Inciting British nationalists to stupidity

It was just a few short days ago that I blogged about British nationalists’ unending search for victimhood status. It was only on the 17th of this month that I wrote about how apologists for the UK in Scotland, and particularly those who support the Conservatives – a party which demonises the poor and the marginalised as a matter of policy – are themselves convinced that they are the most oppressed and victimised group in the entire history of the multiverse. It hasn’t taken long at all for them to prove my point. And this time the vile creature who is victimising them is me.

Today I’ve been accused of incitment and of threatening Conservative voters. Threatening them with what exactly I’m none too sure. It’s probably not fabulousness. One charming individual posted my photo with the caption “this is the degenerate loser who’s threatening Conservatives”. I’m sure there was far worse, but I’ve long since blocked the most egregious frothers in the yoonstream so it doesn’t appear in my timeline.

Well, there’s a result. If I’ve managed to send British nationalists in Scotland off into a paroxysm of spluttering spittle flecked ire, that’s got to be a job well done. Although it would be a job even better done if they were angry about something that I’d actually said, instead of something that they only imagined I’d said, or a sentence that they’ve taken out of context in order to feed their sense of self righteous victimhood.

To be clear, it’s not that I have any problem with pissing off British nationalists. Indeed pissing off British nationalists is pretty much the entire point of this blog and much of what I write.  Any sensible person rejoices when learning that they’ve pissed off moronic frothers on social media who spend their days seeking something to feel offended by. When I hear that something on this blog has pissed off a British nationalist my immediate reaction is to laugh, and then to run with it and wear it as a badge of pride. A bit like the badge that Matt Hancock is offering to care workers, only without having to pay for it. So for example when Scotland in Union’s resident frother Tom Gallagher accused me of Gaelic imperialism after he discovered I’d drawn a Gaelic map of Glasgow, I simply resolved to use “Gaelic Imperialist” as the title of my autobiography if it ever gets written.

It’s just that when pissing off British nationalists does happen it is far more satisfying if it has happened deliberately, and not because they’re unable to comprehend basic English or because they’re reacting to a sentence taken out of context. I’d prefer it happened because of my actual words and opinions, and not because of what they think I’d said. I am quite happy to piss off the British nationalist morons of social media deliberately, but then I remember that when you’re trying to piss off a moron you shouldn’t really complain that the moron fails to grasp the point. So instead I’ll just file this latest outbreak of Scottish Tory harrumphage under “unexpected windfall”.

Today The National has published my regular weekly column. This week the article is about how no amount of SNP baddery will save the Scottish Conservatives at the next Holyrood elections. This is because Boris Johnson bears considerable personal responsibility for the mishandling of the current crisis by the British government. Towards the end of the piece there’s a comment on those Scottish Conservative politicians who mounted the ill-fated Operation Arse in 2016 in an attempt to prevent Boris Johnson winning the leadership of their party and becoming the Prime Minister. It’s this reference which has caused such a disturbance in the yoonstream.  It has generated some pretty foul personal abuse, quite a bit of being called a c*nt, and remarks about my personal appearance, none of which is leavened with any wit, or indeed intelligent thought.

Towards the end of the piece, there’s this paragraph, which I will quote in full because The National article is behind a paywall. The link to the entire piece is here :

“Boris Johnson sought the position of Prime Minister through lies, deception, and mendacity. It should come as no great surprise, least of all to those Scottish Conservatives who mounted the ill-fated Operation Arse back in 2016 to keep him away from the leadership of their party, that having won the role through deceit and lies he lies and is deceitful in his performance of it. Those Scottish Conservatives are now very quiet, in their silence they prove themselves to be as deceitful and mendacious as Boris Johnson himself. Now the only goal of the Scottish Conservatives is Operation Arse-Covering. Scotland is a small country, we all know who you are, and we will remember your craven silence at the next Scottish elections. No amount of SNPBaddery is going to save you from yourselves.”

The reference here is clear. I’m talking about how we all know who it was within the Scottish Conservatives who organised and supported Operation Arse in 2016, and how those individuals are now very quiet and are rallying behind Boris Johnson. The electorate of Scotland is not going to forget that. However because The National, when they tweeted a push quote to promote the piece on social media, didn’t quote the entire paragraph, all the British nationalist frothers on Twitter immediately decided that they were being personally threatened with violence, intimidation, or worse. Nicola Sturgeon has already been called upon to condemn.  Some roaster has even tweeted at Police Scotland.

If there’s any incitement here it’s an incitement to get out and vote. It’s an incitement to remember what the Conservatives have done. It’s an incitement not to forget their hypocrisy and their lies.  If there’s a threat it’s the threat that they’ll lose votes at the next election. It’s the threat that their own actions only destroy their own credibility. However in the fevered imaginations of British nationalists on social media, this is tantamount to threatening all opponents of independence with violence. If it makes them feel better I’ll plead guilty to threatening them with sarcasm and a withering look.

This entire episode is a perfect illustration of the determination of British nationalists in Scotland to paint themselves as victims and only reinforces the point made on this very blog just a few short days ago. No matter how ridiculous it makes them seem, British nationalists will take any statement, any premise, any argument, and twist it so that they can act like a poor wounded puppy. That’s because they have no substantive arguments of their own to make, and the only hope in hell that they’ve got of attracting support is to play the pity card and hope that they can make people feel sorry for them. If that’s all they’ve got, they’ve already lost.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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62 thoughts on “Inciting British nationalists to stupidity

  1. The one thing they’re good at is playing the victim card when they get called out on their bullshit.

    They did indeed have a secret plan (Stop sniggering at the back there) to stop Boris Johnson being PM. The name of this *snigger* secret plan was operation Arse. Referring to the less than complimentary codename, one senior party source was reported as saying “We called it that so we’d all be clear who we were talking about.”

    Their secret plan to stop Boris was and I quote – “take the message to our constituencies” and then no doubt say that Boris was a bit of an arsehole. That was it. That was the plan.

    Who knew that this message wouldn’t get down to the English party were it mattered. It didn’t filter down to the English membership of the party, because the Scottish membership of the party really don’t count.

    When Boris told them he didn’t want Mundell around as a token worthless Scot, because he already had some shit on the heel of his shoe called Jack, Col Cringe quit and got Agent Gammon to run the sub branch instead.

    And that is a brief summing up of the Arsehole Party.

    Remember that the Arsehole party are not very good at taking the blame for their stupidity and will be looking for anyone but themselves to carry the can.

    The only way to protect ourselves from them, is to use your votes. Use them. And that way, we we can ensure that the only thing they get to do in Scotland is pass wind.

  2. Just been listening to FM questions and thought Nicola was looking quite tired. Those clowns Carlaw and Leonard asking rediculous questions. None of them come up with anything constructive and I believe they are sitting in Parliament to try and stifle Nicola. Could we have a deputy or someone to help Nicola re the Coronavirus meetings. We need Nicola to be at the top of her game as these Unionists are doing everything to try and discredit her.
    She is so well respected all over the World and it is a disgrace to see her getting treated like this.

    • Nicola is doing a great job at the press conferences. However, she should consider letting her deputy take FMQs. John Swinney is more than a match for the various numpties that purport to lead the opposition parties. Nicola’s talents are wasted on them.

      • I agree too. It’s a good idea to have a bit of back up and support, especially with the numpties who have even numptier nonsensical words posing as questions but are just aggressive retorts. What kind of life do these types of males lead??? Empty. Vacuous. And I bet they’ve got small feet to match their empty big heads.

        I suppose it’s the continuity of leadership Nicola is going with though. She is our FM, a woman, and thron with it. Not putting you menfolk down, but she is a July birthday person, a day before mine, and I know how determined I can be.

        Another belter of a post Paul. Sounds like my experience with the vitriolic rw, racist, late 60s, britnat male’s ravings from four weeks back was trivial in comparison. You certainly have my support. Thank you

    • What we need is a Presiding Officer who actually manages the question time properly, if the questions been answered in her opening statement or in a previous question – move on, dont give the dick heads time to spout shite – wont happen since the PO is a Unionist and not impartial

  3. Paul, I hereby award you an C.A.R.E – Conservatives Are Really Enraged – badge, with distinction and with some of that fancy ribbon that medal have.

    Job well done!

  4. I don’t know how we could go about it, but this ‘worth having to hand’ idea should be something us Duggers should be able to co-ordinate.

    True, all these useful articles, vlogs, blogs etc are readily available on under various WGD articles – and elsewhere in the ‘pro-indy universe’.

    But after being uploaded by a poster on a specific day it’s then submerged by other posts (both by WGD and other contributors. I admit that in typing this, I too, am adding an additional ‘layer’ to these comments, but I do think stewartb in the previous post has touched on something. Further, the idea of “Co-operation and solidarity between communities” can and must extend on our local level – neighbour to neighbour, workplace to workplace, institution to institution – and where these are not currently available, zoom user to zoom user.

    Yes, it’s time consuming and yes, a lot of us have a lot of other commitments – even outside covid times, we are incredibly busy with work, family, friends and so forth. But I do think (remember I trained as a lawyer initially) that if we could collate these articles, vlogs etc., in various folders: HMG incompetence, Boris the Buffoon, Indy, Reports from Wales etc etc then we could have these as evidence/back up/support for any number of our campaigns at our fingertips and be able to present them cogently and intelligently before and against our yoon enemies.

    Don’t forget – they will already be spinning how to re-write history and they will throw all manner of dirt in our direction. I accept the enormity of the task, but do think it’s imperative that we collect, collate and then disseminate the truth amongst ourselves and some of our less-convinced (Indy-curious as we call them in Wales) citizens – and point to them what is really happening and how they are being let down time and again by those who they previously thought of as being their ‘betters’.

    Here’s hoping I’ve convinced you of the idea of collation and disseminating. I know you will all make a bloody good job of it.

    Yours in eternal friendship and dros Gymru / for Scotland,


    • WS, just an aside, the Indyref Two site already has and updates a fine assembly of links every day to various articles and news items, that’s quite a resource already in place….

      • I’m sure it does, Bob. Just thinking aloud that we need to bring as much material as possible, together as possible. I don’t usually have the time to contribute over there as well, for example.

        Maybe this as good a place as any to say that Duggers have free use in any positive way to make use of any links I post here. (If you already do so – consider yourself ahead of the game.)

  5. Treat everyone of these English based parties with exactly the respect they deserve , highlight they are English parties and really have no place in our parliament , most of them are list candidates and have not actually been elected by Scottish voters but by their masters in England a foreign country .
    Last but not least drop the Alex and Nicola side show for the time being , if ever it was a time for backing Nicola it’s right now , back her and her team , she is under pressure not one of us can imagine right now don’t anyone myself included add to it , we will have time to voice our comments at a appropriate date , but not now .

  6. It was a cracking start to the day reading that article. Can’t imagine Nicola had time to though. Plenty hauners around, especially if you get grief from all sides. Maybe you could wind them up further by getting a question in at tomorrow’s briefing… a sensible question of course, now that really would do it.

  7. “…so that they can act like a poor wounded puppy.” I think they are also trying to intimidate you Paul. Its very easy thing to do these days unfortunately. Play the victim, make a lot of noise about it and hey presto the other guy is the baddy. Don’t let them get to you.

    • Because playing the victim is all these English rule hypocrites have left everything else is a failure to them they was raging when Scotland got its ppe supplies from china even though englands ppe order from turkey was delayed. They threw a hissy fit simply because Scotland got its ppe supplies from china and England was still waiting on theirs from Turkey completely badmouthing china even though china is higher in population and has been the frist infected by this virus with a lower death toll than England decided to help us and stright after englands health department (under hancocks orders most likely) stuck the political middle finger up at us by telling the suppliers not to sell to Scotland and wales then denies it only to find out Westminster had been giving englands ppe to the tax heavens instead of nhs England.

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  9. There are certain advantages to living in an area with the most gawdawful broadband connection in the onionverse. The past two or three days have been half bliss and half frustration. The absence of the meeja in casa M. has however resulted in a lot of garden bashing.

    The heartbeat we get a connection back? First port of call is well worth the wait. 🙂

    Well said Paul.

  10. When Jackson Carlaw claimed that BBC Scotland were guilty of SNP bias my jaw, like I’m sure many of your’s did, hit the floor. ” Nobody could be that delusional surely?”

    But then I realised he was making a very stupid attempt at telling the ‘big lie’.

    The ‘big lie’, as I am sure many of you know, is a political propaganda device attributed to Goebbels but was really invented by Hitler himself . It is where you claim something so ostensibly ridiculous that a lot of people believe it must be true because, they figure, surely they would not make such a ridiculous claim if it were not true.

    Unfortunately for JC the credulity elastic on that one so far exceeded its snapping point, and by a considerable margin, that it left not even the merest shred of possibility required for the successful implementation of a ‘big lie’ strategy.

    That might have worked for a used car salesman… oh wait!

    • My eyes nearly popped out of my head when i saw that headline thats definitely a wtf moment for the record books.

    • Jackson Carlaw:

      “The Boycie of Scottish Politics”.
      “The Unthinking Man’s Boycie”.
      “So dumb, he makes Boycie look smart”

      There might be some mileage [sic.] in those …

      (Just thinking aloud, friends. 😀 )

        • Apologies. Max Boyce always seemed to me to be a decent bloke and including him in a repartee quip simply because of his ‘punchline’ “Oggi Oggi Oggi, Oi, Oi, Oi” and his Welsh connection was inappropriate.

  11. They probably feel public support for their London shitshow slowly draining away, so are looking for a distraction. Any distraction. Their Nemesis though, when it comes, will be solely electoral. Just as it should be. And just as they fear the most.

  12. To our good host.

    I doubt I am alone. I came here for the wit and wisdom, but I keep reading for the wisdom. (The wit is a bonus)

    You, sir, are a phenomenon.

    And we are extremely lucky to have you.

  13. For such an unfeeling ,empathy-free bunch , the ‘Scottish ‘ Tories are such a thin-skinned group of f*nnies !

  14. When a Tory gets sacked from Tory newspapers for telling lies, that should herald clanging bells everywhere that such a Tory is even too much for the most rabid of Tories

    Yet they still made him Prime Minister

    There will be people who will say yeah but the next one won’t be as bad, how many of these creatures does Scotland have to have imposed upon us by Englands voters before they understand that the next one and the next one will be the same as the last one and Scotlands votes don’t count and haven’t counted for around seventy years, and even then it was more by coincidence than design

    When the Tories or Labour or any of the Union political party steal, remove, transfer industry, jobs, brains from Scotland they don’t care which party you voted for, we’re all vermin to them, nobody’s immune, there’s no vaccination against them, and even being in their party won’t save you, if you live in Scotland you exist to serve, nothing more

    I’m not a surgeon but in the time Boris Johnson has been ill, taken to hospital, released from hospital, recuperated and socially distanced himself from us all I could have trained as a surgeon perfomed a lung transplant and created a bionic man out of him by now

    He’s hiding because he’s an incompetent man who is unable to retain facts and repeat them in English without quoting amo amas amat lying about it and making a joke at the same time because he has the attention span of a Gnat and bluster is all he amounts to

    But it’ll be brilliant and fantastic and an opportunty and we will something somethng forward together like Cicero and Tiro as this great nation of ours bangs it’s fist off a lectern as he thinks of gunboats and how he’ll pose for his portrait on the wall of number ten

    By Jove!

  15. Typical whine frae “The Reverend Ba’heid”
    Car..Law. ProudScotBut. Wid sell Scotland like a used Honda!

  16. Johnson is a gift – but not to the Tories or Brits in general.

    He is the Brits’ Prime Minister! Lolz.

    That fact cannot be hidden from normal people across the planet. By every measure of human behaviour he is a pillock. He looks like a pillock, walks like a pillock, talks like a pillock and has the common sense of a pillock. He is the ultimate Brit and Tory pillock. He epitomizes all that the Brits stand for and he exposes all of them as pillocks.

    I’m not surprised you are unpopular with the mock Jock Tories Paul. You had to go and rub salt into their open wound. Even pillocks have feelings you know, albeit of a very primitive sort.

  17. Couldn’t think what on earth you’d done.
    I read the National piece earlier – great as usual – and now this?
    They really are losing the plot!

  18. What ‘threatening’ behaviour. People looking for the ‘threatening’ comment. There were none. Just more lies from unionists. People are sick of it.

    The Tory/unionists should take a good look at themselves and their policies. People are dying because of their appalling behaviour. Not fit for public office. They must be on another planet of complacency.

    The appalling ‘leadership’. Non existent responsible. It is an absolute shambles. The Tory mess and Brexit. People are dying because of it. A total abuse of power. There are no words, Absolutely disgraceful.

    The Tory accuse others who tell the truth. While they are continually lying and trying to hide it, To cover up appalling mistakes of bad behaviour. Unbelievable illusion. Especially at a time of crisis. Totally incompetence of grand proportion.

    Another major Tory muck up. From Thatcher to Major who supported EU membership. To aid and improve the economy. Then the Tories lie and cheat to Brexit. So they can be PM. Just selfish ambition and abuse of power. Another major pandemic of lack of proper essential services funding. The Tories cut it. Illegal behaviour. Ruining he economy.

    They should be in jail. Everyone locked in. The unwarranted death. Just beyond the bounds of dignity and respect for other people. Contempt for other people. The Tory trademark.

  19. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, ducks responsibility. It is another Tory muck up. Just as expected. They always fail big time. Time and time again.

    For goodness sake hand the baton over. They do not want the poison chalice. No opposition. Another shambles. Paid Labour Officials campaign to lose an election. Another major scandal.

    Dems out of the equation. More people getting sick. No policies to deal with it. Lording it over others. Another steal scandal. Lack of education funding. To train Doctors/nurses and healthcare professionals. Lack of adequate funding.

    Essential workers leaving because of Brexit, or being charged a fortune to stay. £thousands charged for a British passport. Citizens who have stayed and contributed for years. The children of EU citizens born in Britain being charged £thousands to stay. Another Westminster scandal of utter misery. 3/4 million discriminated against. Unequal citizens.

    The UK one of the most unequal places in the world.

  20. Tosspot Carmichael ( tory in disguise )

    ” Where’s our million quid for the french gate enquiry ”

    Bumping his gums on SKY News and pushing the Tory line of let’s get back to making money ,with absolutely no evidence its safe yet , and as if he has any say in what happens here ,just another waste of space looking for attention ,talking about Wullie ,they still owe Police Scotland money for attending their conference ,what is with these Libdems dont they ever pay what they owe , it should be deducted from any money they receive just as over payments from the DSS has to be repaid .

    The SKY presenter ” i am not from Glasgow i am from Ayrshire you know the one ” had his tongue so far up Carmichael’s arse he could brush his bloody teeth , a cosy luv in there .

    Just watch the next time he speaks to anyone from the SNP you can see him spitting out the questions as if the one being interrogated had mugged his bloody Granny.

  21. This morning the sun comic says the CHinese are swamping us with fake news.
    They then put out a story that Jersey is the first in the uk to ban smacking children. OH.
    Then the news you can trust from the EBC,
    Nothing on the report above from WS,that the nightinggale has turned away very ill people due to no suitable staff,OH,like the ones patel sent home.
    They’re still pushing the virus test figures BUTT now the early ones aren’t accurate.
    The handcock will not be embarrassed about the testing target now.
    We can’t believe a word as it is all qualified, WE won’t run out of PPE,aye they personally won’t,you will.
    Wonder what pressure the mandarin came under to reverse his statement.
    The PPE from Turkey has arrived, not the 84 tonnes, as that aircraft can only handle around 30 tonnes and make the range.
    Spin and deceit, a lot of people are gone by the submarine pm’s policy.
    The expert yesterday said that there was no need to stop incoming flights and testing as the numbers were so low compared to the residents,a few more won’t matter.

  22. Well said, WGD. Please keep urinating all over them. Britnats, especially the anti-Scottish media are bricking it because they know their self-appointed, self-important status as “proper journalists” is rightly being questioned by the Scottish public.

    I make no apology for saying I hope every one of their anti-Scottish rags comes a cropper in the months ahead.

  23. The distortion of the Brits ‘ covid 19 figures is mind boggling – deliberately so. I must say that I find their statistical gymnastics entertaining. What a shower of disingenuous wallopers.

    Meanwhile, Nicola has been brilliant in her genuine endeavours to provide the facts and a rational analysis.

    I reckon that she is deliberately inciting the Brits, there is no other rational explanation.

    Is there?

  24. Great article in the National, Paul, with the content of such seeing some BritNats filling their maxi-absorb incontinence pads to capacity. Let’s hope that they don’t run out of their PPE, for everyone’s sake, as I doubt we could put up with an even greater Unionist stench here in Scotland.

    It looks as though it’s a case of the truth hurts and of course very few people in the MSM, or for that matter on other so-called independence sites, are speaking out as you have done, so you along with, say, the Times journalists will be taking the hit. They are in effect threatening you in the hope that they will shut you up and of course shut the National down. Expect to be the number one target now as a number of key (formerly) pro-independence sites are no longer a threat to the BritNats, rather seem to have come round to supporting them, for one reason or another.


    Westminster and the MSM, in particular the BBC, are still playing the numbers game and having the audacity to state that deaths in Scottish care homes far outweigh those south of the border.

    ‘Coronavirus: What’s the story behind the numbers?’

    And ..

    • ”Even Wales’s Mark Drakeford.” The usual superior, arrogant attitude WS. Real brass neck, especially under the current ”English circumstances.”


      You’ve mentioned this previously WS. The great English ripoff of places like Cornwall and countries like Wales.

      Kate Forbes:- ”This is precisely why we took a different approach in Scotland to ensure that vacant, empty, second homes weren’t eligible for grant funding – so that we could help even more genuine businesses. The last sentence is stark. “Fishermen are offered little support other than from universal credit, but are seeing Londoners with second homes being able to apply for £10,000.” Not in Scotland, where support for fishing is almost £23m & second homes are excluded from grants.”..

  25. I was just reading through some of the many BritNat posts on that other site. You know the posts from people who are complaining constantly that Nicola Sturgeon is detrimental to us getting our Independence in the midst of this coronavirus crisis. She’s toeing the Westminster line when it comes to their CV19 policies too. Complaining that we are not an Independent country so have no control over this, that and the next thing and yet in the process seemingly ”forgetting”, aye right, that Westminster is calling the shots when it comes to the following issues. As if they didn’t know, lol.

    Joanna Cherry:_ ”I’ve written to Priti Patel in my capacity as theSNPshadow Home Sec with proposals for health checks & quarantining at UK airports & ports.”

  26. Absolutely superb display from Nicola Sturgeon updates
    On the Coronavirus.and answering questions from an absolute
    Disgraceful shower of so called journalists.(.do not make me laugh.)
    They would not make one decent journalist.if you Put the whole lot together.
    An absolute load of scum.only out to try.(.and they are most certainly failing.)
    To accuse the.SNPBAAAAD.of failing Scotland.
    Words fail me with the lot of them.a bunch of ignorant vindictive Britnat
    Unionists.independence is our escape from this lot.and the sooner the better.

  27. Yes Welsh Sion, the Brits have such conceit and contempt ‘Even Wales’s Mark Drakeford …..’ Their lack of self awareness would be staggering to me if I didn’t understand that it is the gas in the balloon of their inflated egos.

    How long before the Brits question Nicola as to why the numbers of deaths in Scottish care homes are astronomically higher than in Britland. To which I imagine that she will turn the question right back on the accusers.

    Sometimes I just think the Brits are as thick as mince. Then my brain cells kick in and I remember that they are, by definition, deluded, predatory fools.

  28. I wonder why the BritNat journalists don’t ask Nicola Sturgeon why Scotland is ”doing it better” than England?

    ”Economy Secretary @FionaHyslop eloquently explains how the Scottish Government designed its financial support to meet the differing needs of Scotland’s economy rather than blindly replicating UK Government – as some advocate – which is less fair and less generous to many sectors.”


    ‘How Arbroath (Scotland) call centre keeps London moving through coronavirus.’

    • UK ordered ferries from company that didn’t have any.

      UK ordered emergency coronavirus gear from Turkish company unable to provide it.

      – Pattern emerging?

  29. Patel totally failing. Deporting people without permission or authority. Yet can’t control or monitor a few traveller, passengers coming in. Although many people are self isolating coming in from abroad. Two week in isolation before returning home. Or on returning. So many flights are grounded. It would minor organisation to monitor the position

    People coming in through airports are in the same situation of those already here. Few travellers now with all the flights grounded. No flights available expect emergency returns of those stranded. They have to self isolate and obey the rules. Rules imposed worldwide.

    The elderly mainly at risk do not travel frequently. Sick or ill. Especially in the present situation. Home bound. Self isolating pattern of behaviour is a fact of life for them.

  30. Never mind Big Pharma! Does anyone know of any Westminster politicians that could profit from this?

    ‘The government must prevent Big Pharma profiteering from covid.’

    ”The covid pandemic continues to escalate globally and, with it, the understanding that it will not affect everyone equally. One of the major disparities that we are likely to see is who will be able to access a vaccine and who will not.”..

    ..”But there is a real danger that without effective safeguards, big pharmaceutical companies could have far too much control over who is able to manufacture, sell or access a vaccine. We at STOPAIDS have seen too many examples of Big Pharma prioritising extortionate and unreasonable pricing which has then meant many patients can’t afford life-saving treatments and become sick or even die. Lifesaving treatments must be available to everyone who needs them, especially the most vulnerable, if we are to collectively stop the spread of this pandemic.”..


    Check out Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site.

    • The hobbling of our ( = Welsh Government’s) relationship with Roche can be added to the brew you are making in the first para, Petra.

      But undoubtedly the yoon politicians are up to their eyeballs in it somewhere, too – you can be sure of it.

      If you could nudge WGD into him giving you my private email, I’d be happy to discuss a couple f related matters with you elsewhere, if that’s ok with the both of you.

      Best regards,

  31. Haven’t read the piece WGD refers to but the only good british nationalist is an angry and bitter one. If the right buttons are pressed they can be led into making the most ludicrous and irrational outbursts which even the stupidest can’t fail to notice.

  32. I can’t believe The Dug has just shared this video on his blog. After a week of feeling very down I have just spent two days cheering myself up with videos of live Queen concerts. Freddy Mercury always brings joy and amazement at his outstanding talent.

    And then this: the situation in the US (and the UK) is so dire you have to laugh or you’d greet.

  33. ….. well Paul, in the Immortal words of Lance Corporal Jones “….. they don’t like it up ’em” ….. I’ll leave it to you to identify Jones to your younger readers !!!

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