British exceptionalism is lethal

Remember Brexit? Remember those halcyon days when the worst thing that we thought was going to happen was leaving the EU without a deal? While we are focussed on the coronavirus epidemic that is having such a tragic effect on the lives of thousands, and which is causing economic worry for millions more, the British Government isn’t being as focussed as we are. Despite everything that’s going on, Boris Johnson and his band of miserabilist ideologues are not being distracted from their pursuit of the hardest Brexit possible. That the economic impact and disruption will come on top of a UK that is already reeling from coping with the coronavirus epidemic and less capable of resilience than it was previously means nothing to this Government. Because sunlight uplands, great British spirit, Vera Lynn, Dunkirk, taking it on the chin.

What has become clear from the Conservatives’ mishandling of the epidemic is that they were slow to respond because they were blinded by the arrogant ignorance of British exceptionalism. They saw no reason to introduce the same measures that other European countries have introduced because they were convinced that Great British exceptionalism would see them through. They are making the exact same mistake with their refusal to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit transitional period and their single minded pursuit of the hardest exit from the EU and again it’s because of their unshakeable belief in British exceptionalism.

As the virus started to take hold, the British Government was far more interested in the glories promised to it by the Brexit dream of British exceptionalism. The UK lost valuable time, and lives have been lost because of it. Yet even now with all that is happening the Conservatives are determined not to let go of that deluded dream of Brexit even though the negotiations on the UK’s final trade deal with the EU have stalled. They are prepared to risk further disruption, further economic ruin, the further cost to livelihoods and life opportunities, all in order to pursue the vainglorious fantasy of British exceptionalism.

Talks with the EU had been suspended while EU states dealt with their own responses to the virus. They resumed last week with a bald statement from the UK’s lead negotiator that under no circumstances would the UK seek an extension to the Brexit transition period. This is despite the fact that the EU has its own issues with dealing with the virus and is in no mood to accommodate an artificial timetable imposed upon it by Boris Johnson. All the more so when the UK is approaching the negotiations inflexibly and is refusing to accommodate to the EU on any issue. The truth is that the UK still appears to have no coherent plan other than cherries, cake, and unicorns. If it were not for the coronovirus epidemic this would be a huge political crisis. But the UK is walking into the nightmare blindly.

Since there was already only a small chance of reaching a deal before the virus struck, there is now no chance at all. What that means in effect is that the UK is preparing to leave with no deal at all on 31 December this year. The economic dislocation that this will create will crash into an economy that’s already reeling from the effects of lockdown and closures due to the pandemic. But hey, Vera Lynn.

British nationalism is founded in delusion. The biggest delusion of all is one that I’ve mentioned frequently on this blog, the delusion that British nationalism is not nationalist at all. But that is only one of the many delusions and myths that the British state uses to protect itself. It’s also founded in the delusion that the rest of the world admires and looks up to the UK. Opinion polls show that a majority of people in the UK neither understand what the colonialism of the British Empire really meant for those on the sharp end of it, nor appreciate that the victims of British colonialism do not regard it as a force for good. There is a widespread belief that the rest of Europe admire the UK – with all its structural inequality and its creaking constitutional arrangements – as a beacon of liberty and democracy. It seems clear that the real reason that so many in the UK wanted to leave the EU was because there is nothing within British nationalism which permits Britishness to survive intact unless it is leading and dominating. The concept of acting as an equal partner is alien to British nationalism. The only model of international relations that British nationalism understands is one based in power.

We are now seeing that British exceptionalism endangers lives and damages us. That has been put into sharp relief by the British state’s reluctance to face up to the pandemic, its running down of preparedness due to an ideologically driven austerity, the secrecy which it shrouds its scientific advice in, and its willingness to see that scientific advice be prejudiced by political considerations. It is being compounded by the looming threat of entirely avoidable economic dislocation as a result of this government’s insistence on continuing with its Brexit plans as though the pandemic wasn’t happening.

It was one thing to live in a British state whose delusional fantasies of exceptionalism were constrained by its membership of the EU, it will be quite another after 31 December when the Conservatives with their crushing majority in the Commons will be free to do precisely what they please. The Conservatives’ obsession with Brexit is costing lives, and the damage that it’s done isn’t over yet. Escaping from it must be the single minded priority of every Scottish independence supporter once this current crisis is over. Because there will be another crisis at some point in the future, and if we do not ensure that Scotland protects itself from the malign effects of British exceptionalism, people will suffer and die needlessly in the next crisis too.

Scottish independence is no longer merely about ensuring that Scotland gets a government that is accountable to the people of Scotland and which works in the interests of the people of Scotland, it is about making sure that Scotland has a government whose decisions are founded in reality and clear thinking, not in the dangerous delusions of British exceptionalism that risk our lives, our livelihoods, and our well being. British exceptionalism is killing us.

And finally, because we could all do with some cheering up during these difficult times…

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70 thoughts on “British exceptionalism is lethal

  1. The *British* way is to bluff bully brag deny then rewrite everything that just happened, wave a picture of the Queen talk about the wartime spirit then *carry on regardless* starring this years buffoon Boris Johnson supported by a cast of all the usual characters that have entertained Britain for years with their funny antics in this years biggest slice of movie fun called….

    *Oh wot a lovely Corona* in bra snapping giggles for all the family, dad will love it

    If it’s this easy to make a fool of just how horrendous these people and this situation is just think how bad it really is, and I bet right now all you can think about is Bernard Breslaw as Boris Johnson

    It’s a f…..g nightmare!

  2. Whitehall/Westminster are killing Scots through their murderous incompetence on c/virus. Hard Brexit is on the horizon. Taken together Scotland is heading towards an economic shit-storm.

    So, here’s the Exam Q: We trust Whitehall/Westminster to get us out of the economic hole they’re digging for us OR Holyrood 2021 becomes our Indy plebiscite to allow us to make our own decisions for recovery ?

  3. Hers is a link as to how the eu countries intend to work together in reducing lockdown conditions.

    It is sad to see the cooperation and coordination between countries. Far better for the britnat mentality of little Englanders telling Wales NI and Scotland what to do. Don’t they know they are valued and therefore should just do as we say? The colonial mindset remains.

    • Of course England is a nation that never moved on from itself losing the empire if England was a human it would be a pathetic old man wallowing in his glory days and wishing he was back there.

  4. Polls prediction Holyrood election. 70 SNP MSP’s. Going in the right direction.

    SNP/Independence support rising. Demographics.

    Especially if the elderly want to live longer.

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  6. “British” exceptionalism is rooted in an English feudalistic class ridden society.
    The only people who have any say are those regarded as being within the top echelons of society,
    in particular the products of the English public school system.
    However,even the serfs of England will baulk at their elite’s proposal for Brexit when the EU customs queues for food and medicines become choked with checks and or greater tariffs.
    Corona has just been a warm up act for the real show,when Brexit hits the supermarkets and pharmacies near you.
    I only hope that the SG,as hinted at by Nicola,find a way to independently fund our public services and source supply chains,outwith the UK of E,for essential commodities.

  7. For the numbercrunchers.

    Panelbase poll, 24-26 April 2020. – Highlights.

    1 023 Respondents

    1. Who would you vote for if a
    UK Parliamentary Election took
    place tomorrow? (excluding undecided)

    SNP – 48%
    Cons – 27%
    Lab – 16%
    Lib Dems – 5%
    Green – 3%

    2. How would you vote in
    response to the question:
    Should Scotland be an
    independent country? (excluding undecided)

    YES – 49%
    NO – 51%

    3, Who would you vote for
    with your constituency vote if a
    Scottish Parliamentary Election
    took place tomorrow? (excluding undecided)

    SNP – 46%
    Cons – 23%
    Lab – 12%
    Lib Dems – 5%
    Green – 2%

    4. And who would you vote
    for with your regional vote? (excluding undecided)

    SNP – 48%
    Cons – 26%
    Lab – 13%
    Lib Dems – 6%
    Green – 6%

    5. How does Alex Salmond’s
    trial and its outcome affect how
    you feel about the following
    people? …Alex Salmond

    5 – Much more positive than before: 5%
    4 – More positive than before: 8%
    3 – No different: 46%
    2 – More negative than before: 19%
    1 – Much more negative than before: 23%

    Net: Positive (4-5)
    Net: Negative (1-2)

    Full details here:

  8. Ah the magic cloak of Britishness – that all “proud Scots but” need so they don’t feel inferior and the English parliament needs when it robs Scotland.

    I see bitter unionist Brian Wilson is bringing up the “oil” again in another SNP is Bad and Scotland is Shite piece in the Hootsmon – you can always tell when the yoons are worried when they start trotting out the old lies to protect that pitiful excuse of humanity, collectively known as the tory party. No mention of the McCrone report though. No mention that fighting for the “fleg” and that non identity “Britishness” cost the labour party dear.

    Imagine that – fighting for the “Fleg”, obeying yer queenie and being proud of being shite and the only reward you got was a well aimed kick in the balls. You think the pain might have sharpened their minds. You think then, that they would have got an attack of the fear as they started wondering if sticking up for the “fleg” and being a non person was worth it, if your reward was a kick in the balls. The union is dying. The “forces for good” rallied round, and like a cage of angry monkeys, started throwing shit around the place instead.

    These yoons surrendered years ago. They gave up and decided to be “British” instead. They chose their “fleg” They chose to be 2nd class in their own nation, because they can’t be English and they hate being Scottish.

    That is what 300 years of precious union has created. It needs to end.

    • It always amuses me when unionist types bring up the oil issue. Here is their take on it:

      During the entire 40 years of the ‘Scottish’ oil bonanza, Scotland was so poor it had to rely on ‘subsidies’ from England. Now that the ‘Scottish’ oil bonanza is ‘over’, Scotland is so poor it has to rely on ‘subsidies’ from England.

      Any economists around who can explain this peculiar anomaly to us? Any Labour/Tory/LibDems around who can explain this sad state of affairs to us? Something is very rotten indeed, and it isn’t in the State of Denmark.

  9. Even the gold prospectors of old wouldn’t be able to pull off a ridiculous story of *Yep pardner we bin prospectin fur that there gold for over 40 years and sure there’s plenty of it there but it aint worth a damn, but we’ll keep diggin coz we all is stoopid gold miners who aint got a dime out of this mine*

    Maybe the UK Guv keep saying stuff like that in case somebody wants to come along and shoot them and take over their claim

    They sure as hell got me fooled pardner, o’course I’m just a dumb hick hillbilly from them thar backwoods with no edoocayshun

  10. We’re living in a Banana monarchy.
    The environment secretary says we should all go to the fields and lift the harvest, due to the farmers not having any EU workers to do it.
    The government are Considering a 14 day lockdown for people arriving in the uk!!!!!!!
    Rabb says it would be irresponsible to tell you what will happen, seems a re-run of the brexit
    non planning.
    The media say the country is going to get a BIG boost from the doris being in charge.
    Good news the death report is 413 died in hospital, WHAT,and it’s the weekend.
    The film is ‘Carry on Dying’,but no funny bits.

    • Seems to overlook the need for the furloughing employer to have given contractual consent for their staff to take on other work. A mere detail. One the entire might of the MSM chooses to ignore.

    • These idiots turn up in highland towns right now they’ll get slapped all the way back to where they came from by Police Scotland if they’re lucky and the local good folk don’t take the baseball bats to them first

      People were angry enough at the Prince formerly known as Charlie bringing the virus to Scotland where he had no business being

      If a government of any country says don’t do a thing then bloody don’t, who on earth do these people think they are, would they get on a boat to France, bet your life they wouldn’t

      It’s the ownership thing again

      • Sorry Dr Jim, I wouldn’t trust Police Scotland.

        They will attack the locals and look after our overlords.

        You just have to look at what is happening elsewhere to guage what the so-called legal authorities will do.

        • Let’s hope that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a window pane breaking, Ian.

          Our Police are doing an outstanding job at the moment.
          ‘I wouldn’t trust Police Scotland’.
          What a vacuous little comment.

          • Been reading and loving your comments for years Jack. Here’s another vacuous comment on police Scotland………most of them should be in jail.

          • Is it? My wife, a GP, has been stopped several times by our wonderful police, and issued a fine even though she was travelling to her surgery. She has also been threatened with being arrested and jailed if stopped again.

            As you can imagine my wife has eni on her plate with the current situation without having further complications to stress her out.

            As it is, she is tears and barely sleeping due to these appalling attacks on her from our so+called “upholders of the law”.

    • I just hope that this is happening at our border too, WS. Turning them back, that is. Anyone living in the border area know if this is happening or not?

      • Here in Edinburgh newtown there are holiday flats which usually sit empty most of the year, that are now occupied, lived in since the beginning of the lockdown, some in my street. Yesterday I saw the biggest SUV I have ever seen looking a bit lost on our street, noticeably the covered roof rack (those box things) was as big as the roof, huge.

        It’s almost certain that they will have driven into Scotland from down south, given the empty flats that are now being occupied. Hope they pay full council tax because the impact on the sewers and bin collections will be significant, like it is during the festival. It can stink!

        Police Scotland will do nothing to stop the rich driving into Scotland at the border,
        it’s a free for all. What a disgrace.

    • Aside the issue of the self-entitled potentially sacrificing others, there is also a massive problem with disinformation, those denouncing Covid and societal effects as a huge scam or hype, the 5G conspiracy, “it’s just another flu”, “they would die anyway”, “what about the economy”, etc…

      For the “Bored Londoners” or those skulking away in the wee small hours to a holiday retreat or second home, I’d treat them as drunk drivers and revoke their licences. Harsh and draconian though that is, the risk of their indifference to the safety of society will be taken seriously..

  11. Yup, time we abandoned this benighted Empire, as the sun sets for the umpteenth time they still won’t get it…

  12. Wad some poower the Giftie gie them tae see thirsells as ithers see them.

    On the vid. The guy’s palpable determination not to get a note wrong reminded me of an old joke.

    Q: What do you get if you have a cricket ball in one hand another cricket ball in the other?

    A: The undivided attention of a cricket.

  13. You can’t even go out of the door nowadays but get a £60 spot fine. The Police are stopping everyone and putting them home. Unless they are essential workers or going to the shops. They sit in shop car park’s and eye up the folk.

    Especially with shoplifting down 25% (Patel). The migrant loser. The Police have nothing better to do but close all the roads, never mind the borders. If people get near them they get turn back. Even near beaches or parks. There is a curfew.

    The Tories have lost so many migrants. They need many more by June to harvest the crops. Or there will be more shortages. According to a Tory minister. Tories voting Brexit farmers now want some help. Along with everyone else.

    The Tories have never made a bigger mess. Absolutely clueless. The sight of Johnston is sickening. He even makes himself sick. They just are beyond belief. What a bunch of losers. The Westminster unionist killing fields. Unnecessary deaths. Austerity.

    Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Scotland pays dear for the Westminster mismanagement. Loses £Billions every year to the complete incompetence. The Barnett Formula designed to take revenues and resources from Scotland to fund London S/E. Westminster unionist complete illegal behaviour.

    Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years, Scotland will be Independent soon and find out the details of the gross betrayal.

    If people in Scotland want to live longer they will have to vote SNP and for Independence. To make Scotland, and the world, a better place. Demographic changes. The Tories are killing off their own supporters. Males over seventy. More likely to die because of Tory total incompetence and lies. Unelected Cummings at the helm. Liars always get found out. The last breath of a dying regime. Without the proper equipment,

  14. Scotland does not need Oil to survive. It now has renewables. Even the Oil companies are investing in renewables and diversifying.

    Oil always should have been a bonus to the Scottish economy. If Thatcher, and the rest, had not illegally taken it to fund London S/E. The Barnett Formula. Lang, Forsyth sworn to secrecy.

    Benn was in on it. The lies claiming Scotland was subsidised. It never has been. Revenues and resources taken. People had to migrate. Depopulating Scotland. The population of London S/E increased. Funded by Scottish revenues and resources. Total congestion. The North/South divide.

    The Scottish budget was cut. Unemployment up (15%). The Oil revenues taken to fund the corrupt bankers that fund the Tory Party. Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks. Neil, the right wing Thatcher supporter, giving false reports for the BBC. Still on record. Lying for the Union all the way. Deja Vu. To make himself a millionaire and everyone else poorer. Along with Thatcher totally incompetent. Killing people off. She ended up alone in the Ritz Hotel.

    The Labour betrayal. The illegal wars. The banking fraud. Blair and Brown. The two incompetents. destroying the world economy. Still milking the system. They should be in jail. If there was any justice. Still hustling.

    The Labour Party paid Officials campaigned against a Labour victory. Totally illegally. They are trying to keep the Report secret and suing each other. Deja Vu. A bunch of total complacent incompetence, of the highest order. Cash for honours, Honour among thieves. Lord McNicol stands down. Former Party Secretary. An inquiry. Lording it over others.

    Scotland once again paying dear for Westminster incompetence. Out voted 10 to 1 and lied about. It is only since Devolution 2000 the Scottish economy has improved. Independence will make it even better. Having policies which suit the Scottish economy and society. A vast improvement.

    Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act, The Westminster illegal wars. Ruining the world economy. The banking crash started by Thatcher. Deregulation of the world banking system. To fund criminal bankers who fund the Tory Party. The tax evasion still going on. The tax havens established by Thatcher. To ruin the world economy and make people less well off.

    The Brexit mess. Thatcher was gone for closer ties with Europe and the EU. Closer ties and cooperation. To improve the world economy. To stop war and starvation in Europe and the world. For more prosperity. They had to get rid of Thatcher and Cameron and everyone in between. Deja Vu. It will all end in tears again.

    Johnston will have to leave Downing Street along with Cummings. By the back or front door? Another Westminster failure. Greeting all the way. The farce will play out any day.

    If Ireland had waiting 5 years. There would not have been Partition. Nearly a 100 years of bloodshed and poverty could have been avoided. Partition 1923. Universal Suffrage 1928.

    Ireland could have voted for Home Rule, Independence. There was already
    Home Rule Bills going through Westminster. 1914 WW1 intervened. Ireland jumped the gun and bloodshed and poverty was the result. Ireland can reunite through the Ballot Box

    A little patience is required to go through the Ballot Box. The Unionists can be voted out. Demographics.

    A wee baby had the virus and survived. Tiny wee one. Thank goodness. Better treatments are being devised. Scotland was better prepared. The SNHS was better funded. Half the people in Scotland (pro rata) have died. More have survived.

    To live longer vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Have a little patience. To have a better more prosperous life.

  15. In Scotland, half the people (pro rata) have died from the virus. More have survived in Scotland. Or avoided the complications. Every death is tragic. Especially if it could have been avoided. The Westminster incompetence.

    Shut down should have happened a month before, according to the experts. Their advice was ignored repeatedly, for years. The Tories cut the essential services.

  16. Aw naw, no LBJ oan an’aw noo!

    ‘Coronavirus: Boris Johnson back to work on Monday to halt growing criticism of leadership vacuum.’

    ..”He has told the team he will be back at his desk on Monday morning. It’s given everyone a huge lift … he’s said to be “raring to go”…

    …”Mr Johnson revealed his imminent return during a three-hour summit with senior aides at Chequers, his countryside retreat for his recovery, on Friday.”…


    I hope that LBJ’s chief medical advisor, Dominic Cummings, has explained to him that you can contract the coronavirus again.

    ‘Coronavirus: Can you get Covid-19 twice or does it cause immunity?’

    • I just watched Johnson’s Rally The Troops brief speech at the lectern outside No 10 this morning.
      It is clear that he has not fully recovered. The microphone picked up his laboured wheezing tones, and he looked pallid and still unwell.
      Duggers, check it out and let us know what you think.
      Is this a man fully recovered?

      Sincerely, it looks as though he has been forced back too early.

      It is telling that he will not front the Daily Briefing this afternoon.

  17. If true this should make at least £500 million. For whom?

    ‘Coronavirus: Government orders 50 million new testing kits after development ‘breakthrough’.

    The government has reportedly ordered 50 million new coronavirus test after scientists in Oxford made a “breakthrough” in developing the new form of kit.

    The kits will cost £10 and tell users if they have coronavirus using a similar two-line system to pregnancy tests.

    • Petra, these are antibody test kits. If, big if, they work then they will tell people if they have had the virus. The kits are not designed to tell if people are currently suffering from the virus.

      To date antibody test kits have had a mixed response when it comes to accuracy. I think the new kits developed by a team in Oxford are still undergoing validation.

  18. ”Listen as Andrew Marr prefaces three questions to Nicola Sturgeon on falsehoods and politically motivated exaggerations. On what planet can this be called public service broadcasting?”

    ‘Maybe small but too smart to stay in the UK? Scottish company builds giant marine turbine near Wuhan!’

    • It was great to see that she kept on talking and explaining her position and refuting his incorrect premises. This was despite his attempts to stop her, which she just ignored to make her point. Well done Nicola.

  19. I see Mr Sillars has emerged again in today’s Herald. This time he is saying the SNP is finished and a new untainted party is required to get independence. One that will give you wings just like Red Bull no doubt.

    • The death rattle of a pathetic Dead Tree Scroll, Legerwood.
      As someone observed on twitter: I think that there is still a place for newspapers in the digital age. What else would you wrap your crockery in when moving house?
      Jim Sillars ‘will say’?
      Neil Finlayson, the list motormouth of Corbyn, now Red Tory Starmer Labour, was ‘outraged’, and ‘shocked’ in in Full Metal Jacket Harrumph mode all over the Blahs at the ‘exclusive’ recording the nation’s ‘shock’ that that bad Nicola Sturgeon had not attended five COBRA meetings.
      A political failure at the ballot box, but a star and go to SNP BAD guy when the Brit Nat Hacks need a name to surround their propaganda with quotation marks.

      Newsprint is on life support Up Here. It is an unrelenting torrent of garbage now.

      Expect UK Government paid full page adverts to boost revenue any day now.

      Is the BBC still paying for hundreds of ‘interns’ clacking out mince for the Blahs?

      Henry McLeish is due an outing soon, surely.
      And what about Clunking Fist Broon?

      And they wonder why they were a dying trade even before the Plague.
      God moves in not so mysterious ways.

      As I never tire of observing whimsically. The law of diminishing returns.
      There are only so many vacancies selling advertising space for the Findo Gask Thunderer.
      Applications, including CV to…..

      What are the 700 sports hacks who cover Steven Gerrard and Neil Lennon writing about at the moment?
      Hee haw, but not yet furloughed?

      Over 40,000 deaths in England so far, and they have not reached the peak.

      ‘Covid Deaths in England to reach 100,000 by the end of June’.

      ‘Scotland to pay £10 billion for HS2 service from Birmingham to London’.

      Not newsworthy?

      Hello. Hello. ‘Is there anybody out there?
      To paraphrase: I come to bury newspapers, not to praise them. The evil that newspapers do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.

      It is many years since newspapers served any useful purpose, other than wrapping the bone china when flitting.
      I’ll dance a jig on their graves.
      They are as accountable for the hundreds of thousands of politically engineered deaths as their Brit Nat paymasters.
      Harsh? You’re darn tootin’.

  20. And so it goes on and on and on and on …. DISGRACEFUL!

    Carole Cadwalladr:- ”Ben Warner: 2 years ago he was doing physics postdoc. Now he’s a ‘data scientist’ advising govt & sitting on SAGE. His brother, Marc – who worked with Cummings on Vote Leave – won £250m NHS contract when Cummings entered Downing Street. And now the contract for NHS tracking app.”


    ‘Full Scottish – 26/04/2020.’

    ”We have a very special Full Scottish this week, with Kenny McBride joined by guests Michael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Constitutional Affairs and by Delyth Jewell AC/AM, Plaid Cymru Shadow Minister for Transforming Public Services and the Future and later we will be joined by our favourite Galician journalist, Pilar Fernandez.”

  21. Anthony Costello, Doctor, Speaker, Author The Social Edge. Ex-Director, WHO. Professor, University College London. Co-chair Lancet Climate Countdown, with responses from Dr Philippa Whitford, Dr Kate Cushing, etc.

    ”SAGE: 13 out of 23 are paid government advisers so not independent when in a room with D Cummings.


    Take from Ann’s links on the Indyref2 site. Check them all out.

    • All of the scientists in the room were ‘paid’ by the Government either directly or indirectly via Grant’s from the Research Councils funded by the Government.

  22. I wish those who say the snp is finished such as sillars or the current WoS group put up or shut up and form a new party what policies will they have, will they move on on the green vote 3% at the moment. Who will fund them ? Herald, DR, Mail, Express as a thank you.

    • You just have to pay a visit to that site now to see that it ain’t exactly, in the main, positively promoting any future political party for Scotland. If anything it’s one big turnoff not just in relation to a PP, but independence in general. Then again maybe that’s the whole idea now.

  23. How will Scotland lose, well we’ll lose from the inside just like every country or territory that was ever a part of the British Union, divide and rule, bribe and conquer, sew the seeds of division

    Westminster can’t break the SNP, they’ve tried and failed, Westminster can’t outsmart Nicola Sturgeon, they’ve tried and failed, and are still trying, so what do they do, they do what they always do (see above)

    Infiltration, subversion, the twisting of truths all designed to collapse Scotland from the inside
    It’s not that the British always win, it’s that those who are Britains enemies lose

    The only way Scotland wins is to plant our feet and stick together, there are those who’ll take the British coin, it has always been thus, they’ll tell you lies swearing on a stack of bibles what they say is true, they’ll tell you they have 100% proof of whatever they can think up to divert your attention from proceeding with your intended route

    Don’t let them make you hate your parents because you didn’t get the Christmas present you wanted at Christmas and might have to wait till the January sales, because that’s the tactic they’re using on us folks, you didn’t get Independence today because you’ve been betrayed

    You’re not children Scotland, don’t let them get away with twisting your melon
    They’re already migrating from elsewhere on the Internet to this blog to carry out their work

    A note to Paul, I hope you read everything written here and watch for what you know must be coming from elsewhere, you know who and what they’re about

  24. Why doesn’t Sillars just go away. Instead of standing in the way of Independence. Helping the opposition for a bit of cheap publicity. It really is tiresome.

    It is sickening seeing the tax evaders raising money for charity for a bit of cheap publicity.

    If they paid their taxes there would be not need for charity. Even as a giver. You can’t take it with you.

    Peter Kay ‘Give what you can. If you can’t there is enough going on with people have to deal.

    • National Health Service, Ken. Does what it says on the tin. ‘National’, Scotland wide, publicly funded, publicly owned, publicly accountable, publicly administered.
      Fuck charity.
      I’d outlaw charities, close food banks, and ban blood sports, and ‘take back control’ of the 18% of Scotland owned by the Filthy Rich and so called nobility, and laid bare to provide a wasteland for sick psychopaths and the Windsors and Lairds to kill living creatures for sadistic amusement.
      My full list of reforms and demands is much much longer.

      Who can forget Epstein’s Pet prince’s correction of Emily Maitliss:- ‘A Birthday Party/ Oh, no, it wasn’t a birthday party. It was an ordinary shooting week end’.

      ‘Let them eat cake’ moment right there.

      For starters. Can we have a double deckers painted in saltire blue with the legend on the side:- ‘Scotland is paying £10 billion so that you can get from Birmingham to London 7 minutes earlier.’
      Close the border now, and have police check points at Gretna and North Berwick.

      • Here you, you’re stealing all of my ideas and I’ll bet your full list of reforms and demands, not outlined on here, are the same as mine too, Jack the mind reader, lol.

        • Bisous, Petra. )Virtually in pandemic isolation of course.) Are we allowed to spikka La Frenchie now that Smirky Patel has banned Freedom of Movement?
          My list, our list, is very long.

          {; O )

  25. The Guardian begs for monies. £1Billion in reserves.

    The only paper of any independence of editorial. The Westminster Press Office threatens the Press. Issues ‘D’ notices. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act.

    Johnston and the Tories on the take again. Deja Vu. It never changes, The reason they are in politics. Johnston the lazy, lying creature who nearly died will killing people.

    The Tory slush fund. HS2, Hinkley Point, Trident. A total waste of public money. Scotland is paying for it.

    The Tory/unionists elected to protect NHS/Education cut funding. Welfare and austerity people are dying because of it. They do not care. The noses is in the trough. Typical.

  26. The Tories are still intent in trying to promote nuclear. Wasting taxpayers money. Systems that have not worked since the 1950’s. With nowhere to dump the waste safely. They are putting £Billions into wasteful nuclear projects. They have failed worldwide. More death and destruction.

    They cut funding for renewable Projects (CCS), in Scotland and Wales/UK. Cut investment, for tidal and CCS projects. The Scotland/UK covered in coal reserves. Other European countries are investing in CCS projects. Scotland left behind because of Westminster intransigence and bad economic management.

    Scotland is self sufficient in fuel and energy. Scotland pays more (pro rata) despite being nearer the source and exporting it. It is colder. Scotland should 10% per unit for parity. An economic burden on Scotland. Damaging the economy. Scotland could raise £8Billion+ a year if Independent. Instead of losing out from Westminster mismanagement.

    Westminster unionists have totally mismanaged the Oil and Gas industry. Totally mismanaged the energy sector. A shambles.

  27. Well done to the First Minister for rebutting the numbty journalist from “ border” who doesn’t understand the context of a border between 2 countries. I paraphrase- no britnats should politicise the Scots Government determination to defeat COVID-19.

    The press don’t care about the public do they. Just snpbaaad. Some so called independence supporters on blogs so decide if they side with MSM.

  28. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha to the power infinity.
    Mundell and Carlaw in a coordinated Harrumph declaring that it is ‘ridiculous’ (their word) to speak of closing the border since there is no border, because we are on ‘country’, their United Kingdom.

    They are too ‘ridiculous’ for words, this pair.
    And here was me thinking that when I passed through Gretna or North Berwick, or flew in to Glasgow, Prestwick or Edinburgh, or disembarked at Stranraer or Troon, that I had crossed a ‘border’ from one nation into another.
    There is no Scotland, as Mundell wheezed, it ceased to exist when the Lairds sold Scotland to England in 1707.
    There is no Scots Law, no Established Church, there is no Scottish Government?
    The word ‘traitor’ does not fall loosely from these tired old lips.
    What stupid pointless little Twitters.
    I shall personally run them to the airport when they flee back to the Motherland come Independence.
    Neither has done anything to support Scotland. Now we know why. There is no Scotland.
    Sad sad little men.

  29. This is a really good article from last year which also sums up the British colonial mindset.

    There is also a very good film i watched last year called A United Kingdom.The story about Seretse Khama, the King of Bechuanaland (now modern Botswana), and Ruth Williams, the London office worker he married in 1948. The film does not shy away from showing the British establishment in all its colonial glory. If you have not seen it i would highly recommend it.

  30. Thanks for the link to that article jackieg. Sad to say, for us all, nothing’s changed due to us still being ruled by the bl**dy “chumocrats.” Fitting that as I tried to type that, the words “chum rats” kept popping up. And I’ll have a wee search around for the film that you recommend. Sounds interesting.

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