Johnson’s negligence is costing lives

When the history of this epidemic is written, one of the villains of the story will be Boris Johnson. At a time of global emergency, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson lived down to the very worst expectations of his critics, and was absent from duty. This morning in Boris Johnson’s household Carrie Symonds is asking him if he’s left the kettle boiling – only to be told that it’s the sound of notifications on his phone as social media erupts in outrage as the true extent of him and his party’s dereliction of duty and abnegation of responsibility comes to light.

In one of the most damning articles ever published in the British press – and moreover in a traditionally Conservative newspaper – the Sunday Times today lays out the evidence for Boris Johnson’s shocking lack of diligence and interest in performing the task which he so eagerly sought. The position of Prime Minister is one which he has lied in order to get, which he has cheated for, deceived for, and which he has led the UK to ruin for. It should come as no surprise that he is not performing honestly and with honour in a position which he acted so dishonestly and dishonourably to win. Even so, it’s still shocking to see the extent of it laid bare.

The article itself hides behind Rupert Murdoch’s paywall, but some kind soul has published an archive version which is free for all to read. If you haven’t already done so, you should read it now. And you should also make sure that everyone you know reads it too, especially those who still have some lingering trust in the good faith of this British government to look after our interests. The link to the full article is HERE.

It has been known for some time that a pandemic was one of the most serious threats that the world faced. Like an earthquake in California, no scientist could say when the big one would strike, they could only warn that it was inevitable that at some point it would. It would be bad enough that if the British government was warned that a serious crisis was in the offing, it was to do nothing. It’s worse than that. Between 2001 and 2010 the UK was a world leader in terms of its preparations and planning for a pandemic. However when the Conservatives took office the British government ran down its preparations, defunded them, and deliberately neglected them in order to focus on Brexit and austerity. They knew the earthquake was coming, and they deliberately undermined the foundations of the house in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Calls to order PPE fell on deaf ears. Scientific warnings went unheeded. And the Prime Minister took time off to play happy families with his girlfriend.

At the start of February, when it ought to have been clear that a major catastrophe was about to befall us unless immediate action was taken, Boris Johnson gave a speech in London in which he likened the UK to a superhero defying the virus to keep free trade going. It was the crassest example imaginable of delusional British exceptionalism. Boris Johnson was determined to keep the economy running, while other nations went into lockdown – because they were lesser breeds. The cost in human lives never entered his head. He only thought about the cost to his pocket and the bank balances of the rich.

In the words of a senior Downing Street advisor quoted by the Sunday Times, “We were the envy of the world but pandemic planning became a casualty of the austerity years when there were more pressing needs.” Those more pressing needs were the political need to blame the poor for the fecklessness of the financial sector, to run down public services, and to pursue a no-deal Brexit. People are dying because the British state, the Conservative party, prioritised private greed over the public good.

We have learned that even as the true dangers of this pandemic were coming to light, Boris Johnson couldn’t be bothered to attend the first five Cobra meetings, being too preoccupied with his personal life. He wasn’t interested in chairing meetings. Colleagues were told to keep briefing papers short, because the Prime Minister couldn’t be arsed to read anything longer than a page. And instead of attending and chairing vital meetings to plan the UK’s response to the looming threat of Covid-19, Boris Johnson preferred to spend time relaxing with his girlfriend, and trying to repair the rift his new relationship had created between himself and his children that he actually acknowledges.

Now the UK is on course to be the European state with the highest death toll from this virus, both in absolute terms and per head of population. It’s for good reason that the Conservative government only publishes the statistics for deaths in hospitals, because there are reports that there could already be as many as 7500 additional death in care homes on top of the 15,464 that the UK government’s figures admit to. This is the estimate made by the care home organisation Care England, and it’s several times higher than the estimate of 1500 made by the British government.

If this estimate is accurate this would take the true number of deaths from the virus in the UK to around 23000, a death toll which is the same of that of Italy and greater than Spain’s. And we’ve not seen the last yet. The blame for this lies squarely with Boris Johnson and the British government which he leads. Still want to clap for Boris? There are 15,464 people plus God knows how many more who won’t be clapping for anything ever again. The likes of Tory apologist Toby Young think that Boris Johnson was sent by God. It can only be because God has run out of locusts.

The catalogue of errors and missteps is legion. Far from ensuring that the UK possessed sufficient stockpiles of PPE to see the NHS through a pandemic, in January this year this British government exported hundreds of thousands of items from its stockpile to China.

The government initially believed that this epidemic was going to act like the regular outbreaks of flu, and so pursued its disastrous herd immunity strategy. It was only after the realisation dawned that Covid-19 is not like the flu, that as many as 250,000 would have to die before sufficient natural immunity built up within the population was the policy abandoned. Or at least we were told it was abandoned. We are still nowhere near the level of testing required in order to achieve the kind of test, trace, isolate policy which has allowed countries like South Korea or Singapore to contain the epidemic successfully. The Sunday Times tells us, in the final indignity, that the British model of epidemic preparedness was adopted by Singapore, the difference is that Singapore implemented it whereas the UK abandoned it to pursue Brexit and austerity.

We see the UK’s lack of planning and preparedness in the fact that it’s one of the few places in Europe where travellers can fly in without having to go into quarantine. As a consequence the UK is now a magnet for the super rich who are using their private jets to come to the UK to escape more severe restrictions elsewhere.

We’re living in a state where a 99 year old man does more to assist the NHS than the British government. Tom Moore is rightly hailed for his magnificent efforts, but a society only needs to rely on charity when government has failed. It is a scandal that public services have to be funded by the efforts of an elderly man doing a marathon around his garden on a zimmer frame.

Boris Johnson has given abundance evidence to those who said that Boris Johnson merely wanted to win the job of Prime Minister, he didn’t actually want to do it. It was always, and is now, an exercise in entitlement and egoism from a supremely privileged charlatan. As a result of the negligence, lack of preparedness, complacency, and sheer outright British exceptionalist arrogance of the Westminster government which he leads, thousands of British citizens may have died needlessly. We are paying for his entitlement with our lives.

In any other profession, Boris Johnson would be facing charges of criminal negligence. As it is, he will try to ride out this storm, and then deflect criticisms by promising a public enquiry after the crisis is over. This will be a public enquiry in the long tradition of British public enquiries, full of activity, witnesses, and earnest promises which will conclude by telling us that a couple of minor civil servants may have been less than diligent in performing their duties while letting the likes of Boris Johnson off free.

What ought to be written on the political tombstone of this Conservative government are the words of a senior advisor within the Department of Health who told the Sunday Times, “We could have been Germany but instead we were doomed by our incompetence, our hubris and our austerity.”

40 new hospitals was a lie. We are better prepared for a pandemic than anywhere else was a lie. £350M for the NHS when we leave the EU was a lie. 50,000 extra nurses was a lie.  There’s plenty of PPE to go round was a lie.  There’s plenty of opportunities awaiting the UK once we leave the EU was a lie.  Scotland you’re an equal and much loved partner in a family of nations was a lie.  Lying on this scale isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Anywhere where there’s a properly functioning democracy, a government would not survive a scandal of this magnitude.  Where incompetence and deceit on such an epic scale has been revealed, leading to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands, the Prime Minister should resign and the government should fall. But this is the UK, not a properly functioning democracy. This is a government which cannot be held to account. Scotland can only seek to escape from it.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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114 thoughts on “Johnson’s negligence is costing lives

  1. Thanks Paul. It’s just after 13.30 in Sydney so I get to comment first 😀

    Thanks for the link it is truly eye opening! I assume Boris is in Ruperts bad books or such an article would be unlikely to get published in The Times.

    It’s truly horrendous to watch from afar to see what’s happening in The UK. I don’t like to make comparisons but as it stands in Australia for example if I had a sore throat and a temperature I could freely walk up the road to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital an have a test for Covid. Hot spots around the country are known and focussed on. To date we have sadly lost 68 souls. I can’t help think that if Scotland was independent and had the power to lock its borders at the same time Australia did instead not adhering to the 4 nation lock step approach of the UK so far, then Scotland could have perhaps avoided the attrition currently being experienced.

    Your post was brilliant thank you.

    Now get some sleep

    • Hi Malky, not a huge fan of ScoMo … in fact, I’m not a fan at all …. but at least he is streets ahead of his UK counterpart. Mind you, that wouldn’t be too hard ! Sending regards from the sunny Inner West. Stay safe.

      • I’m no fan of Morrison or any of the Aussie Tories either Leichhardtlad but credit where it’s due Scomo has done well so far but it doesn’t change facts Tories are dangerous particularly the USA and UK Tories. At least we haven’t got all the jingoistic flag waving and handing out wee badges to carers to keep them safe.

        When this is over Scotland will be freed eventually from its chain and I will be in George Square on Independence Day to celebrate.

        A bit grey this morning in the inner west…..a good day for staying home….again!

        • Yes,that day will surely come Malky. I’ve been waiting 50+ years for it, so if the good Lord spares me I can hold out a wee bit longer! Definitely an autumnal chill in the air here in Leichhardt.All the best for now.

          • Been thinking Leichhardtlad we probably live around the corner or at least nearby to each other. Why don’t we have a wee dram when the lockdown is over?

            My mobile is 0416 480 734


  2. Thanks for sharing the Times article. A functioning media should be holding Johnson to account NOW and not have to wait for an expensive public enquiry chaired by some toady that’ll profess to “learn lessons” etc, and that this will “never happen again”, until the next time of course.

    Good ol’ Blighty has long since held onto the pile of bodies approach to dealing with events such as Grenfell, floods, and the like and that will never change.

    I’d also like to see our illustrious Scottish media seek out Jack or Carlaw for their response to the Times piece, but I’ll not hold my breath for that either.

    Shame on you, Johnson.

    • Alba Laddie
      Send Jackson Carlaw an e-mail
      Jackson. Carlaw. msp@parliament.Scot
      If the MSM isn’t going to call out the Tories then the public should
      He’s my MSP unfortunately and he gave up responding to my emailed concerns about the PPE supply situation when he realised he has no answers

    • Today our ‘illustrious Scottish media’ – the Sunday Herald at least – are concentrating their fire on Nicola Sturgeon and the SG and blaming them, and them alone, for the failure to test etc.

      Nary a mention of the UK Gov and its inability to order enough of anything including test kits etc. Mr McWhirter is having his usual attack of acid indigestion spewed all over his column.

  3. Wow, a blistering summary, and no turn unstoned in that Times article either (and bravo to whoever archived it)… Little wonder Jackanory and Jackass were so desperate to grab media attention and spin the Tory theatre, here’s hoping journalists are spurred by it to do their damned jobs…
    With the lumbering nature of public enquiries, Johnson & Co know well it will be 10 years before any shit hits the fan, allowing sufficient preparations to be made for sacrificial civil servants lined up to take the fall, such is Britain’s failed democracy…

  4. The knives are out already for the Tories Johnston’s total appalling incompetence. The honeymoon is over already. That did not take long. Just as expected the Tory muck up. People have died because of Tory total incompetence. Beyond shocking even for them.

    Johnston and the Tories will be gone even sooner than expected, Even worse than Thatcher. EU matters and their obsession with power have brought down the Tories even sooner than expected. A lame duck Westminster Gov. Clueless and leader less. The shocking absolute incompetence. Never have so many been promoted beyond their capabilities.

    The Westminster unionists total appalling behaviour and incompetence has once more killed the citizens, brought danger and suffering to the world.

    Vote Tory to die younger. Absolutely appalling. Worse than anything the Westminster imbeciles have done so far. Since 1928 and before. Johnston will be gone shortly, into oblivion along with the rest of them.

    Johnston’s total lying incompetence nearly killed himself. Along with everyone else. What an absolute criminal. Johnston should be in jail. Or contained for his own safety and everyone else. An absolute lunatic. Johnston is another mass murder. Like many of the Westminster lunatics. A danger to the themselves and the world.

    Watch the mess and the muck up to the economy get even worse. Even more people will die. Vote Tory/unionist to die younger. The Westminster unionist total muck up again. Absolutely appalling.

  5. Yes. I read this last night.
    I was shocked, disgusted, appalled etc. but not surprised and perhaps that says it all.
    Thank you for summarising so fully; this needs to be widely disseminated.
    Saor Alba.

  6. Is it just me being cynical or does anyone else think that Boris saw the opportunity to cut the pension bill by letting the over 70’s take their chances with Coronavirus? A worried pensioner.

    • Not just the pension bill Sheila but the welfare bill in general for many disabled who wll also be affected. Part of their Culling exercise. I’ve no doubt that my, already overdue, pension will be held back a further few years to pay for the economic fall out from this too. They wouldn;t dream of taxing the wealthy that bit more.

  7. Thank goodness for Devolution and the caring SNP policies and competence saving lives in Scotland.

    The SNP Gov policies are saving lives in Scotland and supporting the economy. Making Scotland more prosperous and equal. Eradication poverty and disease.

    Thank you SNP and Nicola & Co for keeping more people alive.

    Independence will save lives in Scotland/world. Make Scotland/world even better. Than it is now. Protect from Westminster imbeciles total incompetence.

    Vote Tory to die younger. The Tories are killing off their own supporters, Elderly males over seventy and other people. An absolute disgrace beyond comprehension.

    Thank goodness for all the people in Scotland who voted for Devolution. All the people who vote SNP/Independence. To keep more people in the world alive. In these tragic times.

  8. Johnston was so interesting in ruining the economy with Brexit and be PM. Johnston allowed a pandemic to go unchecked.

    The Tories have mucked up and made a bigger mess even than expected. Never has their been such appalling incompetence causing death. Johnston’s incompetence, cheating and lying nearly caused his own death. What a loser, Beyond belief. It is astounding even for them, for what they have done.

    Their uncaring, lying ideology and philosophy have killed people again.

    Johnston greed and selfishness ambition to become PM was allowed to ruin the economy and kill people. Typical behaviour. The Westminster Tory/unionist policies have killed people and ruined the economy.

    One of the biggest muck up ever. Since 1928 and before, Even for the unionist Westminster incompetence. Beyond belief. Allowing a pandemic to spread unchecked. Ruining down the NHS, Welfare, Education essential funding.

    Wasting public monies on useless projects of no value etc. Just beyond belief, even for them. The greed and selfishness is legendary. It even threatens their own existence and any cohesion of peace and harmony.

    Wait for the continued mess. They can be voted out. They will not last much longer. Leading to their own demise. Johnston could be the shortest PM in history. Not last much longer. If the disease did not get him. His fellow ‘colleagues’ will. A bunch of criminals, They call each other ‘bastards’. No wonder. Ruining other people’s lives for no reason, except their greedy, selfish ambition.

    There is more of the idiocy to come, Costing lives, Before they are got rid. The poison chalice Labour unionists do not want it. An other scandal. Their paid Official were campaigning lose a General Election. Lording it over everyone else.

  9. He wanted to be remembered alongside Churchill, Gaitskell and Ramsay MacDonald but will take his place deservedly beside Shipman, West and Nilsen as the UK’s worst serial killer.

  10. At the very least in a crisis of this magnitude should we not be demanding a cross-party government of national unity, as would be the case in wartime?

  11. I saw the telegraph article in a tweet – I was actually stunned and was left feeling a little bit sick by it.
    Truly the sycophancy is vomit inducing. To even attempt to inscribe Johnson into the realms of the pitiable..was jaw dropping. Johnson clung to “herd immunity” because it required next to no extra money. They couldn’t care less if it killed 250k. They only started caring when they got ill, and more importantly, when Johnson got ill. Then they realised that covid-19 doesn’t give a flying fuck how much money you have in the bank, or how important you think you are.

    They moved to act, but their latent hostility to actually helping is matched only by the sheer fucking stupidity of them.

    We are watching the media give shade to a gang of incompetents who got bit on the arse. From the shambles involving equipment, to fobbing off healthcare workers with badges, calling an old man walking for charity, part of a national plan of recovery. Every day we see how dangerously inept the UK government is. Every day we are let down by a media that have become propagandists for arseholes.

    But it is largely down to the media, that we now have a breed of politician in the UK who have no scruples. No moral compass and no fucking clue.

  12. Thankfully the SG has resisted Westminsters attempts to harmonise ( read control) responses across the UK. The arrival at Prestwick of a huge delivery of PPE and testing equipment from China demonstrates they have been beavering away quietly getting on with the day job.

    • At least the UK government hasn’t gone so far as the federal government in the USA of intercepting such shipments arranged by the states so that they can be redirected to where the federal government wants them. Or at least, not gone that far as yet? (Some states have apparently had to take such steps as sending the National Guard to meet their incoming shipments!)

  13. The Scottish Government must take a different track from London based of course on medical guidance. Slowly but surely our island communities from the northern isles of Orkney and Shetland, the western isles are examples of where we can relax the rulings. I would add that this does not mean 2nd homes should be opened despite this rule being ignored by Police Scotland it appears. I would state I believe such relaxation should be contrasted with better border controls at our ferry ports. For the mainland we have notices issued to people sitting in parks well aware from people but still see cars and vans heading from south of the border. It may be the government does not want to refer to this in their briefings but it is relevant. No football crowds or public events until October. Schools maybe return earlier for catchup but I would imagine some teachers would complain. Most of all we need to think more about our current workers in caring professions- the front line. The potential for burn out is there for all to see.
    Next, we need to rethink our wage structures.

    To do all this Independence would have helped. Unionism holds us back.

    • The second home theme is still happening, but what is going to happen when ‘they’ relax the lockdown in the south, but if our FM is not convinced the virus has slowed down and continues with the lockdown, they then head north in their multiples…it doesn’t bear thinking about…how the hell does Scotland stop the influx?

  14. I rarely leave a comment, but your post cannot be underestimated. The article from The Times makes chilling reading, and thanks for making it available. This bunch of overprivilaged, pseudo – educated, and totally incompetent chances must be held to account. Except that the so called British Establishment will probably try to sweep it all under the carpet.

  15. People support ‘herd immunity’ as long as someone else dies. They soon change their tune when they or their associates get the disease and are threatened with death. An abrupt awareness and awakening.

  16. England’s problem has always been it doesn’t know where it lives, it thinks it lives in the UK or Britain but seldom mentions it lives in England, a part of the UK, which is not all of it, just a part

    Scotland however never has a problem with identification, the people who live in it call it Scotland and the people who don’t live in it call it Scotland too, they never call Scotland the UK because that would seem wrong, because England is the UK isn’t it ?

    Confusing? yes it is, the media continually use the term UK when referring to England only then as a rememberance they’ll add *and in Scotland* hence the constant confusion between different news in various parts of the UK where you are but never where they are

    The real separatists live in the England part of the UK or they wouldn’t have always referred to the Scotland part as a separate entity when they use phrases like *right across the UK* then refer to Scotland as somewhere else

    England Britain the UK believes Scotland to be separate until Scotland says well we can just make that a definite final thing, then the England part of the UK becomes annoyed at the Scotland part for agreeing with them, because it’s not about being part of, it’s about ownership of

    Then they call us anti English, but strangely enough never anti UK or anti British

    It’s hard to keep up with all the adopted identities of Tommy Thomas Tom on an ever changing basis depending on the need of the smoke and mirrors Empire

    The poor sods in Wales barely exist at all and Northern Ireland is only considered a place when it’s a nuisance to the UK England Britain part

    • Dr Jim it’s great to see you posting on here on a regular basis. Just waiting on Robert J Sutherland and Robert Peffers now. In fact I’m wondering how Bob is getting on dealing with this virus. I hope he’s keeping well.

    • That is pretty much it in a nutshell. What is “British” – that question once led a Scottish labour MP to write the infamous “Tikka Masala” speech. In England the term is used so interchangeably, that it can be confusing and insulting all at the same time to a Scot. You’ll never hear that from a Scot. Even if they believe in the union, then they say Scottish and British. Its a shared identity they say, but deny its a national identity. Is it a collective pronoun? if thats all it is, why such passion for it?
      It can’t be nothing. It has to be and count for something. And yet…

      “You’re British” – they whine – “Get over it” – Get over it? I thought it was something to proud of? Is it code for being a loser? Is it a booby prize that only Scots get? Because no English man would ever use words like “get over it” when they talk about being English, let alone being “British”

      It’s never more obvious about how confusing “British” is – when you look at sport.

      Scotland does well. “Pride of Britain” “A triumph for the UK”
      Scotland loses. “The Scottish lost, but England is doing well”
      England wins “England wins. A triumph for England”
      England loses “Ahh such a disappointment for Britain”

      Or when Alistair Darling tried to big up the union. At no point in that speech, does the man ever use the term British or Union, to mean anything by a separate identity that Scotland gains benefits from. At no point in that speech, does Alistair Darling ever say what Scotland contributes to the union and “British” identity. No Englishman would ever do that. But they do it when talk about Scotland.

      Over 300 years and they still can’t think of a single thing Scotland contributed to the British thing.

      Except for the cringe.

      Its the only expression of British identity I have ever seen in Scotland from unionists.

      Isn’t that strange?

      Its almost as if…the union is the biggest hoax in history and British identity is bullshit.

  17. If an election was pending,Johnson would be toast.
    The Tories would have,rightly,blamed him and made him responsible for this shambles and needless loss of life.
    But there isn’t,so no doubt we will be subject to the same avalanche of blame we are seeing from that other imbecile Trump.
    It was the Chinese,the WHO,we were only following scientific advice………
    Illness or not,Johnson has more than demonstrated his complete unsuitability for public office.
    Those who were responsible for his elevation must share the blame and would without the aid of HM press covering their backsides.

  18. Watching jenrick praising the old man who raised millions, surely Jenrick should have announced more increased funding for the nhs.

    Does he not understand the NHS is meant to be government funded and not dependent on charitable donations.

    And why is no one in UK government able to apologise for mistakes they have made.

    Watching Michael (mikey liar) Gove on Andrew Marr this morning, he actually makes Peter Mandelson look like he was a beacon of truth and trustworthiness.

    I wonder if this is Mikey’s favourite film,

  19. deelsdug @ 10.26 ” …. how the hell does Scotland stop the influx?” (referring to people travelling up from the south).

    Not only that but with the US ‘getting back to normal – business as usual’, because Mr Trump says he’s saved billions of lives (! ) with his actions, what happens when the US demands that other countries open their borders to international flights under threat of reprisals if they refuse, as is the norm with the US. Will the compliant UK do as it’s told as usual? Bearing in mind that it was international travel which spread this (and other viruses in the past) worldwide, all Govts need to be very vigilant for many months to come and Heathrow would become the primary danger zone, but there are others in the south. An independent Scotland would have had so much more power to make its own decisions! Carlaw & Co take note.

    Who would you rather deal with right now? The EU or the US? Whose citizens are acting like grown ups? Whose citizens are demonstrating against lockdown on the streets and ignoring social distancing, many with weapons slung over their shoulders? Have you seen these images from the US? Even the BBC managed to film that. Unbelieveable.

      • It wouldn’t take much to start a blood bath, Petra!

        I understand people’s frustration – I’ve been in lockdown on account of age for 4 weeks and need urgent dental treatment and car repair without which I can’t even get to a dentist, but I feel very sorry for small businesses in particular and for folk who are not working, but all we ask is that Govts ca’ canny, behave maturely and do the right thing for and behalf of all their citizens, and most of all provide trusted leadership that delivers the right messages, not a load of old crap (sorry for language).

        • Scary JoMax. And now we see that Trump is now planning to reopen States. I’ve got a sister and brother-in-law in NJ, a niece and husband in NY with 2 kids, a niece and husband (got the virus) in Florida with 2 kids (one really ill), a nephew in NJ with 5 kids and an aunt and uncle (wheelchair bound) in Washington who are both really ill. I’ve also got a sister and brother-in-law in Australia working at the med front line. Just wondering if they are all going to make it through this.

          • And whilst I’m in the mood, and I hope that Paul doesn’t mind, I’ve also got a brother-in-law and his wife here who are a couple of reckless, selfish, downright dangerous bl**dy idiots. They’ve been visiting and more so taking 2 very elderly relatives out of their own homes on short trips distance wise, but away for hours on end. My husband and I are demented with this (plus all the other stuff that they are getting up to) and wonder how long we’re going to have them for because they won’t make it (number of underlying medical conditions) if they get the coronavirus. And yes I know that we should have notified the Police previously but have warned them now. It’s stopped, we think? since last week, but has created real bad feeling throughout the whole family with some, a few, castigating us for threatening them with the Police.

          • I hope your relatives recover soon and stay safe, Petra. You must be worrying about them all, and I remember you saying recently you had very sick relatives with other illnesses in this country, too. All the very best to them all.


    _You_ averted your eyes from genocide in your name in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali, and many more, with over 3 million dead. _You_ averted your eyes from mass murder in the UK with ‘Austerity’ for ten years and the murder of perhaps a million fellow citizens.

    _You_ knew what was going on and _you_ chose to do nothing.

    So please don’t tell me that you are now shocked, shocked to find gambling going on. _You_ chose this.

    Where is the UK White Rose Society whose members are willing to lay down their lives in the fight against the UK playing Mussolini to the US Empire’ Neo-Con Nazis ? (*)


    At the last election all the competent and principled one-nation Conservative candidates were kicked out of the party – Dominic Grieve, Michael Hesseltine et al.
    So _all_ the Conservative MPs elected were either so stupid that they were Brexit true believers, or so unprincipled that they pretended to be.

    The Blairite officials of the Labour party were working for the Tories and against Corbyn in 2017. What were they doing in 2019 ?? The UK Muppet Stream Media were mounting the biggest propaganda campaign in the history of the UK against Corbyn. See Mark Curtis and Jonathan Cook.

    The UK’s broken first-past-the-post voting system elected a government of charlatans, incompetents, liars, grifters and shysters whose only principle was a professed belief in the cretinism that is ‘Brexit’.

    And now you’re shocked that the people who gave you Brexit gave you a lying ‘do nothing’ ”herd immunity’ cover story’ Covid-19 response. HLSO (Hard Luck S_d Off) !! _You_ chose this.



    Why is it important that the UK exit the EU which is introducing anti-tax-haven and anti-moneylaundering measures, when the City is said to hide £20 Trillion offshore ?

    * Ask yourself “Will the people who do these things to those who oppose them offshore do them to the peasants in the UK.” And fix bayonets because they’ve already killed tens of thousands of you and particularly your elderly relatives, and their own. They’re sociopaths.

    Nicholas Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands, explains how the City works as the world’s money-laundering center. The £20 Trillion Game. – ‘The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary) – Youtube –

    More – See Nicholas Shaxson – Treasure Islands – published 2012 and search via Google, eg ‘Nicholas Shaxson offshore’ –


    Brexit Tories: they don’t give a flying f__k about the peasants, FFS. If you haven’t worked that out over the last twenty years, maybe ‘herd immunity’ is best for you.

    Perhaps your children and grandchildren will be better at self-protection from sociopaths, but based on your less-than-stellar (OK, useless) example, perhaps not.

    Remember ‘They don’t like it up them’ – Dad’s Army. And fix bayonets. No, Really !!


      September 2019: On a blasted (Hampstead?) heath near Downing Street, sinister robed figures pray for an election victory. Their leader is ‘Classic Dom’; suddenly there’s an attack of flatulence (his only infernal power) and the deity is outraged. All appears normal but far away Nemesis is summoned and instructed on the fates of ‘the errand boy and the fat one’. (*)

      November 2019 Red Wall: ‘Don’t vote for the Tories, they’ll destroy your jobs, eat your children, kill your parents and genocide your old people. They always have. They don’t care about you.’ ‘No, it’ll be different this time.’

      December 2019: ‘There is a new ‘Blue Wall’ oop North.’

      April 2020 Blue Wall: ‘Granny’s dead’. ‘Granpa’s dead’. ‘My job’s gone’. Well that was a surprise – the speed at least !

      * ‘Well whatever Domo’s up to we’ll find out soon enough.’ (ER. Barry? Ed). What UK worry ?? – Morse Day of the Devil – Youtube –


      More truth-per-tweet than ten Sunday Times ‘Once in twenty years actual journalism’. –


      Exactly – ‘British public in shock as a Sunday paper does the job of journalism.’

      And the better question is why have the UK Muppet Stream Media been so slavishly useless and utterly failed to do _any_ real journalism for twenty years, since 9/11 ?? And why now? – Mark Curtis @markcurtis30 – Twitter –


      Why is it _so_ important that the UK exit the EU which is introducing anti-tax-haven and anti-moneylaundering measures, when the City is said to hide £20 Trillion offshore ?

      * Nicholas Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands, explains how the City works as the world’s money-laundering center and how the ‘British Establishment’ destroy those who oppose them. Ask yourself “Will the people who do these things to those who oppose them offshore also do them to the peasants in the UK ?” And fix bayonets because they’ve already killed millions and now with Covid-19 tens of thousands of _you_ and particularly your elderly relatives, and their own. They’re sociopaths.


      Every tweet an amazing story that you’ll _never_ read in the UK Muppet Stream Media. Outstanding !!

      1. ‘Here (for free) is what the Murdoch empire has decided you are allowed to know about the UK government’s disastrous handling of Covid-19’ – Jonathan Cook Twitter –

      2. ‘My latest: Labour’s explosive leaked report, showing how party officials plotted to destroy Corbyn, including by weaponising antisemitism, is being quietly swept under the carpet by the media and Labour’s new leader Keir Starmer.’ –

      3. ‘There are *many* reasons Keir Starmer, the new Labour leader, has already caved to the UK Israel lobby – by declaring himself a Zionist, signing the 10 Pledges document etc. But one is that they paid £50,000 to his campaign fund (and he kept it quiet).’

  21. We tend to focus our ire and opprobrium for Johnson ( and rightly so ) , but let us not forget that he is simply the front man for this gang of criminal ( correct term ! ) , empathy -free , monsters , masquerading as human beings .

    If there is any justice after this crisis then they would be strung up on lampposts like war criminals of the past .
    Knowingly allowing the health defences of the UK to be depleted was indictment enough despite being warned through simulations in 2016 of the shortcomings in the event of a pandemic , but to callously maintain a do-nothing-attitude for weeks as the crisis grew is nothing short of criminal !

    However , as many of us know deep down , the British State will protect its own . We will have a Public inquiry , headed by an Establishment poodle ( with an impressively long list of awards from her Maj for services to doing f*ck all ) who , in time honoured manner will spend years and millions coming to the conclusion that ”some things could have been done better and more timely but , in the main , the HMG has to be commended for its response ”.

    In fact , it is HIGHLY likely that many of this criminal cabal that is the Cabinet , will be promoted , knighted , etc…..
    Makes you sick !!!

    • Yes, it’s obvious that all these ‘public enquiries’ and Government Commissions are headed up by Lord Such’nSuch, Lady So’nSo, Sir Galahad or Dame Twankey, all of whom will have pledged obedience and oaths of allegiance to HM and her Establishment.

      It would be laughable if it weren’t so seriously flawed.

  22. Another great article Paul and kudos to the Times. Tragic however that the UK MSM, such as Andrew Marr this morning, is covering up for this shower of mass murderers. Why on earth don’t they just compare and contrast what’s been happening here in comparison to other countries? Ask why the death rate is so low elsewhere rather than focusing on Spain and Italy (that we’ve no doubt overtaken now)?

    Malky points out that 68 people in Australia, with a population of 25 million, have lost their lives. We hear too that they are controlling the spread due to, in part, having internal borders. One of the greatest problems that we have, other than people flying into the country not going into quarantine (biggy) is our open border with England. What’s going to happen if LBJ decides to lift the lockdown before we do? Are we going to be totally overrun by people heading north?

    Take a look at what’s going on in Vietnam. A country with a population of 95 million.

    ”The World Economic Forum, the Financial Times and others laud Vietnam as a low cost Covid-19 success story to be emulated by poor countries with limited resources, say Anis Chowdhury and Jomo Kwame Sundaram.”..

    ”According to its Ministry of Health (MoH), as of April 13, there were 262 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 144 recovering or discharged from hospitals, and no deaths.”


    This is the dire reality of Westminster’s historical feckin foul up. How on earth to you explain to a 7 year old boy that his beloved mummy and granny are gone with his dad in hospital with the coronavirus? Happening in Wales with a population of 3 million.

    • Here in NZ with a population of 5 million we have 12 deaths. No one apart from returning Kiwis are allowed to fly in or enter New Zealand, and the returnees are placed into supervised quarantine for 2 weeks. Scotland must do the same even though the logistics will be a nightmare. Allowing people to fly into the country willynilly with no checks is absolutely crazy.

      • I’m pleased to hear that things aren’t too bad in NZ Ngataki due to the strict precautions being taken by your Government. We’d be doing likewise too, no doubt, if it wasn’t for the fact that unlike NZ we’re not an Independent country. Just wondering how many NO voters have wakened up to the fact that the decision that they made in 2014 was obviously the wrong one.

    • I’ve been tracking the officially released UK statistics since early March, initially to model/compare with the percentage variables from the Chinese data.

      In addition, from the end of March I’ve also been doing some limited international comparison on a specific metric.

      Two sets stand out, both of which indicate a worrying degree of laxity in official figures: The number of critical cases and the closed cases.

      In terms of the critical cases the data from China suggests that only around 4.7% of infected cases require critical care. Yet, with a daily increase in case numbers tested positive for the virus the number of official reported critical care cases was static at only 163 from 28/3/20 – 04/4/20 and static at only 1559 from 05/04/20 – until yesterday (I don’t yet have today’s statistics).

      At a current ratio of only 1.4% of all official tested cases requiring critical care this is hardly credible given not only the reports from front line health staff but also from the closed cases figures.

      There are only two outcomes to a closed case: Recovered/Discharged and death.

      From 29/3/20 when I commenced checking this metric against a number of other countries until 10 April the number of Recovered/Discharged in the UK remained static at only 135. On that date, given the closed cases from deaths the UK ratio stood at 1.6% Recovered/98.4% died.

      For two days from 11/April the recovered figure went up to 344 giving a ratio of 3%/97% (rounded).

      Since 13/04/20 the recovered figure has not been published by the Government – at least to the sites I am tracking.

      Which is hardly surprising given the fact that these Official UK figures for what is essentially the survival rate from hospital cases are probably the worst in the world.

      Comparable (in economic terms) states are way ahead of us on this metric: France (65%/35%); Italy (65%/35%); USA (63%/37%); Canada (89%/11%); Portugal (45%/53%); Spain (79%/21%); Australia (98%/2%).

      Even India (81%/19%); Indonesia (54%/46%); Turkey (83%/17%); Poland (74%/26%) and Greece (71%/29%) are seeing vastly larger numbers and percentages recovering than the UK.

      Only Ireland (13%/87%) and Holland (6%/94%) are anywhere near as bad for survival rates.

      Yet no one is asking these obvious questions.

      On the matter of Johnson’s hospitalisation I find it deeply suspicious. Particularly in light of the fact that a Murdoch newspaper has published this hit piece and become the de-facto Opposition.

      The data from China indicates the average length of hospital stay from Covid-19 is 11 days (compared to ordinary flu which only requires an average 4-5 days).

      Yet Johnson was discharged only five days after admission.

      It could well be the case that he is being kept out of the way and we are being prepared for a Government of National Unity now that the Official Opposition have recovered their role as the Official Loyal Opposition following the appointment of Sir Prancealot as Chief Executive?

  23. So why has the Times turned on Johnson? Are they perhaps trying to deflect blame away from the rest of his killing fields crew? The Times is normally a supporter of Tory policies and I suspect they are trying to salvage the party by sacrificing Johanson. None of his cabinet or his govt are blameless and none of them should come out of this with any credibility.

  24. So many of our media commentators all with the same message,

    Now is not the time for recriminations ,

    Why f/n not and who is pushing this pish ? Oh I see the ones that have a lot to hide that’s who , maybe just maybe some of these lying tossers can be removed and securely held until replacements a found well they can’t be any worse than the lot we have ,
    Maybe by putting the fear of worse to follow if we don’t get truthful answers it’s possible these rats will squeal like skint rats to save their skins , nothing like a cornered Tory .

    Eh Jackson where’s the paintings by the way ? .

  25. In reading the Times article isn’t it just telling that they totally ignored the advice of Devi Sridhar, Professor of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University, SCOTLAND, as early as
    ***January 16th***. If they had listened to her how many lives could have been saved?

    …”In the days that followed China initially claimed the virus could not be transmitted from human to human, which should have been reassuring. But this did not ring true to Britain’s public health academics and epidemiologists who were texting each other, eager for more information, in early January.

    Devi Sridhar, professor of global public health at Edinburgh University, had predicted in a talk two years earlier that a virus might jump species from an animal in China and spread quickly to become a human pandemic. So the news from Wuhan set her on high alert.

    “In early January a lot of my global health colleagues and I were kind of discussing ‘What’s going on?’” she recalled. “China still hadn’t confirmed the virus was human-to-human. A lot of us were suspecting it was because it was a respiratory pathogen and you wouldn’t see the numbers of cases that we were seeing out of China if it was not human-to-human. So that was disturbing.”

    By as early as January 16 the professor was on Twitter calling for swift action to prepare for the virus. “Been asked by journalists how serious #WuhanPneumonia outbreak is,” she wrote. “My answer: take it seriously because of cross-border spread (planes means bugs travel far & fast), likely human-to-human transmission and previous outbreaks have taught over responding is better than delaying action.”

  26. A wee reminder of who’s actually running (down) the show.

    As Paul says. ”At the start of February, when it ought to have been clear that a major catastrophe was about to befall us unless immediate action was taken, Boris Johnson gave a speech in London in which he likened the UK to a superhero defying the virus to keep free trade going. It was the crassest example imaginable of delusional British exceptionalism. Boris Johnson was determined to keep the economy running, while other nations went into lockdown – because they were lesser breeds. The cost in human lives never entered his head. He only thought about the cost to his pocket and the bank balances of the rich.”

    Meanwhile it’s the hoi polloi that’s keeping us all going. ”To you we say thank you.”

  27. I’m just wondering what’s happening at Faslane right now? How many workers / military personnel / top brass have been hit with the coronavirus? And taking it, that this Westminster Government is historically the most catastrophic ever are we Scots at greater risk of something far worse than the coronavirus? Anyone in the MSM considering asking some pertinent ”nuclear” questions on behalf of the Scots?


    When this coronavirus is under ”control”, whenever that will be, the UK is going to be in some financial mess with unemployment levels going through the roof. Add to that Brexit if it goes ahead in December. Anyone got any idea how this is going to affect Indyref2? Yes many more people will no doubt support Independence, with their heart, but will the calamitous economic situation in turn put many off of us going it alone? Or conversely will Westminster’s action with regard to Brexit and the coronavirus get us over the line?


    Latest links from Ann on the Indyref2 site.

    • Hi Petra,

      There are certainly going to be supply chain problem issues come December which are likely to see a degree of nostalgia for March 2020.

      Though a recent BTL comment I came across on Skwakbox yesterday suggested this might well have been an issue responsible for Johnson’s apparent 180% turn in mid-March:


      “Ferguson is often given the ‘credit’ for the U turn but at the time and for about 2 hours in the UK the media seemed to accept what the French media were saying which was that in a phone call to Piffle on the Friday morning he warned France would consider banning any contact with the UK if measures weren’t taken. Both the President’s office and Downing St agreed a call had been made, the French agreeing Macron spoke about measures to tackle the virus while Downing St agreed a call but coyly declined to say what it was about. If France had closed her borders with the UK the rest of the EU would have followed suit, especially the Netherlands meaning trade into and out of Dover would have stopped. There were reports the threat had indeed changed Johnson’s mind (Cummings) but the last thing they wanted was to accept that as the reason for the sudden policy change. It would have made nonsense of the ‘take back control’ bollocks. So Ferguson became the reason to save the Govt from acute embarrassment.”

      However, given the abysmal performance of the EU on the issue in terms of its core value of solidarity; its belated and inadequate EU wide response and support levels (not to mention the far from brotherly behaviour of one member state – Poland – towards another – Italy – in not allowing vital medical supplies and PPE kit from Russia to fly over its airspace, resulting in a 3,000km diversion) its probably even money right not who leaves the EU first – the UK or the EU.

      Either way the runes are not looking good. Wheat and Rice futures prices are going up rapidly in expectation of there not being sufficient labour resources around the globe to get a lot of next years harvest in the ground.

      And one wonders how when the UK is no longer a member state the migrant labour will be obtained to pick our own harvest next year following the recent revelations the UK Government are using flying pickets from Eastern Europe to carry out that task?

      Though one would have thought there would be at least 17 million volunteers for that job?

      But perhaps half or more of the populace think supplies in the stores exist as a result of the shelf stacker fairy?

      WTF knows?

      • Pulling out of Europe, (big) warts and all, was to say the very least an extremely bad idea. Under the circumstance now it’s positively suicidal for the UK, Dave, and I just wonder how many of the key political brexiteers are trying to figure out how to get out of doing so whilst saving face.

        • One of the points I was attempting to make Petra was the tensions this has highlighted within Europe and the EU.

          An absence of any timely coordinated Europe wide approach or initiative combined with inadequate support and solidarity across the institution and Europe at State to State levels, along with a rigid inflexible adherence to fiscal rules and a meagre support package is seriously putting at risk the future of the organisation, institution and project.

          If the EU continues to under perform in the way it has to this crisis there will at a minimum be splits and it is not inconceivable that it will not exist in any meaningful form for the UK to leave by the end of the year.

  28. Hend a one more time (To the tune of It’s Amore)

    One verse and chorus’ll do.

    When there’s no reason why
    But you still need to lie
    You’re a Tory
    When the World seems to whine
    Cos you say ‘it’s all mine!’
    You’re a Tory

    Bells’ll ring
    To wake you for voting
    We’ll all pay
    For you’re Eton boating.

  29. Murdoch -Times sacked Johnston for telling lies. Coming back to bite.

    Murdoch the tax evading criminal (Leveson) sacked criminal Johnston for telling lies. Non Dom migrant tax evaders causing havoc. Brexit.

    Murdoch over seventy right wing male. Susceptible to disease. Be afraid, very afraid. Exit. Brexit. Breaking International business rules. Bribing public officials. Hacking and illegal surveillance.

  30. Probably the media game is Johnson gets a platinum handshake to take the fall for the rest of this terrible shower, Gove has already broken out and polished the cutlery ready to stake his bid…
    Johnson was always going to be the sacrificial clown at some stage, the Pennywise clones behind him are every bit as dangerous no matter which of them gets the hot seat…

    • Agree Bob,
      Listened to gove on LBC propaganda news, look at the language he uses,full support for doris BUTT.Clever use of language that can be read either way.
      IDS brought out to tell us what COBRA means and doris doesn’t need to atten.
      Then david davis gives his support to the doris delay.
      The websites last night declared the 84 tonnes had arrived, now censored to say delayed and the early stuff removed.
      They’ve still got old stuff up from last week that hasn’t been updated.

  31. What a bunch of chancers and low life are the Liberal Democrat’s who are calling for the Scottish Government to pay NHS and Care staff more. Dear Willie rennie and sir David steel (retd.) how much more would the NHS and local authorities have without you guys and guyesses supporting the Tory austerity regime. Before opening your mouths again or sending a press release please provide the details.

    A small look at their web site made me smile. They have no shame
    “ Liberal Democrats will always work with whoever we can to pursue our liberal values, to fight for action on the climate crisis and to build a more caring and just society.’

    Yip hypocrites.

    • Everything the Tories touch seems to turn to absolute sh*t. “Better a basic machine”, they said. Machines that would have no doubt led to suffering a hellish death. Nicola, oh Nicola get us out of this as soon as you possibly can.

  32. Many posters have commented on how well Singapore has done so far, testing, tracing, isolating, etc., but in fact they are now a week into a four week ‘lockdown’ similar to ours here. Perhaps testing, etc. not the panacea after all?

  33. …and while we wonder and raise concerns about covid and the tories other blogs worry about gender, gender and more gender…… and it’s all the Snp’s fault. Who needs enemies with so called friends like these.

    Ps they are not our friends.

    • This. Totally, definitely, this!

      The so-called gender issue is just yet another media weapon of opportunity to keep people distracted and fighting each other. Sickening thing is, it’s a tactic that seems to be working well on ‘other blogs’.

      • Well shooting messangers for pointing out just where that particular issue is being prioritised above knee issues and how it is being used certainly represents the success of such a tactic.

    • The Tories haven’t had a majority vote in Wales since 1865! I thought the 1955 figure for Scotland was bad enough. So yeah as they say, “Enough is Enough”, WS.

    • Had to chuckle at the observation ” national crisis and no time to ‘score political points’ ” when so much of it is being spun from #10… When Welsh, NI, and Scottish Websites and TV channels simultaneously collude to present the RCN poll result over the PPE problem as identical in all 4 countries rather than a specific England problem, they are getting truly desperate..
      Possibly the scam was intended to take attention away from the Times article, but it has spread far and wide beyond their “damage limitation” grasp…
      All they accomplished was destroy any pretence of the media being independent of the manipulators under Cummings etc control, kind of ironic for Murdoch…..

  34. No News just now ,so BBC Scotland just had to dig around and find a story about a SNP mp,having an altercation with someone , of course they just had to add the MP had the cheek to cross his fingers while being sworn in at the house of ilrepute
    Aye can’t give it a f/in rest our boys at Pacific Heights ,scabby darsturds .
    Of all the stories they could have picked they just had pick that one didn’t they.

  35. It’s not my thing really, we’re still in the middle of a crisis, and one which can get better – or worse. It needs leadership to concentrate on making sure it gets better. So political post mortems should wait, unless we actually need to sack a load of people NOW to get better results now and in future.

    Righty, having said that and bear with me, and don’t forget I’m a lion about defence, not a dove, we have 2 aircraft carriers £6.9 billion with around 20 F35-Bs already £3 billion, 130 Typhoons £13 billion, 6 T45 and 13 T23 and T26 on the way say £16 billion, Trafalgars, Vanguards and Dreadnought replacements plus a whole load of other stuff, plus a large inventory of spares for many things, let’s say £250 billion at least in asset terms plus £45 billion a year.

    But back in January nobody could decide to spend a mere £2 billion at then prices to mostly kit us out with PPE, ventilators and even test centres – just in case.

    But what is the defence mostly for? It’s there “just in case”.

    • Keeping that defence analogy by the way, many people criticse the Yanks for not joining in in 1939. Thing is after the depression they were totally unprepared in terms of assets and morale. But what they did do was rebuild the industrial infrastructure so that after Pearl Harbour they were soon able to keep sending destroyers and even carriers to the Pacific, and at the same time appropriate assets to the European theatre. They got prepared before war.

      What did the UK Gov do in 2020? Get dressed for Brexfast and more tiffin.

      • The BRITISH Government, an all-party government, eventually had to purchase ships from America in a lease lend deal which cost Britain a fortune, including interest. This was finally paid off in the 1990s. America always looks after itself.

  36. 26million Russians died saving the West. 11WW. Devastated. The economy suffered.

    1/2 Million – French
    1/2 Million – British

    1/2Million Americans.

    US munitions company provided for the 11WW. Loans repaid to the US with interest for years, 1941-45. Nuclear bombs. Japan. Devastation.

    Japan and Germany were not allowed a Military – redundant weaponry after 11WW. Prohibited. Monies were spent on their economies making them more prosperous. Not spent on redundant weaponry and the military for years.

  37. UK spend $Billion on Defence. To blow up the world. Ruining the world economy. Illegal wars.

    US pop 260million. Defence spend $647Billion. annum To blow up the world. The highest pro rata in the world. 1/3 of all world Defence/military spending. $1.8Trn.

    China 1.3Billion pop. Defence spend $250Billion.

  38. The Tories/LibDems (Conmen) cut UK NHS funds £20Billion from 2015 -20. £4Billion a year. Instead of increasing NHS and social care. Cameron/Clegg.

    Tory cut funding 2010 to 2020. Instead of increasing it.

    SNP increased SNHS funding. £1/2 a year. From £10Billion to £12,5Billion. Introduced MUP. To aid health care. More nurses, Doctors social care. Letting the elderly stay in their homes longer.

    Social care £100? Week. Care Home £600+ a week. Hospital care £600 a day.

    Less people are dying of the virus. In Scotland (pro rata). Better prepared, .

  39. The Observer had a quote from someone who wants Johnson to lead the inquiry. FFS the British establishment likes to cover it’s not so fragrant backside. Please Scottish government distance yourself from the shitshow by putting the people first.

  40. I think the sh*t has just hit the fan. This from the Guardian tonight:

    There is another important aspect to the shortage of PPE in England – and the article above is about English Trusts – and it is this:

    In the UK Gov’s report, PPE (Plan) published on 10th April, the one had the notorious para 1.38 about companies supplying Care homes registered with the Care Commission. That same report also said 20,000,000 pieces of PPE would be made available to Scotland, Wales and NI who had their own procurement routes.

    Where does that ‘promise’ stand now when the UK Gov cannot even supply NHS England?

  41. 11 (two) abbreviation.

    There have been more than other nine conflicts/wars, before and after the 1939 to 1945 world war. The first (1) and second (11) world wars were major conflicts, The Spanish flu epidemic and illness killed more than were killed during the 1WW. Up to a 100 million people died of Spanish flu. 1918. Lloyd George PM had it. No vaccine then. Balfour Agreement 1917.

    Russian Revolution 1918. Russia withdrew from the 1WW. After invading Germany. Tsar. Victoria’s grandsons. Cousins. ‘Divine right to rule’. Right from God. Religion a form of State control. Be ‘good’ or else. Heaven or hell. Alternative. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    The Second World War involves more aircraft and air bombing etc. Nuclear bombs.

    Vietnam War, Middle Eastern illegal wars. NATO. UN. International conventions and agreement. To resolve conflicts.

    EU formed after the second WW to stop war and starvation in Europe. Has been successful. Helps poorer smaller countries to prosper and helps stop conflict.

    People were dying of starvation and illness during 11WW. No distribution of food until after the conflict. The (US) Marshall Plan 1945, to increase food supply and distribution in Europe. The world was in a poor state because of the destruction. Devastated.

  42. There could be ructions soon. More disquiet. People fed up of isolation?

    If there is any let up. Older people could still have to isolate with some essential help, They do it in any case. Until the danger is passed completely.

    More elder men susceptible to disease. It could be historical smoking, More men than women smoking before it was know the bad health risks. XX – XY factors?

    At one time (1950’s) smoking was promoted as being a form of relaxation. Relieving stress. Until the medical research proved otherwise. 1960’s. Like forms of dangerous drugs are viewed now in some quarters.

    The highest number of deaths in the elderly. Heart attacks and strokes. The human body can only cope with so much wear abc tear. Genetics and DNA.

    Health can depend on the nourishment a parent receives when the child is conceived and in the womb. Alleviating poverty is important for health. A healthy life style is beneficial. Everything in moderation,

  43. The UK Government fights back, lol. High time that Holyrood started calling out the MSM for spouting lies..

    ”A Government spokesman said: ‘This article contains a series of falsehoods and errors and actively misrepresents the enormous amount of work which was going on in government at the earliest stages of the Coronavirus outbreak.’’


    Like NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with the lying BBC.

  44. Well worth listening to.

    ‘Full Scottish – 19/04/2020. On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by Professor Allyson Pollock and Dr Philippa Whitford, SNP MP for Central Ayrshire.’


    Seems that Gove is a wee liar, as per Philippa Whitford. Who would have thought it?

  45. I agree with every part of your article. Thanks again.

    If I might play devils advocate – with regards how the msn will spin the actions of Boris once this crisis is receding, and also how people behave, as apposed to how we think they should, then I speculate the following –

    People will become increasingly bored and frustrated with the lock down.

    The success of the lock down, will mean that almost none of them lose someone close to them from the virus, or in their communities – their actual direct experience with the virus will be almost zero.

    Then will come the financial blowback, in addition to a no deal Brexit.

    Logic, facts, reasoned thinking will go out the window and they will look for someone easy to blame, and decry the sense of lockdown (with the benefit of rose tinted hindsight), and the msm will hail Boris as the man they should have listened to.

    That is how they will play it.

    For us wanting Indy for Scotland we need to highlight the England First attitude to PPE, the selfish (liebensraum) attitude of those from England who decanted to Scotland when the going got tough in their own country, and most importantly BE the difference.

    Every person for Indy is an Ambassador for Indy – this is not campaigning this is BEING the difference.

    Hope the above makes sense. Keep well everyone.

  46. In 2014 Scotland voted to make sure the SNP wouldn’t have the power to run Scotland like every other normal country, now many of those people make a great deal of noise about Nicola Sturgeon not doing some of the things that normal countries have the power to do despite them making sure she couldn’t, did those people not understand what devolution meant, did they think it meant something different

    We also have the so called Independence supporters attributing powers to Nicola Sturgeon that she doesn’t have then complaining about her not using them in the hope of undermining her position because they want a certain kind of unspecified form of Independence that should’ve happened in 2014 but didn’t so they blame her for well, anything they can think up really

    It’s understandable human nature that makes folk look for a figure to blame for all their ills, in England they blame Boris Johnson probably quite rightly for many things yet they look to Scotland at Nicola Sturgeon and wish to goodness they had her down there working for them when remember she was Britain’s most dangerous woman just a few short years ago, they’ve kinda changed their tune on that now that they’ve had a good look at her, a little late, but I suppose welcome nevertheless

    Scotland can’t have it both ways, people can’t complain about the FM not being Scotlands PM when they didn’t vote for it, she works with one hand tied behind her back because that’s what we sadly and wrecklessly voted for

    Let’s hope that mistake isn’t repeated when Scotland gets the chance again

  47. The biggest problem is just how do we get rid of the bastards without resort to violence?

    They have a majority of over 80.
    The broadcast and print media are nearly all under their control.
    Even if they could be defeated in a Vote Of Confidence the English Electorate are so brainwashed that the Tories are miles ahead in the polls meaning they would walk it in another GE.

    I am surprised at the near total silence from the ex-Tory members who were either expelled from the party, resigned or just didn’t stand in the GE.

    • “The biggest problem is just how do we get rid of the bastards without resort to violence?”

      Sadly, I now think that inevitable, if not imminently then after the relaxation with the lockdown. This has ceased to be an abstract matter that can be solved by government or the media – indeed most people see both as an impediment to survival, never mind progress. I may have posted this here before, apologies if I have – but I think this a useful analogy of were we are presently.

      Imagine for a moment that you have been working on an important business proposal for several months and your manuscript is almost complete, ready for the submission deadline in a few days time, when suddenly your computer screen freezes and doesn’t respond to any commands.

      You reboot the computer several times, but it simply loads the same paralysed screen. In desperation you call the software engineer and when he examines the hard drive, there is bad news.

      The program you have used to write the proposal has developed a conflict with the operating system and cannot be recovered. The only solution is to delete the program entirely, which will save all the other files – your music, photographs, emails, contacts and other important personal material – but that means destroying your business proposal and losing out on a profitable opportunity.

      If you purchase a brand new PC you lose everything. What do you do?

      Our economy is that damaged program. No matter what we try, it will remain frozen and can never be restored. We must simply accept that the data within that program has been fatally corrupted and is unrecoverable – and if we don’t remove it, then we risk losing all the other equally important files too.

      Sitting in front of that frozen screen every day won’t put food on the table next week.

      It really isn’t a difficult decision, but you boss disagrees

      He informs you that is exactly what you must do – his profits are dependant on securing that business – and you ain’t getting paid until the program starts working again and if it doesn’t – you’re fired!

      Time you started up on your own…

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