If it’s got Cummings in it, it’s not The Science

We’re following The Science. It’s been the constant and repeated mantra of the British Government ever since the Coronavirus epidemic started. Any criticism or question about the wisdom of the British Government’s policy has been batted away with The Science. No politics here, oh no, this is The Science, with a capital letter and everything. The Government’s daily press briefing has turned into one of those expensive cosmetics commercials. You know, where a beautiful model who clearly has no need of the nostrum on offer waxes lyrical about the benefits of the product, and then talks about The Science, which is the cue to descend into nonsensical gobbledygook about which serves no purpose other than to throw up a smokescreen of pseudo-scientific respectability and justify the extremely high price.

We already know that the British Government’s snake oil is going to cost us dearly. Matt Hancock is to be fair a very good model – if we are talking about the plastic variety which is a diminutive copy of the real thing but without any appreciable signs of life. He’d be just as well telling us that the UK Government is basing its policy on its Advanced Borisfnaughfinol Complex and OCULAQUA™, a unique lubricating complex formulated from 18 essential elements found naturally in Conservatives with radiant, healthy hedge funds.

Science is above all an open process. That’s what allows science to be science. Data must be checked independently, conclusions debated openly. Findings are presented to the wider scientific community which can then openly discuss, debate, and investigate the conclusions arrived at. It’s through this rigorous process of peer review by other scientists that hypotheses which do not stand up can be winnowed out and rejected. Where there is secrecy and opacity, science dies. Which makes it alarming that the British Government, seemingly uniquely amongst Western governments, has been so secretive about the scientific advice that it has been given by SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. SAGE operates in secret, its membership list is a secret, its meetings are closed, any recommendations that it makes are kept secret, and the minutes of its meetings and its conclusions are not published. This is not a government which is treating the public like grown ups.

The truth is that governments of any hue do not “do science”. Scientists give advice, and the government formulates a policy by making political decisions based upon that advice. It is up to the politicians to decide how to act or not to act upon that advice and they do so refracted through the prism of their own political imperatives. This current British government is the most ideologically driven for generations. It beggars belief that this bunch of swivel eyed Brexiteer ideologues have put their obsessions to one side for the duration. All the more so because we know that they are refusing to delay Brexit negotiations in the interim. Governments most certainly do not follow the science by keeping that science a secret.

There are plenty of respected and respectable scientists on SAGE, men and women who are experts in their fields. However the concern about SAGE is that the British Government is using SAGE not primarily to obtain independent scientific advice, but rather to provide itself with a veneer of scienciness to cover up its political decisions. To formulate some Borisfnaughfinol rather than to formulate a science based strategy for dealing with the crisis. These suspicions are only worsened by the secrecy which the British Government surrounds SAGE advice, their refusal to publish that advice in full, and the revelation that Dominic Cummings and a data scientist prominent in the Vote Leave campaign are participants in SAGE meetings. So we’ve got the UK’s leading political supervillain and one of his little henchpersons on the government’s scientific committee. You can see now why they wanted to keep the membership list quiet.

Dominic Cummings is no scientist. He has neither been trained in science nor gained any recognised scientific qualification. He has a degree in Ancient and Modern History. This is not a scientific qualification. Since leaving university he has spent his career working on one right wing political project or campaign after another. His primary concerns are political and the promotion of a right wing agenda. No meeting which contains Dominic Cummings as one of its participants can claim that the consensus it arrives at is independent, neutral, and based solely in science. It’s hard to understand what qualifies him to sit on a scientific committee. Is it his interest in eugenics perhaps? Isn’t this the guy who embraced herd immunity and quipped that it was too bad if some pensioners had to die?

The opinions of those real and genuine scientists who sit on the committee have been compromised by the views of Dominic Cummings. It means that we cannot be sure of the extent which the decisions of the committee are based on a dispassionate view of the data, or of the extent to which they are based on political considerations. It means that there is a real risk that the politics are leading the science, instead of science informing the politics. The Government tells us that it’s following the science, but that science is being influenced by Dominic Cummings.

The truth that has come out about SAGE also put to bed any claim that the UK operates as a family of nations where the different countries of the UK have a voice and a say. The chief medical officers and scientific advisors of the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish governments have not been allowed to participate fully in SAGE meetings. Their role is restricted to that of observer status. If they want to ask a question they must submit it in writing in advance. This makes it unlikely that any decisions made by SAGE are fully informed by the situations in the devolved nations.

In turn this makes a mockery of the insistence of Jackson Carlaw and Richard Leonard that Scotland must not diverge from the rest of the UK in how it manages its response to the virus. They want Scotland to adhere to a policy which was formed with only limited input from the leading Scottish scientists and medical officers who inform the Scottish Government. If they still adhere to their insistence after these revelations, we can be confident that their first priority is not what is good for Scotland, but rather what is good for preventing Scotland diverging from the UK. They stand revealed as using the coronavirus as a weapon to fend off the rising tide of independence.

Science dies in the darkness. The public cannot have confidence in the science of a committee which operates in secret and which contains such a controversial political figure amongst its members. The British government must remove Cummings from SAGE immediately, and make the minutes of meetings public. It needs to do what Nicola Sturgeon has done, and to treat the public as grown ups. Scientific advice that is formulated in consultation with Dominic Cummings is neither scientific nor advisable.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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68 thoughts on “If it’s got Cummings in it, it’s not The Science

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  2. Irked at your jumping on the Trump takedown bandwagon mister. You went ahead, followed the herd by trying to make a story from a non story. I presume you watched the full clip where Trump was accused of suggesting that ppl inject themselves with disinfectants? Where, in that clip, did you hear such a suggestion?

    I’m no fan of Trump, but, I find your hypocrisy quite annoying.

    You continually (and rightly), berate our UK MSM when they misinform us, or misinterpret SNP, by bending of words, but here you are, actually agreeing with a baseless headline regarding Trump, which does exactly what you purport to detest.

    That you, of all ppl, were actually taken in by that headline amazes me.

    I’ll ask you again, where, in the video clip, did you hear Trump actually suggest, or even infer, that ppl inject themselves with disinfectants?


    • Are you for real Tommy? The world is going to hell in a coronavirus handbasket. Dominic Cummings is helping to make scientific policy advice. And what’s really getting your goat is that people might be misquoting Donald Trump.

      Trump’s exact words were (taken from here https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-52407177 )

      “So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous – whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it.

      “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting.

      “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what. [points to his head]

      And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?

      “So it’d be interesting to check that.”

      He is very clearly suggesting that injecting with disinfectant is a good idea that’s worth exploring. That’s dangerous, idiotic, and irresponsible.

      Not one single news outlet anywhere has reported Trump’s comments in a way to suggest that ingesting cleaning products is a good idea – but because of his remarks there has been a surge in reports of people ingesting bleach, disinfectant, and other household cleaning products. That’s not the media’s fault, that’s Trump’s fault. Because he floated the idea, Trumpist idiots who believe him actually tried it.


      • Paul, it recalls the Cruise Control yarn:-

        “Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City bought a new Winnebago motor home, the newsletter says. While driving it home on the freeway, he set the cruise control at 70 and went into the back to make coffee.

        “Not surprisingly,” the newsletter says, “the RV left the freeway, crashed and overturned. Mr. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not advising him in the owner’s manual that he couldn’t actually do this. The jury awarded him $1,750,000 plus a new motor home,” and the company rewrote the manual “in case there were any other complete morons buying their recreational vehicles.”

        This of course was a spoof report to lampoon actual ridiculous US law suits.

        Surely nobody would believe that if you guzzled disinfectant it would ‘kill’ the virus in your body?
        Apparently not.
        There are some stonking idiots out there. Tens of millions of them voted for Trump and Johnson.
        Will the Domestos 30 in New York be suing Trump?

        I repeat, make preparations to close the Scottish Border on the 7th May. Carjack Lawson wants us in ‘lockstep’ with his Motherland.
        Reports of a shooting and stabbing at a funeral in Manchester this week when hundreds defied the lockdown to gather at the graveside serves as warning enough for this 72 year old Scot.
        Hancock will falter, and Cummings, who is the unelected Panjandrum of England, will ignore the science, and bring England out of lockdown.
        It’s the economy stupid. Who really cares if a few thousand old farts die?
        Close Scotland.

      • I thought that Trump was particularly sage when he wanted tests done by ” medical doctors ” – rather than Witch doctors one assumes ! ( or Doctor Dominic Cummings , leading scientist of this parish ! )

      • Oh ffs how can anyone listern to supremacist lunatics like him disinfectant is toxic it even has the skull and bones symbol on the label to tell the users its toxic.

    • Blimey… Bandwagon ? Have you been on the chorox and soda ?
      His musings are all on record FFS, and he is still spouting it much to the genuine embarrassment of medical advisers…
      In all likelihood he’s read a piece which was referring to disruptors in water treatment and failed to realise the depth of ignorance revealed by his pontifications.
      The strong light he was waxing about is probably 254nm UV, either that or disinfectant will kill any live organism, and guess what, humans are organic.

    • Disingenuous and dangerous, Mr Boyle!

      The President of the US stood in front of an audience and ramble enthusiastically about the possibility of getting Lysol/ disinfectant to do some ” inside cleaning”


      You may have missed it but the manufacturer seems to have picked up on the possibility that people might die after hearing their leader ramble (as he does) inferring that Lysol injections could therefore be the way ahead for them.

      Trump’s insane ramblings are one nightmare; Dominic Cummings interacting with the scientists that are supposed to be advising Westminster through this pandemic ( “herd immunity”, thousands and thousands of unacknowledged Covid deaths “in the community” , “just in time” supplies for NHS staff etc ) is another.

      Keep at it WGD. We still do not know what is really going on. All we have are those ghastly, terrified, inadequate individuals : Rudd, Hancock, Patel, Johnson …and now we know Cummings is lurking in “Sage”.

    • I smell a Trumpian cheerleader, troll and non-grammarian.

      It is Trump who implied and it was for us to infer anything from what he said. Trump in no way ‘even inferred’ anything.

      The main difference between these two words is that a speaker can imply, but a listener can only infer.

      or, if you prefer:

      The difference between the two is that imply refers to giving information, while infer refers to receiving information.

      Thanks for sharing your dangerous and grammatical nonsense with.

      Have a good weekend.

  3. Grand stuff Paul, and what a contrast to Majid Nawaz earlier today, defending Cumming’s presence at Sage because it was his duty to advise based on the discussions at the meeting. No argument to be heard. Fancy giving him a call tomorrow?

  4. Well said.
    When they said that the scientific advice would be published AFTER all this is over, it had to be controversial, that Cummings was in any way involved is chilling…

    • Vallance’s been compromised from the beginning anyway. He’s apparently a good friend of Cummings’ and was influenced by Cummings’ herd immunity theory. Prof Costello’s been writing about that today.

  5. Cmon everyone. Cummings must be a genius. He wears a cardie, inside oot. What more scientific evidence do we need?

  6. Just exactly why was this sinister mad eyed looking fkr invited to leave Russia anyone know ,

    The Labour parties equivalent Mc Ternan was also invited to leave Australia under suspicion of inciting public disorder and Visa irregularities ,

    This type should be put down for everyone’s benefit, they are like a festering disease that should be put out of our misery and our sight.

    Not wishing them any harm but would anyone miss the both of them .

  7. There are all kinds of Doctors in all kinds of different areas and Ronald Turnip is none of those things in any area whatsoever thank God, although he still looks as though he has access to drugs
    Which brings us to the unelected Prime Minister of the UK Dominic Cummings who is also a man of no medical or scientific qualifications, but he does however have opinions, and those opinions are very similar to the as yet uncaught Nazi Martin Bormann, and like Bormann Cummings will likely get away with what he’s doing too and never be caught and held to account because well, nobody voted for him so not his fault eh

    For a Nation like England to have believed for so long the propaganda of the likes of Farage that the EU was full of unelected people they certainly have themselves a doozey now don’t they
    along with the biggest selection of unelected politicians in the world in the House of Lords, second only to the Peoples Republic of China

    Oh yeah, they know what they’re doing in that there England
    Explain to me again why there are still people in Scotland happy with this arrangement

    • “Explain to me again why there are still people in Scotland happy with this arrangement”
      It beats me, Dr Jim, it really does. We could mull that over until the end of time and never come up with and answer, sadly. We will never convince those folk no matter how powerful the argument.
      And it can’t be more bleedin’ obvious than it is now.

  8. ‘By injection inside’. Is not suggesting drinking it. Rather suggesting a vaccine could be (developed) injected. Inside the skin. Needle.

    It is State Law that makes major decisions in the US. Over day to day matters. The lock down. The Americans elected Fire, Sheriffs/Police Chiefs. The States administration collect taxes. There is a 10%? Fed tax. Another progressive State tax. The States (average pop) would be under 5Million+. If they were evenly spread. 260 pop 50 States. Some States have a higher average pop. Large empty spaces.

    There is low taxation in the US. Goods are cheaper. People have to pay for education, healthcare etc. Sometimes healthcare is included in remuneration. Or private insurance. Private pension schemes. There is a payroll tax. Unemployment schemes. State or Fed? They do not get much vacations. They do European trips if they can get holiday time.

    There are free medical schemes for poorer people and the elderly. Medicare. Retired people can get healthcare free. It depends on the State administration. A high/fast inequality gap of wealth. Laissez faire economic policy. There are penalties for evading taxes and financial fraud. Prison sentences.,

    The healthcare system was being reformed. A Liberal Independent Senator refused to vote for public monies being contributed. The scheme did not go through.

    Unelected Cummings should not be involved in Gov department. Advocated killing people by inaction. Too late and a catalogue of errors. Johnston still hiding. Johnston is a migrant. Many Westminster MP’s are from migrant families.

    Migrants doing essential NHS and essential jobs are being charged £thousands for healthcare. They are being charged £thousands for British passports. Even children who have been born in the UK are being charged. It is an absolute scandal. Illegal. They are even deporting people against Court orders. The Brexit disgrace.

    3-5Million migrants in Britain. 4-5Million people from the UK are settled abroad, worldwide. Migrants are in Europe because of the UK/US illegal wars. Including orphans Westminster refused to accept.

  9. Johnson likes to think of himself as a 21st century Churchill.
    Imagine if Churchill and his government had decided that the Nazis weren’t really all that bad and we should just allow them to invade the British islands.
    So what if the Nazis exterminated the old,the sick,the poor,jews,communists etc.
    No great loss and a benefit to the economy.
    Besides,we have neither the trained people nor equipment to repel the invasion so we should just let it happen.
    Churchill not!
    Their lack of action and ideologically driven response will be remembered for a very long time.

    • I wish this fiasco were to prove the end of the UK’s love-in with political extremism, but from what I’ve read the Titanic will only see a change of captain. Bertie Ahern’s crown of Mr Teflon is firmly adorned by the Tory Party and it’s current lead charlatan in England. Trump’s infamous claim he could shoot people and get away with it appears to be happening in the UK… Even as the true death toll is beginning to dawn on people there seems to be no rage at the government’s callousness rather than a shrug of “shit happens”.
      You can be sure SMSM will carry that torch of “understanding” willingly, the day Scotland goes it’s own sweet way and ejects this nasty lot can’t come quickly enough…

  10. He is compromising the science to keep pushing his idiotic culture war. It has already compromised the media and if the likes of Carlaw and Leonard were even paying attention, the Union.

    This is the cretin that Carlaw wants us to obey and follow without question. If they are aware of the danger at all, they simply haven’t the courage anymore to fight to protect it. In their minds they Surrendered Scotland to Westminster years ago.

    Their union is weak sauce.

  11. Churchill was an alcoholic. Alcoholics make poor decision. Without proper total abstinence counselling and effort.

    The Russians effort defeated the Germans. Saved the West, it was Russian sacrifice the was the major effort WW2. Russia was devastated, The economy ruined.

    26Million Russian died (a higher pop).
    1/2Million UK
    1/2Million French
    1/2Million US. 1941 – 45

    In Europe. European economy destroyed. Devastated, People starving and dying in Europe of war and sickness. The reason the EU was founded (by Britain). To stop war and starvation in Europe.

    More overseas deaths. Asia etc. The surrender at Singapore. The right decision? Asian/Indian people helped Japanese aggression. A fifth column against British Imperialism and control, They wanted Independent Rule. Freedom. India etc. The Partition of India/Pakistan. Japanese campaign of aggression. Nuclear weapons developed and used.

    The betrayal of the Middle East. Promises of the vote and democracy for cooperation. Allies in the East. Reneged upon. Repeatedly by the West. Ever since. Illegal wars.

    Churchill illegally took all Persia (Iran) Oil in the 1950’s. The elected PM wanted some of the assets.The CIA/M15 caused trouble, disruption and riots. Unrest, The made false claims the PM was homosexual. The PM ended up in prison. The Shah was restored. CIA/M15 action documented in (open) files in Washington.

    A landslide victory 1945 Labour. Churchill voted out.

    The Tories will be voted out.

    The British establishment. Westminster rewrites the history and events of the WW2. Along with the Royals. The abdication. Rewritten to suit the Mountbatten/Windsor’s establishment. The Tories Royals. Tax evaders. A migrant family. Greek /German/English
    Scottish. A dynasty.

    If Charles had not betrayed Diana for convenience. It would have been Queen Beatrice, A different kettle of fish. The stink. A daughter of a sexual predator by all accounts. A criminal awaiting convictions.

    Johnston similarity to Churchill. Johnston will be voted out. A defeated liar. Gone soon. The lies and habitual criminal behaviour. Costing people’s lives. Liars always get found out. It will all end in tears again. The Tories will be gone, especially in Scotland. Demographics.

    On the road to Independence, when people vote for it. Support for SNP/Independence rising. For better governance. For a better world.

  12. I don’t know who is advising Nicola Sturgeon but whoever it is they want to get a fk/n grip,

    Iam taking about the Andrew Marr show or better known as the ” Tory luv in ” this morning the whole contrived stage managed in your face propaganda extravaganza probably directed and produced by Cummings ,

    every single opportunity was used to give the impression of a Tory government doing its best under very trying circumstances , oh give me bloody strength, I wonder if Nicola or her advisers were following the obvious theme of the luv in , they couldn’t have failed to notice what was unfolding before them , this in when they should have brought the BBC arse kissing show to an abrupt halt .

    Viewers were left with the impression the Scottish government were making and are making a complete arse of the situation , Marr said she was failing in testing ,without referencing the lead Public Health England was giving in halting testing in March , and without any comment about the English system crashing minutes after it went live, every single day since it started its failed ,

    The game was given away when English commenters were saying the only tests available were in Scotland, this was ignored how bloody convenient eh .

    The barsturds at the BBC are on full protection mode save the Union, Christ the TV almost went out the nearest window and the Language was choice.

    • Robert, see my offering below.
      Hugh Pym and Marr discussing the ‘missing 20,000 deaths in English Care Homes, and domestically, announcing that the 20,000 reported deaths by health England, was double that, 40,000, yet later on Marr lied in challenging Scots Care Home Deaths by announcing that Care Home deaths in England was only ‘10%’.
      So what is it, Uncle Tam Marr, 20,00 or 200 Care Home Deaths in England?
      He interviewed an Oxford Professor, and epidemiologist, Christophe Fraser, on the prospect of an App(?) to be used in tracing Covid patients.
      I found it extremely alarming to hear an ‘expert’ declare that between 3% to 10% of the population (England) had contracted the disease.
      Between 2 and 5 million English citizens already have Covid 19?

      They have lost the plot Down There.
      We will be compelled to buy smart phones now?
      England is out of control.
      Close the Border now.

  13. Nicola Sturgeon knows like most of the rest of us that the handling of the situation in England has been dire and she has no need right at this moment to say it because in a very short time it will be revealed to all and the proverbial will hit the fan big time
    The FM is doing her thing for Scotland and leaving the UK to bury itself by it’s own making, and it’s working, every day that passes the entire UK can see who’s getting on with the job and not indulging in the media and broadcasters desire for political conflict just to please the trouble makers

    The media also at the moment is attempting to reframe the Independence question as something the public shouldn’t be talking about because of Corona Virus, well I’ve got news for the media Corona Virus affects our lungs and makes us terribly sick and can cause us to die of it, but the one thing Corona Virus doesn’t affect is our brains or the ability to think for ourselves

    So when the newspaper pundits of the Unionist persuation tell you there are no polls to verify support for Independence then ask yourself why, and it’s because all the newspapers are selling no bloody newspapers or advertising so have no money to conduct polls that they don’t want to know the answers to anyway, so the new norm is to persuade the public it would be insensitive to even think about Independence until they, the newspapers have enough money to inform you differently

    Right at this moment in history is the very moment to be talking about Independence as the newspapers and media keep banging on about returning to normal and when will it be
    As comedian Frankie Boyle puts it very well *what was normal about folk sleeping on the street*
    and that’s just one of the things Scotland should be talking about in any new *normal* future

    But we won’t get to do that shackled to this offence of a political Union

  14. Things have never been worse in my lifetime and I’m 68 (one of the expendables).

    We all know the list – Covid, unravelling climate, teetering economies, sociopaths in power, obscene individual wealth, war without end etc etc.

    All of us who are active know that the keys to ending this nightmare lie in proper democracically controlled political power. But it all looks so overwhelmingly hopeless……🤯🤯

    That’s s because those in power intend that it looks that way to demoralise and imobilise opposition. We all know this too – some of the time.

    Why are ‘leaders’ , particularly in the USA and UK, behaving like this ?

    Our hope lies in the fact that they are doing it because all else has failed them. They often feel themselves to be in the ‘last ditch’ because they are !

    Foreign military adventures have failed, neo liberal economics has failed. In the uk attempts to destroy independence for Scotland have failed and Irish unity is closer than ever.

    They are having to up the stakes against the rest of us at every turn -double the bet then double it again. They’ve now reached the point at which they actually have to physically kill us in large numbers to enable their profits to keep flowing.

    They may succeed but we constantly have to remind ourselves that while they have put us on the edge they are there too.

    Never give up, always fight back. We can still do this !

    • Well said, Alt Clut.
      They are getting away with it because they control the media, and the media is the message.

      This morning, Marr and Brewer were doing their bit for ‘Boris’ and the Elite.

      Marr discusses with Hugh Pym the ‘UK’ (Englsh) deaths, pointing out that as the recorded deaths exceeded the forecast of 20,000 in England, the total was in fact double that, with the same number again dying in care homes and domestically not appearing in official stats.

      Later, when Marr is interviewing our FM, he lied, and declared that only 10% of deaths in England are in care homes, and that Scotland’s Care Home fatalities are much worse, more like a third.

      He then goes on to quote the Scotsman cut and paste GMB Scotland shriek of outrage about deaths and PPE in Scottish Care homes as ‘proof’ that Scotland is doing much worse than plucky England.
      Good old Uncle Tam Marr.
      Scotland is sh1te. SNP is BAAAAD.

      Later Brewer perpetuates the myth that Care Homes in Scotland are much more at risk than Sunny Acorns in Engurland by including the short clip of somebody, Gary Smith(?) ‘GMB’, featured during the week on Distorting Scotland, a Nobody based in England, who is ‘outraged’ about the plight of Scottish Care Home workers, PPE, and BAD SNP.

      Marr interviewed Raab and declared that the UK/ English Government had ‘some success’; for example, the Nightingale Hospitals and ventilators…aye, right, Andra.
      It is reported (are you reading this, Lisa Summers?) that the Nightingale Hospital in London cannot take Covid 19 patients because it doesn’t have the staff, or ventilators, and that Dyson and JCB are not making ventilators.
      If this is success, what is failure, Marr?

      This is how the idiots now in power in WM and Washington are getting away with it.

      Our Press and Broadcasters are mere copy typists for the Rabbs, Johnsons, and Smirky Patels of the Oligarchy.
      Marr and Brewer deliberately hide the truth from the UK public.

      Marr asked when NS would allow him to visit his parents in Dundee?

      Really? I mean, feckin’ really?
      God, this man really hates the land of his birth.

  15. The heart of the matter….

    [Deleted by WGD – Grafter, if you want to post videos from right wing conspiracy theorists, please do so elsewhere. All your posts will be manually moderated from now on to prevent you doing this again.]

    • Grafter – cmon. Stop doing the flat earthers job for them. I know a number of folk who have died or being seriously ill with covid.
      It’s only flu? Ok let’s play your game— it’s flu but on top and top of the other flu’s. Results in more deaths. Ask the care home workers, ask the families of Doctors and the nurses who have died.

      I can 100% say that this guys figure are wrong. Why? Because they are projections. It may be said to be conspiratorial …. he states then says there is a conspiracy.

      How does this guy save 1 life. Answer he doesn’t. It’s not a pandemic. Really? Enough of this dross.

      Right wing claptrap – I’m off for some detol or is it blotox.

  16. Robert Graham- another I don’t like Nicola diatribe. The FM is playing the game well (politically) . Marr and co want her to run down Johnson’s government so they can attack her and the SNP. U.K. English govt is being attacked by its own Tory MP’s, it’s press and it’s citizens. Let them do the work.

    This blog and others discuss independence and when the COVID-19 wanes then so we can full blast. Until then it would be just bad manners to ignore the plight of the victims of COVid – and more to come.
    Ironically the attackers of the FM and the SNP are actually siding with Marr and the tories.

    • True… As Jack expanded on, there is method to Sturgeon not going for the jugular when it is an open invitation.
      The meeja are digging a bigger hole for themselves by defending the indefensible of WM while attacking SG with “creative” journalism. It may be frustrating to observe as Indy supporters wishing for a more attacking style, but it is signally failing to influence public opinion the way the manipulators want because of the way she is handling it.
      The strategy is not without dangers, but so far the FM has far greater credibility than any other leader in England, that’s what scares the Marr types, and frankly no bad thing..

    • aye and you will be talking the same shite as you have done since 2014 , where has it got you f/kn nowhere , gradual aint working or has that little nugget passed you by ? .
      the Tories aint downed tools or haven’t you noticed that as well . same shite here just a different day , bye best of luck with your independence SUCKERS

  17. Do not watch the BBC for sanity. No news day. Groundhog Day. An appalling institution of misinformation controlled by Westminster unionists. They do the bidding. Wasting £Billions of public monies. BBC £5Billion cost. Peddling nonsense.

    Kept secret and illegal under the Official Secrets Act. Masonic Head of State. Illegal organisation. Black balling people. Unequal, misogynist, racist and bigoted. Leveson not implemented.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

    King Philip or Queen Beatrice? How does that grab those who are are interested. To keep the racket going. Tax evading. Illegal wars and financial fraud.

  18. Half the numbers (pro rata) are dying in Scotland. The Scottish Gov is doing a better job of keeping people well. The SNHS better funded.

    Marr is a poorly researched commentator. Irrelevant. BBC viewer/listeners are falling faster than a sieve loses water. People get their accurate information elsewhere. Thank goodness for the internet.

    • There was so much to laugh at on Marr today. He asked Raab why testing was not being done on travellers entering the UK?
      Raab mumbled the usual ‘scientific advice’ crap, that because the virus had take hold in England already, it would have little impact on reversing the spread if passengers were tested at this ‘bolt the stable door’ stage.
      Is this man for real?
      Yet, we know from Joanne Cherry that Smirky Patel has relented and bowed to pressure from the SNP and will introduce testing and 14 day quarantine at airports and sea ports now.
      Why didn’t Marr know this? More alarmingly, why didn’t Raab?

      They actually declared that the Return of Emperor Johnson tomorrow would steady the ship.

      On Indyref2 ?
      I’m all for rubbing it in their faces.
      As long as the Scotsman and Record give Brian Wilson and Bin Rummager Scoop Hutcheon column inches, and Tom Gordon cuts and pastes his Brit Nat Sources ‘press releases’ which will surely accelerate the demise of these Dead Tree Scrolls, we’ll bang on about the now inevitable destruction of their precious YooKay.
      Independence is inevitable. They know it; they’re just trying to squeeze a last thirty pieces of silver from their Brit Nat Handlers.

  19. Can you see that lot in London agreeing to this?

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon could ask to close border if UK ends lockdown prematurely.’

    …”Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, the First Minister said she would diverge from the four-nation approach to tackling the coronavirus if the advice she received from her advisers suggested doing so would “protect the population”. Asked if she would consider closing the border between Scotland and England, Sturgeon replied: “I don’t have the power to close borders, but these are discussions of course we want to continue to have with the UK Government.”



    ‘Scottish company to make 1.1 million masks for NHS.’

    …”Staff at the factory are now working flat out to produce 20,000 visors a day with a shift system brought in to ensure social distancing in the workplace.”..


  20. Just read about a UK Gov simulation in 2016 which tested UK’s resilience to a 1918 Spanish flu type pandemic. The result was so frightening the report was marked secret. One also presumes that the report’s recommendations were also buried and the way things have played out since Covid-19 – ignored.

  21. ‘Top Tories join calls to bar Cummings from scientific advisory group.’

    …”Adam Price, the Plaid Cymru leader, said: “The fact the chief medical officer of Wales couldn’t even ask questions, but Boris Johnson’s chief spin doctor had a place at the table is as shocking as it is wrong. This government needs to start treating people like grown-ups and publish the advice they are receiving.”..



    Bloomberg:- ‘Sturgeon Sees Chance to Reshape Scots Economy on Virus Outbreak.’

    …”Reform of Scotland’s 170 billion-pound ($210 billion) economy could be accelerated as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, which like in the rest of the U.K., has led to tough restrictions on the movement of people and the ability of businesses to keep operating, Sturgeon wrote in the Glasgow-based newspaper.’..


    • That must surely be a mistake, Petra. I thought Scotland’s ‘economy’ consisted only of a £15 billion black hole, the biggest black hole in the universe into which all of England’s taxpayers’ money disappears every year. It must be true since Andra Neil said so, over and over again as he disappeared over the event horizon and into the abyss. Of course, that could be the parallel universe in which Andra Neil, Andra Marr and a’ the rest of them actually live.

  22. Brewer is so ill informed it is tragic, Do not watch it, to give it credence. No viewers. No programmes. Just a total waste of public time and monies. Statistics not the forte.

    Keep well and stay safe. Ditch the BBC politicos. Feel better.

  23. Well I’ve read the article and all the comments and I’m disappointed that no one has as yet congratulated Dominatrix Condom.
    So let me be the first to say congratulations on the new MD. Dr Condom.
    I am sure you will soon be taking your oath.
    Ye Ken the one that goes, First do no harm to the party or hedge funds.
    So it’s obviously no a Medical Doctorate. it is in fact the Mengele Directive.

    Alexander the Pisshole wants to be 21st Century Churchill, when he’s more like the parties Adolf.
    And now we know who’s stepping up as his Joe Mengele.
    And of coarse there’s Faither Jack doing a fair impression of his lordship. That would be Haw Haw.

    If we all had a living memory of the last time people behaved like this lot it would be to scary a deja vu.

    But there is still time to be rid of them, they haven’t got their uniform shirts yet.
    Or the pride and arrogance of their views and ideology to call it what it is.
    Is not Faughfaghing or neoliberconservatgreenmoneyfaragyshit. Its Fascism pure and simple
    Yes the F word don’t be afraid to give them their proper name
    If it walks like one, it talks like one, it acts like one, then it’s a fair bet its a Fascist.

    Look back at everything they have done since their tenure began a decade ago. and the acceleration of the policies and ideology since the pisshole and condom took over.
    And tell me Fascism is not a better description of their activities

  24. If the Brits are doing The Science properly, why is it that Germany has fewer deaths and so forth and has managed to contain the lurgy to a much greater extent than the UK? Maybe testing, contact tracing and isolation isn’t properly scientific. That must be it.

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