Jackson Carlaw’s desperate bid for attention

Jackson Carlaw is continuing his search for relevancy. We should be kind to him. It can’t be easy being the manager of a branch office whose predecessor had no policies at all except saying no to another referendum and posing for cheeky photo opportunities with an assortment of barnyard animals.

Because he has nothing much to say except, “Boris Johnson, isn’t he maaaaarvellous”, Jackson needs something else to get his name in the papers seeing as how Boris Johnson is considerably less popular in Scotland than taking a coronavirus bath. So he’s decided upon a wizzard wheeze, something that will really make the entire nation sit up and take notice of him. And this has indeed proven a success, although sadly for Jackson what it has meant is that the entire nation has sat up and wondered if Jackson has been taking attention getting lessons from Ben Fogle. Today Jackson is claiming that BBC Scotland is biased in favour of the SNP. Yes, he really said that. Jackson Carlaw complaining about pro-SNP bias on BBC Scotland is like a professional football player who loves true crime stories and his pet cat complaining that there’s far too much murrdurr, fitba and wee cute kittens on Reporting Scotland.

It must have seemed a great idea when Jackson got up in the morning and sipped on his giant cup of I’m Fecking Fabulous and admired his paintings. This is after all an easy story for the press to find a picture for, even during a lockdown. Because if you’re looking for a stock photie of Jackson Carlaw looking like he’s sulking, you’re going to be spoiled for choice.

This is the latest iteration of the unending search of British nationalists for victimhood status. They’re the most oppressed creatures in the entire multiverse you know. None of them have ever paused to wonder how come they’re such constant victims if this British state that they keep banging on about is indeed such a powerful and wonderful institution. You’d imagine that if it was capable of doing even a tiny fraction of all the things that they claim it does for Scotland, then it would manage to protect them from being perma-victims. And yet there is no bigger victim in Scotland than a British nationalist in search of a grievance. They haven’t really though this through, have they. They are always telling us that Scotland needs the British state to protect it, and then in the same breath they tell us how they’re victims of evil Scottish people and cybernats that the British state is apparently powerless to deal with. Who knew that a pro-indy granny from Methil with a Twitter account and a nice line in put downs was a greater danger to Scotland than a Trident missile.

But back to that cesspit of pro-SNP and separatist propaganda that is the BBC. This would be the BBC Scotland which has given far more airtime to – and spent far more of its time, energy, and resources investigating – decisions made by the Scottish Football Association than it has investigating what happened to cause PPE manufacturers in England to post notices on their websites stating that they have restricted sales to England only. This is because when the late Liverpool manager and Scotland player Bill Shankly famously quipped, “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that,” BBC Scotland decided to take him literally. This explains why BBC Scotland has devoted interminable hours of broadcast time to the question of what’s going to happen to the current fitba season that’s been aborted due to the coronavirus crisis, and only a couple of minutes telling us that there’s really nothing to see here when it comes to the provision of PPE to England only.

What Jackson’s really miffed about is that BBC Scotland, or the rest of the Scottish media for that matter, doesn’t love him the way that they loved Ruth Davidson. Ruth was a creature of the media, and the media was determined to build her up as the next Saviour of the Union™. She cheerfully obliged by delivering them plenty of cheery images that they could publish on their pages, and they obliged her in turn by not drawing attention to her lack of policies or her support for obscenities like the rape clause. On the other hand, Jackson would have a hard time persuading anyone that he’s the next saviour of his local rotary club.

The real problem that he’s got here is that the SNP leadership has announced that it’s not going to pursue another independence referendum for the duration of this crisis. This leaves the Conservatives in Scotland with nothing to say no to. All he’s got left is to complain that the opposition parties and the media need to relently press the SNP. The media in Scotland have been relentlessly pressing the SNP since 2007.

It’s not the SNP that’s getting off the hook, it’s the Conservative party. There are credible reports in the British media that Number 10 is leaning on journalists and the BBC to go soft on ministers during the current crisis. The BBC broadcaster John Humphrys claimed earlier this week that BBC bosses have warned journalists not to put Conservative ministers under too much pressure. There has indeed been a marked lack of the BBC taking the British government to task over its woeful handling of the epidemic, and the growing realisation that the UK may be one of the worst affected states in Europe. Instead we get clapping for the NHS and reports about what movies Boris Johnson is watching on his iPad as he recovers from his illness. Just before the current crisis broke, the Sky presenter Adam Boulton complained that Number 10 was trying to control the media by being selective in who it would allow into press conferences. Downing Street made threats about abolishing the licence fee and turning the BBC into a form of subscription service like Netflix.

Control of the BBC, as we all know in Scotland, is reserved to Westminster. At no point has the BBC in Scotland ever gone soft on the SNP. Indeed the most frequent complaint about the corporation is that it acts as the propaganda arm of the British state, complaints which were well founded given the BBC’s behaviour during the referendum campaign of 2014. What Jackson Carlaw is trying to do here is to get some publicity for himself and his party at a time when saying no to another referendum has no traction because there’s no referendum to say no to, and more importantly to deflect attention from the efforts of his colleagues in Westminster to pressurise the BBC not to investigate the policies of Conservative ministers which have led to the mishandling of this crisis.

There is a threat to the freedom of the press in Scotland, and it’s not the SNP. It’s the Tories. They yearn for the days when British nationalism had total control of Scotland’s media, and can’t cope with even the tiny foothold that support for independence has gained.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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48 thoughts on “Jackson Carlaw’s desperate bid for attention

  1. Whilst your evisceration is deserved, this tactic is probably more malevolent than you give it credit for. In December (last), Number 10 ‘put the word out’ that the Radio 4 Today programme was being boycotted for bias against the Tories. It’s arguably the most disgustingly pro-Tory BBC News programme there is. But of course, what was the predictable (well I predicted it) response? Lord Tony Hall said, “The fact criticism came from all sides of the political divide shows to me that we were doing our job without fear or favour”.

    Expect a similar kind of response in the next week or two from BBC Scotland.

    • That’s an interesting take on this.
      However it still remains the case that Scotland is the least satisfied with the EBC out of all the nations and I very much doubt if this tantrum will change that perception.
      Personally I haven’t listened to the BBC News in any form and precious little else of its output for ages, and that’s from a previous devoted Radio 4 and BBC News 24 listener.
      Once you lose trust, well it doesn’t come back.
      Once it moves to subscription, I’m off.

    • The “criticism from all sides” excuse has been the BBC’s go-to standard defence for years, but it is totally threadbare now. As is its “balance” criterion that eg. fills Dundee audiences with posh-sounding BritNat zealots. It’s not a few artificial protests from the Tories that would make the BBC truly reflect Scottish public opinion on independence.

  2. Yep,allows the EBC to say ‘If both sides complain,we must be even handed’,aye right.
    What I can’t understand from carlos jackass is,why would I support a government that has just sentenced care home residents to be exposed to the virus, these are the onionists most likely postal voters.
    The hand cock is now saying he’s not a magician and can’t guarantee PPE deliveries over the weekend, this in response to the Last Health minister, HUNT, who now questioned him as chair of the westmonster committee. He has a position to defend.
    Stockholm syndrome perhaps.

  3. The Tories cut NHS funding. 10 years of NHS cuts. Cameron to Johnston. Neglect.

    The SNP Gov increased SNHS funding. 10 years of SNHS increased funding. Better prepared.

    The Tories can be voted out. Feart. The tide is turning,

    Nicola & Co care about people.

    The Tories and MSM do not. Tax evaders.

    The Tory policies are affecting their own supporters. Males over 70.

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  5. I got his last report to the constituency.

    Five questions.
    1) What is your primary local issue?
    2)Condition of the roads?
    3)Effects of Post Office closure?
    4)Performance of local schools?
    5)What should the SG’s first priority be?

    He and his boy, masterton,sent out a similar survey last year, when the local post office was to close.

    Small mind carlos jackass

  6. What is pissing Carlaw off and the Scottish Media is that people ignore them, mock them and consider them irrelevant..
    The people have turned to bloggers for fact checking.
    Carlaw and the hacks want a return to carefully managed propaganda.
    The Unionists are thrashing about trying to figure out how to return the public to a diet of Pathe News style Empire sales pitch.

  7. This is a sure sign that puir wee Jacksaw Carlot feels rather left out, simply by BBC Scotland doing its basic job and giving the FM (plus assorted others) her due as the person in charge during a national crisis, and looking competent forbye. Not enough time for the usual mindless nihilistic anti-SNP sniping on the BBC (despite the valient attempts of some obvious churnalists at the daily briefings – yes, that includes you, Tory Hack of Border TV and your fatuous attempt to reference Alister “Union” Jack, Secretary of State for Disappearing for Scotland).

    My heart truly bleeds for you, deservedly-neglected Tory nobodies achieving diddly-squat.

  8. The BBC and pro-SNP bias. God give us strength.

    BBC news at 6pm managed, once again tonight, to find two care homes in Scotland that have lost residents to the virus. No examples to be found in England? Strange when Ms Kuensberg reported recently that 2000 care homes in England have been hit with the virus. Then they quoted Nicola Sturgeon saying that 25% of the C19 deaths in Scotland relate to care homes and Mat Hancock stating that the figure is 2% in England. Aye jackanory.

  9. Can you imagine what this country would be like without the internet, our parliament and with the SNP in power?

    Tories controlling or the Labour tories in place would mean that real issues currently being discussed daily would be whitewashed. Press briefings would rule the day and the compliant so called (don’t laugh) free press would lap it all up then regurgitate.

    Jackson hasn’t realised that primary school children are inquisitive like their parents and their lies do not work any more.

    This was more about diverting the bad U.K. news story to try and please his ageing and smaller group of followers. I’m not sure if that includes what his name from the borders. Pretends he is a Secretary of State. How pathetic they are.

  10. BBC Scotland will take Mr Carlaw’s criticism to heart. They will stop allowing any SG or SNP spokesperson air-time to ‘deny’ the accusation in any Tory press release which is the BBC Scotland headline story.

    Balance will be achieved by having either Wuggie Rennie of Richard Leotard (Leopard?) say that Mr Carlaw is too feeble in his condemnation of the SG.

  11. Mr Carlaw is aware that that most of the YES movement (including the Essenpee) aren’t on bestest terms with the mainstream meeja, yes? Especially broadcast meeja. If not, then perhaps he should acquaint himself with his opposition. Right about now, a cynical person might be forgiven for reaching one of three logical conclusions really. Mr Carlaw is either:-

    a. Poorly informed
    b. None too observant
    c. Playing at party politics in a time of international crisis

    There’s other less diplomatic conclusions but, y’know…. gotta be greater than the hater. 😉

  12. The first comment above is no doubt correct. Wash, rinse, spin and use again as per. And of course it has been so successful in the past, lolz. I am sure the Brits think they are playing a blinder. I think otherwise.

    I doubt that any Branch level Brit is organising this or any other aspect of the anti independence operation – surely even a native donkey like Carlaw could do better? I have no doubt that every potentially influential agency in Scotland, from the Tory, Labour, and Lib dem branch offices, through the state subsidised rags like the Herald, Scotsman, Record etc and the “Scottish” tv /radio services plus some are being actively co-ordinated and directed by “British Intelligence” (that has to be the ultimate oxymoron). Mind you, it must be difficult for them right now when some of their top brains are no doubt being tied up in ensuring that they control the steady flow of positive information about covid 19. And we all know how well that is working.

    I may be wrong but I can’t imagine anyone in Scotland, apart from the BritNats, thinking that it is other than mince.

    Who would be a Brit?

    Not I.

  13. “Downing Street made threats about abolishing the licence fee”.

    If they cut the BBC loose it really would be curtains for the Union.

    If only they were that stupid.

  14. Jackson Carlaw – Animal , Vegetable or Mineral ?

    You are allowed to ask 20 questions – to be answered either Yes or No – to discover the answer to this riddle .

    No cheating – using Google is prohibited , as is the use of Encyclopaedia Brittanica !

    Clue : part of a rare form of invertebrate .

  15. Is it any wonder we don’t trust the media.
    Just looked at Sky and EBC websites.
    The Handcock PPE stuff has been removed and replaced by the production of a cure, maybe.
    The PPE is to run out by Monday,use it twice is the suggestion.
    Boat people are getting facemasks from Border Patrol, Scots stopped from ordering, are you still a NO ,carloss?
    Poor Derek McKay had to endure over a week of his story being repeated on the EBC website for communicating by text.
    Handcock appears to hold responsibility for the lack of PPE for front line staff,along with his submarining boss.
    No call from the politicians for either of them to resign.
    Maybe carloss jackass would make the case for either to resign,the EBC will back him, aye right.

  16. The Tories in Scotland should take a lesson from BoJo Senior who is no longer welcomed down the pub.
    Being associated with BoJo is not a good thing these days except for the representatives of HM press who need to try and maintain the edifice of the British state.
    Government Health Warning.
    HM Government can Damage your Health.

  17. I really despise that attitude – what kind of cretins are these people?

    I live in Lancashire – just a few miles away from BAE Warton – home of the Typhoon. This week the Guardian reported the BAE sold £15bn or aircraft and ordinance to the Saudi’s or the Yemen offensive. Lytham is the loveliest of towns – leafy streets, grand seafront properties – Colin Henry lived here until he became skint. You have to earn good money to join the waiting list. Mark Menzies is the MP – living testament that if you pinned a blue rosette on a retarded chimpanzee in the Fylde, it would be wiping its arse on the green benches in no time.

    I posted the article in a Lytham Facebook group during the week and as you might expect, it wasn’t too popular. I asked: “Anyone still proud of this?” …..

    “Contracts are in the public domain, surely everyone in Lytham knows they sell majority to Middle East so surprised you dont know that So tell me what is the purpose of the post? BAE are and have been a major area employer for years if you think the effects of Covid are bad it would be much worse if they closed Warton!”

    “Arms dealer sells arms……who knew??? What’s the next scoop? Macdonalds food is bad for you? Range Rover’s are powered by small children’s tears? Or my fave….. Vegan goes one whole day without lecturing meat eaters? Dickhead.”

    “Corbyn supported the IRA”

    “Depends how you feel about the job losses if we didn’t, some other country would have sold them!”

    “That’s what we do and we’re proud of it. What does it matter what the Saudi’s do with them. It’s not our problem”

    “We don’t pull the trigger”

    “They’re arab Muslims FFS”

    You think you’ve got it bad in Scotland? I usually never respond, but for some reason after reading Paul’s post, I couldn’t help myself. If there’s a report in the morning about an accidental missile strike in England…it was worth it.

    “Some extremely illuminating replies here, particularly i our present circumstances.

    I posted earlier in this group, suggesting we try to be more tolerant and understanding, even with opinions we don’t share. I regret to say I’m going to go against my own advice.

    Frank Roe was a patient and good friend for over a decade until he passed away six or seven years ago. Frank started Aerospace and was CEO and Chairman for much of his adult life. Without him, BAE and Lytham wouldn’t have the wealth and status it enjoys today. He was a remarkable man – a real “boy’s own” character from a generation that faced down hardship and fear – and a fabulous artist in his later years.

    A few weeks before he died we were talking about life in general and I asked if he had any regrets. Without hesitation, he said, “Absolutely – to have allowed the militarisation [of BAE] by the British and American defence departments.”

    He explained the slow, almost unnoticeable transition from being an (excellent) aircraft manufacturer – to a global arms dealer – and the shame he felt when details of Mike Turner’s involvement with the MOD and the Saudi’s to facilitate the “Dove” – the Al-Yamamah bribery scandal – became known. It wasn’t the easiest of retirements with these events unravelling to media scrutiny. I really felt for him. Thankfully he died before the slaughter began in the Yemen.
    It was Frank that told me the story of the Rolls Royce factory in East Kilbride. I’d heard about it as a boy, but had forgotten – and never really understood what happened at the time.

    Very similar to BAE – the factory manufactured and serviced the engines for Hawker Hunter jets. At the time, Gen Pinochet, backed by the USA, overthrew the Chilean government, killing thousands of citizens during the coup. They used British jets to bomb the capital city, Santiago, relentlessly.
    When these events became known, the RR workforce downed tools and refused to work on several engines they were servicing for the Chilean airforce. It became a political nightmare – the British government threatened the workers – they wanted the money from Pinochet and were simply following Washington’s instructions – but the men stood their ground. It was at a time when principles and solidarity actually meant something.

    Even when Frank reminded me about it – I still didn’t fully understand what was achieved. How important their action was to the ordinary people of Santiago and Chile generally. They made a documentary/film a couple of years ago called “ Nae Pasaran” – it was on iPlayer recently – and a quick google search will tell the story.

    I’d recommend you watch it – but I’m not that confident, even then, that some would appreciate its simple message. The gene pool in some quarters of Leafy Lytham is clearly extremely shallow and uninspiring. They were men and women who stood head and shoulders above you lot; genuine, honest individuals that cared about their brothers and sisters – wherever they lived.

    One of the principles established at the Nuremberg Trials is that ‘just following orders’ is no excuse. We’ve known for years how corrupt and brutal the Saudi Royals are (much like our own) – we know that the aircraft we build along the road in Warton are used to destroy the Yemen in a proxy war conducted by the USA against Iran. Tens of thousands of children have died in bombing raids and from starvation – hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

    An unforgivable slaughter and as the UN declared – a crime against humanity – aided and abetted by unprincipled, selfish, vacuous cretins, whose only considerations in life are the size of the next salary bonus and whether they can afford to upsize to that nice end terrace in Agnew Street.
    How does it feel to be tacitly complicit in a genocide?

    After reading these comments, I’m beginning to hope this virus really does take off properly and we can all experience just what it feels like to be at the mercy of a brutal and indiscriminate killer. At least we won’t have to endure the sheer terror associated with the scream of a Typhoon – although we might still yet welcome the instantaneous oblivion its payload delivered to many Yemeni – thanks to you.

    As you’re reading this now, take a pause and look around. The nice house, BMW or Merc on the drive – and the photos of the second home in the Lakes or Tenerife. Maybe you’re not there yet. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you have, whatever you’ve craved and desired and convinced yourself that it’s deserved – has been bought and paid for by the lives of people that have done you no harm or wished you ill-will. Blood money.

    Yet you still try and justify the impossible.

    I feel ashamed even conversing with you and making these points. In my humble opinion, with these replies, you have exposed yourselves as the scum of humanity and deserve to be utterly despised for the rest of your sorry lives.

    As for the IRA, perhaps if you had acquired some empathy and intellect along the way – and had listened carefully to an older Irish generation who perhaps had witnessed the rape and murder of their mothers and sisters by the Black & Tans – or anyone murdered by the British army during the Troubles – then you might have gained an enlightened perspective. It was a war – not a ‘local trouble’. Bad things happen in war – as you well know. Many of them perpetrated in our name.
    You don’t like the IRA because they bombed and killed innocent civilians? You don’t like those who supplied them?

    What’s the difference between the IRA and the Saudi’s?

    £60K p/a? You hypocritical wankers. Even before this virus, you have exposed and endangered the lives of your neighbours. How long would it be before someone came over from the Yemen with suicide vest and decided The Taps or Zest might be an appropriate destination?

    What we are experiencing right now is down to people who share the same philosophy as some here. Selfishness. Greed. Stupidity.

    The only glimmer of light in all of this is the absolute certainty that BAE will never again manufacture or sell any product that can be used to kill and maim innocent people. As long as people with conviction survive the coming months, be assured, that will never happen.

    “Lytham and St Anne’s is the loveliest town with many remarkable people and a fantastic history, but it has been stained with the stench of corruption, greed and moral incontinence.”

    Not my words.

    Rest in Peace, Frank. Promise fulfilled.”

    • Very interesting Mark, and very sad indded.

      The film Nae Pasaran! is brilliant, I must watch it again, it’s so well made, and very moving. A real life story of wonderful people who decided not to go along with ‘just taking orders’.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.”

      Can’t recall who said that, but it’s certainly appropriate to the modern world where everyone seems content to just sit and stare at their TVs or iPhones, thinking life is just fine, while corruption, war, atrocity, and environmental destruction happen all around them.

      I’d like to think Coronavirus would be the wake-up call that finally gets them to take notice of what’s going on around them, but it’s far more likely the majority will just gradually go back to ‘normal’ once this is over. Apathy and compliance are difficult habits to shake off.

  18. If the headline read more like Jackdaw Carsplan furious with Tory bosses in Westminster for instructing the BBC to lay off Nicola Sturgeon because criticising her at this moment will boost her popularity even more, that might make more sense, but of course they can’t say that because then everybody’d know Westminster controlled the media so maybe easier to instruct the local branch manager to keep himself relevant but try not to be as silly as usual

    He had one job n’well *sigh* he’s incapable of even that

    Robin Leopold’ll get his turn tomorrow followed by Edna Rennie, must keep the party together and all that

    Funny how the *British* media criticise other countries for being a one party state which is the desired objective and outcome of every government that England has ever had, or do the words *majority government* mean something different in England, I mean I speak English pretty well and majority means one party rule doesn’t it, and if all or any opposition parties can be bought and paid for to give their votes to the winning party even if they are a minority then it still ends up a one party state exactly like China or Russia, the places the media like to criticise the most

    In England it’s actually worse than that though, because they confuse and lie to the electorate that they have a Monarchy and a democracy at one and the same time and of course that’s impossible
    but to get round that they created the role of Prime Minister, in effect a King in all but name, but keep up the pretence that that role must be endorsed by a Monarch who ceded Monarchial power to the parliament a long time ago, lo and behold exactly like China and at one time Russia

    Ah, the world of politricks

  19. Carlaw should just be grateful that the ‘biased BBC ‘ has not called out the Tory Party on their recent promises on Covid-19 :

    we have plenty of PPE – it’s just a logistics issue them not getting to the needy ( not our fault );

    there is a worldwide shortage of PPE ( not our fault );

    hospital running out of PPE especially gowns – well , just share ;

    we are not hogging all the PPE for English use only – just that Scotland and Wales are alphabetically behind us in the queue ;

    we will be doing lots of testing( we just don’t think it necessary );

    we have a target of 25,000 tests per day – not our fault we haven’t reached it ;

    we have a new target of 100,000 tests per day – not our fault we haven’t reached it ;

    we have not enough tests because other countries want them too ( for some strange reason ;

    we are taking it on the chin – but not any criticism of our handling of the crisis .

  20. Mark Russell. Interesting take on things. Pinochet , friend of Thatcher and some trades unions and a murderer to boot. Still he paid well.

  21. Great article!

    It was really very weird, the Britnat MSP’s all seemed to like, vanish into thin air for a few days, then all of a sudden, out they crept all on the same day. Friday, like cockroaches, urgh.

    Must have been fun, all the Britnat MSP’s zoomering, the chitchat, plotting their next move, stuffing their faces on hot cross buns and chocolate at easter.
    They took advice from up high, hands clasped together, eyes pointed toward heaven, hoping, praying for a bit part in this saga.

    The obligatory gas lighting lessons though can’t have been very useful or much fun. Instructed to spread muck on a Friday, and hope it sticks, but verbal diarrhea is easily flushed away though! Just as well the shops are now awash with bog roll!

    The Britnats are really desperate, something is afoot, there is a pandemic on, but still somehow the FM is speaking for the country, ( Scotland) is as popular as ever even also further afield than Scotland. Can’t be nice, for the Britnats at Holyrood out of the limelight, for weeks on end, upstaged, off screen, out of sync and out of touch. They are talentless show offs but right now to their horror they are back staged. Tough!

    Let’s not allow them to make a comeback, Scotland needs to control the narrative, the lighting and direction. The Britnats at Holyrood continue to demean, ridicule, and work against their own country, for self gain, but like characters in a ‘Carry on’ film, they are the actual laughing stock! Old hat, out of date, outdated and surplus to requirements in 21st century Scotland.

    No idea why I am thinking stage and plays, but it seems a good analogy at the mo!

  22. I fear the economic assessment of our predicament by the media and politicians is deluded.

    Imagine for a moment that you have been working on an important business proposal for several months and your manuscript is almost complete, ready for the submission deadline in a few days time, when suddenly your computer screen freezes and doesn’t respond to any commands.

    You reboot the computer several times, but it simply loads the same paralysed screen. In desperation you call the software engineer and when he examines the hard drive, there is bad news.

    The program you have used to write the proposal has developed a conflict with the operating system and cannot be recovered. The only solution is to delete the program entirely, which will save all the other files – your music, photographs, emails, contacts and other important personal material – but that means destroying your business proposal and losing out on a profitable opportunity.

    If you purchase a brand new PC you lose everything. What do you do?

    Our economy is that damaged program. No matter what we try, it will remain frozen and can never be restored. We must simply accept that the data within that program has been fatally corrupted and is unrecoverable – and if we don’t remove it, then we risk losing all the other equally important files too.

    Sitting in front of that frozen screen every day won’t put food on the table next week.

    It really isn’t a difficult decision.

    Have a good weekend.

  23. The illegal arms trade to the Saudis etc has been sanctioned illegally by the Westminster Gov since the 1960’s, Harold Wilson. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    The illegal bribes and corruption to the Saudis Official from redundant weaponry companies, illegally, sanctioned by the British Gov to this day. Despite Court judgement against the Westminster Gov illegal actions. The Westminster Gov just ignores the Court judgements and continues the illegal weapons trade,

    Even the Royals are in involved in the illegal donations from the Saudis. Along with the UK political parties, Thatcher took money and donations from the Saudis for the Tory Party, Cash for honours etc included, tax evaders. Accepting Saudi monies for killing fields, Western Gov and arms trade acting as mercenaries for illegal Saudi actions.

    All kept secret under the Official Secrets Act or Court judgement against the British Gov ignored by Westminster. Corruption at the heart of the UK Gov,

    Monies which could be better spent on healthcare and essential services, renewables etc, Being spent in the illegal redundant weapons trade and Trident, Defence etc. For illegal bribes from the firms to the Saudis.

    The Saudis over spending monies on the evil trade. The trade illegally killing and maiming people worldwide. The Saudi administration illegally bribing the UK Gov officials. £Billions/Trillions (taxpayers) monies wasted. Warmongers getting away with it. Despite Court judgements against the trade. illegal Gov actions, Actions with do not comply with International Law. Breaking International Law.

    This arms trade and industry is not profitable at all but loses taxpayers money overall which could be better spent. Useless actions sanctioned by Westminster Gov, Better essential jobs could be created more profitable for any nation.

    Warmongers getting away with it. Despite International Law judgement, Not being complied and upheld. People dying in Britain because of the UK Gov corruption and illegal actions. Ignoring Court judgement,

    The EU set up to stop War and starvation in Europe and the world, Brexit another catastrophe. The Tories/unionist cut the Healthcare budget for years. To overspend on Trident redundant weaponry. Defence and illegal wars. Warmongers. Always causing trouble throughout the world. The Westminster Gov. Prevention is better than cure.

    The idea that the arms industry is profitable is a fallacy. The trouble, harm and hardship it brings. An illegal trade,

  24. The Saudi Arms/Defence spending (pro rata) is one of the highest in the world, after the US. The US spend the highest in the world (pro rata). It is becoming unaffordable for the economy. To sanction a corrupt regime. The trouble they are causing in the world illegally bribing people and corrupting business.

    That is why Trump was elected to stop the illegal wars. The Americans are sick of it and the public monies wasted on it. Illegal wars have been resisted,

  25. Saudi population 38million.

    Saudi Defence/arms spend $78Billion. One of the highest in the world (pro rata). Colossal.

    World Defence/arms spend $1.8Trillion. Some funds could be put to better use. For healthcare, relieving poverty etc.

  26. The farmers are desperate for fruit and veg pickers. Mr Carlaw and his BritNat buddies have nothing else to do but bitch in the background, so may I suggest they offer their services – free, of course, because their Parliamentary salary is more than enough – and help to feed the nation instead of their egos.

    Meanwhile, talking of egos, HM is being jolly generous and patriotic at this ‘very difficult time’ and will not require a 21 gun salute on her birthday. Some folk won’t even be getting a card or a ‘do’ this year because their family and friends are ‘locked down’. In any case, guns are specifically designed to kill, maim and cause mayhem, fear and panic among people and animals, so why one has to have 21 of them firing off for one’s birthday, one cannot imagine.

  27. Maybe Carlaw should be given some airtime and be forced to answer some pertinent questions.

    ‘Hancock’s Half Horrors as England hides its dead.’



    ‘Jackson Carlaw is not wrong. BBC Scotland at this time dislikes and fears this Conservative Party and for the moment cannot help but admire this SNP leadership.’

    …”Strangely enough, in a way he’s right. In this time of pandemic and widespread personal trauma, his party leadership has revealed only incompetence, huffiness and insensitivity while that of the SNP, notably in the form of apparently caring, intelligent and competent women, seems to have caused them to defer criticism and to show respect. That makes the BBC seem, to a Tory used to anti-SNP bias as the norm, pro-SNP.”…


  28. The Tory supporting farmers need fruit, veg pickers. A conflict of interest with the Party usual traditionally support. The profile male and over 60. There will be changes soon, Demographically.

    Brexit. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. In their irrational insistence to follow irrational policies blaming migrants for Westminster Gov traditional mismanagement of the economy.

    Westminster caused the migrant crisis in Europe/world, with the illegal wars. European countries have to clear up the UK Gov mismanaged mess.

    The Tories offending all sections of society as usual. Lies and corruption. It will all end in tears again. Among party members. Voted out.

    They will have to lock up HM for any gun salute. Isolating distance. Might be a problem. Called off or postponed. 93 and 98 year old husband. In the target range of most susceptible to disease. It could finish one off. Need a replacement already covered. An outpouring of grief. In restriction and isolation. Like other folk bearing the brunt.

  29. Indyref2 has been delayed. Not recinded.

    ‘Court case on Westminster approval for indyref2 delayed.’



    The National is struggling. Let’s support it. Use it or lose it.

    ”Scotland is in lockdown. Shops are closing and newspaper sales are falling fast. It’s no exaggeration to say that the future of The National is at stake. Please consider supporting us through this with a digital subscription from just £2 for 2 months by following this link:


    Thanks – and stay safe.”

  30. As with all the subjects above and many more not mentioned, follow the money and the connected funding and donations and you find your world has a different reality than what you thought,
    Bill Gates, and his father, Rockefeller, Henry kissinger, George sorro, Tedros are all believers in eugenics, and depopulation,
    The connections between funding and foundations is staggering when a close look is researched, Bill Gates has a connection to most of them and his employees past and present seem to be in positions in governments. And in many countries,
    The same can be said of George Sorros, they are all pushing for vaccinating the world population. He also has an interest in most foundations we have in our government at present and in many other countries around the world. follow the funding and the foundations.
    Some of these untried vaccines have been forced on third world countries already with disastrous affects, and their governments and their people are now taking them to courts,
    Not MSM news of course, and now they are pushing for us to vaccinated across the planet.

    The question in our minds should be who has the most to lose and who has the most to gain when it comes to eugenics and vaccines,

    Before you think about tin hat conspiracy theory’s,
    It would be wise to remember how people were belittled, mocked and scorned when they mentioned Chem trails/seed clouding, And yet there it is, mentioned in the guardian for all to see this last week in relation to the Great Barrier Reef, adjust the title, but same product, slipped in under the radar for most people. And the BBC have suggested doing it for Climate change, nobody has laughed at them, but they used to laugh at others who said it years ago.
    For People whom have had their attention elsewhere. This has been a successful strategy in main stream media for such a long time, that it goes unnoticed,
    It goes without saying, that often false information comes in accidental or deliberately to confuse the truth between the lies, it is up to us wether we blindly believe everything , or we do the research and be decernning.

  31. Vaccination and science development is important for health but it is up to countries and the people how they implement them. How to conduct their matters and economies. To their best advantage. Not unfair, unequal interference. Not tax evading non Doms. Breaking International business Law for fairness and equality. Getting away with collateral damage.

    They should pay their recognised taxes to help countries trying to eradicate sickness and poverty. Not create monopolies of unfairness. Immune from prosecution of illegal overcharging. Above the Law and tax evading. Pay their share to help eradicate sickness and poverty.

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