Better together means Scotland and Wales are expendable

Many home truths have come home to roost during this crisis. There’s the myth that the British government and the British state is unique and exceptional. There’s the myth that we’re all in this together. However the most important myth, and the one that will most likely have the greatest impact on British politics, is that the Better Together myth has been well and truly busted. You know the one – Scotland we love you. Scotland you’re a vital and much needed part of this family of nations. Scotland don’t leave us, lead us. The phallic myth of British togetherness that was sold to Scotland in 2014 as a way of persuading this country to vote against independence has been stripped of its red white and blue underpants and has been left naked, impotent, and so very very very small.

Those of us of a pro-independence persuasion have always known that this particular fairy story was less grounded in fact than any of the fantasies that have ever issued from the pen of JK Rowling, one of its greatest advocates. But now the Better Together fairy story has been blown apart in a way that not even the most fervent advocate for Scottish submission to the UK is going to be able to explain away. And indeed, the staunch mob are either very quiet or are outright denying it on social media. Now there’s a surprise. But then Boris Johnson himself, when he was mayor of London, told us that he thought a pound spent in Croydon was worth more than a pound spent in Strathclyde. Now it seems that the British state also thinks that a life in Croydon is worth more than a life in Strathclyde.

It has come to light that the UK government’s public health body for England, Public Health England, has instructed firms producing vital personal protection equipment to sell only to England’s care homes. Scotland and Wales? You can use bin bags, marigolds, and that scarf your auntie knitted for you six Christmasses ago. On the website of Gompels Healthcare, which produces facemasks, gowns, and gloves, there’s a notice saying that following instructions from Public Health England, certain PPE products will only be sold to care homes registered in England. The notice then adds “apologies to Wales and Scotland, we’re told that you have different processes for getting emergency supplies”.

On Monday, Dr Donald Macaskill, who’s the chief executive of Scottish Care told the Kaye Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland that the four largest companies in England which produce personal protection equipment had said that they would not be supplying Scotland as their priority was to ensure supplies get through to NHS England and English social care providers. He added that the situation was causing a “massive dry up of procurement into Scotland” which has had “an impact, a really serious impact, on our care homes and home care”.

Can you imagine the outrage from the staunch brigade if a healthcare company in Scotland had posted a notice on its website stating that following instructions from the Scottish public health authorities, it was no longer going to supply care homes in England. There would be a national scandal. The SNP would be accused of the very worst form of anti-English racism – the willingness to see vulnerable English people die. There would be accusations of Scottish exceptionalism and Nazi eugenics. Yet from those very same people when it’s an English public health authority which is denying vital supplies to Scotland’s vulnerable workers, there’s nothing. We’re still waiting for Jackson Carlaw to condemn this. There’s been not a word from Alister Jack, the man who is supposedly the voice of Scotland in the UK government. Alister provides Scotland with as much protection as a burst used condom.

This is an instruction which has come from the very top of the British government, a British government which has always prioritised England’s needs first and foremost, but which now no longer feels any need to disguise that fact with a vomit inducing bucket of sugary togetherness crap. The lives of Scottish and Welsh care workers are of far less importance to the British state, because they are less likely to support Boris Johnson and they care for people who are less likely to support Boris Johnson. That’s those care workers who perform vital and necessary jobs for a pitiful wage, and who are now deemed expendable by the likes of those who have comfortable and well padded lives.

A crisis is when promises and commitments are tested. For years we’ve been told that Scotland needs the British state, that we depend upon it, that it has our best interests at heart. We have been told that without its tender mercies we’d be feckless bankrupts struggling to wipe our own arses. Yet when the coronavirus chips are down, we’re the first to be abandoned by that very same British state which begged to us and swore blind that it put our needs first and foremost. Who knew that what better together really meant was that it was better for the Conservatives for Wales and Scotland together to get the virus first.

The UK has twice the death rate from the coronavirus than comparable states like Ireland where mass gatherings were prohibited before those in the UK. They acted more quickly and more decisively, without being sidetracked by the delusions of exceptionalism which characterise British nationalism. The severity of this crisis in the UK is due to poor decisions made by the British government, and has been compounded by the decade of austerity imposed on British public services by ideologically driven Conservatives. And now we discover that in order to try and save their own sorry arses, those same Conservatives are quite prepared to see Scottish and Welsh essential workers being exposed to a lethal and highly infectious virus. If you’re not angry about that, you are not human.

This is a British state which has created widespread shortages of PPE because it didn’t stockpile in preparation for this crisis despite warnings that a epidemic would happen one day. It has blown every chance to get more ventilators and decided not to cooperate with other European countries for ideological reasons. There are no health checks on passengers on flights which continue to arrive from abroad. It doesn’t count the deaths properly. The testing regime is laughable, prioritising the likes of Charles Windsor and daughters of cabinet ministers. And it’s all wrapped up in Brexit bullshit British pride. And Scotland and Wales are denied the vital equipment that our care workers so desperately need.

When the chips are down, Scotland and Wales are expendable. Those of us who were brought up and who live in the shadow of the largest nuclear weapons dump in Europe have always known that. Now we see the lives of our care home workers being put at risk for the sake of England. For the British state, our lives are worth less, our voices are unheard, and our votes don’t count. They call this better together. Are you yes yet?

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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116 thoughts on “Better together means Scotland and Wales are expendable

  1. Just got round to reading last week’s Private Eye and saw news item about Private hospitals getting tons of money for taking on NHS overflow virus patients. Of course they should be doing this but lots of businesses are not getting the support promised but somehow private hospitals are making a very fat profit on this they should be getting no more than needed to match losses. I suspect ministers and other Tories have investment in this lot.

  2. It stinks of arrogance, self gratification and all their shit racist followers will be jeering and jibeing that ‘we deserve’ it. Well, fuck them all. JK growling cannae cast a spell, but I know a few who can. Hell splappit intae them.

  3. I was only surprised it was done openly. The experienced manipulators of the Empire are usually careful to hide their machinations from view.
    Having said that remember the iceberg theory – 9/10 remains hidden. Do not just worry about the part you can see.

  4. They are shipping in from Turkey? Spain Is distributing masks to everyone.

    The short fall in the UK. The Tories cut NHS funding. Not enough equipment.

    Scotland still has less deaths (pro rata) despite have a higher % elderly population.

    The Tories are killing off their own supporters. The elderly over seventy.

    The Tory/unionists can be voted out.

  5. > The UK has twice the death rate from the coronavirus than comparable states like Ireland where mass gatherings were prohibited before those in the UK.

    It may be _far_ worse in the UK. We do not have proof because the UK has been fudging the numbers. See 3, 4, below

    Two weeks ago a doctor from King’s College Hospital London pointed out that 11 deaths were reported on a particular day for his hospital, but that the true number was 30 (or 31?). Before that there was the Tory bullshit about needing a relative’s permission to include a death in the public health death count.

    Repeat that across England and a reported 1000 deaths a day could be 3000 a day. Plus the nursing home deaths that are not counted in England’s coronavirus deaths – doubling the true death count. OR, We have _NO_ idea what the true number is except that they’reTory shysters and their default option is lie. No change there, then !

    1. Ireland 365 deaths – 75 deaths / million population, as of 13th April 2020. Population 4.85 million.

    2. UK 11,329 deaths – 172 deaths / million population, as of 13th April 2020. Population 66 million. 2.3 times worse than Ireland.

    OR, with Tory lies, possibly

    3. UK (England PHE (10261 x 3) + Nursing Homes 10261 = 41044) + Scotland 566 + Wales 384 + Northern Ireland 118 = 42112 total. 638 / million population, as of 13th April 2020. 8.5 times worse than Ireland.

    4. Nursing Home deaths could be the same as England PHE deaths, or 30783. For a total of 62634. 949 / million population, as of 13th April 2020. 12.6 times worse than Ireland.

    The UK is certainly into Italy territory. And the UK is forecast to have 40% of the deaths in Europe. Gee, thanks

    See retired English public health director Prof. John Ashton CBE, as the most likely person to provide more complete information –

  6. This is probably the issue that will cause the scales to fall from a great many peoples eyes. As you said previously, Paul, there’s no need for conspiracy theories when the day-to-day reality of being in the Union hands you material like this.

    Whether this instills more than little outrage in the SNP remains to be seen. But clearly, this shows the softly, softly, incremental approach to gaining independence is well past it’s sell-by date. Anything more than firm strides towards the exit is going to reflect badly on them.

    Sorry to rag on the SNP, but as Harold MacMillan reputedly replied when asked what blows governments off course: “Events, dear boy, events”.

  7. Johann Lamont & Co will be along the noo to remind us we’re Britiiiiiish and it’s all about ‘pooling and sharing’. Was that really only 6 years ago? I feel I’ve aged a lifetime.

    • At least a ‘generation’, JoMax.
      Indyref 1 was a ‘generation’ ago. Time for Indyref2 now?
      I can just see Archie Mac person on a pensioner’s door step campaigning for the Onion…no typo.
      Stick with England and you’ll be all right; when your hubby dies prematurely there’s always a Widow’s Pension to fall back on.
      Scotland has been robbed by England for 300 years; this surely is not news to anybody.

      Wher are Carlaw Jack Leonard and Rennie?
      Ian Murray should be spitting teeth. His Morningside Tea Ladies will be demanding answers, between gasps of breath.


      The Scottish Government has the power to do so on health Grounds alone.

      • Jack
        Carlaw is in a self deniability mode at the moment.
        Have emailed him 3 times this morning asking him as my MSP to clarify exactly what the situation is on behalf of those of his constituents who have relatives in care homes. He will be held to account at the next election if he fails to do so

        • Simon
          Add in the sending out of a political leaflet telling us how busy he’s been at work for us.
          In the middle of a pandemic he has posted out a possible carrier to his constituency.
          Asking for our support.
          A nutter

  8. I’ve been on the supplier’s site today. Yes, a couple of items have the message about only supplying to England but alternative items do not. As a member of the public in Scotland I can buy alternative masks, aprons and gloves. I don;t know what this story is all about but there is something fishy about it.

    • Yes, there is something fishy about it. All this vitriol about England and the Government at a time when we should all be pulling together. Very sad. Hopefully when this is all over you will get another chance to vote for your independence.

    • Reporting North Britain devoted a whole 2 minutes to this scandal, with their ‘health’ correspondent mumbling through some nonsense that the FM was looking into it, but that, anyway, Scotland might be over the hump, so it doesn’t really matter that England is getting our PPE.
      WE had a GMB Union Rep on warning that bin men are worried about coronavirus and social distancing, with a pointless piece from Dumfries and Galloway.
      Ah, the god old GMB>
      If I were a GMB member, I’d quit now.
      BTW, Close the border now
      England is about to explode.

    • ‘YES’ – END OF THE UK

      Right there –

      ‘Please do not think this is us discriminating against our lovely and loyal Welsh and Scottish customers.’

      ‘These restrictions are not something we have decided, they are a criteria given to us by Public Health England. We have been told that there are alternative arrangements in place for Wales and Scotland, but we have not been able to find out what they are.’

      And neither, apparently, have Nursing Homes in Wales and Scotland. ‘YES’ anyone ??

  9. The union. At best it was nothing more than a “fair weather” friend to Scotland. Most of the time it was a treacherous, backstabbing little gobshite

  10. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a 50+ Female and commented:
    This was raised at the FM’s daily Covid-19 briefing today. The Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, had arranged to talk to the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, this afternoon, but he cancelled the phone call appointment with no reason given.

  11. Stop non e
    ssential flights , close the border to all but essential traffic and tell them that we’re going to close off water and electricity supplies!

      • I read t’other day of a private jet with seven middle aged men and three ladies in their twenties being refused entry into the South of France, and sent back to Heathrow.
        The rich at play? Whit are they like?
        Who cleared them to take off from Heathrow?
        Perhaps the virus is at last the great leveller,
        No more will they sing:-

        It’s the rich wot get the pleasure, the poor wot get the blame.
        It’s the same the whole world over, Ain’t it a bloody shame.
        Except if you are a Windsor of course.

      • My son works for a wind farm company which sends him all over the world. He is classed as an essential worker and has just returned from a South American country which has just closed it’s airport.

        So there you are. That is why the airports are still open. Health workers too are travelling.

  12. In his writing today for Common Weal’s Source, Mr Robin McAlpine may just have ‘jumped the shark’!

    “There has been much questioning about whether we are ready for independence. I’m afraid right at the moment we look sorely unready for devolution.”

    • Robin McAlpine is to be pitied, because he is a chronic sufferer from a bad case of Cringe. In his case it’s probably incurable.

      Pitied but otherwise best ignored. Bad for the blood pressure (of the rest of us).

      • What IS ‘Robert McAlpine’?
        Why would we pay heed to his words of Dis-dom?
        He is not a medical doctor, or a politician, or an expert in any field of any practical use to society.
        He dresses like a 60’s protest folk singer girning away in a basement bothy ‘neath a pub in Rose Street, and this latest puerile one liner is designed to get his name back in the ‘papers, and on Brewer’s Droop tomorrow afternoon, doubtless.
        He is frankly a bit of a Nobody.
        Where has he been all these months? In a pub with Blair MacDougall debating what have the Romans ever done for us?

        We have thrown more out of the way to get to a fight rather than engage in conversation with this walking Greek Chorus.
        People are dying yet these motormouths demand attention.

        • … walking Greek Chorus

          You have a wonderful way with words, Jack. And not for the first time given me a right laugh in the midst of all this current surreality, while also getting it bang on target.

  13. Rep of Ireland has a different healthcare system. Some covered by an insurance system. Some people have to pay (insurance) for Doctors visits/services.

    The figures could be calculated differently by comparison. Not included care home deaths etc. They are included in Scotland. In that case Scotland’s are under by comparison (pro rata). Looks like Rep Ireland statistics are only for hospital deaths. Sending tests to Germany.

    Irish Rep has higher Gov pensions.

  14. A little off topic ,
    The SNP administration appear to have this unfortunate knack of being lumbered with a succession of accident prone Civil Servants the latest being the honorary Professor who choose to rubbish reports of provable blocking of much required PPE supplies ,
    I could see the point if it was a throwaway comment but his immediate response was ” Rubbish and I have checked it out ” well no room for any misinterpretation on that one eh .yep it was rubbish he said so that’s a end to it then eh .
    The fly in the ointment being the evidence shown above , its there for all to see ,
    I trust the Honorary Professor pays more attention to other parts of his brief , that might include serious public advice .

    • The stock answer should have been:-
      ‘That would concern me if this were the case. I’d need to look into this and get back to you.’
      Then agree a time to get back to the individual who asked the question.
      It’s Junior Management 101 stuff.
      If you don’t know, say so, find out, then answer the question.
      It is a phrase I often used in my professional life, even when the questioner felt that I should know.
      It’s all about having confidence in yourself.
      If I don’t know, I declare confidently,’ I Don’t know, but I’ll find out, and thank the individual for making me aware of an issue.
      Sunak lied, and unfortunately used Leitch’s superseded ‘Rubbish’ comment to back up his lie.
      BBC Jockland ran a surprisingly frank piece quoting the ‘England Only’ suppliers, but strangely, no sign of B-Lister Jack or Baglaw Jackboots to defend their Tory Health Service.

      England Uber Alles.

      • Completely agreed, Leitch should have done a “Need to get back to you on that” and checked.
        When it first appeared on the National I dismissed it as bunkum, but soon learned it was real news with evidence…
        It will be curious if the instruction sees the light of day, and who signed it, there will be a lot of arse covering going on…

  15. Well if BBC news at 6pm doesn’t help us to see a rise in support for Independence, nothing will.

    They broadcast Nicola Sturgeon’s and Jeanne Freeman’s comments in relation to the England only PPE. They also showed letters to the effect that Westminster had given the order and it included Wales. The last comment on one of them was a snide, “maybe to do with devolution.” A couple of others were interviewed and made anti-Westminster comments. They then showed Sunak stating that it’s a four Nation approach and that Scotland would receive PPE. However the damage was done, IMO.

    Too bad I can’t post that news item on here as it was a REAL eyeopener. Maybe even a gamechanger.

  16. We can’t let our carers down.

    We have to get this PPE.

    If the UK government is stopping suppliers from selling it to Scotland, fuck them.

    Can’t we get it from Europe?

    I know they’ve got their own crises right now, but I can’t see our European friends turning their backs on us in our time of need.

    • UK has missed the boat for the 3rd time when it comes to joining with Europe to source supplies such as PPE

      When the UK tries to source things for itself it ends up with tests that don’t work but still have to be paid for because the UK guaranteed payment whether they worked or not.

      They end up with gowns and ventilators that don’t meet the spec required. Why is that? Because they started too late to think of buying these things and are now in a situation where everybody wants them so the UK is desperate. It is now a sellers’ market and the UK on its own does not have the clout to negotiate a better price.

      • Absolutely. I just hope that the chickens of this chickensh*t UKGov do eventually come home to roost, both north and south of the border if in different ways.

        BritNat exceptionalism is deadly. “Herd immunity” and behind-the-curve bumbling-through have killed.

  17. If the Scottish government or any authorised department connected with the Scottish government has a contract for delivery of PPE from these companies then they should be informed they will be sued in the courts until the end of time

    Perhaps the threat of legal action will clarify the minds as to whose decision was behind the actions taken in this case

    Was it a Westminster instruction or was it just anti Scottish behaviour from the companies, or will it all turn out to be a “mistake” in communication

    Westminster won’t admit to it, the companies involved won’t want to admit to it, so big “mistake” it is and everybody’s covered, well on paper it might be but we’ll know won’t we and that’ll be an entirely different resulting “mistake” politically to be saved up until presented when this crisis is over

  18. I’ve noticed that the people who support the UK gov and call us liars just go quiet when you show them the statements in black and white from PPE suppliers confirming that have been told not to supply Scotland.

    If enough people make enough of a fuss about this, the UK gov might be forced to back down. In the face of the evidence I don’t think they can lie their way out of this.

  19. Hello WGD and ALL others who use this site or should,

    Your report was of great concern to me for deeply personal reasons.
    I therefor checked on it as diligently as I could and, (2 big sniffs) I smell SHITE.
    I checked all of Gompels web site for products in relation to Social Health Care, Home Care and Sanitary items.
    Searched each relevant product all their drop down menus and info.
    The only thing I could find was, for each one the cut of point for urgent deliveries was 15:00 for Scotland instead of 17:00.
    This included the two other masks.
    All thee masks are marked as currently out of stock.
    I did notice that the link from your article was a double defined search

    In other words this section takes you to the same place

    How ever this takes you nowhere

    Unless you put this into the search engine on Gompels website. As this

    In which case you arrive at the same item.

    Now whether this is an actual authorized change to the company’s web site or,
    some small minded malcontent currently employed by gompels or, some hacking britnat, blob of putrid, scrap it of my shoe, (there’s those 2 big sniffs again) or both.

    I cannot say.

    However I find it odd that this is the only product I can find on Gompels website with this disclaimer.

    So what I would council people is, what some one not a million miles away, Already put far more eloquently than me.

    “Caw Canny” Dinny scoff the first bait ye see.

    Lets see what Jeanie and Nicky come oot wi the morra.
    Then if they confirm it then we can get tor in aboot thum.


    • Interesting, it’s by no means impossible it’s mischief, but the original complaint (by Danny McCaskell?) was that four separate suppliers had turned down orders from Scotland implying it was far from a one firm issue….
      There is the additional matter of the letter/email from the company more or less saying the same as on the website, which suggests contacting PH England or the Dept of Health… Both were screened by BBCS, and were presumably obtained from one of the Care-Homes in question (didn’t pay attention to whom it was addressed), but undoubtedly Scotland’s Press will chase it to ground like an antisemitic MP hopeful and run an exclusive exposing the entire plot 🤣
      I agree it serves no good to stir up the already frustrated and annoyed, either way it became too hot a potato for the firms and HMG with the publicity, problem solved…

  20. Westminster has now been forced into acknowledging care home deaths. Next up deaths in the community, in particular the deaths of vulnerable individuals being looked after by carers in their own home. If we think the situation in relation to the ENHS has been horrendous due to their cuts, privatisation and coronavirus botchups we ain’t seen / heard anything yet, as per friends working in the industry south of the border.

  21. This is a crisis, where is the Dunkirk spirit, we are all in this together!

    That’s why the Scottish divisions were captured at St Valery, after being left behind to cover the retreat at Dunkirk, while England’s troops got back to Blighty.

    John Beattie on Radio Scotland was smarmingly going on about this England Scotland thing. If he had any back bone, it would have been this UK union thing.

    • Just for the record, St. Valery en Caux is nowhere near Dunkirk, but further south. The 51st Highland Division was fighting as part of the French Army, not the British. Though the HD was sacrificed all the same.

  22. Well, if this isn’t the straw that breaks the camels back I don’t know what is.

    We’ve been shafted for hundreds of years. And I include the welsh and Irish in this.

    An unlimited supply of cannon fodder for umpteen wars to enrich the ruling class in England.
    The miners of Wales and Scotland providing the energy needed to power the industrial revolution, no disrespect to the miners of England’s north east, but that wasn’t enough energy required.
    The island of Ireland stripped of trees to provide wood for Royal Navy ships at the start of the empire.
    The dumping of munitions in Beauforts Dyke between Scotland and Ireland, as far, far away possible from London.
    The nuclear dump at Faslane, as far, far away from London as possible without being too remote for the crews of the subs.
    The scenario by ‘British’ scientists in 2017 on where to store Britain’s nuclear waste, Caithness was deemed the most ‘acceptable’ again as far, far away from London as possible.
    The 2008 financial crash. People lost their houses, lost their businesses, lost their jobs, but what was the reaction of Westminster? Protect the banks and the city. The main focus of London.

    And yet as this microscopic virus spreads across the UK they make sure that the people in England must have protection before anyone else. It should make the words of the song ” There’ll always be an England” ring loud and clear to the rest of the nations.

    The Irish recognised this fact after the first world war and called it a day on ‘Colonialization’
    It’s time for Scotland and Wales to do the same.

    When we come out of this pandemic we should declare UDI. Never mind this mamby-pamby asking nicely for a referendum, trying to play by their rules.
    They don’t play by the rules when it suits them, so f**k them.

    OIL! F**k you Scotland, that’ll build Canary Wharf, Crossrail and HS2.
    But thanks for the regiments that died for our glorious future.

    Coal! F**k you Wales, the industrial revolution is over, we don’t need coal any more but thanks for the regiments that died for our glorious future.

    Ireland. F**k you! You don’t want to die for our glorious future any more.

    This is the attitude that emanates from the power source in London, always has been and always will be for time immoria until the other nations on this island take it upon themselves to say ‘ Enough is Enough’.

  23. Seems that the UK is potentially heading for the worst recession in history. Please tell me that this Westminster bunch of incompetents are going to cancel Brexit now.


    Just read that NIreland, like England, is releasing hospital fatality stats only. Can anyone on here verify that information? Ben?

  24. In the Irish Republic people have to pay for healthcare treatment. €60 for Dr appointments. €100 for A&E. Upfront. 60% (of patients?). There are exemptions children, pregnant women, those with a Dr list.

    The deaths in the Irish Republic could be under reported because people are dying who cannot afford to go for healthcare.

    A totally different healthcare system.

  25. Brexit will mean out of the EU reciprocal healthcare system. People stranded abroad without healthcare. Especially in a crisis. The separate airport queues even longer. Disaster.

  26. READ BETWEEN THE LINES. “Better together” never says who it is better for.

    That slogan is so true if it’s for England…they just relied on Scotland thinking they are included.

  27. Channel 4 did a piece on the lack of Care Home deaths included in the English mortality figures presented each day as complete and accurate – they are not !
    This report was ,strangely , done by their Scottish Correspondent standing outside the Hydro in Glasgow , quoting an English whistleblower . I kept waiting for the SNP bad element to be tossed in but none appeared .
    This guy won’t keep his job much longer if he doesn’t get with the program – Westminster Government good , Scottish Government baaaad !

    • Ch4 also reported on this whistleblower story on Monday again with their Scottish correspondent and he made it very clear right at the start that it was about England and English care homes.

      I think Ch4 may be short of reporters at the moment. Budget cuts and now more cuts pending because of the loss of Ad revenue due to shutdown.

  28. I wonder if the reason some companies are now supplying England only is that they have a better deal ie profit. So bad for Scotland, bad for Wales bad for the taxpayer. Remember the changes was to the private social care market. Maybe they thought they could get away with it?

  29. Average age of death Irish Republic. 82 years. (Quite high) Higher than the UK/US. Japan biggest 85 years. On average women live 5 years longer than men. (Worldwide).

    The care and consideration for older people, especially now, is appreciated. The concern for the elderly. Appreciation of the healthcare services.

  30. BBCSc doing its very best to bury this.
    Situation not helped by Jason Leitch giving them an easy quote to be repeated as often as needed.

  31. Heard on the radio this morning.
    The doris government has sanctioned the start of the construction phase of HS2.
    Can’t do the day job but can spend into companies that are not working, shades of ferry companies with no ferries, here we have construction companies with laid off workers.
    The Scots will be happy with their 10% being paid out.

  32. It is a disgrace people in Scotland are paying for HS2 to make journeys take longer.

    Scotland should not be paying for the Westminster unionist exorbitant mess. Another major Westminster unionist failure. ConDems cut NHS funding. Paying £Billions over for a failed rail business model. It will make journeys throughout Britain take longer.

    Without Devolution more people in Scotland would be dying (younger). The elderly in Scotland vote Tory/unionist to die younger.

    Westminster cut essential health funding. Wasting £Billions on their poor decisions policies.

    The SNP Scottish Gov increased healthcare funding. Less people in Scotland are dying because of it. They brought in MUP saving lives and funds.

    • We’re way OT here and I wouldn’t blame Paul for getting annoyed but I have to ask – in what way will HS2 make journeys throughout Britain take longer?

  33. Journeys to Scotland take longer because. If people travelling to Scotland travel on HS2. They will have to get off and get on another train. A disruption which will take at less 30 mins even more. HS2 fares will be more expensive. It will be a two tier system (more expensive) than now. Always subsidised with public money. Ie the expense does not justify the benefits. A bad business case/model.

    Journey to Scotland from London (Glasgow/Edinburgh) at present travel straight through. Ie the journey is direct 4.30+ hrs. Getting HS2 then changing will add to the journey time. Ie direct trains are quicker. Than broken journeys and connections.

    Rail journeys in the North of England (poor connections) and Scotland take longer by comparison than those in the South because of historic under investment in the North but especially in Scotland (Barnett Formula). Since the 80’s.

    It is called the North/South divide for a reason. A recognised economic fact. Scotland’s revenues and resources go to fund Westminster poor economic decisions. Not voted for in Scotland,

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Leaves Scotland short of funds.

    The 10% HS2 should be spent in Scotland making journeys shorter. Rail journeys in Scotland take longer (over the same distance) because of historical lack of investment. From Westminster before Devolution. It could be kept more hidden. In accounts. Kept secret illegally. Thatcher etc. Under the Official Secrets Act.

    The only rail line Cameron sanctioned was a line to Oxford. His constituency. Osbourne’s HS2 folly is a total waste of money for the expenditure or any benefit. Except unfairly for London connection. Already well covered.

    Trains from London to Scotland (back) run every hour. Often half empty. It is not a poor service just needs improvement. Same throughout the UK. The services just need improvement. Not a vastly over expensive white elephant running empty. HS2. Below capacity. Not enough customers. Especially for the colossal expenditure.

    Osbourne saw a fast train in Japan. His decision was not scrutinised sufficiently.

    Japan population 100 million on a densely populated island. More customers. They need it and can afford it. Not being allowed to spend £Trillions on the military, redundant weaponry. Since WW2. Nuclear.

    The UK 67million pop. Not so densely populated. Especially in Scotland.

    • I agree with your points regarding historical underfunding of public transport outside of the South East of England, however I think you’re under a wee bit of a misapprehension as to how Anglo-Scottish rail services will operate on completion of HS2.

      There will be no need to change trains, trains compatible with the UK loading gauge will use HS2 to a junction with the West Coast Main Line near Crewe. Journey times between London and Glasgow and Edinburgh will reduce by around 12% and 17% respectively.

      There is no argument that increased capacity is required – the West and East coast main lines are more or less at capacity, if like me you would wish more freight to travel by rail and reduce polluting air and road travel, then I’m afraid that that capacity must be provided.

      It can be provided by enhancing the existing lines, however that would involve years of massive disruption. Completely new lines obviate the need for such disruption, and if you’re going to build new lines they might as well be compatible with high speed technology. Needless to say those sensible continentals are way ahead of the UK.

      Where you might have a point however is, does the present HS2 scheme meet those needs in an efficient way?

  34. It strikes me that the idea that we are ‘better together’ has been busted. Folk that ‘just lurved’ the Union Jack and the pageantry and stuff have had their dreams absolutely shattered. It is as obvious as you like that 10 Downing Street hasn’t a clue how to deal with this. And if you live up here or over there (Wales) you are seen by Number 10, as they prepare to count your life – in a balance – as worth somewhat less than an Englishman. And you don’t even need to be Scottish or Welsh! We will withdraw support from you everyone, if you live there!

    Quite frankly, I think this is the end of the UK. The duty of a modern democracy is, at the very least, to protect it’s citizens. They are not doing that. Or at least, not on an equitable basis.

    There will be a reckoning!

  35. Wales is underfunded from Westminster (£Billion). Under investment. Barnett. NI more funding. (Unfair?) for unionist votes at Westminster. Troubles caused by Westminster. Partition.

  36. Eg comparison

    Miles from London to Birmingham 128 miles

    Rail journey time (approx) 2 hrs

    Miles from Edinburgh to Aberdeen 128 miles

    Rail journey time (approx) 2.30hrs

    # approx depends on what train – mean time.

    Certain train time London to Birmingham (less stops) now 1.30hrs.

  37. We see tucker Carlson briefly mention Scotland last night, in amongst statistics. Interesting that he did not mention England.
    Having lived in Scotland, England and Wales and back to Scotland, my family noticed early on that reporting from the MSM was far from accurate,
    We all know that bbc were ahead of themselves in stating that Scotland would have a coronaviras epidemic, perhaps they already knew that England’s government would not allow us medical supplies, who would have thought it.
    On a brief research we find a lot of bbc talent has migrated from bbc to ofcom so no use complaining there.
    Other brief research we find that BBC Action, who has a lot of funding from Bill Gates who is pushing to get us all vaccinated in the future, is being investigated in America and in India.
    When you want a quick solution vaccine, be careful what you wish for, the bill gates foundation is not neutral in all this, by inforcing vaccines he would stand to make a lot of money and therefor so would the bbc indirectly.
    Sometimes it is not what you know, it is who you know (About).
    Who would have thought that Prince Andrew was friends with Jeffery Epstein, or that Prince Charles was friends with Jimmy savelle, who was one of bbc,s favourites.
    Do we trust any of the people we are supposed idolise without questioning the connections they have in the background,
    It is not only us here in Scotland that is being deceived and lied to, Wales is on that list, and so are the people of England, as it occurs to us that England is not being told the correct amount of deaths from Coronavirus either, the people down south do not realise the total of people dying from this virus in England, and that the statistics do not include care homes or nurses and doctors, or all the people at home.
    Why would any government want to lie to its citizens.
    It’s like living in totalitarian state,
    Free speech will disappear along with freedom of movement next, you wait and see.
    Some conspiracy theories are turning out to be true years later, but meanwhile anyone whom mentions them have to accept being laughed at, mocked and derogatory comments, follow the money and you find connections.

    • Who to believe? Adam Price, Wales (plus an official document) or a number of Westminster politicians?

      ..”This UK Government document published last week shows major PPE suppliers have been asked to sell only to care providers registered with the CQC, the social care regulator for England, effectively prohibiting sales to care providers in Wales and Scotland.”

  38. Bill Gates should pay taxes. Instead of tax evading and illegal non competition. Overcharging. Breaking world business rules and regulation. That would help poorer nations, form their own solutions.

  39. ‘Australia (with 64 coronavirus deaths) closes internal borders to capitalise on fall in new coronavirus cases.’

    ..”Several states in Australia were placing checkpoints at their borders to prevent all but essential travel from neighbouring territories, the first time such drastic measures have been taken since the Spanish flu epidemic 100 years ago.”..


  40. People will definitely have to change trains to travel further north and to Scotland. It is not a through service. That takes time depending on connection. Anything from 30mins to an hour.

    People can get to Edinburgh/Glasgow from London now in 4hr+. Every hour depending on timetable. (Half empty trains) That is quicker than HS2 + connections.

    HS2 will be more expensive and put up train fares. A two tier system. They already have higher speed train in the South of England. Running emptier. Used in an emergency. The regular service is used by a majority of passenger because the fares are cheaper.

    There is a Scheme being put forward to have a depot for transporting goods to EU/world etc. Prestonpans in Scotland. Improving the economy. Use ferry links etc. That could/will free up space for goods being transported by train to London. For distribution elsewhere. Solve problem of goods being transported by rail onwards.

    Thatcher centralised the UK transport system through London for shipping onwards. More congestion. Built Tilbury Docks. 26mile (container port). Shut Docks around Britain. Transport centralised around London. Heathrow etc. More congestion. Brought more wealth to London S/E. Less around the UK.

    The Scottish Gov has increased direct international flights from Scotland. Less congestion and cheaper for people. Less additional costs of overnight stays and connections. Anywhere but Heathrow. Far to big for traveller comfort. Queues and time wasting.

    Thatcher deprived Scotland of funds which could have improved transport systems in Scotland. The SNP Gov have built roads, railways and bridges to improve the Scottish economy and the transport links. Cheaper quicker journeys.

    • Ken I can tell you categorically there will be no need whatsoever to change trains – through trains will continue to operate.

      Scotland’s docks – particularly on the Clyde were in steep decline from the early 1960s onwards as heavy industry was decimated – Thatcher was just the cherry on top!

  41. There’s good news and bad news.

    The bad news is that Gompels has run out of stock of PPE.

    The good news is that they’ve now removed the statement from their website saying they can’t sell PPE to Scotland.

  42. How are you going to get to Scotland from Manchester/Birmingham the HS2 terminal without changing trains, driving or taking a plane or walking? Of course there will be a need to change trains. Or find another route. Or even staying on the same train the current journey would take the same time. Changing staff, taking supplies etc. The slight time improvement is not worth the over budget.

    It will even take years before the service is available. Other forms of faster transport could have been developed within the intervening period.

    • Ken I respectfully suggest you find the facts on this which are freely available – there are many arguments against the HS2 project some of which are very compelling although capacity will have to be increased somehow if the railways are to play a part in saving our environment.

      I’m afraid basing your argument on an easily disproved imaginary change of train at Manchester or Birmingham is not doing your case any favours – anyway at the moment we have more pressing matters for discussion.

  43. The rationality of over spending £Billions on a train project and underfunding the NHS. A disgrace,

    Hardly anyone has died spending 10mins more on a train. People are dying because of essential healthcare underfunding. An absolute scandal.

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