy and compassion as a weakness, its deep rooted belief in British exceptionalism, and its pursuit of private gain over the public good. She is cut from the same objectionable cloth as Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, and the braying brainless donkeys who occupy the Conservative back benches. These are the people who dominate the Conservative party, who preside over a crushing majority in the Commons, who will determine the future of British politics for many years to come. Priti Patel is not a political aberration, she’s the shape of things to come.

One day we can hope to see a cure for the virus. There is no cure for Priti Patel, for Dominic Raab, for Michael Gove, and the rest of them. But once this crisis has passed it becomes a matter of the survival of basic common decency in public life that we have another independence referendum so that Scotland can vote to self-isolate from Priti Patel and her Tory counterparts for good. The lesson of this crisis is not that Scotland needs the UK in order to survive, it’s that Scotland needs to escape from the UK in order to survive.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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68 thoughts on “Priti Vacant

  1. Her parents made the mistake of calling her Priti and she became the raving narcissist she clearly is.

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  3. I actually believed that the UK could never again elect a government with a worse leader and incompassionate cabinet than that of Margaret Thatcher and her Tory government in the late 70’s.

    Sad to have to admit that I was wrong, very, very wrong. This one is far worse, the pits in fact 🙁

    • Thepnr , I have seen this all my life and I am now 79. Every time we have a right wing government that damages society, impoverishes the already poor, enriches the already rich we think “ well, we will never see that again “ and then guess what: the fools vote for them again. In the USA they call it the American dream.i.e. I am very poor but tomorrow by some miracle I might be rich so I will never vote for a party that might make the very rich pay tax.

  4. I saw her swaggering as she entered the room….I swear I saw a smirk ….that’s a feature of a sociopath that horrible smirk

    My heart does weary of these people and our present inability to control their hideous behaviours……I think we are all in this moment in a state of shock at the changes in our everyday realities. We are also faced with a government which views its citizens lives as cheap and disposable…..there is no sense of the very real preciousness of life …..maybe Boris has a faint clue now….who knows

    I really hope that as we emerge from this situation that we keep firmly in our minds that we are not going back to the status quo of Tory horrors. We have to press on to independence.

    • The opening title had me chuckling for sure…😂😂😂

      Superb, yet again Paul. Thankfully I didn’t hear the vacant words. They, them, the shit show are, well, shit.

      • I made an utter pig’s ear my post. It should have been:

        She’s Priti, Priti Vacant…
        …and she don’t care!

  5. “Not-so-pretty” Home Secretary has form.

    Consider this from near SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS ago – 4 December 2012.

    Feel the lurve, Scotland!

    (Apologies for using a Daily Rancid link, I’ll go wash my hands soon.)

    Tory MP Priti Patel sparks backlash after claiming independence debate is great opportunity to slash spending in Scotland

    THE backbencher insists devolution should be used to make Scotland “pay for itself” and she insisted the public sector north of the border costs the UK government billions.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if Scotland could just “pay for itself” instead of subsidising these psychopaths.

  6. A perfect storm. The time, the place and the people. A dynamite combo if ever there was one.

    People don’t ‘feel’ there have been failings. They know it for an absolute certainty.

  7. Meanwhile the disgusting English/British nationalist media declare liar and coward Johnson the new Messiah. Boke.

  8. The England / U.K. press conference – when it suits let’s give so called U.K. figures or was it GB ? Then we are given English figures. Quite deliberate of course and they get away with it because they have a compliant news media.

    Scots Gov stop allowing the MSM dictate terms.

    Ps their press update was spot on. No messing.

    • I noticed that the BBC reported earlier today that Scotland, unlike England, includes community and care home deaths in their stats. Must be getting rattled with the massive amount of online complaints about their biased behaviour.

  9. Tories: Does what it says on the tin. Nothing surprises me about them anymore. I even have doubts about Johnson’s illness to be honest but I’m sure it’s a stirring moment for Britnats at Easter of all times.

  10. A long line of Pritis who have infested the halls of Westminster and continue to foster the culture of lies,deceit,secrecy and stealth.
    Aided and abetted,of course,by HM press.

  11. Have long wondered about these smarmy Tory women with their pearl necklaces. Seem more often worn as symbols or trophies.

  12. Priti Patel is a woman who struggles with the burden of privilege by being unable to contain her natural impulse to smirk at those she feels she has gloriously risen above
    For Priti Patel the subject matter at hand is an annoyance and hindrance forced upon her to be tolerated, the ordinary public an irritant as she forges her way upwards to where she belongs as the Maharani Baroness Patel of Westminsters House of Nobles

    This womans ambitions to be accepted into the English ruling elitist class is ruthless even though she knows they are the most racist bigoted class in the world

    Nevertheless in her mind she will have made it, and that’s all that counts isn’t it

  13. She is evil personified, that’s the only way to describe her. I would prescribe her therapy, what lies beneath her sheer hatred for well, almost everyone?
    Something very wrong there, very dangerous, and her position in government is quite frankly terrifying.

    Excellent article, great vid!

  14. I noted that the Nurses who helped keep Boris alive were immigrants, one from the cold and wet Invercargill at the southern most point of New Zealand and the other from Portugal. Have they now been given permanent residency and the promise of an MBE or will the evil Priti tell them they have to pack their bags when “Brexit is done”.

    A big cheer for all NHS staff but an especially big cheer to the immigrants amongst them and to their families in far off places and condolences the families of growing list of foreign doctors and nurses who have died in a foreign land many miles from home. They put their lives on the line every minute of the day.

  15. Patel betrays her own parents and her heritage. Her own existence. Johnston is just a complete incompetent fool. Brexit will ruin the UK (world) economy.

    In four years they can be voted out. Voted out in Scotland. Vote out all the unionists. Independence will make Scotland (the world) a better place. Scottish revenues and resources put to better use. People just have to vote for it.

    Westminster appalling failed policies. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Ruined the world economy.

    The Tories (Condem) cut NHS funding. £20Billion+. Instead of increasing it. 2015 to 2020. Spending £Billions wasted on HS2, Hickley Point and Trident. Cameron elected to protect the NHS cut funding.

    Johnston just approved wasting £Billions more on HS2. A Complete waste of money. Instead of the necessary funding of the NHS/social care.

    The SNP Gov has had to mitigate all the cuts. Increased spending on SNHS/social care, welfare etc.

  16. The Westminster Gov is full of second generation migrants, betraying their own heritage. It is quite alarming. It is disgusting. Ruining the economy. Patel and Cummings were hiding because of the virus. They did not want to get it. They do not care if others are affected.

    They had their Brexit lies. Now the virus. Failure.

  17. Johnston owes his privilege upbringing on EU funding. A migrant. Born in NY, US. A migrant. Brought up in Brussels on EU funding. His father was an EU diplomat. Educated on public money. Like Gove and the rest of them. Educated with public funds. Households benefitting from non Dom evaders. MSM. They are a bunch of complete hypocrites.

  18. It does seem strange to me that we continue to have passenger flights between Heathrow and New York as well as to other infectious hot spots. I include London in this. Are we not assisting the virus to travel several thousand miles at our expense to infect others. When you look at the USA on flight radar the main thing that comes to mind is “idiots”.

    • If, as may be the case, Scotland is ahead of the game and ‘over the hump’, and England with its doctored stats is still in the grip of the plague, it is perhaps time to close the border with England and prevent the disease spreading northwards once more.
      I am deadly serious.
      English citizens have been deliberately denied news from Scotland; the farce of Sally McNair on BBC North Britain Brink Out You Dead daily broadcasts discussing the ‘UK’ figures, with a young bearded zealot, whose name escapes me, and shall continue to until the day I succumb to whichever global disease takes me, before going over to live updates from our very own Scottish Government and Scottish Health Service, is an absolute farce.
      England is still in the grip of the worst ravages of this terrible disease, and we are expected to patiently listen to 10 minutes of Patel and Hancock discussing the English Health Service and its trials and tribulations.
      Magnusson and Co are unblinking North Korean level English Health Services apologists, with any ‘good news’ from our Scottish public services smothered in ‘UK’ news.

      BBC Radio North Britain doesn’t even bother now.
      Boris is saved! Join the ‘nation’ in praising the Lawd for his salvation! Hallelujah.

      Close the borders now, before some vandal does it for you.

  19. Call KayE Gold @ approx 9.45am

    Dr. Donald McAskill head of Scottish Care “ we have 3 (or 4) suppliers (of PPE in England who have stopped supplying Scotland. They have been told to continue supplying facilities in England only”

    KayE composed her self and hit back with something along the lines of “ have you no Scottish suppliers”

    • Just wait for Brexit when there will be food shortages.
      Scotland having been forced into exporting food to England for processing will find that processed food being diverted to feed England.
      Just another union dividend.

      • Bringiton, if there is a drought in the ‘Home Counties’ this summer, they’ll have army trucks Up Here draining Loch Ness.
        We are a militarily occupied colony of England.

        • … there’ll be a complete hypocritical U-turn on that oft-used phrase down here about you uppity Jocks: ‘You can’t eat a flag’.

          They’ll be grateful for anything by then – and will be wailing and gnashing their teeth that they were taken in by the idea of ‘donating’ cufflinks to Johnson.

        • Through the wonder of I Player I scrolled through BBC Boris this morning, and noted that the Chief Constable of Cornwall has the Cornish St Piran’s flag emblazoned on the breats of his uniform.
          I have seldom seen the butcher’s apron flying in Cornwall. It is almost always the Black and white cross of Cornwall.
          Are the English supermarkets slapping the butcher’s apron on goods in Cornwall stores?
          I very much doubt it.
          This post Indyref ploy of plastering the Jack on everything they can will backfire; it has been counterproductive, menacingly similar to the swastika and portraits of Saddam.
          They can have all their red dyed meat back, for starters.

          Scotland is a net exporter of food.
          And I have the recipe for Yorkshire Pud.


    • They are paid to destroy information not disseminate it.
      They are without exception in the pay of their English masters.
      (And you all know what I mean by ‘English’, so spare me the mock shock that I am ‘xenophobic’ or ‘racists’.

      Many English born Scots citizens fled North to escape Tory England.
      London is eating itself, and the aim of the Red Blue and Yellow Tories, to return to Dickensian poverty will be accelerated because of this plague.
      They don’t even pretend any more, since most of them are of an age when they can retire to their second homes any day now.

      Come the revolution, duggers. Come the revolution.
      BBC STV our quite frankly woeful Dead Tree Scrolls are funded by and do the bidding of their US and London billionaires’ bidding.
      Three hours of a ‘phone in’ every fecking day? Cheap as chips, and facile puerile Brit Nat propaganda.
      I take solace in the fact that there can only be a few hundred actually tuning in any more.

    • If Scotland is being deprived of resources the FM needs to announce it at her daily briefing. In which case she also needs to announce what action she is taking you counter it.

      • Or leave it to Jeanne Freeman, Arthur, but whatever the case they have to get the word out there. And what do Carlaw, Davidson, Leonard and Rennie have to say about this? Nought?

      • Bring your own pitchfork and tumbril, Petra.

        See you outside the House of Commons.

        A care home owner in Wales has revealed her struggle to get basic PPE for her staff.
        Ceri Roberts runs two care homes in Porthmadog and Criccieth which care for a total of 78 residents. Each resident must be attended to by two people in a team of 120 staff.

        But Ms Roberts has been unable to order aprons from her usual suppliers during the coronavirus pandemic and said it is all being brought by England. Instead, she has resorted to buying them on Amazon for ten times their original price.

        • I don’t usually swear WS, but this is fkn disgraceful. You bring the pitchfork and tumbril. I’ll supply the guillotine.

  20. Better Together? Big broad shoulders and all of that … crap!

    ‘Coronavirus: British Army not required by ‘unpatriotic’ Scottish Ambulance Service.’

    ..”The report tells us, of course that:

    ‘They will carry out tasks across Britain such as driving ambulances, the Ministry of Defence said.’

    They gave themselves away, of course, with:

    ‘Members of the Royal Navy, the British army and the Royal Air Force will be sent to five NHS ambulance trusts.‘

    Alert readers will know there are no ‘trusts’ in Scotland.”….

  21. Matt Wrack was on TV earlier running the Westminster Gov down to the ground and praising what’s happening in Scotland. This article is limited as it doesn’t impart how angry he is or how much he had to say in favour of Scottish policy.


    The latest links from Ann on the Indyref2 site.

  22. Healthcare workers were already leaving because of Brexit. Creating shortages. Many of the healthcare workers who have died were migrants. Johnston, the migrant, was nursed and cared for by migrants. There are trying to charge migrants £thousands to stay in Britain. Essential workers.

    There will be more migrants in Britain because Westminster bombed the Middle East to bits. The EU countries have to sort out the mess. The Westminster Tory/unionists refused to accommodate orphaned children.

    Scotland is self sufficient in food and energy. Major exports. Scotland does not have the high balance of payments deficit as the rest of the UK. Scotland’s resources and revenues are mismanaged and wasted by Westminster.

    In four years the Tories can be voted out. After the Brexit catastrophe. Vote out all the unionists in Scotland. Scotland will be Independent. Support for SNP/Independence rising.

  23. Self isolating in my stately terrace house in Bedford, I am listening to call-ins and commentators discussing how NHS England will decide who to ration ICU care to. I find it fascinating and hilarious in equal parts.

    Here was I thinking that NHS England had all the resources to treat everyone who needed help. I am sure Hancock and his buddies have been telling me that. So why is rationing coming up, I ask myself?

    Because they are a shower of liars, I tell myself.

  24. I think it will be necessary in the future for those that are able, or have the facilities to start reversing the concrete jungles of our villages, towns, and cities,
    to enable a good majority to not only feed themselves,families, but pass on excess food to the elderly or disabled here in Scotland,
    to show humanity to their neighbours, we benefit from fresh produce, we also benefit from fresh air and a renewed social society, turning our villages, cities and towns greener, while at the same helping many people psychologically,

    many people could enjoy allotments But we must make sure that our local councils do not excessively charge for the natural right of a human being to have fresh air and a green space, this is very important for those trapped in high rise building.
    I am quite insane in some people’s eyes I am sure, to even want the population of Scotland to go back, not to the dark ages, but to a way of life that brings a co-hesion back to society in which successive Westminster governments have been eroding for many a year,
    Where have our parks gone, our ponds our trees, why are we not allowed to feed the ducks or pigeons or sit peacefully in parks, watch children playing footie, or sit on the grass and have a picnic,

    Councils have become police, and fine anyone whom steps out of line.
    Things need to change.
    We have to be able to grow not only more produce but to grow and stimulate our people here in a independent Scotland.

  25. Sorry missed out the beginning in my eagerness to express myself,
    We need to produce our own protective clothing, our own tests for viruses, our own medicines, our own nurses, doctors, our own everything including food for ourselves.

  26. Carole Cadwalladr:- ”Shocking story by @PaulLewis & team. @Guardian has seen documents showing govt using Peter Thiel’s Palantir’s & NHS patient data to model ‘herd immunity’ week after policy supposedly dropped.”


    Dr Philippa Whitford’s take on the bylinetimes article.

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