What is really demeaning …


The British state and the British nationalism which drives it pride themselves on their exceptionalism, and indeed they are exceptional in a number of significant ways. As has been frequently pointed out by those of us of a pro-independence persuasion, British nationalism is exceptional in its insistence that it’s better than other forms of nationalism by virtue of not being nationalist at all. However British nationalists are also exceptional in their single minded pursuit of victimhood status.

We saw this most recently when it came to light that companies based in England which manufacture vital personal protection equipment were carrying notices on their online store checkouts informing buyers that PPE was only available for care homes in England. When this was pointed out, the fingers of accusation were immediately pointed at vile Scottish nationalists for making this a Scotland vs England thing. It’s demeaning, we were harrumphed at by British nationalists for whom self-righteousness is the air that they breathe, for “nationalists” to make this about England. Clearly they hadn’t noticed, or more correctly preferred not to notice, that what was making this about England were all those notices on the websites of companies selling life saving equipment that their goods could only be sold to England.

According to British nationalists the real issue here is not that companies in England were refusing to sell vital life saving equipment to care homes in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. No. The real issue here is that supporters of independence were pointing it out and daring to make a fuss about it. That’s the real crime. That’s what was, to use the words of a certain British nationalist columnist who never misses the opportunity to spin any situation into a blow for the SNP, demeaning.

It wasn’t demeaning that this situation had arisen in the first place. It wasn’t demeaning that care workers outwith England were in real fear that they were not going to be able to source the equipment that might save their lives. It wasn’t demeaning that we’re constantly told that we’re all in this together but it’s blatantly obvious that some of us are in it far worse than others. It wasn’t demeaning that the UK claims that it’s a family of nations but some of those nations were being put to the end of the queue. What was demeaning was that people in Scotland had the sheer uppity audacity to get angry about it. How dare you, you jockanese nationalists. You’re anti-English bigots for demanding equality within the UK.

At the same time, we have been gaslighted by a succession of British nationalist politicians and their apologists who insisted – and are still insisting – that no such thing was happening at all, despite the fact that the manufacturers of PPE were very clearly stating that they would not sell their wares to Scotland or Wales because of instructions that they had received from Public Health England. Indeed, the first question that some British journalists sought to ask in response to this revelation was whether there were Scottish PPE companies who were refusing to sell to England.

Despite clear evidence in the form of company web pages which plainly stated in simple English that the equipment for sale would not be sold to Scotland or Wales, British nationalists continued, and still continue, to insist that it was all a product of a febrile conspiracy theorist imagination on the part of vile cybernats. Because those signs that say that sales are only for England didn’t really mean that sales were only for England. Oh dear, we’re so terribly sorry for not possessing the ability to understand that the real meaning of a sentence is the exact opposite of what it actually says. Obviously that’s a skill that you only acquire when you have a Better Together avatar on your social media account.

And British nationalists continue to insist that the real villains here are those of us who demanded that this situation be dealt with and resolved. Because it’s perfectly OK for a company in England to state that following instructions from Public Health England it’s not allowed to sell its equipment to Scotland or Wales, the real sin here is when Celtic types make a fuss about it by pointing out that in this so-called union some parts are far more powerful and influential than others.

No one who is taken seriously really believes that this situation arose from a deliberate attempt by the Conservatives to punish Scotland or Wales, or to deprive Scottish and Welsh care workers of urgently needed equipment. There was obviously a major failure in communication and co-ordination, because someone at Public Health England told those different companies that they needed to restrict their sales of PPE to England only. It’s not the fault of the companies. It is implausible that four separate companies would make the same mistake independently of one another. If it had been just one company which made the announcement on their website, then we could assume that that company had misunderstood instructions. But the notice appeared on the websites of at least four companies, which can only point to incorrect or misleading information being given to those companies from a UK government agency. And what that means is that AT BEST what happened was that a British government agency, during a time of extreme crisis, failed to take into account the requirements of services and service users outside of England. It speaks of an ingrained Anglo-centric attitude at the very heart of the British state.

It is frankly insulting for those of us who got angry about this situation, and who ensured that it received maximum publicity in order that it was resolved quickly to be lectured at by those who would far rather keep schtum instead of risking doing anything that might let the public know that the British state wasn’t necessarily operating in the best interests of Scotland.

What’s most demeaning of all is to be lectured at by self-righteous British nationalists who refuse for selfish ideological reasons to accept that their precious so-called union can ever not operate to Scotland’s advantage. They’d be far happier if no one had ever clamoured for attention about the situation regarding the apparent prohibition of sales of PPE to care homes in Scotland and Wales, because then they could continue to believe that their preciousssssss was perfect. And if that meant that care workers continued to be at risk because it took longer for the situation to be resolved, so be it.

Those self same British nationalists propose to do the square root of feck all about anything that illustrates how the UK does not operate to Scotland’s advantage, because what’s far, far, more important to them is that absolutely nothing can be said or done that might show their beloved UK in a bad light and cause some people in Scotland to support independence. It’s union at all costs, even if that puts lives at risk. That’s what’s really demeaning here. British nationalists demean themselves, and threaten the rest of us with their supine and submissive inferiority complex.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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66 thoughts on “What is really demeaning …

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  2. Another great article,
    Oh to be a britnat. Farmers for the past few weeks on Facebook —close to tories I believe and now promoted on bbc state broadcaster are at it again. Complaining about the risk of covid from walkers and others by not sanitising gates. The farmer is doomed. When has a farmer sanitised gates for us? I hate to think what they might do if we asked.
    I know some farmers. Washing hands doesn’t enter their brain even although they may stick their arm up a bovines arse. They scatter sewage across the fields dispersing viruses, bacteria across fields without a care in the world so it can run off into rivers. They enjoy travelling at 10mph holding commuters and others up from their work, why? Because they can. The tories assisted by the Nfu have to find a grievance. In fact anything to do with covid is a grievance. To hell with some wishing to get some fresh air. It’s their gate don’t ye ken. Psst I don’t think they know gloves would help them..
    BBC then moves onto Govanhill and issues re Roma’s. This was covered last week on the radio but hey it’s the First Ministers constituency – what a coincidence. Apparently people are not distancing themselves— Pictures on the news media proved it last week……. well not really, most pictures weren’t even from Glasgow but heh in the Brit Nat narrow minds, who cares. Let’s have another go.

  3. This ‘instruction’ about PPE to distributors/manufacturers was contained in a report PPE Plan published by the UK Gov on 10th April 2020. In para 1.38 the restriction on sales is stated.

    If you read further on in the report you will find this:

    1.52 It is vital that we meet this challenge as four united nations. At every step of the
    way we have ensured that we have worked side by side with the devolved nations and we have set up a weekly four nations PPE oversight board to manage demand and supply.
    1.53 Each of the Devolved Administrations has their own supply chain operation for PPE and is responsible for ensuring distribution within Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
    1.54 We are working closely with colleagues in the devolved nations to ensure supplies
    of PPE are distributed equitably across the four nations . In the past week, we have authorised the release of nearly 20 million items of PPE to the devolved nations to address immediate shortages of specific items and we continue to work closely with the Devolved Administrations to meet the need for PPE across the whole of the UK.
    1.55 However, it is recognised that, in particular circumstances, Devolved
    Administrations are also pursuing their own sourcing of PPE to meet their particular needs.””

    The UK Gov has, on paper at least, provided PPE to the devolved nations thus they hope covering their backsides. But so much of what the UK Gov says never ever comes to pass. It also raises the question about what sources of PPE (para 1.55) are open to the devolved nations if the UK Gov has stopped the major distributors/manufacturers from supplying them?

    Look carefully at some of the wording in the report and you realise it is very similar, if not identical, to the statement by Gompels. Interesting. Raises the question: who wrote Gompels’ statement? I doubt they would have read that far into the report if they even read the report.

    • Agreed, I don’t think anybody is fooled by this retrospective arse covering exercise, HMG are in it up to their necks.
      Ultimately it matters not one jot where the stock came from, the suppliers were selling not acting as redistribution agents on behalf of PHE, even assuming the stock in reality was “flu-reserve” as they said.

      John Robertson did a nice little piece on it https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2020/04/16/the-pressure-that-caused-hancocks-panicked-response-to-grab-the-ppe-for-his-england/
      With increasing media scepticism over the true death toll, together with SG releasing more informative data, it was only a matter of time before more intense media scrutiny would fall on care homes, this became a hot potato for Hancock et al.

      Watched a video earlier where it was alleged Coroners were being pressured (?) to record Covid deaths only where tested and certified, which so far as I’m aware is illegal.
      With ca 50% fatalities across Europe in such care homes, HMG are panicking over true figures or care-home Inspectorate reports being trawled through.

      Does anybody know of a similar source to travellingtabby on historic, current, covid deaths for England, I’d be surprised if nobody has done similar….

      • It would appear that the UK Gov is ignoring home-grown companies, other than big names like Burberry, when it comes to getting PPE made in the UK. This article from the Guardian covers this. Interestingly a Scottish company stands ready to make some of the PPE. Perhaps the SG should contact them since the UK Gov wants them to use alternative routes to procurement.


        As to deaths in Care homes in England, it seems CH4 are pursuing this with their usual doggedness. They had another item on it tonight.

        • Much as the Dyson farce, what’s a little corruption between friends of the Party….

          Yes, I saw the C4 piece, slightly unsettled by conducting the entirety of the story based in south England until very end with an unrecorded covid death in a “scottish care home”, it felt distorted. Well aware misrecorded death certs will happen in Scotland, but the real death figures are in the public domain. Hence my curiosity over an equivalent to the travellingtabby info.

          Good that C4 continue to expose this but really wish they would press historical fatalities v current more frequently to force HMG to explain the effects of covid to the public. There are unexplained deaths even in the Scottish numbers, a known but as yet unexplained phenomenon, but I suggest England’s figures will show a massive disparity compared to HMG’s massaging for political reasons.

  4. Paul ive seen that attitude my entire life its sickening cringe worthy and makes my blood boil Englands its own worst enemy because its supremacist attitude blinds it to its own faults.

  5. Paul, it had to be said, yet again.
    You may recall that the Scottish CBI initially came out in favour of No during the Independence referendum, and had to quickly issue a rebuttal following a very public outcry from Pro Independence Members, blurting out that it was a junior official who had issued the completely wrong, erroneous, ‘mis-spoke’, mis-wrote declaration backing Better Together.

    A wee boy did it and ran away.
    I’m sure that the English HS will issue something similar.
    It is of course against the law to offer services to one nation within the UK and specifically discriminate , racially, against the other nations in this crumbling Union.
    It recalls the Gay Bake scandal in Norn Irn.
    WE are in business but not for gays.
    We are in business, but not for you Jocks, Taffs, and Micks.

    They dump hundreds of thousand of tons of weapons and bombs in our waters; they intend to dump nuclear waste Up Here in the Colony.

    I recall a member of the QT audience suggesting that England’s nuclear plant waste be shipped to Scotland to peals of laughter and approving applause.
    We are England’s Fly Tipping wasteland.

    Carlaw, at the virtual FMQ today sidestepped the PPE scandal by demanding that the FM deal with his constituent who is HIV, suffers from COPD, and is being treated for cancer, but has not yet received their letter confirming that they are in the Shielded category.
    WE are to assume that Carlaw has done feck all to help this poor wretch. He’d rather he suffered so that Carlaw could have his SNP BAD moment today?
    What do they do for a living?
    The Leader of the Tories has not sorted this out for his constituency? Really?
    I doubt it.

    But it was a flaccid SNP BAD distortion and a ‘what is Nicola Sturgeon thinking about?’ piece of shabby politics.

    Comrade Richard Lenin was his usual hopeless dithering self today.
    ‘The Unions are saying’ it is a ‘crisis within a crisis’, even the ‘papers are saying that too, so they are, , and it’s all a ‘little too late’.

    W shall need a Labour Party in Scotland come Indepndenence.

    I urge what’s left of the Labour movement to view this Fred Kite GMB Shop Steward’s woeful behaviour today.
    Get him out before May next year, or it will be the End of Days for Labour Up Here.

    If I were a GMB member, and support Independence, I’d withhold my TU subscriptions until this man and the mad Trot Shop Stewards are kicked out of office.

    Willie Rennie never disappoints.
    It is clear that he hasn’t got a clue about testing for Covid 19.

    The Greens were there too….

  6. Paul.
    Can you please tell me who the British nationalist columnist.you are
    referring to Who loves to kick the SNP.as i am very curious to know.
    (.I know there are very many.)

  7. Regular readers will know that I live in a leafy part of Middle England – just down the road from Arthur Thomson, in fact, though I don’t think we’ve actually met … yet. (*Wave*)

    Anyhow, I thought I’d share you this opening para. from a letter writer to our local rag, the Dunstable Gazette. I thought 1 April had been and gone, but obviously the person who wrote this was deadly serious. I just can’t get my head round such people.

    Anyway, here goes …

    “Thank goodness Boris on the road to recovery. No-one could have done more than him and his Government to try to ensure that everything possible was put in place to prepare for this unprecedented emergency.”

    Is your head spinning, too?

      • Author shares same 1st name as a lady who appeared here a couple of days ago talking about the ‘vitriol against England’ and that you would get support for indy next time if England voted. Not sure if it’s the *same* one …

        As for the ‘too much sherry …’ – was that me, you or her, Bob Lamont? 😉 (I’ve been told I got sloshed on sherry @ 6 months during an evening held my parents and their best friends in late 1968 …). Dad used to call it ‘hare’s piss’, all the same …

  8. This PPE fiasco is just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of the Scots being treated like serfs who are expected to kowtow to their masters. What’s annoying them currently however is that Nicola Sturgeon is showing them up for being the lethal buffoons that they are and many, many Scots are no longer willing to accept being treated like muck, as has been the case over centuries now.

    They’ve made a drastic mistake in thinking that we’re all going to sit back and allow them to snuff out even more lives here. Every SNHS and Care worker in Scotland knows the score now plus their relatives and friends …. and of course many others including patients. They’ve crossed the line and no amount of bluster and bullsh*t can help them now. Undo the damage to their preciooouuus Union.

    • There is also the matter of testing. At the start of the outbreak in the UK Scotland had to send any samples they took from suspected cases to PHE labs in England resulting in days of delays before the results were available. It was not until Feb 10th that Labs in Edinburgh and Glasgow had kits and were able to test samples. This meant results in hours not days.

      Now we have the UK Gov insisting on central ordering of test kits eg Wales and cancelling their contract with Roche. Perhaps because some of the devolved administrations were eg Scotland, were showing them up when it came to testing NHS staff.

      And still despite capacity the UK Gov is not doing enough testing and it seems stopping others from doing all they want to do


  9. What’s more important to them? The nation the union was meant to serve? Or the institution of union? When you read Af. Neil’s bitter and grudging non apology, you see what’s more important to them. A servile and embarrassing support to the construct. A construct that Scotland has never contributed to. Grateful for the handouts they throw our way, and how very rare we point out that if their subsidy hunny argument was true, it serves only to highlight how massively the union has failed.

  10. The infamous ‘proud Scot but’. The sneering metro commentariat (on both sides of the border). The raging Labour peer. The socialist not a nationalist (Uh huh!). Yeah! That’s right! Folk that don’t vote for them can pigeonhole too. There’s quite a few those bods out there who cringe or condescend by turn. The really talented ones can do both at the same time I hear.

    Something they should perhaps consider by this point?

    Austerity legislation, Brexit, massive wealth disparity, the piecemeal dismantling and abuse of the NHS. Oh! And YES… the incumbent government’s handling of the current Covid 19 outbreak. That’s ALL on Westminster’s watch. ALL of the attendant carnage which each new disaster has brought has been on their watch.

    We’re still supposedly in a political union.Yes? Central government is still Westminster last time we checked, (along with all the real levers of power), and Boris Johnson is still PM (NO! I’m NOT going there).

    Businesses, communities, PEOPLE are still being driven to penury and despair. People are losing their life chances, their lives… today. Right now. Whilst we’re still in the bestest partnership in the history of FURIVVER!

    The main problem for the Westminster believer is that there truly is only one place to look for responsibility… the mirror. They are large and in charge after all. But they can’t do that. Oh no. No. They WON’T do that. It’s the seps. It’s Johnny Furriner. It’s because someone worships their deity in a different way, has a funny squint in their eye, or probably eats their curly wurly the wrong way up. It’s everyone and anyone but them, their world view, their world.

    In a house with the most self evident democratic deficit, Scotland’s population can’t even hold those ultimately responsible for all of the above to account. Scotland is NOT fully self governing y’see. It’s not independent. It should be. It really, REALLY, should be a normal country, but it’s currently not.

    So. Just in case they missed it the first time round? Scotland is not independent. So if Scottish Care facilities, Scotgov, the Scot in the fucking street wants to ask a question that’s fairly pertinent and pressing about now, then the central government (that’d be Westminster) really should have the answer to hand. You’d think. So perhaps they should just get on with fixing what they’ve broken? It’d make a pleasant change.

    Also? No one who pays their damn wages needs to apologise for asking for the equity THEY PROMISED.

    How’s that better togetherness, pooling and sharing, broad shooders thang coming along?

    • There’s the thing. If BritNattery had delivered what was promised 6 years ago, we wouldn’t have any justification for complaint. Instead we have good reason, and that’s what they really don’t want to hear. No wonder. The resounding echoes of their own abject failure.

  11. I do wonder why some of those persons complaining about RPE have beards. No mask or respirator in the world will provide protection if you chose to sport a beard ( mainly a male issue!).

    • I have noticed that as well. Seemed to be a lot of beards but to be fair I have also noticed a lot of women with long hair in labs etc that is not tied back out of the way.

  12. We should not think that this “starving” of Scotland is limited to just PPE equipment; I am damn sure that it’s happening with all supply chains of goods coming in.

    • Indeed, not really off topic, but, apart from a nuclear power station in Wales and a Space Port in Scotland… all “British expenditure” (and therefor Barnett invisible) happens within English borders. Like London sewers, HS II etc.

      Perhaps this institutional bias explains why; to the Britnat persuaded, that there’s nothing to see here, so move along please when it comes to the [yawn] issue of PPE for the “Home Colonies”?

  13. England’s personality has never changed, they just apologise for it every fifty years or so call it a mistake to make it all better then off they go again with the same behaviour, every generation, but hey, Spitfires Flags and Vera Lynne that’s what counts

    Oh, and never tell the truth……..to anybody, about anything,,,,,, sshhh

  14. In this crisis which has gripped the nation ( UK /England/Scotland ? ) we are receiving daily exhortations from our ‘leaders’ to KEEP CALM – and KEEP OUR DISTANCE !

    But where , I ask , is our Governor General , our Guiding Light , our Eminence Grise , our Secretary of State for the Northern Colony – where is Alister Jack ?

    Is he alive or is he dead ( in a ditch , maybe ? ) , is he self-isolating , is he just the best player in the world at Hide-and-seek ?
    Come out , come out wherever you are , Alister ! Now is your big chance to show Scotland why you earn the big bucks .
    Tell us , please , how you are going to lead us out of the clutches of this vile virus . What is your plan ?
    Alister ? Alister ?……

  15. (from another forum)

    “The [UK] chancellor [Rishi Sunak] has congratulated Capt Tom Moore, who has raised more than £13m for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden. He paid tribute to his “true Yorkshire grit”.

    This is the story of the 99-year old ex-serviceman, who has just walked 100 laps of his garden to “raise money for the NHS” (sic).

    Rishi Sunak could have saved the poor bugger the trouble, simply by instructing the BoE to create that additional pittance of £13m, at a keystroke.

    We so need to change the narrative that it’s “our” money that pays for public sevices. The money in this case will go to “NHS Charities”. This organisation should not even be necessary in a nation that creates its own currency and has a national health sevice. It just allows people who donate, run marathons, or walk around their gardens 100 times, to have a Cameron-style, Big Society, feelgood moment, whilst at the same time masking the chronic neglect of the NHS at government level.

    Charities just serve to sweeten the stench emanating from the sewers of capitalism – but if you critique any of this smug, public-clapping, BBC-circus humbug, you’re painted as a mean, twisted curmudgeon – when, in actual reality, the mean, twisted curmudgeons are the ones who have been at the head of successive Tory governments, who have done the serious damage, that now needs redressing, in the first place! It’s ridiculous.

    Capt Tom Moore has now indicated that having been so successful, he plans to keep walking beyond 100 laps, in order to “raise” even more money… or should that be, suck even more money out of people’s pockets, for no rational reason?

    • Ace, Mark.
      Why does any citizen in Scotland (I speak for my country here) have to rely on ‘charity’?
      It is a nonsense of course ,and perpetuates the ‘feel good’ myth, that a Third Sector, the Charities are necessary, and welcomed as a fact of life by us, the mugs, who are expected to hang out of windows clapping public servants whom Jackson Carlaw and his band of bench warmers have underpaid, and undervalued, as part of their unrelenting war to destroy our civic society by privatising everything from water to potholes.
      If someone has the time and inclination, can they investigate and publish the salaries paid to the heads of the prominent Charities?
      Comrade Richard Lenin is the other side of the Collaborative Establishment coin.
      Nationalise everything, pay a surgeon the same as a bin man, and Workers Collectives running everything.
      WE are a vastly wealthy country, yet we still have Comic relief, and collecting tins.
      For fuck sake, we are expected to buy poppies so that ex service personnel can have some sort of post combat existence.
      It stinks to high heaven.
      And this latest nonsense that we should all hang out the window singing Happy Birthday, Lizzie on the 21st?
      England has gone stark staring bonkers.
      Not long now before their Union crumbles to dust.
      There’s plenty of money for all.
      But the Red Blue and Yellow Tories are not interested in Society, only money and a cushy life.
      That poor old man and the grubby little TV and ‘Paper Hacks gushing and oohing is vomit inducing toss.

      By the gods, we need out of this Union pronto.

    • Spot on Mark, Sunak is set on continuing the grand illusion, Moore’s contribution to it however laudible in principle, only serves as a stage prop to it.
      Homelessness, food banks, a struggling NHS etc could all be solved in short order were there a political will to do so, instead austerity is a nailed-on certainty to continue the financial rape, backed by an all powerful English media and incumbent government.
      Public deprogramming will only be a viable proposition in an independent Scotland, how much can be done in the interim is the only question.
      There is little hope of such fundamental change in England, WS’s earlier example from Dunstable typical of resistance to reality, a nation hypnotised, the rabbits in the headlights.

  16. Sceptical about whether the British nationalist Tory government really made a mistake in sanctioning Scotland re PPE, and if they did, they do not give a monkeys arse about it or about the people of Scotland.

    Mark and Jack, totally agree about charities. My dad despised the whole charity fetish of troughing governments, and rightly so. It’s diabolical that they are needed in the 22st century at all. I am just glad Bill isn’t around to witness the foodbank trend of the Tory troughers at the helm.

    I am sure I saw some Tory say ‘we are the 5th largest economy’ somewhere but can’t remember the context, it was very recent. Imagine saying that, while so many of the people actually trying to exist in that ‘economy’ are literally scrabbling about for a few quid for food, rent, and bills, the basics! The basics, which under the human rights act are the least we should expect for everyone in the UK. To deny those essentials is utterly criminal and immoral.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet though, just wait till Brexit, after this crisis, with massive unemployment, and when the Tories have removed everyone’s human rights
    ( except their own of course) UKOK will be hell on earth.

    Scotland has no protection against it, it’s absolutely bonkers, and only people getting off their knees will save Scotland, in the next couple of years.

  17. ‘Fifth largest economy’ doubtful. Means nothing. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Bombing the world causing havoc. Deregulating world banking causing a banking crash ruining the world economy. UK/US. Westminster failed policies.

    The ‘fifth largest economy’. What do they do with it? Brexit a catastrophe. From failed policy to failed policy since 1928. Major mistakes.

    The most successful economies are all smaller.

  18. Great video. People are wonderful. Also, in the context of your article today, an example of our deep underlying solidarity.

  19. The Tories cut NHS funding. They have been underfunding NHS/social care for years. Wasting public monies on other useless project from which they can benefit.

    Underfunding essential services and wasting monies on worthless projects. Cutting taxes and supporting tax evasion and fraud. Illegal tax evasion and fraud for donations to the Tory Party. Total corruption at the heart of Westminster government. Unionist Party fraud. They are all at it.

  20. Charity tax evasion. Not held to account. Responsible Gov does not rely on charity. Often funded with taxpayers funding. A con and a farce. It can be unregulated,

  21. If a party pursued “herd immunity” because it was cheap. If it tried to fob off health workers with a fucking cheap badge. Its not such a hard stretch to imagine that they could prioritise England over any of the other “home” nations. It has an air of verisimilitude about it. I can remember when John Major and his brand of nasty, forced old people to sell their homes to pay for healthcare. So yeah, I can imagine them writing off Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I remember when they wrote off Liverpool under Thatcher. Never forget, that behind the incompetence of tory rule, beats the heart of a vicious little bastard…and it was ever thus.

    Now if I were a unionist. If I thought for a second, that being “British” was worth a pennies purchase…I would be raging. Not at indy supporters. But at the gov of the union, undermining the very thing I believe in. I would be heroically angry at a government that was trying to make being Scottish and British look like a sick joke.

    So imagine my surprise when I see more and more of them take to twitter…to defend the face melting levels of idiocy on display. And of course the usual twitter twits, with their arguments about how Scotland wouldn’t cope without English money.

    Ah – the Scotland’s cup doth overflow with such pish does it not?

    But then, thats why the Union has been such a success, right? The Boon of Union? 300 years of one nation relying on the charity of another? I mean thats whats so great about it. You’re a member of race of pig ignorant savages, with no history or culture to call your own…and you get paid to pretend you’re a member of collective identity called “Britain”. Whats not to love? If any of that pish were true for a second, and the union had endured this long, it would be because England are a right bunch of stupid wee fannies. No the truth is, that if the subsidy junky argument were true, the English would have ditched us in 1706 and left it well alone. The plain facts are, is that the Scots have paid through the nose for the dubious gift of Britishness. The English do pretty well out of the union. But generations of telling Scots they don’t pay for a thing has led to a breed of Scot who hates the very skin he lives in, and a breed of English politician who resent the Scots for the very same reason. That’s why they could never articulate a “positive” case for union. They never took the time to build one.

    This union is weak. “British” identity is weak. The UK is weak. The indyref didn’t break it, it just highlighted the cracks in it. The vow didn’t fix it. They have pissed away the reprieve they won in 2014. The perfect storm of covid-19, Brexit and Boris Johnson will end it. Unionists will stand back and watch it happen. They won’t lift a finger to stop it. They don’t know how.

    Better together my arse

  22. Just noticing on the news.the Duke and Dutches of Cambridge speak of lockdown
    Stresses.is that not just about enough to make you vomit.they have not got a clue
    What very very many ordinary people are going through.
    I am now going to stand up.salute.and sing god save the queen.
    The quicker we are out of this discredited union.and rid of that lot the better.
    Roll on independence.

    • Joe,

      It’s the usual Brit propaganda way when they present the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors.

      Y’see – they’re *JUST* like you and me, really. Suffering the SAME stresses and deprivations that your average Brit subject is going through at this difficult time.

      Now just go back to tugging your forelock and saying, “Yes, sorr” and “Yes, ma’am”, and you know that we’ll all meet again when there a blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover [Cont. on p.94]

      • Aye, it must be hell finding enough toilet rolls for all their bathrooms. You’ve got to feel for them right enough…oh wait.

  23. The Tory supporting tax evaders that cut funding for the NHS. Vile exploiters. Raising money for charity? Sickening.

    Less people in Scotland are dying because of Devolution. MUP

    Less people will die in Scotland with Independence. People will be happier and healthier. Average life expectancy increasing. Less inequality.

    Mainly males over seventy are dying from the virus. Worldwide. The death rate for males is twice females. Women on average outlive men by 5 years, worldwide.

    Heart attacks and strokes are the main cause of death in the UK.

  24. Hahahaaaaaaaa. Heard it all now!

    ‘Jackson Carlaw claims BBC Scotland has pro-SNP bias in complaint.’

    …’Jackson Carlaw has made a formal complaint to BBC Scotland over what he believes to be a pro-SNP bias. It was reported in the Scottish Daily Mail this morning that the Scottish Tory leader has been angry with the BBC’s coverage over the past few weeks, saying it ignores opposition party views.’..



    What party views?

    ..”At the point at which both the Conservative Government down South and the SNP have agreed to work collaboratively on COVID, when the SNP has formally suspended the push for independence because of the crisis; he (Carlaw) spent all weekend talking about nothing else.”..


    • BBC Scotland invited the Tory party to discuss this issue, but unfortunately, no one was yet again available, and have not been available since Boris Johnson was voted their leader by 9000 rich old pensioners.

      Jackson Carlaw, successful businessman and entrepreneur fighting the good fight for SME’s.
      If there weren’t a Jackson Carlaw, you wouldn’t have to make one up.

      Sally Magnusson Glenn Campbell Brian Taylor Douglas Fraser Gordon Brewer David Porter Gary Robertson Andrew Kerr Donalda McKinnon (soon to be Baroness McKinnon no doubt) and the 700 odd staff in the BBC’s Scottish Brit Nat Propaganda Redoubt have morphed into rabid biased Scottish Nats?

      Hundreds of people are dying, and have died because Jackson Carlaw gave more money to the Rich, and cut payments to the rest of us, and this man is getting column inches to up his miserable exposure talking shite.
      God, let’s hope the Herald Record Scotsman and P&J give him the chance to make a right selfish fool of himself too.
      This bloated little Nobody really is the best recruitment sergeant the Pro Independence Movement has at the moment.

    • Indeed, Petra.
      I never tire of reminding us all that Willie Rennie stood up in parliament and bosted about the ‘success’ of the Coalition Government in bringing down the deficit because of the Austerity measures.
      120,000 died because willie Rennie deemed it a ‘hard choice’ so that JK Rowling and Lord Darling of Flipper could get a 5% tax bung, while welfare payments, sickeness payments, pensions, and incomes of public service workers were frozen, and half a million public servants were sacked, and England’s NHS were ordered to make £22 BILION in ‘savings and efficiencies from 2010 to 2015.
      We all know who are responsible for the decline of the UK over the past 21 years.
      Blair the War Criminal who now has a massed a £70 million fortune, Clunking Fist Brown, Clegg, Cameron, May and Johnson, and the unbelievable throng of Brit Nat Carpetbaggers who have got fat and corrupt in their shadows.
      Scotland is still paying tens of millions a year to hedge fund investors in PFI fees from Brown’s Days of ‘Prudence.
      May they rot in their version of hell for all eternity.

  25. Somebody mentioned earlier – Where is the Minister Responsible for Northern Colonies? (Ditto – for Western Colonies in my case.)

    Here he is folks:


    And some key quotes:

    “We see a flattening of the graph,”

    Does he not understand how a *^$%*ing graph works? Hasn’t he been listening to everyone talking about “flattening the curve”?

    “If we stay in lockdown for too long the damage to the economy will then damage livelihoods and I would hate it that we came out the other side and that poverty that came from a broken economy killed more people than Covid-19, because we do know from previous analysis of recessions and depressions, poverty kills.”

    Add to that the hypocrisy …

    The imbecilities of this Government mount up.

    • A nonentity speaking beyond his intellectual capabilities but not his wallet…
      Or should that be wallet’s ?

  26. I’ve said many to unionists many times there might actually be a union worth fighting for if it didn’t mean just rolling over and taking all the shit that comes from England having such a dominant position within it. The fact that so many unionists seem to identify not as British but as some kind of English overlords happy to stick it to the jocks has led me to believe they are infact English nationaists and not even the British version they think they are.
    What country or region of a union would actively seek to sneekily cut their country or regions budget? What country or region would happily label their own people as vandals and thieves?
    Find me a state in America where someone tries to get elected by saying their state is a useless shit hole and it’s people of a lower status than their neighbouring ones.
    This is the kind of mindset that needs to be shown up for what it is. Unionism has taken on this deformed way of looking at our country and it must be left in the past as we move on as equels with our neighbours instead of second class citizens.

  27. Just watching Nicola Sturgeon.who is doing a superb job.giving updates on the Coronavirus and answering questions from so called journalists.Who i would not give then the time of day.i do not think they know the meaning of the word journalism.
    They are an absolute bunch of Britnat unionists chancers.(.and I bet very many
    Of them Tory.if not all.) out to try and damage the SNP.and Nicola Sturgeon.(.something they are failing to do.) will stoop to any depths to try and make
    Everything that goes wrong in Scotland.SNPBAAAAD they are an absolutely disgusting shower.
    Lets get out of this discredited union.and look forward to a very prosperous
    Independent Scotland.standing on its own two feet..

  28. I watched it too, Joe.
    A gaggle of SNP BAD troughers as per.
    The message must be that the Scottish Government is not doing their job, and it was painfully obvious by some of the hostile posturing from some of the young women hacks.
    This from Louise Scott from STV.
    ‘We have spoken to a nurse’ the Re-using masks, wrong type of Gowns trope..

    Sturgeon could not keep her disdain from her voice to this Now I’ve Got You, You Daughter Of A Bitch tack, when she urged journalists not to keep info like this back until the Daily Briefings.
    Ms Allen could have contacted the helpline immediately and saved this nurse’s life, surely.
    Another young female whose name was indistinguishable actually said when questioning the capability of Testing:
    ‘Aren’t you trying to mask your own failings’ in setting a target of 3500 tests by the end of April?

    They had all gathered, knives out, SNP Badding for Queen and England..
    Police have the wrong type of PPE
    Spoke to A Jack about exit strategy (Borders TV Hack) Scotland should be in lockstep with England in lockdown and economy. NS:_ Naw…
    Peter Smith had ‘exclusive sight’ of a 1000 strong survey of health workers, finding that 3 out of 5 still worried, and so on, and on, and on.
    Our Fourth Estate Fifth Column at their determined best to spread the lies and panic that the Scottish Government are not on top of this crisis.
    Imagine if you will, Jackson Carlaw, Comrade Leonard, or Wee Willie the bus driver, at the lectern over the past 3 weeks in charge of the Scottish Government’s response to this global pandemic.
    Oh, titter ye may, missus.
    It is unimaginable on any level of course.
    They were put in place by their English Handlers to destroy Scotland, not offer an alternative Devolved Government.

    • Almost Jack… Attack Scotland for being open as diversion for the calamities in our own backyard, classic “Look a Squirrel” tactics.
      I keep banging on about this but, if the REAL toll on England’s populace were known, and I don’t mean this recent England and Wales ruse, there would be hell to pay, that’s why the attack dogs are off the leash…
      As to Carjack, Leoretard and the acid stomach remedy, they remind me of the old vaudeville joke, “The audience were with me all the way, finally shook them off at the station”…

  29. Jeremy Hunt asked Matt Hancock this morning why Nicola Sturgeon is highlighting that 25% of the CV19 deaths relate to care homes in Scotland, that Macron has announced that 50% relate to CH deaths in France, so why is there only 0.2% (or 2%) in England. Mumble, mumble … there’s a delay in getting the data, he said.

    No reporters willing to delve in and get to the bottom of that one?

  30. No it was Jeremy Hunt, WS. In fact I said to my husband it looks as though he’s hoping that LBJ will bail out and that they’ll hold another election, lol.

    • Apologies offered … and the Tories hit another nadir, and start fighting among themselves, all in order to promote themselves. (See also Jackson Carcrash in next offering by WGD).

        • Crikey, he’s the new chair of the Health and Social Care Committee! The guy that worked, day and night, on decimating the ENHS over a number of years.

  31. And we still haven’t got to the bottom of the PPE situation – at least not as far as I’m aware.
    And as for Leitch’s non apology….
    Too many apologists and believers in the unfettered herd immunity policy at the heart of the SG.

    • Perhaps if you explained “the unfettered herd immunity policy at the heart of the SG” you may be avoid being accused as minus a white stick and a hearing aid..
      As for “And as for Leitch’s non apology” left hanging like a first year drama student, why not just call him un/misinformed as FM did or perhaps lied, even innuendo relies on some factual basis.
      Your crowning flounce of “Too many apologists and believers in the unfettered herd immunity policy at the heart of the SG” is missing by 332 miles, but aside that SLIGHT error, do YOU have a vaccine which will accelerate the process, and where is it being trialled ?
      I’ll wait…

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